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Unread postPosted: Mon Mar 13, 2017 4:59 am
by Zyzyfer
No problem.

I got my first "worried about you over there" email yesterday so I guess it's started making the rounds on international news. It was my stepdad and he was comparing it to experiences he had in Vietnam when something similar happened during the war, haha.

It probably sounds really dramatic, but if you're not hanging out in one of the protest areas you'd never notice anything was afoot. My wife was complaining at the news last night because it was about Park dragging her feet on moving haha

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Unread postPosted: Sat Mar 25, 2017 2:40 pm
by Dong Zhou
Ukraine has banned Russia's singer Yuliya Samoylova from entering the country, will perform by satellite feed

Ukraine should be stripped of the contest and barred from entry for a certain period. This is acting against everything Eurovision is about, is trying to manipulate the result, blatantly political and will ruin what should be a special week for Yuliya Samoylova. Eurovision's response is pathetically weak

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Unread postPosted: Fri Apr 14, 2017 9:05 am
by Dong Zhou
and Russia has had to pull out since none of the pathetically weak compromises offered by Eurovision authorities are going to help. Ukraine and hatred have one, the spirit of Eurovision has lost and the craven authorities are doing nothing about it bar little words

If we ever win Eurovision, just bar anyone with a strong entry to increase our chances of winning. The authorities will clearly let us fix the tournament in our favour judging by this

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Unread postPosted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 2:57 pm
by PeanutButterToast
Not Europe related, but here in the states I thought I'd share a good news article, sicne at times thigns seem so grim.

An Indiana woman had a $30k wedding called off, but rather than letting it all go to waste she threw a dinner party for the homeless instead. Link

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Unread postPosted: Sun May 13, 2018 4:02 pm
by Dong Zhou
Eurovision 2018:

Portugal's big night after their first ever victory thanks to the lovely song Amar pelos dois, held in Altice Arena in Lisbon. Theme was all abroad with two sea shells making a nice logo, an appropriate theme for Eurovision and Portugal's maritime history, flag bearers and co wear sailor costumes. Postcard theme was nice enough, decent opening ceremony, didn't warm to the interval acts. 4 presenters was generally considered too much but green-room host Filomena Cautela did a superb job making the jokes and prepared stuff sound natural and provide humour.

Crowd certainly seemed lively, stage work and settings were well done with Portugal banning LED screens, clear sound, was a good mix and quality of songs this year that meant nobody was quite sure going into it who was favourite, plenty of couples among the acts, a lot of big nations already eliminated by semi final stage. Sadly some loser ruined Portugal's party but will leave questions as to why UK has allowed this sod to invade a third time and Portuguese security has to how someone got onto stage as he did, China not able to watch as they tried to blur out Albania tatoo's (this seems a rule that was asking for trouble with international events) and Ireland's gay backing dancers saw Eurovision just decide China can't join the party.

results+my thoughts
1) Israel's Netta Barzilai with song "Toy" getting 529 points

I wasn't a fan of the song. I did however really like Barzilai, a strong singner, gave a great, charismatic performance and something a bit eccentric, I wouldn't have made her winner but I'm pleased for her.

2) Cyprus Eleni Foureira "Fuego" (Fire in English) 436

I didn't get this one at all, it was forgettable with no real energy

3) Austria's Cesar Sampson "Nobody But You" 342

Fitness trainer and social worker who did back up work for Bulgaria twice. Song had a good beat, good energy provided by him and would have put it in top half, not top 3.

4) Germany Michael Schulte ‘You Let Me Walk Alone’ 340

A song with great lyrics, good use of photo's and was moving, clearly a personal song to Schulte (about his father) but I didn't think he sung it well and hampered the song.

5) Italy's Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro "Non mi avete fatto niente" (you haven't done anything to me) 436

Solid singing, an issue song but nothing more then forgettable midtable

6) Czech Mikolas Josef "Lie to Me" 281

Great beat, lighting, excellent dancing and charismatic performance but was audibility of words issue that means I would have nudged it a little lower

7) Sweden Benjamin Ingrosso ‘Dance You Off’ 274

Beiber comparisons which one can see. There is good visual work and he is a decent singer but there was something creepy about the costume and lacked a bit of energy

8) Estonia's Elina Nechayevai ‘La Forza’ (the strength/force according to wiki) 245

First of Chuvash descent, Estonian government refused to pay the 65k for the dress but sponsors did, created a lovely display and she has an excellent voice. Really enjoyed it, would have been my top three

9) Norway's Rasmussen "Higher Ground" 226

Singer also a teacher. I like the peace+viking theme, I like it being something different but didn't stand out as a song when performed. Better when I listened to it on amazon music

10) Moldova's DoReDos ‘My Lucky Day’ 209

One of those that was great on the day but won't be remembered as a song. Really great work with the chegrophy of all six to make an amusing and fun occasion

11) Albania's Eugent Bushpepa ‘Mall’ 184

Good singer, went along nicely

12) Lithuania's Ieva Zasimauskaitė ‘When We’re Old’ 181

Lyrically it was a nice ballad and Zasimauskaitė gave a sweet performance with a lovely moment at the end but I felt her singing was off so put it near bottom.

13) France: Madame Monsieur "Mercy" 173

About refugee's, decent singers (vocalist Émilie Satt and producer Jean-Karl Lucas) but unremarkable song

14) Bulgaria Equinox "Bones" 166

Five Bulgarian stars merged together into a group, not always happily according to rumour, most notable for it's blinding strobe lights

15) Norway's Alexander Rybak ‘That’s How You Write a Song’ 144

The returning Rybak reminded us what he could do, excellent performance, charismatic, violin playing, using lighting/hologram images well, gave energy and beat, sung it well. Far better then the actual song lyrics deserved but Rybak deserved better then 15th

16) Ireland's Ryan O'Shaughnessy with "Together" 136

Nice lyrics but didn't feel he sung it well and I wasn't a fan of the backup dancers.

17) Ukraine's Mélovin ‘Under the Ladder’ 130

X-Factor winner, his undertaker look works well for him, did feel the casket hampered the initial singing, casket turning into piano then fire was a cool way for opening song but song was merely fine.

18) Netherlands had Waylon "Outlaw in Em" 121

Netherlands do like their country song, Waylon had been part of the Common Linnet's classic Calm After the Storm. The versus were good but he didn't land the chorus while the dancing was weird.

19) Serbia's Sanja Ilić and Balkanika ‘Nova Deca’ (New Generation) 113

Sanja Ilić represented Yuogislavia but felt he was the weak point, song dipped whenever he appeared, Balkanika group (particularly their lead) carried it to a decent level.

20) Australia's Jessica Mauboy "We Got Love" 99

Badly hampered by her costume and not much setting, I didn't think the song or performance landed at all (I preferred her jokey video for why Australia are in Eurovision, was humorous and had personality, the recorded version of song is quite good) but my sister enjoyed it

21) Hungary's AWS "Viszlát nyár" (See you summer) 93

I'm not a metal/rock man but thought it was nicely done, lots of fire and energy, good singing. Would have been higher for me.

22) Slovenia's Lea Sirk ‘Hvala, ne!’ (Thanks, no) 64

Sirk (who done backup for their 2014 entry) had personality and good choreography, liked the music stop moment, for me the energy didn't transfer over but my sister like it.

23) Spain's Amaia Romero and Alfred García ‘Tu canciónn’ (Your Song) 61

Won talent show, a recent couple and that besotted element helped. One of those songs that divided people, I found it sweet and enjoyed their love struck looks, my sister found it too much. Would be top half for me

24)UK's SuRie "Storm" 48

Harsh, very harsh. Started badly which may have cost her votes, song a bit repetitive but she grew into it and was doing well. When she was interrupted by the loser, she rallied brilliantly and really let rip with a fantastic ending performance, got a huge roar from the crowd. Did feel she was right not to take up offer to repeat song but given the results, maybe she should have done.

25) Finland's Saara Alto ‘Monsters’ 46

X-factor runner up and voice actress, there is a good concept with the song but rest was poor.

26) Portugal's Cláudia Pascoal "O Jardim" (The Garden) 39

Never sparked

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Unread postPosted: Mon May 14, 2018 7:09 am
by Sun Fin
My friends and I weren't impressed. We thought the Israeli act was the worst of the entire night and a groan went around the room whenever they got points! Our favourites were The Netherlands, Hungary and Denmark which is probably indicative of our taste in music. But even among the more poppy songs we felt almost all of them were better than the actual winner!

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Unread postPosted: Mon May 14, 2018 11:36 am
by Dong Zhou
I would say Portugal's was the worst. I do like Dutch commitment to country, always makes it different and been some fun tunes down the year

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Unread postPosted: Mon May 14, 2018 2:54 pm
by Sun Fin
Yeah, I think we gave Portugal an easier ride because no-one was talking about them as a favourite...

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Unread postPosted: Sat Nov 24, 2018 5:34 pm
by Dong Zhou
Interesting move by one Ukraine bank to improve public health/get major publicity offer 21% interest rate if you take 10,000 steps a day

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Unread postPosted: Tue Dec 11, 2018 10:38 am
by Sun Fin
Anyone following the ‘Yellow Vest’ protests in France? The ongoing events are sad.

However I can't help but picture the Zhang brothers in fluorescent yellow jackets! :lol: