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KoeiTecmo US Twitter Quizes

Unread postby LordSimaYi » Fri Sep 02, 2016 8:03 am

Has anyone noticed that pretty much every Friday, KoeiTecmo US give out Quizes and the first person to respond gets a free copy of one of their games?

I don't know, I just find it funny that the typical DW fan goes on there, and get's the answer wrong, very wrong. I mean, google is just 1 tab away, but no. Apparently Yuan Shu was the Governor of Jing Province
(KT got this wrong too, they asked for the Governor of Jing Province, when the correct term is Inspector of Jing Province)
who killed Sun Jian that is, of course, with the help of Deng Ai. Obviously xD

I think I should just leave them alone, but I just think it's pretty funny that they don't just spend 10 seconds googling it. KoeiTecmo US should probably make some harder questions though, to reward those players who actually pay attention to what's going on in their games, something like "Who was the officer of Han Fu who claimed they could kill 'This Hua Xiong". No one would get it except for the major fans who I think deserve something like this. Instead we get "What battlefield outside Luo Yang did Lu Bu and the 3 sworn brothers fight?" hm... Xia Pi castle?
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