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Unread postby Dong Zhou » Wed Aug 08, 2018 3:31 pm

Watched second season of Westworld, was hugely looking forward to it and though I'll watch season 3, it certainly won't be with the same feeling of anticipation. It does have moments of the old magic, particularly when it goes "now for something you haven't seen before"
Shogun world for example
, those episodes away from the main storyline tend to be the best though one late one didn't click for me but my sister enjoyed
the Indians
but too much was off, too much didn't work this time.

The first season had intriguing mystery, something to say about humanity, lots of character moments as hosts and humanity interacted. It has the something to say but the mystery gets overly complex at times with one wondering if they are being confusing for confusions sake. With the character stuff, the first season benefited from what westworld is and the "now for something different" often benefits from that as well as they explore elements of the spark but season 2 was always going to have a challenge
with the hosts having risen and humans in flight
which they don't quite manage to deal with.

Most of the story strands can be hampered by the mystery, a slow pace and that it lacks a bit of spark. Maeve's story strand is the only consistently strong one, charismatic performances, humour, personalities bouncing off each other, the eye for the small detail so when the big moment comes, it tends to work. The others are not awful but patchy particularly during the first half, sometimes the human connection isn't working, the pace is slow, humour went even from characters who had a sense of humour, things can feel a little forced but second half sees more interactions and sense of character though one strand
Black Hat's
deteriorated for me due to choice it took. I liked the finale well enough, it had some good moments that made an impact though it wasn't more then fine overall as a finale.


Watched second season of 3% which had the challenge of what to do without the process being the central part. That had provided chances to do all sorts of tests, to speak about humanity, kept characters close while doing some world building. Initially it was a problem, the new storylines didn't click with Ezequiel not quite clicking, that characters were spread all over the place meaning a lack of narrative cohesion, Offshore wasn't quite as intresting as I expected though had it's moments. It wasn't a bad start but it was somewhat slow and missing that thrill, that episodic look into human nature of the first season.

Once main characters began to cross each other's paths and the story started knitting together into something cohesive, it was a lot better. Characters we knew were bouncing off each other again, most of it was in-land which was better then offshore, the plot became more exciting and intresting as they used their wits to try to get through moments, some very good tense scenes. There was some intresting scenes about the wider world
like the parade for those going through the process
, new characters like the likeable Gloria (Cynthia Senek) or the intimidating Marcela (Laila Garin who brings presence to the role) do not feel they quite have enough depth by the end of the season. Built up well to a good finale that leaves intrigued for next season

Credit to show for having a recurring transgender character as in appears for more then one or two "look, we are soooo with it" episodes. The character is very much a support to a support character at the moment, will pop in the relevant episodes, has a moment or two but needs bringing more to the fore.
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