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Child Neglect

Unread postPosted: Mon Jun 17, 2002 6:34 am
by Jonathan
I learned a lot more than I cared to know about the legislature and D.F.S. (Division of Children and Family services) on Saturday 0-1-02. When I received a reality check that burned my conscience a week later and still does today, I was driving down 3200 west on my way to pick up some friends for a movie. Stopped at the red light on 47th south I noticed across the street two unattended children clothed in little more than underwear playing at the intersection pushing the cross walk button, (later I found out these children were four and three years old).
I pulled the car into the emergency lane across the street from the kids when the light changed back to green, my fiancé (Dusty) and I than ran across the street to keep them from walking into traffic. They were not at all afraid of us but the young boy was pointing off down the street saying, “Daddy went that way”. The girl wasn’t talking at all, after speaking with them for a bit we managed to find out where they lived, with some renewed hope I thoughts I could blow this off and just give the parents a lecture on leaving their kids unattended.
We walked to the kid’s house following their directions, everything at the house at first glance seemed normal, so we just knocked at the front door to talk with the parents. After a bit of banging and ringing it was obvious that nobody was home, Dusty and I noticed the garage was open so we thought we might have better luck through there. The sight of the garage lead me to think someone broke into the house. It was trashed; diapers, broken glass, and garbage littered the floor and both doors leading to the backyard and into the house were wide open.
My thoughts were lead away when I heard a baby inside crying, with our hands full we decided to go the neighbors for extra help. I learned from the neighbor that there are six kids total living next door, Dusty and I left the two we had found with the neighbor and returned to the house. When we arrived back through the garage to the door leading inside the house we found a sight worse than that of the garage. Food, dishes (some broken), trash, and papers lying all around the floor. Than we heard the crying baby again, and found where she was left.
Behind a sealed door leading the basement was the crying baby, completely nude and covered well enough with dirt that it was visible to the naked eye. Her eyes were blood shot with tears; she threw her arms into the air for Dusty to pick her up as soon as she saw us (she was only three years old). As soon as Dusty picked up the girl she clung to her body completely terrified (the girl continued to hold onto Dusty with a death grip for the next two hours) Dusty took the nude girl to the neighbors and asked them to call the police while I went down the basement to find the other three missing kids and a possible child molester.
The basement was dark only a few light bulbs had been changed if they had been changed at all, I walked through the basement in a hurry to find the kids, and broke down some locked doors one leading the bathroom, the other door lead to the computer room (the computer was still on and the screen saver displayed a picture of a happily married couple). I found nothing more but dirt and trash in the basement so I went back upstairs and looked around to find the last of the missing kids. The television was left on and the door to the backyard was left open, I figure I should finish checking the house before I looked outside.
I found the next baby in one of the far back bedrooms, a little boy who managed to crawl half way out of his crib, tall enough to break his neck if he succeeded, (he wasn’t any older than one year, he hadn’t even learned to walk yet). The neighbors found out shortly after that his diaper hadn’t been changed; they took it upon themselves to take care of that. Dusty took the little boy next door and I finished checking the house and backyard only to find that the last two kids were still missing, I’m sure you can guess what the backyard looked like.
We spent the next three hours at the neighbors filling out witness reports for the police when they arrived, (the father of the kids arrived a few minutes after the police and said he went to the store and “lost track of time” we also found out the last two missing kids were at their real fathers). We took care of the kids with the neighbors feeding them cheerios and milk from the neighbor’s fridge. If it weren’t for the neighbor who happened to work for D.F.S., D.F.S would never have shown. It wasn’t until 10:30 p.m. that Dusty and I found out what will happen with the kids. D.F.S decided that the kids would be best off if they stayed with the family that neglected them. :evil:

Unread postPosted: Mon Jun 17, 2002 6:46 am
by Zhou Gongjin
That is incredible. I don't understand why people like that have kids, I honestly don't. If they want to have sex, there are condoms available everywhere. This is a serious problem everywhere, not just in the US and America.
And if you think this was bad, it is just the begining of a dreadful problem that is not easily solved.

Unread postPosted: Mon Jun 17, 2002 6:51 am
by Dennis
:cry: Ugh, that's tragic. I still find it amazing that people are able to bring children into this world which they weren't ever consulted on and then have them left for dead... and now they're back home with those same careless beasts... disgusting.

i still drive by the house to check

Unread postPosted: Mon Jun 17, 2002 6:57 am
by Jonathan
whenever i drive by that house to pick up my friend i check the garage and the yard to see if there have been any changes, but i have yet to see much. the garage has remained shut and the father's truck has been in the drive way, it just hit me on the reality of the situation with many kids all over the world. the thing that bugs me the most is that the people that want to do something about it cant do anything, with any luck the neighbor will see another problem and report it, so maybe something will be done.

Unread postPosted: Mon Jun 17, 2002 7:05 am
by James
Much of the problem lies in our own government. We do not offer Child Protective Services enough money to fund many ventures like this, and what is the result? What you read above.

Over government spends way too much money on the wrong things. Most elected officials are not in power to serve the people; they are in power to serve themselves. It is their job and they get paid (quite well, I might add) to do what they do.

Getting publicity to events like this is the best we can do to. If we just sit back and allow things like this to go on all around us nothing will change; in fact, things will get worse. :(

Unread postPosted: Mon Jun 17, 2002 7:07 am
by Zhou Gongjin
Those kids should be taken away while they are still alive, put in a good foster home or care centre, and let these kids have a chance. *mad*

Unread postPosted: Mon Jun 17, 2002 7:29 am
by James
Zhou Gongjin wrote:Those kids should be taken away while they are still alive, put in a good foster home or care centre, and let these kids have a chance. *mad*

The only problem is that a foster home probably won't be much better for them. Still, they need to at least have that chance.

Unread postPosted: Tue Jun 25, 2002 10:02 am
by Jonathan
I dont want to see this topic get dropped off and ignored, so im posting some statistics for everyone to read how bad Child Abuse has become.

1-Child Fatalities-More than three children die each day as a result of child abuse or neglect.
2-Child Sexual Abuse-an average of 8.9 children out of every 10,000 are sexually abused at home. (not including any day care or street statistics)
3-Substance Abuse-It is estimated that 9 to 10 million children under the age of 18 are directly affected by substance-abusing parents.

Hopefully all this will help people realize how bad Child Abuse has become.

Unread postPosted: Tue Jun 25, 2002 10:31 am
by Iznoach, Legendary Dragon
Jonathan wrote:3-Substance Abuse-It is estimated that 9 to 10 million children under the age of 18 are directly affected by substance-abusing parents.

Hopefully all this will help people realize how bad Child Abuse has become.

I can directly relate to this...when I was 8 years old, my parents got seperated, and the friendly neighborhood crack dealer moved in with my mother. After about a month, our once normal apartment had turned into a flop house, where nothing was ever cleaned, my siblings and I (5 all together) did good to get one good meal a day, and there were crack heads everywhere. We lived like this for about a year, before the housing authority evicted us for having a notorious crack dealer living with us.

Anyway, anytime I see stuff like that going on now, I have no simpathy for the parents at all, and am even tempted to teach the father a lesson some times :rangry:

As for what that type of environment can do to a kid, well I see maybe two things: the child can either learn from the mistakes of his parents and try to make a better life for him/herself (which is what I've done), or they can end up just like them. The sad thing is, most of the kids probably will turn out like their parents, if nothing is done.

Unread postPosted: Tue Jun 25, 2002 1:12 pm
by Maria
The parents are the one to blame if they neglected the kids. They say "A parent never looks bigger than in his own child's eyes." This lead to stupid copying of attitude like becoming a drug junkies, or molester.

Back then in Indonesia, there used to be a ring of adults, who traded their kids for food. The kids goes into some kind of organization and then they were told to steal, play music near traffics, beg for money, pick-pocketing, etc.

The real problem with this is, we simply couldn't do anything much on helping these kids. The parents all have cunning ways to keep the kids working, but keeping them away from social helpers. This lead to undiscovered abuse, molests, and slaving.

For one reason or another, I will never ever doubt to help these kids, but we ourselves have to think about what can we do, before we actually do it.