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Re: Favorite Television Shows

Unread postby Jia Nanfeng » Thu May 24, 2018 4:57 am

I've started watching 2018's cdrama series Secret of the Three Kingdoms, which is available now on Dramafever (and maybe elsewhere).

It's always nice getting a new 3K era drama to watch, even if it's a "what if" story. :mrgreen:

Minor spoilers for the general premise. I'm tagging them in case you want to go in blind; these spoilers don't contain anything you don't learn in the first 30 minutes of the show or from reading the official synopsis:
It takes place in Late Han, in an alternate history where Emperor Xian is an imposter.

I'm a few episodes in and liking it so far! It has an overall tense, if not eerie atmosphere that's making me feel a bit paranoid (which can be fun :P). Several recognizable faces for a cdrama nerd like me. I'll update with my final thoughts when I finish!

Also keep in mind there's quite a bit of violence and what could probably be considered gore. Probably not a show to watch with kids.
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Re: Favorite Television Shows

Unread postby Sun Fin » Thu May 24, 2018 12:43 pm

Is it available in English, Jia Nanfeng?
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Re: Favorite Television Shows

Unread postby Jia Nanfeng » Thu May 24, 2018 4:15 pm

Sun Fin wrote:Is it available in English, Jia Nanfeng?

Yup! Every show on Dramafever has English sub options.
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Re: Favorite Television Shows

Unread postby Sun Fin » Fri May 25, 2018 12:17 pm

Interesting! I'll look into it!
Have a question about a book or academic article before you buy it? Maybe I have it!
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Re: Favorite Television Shows

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sun May 27, 2018 3:51 pm

Watched final part of Lucifer season 3, part 4. Like part 3 in terms of quality rather then part 1, ran with it's themes well and a philosophical issue they had been running with quietly during the season really began to come to the fore, plots and good dynamics between Chloe/Lucifer/Pierce has the overall plot moves forward. There were one or two things that perhaps should have come into play earlier
Dan and Charlotte romance returning
then it did but generally it was doing well. Penultimate episode goes for two big twists that don't quite land, finale goes for a big big twist that does land and leaves you with a moment that makes one really really excited.

Turns out it has been cancelled. Overall? I wouldn't have been gutted going into it with a few episodes to go. It has always been a show with a few characters like Lucifer, Maize and Lopez that if writing isn't right, can be annoying so it could lead to show having bad patches. Though the good outweighed the bad, I enjoyed the Chloe/Lucifer dynamic, there were fun characters like those mentioned or the therapist, at it's best it came up with intresting questions and ideas each season about the impact of Lucifer on earth, the nature of Satan and religion. Just that there are so many good shows nowadays so a good one is no longer gutting. However the season 3 finale made it a real pain in the... delicate parts that the show got cancelled
major spoilers
Chloe finds out about Lucifer isn't crazy or a metaphor but the devil himself. I mean the change to romance, that was well done over the episodes with the Pearce thing and Lucifer's mishandling+paint even if the big kiss moment didn't quite land as it should. That was a change but not enough to go "well now I really want season 4." The devil thing, how that has to change their complicated relationship even more then the romance, has this changes Chloe towards figures like Maize, how she copes with the divine. That was something I would have loved to have seen. It risked destroying the show or taking it to greater heights and I would have loved to have seen it.


Watched first season of Spanish crime drama Money Heist. Premise: Bankrobber (Úrsula Corberó) is on the run when she is picked up by a man she would call the Professor (Álvaro Morte) who hires her for his own bank robbery. The greatest robbery in history: robbing the European Union Mint

Went with the original cast voices who where excellent but the English subtitles deteriorated near the end of season, not cripplingly so but what seems like silly little errors.

As a crime show, it is excellent. The heist is planned down to the finest detail, it doesn't rely on errors or dues ex machina but a extremely well thought out plan, carried out by skilled people and an understanding of human nature. The police, led by Raquel (Itziar Ituño), and the hostages, like bank manager Arturo (Enrique Arce) have plans of their own of course, sometimes they put the robbers on the back foot or undermine their plans, sometimes the robbers are playing them brilliantly. It is fun watching sides trying to get the better of each other, each with well thought out plans or trying to seize a moment that comes their way, the other scrambling to react, with each point feeling well plotted. When mistakes are made, it is within character that they make it and with good reasons rather then ever feeling like a "we need to get to here, need character to do something stupid to make it happen". The dynamics between individual characters and groups are well done and play their part in how things unfold.

Of course a crime alone is not enough for 9 episodes and it delves into characters. While the robbers go by code names, only one of the team (deliberately it feels) is not properly developed, some like Tokyo really built early on and others getting built up later. They use a mixture of the heist and flashbacks (that always feel relevant) to the preparation to flesh a character out, you learn why were hired for this job, little bits about their past, they build dynamics with rest of the group. My favourites from the robbers were the professor, the unsettling group leader Berlin (Pedro Alonso) and the flamboyant Narobi (Alba Flores).

The police is focused around Raquel who makes a worthy foe and an intresting human, those around her are supporting characters but they make an impact and the police have their own dynamics. The are plenty of hostages so was always going to be focused on only a few, they settle on the leaders of the bank early and they are good characters but it does feel like they had initial plans for one or two specific characters outside said management then changed their minds. Then very late in the day started bringing forward others who show promise but they need more time.

Looking forward to season 2


Season 2, part 2 of Riverdale was flawed to the point where the flaws were hampering what it can do well and a poor finale. The writers at least recognized some figures like Kevin had been sidelined and brought him back (after a big show of it) into things better, there were good strands like Jughead's (even if his self righteousness hotheadedness once or twice was annoying), Betty's was good with some intresting dynamics even if it ended weakly, Cheryl was Cheryl though her strands were very very badly served by not getting proper time. Is a pity becuase the characters involved could have made for something really intresting. There was rather good sense of the town moments, musical episode was disappointing though credit for going for a lesser known one but next time, don't just "which role sounds just like the character anyway", it isn't inventive, means some singers were ill-suited to a song and a character forced to play against type would help.

The big big strand was the Lodge's and it was the weakest point. There could be good moments but it was sometimes unoriginal, it weakened Veronica's mother considerably, Archie's character became "does whatever the plot requires him through acts of idiocy" which makes him extremely inconsistent, Veronica would go down a path then abruptly stop following it for less then convincing reasons. The mystery wasn't intresting, there wasn't an atmosphere, a certain side of it
felt silly rather then set a good tone, daddy Lodge wasn't intresting. Finale felt odd as either they wrote that before rest of the season or the writers basically know season 2 went wrong as characters very much felt like season 1 figures rather then the ones we had been watching for 22 episodes.

-Looking forward to Polly's cult coming into play. Chic worked as an antagonist, they built the sense something was wrong, he was good for sinister looks, a bit of flirting with Kevin, for causing trouble but it really got going when Bettie went dark to counter him (without taking her clothes off or wearing that stupid wig) and his (possible) death scene was very good, Mrs Cooper had some good lines and is a formidable force. Hal as Black Hood? Lacked a surprise element but it also wasn't handled effectively, one or two lines from Alice aside, Hal had been off to the side for too long and while one can see the basic idea they were going for, the final scenes when he comes out to family lack omph.

-Cheryl's reaction to her mother's new career was fun and led to some sparky rows, plus understandable hurt, and the Blossom family cutdowns is always fun. The start of the evil uncle things due to that sense of flair but then they don't build on it properly while it is hard to see Penelope quite going that far (then she later tries to save Cheryl which wouldn't exactly line up with that). TonixCheryl isn't bad but it is badly rushed and feels forced

-Fair play to show for having Toni, Archie (when he joins the school) and Jughead's father call him on his tendency to get so self righteous and narrow visioned that it creates problems. While Jughead improved on that front, why on earth would anyone make him Serpent King now, he still has so much to learn and he struggles to get the group behind him at best of time.

-It was great when Mrs Lodge was behind the FBI ploy, not so great when she became so pliant the rest of the season. They may have meant to do something intresting on how even an intelligent woman can be controlled and manipulated by a bad spouse but they failed, it more felt like they neutered her character

-The Hills have Eyes was the sort of thing I wish there was more of, a focus on the friendships and the dynamics including enjoyable tension

-Musical episode: death of Midge was well done as was Cherly's... bloody Carrie tribute. The forgiveness between the foursome was rushed, there was a potentially intresting and thoughtful storyline with Chuck Clayton but that would require them giving him more then an episode

-There needs to be a ban on show using the phrase "make my bones"


Finished 4 season of Jane the Virgin which feels like it has lost a bit of spark. Till quite last on, it didn't feel it was tackling issues in way it used to though late on it does some issues well, writing doesn't feel quite as sharp and the characters not quite developing in the same way. The recasting of Mateo happened for good reasons but it hasn't worked in the show's favour, Petra feels a completely different character by the second half and a far less intresting one, even would go as far as weaker as a person.

This isn't to say the show is bad, just less fun. There is still humour, fantasy, they tackle issues well in the end phases, romance, Rogelio has some excellent moments with his mixture of charismatic flamboyance and his sweet gentleness, River Fields is a nice addition to the cast, finale was good. Got one last season coming and that feels about right, go out while show is good before they lose their touch but please bring back the old Petra.
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Re: Favorite Television Shows

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Fri Jun 01, 2018 6:04 pm

Watched latest DC/CW superhero show (on Netflix here rather then Sky): Black Lightening. Premise: In the city of Freedland, there are racial tensions, drugs, distrust of police and gangs plaguing the lives of everyone. A beacon is Garfield High run by former Olympian and local Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams), unknown to the community he used to be a local superhero called Black Lightening. When gang kidnaps his children, Black Lightening comes out of retirement....

With 4 shows already, what does this bring? Arguably the best of the DC shows this season (though I enjoyed it's first half more then second), it is different from the others. This is, to be frank, the black DC show, the other shows aren't bad on diverse casting (bar Arrow in early days but has moved to change) but this is the only one where the lead is black. It centres on their expirence in a poor black district, it is the one DC superhero show that really beds down into the community and where the civilian job actually really comes, it tackles racism, profiling, distrust of authority. The other superheroes tends to be young figures with parents and siblings who are starting their superhero careers, this is a retired superhero with children and an ex-wife which provides a fresh angle. It is also 13 episodes long which means less filler episodes though it did feel like, at the finale, it could have done with two more episodes as they resorted to an exposition dump and one character's motives ended up rushed change.

First episode I was worried there was a little too much similarity with Luke Cage (bar awful music vs Cage's awesome music) but I really enjoyed the first half. Pearce interactions with the community, the family dynamics, the activism within the show was subtly done and well earned, use of news and high-school for looks at Freedland community, likeable and intresting characters, Pearce as an inspiring headmaster works for the most part. The superhero stuff is, as expected with good actions and costumes, at it's best when connected to all of this. The only thing I didn't like was Gambi, the behind the scenes type figure all superheroes in DC TV have, with James Remar not quite clicking.

Second half moved more towards a wider mystery/threat and that was of less interest to me. It wasn't bad but I preferred community focused first half as more intresting, more characters, a sense of society, second half's best bits reflected those. It's villains were a mix, the small fry had potential to be fascinating but the two big beasts didn't click, one can see what they were trying with both
particularly with rappper's Marvin 'Krondon' Jones III performance as Tobias
but the performances didn't quite click, characters were not intresting while it's handling of racism involving it's big bads felt clumsy and on the nose at best.

season spoilers
-I like Anissa (Nafessa Williams) being so passionate with a youthful zeal with parents just needing to pull her in a bit at times, her youthful joy at powers and working them out with the father as the voice of one who had seen it before, the subverting the superhero protecting love one trope though her girlfriend stuff was poor. Jennifer (China Anne McClain) is fun but I wish it wasn't so clear the show disagrees with her dislike of her powers and wishing to stay out. Her involvement in finale felt rushed given her past objections, loved the scene where she told the parents her plans to have sex and their... mixed reactions. Thought they got the balance right with Lynn (Christine Adams), her love as a parent and a wife but also her deep and understandable concerns about powers and the impact they have on those she loves

-Lawanda White pointed out the issue with nepotism from even the most well meaning figures, the execution of Will, the high school president being stopped for being black, the march, the fight to save Bernard from board and drugs, albino racism, police shooting black kids and yet white civilians can shoot blacks, the news when Pierce was arrested, the arguments between Jefferson and his children about activism. Plus many others, skilfully done reflections and lessons of our time

-Lala (William Catlett) is a fun name, works as a baddie as a ruthless gangster then one puzzled and haunted when resurrected, excellent scene in finale when made clear what is happening to him. Lady Eve (Jill Scott) had a lot of charisma and personality, I was excited when it seemed like she might be the big bad, Kara as the ASA spy didn't work as we didn't get enough time with her, her boss Martin was tiresome cliche. Khalil has good powers and shows promise but went missing for too long midway through, Syonide does good action scenes and flickers but rarely speaks which doesn't help develop her as more then sidekick.

-I liked that Inspector Henderson wasn't portrayed as foolish for having issues with viglinaties and trying to uphold the law by police measures

-Loved the scene with Jefferson and his father
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Re: Favorite Television Shows

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Fri Jun 15, 2018 5:24 pm

Watched the two worst DC shows of the season with both suffering from too much bloat.

The Flash wasn't bad but it was erratic, overall I would say it was alright. At it's best where some key dynamics like Ralph and Barry, when it concentrated on it's main villains who had some of the best episodes, one or two good twist, a few episodes that took a good idea and ran with it well. The early episodes were pretty good due to Barry's stand had some excellent stuff even if the main adventure wasn't always strong and some fun figures. After that, it hit a rough patch, villain of the week stuff tended to be average or poor even when wrapped into overall story though an episode here and there worked well. Then two strong "one off idea episodes" before back to rough, then back to build up well focusing on the big bad who were very intresting to watch with the dynamics but lost momentum in last two penultimate episodes and a finale that was far too predictable and lacked a sense of oomph.

It had a big running mystery
who is that young lady
where the twist was easy enough to guess, it had a large cast but with many of them sidelined with some ineffective storylines. Catalin in particular suffered from this, she spent vast majority on sidelines with the little snippets feeling frustrating as to where this had come from and show don't tell would be nice, then later on get a big storyline that fell flat. There was a sense that in trying to rebalance after complaints of last season being too dark, too often they went too light, Ralph's character varied week by week (one week learning to be a hero, next week rather less heroic, one week learning to be a hero...) though he had some strong moments

-Barry in jail was good but short lived (as Barry can never be allowed not to be the main hero for more then five seconds). Goodness allowing other figures to step forward would probably end the world, Iris, Wally and Ralph would never benefit from.... Bill Goldberg did well as a long serving prisoner and made his moments count so when he left after two episodes it was moving then it should have been, Ralph was helped by chance to be the lead

-The Trickser's mother was a neat idea that didn't quite land. Defoe sucking up some of the villain's meant some potential future ones were ended quickly but it did have potential in allowing a different figure and dynamics with the main villains. Alas I don't think it ever quite worked and I wish Hazard had been allowed to live, ditto Izzy as seemed more intresting then when the thinker (though Ralph strong connection felt fake given she had one episode).

The "constant change of cast as Defoe" was helped in that the Thinker/Mechanic moments were often an odd five minutes here or there but they were powerful moments like how Thinker was drugging his wife then the groundhog day where she keeps discovering this, the pain for her when Ralph morphs into her husband for trial, the delight when he can return to his old form (also delight for us as Neil Sandilands was the best of the Thinker cast members), the increasing coldness and separation between the two. Marlize also makes a good swordswoman and loved when she broke free after we got the flashbacks into their past, their grand romance (might have helped earlier then only a few episodes before the finale)

-I was amused by Cecile's powers and she linked up well with Harry. Harry struggling with meeting his intellectual match was a great idea they didn't quite exploit and ditto his addiction. Good touch his flashbacks to Grood prison, boo council of Welles, the addiction reveal was well done but the decline in his powers felt very erratic, too much comedy and being done better elsewhere. There was good tragic moments, the returning him but not to full power might have been intresting if it wasn't so "oh here is a gizmo." I won't miss this Welles, never warmed to him and would quite like Marlize to fill his role instead

-They show Iris could be a leader but never quite commit to that, maybe also needs to drum it into Barry's head he isn't the sole source of wisdom and concentrate a bit more on the journalism side so it doesn't feel like "ignore it till we need it for plot purposes". The crowdsourcing for information having no negative consequences at all felt cheap

-I wish they had gone for a serious look at a breacher ageing and losing powers rather then Cisco comedy, Gypsy's goodbye didn't work for me, was a fun character though

-Good Ralph death scene against Defoe, though not hard to guess it was coming, and his feelings with family even if kill/no kill is a bit tired

-Remember when Catalin and Killer Frost had a complicated relationship? No more, now they are almost friends :roll: Killer Frost vanishing having a negative impact makes sense but they really handled it badly

-Was nice to see Snart again, some fun comedy, bringing in Laurel didn't work as she didn't get much time. Amunet remains a Sackhoff is fun but wasted, nice to see Diggle

-Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash was a fun idea while it mixed well with sadness, clever boss fight idea and the jail elements. The Flash Time worked, it brought Jesse for some good stuff with her father, Jay's ageing is something I would love to see explored (or at least a proper goodbye), tension as to how they fix the problem, the toll this took on Barry. Run Iris Run nicely subverted things (though plot was predictable) but I would have liked it to last a few episodes to explore how it changes Barry losing powers. Think Fast hhad a great into but then went and did other things rather then build on that


Arrow changing it's show runner since suggests they know this went wrong. They had a lot of idea's, most of them good if the writers and show runners had decided to focus on a few but instead it seemed to try to fit in every idea they had (including recycling old ones) and every character that has ever been, they had about or four major factions fighting for screen time. This meant ideas had no chance to build momentum as they squeezed each out for space and then likely dropped for another idea or for a character to make a completely unnecessary return while one seemingly "going to be key" figure from first half
Agent Watson
vanishes till very late on even when it is clear the character should have been involved.

The show did actually pick up late on, it concentrated on it's baddies for an episode or two, it stripped back on team hero and that allowed it to focus, to keep the storylines limited. Those were like the old days, intresting, focused, learning about the figures involved. Then it wandered off onto lack of focus, good penultimate episode and a decent finale. Something the show should take a lesson on is Black Lightning's sense of the city and the populace, it has been odd Ollie being Mayor and city being under threat so many time yet one feels so little sense of the city. Also a feeling two of the leads are allowed to get with things by the show and it isn't honest about some of their less legal activities.

The baddies had a big twist that must have felt like a really good idea on paper but it harmed the show badly
Cayden James not the baddie, guy we had barely knew was
, they struggled to readjust and make us care/fear about team evil till very late on, partly becuase they put no effort in building up the figures involved till the end phase, while one baddie's motives seemed to jump about six times an episode which was frustrating. As ever though, the action scenes are well done.

-I liked that they kept the team splitting and that the old guard were really high-handed with the new guys who split over it. I preferred most of the scenes with the new team to be honest, they were more of a cohesive whole (partly as Dinah is leader but not the big shot in way Oliver always has been) and fresh, I felt "one of them has a child" I prefer Renne/Curtis then Ollie and Felicity dealing with William (though that was fine, so would happily see the old guard fade out to give these a run out. Problem was having team Oliver, team Dinah and team villain... way too much, also needed to do better at calling out their heroes actions, Curtis is a nice chap but does feel very much the 6th wheel.

-Cayden's team never really worked though Vigilante had some nice chemistry with Dinah and his death was effective (not so much he died but the way the plot unfolded and impacted others), Antoli was always fun but got more time later, Dragon wasn't in it at all, Black Siren had some great scenes with her father. Cayden did have a nice death scene at least having not clicked as a villain

As team dragon, being down to three baddies helped. Dragon spent most of it not getting built up, a few effective action scenes aside, then they built on him and those episodes were focused and intresting. Laurel had her moments like her public return but the constant "team arrow, no team dragon, no team Oliver" was frustrating to say the least and led to no character consistency, her final turn against Dragon for being a bit brutal didn't make much sense. Anotli was... well himself, charming, ruthless, amusing and his playing both sides worked far better as felt within character,, bounced very well off Oliver. Quadrant was ridiculously used, how exactly does such a major criminal group fall so easily and quickly? Interesting move keeping Diaz alive, usually one season and dead (or dead and brought back to life for Legends) while I thought Kirk Acevedo did a good job.

-Goodbye: Goodbye Thea and goodbye Quinton. Was right time for both, I just wish Thea had been given a better ending scene (though episode was fun)! Thea was a fun character in the early seasons, lots of relations like Tommy, her family and then a good romance with Rory, she had a sense of humour. When they moved from club and she stopped being a superhero/heavily involved with league of assassins, they struggled to find roles for her, mayoral chief of staff could have been a chance but they have never been properly interested in that side of things. Since they don't have a fitting role for her, best to cut

Quinton got a good, but one knew it was coming, death scene to say goodbye and glad they got Sarah back for it. Provided a good antagonist in the early years, extremely well connected so a fairly central figure, providing the main cop in the complex "what to do about the vigilante", a man troubled by addictions, a man whose relations developed and changed. However as the police became less important, one daughter left for Legends, he got a grip on his troubles and Laurel popped in and out, he got more and more to the side. Like Thea, mayoral position was probably meant to salvage but it didn't. His fatherly advice for likes of Renee, Laurel, Thea and others made him useful side character, he had a sense of humour and was a likeable figure. Like Thea, I will miss him but can't object to the cut

-In better, more cohesive and less over packed seasons, I would have welcomed the cameo's of Roy Harper and Nyssa. It was nice seeing Roy (though frankly he was very side character in his two episodes) and a much underused Thea but the idea of Roy returning permanently next season seems a bad idea, particularly if Thea isn't coming back. He was a good ally but the character he is most strongly connected with won't be there, Arrow needs to move forward and cut down rather then bring figures back. Nyssa's sense of humour as she needled Felticy was fun and I would always welcome her cameo's. Adrian worked extremely well for a good vertigo episode as it really helped explore Oliver's mind

-Diggle's anger over being demoted from the Arrow was a really good idea that was damaged by a lack of time. They started building up, dropped it then brought it back one episode before the big disagreement. The majority of the big argument was a good, in character, fairly logical blazing row and without Oliver being automatically right then the punch up as emotions went out of control. I like Lyla and always wish she was in a bit more so bringing Diggle into Argus helped with that

-Court episode was one with some really good moments like when certain figures went to the stand, Rene's troubles, Oliver preparing for defeat, the return of Chase but lack of build up, trying to avoid the issue that Oliver is guilty, that they needed a dues ex machina to save itself the effective murder of the judge by our heroes meant it was not a good episode.

-Oliver's mayoral carer has been badly wasted by the Arrow, never felt they really committed to it and how it could impact him, how he could shape the city bar the odd flashes. Hopefully they don't waste his prison time but not the first and the constant mess up of "Oliver is revealed as the Green Arrow" means I have little faith this will stick or be done effectively.
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Re: Favorite Television Shows

Unread postby ArnoldRos » Mon Jul 09, 2018 1:13 pm

I love superhero movies but I can't get into any of the superhero shows for the life of me. I don't know why. What I did love this year was Lost in Space and Altered Carbon. Both fantastic shows for different reasons and worth checking out imo.
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Re: Favorite Television Shows

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Thu Jul 12, 2018 5:11 pm

ArnoldRos wrote:I love superhero movies but I can't get into any of the superhero shows for the life of me. I don't know why. What I did love this year was Lost in Space and Altered Carbon. Both fantastic shows for different reasons and worth checking out imo.

Hello ArnoldRos, welcome to forum.

Nothing wrong with not being able to get into the superhero shows, they are different and they require a lot of time. I did try Lost in Space and I loved the potential of it but too much of didn't work for me, I have heard good things about Altered Carbon
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Re: Favorite Television Shows

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Thu Aug 02, 2018 5:55 pm

Watched the two bonus episodes of Lucifer given when show was axed (now saved by Netflix). Two episodes that didn't quite fit the season narrative but more one off episodes that had potential long term story for another season
hearing Neil Gaiman's awful delivery as God that provides an alternative view, Azrael (Charlyne Yi)
but better saved for another time if not going to use them this season. "Boo Normal" started promisingly but should have focused more on Ella like it seemed it would at start, though Lucifer strand was fun, Charlyne Yi didn't click in her guest role. "Once Upon A Time" was a alternative episode which was nice but ruined by awful narration and didn't click as much as it should have.


Watched Hulu/Marvel show Runaways when it came on normal channel. Premise: The Pride is a charity group with some of the leading figures of the community. During one such meeting, their bored teenage children decide to have a look and are rather surprised to see their parents committing human sacrifice. Apparently this isn't normal?

I liked the premise though cast worried me (Spike's James Marsters probably the biggest name), read good reviews so we gave it a chance. First episode was fine but lacked a little spark partly as it was a set up, second episode clicked and we enjoyed it. Tries to find balance between focusing on team kids and team pride/parents (which is apparently different from comics), having to juggle about two groups and five families in 10 episodes, did it fairly well though was one or two moments near end that felt rushed as hadn't had enough build up time. Has sense of humour, twists, romance, willingness to embrace the fantasy elements but family and group dynamics are perhaps the key to it's charm.

The children got first shot and they were the weaker half of the show though perhaps got the least time. They weren't bad, there was humour around the staff going on, some good group dynamics and touches, likeable figures but understandable youthful mistakes, a young cast who did well but with a few off moments, characters who avoid the tropes that one initially fears, they were perhaps hampered by building new relations with each other (sometimes in a rushed fashion) which takes time. It was the parents that really pulled one in, not all of them well developed but the Yorke parents (Brigid Brannagh and Kevin Weisman) were hilarious as well as extremely likeable, a more experienced cast, characters that knew each other so didn't need a few episodes establishing relations but were straight off playing off each other and evolved, established romances, personalities quickly establishing for figures like the hard Tina Minrou (Brittany Ishibashi).

Family dynamics, through flashbacks or when kids are with the parents, are a strength. The tense and changing relations of the Stein's with the bright unhappy parents and their jock son, the Minrou's with the daughter/father bond and changing dynamics with the mother, all relations beginning to change after what the children discover and continue to discover. The only that doesn't quite work individually and as a group are the Wilder family, performances don't quite gel as a unit though they can have their moments as individuals with other members of their groups.

-Karolina sparkly powers work quite well and revealed very early on. She was a likeable figure and I'm glad they didn't go with the "easy" romance but the kiss with Nico, too early. There had been hints of their feelings but it felt too rushed into, that it hadn't quiet been earnt

-I really enjoyed the early RobertxJanet affair, particularly when it was clear Robert was in love while Janet was just having a nice time, but they seemed to then alter it into something a bit less intresting. Loved Nico's reaction when told of an affair, her assumptions and how she felt as she went through each option was excellent. I also loved Tina realizing she needed to rebuild relations with both daughter and husband, seeing the little humiliations as Robert tried to push her off and then her heartbreak when she found out

-Nice reversal on how boy and girl using x-ray goggles would work. Gert and Chase made a good what if pairing, their flaws hampering their chances (Gert's pride and sarcasm, Chase emotional clumsiness and his feelings elsewhere), they had chemistry but they rushed the kiss and bungled the aftermath

-They did well to make Molly seem the kid of the group, her even younger hopes and dreams, the errors that her friends wouldn't make anymore.

-Jonah made a great first impression but felt like there was something a little off over the long term that meant he lacked a real sense of charismatic threat as time went on

-Victor and Chase's constant changing relationship was intresting, the abuse, then the care when they have a shared interest then things go horribly wrong. Janet's anger when group turns on her and the way they sacrifice her was a good touch in what was generally an amusing infighting between the group when Victor was shot

-The mixture of sheer youthful excitement and fear people had to old Lacey was fun while Gert's love towards her dinosaur was sweet

-The not knowing what a VHS tape was makes me feel old

-Interesting to see what happens with Alec, he seems increasingly isolated as others pair off and he has falling out with the group over tactics, loyalty and all sorts


Saw part 1 of season 4 of Agents of Shield: Ghostrider. Normally with this show it is nice enough, a bit of humour, characters I like well enough like Phil, May and the scientists but felt it really went up a level so far (as well as upped age rating), perhaps even fresher. Has three storylines that are well paced and I'm interested in all three, the old guard are still fun and get well used while the new new additions are introduced well and show a lot of promise, avoids the tendency to be too in awe of Daisy... mostly, some good mystery. Does touch on issues in the world and human attitudes and willing to do something a little different with the odd episode, fun action. As for Ghostrider, the effects work very well, the character is one I wish to follow and charismatic, nice dynamics built around it. The only flew was the half-season big bad was underwhelming.

-They introduce the new director well, first by not having him there but the team fuming and the manager gimmicks like the rainbow colour for who can know what, feels like a middle manager. Then he stops May and that press conference where he reveals he is an Inhuman, his tensions with Coulson the old boss, firm and commanding. I like the evil Senator and look forward to how her Inhuman comes into thing

-Enjoyed Uprising and the themes it explored around Yo Yo and her friends, how humans still react to Inhumans. I liked the Deal With Our Devils and how we saw from the "in this world" version then the other world version

-Gabriel seems a nice chap, was good to see Helfire and his bitterness. I like the carchase between Ghostrider and Coulson and how scared inmates are when Ghostrider bursts into flames, the moment we see how he gained his powers.

-I want more FitzxSimmons. Aida was gently eased in, nice jokes by Fitz and Simmons when they both meet her first time, the errors the AI makes


Supergirl was probably close third behind Legends of Tomorrow but far ahead of Flash and the Arrow for DC shows this season. It had a very good villain for the most part, it kept the optimistic tone, it had a very moving side storyline
the Martian father losing memories
, some very good action and character dynamics, it tended to balance the light group events with darker moments. One off episodes linked well to well done general storyline, it did try to tackle issues but usually in a one episode clumsy way or rushed rather then building over time. Unfortunately for the season, it's best stuff was before the end phase, the impact, the tension building up....then it changed path onto a less interesting route. Characters involved were less interesting and it did not have the emotional power it sought leading to a finale that lacked oomph. Partly as it felt like they had changed their minds about things late on in planning, using under developed characters and themes while resetting for next season

Great tease for next season

-The Schott family reunion never quite clicked for me as an episode but Laurie Metcalf is always a good performer and there was some good mother-son issues. If that is meant to be the New Toyman, giving her a bit of focus in her first episode would really have helped

-Generally the dementia storyline was handled with care, no artificial drama created by silly secrets or anything like that, just three people (Alex was included) trying to handle things as best they can. The adaptation of the father to new earth events and mistakes of the language added to it, his pride and anger as he struggled to admit what was happening to him, the time with Ruby, the son's patience and sadness then difficulty to accept the loss while the father is willing to face his fate. The last sacrifice was moving and high point of finale, the shared memories included

-Cloak training was impressive, the dynamics between Mon-el and Supergirl don't zing like it used to. I do get why they felt his past was inappropriate but the serious Mon-el lacks the sense of flair and humour, Kara's explosion of past hurt was good though. I'm glad Imra's feelings on this were handled well, she showed great dignity and sense of self respect

-Nice new costume for Alex. She and Ruby bounced off each other well, feeling their way through together, moments of errors and humour but show felt a tad heavy handed in trying to build Alex's desire for a child, I liked the idea of "her line of work vs motherhood" better then their execution of it. Bringing in Collins as a potential foe was an excellent touch

-Lena and Sam had a good bond as they worked hard to try to heal her, Sam's pain when forced to confront that she is Reign was good. The falling apart of Lena and Supergirl was good, festering wounds, inadvertent hurt, the acknowledgement Kara is being a hypocrite and using James unfairly, the way her two identities means she gets different angles from Lena, they probably do need to allow Lena to know Kara is supergirl by working it out though.

-Pestilence got no real build in, at least the other two world killers were fleshed out but wiping out all but Reign felt a mistake

-Sam's desperate writing of Ruby's name was sad, Patricia's "sacrifice" less so becuase we hadn't seen her for ages and hard to care, Ruby discovering her mother was Reign was well done ad the impact it has on their loving relationship. Replacing Reign with Serena as the big bad didn't work, Anjali Jay did a good job but Reign had been really really built up whereas Selena was better as a mystery then the final boss

-James exploring the racism angle of how cops would treat him and if to reveal himself becuase of that isn't a bad idea but it felt rushed through (though nowhere near as clumsy as his talk with Lena about guns)

-I did like the fleeting glimpses at the cult and what they had become

-They never really engaged in the gun debate. They touched on important issues but didn't follow through and seemed more about "we may disagree but we are friends" without doing that at all well

-Good death scene for Dimos, one of those figures that just called up when they needed a side figure for something at HQ without really being a person but they made his moment count

-I found the Argo scenes dragged, there were some nice moments here or there like Mon-el helping out or the awkward High Council meeting but Kara and her mother/friends didn't click, I kept wishing they would get back to Reign or dementia scene

-Supergirl's kill or not kill has always been a thing but when they did it in the finale, it was after a long time without exploring that idea. Add time jumps that undercut kills (though looks like that will have created problems), separating Sam and Reign, a final battle that lacked something, the guardian unmasking did have an episode build up but that should have been a several episode thing


Winn (somewhat): Apparently will pop up every now and again but back to future does mean a far less of a role with Braniac-5 coming in. Winn was very good in first season, the tech guy at Cat, friend of Kara and her technical adviser, he had a few characters to bounce off, a bit of nerves, the geek excitement, he was behind of lot of humour. The move out of Cat meant a loss of bouncing off Cat, they tried to fix that with a likeable but very underdone romance and with the guardian partnership which never worked as well as hoped. He did bounce well of Alex but the humour was less and less and he more and more just seemed to come in for tech, a rare guardian scene then the odd episode where he was the centre due to his Toymaker past.

Brainaic 5 really did help as the clash of ego's, past vs future and tech suited Winn, there was a lot of humour there and I'm excited to see Brainaic come in with his not always understanding humans, his arrogance and his brilliance, the past vs future. He was a lot of fun and could provide some good dynamics and humour, shake things up a little while he has potential future storylines.

Mon-El: I loved his first season, the playboy with a good if lazy heart, a charismatic force who earnt his way to the noble sacrifice of love, his learning about the planet in not always appropriate ways, the fun romance. It made sense with his return he would be a more mature figure but he had lost that sense of humour and was a more subdued figure, he lost that spark. There wasn't a strong connection with team supergirl anymore, his best moments tended to be with Imra and Braniac. His storyline has come to an end so good time to go

Imra: She was underused, that she stood out is credit to both Amy Jackson's performance and writers who avoided the very easy traps of a love triangle. A stoic, clever thinker whose dynamics with Mon-el, their duty turned romance I would have like to have seen explored more but the Legion was her thing and without them, she would have had less use then they sadly managed.

Coville: The cult was nearly always intriguing and as the lead philosopher, his scenes tended to be good as he misunderstood texts, as a warped ideology formed. Chris Lowe gave charismatic intresting performances but he tended to only appear for lines here and there, after early episodes he was a figure never developed and feels a tad wasted by time of the big ending.

My’rnn: Carl Lumbly and David Harewood made a great team and a father son-denial. The pain of the father who didn't dare believe his son was alive but then the father was open, he enjoyed earth, the chance to be with his son, picking up little things and having fun, the cultural misunderstandings. Then they gave a really strong storyline, it tended to be the emotional highlight of each episode as Jonn twigged something was wrong, the struggle for both to accept, the inadvertant hurt they were causing each other, the grief, the pride, even a bit of humour. One of my favourite characters of the simply for that half season

It looks like Jonn is going to move from regular to recurring as the role has changed. It makes sense, in the early seasons he was the hard boss and the father figure but Alex and Kara have grown stronger, time for Alex to head the organization and without his father, they would need to find a new way to give Jonn screen-time. Being out exploring the world and coming in every now and again works well. Has tended to be better used to discuss racism then when they use James

Possibly Sam? They are indicating if she gets screen time, it will only be a few episodes. I can understand that, if she is no longer Reign then she isn't a central baddie, that she would simply be a friend of Kara and Lena who works at Lena's company so less key role. Yet even before the Reign thing really hit, she stood out, the scenes with Ruby were great with a strong parent-daughter bond, her friendship scenes with Kara and Lena tended to click, Lena vs Kara is a potential route with her in the middle. She was a strong, charismatic, loving woman and then switching to the hard, imposing baddie, watching the chaos and confusion as things began to slip from Sam was great and Odette Annable did a fantastic job. Supergirl has lacked a great villain over it's three seasons, the botched end phase has probably stopped Reign from getting to that height but for so much of it, she was becuase of that Sam angle.


Saw final season of Once Upon A Time. The writers seemed aware going into this it would be their last so some characters were eased out early and I suspect some figures came in earlier then expected, to show's credit it wasn't too obvious. Once Upon A Time, when trying something new, tends to take half a season before finding it's feet and that happened here, Henry and co were more likeable which helped as did the focus generally being the fun characters like Regina, Rumple, Zelina, Hook, a new eccentric romance
Alice and Robin
was charming and sweet though Facilier never quite clicked. Nice use of "back in the land of magic" to build characters up, It built nicely towards the 7 finale which was alright but had the wrapping up issue and trying a bit too hard. Then did two episodes to wrap up the show, first episode a bit hit and miss, second one built a good theme, had a fun baddie, lots of nice odds, some "a bit forced" then an excellent ending moment.

I tend to like the Once Upon A Time costumes but they made a major error with Margo (Tiera Skovbye) in Seattle. As anyone with glasses (should) knows, it is really important to get ones that suit your face but apparently not the costume guys here. They have a certain look for Margo which is fair enough but they picked glasses solely to suit the costume. Not her face which it really wasn't suitable for. Skovbye put in a likeable performance, her character was fun but it was very much marred, to point of pulling me out of scenes, by the glasses.

I do like how they used the troll, it was sweet. Hansel was surprisingly effective as a baddie and Zelina's error in past worked well, felt Gothel needed more time with Alice, I enjoyed the Hook/Blackbeard adventure with Henry then it falling apart though not the dramatic vs sea scene.

I am grateful for Once Upon A Time, it's 7 season and the enjoyable spin-off that alas only got a season. First on channel 4, it's first season was erratic, the big "in storybrooke" romance was flat, pace was poor, some erratic performances and main quest didn't pull me in. Yet we saw what could be in the fairytale land, Snow White and Charming's sassy and charming romance, Rumple/Mr Gold as the powerful but eccentric baddie, Regina showed some flair even she was hit and miss. Season 2 they got the pace better, performances picked up and the heart of the show was there, we were gutted when channel 4 lost it but when we got Netflix, possibly the thing we were most excited about.

Once Upon A Time followed the Disney manual, kickass heroines (and a focus on that over the males), the power of true love, goodness always wins after the fight, family, the need to do the right thing. Just without songs. What it added was they had a bit more freedom then the films to be a more adult, a bit more sizzle and naughtiness, there was plenty of humour and willingness to mock itself/some of Disney's old stereotypes. They developed their own theme of redemption for villains which allowed great baddies to become allies, keeping the likes of Hook, Rumple, Regina, Zelina (though they didn't have an idea of what to do with her in latter seasons) who provided the flair and heart. The main family also provided heart and good dynamics even if I wasn't always fond of Henry while sometimes they forgot how funny Snow could be and didn't play to it. That each half season had it's own "take from film/fairy tale adventure" helped keep it fresh, allowing new characters to have a run (though impact differed), nods, cameo's and jokes for those who knew the tales.

One thing that never quite helped it was that when it wanted to do a new show or a reboot, it always started badly, get axed and then come good. It's casting seemed to pick people like Lana Parrilla or Sophie Lowe who needed time to adjust and fit the tone then would shine and writers would need that half to also get one strand up to the rest. Second half would see the cast members settle and all the adventures click but for some reason, there wasn't the patience for that.

A lot of happy memories from watching this down the years so will always be grateful


Legion had a strong first season by melding an adventure, strong character dynamics and the weird together. Season 2 fails on that. The adventure has a shaky, overly slow start but becomes good with a good intresting villain well cast
the shadow king with Navid Negahban is charismatic, intelligent sounding, calm
, dark themes, good clashes that builds up well to the finale with an erratic ending episode with a punchy end. In terms of characters, it gets the balance wrong. David vs the bad guy is still there, David and Syd is still one very strong card but otherwise? Larry certainly, Cary and Kerry's scenes and bond is strong but they didn't get the time they should have, the balance is gone. Melanie for example might as well not be in the show for first two thirds, a big twist relies on a character that has no development this season
Amy's death.
, the new figures are only notable for their surreal element as I don't know them yet and it does somewhat fall into the trap of "if character is getting build up this episode, something big involving this character is about to happen."

The frustration is that when it concentrates on character stuff, subordinating the strange to the purpose of character development, it shines. Be it the big things like David vs bad guy or David and Syd's relationship or side cast like Cary and Kerry, be it a small moment as part of the adventure, a little conversation or when the whole episode is based around an idea involving two characters. However so many of the characters get really small roles then one episode where they get concentrated on before being dropped again so the group dynamic is shot and they don't always get built up enough for a key twist, it means a lack of the strong platform that allows the surreal to work. The writers also deserve credit for moments that give thought about what women have been put through, taking on MeToo issues in intresting ways.

The weird is hit and miss, some nice work with song, some clever and surprise moments, good use of different title scenes, some excellent "take this strange idea and run with it" episodes that help build certain characters like David. On the other hand there are "they are being weird for the sake of being weird" moments, John Hamm narrated scenes are more miss then hit (there is one really good one and a few where there was a moment amidst the bad), the weirdness of the new characters never gets support of strong characters. As the season goes on, after a slow and frustrating first half, it does get the balance better between weirdness and characters+adventure which sees it get stronger before a good finale with a strong ending.

-Admiral Fukuyama is a good example of unexplored new character, particularly with basket on his head and what seems like a potentially intresting and weird backstory. The robot's were never quite as weird as I think they were meant to be but they had their moments

-The teeth chattering was creepy,

-I liked future Syd but also how it began to alter the interplay with current Syd (great touch they had to discuss relationship ground rules when David met future Syd), David with either Syd was nearly always intresting. Syd and the cat was an odd idea but it worked really well thanks to the impressive Keller mimicking the cat, one does get the sense of Syd's growing disenchantment with the relationship

-They really should have done far more on Carey/Karey's changes, Melaine's struggles with what Oliver has done to her (it was a really good potential idea) and Plotlmy or Clark at all

-Dance off was nice, I enjoyed the meeting with first Lenny then Shadow King at fortune booth and Oliver/Lenny singing along as they killed agents

-Of Hamm's narrations, red vs green and mass hysteria had moments, the moral panic one worked but certainly the payoff did not justify the slow pace and frustration of watching most of these

-I liked going inside the minds in chapter 11, that helped explore some characters then 12 went really indepth into Syd, David's failure each and every time to learn the right lesson and Syd's unimpressed reaction, the relationship with her mother, the damage her powers did. Chapter 14 was a "now for something completely different episode" which worked becuase it chose an intresting subjects, David's alternative paths if he not ended up with division 3, it showed his dark side, his troubled side, was nice to have some dynamics with Amy (might have been an idea to do something like this before her death), some real emotional punches. Not all strands quite landed but when they did...

-Amy had far more time on screen after death this season then they gave her before it, while the death scene was well done it left a lack of emotional punch as we hadn't seen her all season. The after effects for both Amy and an unsettled Lenny were intresting though. Lenny benefited from being back with David/Division 3, she had good scenes with the baddie but once back in human form, it allowed strong character moments with Syd and David, the debauchery of the returning Lenny being wrecked by Amy, Plaza was excellent

-Some clever reflections on MeToo, Lenny's desperation to escape the mindscape was unsettling and sad, Lenny pointing out she is being blamed by Syd for things not her fault (and clearly in chaos about what happened), Syd being pressured to date David for sake of others, how the love interest gets treated by the hero/adventurer. That is before David alters Syd's mind and rapes her in the finale.

-The final battle was better in the set up, with the plans, the puzzles and so on then it was in the actual fight, it was a neat idea decently done but didn't excite or really provide that weirdness it seemed to go for


Gotham: A Dark Knight season 4 part 1 was a lot of fun for the usual chaotic reasons and it's humour characters like Victor. It had a eccentric season villain, it shook up some of the characters
Riddler, Butch and Dr Lee
to amusing effect, Penguin as ever is great and his strand is a lot of fun. The Gordon/police strand works better then usual partly due to figures that come in, the battle with the villain but also is touches on that actually Gordon isn't as great as he thinks he is. Not as much as they should perhaps but it is still there. The Bruce strand starts well then smoothly changes path, initially it does well with the second strand but it begins to run out of steam and be handled a bit clumsily by the end. Was one creepy female costume that thankfully got changed, finale twists lacked punch.

-I support the Pax Penguina! It was not always entirely clear if we were meant to support it but show did point out Gordon cost a lot of people their lives even if his winning over the cops felt unearned and it still hold sGordon in a light he doesn't deserve

-Decent use of Crane and his fear potion, loved the warden, but his final battle felt a cheap win for Gordon. Ra's al Ghul wasn't quite as good as he should have been, something was a bit off despite Alexander Siddig's performance, but his use of Alex (plus Dog-man), the meeting with Gordon and desperation for death was intresting. Professor Pyg then emerges, certainly makes a strong first impression with use of pig head and posh, gentlemanly voice+dialogue, while they never build a strong cohesive narrative around him, he tended to have an impact when on screen and there the excellent cannibal pie scene (Penguin's handling of it deserves more praise) with fun music. I did like his letting the act slip moment.

-Bruce stuff started well, learning to crime fight, the help of Alfred, learning how to create a Bruce Wayne identity, the way al Ghul played him, the initial haunting and struggles, going on the lash. Then it got stuck on that last part, stopped feeling real

-Was disappointing to see Barbara alive in some respects and though fun, she hasn't become vital

-Love Sofia once they got past her opening costume. She had a bit of sizzle with Gordon but there poltical/crime moments don't always. What I loved was her careful manipulation of Penguin (granted a bit too similar to manipulation of her father by Mooney), the restaurant, her gentle reassurances, the use of Martin, Pengiun's fightbacks and would have loved them as a pairing. The killing (and then twists that followed) of Martin was great

-Nygma struggling with the loss of his intelligence was fun and his frustration with Myrtle Jenkins+Pengiun's reaction to the awful riddles. He and Butch as Grundy, make a fun duo with Grundy surprisingly amusing despite being, in essence, a meathead while his action scenes give sense of the raw power, Tabiatha's reaction to him is so sweet. Lee is initially a bit trying too hard and awful costume but she and Nygma build up a good fun bond and she builds into sense of place as doctor and then power broker. I'm a little disappointed Riddler is returning so soon.

-I'll miss Mr Headhunter

-The falling apart of Jim and Harvey has plenty of good moments but doesn't quite mesh as a whole

-Finale twists: The death of Falcone one kind of saw coming, the scene felt cliched and Carmine hasn't really been in out enough in recent years. That it was his daughter I guessed immediately.Victor's defection makes sense but didn't land on screen, Pyg working for Falcone made sense but it lacked a sense of surprise and the death lacked oomph.

-Goodbye Carmine Falcone. In the opening seasons he was a big player, the king gangster and a man who wore authority with an amazing ease. His love for Liza was a tragic part of season 1 but he was nearly always in control, when he unleashed on someone it had an impact. The character went into retirement and would come out on special occasions where he would make an impact as lesser beings likes Gordon and Penguin would appeal to him so when Owls scared him, that was a moment for a group that otherwise struggled.


Watched first season of Batman: The Animated Series. First few episodes are not good, simplistic adventures, aged animation, some of the episodes seem borrowed from a superman show. I stuck with it as I had heard how good this was, how important this was for Batman lore due to characters it either brought in or fleshed out, plus the Justice League had been good. After those early episodes it began to click, the voice actors found their rhythm with the sarcastic Alfred and Batman making a good duo, the adventures felt better written and more impact with decent rather then great villains be they episodic or likes of Joker, they make a nice half hour watching before bed.


Finished Weeds from Jenji Kohan which always had inventive credit sequences. We got drawn to it by it's sense of humour, characters like Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker), Cecilia (Elizabeth Perkins) and Andy (Justin Kirk) were intresting while likes of Doug Wilson (Kevin Nealon) provided a lot of sharp humour. There were escapades and sex but it was balanced out by showing how Nancy's drug trade began to impact the lives of her family and show also had an eye on issues like attitudes towards drugs and racism. It wasn't great but it was a fun time that allowed to hide more serious points and drama before you realized how it was pulling you in.

At some point, it lost it's touch, while it grew ruthless at cutting side characters the journey and stories felt like it was repeating the same beats, the humour lost it's sharpness with likes of Doug turning from highly intelligent goof-ball into a lazy joke, the reflecting back on the world lost it's edge as well. It still had strengths like how the Botwin children were being changed by stuff around them and the relations between Andy and Nancy but had begun to flag.

The show did revive for it's end phase though possibly at 8 seasons went on one season too long. The Doug issue was still annoying but it got out of it's rut, found a bit of it's humour. Seemed to both know and not know it was going to add, did some nods to the past but with three episodes left did some frantic screeching to get characters into right place for goodbye when it had been going down a separate, likeable, route till then and meant one clumsy+creepy romance
Silas meets his first girlfriend and his declaration of love (despite having forgotten her for years) felt forced and extremely bad past mistakes like holes in condoms... yeah how exactly do you restart a romance in same episode as that omission?
. The double bill finale was well done, enjoyable, lots of nods to the past, good atmosphere, some humour and honest rather then going for cheap happy endings, including doing something I rarely see
the "waits too long". Andy's love for Nancy and her use of that, sort of like a comfort toy and her rock, had been a feature for some time. However they had dropped it for awhile so bringing it back near felt rushed but that he had moved on and Nancy's attempts to bring him back felt right. This "too late" (ala send in the clowns) isn't something I see often

Overall, I had a nice time with Weeds for some time, I will remember a few of the characters and the stories for awhile, it sometimes made me think and filled half an hour slot before bed after the usual TV programs. Now got quite a few half hour shows to watch but that was not always the case. It may have lost a bit of it's spark but it rallied to give me a worthy ending to the show and felt they had handled the main dynamics well
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