Historical Vampires

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Historical Vampires

Unread postby Lou Bert » Tue Jan 24, 2012 11:45 am

Since me and my friends have been watching the Anime called Bleach they have had lots of discussions about the Bounts
and compered them to the blood sucking vampire and Poeple who have been classed as vampires in actual history.
After a mounth of talking they said that since their is no such thing as the blood sucking vampires like in the movies
and books they said that the only vampire that could actually exist is the Bounts who have been classed as vampires due
to them obsorbing human souls and that the historical Vampires could be Bounts.
I know that they belive in all forms of supernatual and paranormal stuff and they are hardcore Anime/Manga lovers but
what do you think of their view about vampires.

Sorry if i posted this topic in the wrong place i havent posted in a long while.
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