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Re: Favorite Television Shows

Unread postby Sun Fin » Fri Jul 14, 2017 7:17 am

Dong Zhou wrote:First thoughts were "Sun Fin has clearly begun imagining things" and when I looked... yeah I can actually see that.

:lol: That's a relief.
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Re: Favorite Television Shows

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sun Jul 16, 2017 12:53 pm

Watched first season of werewolf drama Bitten based on Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld. Premise: Elena Michaels (Laura Vandervoort) is a photographer in Toronto, happily in love with Philip (Paul Greene) but hiding one minor detail, she is a werewolf. The only female werewolf. Events in her werewolf family soon reluctantly drug her back to family home of Stonehaven...

It has a dreadful start, characters struggle to click, dialogue is clunky, some of the performances are off but there are some thoughtful touches about how to do a werewolf story like when seeing through one's views. However once Elena gets home it starts to show promise and it begins to click so we gave it another shot and found a decent show. Some nice romances like Elena and Philip, we enjoyed her werewolf family particularly the pack leader Jeremy (Greg Bryk), the Toronto figures are warm and likeable, they had a likeable lead cop (Fiona Highet), some good twists. Their villains are fun and the threat is carefully built up but there is something lacking overall with them and one of the main romances
Elena and Clay (Greyston Holt)
really doesn't work and we were actively against it.


Watched season 3 of Fear the Walking Dead with the show (due to bad start to season 2 and Walking Dead's own issues) perhaps needing to really fire. It opened with a strong opener with a strong baddie, twists, tension, action but doing one big episode is not enough. What unfolded over the next few episodes was strong, they found an intresting scenario that suited the cast, particularly Madison (Kim Dickens) who has tended to be one of the stronger characters in the show really shone and others grew into it. The new characters were strong as well particurly one of them
Troy (Daniel Sharman) and his Madison issues particularly but his entire family were welcome additions
, show felt focused. It's finale double episodes didn't quite work for us as it became a bit unfocused, though probably worth what they added
Strand and astronaut scene
but their big bad struggled and lots of "we need to get from A to B in plot so make it happen" character stupidity. Also had one key scene ruined by the worst use of music I have ever heard
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