True Heroes - Hope within a desperate Age

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True Heroes - Hope within a desperate Age

Unread postby MhiHayoli » Sun Mar 02, 2014 7:41 pm

Hello my fellow Scholars.

I was watching the News today and realized how depressing most of them are. "Flood took the lives of 49 people..." ; " bites kid to death..." or "...policeman got shot by his partner..."

Most of the News only show the sad ending or picture the tragedy. Never however they show us the little good things that exist in all this darkness of our societies.

That is when I decided to look if there is any true heroes out there, that go unseen from all.
And I truly found some!

I wish to share this link with my fellow Scholars and would like to know if one of you can count himself to these small numbers of heroes out there? :3

For me?
My father would say now: "You are too modest." for I wouldn't say so. I like helping people and try to be fair all the time. I help the elderly of my neighborhood, give advice on directions if someone asks me, I love to plant trees and read for the little children at school. But I don't do that for being approved by anyone or just to make them noticing me. I just do it, because I feel it is right.

I guess that is what makes true heroes. Not helping for the glory, but helping where help is needed :3
"I do not speak to change minds. I do not trust in the sweetening lies you speak with false dignity. I care nothing for your worldly treasures and pity you all for you need them to feel value in life."
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