Watched any good movies recently?

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Re: Watched any good movies recently?

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Tue Jun 12, 2018 4:49 pm

I tried Eagle Vs Shark, didn't click for me at all but my sister enjoyed it. We tried the musical Hello Dolly which has an inventive opening and seems solid but one could hear the jokes rather then laugh, the humour just wasn't quite landing. Taxi Driver, wasn't a fan of the main character and never warmed to the film other then when Betsy (Cybill Shepherd) and Tom (Albert Brooks) were joking around.

Watched anti-bullying film A Girl Like You. Premise: The success of South Brookdale High School, a public school becoming one of the best schools in USA, is getting a documentary. However when Jessica (Lexi Ainsworth) attempts suicide, amidst rumours she is being bullied by popular Avery Keller (Hunter King), things change.

Filmed in a documentary style either through POV cam's or from the camera crew (Amy S. Weber playing the director as well as directing) making documentary. Once or twice I was not entirely sure how a camera was meant to have captured that moment and the documentary team seems horrible irresponsible at times. Is a bit of a hit and miss film, Jessica and her friend Brain (Jimmy Bennett) have some very good moments, and Hunter King is impressive as Avery and the film does a lot of work to give a balanced portrayal of her character. Weber shows there are wider issues and that people don't always react well in crises. However when the film moves off the duo (they are not as strong singly) or Avery then it can fall flat, some clumsy dialogue and clumsy blatant message/heart pull moments that makes the eyeroll, I feel it should have done more on how bullying has evolved from the parents day.

Both: 6.5


Watched Luc Besson's adaptation of French sci-fiValerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. Premise: Humanity has gone into space and formed a vast city that houses creatures from all across the universe. Major Valerian (Dane DeHaan) and Sergeant Laureline (Cara Delevingne) are upholding the law but about to have a major adventure....

The work of Pierre Christin is not one I am familiar with but when this came out, there was a lot of talk of the influence it had on others. The universe and races created over decades of writing gets an intriguing glimpse here, the world building is one of the few intresting parts of the movie, seeing the different races and a sense of the universe makes me want a sequel more then the actual film did. There are things one recognises from movies and books that followed while the "one can recognize what kind of beings they are from way they look" trope is an issue here.

A hit and miss movie. I enjoyed the opening, seeing humanity's advancement into space and the scene following is a brave move that goes on a little too long (pacing is an issue in this film). Big budget that worked in terms of the visual effects, Sam Spruell did a good job as General Okto Bar, there are some humorous and inventive side adventures
the other dimensional market and the treasure
where the film comes alive for a brief time, there is also a cute creature.

The miss? The adventure one can guess the way it is heading, doesn't feel well constructed, action scenes involving the main story lack tension or impact. Dialogue can be filled with exposition and/or preachy, the characterisation of the two leads feels all over the place (at one point one of the leads describes the duo's motivation based on characteristics we didn't see during the entire 2 hours). The end phase feels like it takes all the worst bits of the movie and none of the good bits so alas it does not end with a high.

Besson does not get the best out of the cast, the only figure to really add to his character was Spruell. The rest are either passable enough or have flare but erratic, the latter includes Delevingne who sometimes brings humour and fun to a scene but sometimes doesn't quite land. This is still miles better then the awful performance of Dane DeHaan. For a role that is meant to provide comedy with witty lines, romantic chemistry and charisma, we get none of that from DeHaan. His jokes fall flat as do most of his lines, there is no easy charm or chemistry bar possibly with one figure (Rhianna's character), lacks a sense of authority or... anything. So flat. A real problem given the film relies on the two leads to provide charm and humour.

Me: 6.0, Sis: 6.5
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Re: Watched any good movies recently?

Unread postby Kong Wen » Thu Jun 14, 2018 12:11 pm

I watched Coherence! I appreciate that it wasn't an attempt to copy mind-boggling plot-setpiece style stories. They actually lay out what's happening quite close to the beginning, and then just let you experience it from a character's point of view.

It feels claustrophobic at first, but you get used to it, and I cut them some slack when I realized it was literally filmed in the guy's own house on one camera.
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