What causes the formation of gangs?

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Wild-Eyes wrote:I suppose we should define what we mean by gang in this thread? I agree that gangs can be broader and for better causes, but being a Los-Angeles area native, when you say "Gang", I think a group of homies hanging on the streets of LA, drive by shootings, gang wars, etc. It's hard for me to think of gangs as anything else.

I definitely agree. In fact, LA is especially famous for harboring homies and "niggas". I'm sorry if I offended anyone but I don't mean African-American because virtually anyone who dresses like a thug with beanies with very big and loose pants, listens to underground and gangsta rap music, talks and acts Black, could be considered a "nigga". In the San Francisco area where I live, I've heard people even boast about how great they are by saying they've gone to LA or were from there because the place has the most ferocious gangs!

I also agree with the ethnic thing. Although the American government has actually improved over the past years on the racism thing, people are still ignorant as hell. The common notion people still hold these days is to completely put down other races and admire only the white race. African Americans really resent that so to represent their strength and pride, they do things that make even the skin-heads and KKK look like pussies. Unfortunately, many African-Americans are into this thing, and they try to spread their culture by rapping their lives out. Other races, like Latinos, and Asians (especially Filipinos) follow suit. Now the popular thing is to completely put down the white race. One thing I can say is, Whites will ultimately lose if they try to exert their influence in the gang arena, which leaves them to the politics and government areas open. Even though in the area I live there are alot of Asian gangs, I don't feel the need to join them because I don't like their intentions at all.

The factors that help create gangs in America:
1. Family education
2. Media (music, TV)
3. Friends and Social Lifestyles
4. Feelings of pride and strength because of one's ethnicity
5. Racial hatred (especially between Blacks and Whites)
6. And others as well.......
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