CA: Common Topics

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CA: Common Topics

Unread postby Rhiannon » Mon Feb 17, 2003 7:03 pm

Current Affairs has some very common topics that pop up. Even with moderators working to prune the forum and keep it a bit clean, there are still a number of pages of posts that you would have to go through as a member to see if your topic has been posted before. I have made this general common topic list so that you can identify some major issues without creating another thread. Take a moment to review these threads; keep in mind that some issues have several smaller aspects that have been tackled in multiple threads. Please also understand that this is not a comprehensive list.

Please, before you post a new topic in Current Affairs, make sure there is no topic in the forum already on the issue. Also, please do not be afraid to revive a thread, even if it is on the last page. If we didn't want it to be replied to, we would lock it or remove it from the forum. Revived threads bring about great discussion here and help simplify the forum.

If you have seen a topic that deserves to be in this list, please post a link to it in this thread. Please note that current stickies are not in this list; they will be placed in here if they are de-stickified. Mods feel free to edit and add to this list as needed.

:arrow: Gender

Sexual Inequality:
Men and their Manliness:
Women's Role in Society:
Strip Clubs:

:arrow: Parenting

Child Neglect:
Child Discipline:

:arrow: Sex and Sexuality

Your Experience with STDS:
Gay and Lesbian Marriage:
Sex Ed in Schools:
Transvestism (cross-dressing):

:arrow: Technology's Impact

Piracy (general):
Can we do without technology?:
Science and Technology:
Videogame Violence:
Videogames & Desensitivity to Death:
Media's Influence on Young Girls:

:arrow: Religion, Death, and Morality

Note: Many religious topics can be found in the Literature, Academics, and Philosophy forum.

Evangelism and Religion as a Business:

:arrow: Environment

World Hunger and Overpopulation:
Humanitarian, Environmental, and Animal Protections:

:arrow: USA Affairs
George Bush's Merits:
Bush vs. Clinton:
Voting and its role in US Government:
America, a Democracy?:
What does it mean to be American?:
American News Coverage:
US Health Care:

:arrow: Societal Issues
Huge Corporations:
Rights of the Elderly:

:arrow: Race and Prejudice
Interracial Dating:
Balance of Racial Terms:
Native Americans and Restitution:
Segregation Natural?:

:arrow: War
Is Any War Just?:
Israel: Threat to the Middle East? :
North Korea:
Is the UN a Valid Governing Body?:

:arrow: Crime and Punishment
Death Penalty:;
What Causes the formation of Gangs?:
Rights of the Victim Versus Rights of the Accused:
Children's Crime, Parent's Responsibility?:
Gun Control:

:arrow: Miscellaneous Issues
Has Society Advanced?
Top 10 Influential People of the Millenium:
Does Music Influence Real Life?:
Most Powerful Person in the World?:
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