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Unread postby Dong Zhou » Tue Feb 04, 2020 8:06 pm

Watched season 4 of Van Helsing and felt like the quality had an upgrade, opened with some good horror, most episodes went well, had the sense of humour and dynamics. It knows what it does well and generally sticks to it with some plesant "now for something a bit different", uses villains effectively, builds well to a tense finale. One episode where it tried to cover a serious issue and it felt a bit... wrong, it was earnst if a little clumsy but didn't feel the right show for it which is harsh of me. Do feel it allowed it's attention to be too split about the many factions/groups, leads to some storylines feeling rushed as each faction get their turns


Watched Watchmen with Damon Lindelof running it, hadn't read the graphic novel but had liked the movie, this is a sequel to the novel (though only one moment left me confused
the squid dropping from sky
), adopted things from the novel like the TV shows to good effect. The biggest complaint I had about this show (don't know if the show or SkyNow to be fair) was the volume issue, the opening episodes (then it seemed to settle down till near the end) would have volume way too quiet when characters were talking then the action would be BLAZINGLY LOUD so either you didn't hear dialogue or had ears blasted off.

Lindelof based this season around the theme of race, noting some (apparently) lesser known parts of history and highlighting them, using the alternative universe platform well, was some feeling though at the end that it didn't explore it as consistently as it should have done. Some very brave choices like focusing on characters like Angela (Regina King) and sort of a new generation with the old guard as more supporting figures, some very brave and bold twists on the material, a willingness to drift onto another tale for parts of the episode or even the whole episode to flesh out the wider world.

I was, once I had settled in, really engaged with the show, the cast did a very good job, some good dynamics and some excellent dialogue, clever twists, embraced it's willingness to wander off as that was most of time for very good reason and to good effect. Jeremy Irons strand was amusing and delightfully weird before it knitted together extremely well. Felt very much an HBO show in terms of the high quality I have come to expect from them


4th season of Lucifer saw it change to Netflix so they did a rather fun recap in a fresh style for any that hadn't seen first three seasons. Gave them a bit of freedom with being able to do more adult stuff which they didn't use well, it felt like they got a bit too excited and could have used it more maturely. They explored the idea's left by season 3 in intresting ways for both the main characters involved as they tried to adjust, into what it said about them and wider things. The addition of new character from the bible
Eve (Inbar Lavi)
was well used in shaking up dynamics, adding to long term storylines and a charming figure in itself.

Ensured Linda and Maize had more storylines and scenes and they juggled their side characters pretty well, had a "issue" episode which was done decently enough but generally kept to fun murder investigations with looking deep inside the devil. Didn't quite land it in final episode, a powerful scene with one well built strand but highlighted two strands had not been explored in some of the latter episodes.
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