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emotional quotient

Unread postby fukarming » Wed Dec 07, 2011 8:00 am

Emotional Quotient (EQ), as I understand it, is a measurement of how you control your emotion.

using an extreme example, someone with a low EQ will shoot someone when a moron insult them and that someone happen to have a gun, and that someone will send to jail for a long time for that.

However, in a more real life example, I am wondering, isn't it is also related to "why do I take shit from you"? If your classmates/ co-workers/ manager is giving you shit, and that person isn't controlling your life, someone with a high EQ will just "take it" while someone with a low EQ will have an outburst. Even if that person is your manager, as long as you are not clinging on that job to survive, why should you just take it (and end up very unhappy) rather than just say it all out, your manager may fire you on his next opportunity, but as long as you have means to survive, isn't that is all OK?
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