What 6 people would you have at your dinner party?

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What 6 people would you have at your dinner party?

Unread postby Sun Fin » Mon Dec 19, 2016 9:07 pm

As it says on the tin. It can be literally anyone, alive or dead, famous or not, but if you could have six people around your dinner party who would it be or why? There was a similar thread about 3K people a few years ago but I thought I'd throw the net a bit wider.

My list is:

1) Sun Ce - Well I am a Scholar of Shen Zhou after all. I presume this needs no explanation here :lol:

2) John Stott - My favourite theologian, a giant of both Anglican and Evangelical theology who I would love to hear his opinions.

3) Arsene Wenger - The manager of my favourite football/soccer team. However this manager isn't just a sport expert he speaks eight languages and is known as 'Le Professeur'

4) Bernard Cornwall - My favourite author who knows a ton about history and has had a very interesting life.

5) Sean Bean - My favourite actor, however from the stories I've read about him he is as much of a hard man as the characters he plays.

6) TBC - I've got a few people I've thought about but no-one stands out to me right now so I'm thinking I might steal someone that you guys throw out there if you can come out with a great idea!
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