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Re: Favorite Television Shows

Unread postby Sun Fin » Mon Jul 18, 2016 12:59 pm

Finally finished Agent Carter, we found the diction difficult at times. I enjoyed it but it was no where near as enthralling as Agents of Shield in my opinion.

Next on my list is season 1 and 2 of Gotham.
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Re: Favorite Television Shows

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Thu Jul 21, 2016 3:00 pm

I preferred Agent Carter

Gotham will either be silly, enjoyable fun or make you tear your hair out over the logic, hopefully the former
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Re: Favorite Television Shows

Unread postby Ayame » Sun Jul 24, 2016 4:22 am

I've decided to watch shows on Drama Fever again. Got an e-mail suggesting Ice Fantasy, which starts tomorrow.
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Re: Favorite Television Shows

Unread postby Bush Leagues » Tue Jul 26, 2016 7:41 am

Unlike our friendly super-mod Dong Zhuo, I've never mistaken In Plain Sight for Person of Interest, and I've recently begun watching Person of Interest in earnest. I remember seeing the commercials for it on CBS when it first came out, as well as occasionally after that, but never paid any of them any mind. When I work my night shift on Saturdays, the management is kind enough to leave a TV in the guard shack for us on those long nights. From 1 am to 2 am, there's nothing else worth it on, so I started watching the odd episode and slowly got more and more interested. I finally decided to start watching the show from the beginning on Netflix.

The premise: In the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, billionaire entrepreneur and computer programming genius Harold Finch suddenly feels like all his wealth and influence don't really amount to much after all. He decides to spend his energy building a program for the US Government that can detect terrorist attacks before they happen. By analyzing everything electronically - all video feeds, all transactions, all communications - it can predict when someone is going to engage in violent activity. It then transmits that person's relevant social security number to the appropriate agency, where they can take action.

After some time, Harold noticed that "The Machine", as he calls it, doesn't just detect terrorist acts - it detects all crime that is premeditated. However, the government's interest was terrorism, and so the murder of seemingly random individuals because of a lover's quarrel, or embezzling scheme, or whatever else, wasn't particularly important to them. Initially, Harold ignored these numbers as well, but his conscience gnawed at him, and he decided to do something about it.

Enlisting the help of former soldier/spy John Reese, the two work together to save who they can. There's still a catch though, that the machine will only provide the SSN of the person, but not mention their involvement at all - so they could be the victim of a future crime, but they might also be the perpetrator, and the early part of most episodes involve figuring out which is the case with each number.

That was a long premise, sorry about that. But the show does become far more interesting, from what I've seen, later on in the series. Season one seems to be mostly focused on just Harold and John, and them trying to help people while also dodging the government themselves; they are both considered legally dead, and so are eager to continue their work in secret while dodging the police. Eventually something far more sinister and threatening rears it's terrible head, and the stakes jump about a hundred-fold. While to me the lines between right and wrong are fairly clear, I can see how others might find this opponent to be in that grey area where you're not quite sure how to feel; that makes it rather interesting and creates more tension than something more simplistic would.

I'm still in season one, but I'm quite enjoying it so far. I'm not quite sure what else to say. I think it's worth a glance if you like this kind of action/drama show. It reminds me of Burn Notice, along with some of the feel of cop shows, but without the courtroom stuff. Oh right, one more thing. Shaw (who is only in about half of all aired episodes to date), is so freaking cool. Watching Sarah Shahi play that character makes me want to do the same in a tabletop RPG with some friends. 8-)
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Re: Favorite Television Shows

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Fri Jul 29, 2016 5:13 pm

I'm glad your enjoying it Bush Leagues. Didn't click for me but I know others who have enjoyed it

Watched season two of US House of Cards, lacked something to make it special but was very well done, enjoyed some of the characters liked Jackie, the Underwood's make a strong pairing, some interesting twists and turns, always intresting watching events unfold.

Saw first season of PSN/Marvel drama Powers which finally came out on UK TV (and then promptly walked into a giant spoiler). Premise: The world has those with superhero abilities simply called "Powers" and the police has a Powers division to clean up and make arrests as need be. Their star cop is Christian Walker (Sharlto Copley), a former superhero, who is newly partnered to Pilgrim (Susan Heyward)

It isn't a superhero show as such, more a world with superheroes and it isn't a cop show, don't expect mysteries of the week but again, more a setting for the characters. The word I would use about the show is: solid. Action is solid, most of the characters are solidly done, storyline is fine with some infuriating parts, a solid sense of humour. Christian isn't a likeable sort, I preferred the figures around him like Pilgrim, Callista works due to Olesya Rulin's performance rather then the writing.

Where it goes beyond that is when it looks at the wider world implications. Things like how the original superheroes view the young, using the excellently weary Retro Girl (Michelle Forbes impressive) and young figures like Callista and Zora (Logan Browning), how Powers have become celeb's simply by being Powers and how businesses have reacted, how people feel, the kind of events based around Powers. Anything Retro Girl is on screen, the show is enhanced but it is intresting hearing her talk about issues, Eddie Izzard is surprisingly chilling as the baddie Woolfe so when they do setpeices in Woolfe's prison, it is quite tense.

One annoying thing:
-That female power death was kind of dropped
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Re: Favorite Television Shows

Unread postby Ayame » Mon Aug 01, 2016 2:54 am

Finished watching The White Queen, and I'm now on season 2 of Black Sails.
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Re: Favorite Television Shows

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Mon Aug 01, 2016 11:37 am

When one embarrassing rants in the what do I hatethread about the show, it is time to stop. I have stopped two episodes off the end of The Musketeers. Some stuff it does very well in the final season, the stuff based the court is intresting, I like Constance when she is allowed to have fun, Marquis de Feron (Rupert Everett) and his right-hand man Lucien Grimaud (Matthew McNulty) are intresting baddies, when the show remembers it is meant to be an adventure it can still be fun.

One problem they have is that it forgets to let the villains win every now and again to increase a sense of threat. The other is that everything gets hampered by the need for moral lectures: the 4 Musketeers personalities, romance, adventure, subtlety, entertainment. None of the issues are brave ones (feminism, horrors of war, education, democracy, possibly treat refugees well but this is the BBC) and the way they are done does not fit the Musketeers who are (mostly) fun loving soldiers of an absolute monarch so it leads to moments like the novel Liu Bei where the writer struggles to fit the moral lesson with what is actually going on. Nor do the writers live up to the lectures they give us with their own writing


Watched first half of season 5 of Once Upon A Time. Had all the old traits, the humour, the nice one-liners, enjoyable adventures. Very good use of their half-season characters, some good twists, I didn't think Jennifer Morrison quite pulled off the role she was asked, good finale and very much looking forward to second half.

-I prefer the spunky Meridia of this show then I did the Brave film

-Camelot was an intresting twist with King Arthur being evil, Gwenivere was lacking but Arthur made an intresting character, I liked Merlin

-Red Riding Hood turning up was nice but a bit weird. Ditto Mulan

-The aftermath of Emma messing with Henry's love life was good but far too quickly forgotten

-Of the dark ones, I felt like Morrison was trying a bit too hard, nice twist with Hook and he was fine once he stopped trying to copy Rumple. Rumple's dark one was still the best (I wasn't that fond of him as a hero to be honest), Nimeuh made a good dark one.

-Zelina is awesome
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Re: Favorite Television Shows

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Wed Aug 03, 2016 1:58 pm


Took an episode before the characters bedded in after half-season return but then got going well, the usual humour, some nice romances, good action, some fun one off villains. Yet it felt like too many characters to juggle, the West family got squeezed in the early episodes for example and some characters
Jesse and to an extent Wally
didn't feel fully fleshed out by the end. Some good twists but some of their biggest reveals didn't work
the Big Zoom reveral just made no impact, no shock whereas the man in the iron mask stuff really worked
, explored some of the uses for Flash powers like alt universes really well and had a lot of fun with that

Zoom as a villain is very good when he is on screen, there is intresting backstory and show piece events but the big twist involving him somehow doesn't work and there isn't an overall sense of threat like first half of the season, Flash's first season villain or Deathstroke in the Arrow. The show faltered a bit at the end, there was an element of humour that feel too wacky for the character
and the show went serious but I struggled to sympathize with Flash's troubles overall. The Flash, though it still had good humour, didn't quite manage to balance out the main's characters moping with something else (whereas the Arrow's moping has turned into an enjoyable running joke)

-Patty and Flash relationship falling apart becuase he was hiding something was well done. Was disappointing to lose her, she and Barry had an awkward charm, she was a lovely girl and I liked she worked out who the Flash was. Iris and Barry... They were better a couple when Barry pined but their chemistry is now of friends, it didn't click as a romance

-Opening episodes the West family stuff kind of squeezed. In many ways, outside the Alt 2 stuff, Barry's family was underdone. Joe, the solid Iris, Henry only turning up lateish, Wally is either slightly annoying or not much for me so far, I don't care about his childhood issues as they aren't well done, his attempts to help are overly keen.

-Barry was good but when he goes serious and into himself, he lacks something to balance it out and make me enjoy him or needs support from others.

-They managed to ensure Harrison Welles was very different from last season and his temper took awhile to thaw, his relations took awhile to thaw and that was a good thing. Some good cultural jokes but became a bit too wacky near the end with Cisco jokes. Jesse Chambers-Wells was fun when she was used, had spunk, really good scenes with her father but they struggled to fit her in mostly.

-Earth 2 was fun though Barry and Cisco are complete idiots when it comes to "if you time-travel or go to alternative universe, do not do these things" and I'm glad episode 17 kind of called them on it though some more hammering of their stupidity would have been good. Nice mix of minor and major changes like Iris being in police and Joe a singer, telephone's different, Ronnie being evil. Killer Frost could be erratic though thanks to Danielle Panabaker not quite capturing villain flair, alt earth 2's Deadshot being a bad shot was a fun twist

Barry phoning his mother was very good, as was alt 2 Joe's death,fun hearing Atlantis constantly. Seeing Black Canary turn into Black Siren was great, Flash had allowed Katie Cassidy to play the lighter side of Laurel Lance before and now she got to play evil. I hope she returns.

-Return of Reverse Flash made a good villain, Tar Pit less so but the effects for him were really good, King Shark was fun (and allowed some arrow crossover), Trajectory was good with the tragedy and the horrible end, Griffin Grey was sympathetic

-The Wells pressured to betray Flash was a good storyline as was Barry's struggle and anger at not being fast enough. Less good when he lost powers

-Was there a point with Iris editor?

-Would like to see more Catlin and Cisco as friends, was a good moment when she confronted him about his coldness since returning from earth 2 or er struggles after returning from Zoom

-The club scene in episode 16 was fun

-Is Pied Piper going to return or was his time-travelled change a one off moment?

-I liked Hunter Zolomon's backstory but the big reveal somehow lacked wow factor.

-Jesse and Wells relationship was repaired too quick

-The Speed Force talk to Barry was very good and his talk with "Nora" had punch but his arrogant/peppy attitude afterwards was annoying

-Henry Allen's death lacked punch, felt like he had been brought back for it but he hadn't quite clicked this season. Nice Easter egg with Dr. McGee

-The man in the iron mask mystery and the reveal was great

-Will be intresting to see what Barry saving his mother and retconning everything will mean for season 3



Flat returning episode but it quickly picked up, really helping by no longer obsessed with setting up a new show but allowing it to become team Arrow vs Darkh. Good action, some great twists and story moments, nice nods, good guest villains or appearances, good humour but it peaked too soon, the last two or so episodes were hampered by one storyline
and a reliance on some less memorable characters, lacked big oomph whereas some great moments just before the final episodes. Darkh was a good but not great villain, a charismatic performance by Neal McDonough and with some flair, but lacked an overall sense of threat.

It does feel that while Arrow is still a good fun show who is confident in itself to mock Oliver's tendency to blame himself, it needs some freshening up. Flashbacks was a major weakness and might have been better combining it into one episode or could be dropped all together. It also feels like some of the support characters have got stuck in a circle of storylines and might be best giving to Legends of Tomorrow to break them out of it.

-The big death, they blatantly flagged Felicity to the point it was a blatant redherring so we guessed Donna. In the episode, they flagged it was Laurel by the usual stuff shows do but it was still effective. The Andy storyline and the fraying it led to the arrow camp had been carefully played it and so when Andy did betray, it had impact. There was good action in the build up then when she was injured, giving that sense of hope as Laurel and Oliver talked, with the doctors sure she would recover then snatching it from us. The reaction like Diggle's rage, Quentin's refusal to believe was very good, Oliver's big reveal to the world to protect her legacy

Though Andy's death was well done, Andy had only one season so was more about impact on Diggle and was meh about that after the initial shock.

-Good reaction from Felicity as she struggled to adapt to her broken body, was nice references to Oracle. The breaking apart of her relationship was well done, she had good reason and there was good moments of struggle as she and Oliver struggled to adapt to this. Oliver's goodbye to his son was moving.

-Was nice to see Roy Harper back for an episode, ditto Shado but likes of Anarchy were barely memorable the first time and wasn't that interested when they became big players this time round

-Was hardly a surprise Calculator was Felicity's dad but enjoyed the two of them together, he has a bit of fun and style about him. It also allowed the likeable Donna to be given more depth. The nuclear strike hitting a city becuase Felicity had to calculate fewest lives lost possible, that had impact but didn't feel they built on the aftermath for characters involved. Felicity was amazingly chipper for someone involved in so many deaths

-I really hope season 5 has the League's disbandment coming back to bite Nyssa, Arrow and others

-I enjoyed Oliver for mayor stuff and look forward to seeing him in office, allowed some nice barbs with Ruve and there were some good speeches so was a little disappointing we saw nothing of the debates. The finale speech was flat though

-The Vixen crossover was great, just enough to set up for those who didn't know the show and Megalyn E.K had fun, there was good one-liners and jokes

-Brie Larvin and her struggles with her health was good when it did happen but character lacked depth till then, enjoyed her in Flash and enjoyed her here, hoping she will be in one of the show's next season.

-Need to see more of Curtis and his husband's relationship. I enjoyed Curtis failed guess at who the Arrow was bt they do need to bring Curtis in more during computer episodes.

-Darkh's shock at losing magic then showing his use of cunning and manipulation to claw his back was very good

-Invasion of Argus was good, decent Waller death, always nice to see Cupid, Quentin destroying his own career was a good moment as was Malcom revealing to Donnie Darkh about Ollie's son,

-I assume the imposter Black Canary will return? Esrin Fortuna was fun in her short cameo, hope she returns

-Was nice seeing Brick again but who the hell is Lonnie?

-I can see Quentin and Donna gone for most of next season, Thea could go without huge loss, Diggle I can't see being gone long


For the 4th CW DC show, they went with sci-fi time travelling adventure Legends of Tomorrow. Premise: Vandal Savage conquers Earth in the future and kills the family of Time Master Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill aka of the Dcotor Who fame). Against the orders of the Time Master, he steals his female ship (voiced by Amy Pemberton) and travels back in time to stop Savage. He recruits Hawkgirl and Hawman, from Flash he takes Firestorm, Captain Cold and Heat Wave, from Arrow he takes the Atom and Sara Lance who is now the White Canary to help him.

If doing a 4th superhero show, was a wise move to change things up. Could do stuff in future, in past, in space and made it more of a team show then one figure in present with team around them. It also allows the writers to take members whose story is, for now, done in Flash and Arrow but could be useful later or characters that could do with fleshing out. The team things could be a problem at first during action scenes as it was too obsessed with getting all characters involved so lost some omph but overall, the show was very good at rotating who was with whom during adventures so while there were natural partnerships it avoided ending up "the Flash bad guys team A, Hawk couple team B" too often , it did flesh out the likes of Heat Wave well (went from really really minor figure in Flash to one of the best figures in the show), the only figure that felt squeezed was Jax. Hopefully he will get more time in season 3.

The show only knows what it wants to be: a light hearted romp. Humour about things like the cast's past shows, some nice insults, it enjoys that the group are not a united bunch of professional time-travellers but liable to infighting and doing stupid things around time-travel. When it remembers that, it is a fun show with some good one off villains, a really enjoyable sense of humour, really intresting characters, a nice overall storyline, I enjoyed that they didn't ignore the family members of the team that were left-behind. It also managed to quietly make some serious points beneath it, particularly the 50's based episode. Built well towards a good ending and also had the wisdom to assume not everyone (example my sister) had followed the DC shows so ensured they could follow events.

Yet sometimes episodes ran out of steam and it could forget to be light, it's romance partly worked becuase of the chemistry of the cast involved but kept going around in circles in terms of storyline, Vandal Savage was a disappointing villain. He lacked an overall threat and while actor Casper Crump does some good 1v1 scenes, he lacks charisma for big speeches or to be a big bad threat.

-Poor Jax, recruited by drug

-Opening with death of Hunter's family worked well

-I have enjoyed how concerned Stein is about his wife throughout and keeping his marriage, would like to see more of her

-Carter's death was well done and helped the franchise.

-Captain Cold failure to turn around his father was good

-Loved the Soviet double episodes with Valentina Vostok vs Stein making a enjoyable villain and a horrid end. The future Star City with all the possible stuff that made up to it, the weary Oliver, Heat Wave wanting to stay. Marooned had a good captain

-Clear chemistry between Rip and Sara. Also between Sara and Leonard

-The deteriorating bond between Snark and Mick was a highlight, was easy to guess Snark didn't kill his old friend though. Some good reactions in the immediate aftermath when group thought Mick was murdered but then they all forget about it. Mick's return as Chronos was a lot of fun and both being willing to sacrifice themselves felt earnt, wasn't a great death scene but was very disappointed that Snart had gone. Mick meeting Snart in final episode was very good

-The 50's episode may have been patchy quality but the way they handled the lustre of the era ignores treatment of females, homosexuals and blacks, handled it subtlety

-Nice touch mentioning Talia

-The Magnificent Eight episode was fun, don't see the Jonah Hex fuss but he benefited Rip

-Pilgrim allowed for some great moments like how Mick first got drawn to the fire, Jax meeting his father

-Cassandra Savage's conversion was a bit too quick, needed a double episode perhaps but her interactions with Captain Cold was great

-Ray Palmer needs to be a bit smarter, feels like he is far behind Stein when he shouldn't be

-Great teases for season 2


Supergirl decided to undo most of what they did in mid-season finale which was annoying as heck
-Seriously, Cat had earnt the knowledge of who Supergirl is and they take it way from her?
. It did recover from that and mostly did what had worked for Supergirl in first half, a likeable Supergirl, some good episodic villains, some good themes, Cat Grant felt like she was in it less but her moments were usually great, good family/friends dynamics. The crossover was great, the characters had a nice camaraderie in that, Cat Grant's acid tongue was excellently used. Probably had the best finale of the four shows, made the moments count. Was probably the best of the four shows but it still had the issues of failing to make a strong overall villain and the romances are a little "seen that storylines before, lacks chemistry". Had strongest finale with Supergirl really hitting the right notes

-Good Toyman and it did help develop Winn

-Felt David Harewood was erratic in the serious moments which meant things like the White Martian could flag. They had fun with his characters abilities to shape shift as Kara

-I liked their Bizarro and the way they built into Lord creating her though it limits chances of future Bizaroo's for the other shows

-Astra's death was good and they played well in the aftermath as it affected the team dynamics, the lovely funeral and things like that

-Master Jailer was used well for where does the line cross with Cat's confession about her past mistake quite moving

-Siobhan Smythe and her battle with Kara for Cat's approval was fun, was nice to see her being built up. Romance was nice enough but the costume as villain was awful.

-Indiago was fun and great that was played by a main member of Smallville

-Nobody came out well of the James/Kara/Lucy love triangle and well done Lucy for having the sense of pride to end it

-The red kryptionite revealing some of Supergirl's repressed issues and then losing the trust, struggling to regain it. The moment she got it back was good but possibly too early.

-I assume we will see more of Maxima in season 2

-Great joke about Cat Grant not wanting to date Harrison Ford

-Thought they hit the right note with the hope speeches in finale and great twist at the end
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Re: Favorite Television Shows

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Fri Aug 19, 2016 1:45 pm

Watched second season of Jane the Virgin. Still warm (though perhaps a tad mean to Petra), embraces the silliness of telenova's without feeling like mocking, it is better at themed episodes this time with fewer clunks, good humour, nice romances, a bit of flamboyance and flair. The narrator and his recaps are not so effective this time, feels like they realized how successful that was and tried too hard.

I really enjoyed the fun and romances of both seasons but in trying to fix the first season's unbalanced roster (which bar two characters vanishing half way through), they have created other problems. This time all the characters worlds seem centred around Jane, there are flashes away from it, but characters feel less well rounded when most of the time, their appearances are very much in support of Jane. It also forgets that part of what really worked for season 1 was the baddie becuase they were built up and part of the furniture, this time the baddies appear for 1 or two lines in appropriate scenes then come back as needed for the next 1 or 2 lines. It is hard to pull off a shock twist about a character you have seen for five minutes...
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Re: Favorite Television Shows

Unread postby Iain » Tue Aug 23, 2016 2:41 pm

I've been quite enjoying the various CW shows and can't wait to see the multi crossovers between Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and Legends this fall. Being a comic book fan decades ago has helped me appreciate the on screen adventures more too.
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