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Re: Favorite Musical?

Unread postPosted: Sun Dec 25, 2016 6:04 pm
by Dong Zhou
Watched Sky Arts doing Disney Broadway Hits at the Royal Albert Hall. Hosted by John Barrowman with Scarlett Strallen, Ashley Brown, Alton Fitzgerald White, Merle Danridge and Josh Strickland singing. It assumes everyone has followed the broadway versions, they will tell you "this is from this musical" and nothing else like a simple song title which is frustrating when all you have seen are the film versions. Or when they do something (Newsies and Aida) that has never been a film.

It started badly as they had a lot of 7/10 singers who didn't mesh well as duets or in groups, White had a lot of patter songs which didn't suit him. There were some good moments in those early songs coming from Strickland with his energetic "My Strongest Suit" and "Strangers Like Me" (unfortunately too loud for Danridge). Second half though did come alive as the Mary Poppins section saw Brown and Strallen return to areas they knew, they were transformed. Both became a different Mary Poppins, having a good duel, providing energy and really enjoyed "Tuppence." The Little Mermaid (Brown's Part of your World and little dance when next music came in) and Newsies (Strickland's Santa Fe in particular) segment was also very good. Finished superbly thanks to a guest singer
Trevor Dion Nicholas giving Robbie Williams genie a run for his money
really lifting the crowd, lifting everything with energy and style.

Re: Favorite Musical?

Unread postPosted: Wed Jan 11, 2017 12:35 pm
by Dong Zhou
Watched hour long science musical The Entire Universe. Premise: For Rutland Weekend Television, Eric Idle invites Professor Brian Cox to give a lecture on the universe but plans change and it becomes a musical. Without Idle being able to tell Professor Cox in time....

Three things one expects from this: 1) Science. This is clearly a program that attempts to educate through song and humour as well as Professor Cox's intresting lecture, learnt quite a bit about our universe, 2) Comedy. This is where it starts badly, way too many cameo's and relying on Professor Cox to provide a fair bit of comedy which he struggles to do. It is only when Noel Fielding turns up that the comedy begins to zing, that laughter abounds and so on. One can tell the difference between the three different comedian qualities, A) the Professor Cox's who at best are alright but generally struggle, B) those like Warwick Davis and Hannah Waddingham who do pretty good comedy which adds a string to their bow, C) natural comics like Fielding and the underused Idle who really makes one laugh. 3) Music. The songs are gently amusing, adapting familiar tunes and having a good mix of science and comedy. It also knows which songs to give to those who can sing well enough like Davis and Fielding and which ones to save for Waddingham's strong voice.

Overall, a nice-ish time after slow start.