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Re: Favorite Television Shows

Unread postPosted: Fri May 05, 2017 2:07 pm
by Dong Zhou
Watched the entire show of Parks and Rec. Loved it for 2-3 series, noted a downward trend from about season 5 and strong final season. During the early seasons, I enjoyed Leslie, Ron, Ann, Jerry then later on Benn, Donna and Chris. Leslie was a ball of personality tempered by figures around her, I enjoyed it's glimpse that sometimes public servants are an issue but so are the voters, when Leslie would go on a camapign, some great side characters that might not appear for awhile but then turn up and make one laugh (like Tammy), lots of humour, nice romances. Tom annoyed me for awhile while I never found April or Andy to be funny or particularly intresting.

In the latter seasons, it lost sharpness as shows tend to. There were still times it was great, Leslie in camapign mode, the citizens of the city, some fun side characters, Tom got a lot better as he became a real businessman and also benefited from good romances
I'll be honest, when the lady he ends up with turned up again, I had no idea who she was. I was more expecting the nurse
, when they showed the treatment of Jerry reflects bad on the group. However so much didn't quite click like some of the main romances, they struggled to make Ron's shtick worse though he benefited from romance, humour didn't feel as sharp, it got self indulgent with it's characters, lots of "look famous person".

The final season seemed to allow them to focus and the writing felt sharper again, they managed to avoid self-indulgence (for most part) and seemed to be refreshed. Lots of nice goodbyes or nods to old figures in the show, enjoyed some of the romances and sense of lives changing. Endings a bit hit and miss but thought they generally did well.

Re: Favorite Television Shows

Unread postPosted: Fri May 19, 2017 5:24 pm
by Dong Zhou
Watched the second and final season of Powers. Loved the first half, it added figures like Michael Madsen, Wil Wheaton (not his best performances) and Tricia Helfer. It concentrates on the effects of Powers in the city and deals with consequences of first season, I liked additions like journalist Nicole (Teri Wyble), some good romances and action, a bit of humour. It felt like it had done everything that bit better then the first season, it wasn't great but it was an enjoyable show with some good ideas at that point.

Then it moves onto it's phase 2, moving out some of the enjoyable characters, going into boring flashbacks, moving away from the effects of powers into the city into a wider uninteresting conspiracy for a few episodes. It messes up one big twist
if you want the shock return of a dead character, don't keep actor name in opening credits
, it still has things that work and the end phase idea is excellent. Problem is by time they go into end phase, key parts haven't been built up to and so it lacks the oomph it would have hoped for