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Unread postPosted: Sat Feb 17, 2018 6:52 am
by Dong Zhou
Watched animated show Justice League Unlimited, successor to Justice League. Whereas the first show concentrated on Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash (Wally West), Martian Manhunter (J'onn J'onzz), and Hawkgirl, this uses them as basis for a wide collection of superheroes like Supergirl, Question, Atom so and so on. I prefer the more concentrated version but this allowed me to see other superheroes I might never see, some just side figures that turn up every now and again, some others get concentrated on with their own episodes whit varying results while they also did villain centred episodes.

The adventures changed so sometimes magic based, could be space, could be earth so led to variety, some nice action and long running stories though the final Lex Luthor strand lacked a bit of power as Lex seemed less clever then he should be. There were two romances I loved, Batman x Wonder Woman as the love intrests were put into some odd situations which they had fun with (I enjoyed it particularly when changed to teenagers) and later Huntress x The Question, made a good outsider pairing and the Question's seeming unsuitability for romance works well.

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Unread postPosted: Wed Feb 21, 2018 10:09 am
by Dong Zhou
Lucifer season 3 part 1 made an odd decision, spent first half building up towards the Sinnerman, doing it quite effectively as this threat.... then wandered off to do other things (sometimes intresting ones) before returning for the last two episodes. By which point momentum had been wasted and the actor they chose
Kevin Carroll
for the baddie doesn't carry that sense of threat. Their end of fall season surprise is intriguing for the possibilities and well done but involved a figure I didn't particularly care about either way before hand.

It's writing quality feels like it has downgraded, some episodes fine for half an hour but run out of steam before the end, dialogue and characters not as sharp as it needs to be. Even the main relationship of Lucifer and Decker doesn't feel as strong and Lucifer veers towards annoying at one stage before recovering and they rely a bit too heavily on Ella's eccentricity. There are two or three episodes where the show does have a strong idea they run with
particularly the "what happens to Charlotte after celestial being leaves her"
and those tend to be enjoyable.


Star Trek Discovery second part took the half season finale twist and ran with it well. Took an episode to set itself up but clicked well after that, they had some fun with the scenario, still love figures like Tilly and Saru, the twists were predictable but very well executed, characters developed well, very good antagonists. It all lead up to a great finale with plots and drama that shone bar one bad action scene. One regretted they hadn't used the opportunity more
no meeting captain Killy for example
and nice final twist....

Only in wasn't the finale. The last two episodes are on yet another completely different scenario, making it the third in one season. With two episodes, there was no way this scenario was going to get explored in time and I would rather have had two more episodes in scenario two that had taken up most of this half season. Penultimate episode dragged as it adjusted to the new scenario, finale had nice nods and a fun finale but struggled with the finale stuff with some poor logic and questionable handling of some of the characters. They do however manage to intrigue for next season

-Poor Culber, the mourning but addled Stratmets worked well for that then scene in the network

-Tilly looks good in mirror universe uniform and they had fun with her counterpart contrast without bringing Killy in

-They handled the Tyler is Voq thing well, most had worked it out but still effective and it caused tensions/damage for everyone. The scene in mess where Tilly goes to greet him and then others come to say hello was sweet

-No surprise at Emperor Georgiou but she was a highly effective figure due to contrast, a good performance and connections with Burnham and Lorca. Love the moment Burnham tells the truth so the Emperor murders all her council

-Burnham on a Terran ship didn't work when came down to contrasts with Discovery counter-parts as most of the crew are not established for that to work. General attitudes and Saru's humiliating position did work well

-Why the heck wasn't Saru given captaincy? He grew into the role and gave a very good Trekkie/Saru speech to the crew before they attack the Terran ship

-Lorca twist wasn't a surprise but again well delivered, Lorca bounced off those around him well, sparking off the Emperor and Burnham, his plotting and leadership though final battle was clunky. Was glad his security officer was back for this, her attitude to events was fun

-Wasn't pleased at the "9 months in future and Klingon's winning" as felt like we missed a fair chunk of the war

-They have got the Amanda/Sarek balance very wrong and I suspect they have no plans to fix that even though Spok has to appear in next season given the ending

-Yay the Orions!

-I'm not sure the plan to stop the Klingon's is a good idea long term, there will surely be fall out both in Federation and Klingon lands

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Unread postPosted: Wed Feb 28, 2018 3:58 pm
by Dong Zhou
Watched third and final Bitten which had one of the great opening scenes I have ever seen, teased for the future, tense, dramatic, very well done. Rest of first episode was not so good due to 1) Clay's distractingly awful new haircut, 2) early plotpoint is that Jeremy is worryingly evil for... doing same thing as past season where he had the characters support but now they are going "oh noes"

It was a nice season, had solid premise with enjoyable villains, likeable new figures adding to a set of characters I was fond enough of, some decent twists and turns. It all built up nicely, some moments that stood out within that, build piece by piece towards it's end though it did feel like the show slowed down and pace dragged out in some of the later episodes. Nice finale, their ending makes me question the judgement of the characters but makes sense as a goodbye to the show

Overall it has been a nice enough show, I wasn't a fan of the main romance but some nice side romances, a tendency to bring on good new figures, the family feel like Jeremy being the fatherly figure, tends to have a good villain. I'm quite happy to go onto other shows, this was not a great show by any means but we had fun

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Unread postPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2018 12:40 pm
by Dong Zhou
Watched Seth McFarland's Star Trek tribute show The Orville. Premise: Ed Mercer (McFarland) is in a spiral when he catches his wife Kelly Grayson (Adrianne Palicki) having an affair. However he is finally given a shot at being a captain of his own ship in the Planetary Union, taking charge of medium ship Orville. Time for adventures across space and some surprises....

All reviews I had going into this said give three episodes before deciding and that seems fair. The 1st episode is an awful comedy that plays into some of the worst aspects of the show and sets the wrong tone. The second gives a better sense of the tone and the style of show (aka optimistic sci-fi adventure) but is a bit flat, the 3rd is a brilliant, intellectually thoughtful episode that would be a classic on Star Trek itself. However while that shows Orville at it's best, don't take that as general quality, only one or two other episodes of really high quality.

This has led to "the real Star Trek: Discovery or Orville." I found Discovery a better all round show, Orville is a paean of love towards the old shows. The costumes, the ship designs, the foes and races among other things could very much be from a (cheaper) version of Star Trek, arguably to the point where it hampers the show a little at times, a more original costume for example might work better. It is an optimistic show about reason and diplomacy over violence though Mercer is more an ordinary bloke (bar love life) then usual captains, it mixes each episode is a different adventure with some long running character strands. It also has a fair few major celeb camero's in the early episodes

The actual quality? It is erratic, you get some very good episodes which then be followed by meh or even poor episodes. At it's best? There are episodes where the writers have picked a theme and been very very thoughtful on it, not only that but have been brave, willing to challenge it's intended audience and those who would be its natural supporters, to leave one thoughtful. It has enjoyable one liners and it's quick jokes involving side members of cast are funny, good holodeck humour, some good adventures. It has some interesting members of the crew, Lieutenant Commander Bortus (Peter Macon) is involved in a lot of the better humour and has a fascinating story strand that sadly gets dropped during second half, Lieutenant Alara Kitan (Halston Sage) is a likeable figure whose strength and background show promise but relies somewhat on Sage's performance at the moment while her love life is a bore, the arrogant robot Issac (Mark Jackson) is no Data but some good humour as he learns about earth and good strands in second half flesh him out.

So why is it erratic? Sometimes an adventure doesn't quite fire but there fundamental issues that need work on second season. Long running jokes do not work or anything that requires a bit of build up, the humours very well with quick jokes and one liners but if allowed to indulge then it falls flat. One episode romances are fine if unremarkable but the two long term ones
GraysonxMercer and Dr Flynn (Penny Johnson Jerald)xYaphite (Norm Macdonald)
really really drag with awful humour, no chemistry and annoyance, one or two pat endings. While it has some intresting members of the helm, unfortunately it's captain and first officer hold it back...

Mercer being a fairly ordinary guy with a good heart rather then elite of the fleet is fine but he is hard to warm to and when an episode relies on him drawing you in as the lead, McFarland doesn't give a strong enough performance. There are also moments where the character can be petulant or it engages in "the captain must be the hero when it would make more sense for other members of the crew to take charge". The dynamic with Grayson brings out the worst in Mercer, lots of unfunny humour, little chemistry and a tiresome plot while we only get flickers of what Palicki is able to bring to such things.

-Well done Orville for not giving About a Girl the expected ending of Mercer's plan working, liberal values winning but having them fail, challenging the viewer "yes we know what you want, we know what we think is right but do we have the right to impose that on others?". Also great use of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

-Loved the fire from Grayson when captured by Hamelac and the moments the roof opened to show the sky to the people was lovely

-Issac learning about pranks was fun

-Enjoyed the Krill focused episode and the ending which showed Mercer's actions had made things worse, some good running gags. Lacked follow up

-Some great gags with Bortus but I loved the family side we saw from episode 3 onwards with Khlyden, the tensions over choices made, the regrets... then it gets dropped

-Majority Rule tried too hard and jammed it's points at you. Also Lamarr is a complete idiot

-Was sweet seeing Issac grow a bond with the doctor's family and his sense of duty towards protecting her children

-How is Lamarr fit to be an officer? Even in the episode about making him an officer, he showed poor leadership and in others he shows irresponsibility and awful judgement

-Person falls is not sufficient reason for Kelly to break the non-contact rules

-There really needs to be a major punishment in season 2 for someone in crew breaking admiralty orders and rules


Saw second season of Trollhunters. Slow start, not helped by Toby being very annoying rather then funny, but it soon pikcks up pace. Good variety of type of episodes and storylines, some good comic moments, the bond between the cast is good again, enjoyable action scenes, good villain. Led nicely up to an enjoyable finale

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Unread postPosted: Mon Mar 26, 2018 2:59 am
by Zyzyfer
Powered through Taboo over the past few days. My wife likes watching Tom Hardy which made it a bit easier of a sell - she is notoriously picky about TV shows for some reason. :lol:

It's an interesting show, to be sure. At first I thought the premise would be a bore, I have never been all that interested in American/British history stuff, and Taboo is neck-deep in it. It does certainly have a slow burn and takes a few episodes to pick up steam as the full scale of what the protagonist James Delaney (Hardy) is up against comes into perspective. Occasionally had problems following the political intrigues in certain spots, but I could sufficiently sink my teeth into it and enjoyed the "a-ha" moments where Delaney pulls a fast one on someone. Usually I find the "Rome"-style twists and turns too tedious, everyone betrays everyone, but felt it was done well in Taboo, in my opinion.

Acting was mostly fantastic. Well, it takes a little bit of an adjustment period to get the hang of Tom Hardy in a period piece, he doesn't sit quite right for me in the first two episodes. But once he has settled in, all of the main players are superb and sublime. Special mention to Johnathan Pryce hamming it up as head of the East India Trading Company, Stuart Strange, he was able to walk a fine line there and bring tongue-in-cheek humor to many of his scenes without outright chewing on them.

Sets and costumes were fantastic, I felt very immersed in the period.

Score kind of takes a back seat in this. I would sometimes be watching a scene, thinking there was no music at all, and then realize that something off-beat was actually there. It's better than something grating but it might have been a bit too brooding.

The one thing I have misgivings about with Taboo is the protagonist.

Tom Hardy does an excellent job, somehow, of garnering sympathy for Delaney. But when I step back and objectively look at Delaney's actions, he is as, or perhaps even more, sinister as those he opposes. There is also the matter of Delaney having a preternatural gift of foresight. Although there are times when he seems to be in danger, there are also points where he has more insight into situations than can be explained away in the universe of the show. In particular, he has a knack for knowing who has or intends to betray him or his allies, without any clear logical explanation other than he seems to practice witchcraft, or just gut instinct that he never doubts. I get that Delaney's mother was a spooky Native American woman and he apparently inherited some of her spookiness, but I felt they never fully committed to this side of Delaney, as they go back and forth between this and his dark days spent in Africa, without ever developing either aspect of his character sufficiently.

A good series overall, I'd rate it 3.75 out of 5.

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Unread postPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2018 8:49 am
by Dong Zhou
Watched second half of Electric Dreams which is only four episodes. First episode is a story one has seen many times but is still very much worth a watch as extremely well done, second and 4th episodes my sister and I split on, we agreed great premise but she was more keen on the execution then I was and loved the 4th. The 3rd episode again great premise but felt like it needed to be a two parter and they mishandled the ending.

Saw second half of The Tick which felt better then the first as it integrated support characters like Overkill and Dot better, some good partnerships form up, a bit more humour, added one or two more characters. The big villain is again not particularly good but his second in commandants more of a role and is fun, the Tick is still sweet and good natured, it built well up to the finale and set up well for any second season.

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Unread postPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 5:18 pm
by Dong Zhou
Watched dark comedy The End of the F***ing World based on graphic novel. Premise: James (Alex Lawther) is a teenage psychopath who wishes to kill his first human. He chooses the mouthy classmate Alyssa (Jessica Barden) who rather mistakes his intent, they agree to run away together...

I wonder if the title hinders the a show a little, the *** certainly grabs the attention but it gives you a different impression of what this show is about. The show has good humour, initially it is James that grabs the attention with his intresting perspective and the Dexter like attitude which gives time for Alyssa's softer edges to emerge and grow on you. Both character get thoroughly explored, they have a strong dynamic and the young cast do an excellent job while their story and struggles engages throughout, it goes to dark places but it earns that right and tells those moments well. Side characters like police officers (Gemma Whelan and Wunmi Mosaku) or James dad Phil (Steve Oram) get limited time but the writers make the most of it so they do shine and provide intresting figures, again with a big of comedy.

The end phase doesn't go as well as they hoped, the pacing isn't quite right and there isn't the tension it needs becuase of that, it feels like it needed another episode perhaps to just get that finale tension created but instead "oh right, this is the finale" and it slightly drags out the end moment.

Very much well worth a try, we loved it.

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Unread postPosted: Tue Apr 10, 2018 12:32 pm
by Dong Zhou
Saw second season of The Good Place. Went down a different path, had fun with the idea
the group actually in a bad place experiment
before settling down for the long term. Like the first season, plenty of humour, imaginative, twists and turns. This time they focus less on the group but on Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell), this tends to work well and we get more into the heads of most of the figures involved but Eleanor feels a lot less of a presence, if anything it goes backwards for awhile, and I did miss that. Did feel the end phase of season 2 would have been better spread out as a half season in itself

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Unread postPosted: Thu Apr 26, 2018 9:13 am
by Dong Zhou
We tried two episodes of Netflix reboot of Lost in Space, first episode picked up near end but second only had a few moments amidst a lot of meh. The scenes when they are exploring or have some sort of action on the planet never clicks and while it is visually good, pretty much everything doesn't spark in the whole. The robot doesn't interest me, the dynamics show promise but not enough to carry the thing, the baddie doesn't spark.

Where it showed promise was the Robinson family each felt fleshed out individually into potentially intresting characters and potentially intresting dynamics but those only clicked for spells within the show. Those were the best moments like the the Robinson parents argue or you feel the tension. Mina Sundwall's performance as Penny makes her the most likely character to be enjoyable, a good degree of sarcasm and humour that provided a sense of fun and the best moments in the two episodes.


Watched BBC/Sara Phelps 3 parter of Agatha Christie's Ordeal by Innocence. Premise: In 1956, wealthy Rachel Argyll (Anna Chancellor) is murdered, blame quickly falls on troubled adopted son Jack (Anthony Boyle) and he dies in jail with nobody finding the man Jack claims can alibi. 18 months later, a man (Luke Treadaway) turns up claiming he was with Jack at time of the murder.

With Phelps having been a huge success, she was given freedom for a fair bit of rewriting including of really key points while this was meant to be the centre piece of the BBC's Christmas shows but when one of the actors was accused of certain crimes, this got shelved with Christian Cooke coming in and a lot of reshoots had been done. Got released a little under the radar though got very strong reviews. To the production teams credit, only little moments showed the strain of reshoots, the problem is the quality wasn't there for me.

By no means was this dreadful but this doesn't compare to Phelps other Christie works. The ability to juggle characters? This one felt like too many characters. Tension? None. Atmosphere? None Mystery? Guessed the killer earlyish on which isn't an issue in itself but the reveal was really really really badly done. A mixed and talented cast? That it had, particularly once people settled in. Impressive opening titles? It has that. Interesting characters? Some were just bland, some you can see the idea but they aren't developed enough, particularly frustrating with some dynamics like Philip (an impressive Matthew Goode) and wife Mary (Eleanor Tomlinson) that could have made a show in itself, the best figures comes down to the flair of stirrings like Jack and Philip but some of the stirring is really unsubtle while Philip relies more on Goode's performance providing depth rather then anything in the writing. Phelps changes? Bar one or two small stuff, I would say they mostly were worse then the original ideas. Her modernizing drew some complaints, it was like she got so much freedom for swearing and so on that she overused it in excitement. Good costumes and house? As ever excellent. Annoying flashback symbol that irritates? Ok that is a new one...

When it comes down to the "ok we need to focus on finding the killer", it is hampered by the problem in that one doesn't know or care enough about any of the characters that will have a big impact. It also hampered by the way everything is found out is amazingly badly plotted, it lacks logic and at best requires some impressive coincidences. There is one enjoyable epilogue moment, I just wished the rest of the episode 3 second half had been anywhere near as good.


In USA Supergirl was split in three parts as part 2 did four episodes then would stop for Legends of Tomorrow before returning after that show. Sky decided to wait and do it same time as Legends of Tomorrow. So how was part 2? Better then Arrow and Flash, worse then Legends and Black Lightening. Builds well off finale, it has the warm heart, bits of humour, likeable characters. With only four episodes, it uses that to continue building it's villian, go into some of the lesser explored yeras for an episode and build one continuing on the narrative while also building well to mid-season finale and had a good finale. Two decent episodic villains, is a feeling a few characters could use more time and perhaps cast is a little big

-Spergirl's coma was a good way of introducing Brianac-5 aka Brainy (Jesse Rath does good job preventing him being cold) who is fun but the Winn vs Brianiac thing not great

-I like Imra but more becuase she seems nice and Amy Jackson does a good job rather then her character getting developed. After finale twist, hope that means we will get more time. I like how they have avoided love triangle tropes so far. When they reveal legion backstory, it tends to be a little "we need to exposition, find any half excuse". I miss the charisma and rashness of the old Mon-el

-I see what they tried to do with Livewire's return but it felt flat, that episode I was more interested in the Reign elements and the head priestess

-Good that Sam has told her friends of her illness and that they are rallying around to help with her blackouts, enjoyed the scene with her daughter in return episode where one just wondered if Reign was back

-Purity's introduction done very well, introducing her bit by bit before she really unleashes in finale with Krys Marshall doing an excellent job and providing that sense of threat.

-Meh on Edge but I liked we got a Luthor episode, helped flesh out Lena out more and Lillian's return was fun including the Luthor suit

-I see why Alex reacted the way she did in finale but it felt a bit random timing that sudden anger and loss of faith. I liked Alex babysitting Ruby, they had a bit of fun


Lucifer is going for four parts. Part 3 found it's old self, writing seemed sharper, Lucifer and Maize more their old selfs in terms of not being annoying or erratic, good dynamics, one song. One key change is they have had a good long term storyline
Cain seeking death
based on the midseason finale twist, it provides good twists, ideas and characters. Nice finale moment before going into part 4.


Once Upon A Time series 7 is a soft reboot which, as I understand it, hasn't managed to stop the show being ended, seen first half. Soft reboot is a time jump, most of the old cast are gone or make one appearance for backstory flashbacks, a few stay on but the concentration is new a set of characters. Premise I doubt is spoiler but just in case anyone going through the old show
Henry has become an adult (Andrew J. West) and goes off for adventures, meeting Cinderella (Dania Ramirez). However a new curse (ala like first season) has been cast, the two separated and memories whiped with Henry's literally works turned into a book of fairy tales. A child called Lucy (Alison Fernandez) turns up at his door saying she is his child and tries to wake up his memories
For purposes of this review, I should mention that it essentially does season 1's "fairy tale characters cursed to modern day, in this case Hyrporian Heights in Seattle, with no memories"

This is possibly the most patchy season since the first one (Alice in Wonderland version also was patchy then grew in it's one season, this as "sort of a new show" perhaps means they don't do strong first seasons). Some of that is very much temporary issues at the start as it sets itself up, some are more of a problem. What surprised me was that, though in my head I trust the writers that had given me so much joy down the years, the first few episodes were hampered by the doubts I had. Could they justify doing the exact same thing again? Would there be enough differences? Why are certain characters back
Hook, Regina, Gold
? Within a few episodes they had answered them, there was fresh angles on the old tale (they also wisely set up there are multiple versions of every fairy tale, allowing them to come at tales they had already done in a very different way), each returner was justified with back-story explaining why them and they made sense+fitted within the show's theme.

The early episodes also hit by temporary issues like some strong accents by Robert Carlyle and Gabrielle Anwar, the latter playing villianess Belfry with a shaky initial performance. The old guard were on the sidelines a bit initially, it took a little bit of time for some differences to emerge but the show did get better and more consistent. The old guard still had flair and humour, some fun new characters like Alice (Rose Reynolds really fitting in with the eccentric charisma), the villain situation improved with some very good twists and figures who fitted in with the style
proper spoilers
Ivy (Adelaide Kane) initially the arrogant assistant turning to big bad, while Kane can sometimes feel a little forced when playing evil she does a good job, there is style and good dynamics while it provides a very different angle to the curse. Victoria being more to the side and not the big bad helps Victoria's character. The addition of the witch (Emma Booth) again an actress that gave the charisma and eccentric side needed, very good twists which were fun to watch.
, I enjoyed some of the characters, dynamics and twists that unfolded. When the right characters were involved, the modern day stuff was fun though the fairytale segments remains a bit hit and miss right now, some "figures knew each other from past"
example witch and Gold
remains unexplained or even shown. The mid-season finale was a bad one, it tried to rush things particularly in fairytale land, some bad dialogue on what is meant to a big moment
Zelina's return
, one "oh "there is a romance with a character we have never met yet it is meant to be a big thing" jammed in, though it's end twists were well done and look forward to seeing what happens with that.

Some things I do miss from the ye olde days that haven't quite come over yet. The show has always been true to Disney, ye happy endings, good always win, romances, humour. At the moment there has only been one explored romance whereas usually was quite good at judging a fair few but this may be due to new characters so no longer "and charming+snow white long running romance gently simmering along" options but each one has to be carved. The humour is there including nods to modern Disney culture and riffing Disney a little but there used to be a bit more... adult humour then you would get in the films. Characters could lust and flirt with each other rather then safe romance, particularly powerful females like Snow White or the powerful villianesses. This happens once or twice which highlights that it is far less prevalent, not due to females but I think there isn't the strong male characters that they are allowed to butt heads with so much.

An area that really concerns me is I just don't find the main group of heroes intresting. Team evil is fun, team side characters are fun and intresting but still detached from the other two teams, team hero (bar any member of the old guard) is not. Team hero would be fine as side characters, they are solid enough, respectable sorts but they provide a dull main romance and the show is better when the main characters are spiky and witty (flair is nice but Emma for example didn't have flair but she had some good sarcasm). I'm not fond of the child but I wasn't of Henry so that is a straight swap, the male lead does fine when outside main romance but the female lead... scenes don't tend to really work with her and she is very much at the centre of things. Most of the friends are bland and uninteresting with the exception of Tiana (Mekia Cox), the actress is very hit and miss and she doesn't quite fit into the circle but she does have flair and spark so when she hits, she offers more then the rest of team hero.

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Unread postPosted: Sat May 12, 2018 11:21 am
by Dong Zhou
Watched Legends of Tomorrow which, of the sky DC superhero shows, remains the best. It doesn't stick with some of what it had done in half season finale which is a pity but keeps with the main strand, has a good mix of one off episodes (they had a fun timeloop episode) and moving story strand on episodes, it has the sense of humour that is the show's trademark. It's villains are strong, they have that sense of humour to fit (including titles) and their own dynamics, the baddie cast do well, they fit the tone of the show, they are well built up and have "villain episodes" which really do help. There are new characters brought in fairly well, some enjoyable and likeable romance, the long term story leads to a... hit and miss finale. Having come off a strong penultimate episode, it then makes some big early calls (I liked, my sister felt it was an error), felt the set up felt forced and some moments that didn't work, some characters that felt underused. The big fight was very... Legends and some good character moments rescued the second half of the episode.

One advantage the show has is it's willingness to keep it's cast limited, it has a set number of legends, only when some go can another come in which means if their purpose is done then out they go, they have team evil which is always going to be a limited cast (3 seems the general maximum) and a few side characters. This has prevented the bloat or heavy sidelining of characters though it isn't perfect. One has a few star characters like Sarah or "heavily involved with the storyline for season" figures (I'll include the baddies here) where the story, side characters and so tends to focus. Then there are the B cast where they will gets lines and humour here or there, usually an episode that focus on them but rely on those moments and memories of the past for one to be really fond. Then there is Mick, a once great character that still gets some good humour moments but it does feel like the showrunners and writers don't quite know what to do with him, they struggle to find a good pairing and he has become reduced to a comic figure. Usually that comedy is funny but it is still sad.

Those saying goodbye to
-Lots of goodbyes.

Captain Cold: I wish they had him leave at the end of half-season finale with the therapist role and good scenes of Mick, it was bit of a limp way he actually went out. Cold has been a great figure on the arrowverse, first as a Flash baddie with Wentworth Miller's quietly charismatic style, the sense of leadership, his building a faction that provided fun, his sense of honour and intelligence. Episodes with team Snart tended to be fun as they got involved in the Flash team's life, they had fun schemes and personalities. Moving to Legends made sense (though there was still a lot of potential in Flash) in that there was something potentially heroic about Snart, he provided them with leadership alongside Sara, a tactical brain and quickly fell in, strong romance with Sarah, the conflicts with Mick over why were there and battles for control made for a fascinating friendship then the moving sacrifice.

Snart as a Legion of Doom baddie wasn't as big as expected and more worked becuase of Miller's performance but also the impact he had on Mick. His return as Leo the hero was fun, Miller displayed a lot of humour and a lighter side of a man loved and happy in the crossover, some good scenes with Mick and as therapist. I'm sad he is going becuase of what Snart was in Flash and early Legends, becuase of Miller, but has become increasingly a side figure with little room to really bring him back so thank you Miller and time to move on.

-Kuasa: After that great opening scene, she was reduced to cameo's and the odd fight with Amaya but never really cared. She was the 4th wheel in team evil and badly used.

-Rip: My sister felt the death came in too early in episode for full impact, I felt it gave a powerful punch with the family reunited scene and was a worthy end. Where there was more of an issue is he probably should have been destroyed around half season mark as or even earlier as he had been irrelevant bar popping up for one or two character (other characters) moments. He had been such a key figure in the early days, setting up the Legends, his frustrations with them, setting up the rules, setting up the Time agency, connected to time masters. Could be charming, Darvill did a very good job and bounced off figures like Ava, Sarah and others strongly but his tendency to go behind others backs always meant he had a falling out, he had served his purpose once the Time Agency was explained and he had lost his position with another "behind people's backs".

-Damien: Has been one of the Arrowverses best villains, partly due to having so many seasons as a baddie but also Neal McDonough's display. Charming, arrogant, a sense of humour and style but also that deadly edge, the sense of intelligence and power, the ruthless side was all displayed. They also always put people around him, the beloved family in the Arrow, team evil in first Legends, now Nora. He was a good but not great baddie in the Arrow, best when hi family came into it, initially in Legends they reduced his intelligence a tad but some great squabbling with his team-mates and they brought back the cunning, Nora dynamic was great. Legends really suited Damien, he enjoyed the sense of comedy, the stupid things that went on and had a sense of fun about what he was doing. Given time travel and magic, not not be the last time he is on show but they should at least go a full season without him. Will be missed, he was a lot of fun

-Amya: Her initial appeal was the "from earlier time" but after early episodes I don't think that was ever fully exploited though there were the odd good moments where her vision of USA didn't match up to what happened after WW2. Her partnership with Mick really didn't work but her love affair with Nate was charming, the wondering quite how it would end given she had to return to her time. She was also a key role with the totem's a big part of the storyline and once that was done, they were right to move her on, gave a good appropriate ending. Generally the sensible figure in the crew and nice enough, cant say I'm particularly saddened she is gone compared to Rip and Damien for example

season spoilers
-They built Nora well with Courtney Ford doing a very good job, showing her as a sweet but scared and damaged child shaped by her father and the demon, her tolerance of her's humour as an adult. When she was dying, Damien's concern and willingness to give up a totem to save her. Then they had a lot of fun with Ray as their prisoner, he and Nora forming a bond (with potential romance, be amazed if she doesn't turn) to the horror of Damien while really building the father daughter bond (plus getting to see him in his assassin prime). Damien and Nate's torture/therapy scene was hilarious, his pain as he sees Nora being transformed in front of his eyes

-Constantine has been a figure (thanks to Matt Ryan's performances) that the show runners have wanted in the arrowverse since the amazon show never quite worked out. His mystic powers are useful but they also worked on his backstory for those unaware of him, Ryan gives a charismatic performance each time, enjoyable casualness with Sarah (including their night, also nice he flirted with Leo) and humour with Gary. He should shine next season and hope we see him in Gary's D&D group

-Timeloop being around Zari helped give her a bit of a fleshing out, they weren't Stargate naughty with it but her wish for death at overhearing Nate and Amaya was funny, was some fun "trying to get into Mick's thing" and it's "why hide this being based on Groundhog day". Zari may have found two characters to bounce off in Wally (see below) and Hex where there seemed really chemistry in the finale when they met. She is still struggling to really stand out yet

-Wally doing Karaoke and being eased in was good, they explained why he was less angry then when he left Flash but I feel that has lessened him somewhat as has not quite building his own set of friends just yet (bar Nate). He seems eager and nice in this show, capable of moments of awkwardness but I hope they got more out of him next season when he has a full season rather then coming in midway. They also worked on "a flash can break things if not contained somehow" quite well, ensuring his initial "I can do it, I'm a speedster" backfires. There is potential with his eagerness balancing out Zari's cynicism

-I like AvaxSarah, the awkwardness before the two strong women take the plunge with the goodwill of Legends and Gary (who is fun comedy character but how is he employed by the agency?), the date going wrong. Probably should explore Ava's clone past more (or meet the actor parents more)

-Urgh the death totem costume

-Axle's death wasn't particularly meaningful but the tribute video was funny

-Mallus worked better as a voice and impacting Nora's attitude, face then actually as an ending big boss since Damien and Nora were far more intresting figures, plus poor effects

-BEEBO! The two attempted summnings were very legend, that it was Beebo that came to mind very much and it made for a funny boss fight

-I wish more time had been developed on how was the right person for each totem. Some like Nate and Mick's just got thrown in

-Blackbeard (Jonathan Cake) was fun with a bit of camp flair by Cake while it allowed a few of the characters (Rory, Amaya and Ray) to have fun with pirate theme. Elvis (Luke Bilyk) episode was meh bar playing into Amya being before events like this while they ignored the race angle (while the preacher seemed to change his mind to whatever plot wanted). They had fun with young Obama (Lovell Adams-Gray) though had more then an element of hero worshipping, Grood wasted. Finale it was nice seeing Helen of Tory so kickass with Bar Paly giving more life to this role then last time, Blackbeard gave a bit of flair but Freydia (Katia Winter) who had been so awesome in her episode was really really sidelined. Jax got a full goodbye scene but having never met the wife ever, his happy ending had no emotional power