Gay and Lesbian Marriage

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Re: Gay and Lesbian Marriage

Unread postby Shikanosuke » Tue Jun 30, 2015 6:51 pm

James wrote:I wonder how many level-headed Republicans were really all that worked up prior to this ruling? Heck, I would argue that supporting gay marriage *should* be part of a platform based on reducing government involvement in our lives—it just doesn't jive with the fact that supporting Christian ideals has become a part of the Republican platform and essential to an important political demographic. Most of the level-headed Republicans I've known tossed out half-hearted answers something along the lines of, "I'm opposed, but it's going to happen anyway."

I agree. And to be fair the latter answer is probably the best to give. It is one thing to possess both Christian ideology and Republican ideology and another to push forward both as if in complete harmony.

On the other hand, the people I know who get *really* worked up about the talking points on FOX and Talk Radio hardly missed stride. They went on to explain how SCOTUS doesn't actually have authority to make this ruling, complained about the United States forgetting it's roots as a Christian nation founded on Christian ideals, railed against the liberal judicial system, and generally failed to note that the matter of gay marriage is now essentially settled (insofar as government is concerned). Some tossed Confederate battle flags into their profile pictures and shared upbeat articles celebrating that the gay marriage ruling legalized concealed carry across the country (it was fun backtracking how that interpretation came about).

Agreed. The talking heads and instigators will do what they'll do regardless. Americans grow up with legalistic terms shoved down their throat, but don't distinguish between legal arguments and others.

If there's anyone who should support gay marriage, it should be someone who claims a libertarian foundation. But Ted Cruz? Not surprised in the slightest here... I'm more interested to see if the issue fades out of his conversations as pollsters point out that he's essentially guaranteeing himself no nomination. But maybe a nomination isn't actually his goal? I wonder if some of these people are more interested in increasing their profile within the demographic they play to—or if they really believe they have sufficient national support to carry these views to the White House.

I have a hard time believing that Cruz, and many of these politicians, actually believe they have any chance to succeed at a presidential bid. I agree with your assessment of using it to pander to their demographic, but what I don't understand is that that demographic is (in the long-run) a demographic whose power will continue to fade.

Oh and fun fact I casually read. Since Cruz can't repudiate a SCOTUS decision, his plan is to propose an amendment to put Justices of SCOTUS up for re-election. Because, you know, if you can't get the country's highest court to agree with your argument, hell, just replace them! American judicial integrity be damned! Love it.
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