UK Politics 2020-Cummings lockdown scandal

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UK Politics 2020-Cummings lockdown scandal

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Mon Jan 06, 2020 4:50 pm

The new UK politics thread, I'm sure we won't mention the B word at all during this one
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Re: UK Poltics 2020-The Boris Era Begins

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Mon Jan 06, 2020 7:56 pm

Iran fall out, leadership dates decided, Philips and Stramer make pitches, Rayner running for deputy with noteable speech
-Papers on Iran and Iraq's fury , Sun urges Boris to stand fully with US but others more cautious

-Matt Honeycombe-Foster Labour contest rules and dates

Long-Bailey doesn't enter NEC meeting on the election rules which furthers impression she would stand but puzzlement as to Keith Vaz being there, Corbyn failed to get registration fees reduced to £12 with same £25 registration fee applying as 2016, leader will be announced April 4th so won't be seen as huge a stitch up with a three month contest though one or two complaints failure to release membership data till after affiliate nominations hands Momentum backed figures an advantage

-Felt Jess Philips wasn't quite her self on Marr show which sometimes happens during leadership contents, a bit too careful, delivery halting and during the "yes or no, will you have these policies", gave long answers that tended to muddy waters seemed to be pro nationalizing railway but not priority for other stuff, no to broadband while homeless and education needs still need funding and nobody believed it, waspi woman must be compensated but doesn't say how. Seemed to suggest if Brexit went badly as she has warned, will campaign for rejoining at the time and has since spent time having to walk back from that including writing to explain her stance

-Sir Stramer more fluent and doesn't commit to Remain but dodges responsibility for his Brexit strategy, usual attack lines on Boris, will need to add some meat to policy to give more sense of direction then "need manifesto for 2024, manifesto was overloaded but mustn't retreat from areas Corbyn picked up like addressing inequality. Would make it so parliament have to vote on military action

-Boris says he won't mourn the death of Soleimani but calls for de-escalation, joins in statement from Merkel and Macron calling for Iran not to violently respond and to stick to nuclear deal (which Iran is now revoking), talks to Iraq Prime Minister Abdul Mahdi

-Raab says government still committed to HS2, the Ayia Napa case is firmly on his radar and wants Cyprus to do the right thing, he is talking to Cyprus officials but being careful not to overstep and provoke backlash.

-Troubled Families Program give £165 million to see it through the year

-Nandy says people question why broadband over sorting out the buses, it isn't about radicalism but about being relevant

-Scottish Tory public health spokesperson Annie Wells considering decriminalising drugs and favours drug consumption rooms, urges Boris to hold summit on the issue (had been one planned for last October but election happened)

-Leadsom says it is concerning that FTSE 100 chief executives will be paid more within three working days of 2020 than the average employees' annual wage and that transparency is helping on the issue

-Number 10 says they wouldn't back strikes on Iran's cultural sites, urging Iraq not to expel US troops, Cummings won't be able to bypass recruitment rules

-Rayner running for deputy leader, had been expected but was always the possibly (and hope for many) she would run for leader rather then let flat-mate Long-Bailey have it. Warns Labour must win or die, voters felt patronized and treated like embarrassing aunts or uncles on Brexit, delivers strong words on anti-Semitism. Platform was simply restoring what came before in this country and could be portrayed as common sense, things proven abroad whereas portraying it as radical lacks cut through, people felt manifesto was glib promises and as trustworthy as any sales pitch. The Labour coalition is broken and some seats they only got due to Brexit vote being split, Labour like many social democrat parties facing their biggest challenge ever, cites Blair's clause 4 as she talks of need for collectvisim as she does not have all the answers. Talks about her background because for so long she didn't feel good enough and when she first spoke she was compared to Little Britain character (Quintenn Letts) but she wants to show people from her background they belong and have worth.

When asked about Watson's comments, says as a northern woman she has always been underestimated, she and Long-Bailey are no continuity candidates for any man, willing to work with any of the leadership candidates.

The weeping you hear is from several on the left that she isn't running for leadership.

-Boris to meet Commission head Von Der Leyen and Barnier on Wednesday

-Rumours Ian Murray will run for deputy, has some support and is said to be putting feelers for more, know to feel Miliband and Corbyn failed to address nationalism effectively and wants constitutional reform

-Jack Carslaw, current caretaker leader, to run for Scottish Tory leadership with a pitch of going for centre-ground of blue collar Tories and is expected to walk

-Cooper will, sadly, not run and sets out seven things a leader must do


-Amesbury thoughts after only just holding onto his seat

-Lord West says we may not have resources to defend our interests in the Strait of Hormuz

-Lord Berkley suggest improving bad quality northern railways will cost half HS2 and are more important

-Watson says he worries about Long-Bailey winning as though perfectly legitimate to run as a continuity Corbyn candidate, Labour lost twice on that platform but in fairness she may go a different direction


-Harry Phibbs Labour leaders going to left to win over Corbynites
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Re: UK Poltics 2020-The Boris Era Begins

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Tue Jan 07, 2020 7:59 pm

Budget on 11th March, Long-Bailey enters the field, Ian Murray and Dr Rosena Allin-Khan enter deputy race, Labour mini reshuffle
-Papers on Iran or Brexit budget, on leadership contest guardian urges Labour to become broad-church and calls for humility+honesty in leadership battle, Mirror concerned hasn't been real chance for reflection

-Budget on March 11th, Javid says it's focus will be tax cuts for low paid and investment for left behind regions while celebrating an "unprecedented decade of growth", McDonnell doubts they will bring forward the investment needed. Scottish government furious as Scottish council budgets have to be set by March 11th with finance secretary of Scotland Derek Mackay "It appears to me that the Tory UK government has given up on the union altogether, in not wanting to make our established processes work.", Treasury says they will work with Scottish government on this.

-Long Bailey enters leaders race with a rather strong article arguing the manifesto including her green deal was right but strategy was wrong, she is the true socialist candidate, nice touch using her wait as her considering and now acting for personal advantage in a shot at rivals, tad worrying at how she seems more to blame Blair and Ed Miliband working with Tories on defending the union for loss of heartlands. I may disagree with her strategy but it was far stronger pitch article then before and better then plenty of her rivals

In interviews says she is pro immigration, walks the line on nuclear deterrent, lost as not trusted on Brexit and anti-Semitism, Corbyn was unpopular but due to scale of media attack and still believes he was right man and would give him 10 out of 10 for his leadership, efforts to block no deal ended up obscuring that Labour were trying to get a good deal, not anybody's continuity candidate though struggles to say any difference on policy she has from Corbyn. Need to have a rebuttal unit, Rayner makes her laugh the most, defends her remembering father losing job when two and says criticism of that is scrapping barrel. Likes watching TV and spending time with family. On twitter says (after seeing Maskell attacked by Corbynite) they need to stop attacking each other on twitter

-Lavery won't stand but backs Long-Bailey "who has the intellect, drive and determination to take forward and develop the popular, common sense socialist policies that Jeremy Corbyn has championed", Jarvis rules out running as busy as a mayor

-Ian Murray enters deputy race uses background as pitch, someone who has overcome the odds time and time again, working class, will ask the questions Labour need to ask, reform campaign machine

-Shadow Sports minister Dr Rosena Allin-Khan enters deputy race sets out her background

-McDonald condemns as shameful that 40% of trains connecting the biggest cities in the north of England and Scotland have been cancelled this month because of the late delivery of new carriages.

-Rumours Stormont meeting was extremely tetchy

-Sir Stramer reaches out to unions

-Raab went to Brussels to discuss Iran situation with EU counterparts, Corbyn says Boris is too afraid to tell Trump the real problems with the assassination of Suleimani

-Jess Philips opposed second Scottish referendum and failed in Scotland partly as failed to have a clear position on the two big constitutional issues of the day

-Labour reshuffle: replacing retired Watson and lost seats of Piddock and Hayman. Former actress Tracy Brabin (backs Sir Stramer, soft left) moves from early educations to Shadow Culture, Rachael Maskell (Clive Lewis, lef) gets shadow employment rights is well regarded but her career took a dent when she resigned from environment over article 50 as a passionate Remainer, a former trade union official. Floods minister Luke Pollard gets Environment so promotion with the shadow department while Tan Dhesi, most noted for tearing Boris apart on his record on racism becomes Corbyn's PPS.

A safe set for caretaker Corbyn to choose, no side of party is going to be too unhappy, they fit their roles and won't be seen as aiding a candidate

-Number 10 indicates the plan to merge departments as has been dropped and ministers told to cut wasteful spending with a review of all current projects (McDonnell suspects this means cuts)

-Durridge says they plan to reject all amendments to Brexit bill including the Big Ben one

-Laughter as Sunak misspoke "And that is why we have committed to finding 20,000 new police officers by the end of 2023 to help keep our seats ... streets safe."


-Jennie Formby welcomes new members, calls for unity and kindness while praising Corbyn

-Richard Holden on his shock victory

-McGovern "Message to all who would lead Labour. Define yourself by what you believe, not what you reject in others. Find what is good about progressive politics, and show us how you would win over the sceptic. I don't care what you think about the past. I want to win our country's future."

A Corbyn supporter promptly attacked her as a Tory


-Matt Singh on boundary reform

-Sabrina Huck Momentum has a decision to make on it's future

-Mark Wallace Tory whips face new challenge

-Toynbee tome fir Labour to unify and backs Sir Stramer
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Re: UK Poltics 2020-The Boris Era Begins

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Wed Jan 08, 2020 7:37 pm

Tory MEP size increases, head of EU makes big speech, Nandy wins PLP hustings but Stramer is racing out of the gate
-Papers split, Royals, Iran, Brexit and the like

-Carney warns central banks are low on ammunition to fight recession but optimistic about future for City of London

-At PLP hustings Phillips (who grew into it apparently) says she wishes to be PM to change people's lives and shouldn't take the safe path if they want to take power while warns Jewish people were afraid of them, Nandy (who apparently went down well with impressive performance) warns if they don't change course then party will die and need to empower communities while need to accept ECHR in full and listen to Jews while some at hustings refused to accept international definition, need to use local council successes to show Labour can work. Sir Stramer (also went down well) says they need to focus on future rather then past and relentlessly win back heartlands but believes they can Boris on and need to be close to unions "the job of leaders is to lead & on antisemitism I wouldn’t leave it to someone else but take personal responsibility for dealing with it, every day", the otherwise struggling Thornberry pointedly says she and Sir Stramer raised anti-Semitism at cabinet (Long-Bailey is clearly going to have a problem here given Nandy and Thornberry's attack). Long-Bailey (who did well) and Lewis were never going to really win over this audience and said to have struggled to cut through but neither had a shocker, problem for Lewis is he needs to get enough MP's to get nominated.

Nandy seen as very much winning it which may help build momentum

-Lewis calls for Lords reform and PR election system, Labour need to work with other parties, New Labour was hegemony for right of party rather then unity, loved manifesto and most would love each policy individually but launched a radical plan with only six weeks was not going to work, going pro-Brexit would have seen more votes lost as would have helped Lib Dems. Pressed, he gives Corbyn a six out of ten (took wrong path onn Brexit, bad campaign strategy, failure on anti-Semitism failed to explain manifesto would take several years to implement are why he won't go ten), can't see himself using nukes and doesn't think they work as a deterrent but party is committed to it, would work directly with Greens on a new green deal

-Lord Dubs and Sir Stramer write to Tory MP's to make moral stand and back Lords Dubs amendment to Brexit bill, government offering to attach it to a separate bill and (as they have every amendment) defeated it with ease

-Corbyn won't endorse any candidate, McDonnell backing Long-Bailey and Burgeon while plenty of Corbyn's team gone to her, Momentum found John Lansman is her director and former press officer Matt Zarb-Cousin will head her communications team

-Maskell unable to come up with any example of Corbyn condemning the actions of Suleimani

-Some unease apparently even in Tory ranks at how Boris didn't take to the front as Iran crises emerged and stayed on holiday

-Foster says she thinks Stormont parties are in the space to agree a deal and reports of ill-tempered meeting are blown out of proportion

-Yesterday's Brexit business was scheduled for 8 hours, done in three and a half

-Burgeon says he sees himself as a campaign deputy like Prescott was, would be a team-player focused on electoral machine and local campaigns

-Sir Stramer clears the MP hurdle for getting on ballot with 22 supporters, now needs local parties and unions (though with backing of Unison, that part shouldn't be too hard)

-der Leyen learnt a lot in a year at LSE, it opened her eyes and she loved multicultural country, "This country, strong-willed, open-minded and big hearted. Proud and patriotic. Kind and generous in spirit." and she had to learn every sentence could have a double meaning. Churchill's Zurich speech the best case ever made for a united Europe, UK and EU will remain best of friends after Europe as they share same values, history and geography, door may be closing but another will open.

Uncertainty about if Brexit would happen hampered first stage but now clear Brexit will happen, will seek as close a relationship as possible but will never be as close as before, willing to offer a deal of unprecedented scope including zero tarrifs, zero quota's and zero dumping and sees incorporating UK into EU security as important but UK demands will mean trade-offs. Urges young to use their influence and vote to change their future including picking collaboration over isolation, impossible to have a comprehensive deal by end of year, hopes both sides will reflect before summer and reconsider time-frame. Brexit has strengthened belief in EU within EU

-Thornberry Labour need to get on hands and knees to Jewish community and beg for forgiveness, goes hard on the issue and hammers Corbyn's team on the issue

-Cheers as Sir Hoyle keeps PMQ's down to 30 or so minutes

-N.Ireland Minister Robin Walker admits there would have be "reporting requirements" on good crossing Irish border and government will seek to minimize the problems that have caused business genuine concern


-Lord Jack McConnell impressed by Nandy, Dame Hodge thinks Long-Bailey would be a disaster and her comments on Corbyn is insulting to the intelligence of the electorate

-Farage not happy US ambassador will be a civil servant

-Luara Smith, till recently MP, "Someone just took a picture of me at the job centre. Another person said ‘are you the actual Laura?’ I’ve lost my job and unlike many in Parliament I don’t have a family fortune to fall back on. What do people expect you to do Bizarre"

-Former Brexit MEP's Annunziata Rees-Mogg, Lance Forman, Lucy Harris and Jon Longworth join Tories which increases Tory MEP's to 7.


-Adler on on Boris meeting with von der Leyen and Brexit talks

-Grice Boris trade dilemma
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Re: UK Poltics 2020-The Boris Era Begins

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Thu Jan 09, 2020 6:55 pm

Gardiner may run for leadership, Jenrick forgets his hometown is in fact now a city, Commons stuff
-Papers on the Royal Story (don't be surprised if bad sneaks is snuck out during next few days under the cover of this) and sigh of relief on Iran

-Andrew Neill tore Clive Lewis apart on blaming Blair for December while Clive Lewis got a bit paranoid about Andrew Neill's motives, credit to Lewis for going up against Andrew Neill early but I'm not sure it helped him. Calls for maximum autonym for Wales and Scotland including for the respective Labour parties, Long-Bailey wouldn't work with other parties or bring in electoral reform so that is why he feels she isn't the right figure, Scottish referendum inevitable

-Barry Gardiner sort of enters race. Maybe. Stories have leaked out that McCluskey (since denied) and others on the left aren't happy with Long-Bailey so trying to get Gardiner to run but this point the launch would be late and shambolic. Says he will if he gets 22 MP's (being in Abu Dhabi for conference may not help), would energise the debate and believes he could win a general election due to dynamism and communication

-Governor Carney warns against letting city of London be tied into EU rules, if UK economy doesn't strengthen soon then could be interest rate cuts, is room to expand QE

-Jenrick declares town of the year competition in Wolverhampton. It is a city, Jenrick was born and educated there so seems a surprise he got this wrong. Government getting a bit of stick for this and not sure "it wasn't the official opening of the contest despite what we said in press release" is really working

-Raab says he recognises thereat Iran poses and US right to self defence, doesn't want Iran to have nukes but trying to do it via deal, urges Iran not to repeat such strikes as recent "reckless" missile strikes on bases

-Barclay confident deal can be done by end of year, Barnier says EU will prepare for no deal and feels it is impossible to have a comprehensive deal by end of year, "nothing is agreed till everything is agreed" doesn't count for phase 2 but some things are linked like fisheries as part of trade

-Retail had worse year since records began

-Parliament's security team rescue man who had fallen into river

-Deputy Speaker Eleanor Laing voted to second in command as Chair of Ways and Means, former deputies Nigel Evans and Dame Rosie Winterton elected as deputy speakers

-Nicky Morgan calls on FA to reconsider contracts that allow betting companies to stream Fa Cup games

-Thornberry (whose chances seem to be rapidly fading) says someone of her foreign policy experience should be in the mix for leadership, doesn't think Corbyn is anti-Semitic but completely failed on dealing with the issue, 10/10 for principles and inspiring party but electorally he was 0/10

-Mike Amsebury wins private members bill ballot (Labour win top three with Darren Jones and Anna McMorrin)

-Boris speaks to Iranian president Hassan Rouhani

-Jess Philips says she wants focus in Scotland to be on education and rising waiting times there rather then independence.

-Hannah Bardell accuses Lord Maginnis of abusing security staff when they refused him due to lack of security pass, the peer admits he was cross but denies bullying and says was in pain due to arthritis but wasn't allowed a seat or table to put bag on which needed for nerve damage, suggests she dislikes him for his view on LGBT rights (he is alleged to have used the Q word), Rees-Mogg has called for the peer to apologize for his comments and police may be involved

-Shapps warns Northern Rail franchise faces finical collapse within months

-Dr Allin-Khan has written code of conduct for leaders and deputy leaders, Thornberry and Phillips have signed it

-Khalid Mahmood pulls out of deputy leadership as won't get required nominations and any that go to him might deny someone else a chance


-Greening social mobility

-Haigh Labour on brink of wipe out if they don't make right choice

-Crouch disappointed and worried by gambling sites streaming live games

-Russell-Moyle says though he backs Long-Bailey he may nominate Clive Lewis as he has interesting arguments, Gardiner rumours provoking laughter, his controversial election night speech was due to being booed and he lashed out.

-Lord and former First Minister Jack McConnell, who has not nominated a potential leader in 13 years, has backed Nandy.


-Rachel Wolf education reforms need better targetting

-Momentum's Simon Fletcher on what Labour needs to do and backing sir Stramer

-Owen Jones all candidates have questions to answer and the right of the party lack idea's

-O'Grady hopeful for Labour
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Re: UK Poltics 2020-The Boris Era Begins

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Fri Jan 10, 2020 6:49 pm

Hopes for Stormont deal, Labour, Royals, Brexit
-Papers on Royals story and seem to be annoyed with the couple or allegations Iran shot down Ukraine plane

-Barclay thanks Sir Stramer's courtesy and professionalism, praises the hard questions and scrutiny his counterpart provided

-Carney warns winter is coming, central banks risk trap of slowing economy and low interest rates meaning no ability to stimulate economy via that route

-Dr Allin-Khan builds her pitch for deputy

-Seems like a Stormont deal is close and Julian Smith has published a draft deal which would limit "petitions of concerns", have a Irish Language Commissioner and Ulster Scot Commissioner, separate climate change act for Northern Ireland, independent environmental protection agency, controversial RHI scheme to be shut down for a new renewable energy scheme, new transparency rules for ministers and advisers, NHS measures.

-Boris and Raab indicates government believe Iran shot down Ukraine plane with Raab calling for crash site to be made available to international investigators, Boris calls for transparency, Brandon Lewis says they believe it was unintentional.

-Buckland says Royal Family should continue to be funded and supported

-Brexit bill passed Commons 330 to 231, no Tory rebels

-National Audit Office says mismanagement of nuclear projects and poor contract negotiation by MOD mean they are all delayed between 1-6 years and costs up by £1.3 billion

-Long-Bailey, Nandy and Phillips have crossed the 22 MP's threshold

-Gardiner rules out running

-McMahon local elections matter for Labour

-Lord Dubs will bring back his child refugee amendment

-Villiers promises chlorine-washed chicken and hormone-treated beef will remain banned

-Audio released of what Lord Maginnis said. Lord Fowler says he is deeply concerned at language used and security staff deserve report

-Clive Lewis accuses media of racist treatment of the princess, wants referendum on monarchy


-Toynbee wonders if budget really will fund social care

-Kuessenberg Brexit bill passing shows what a difference a sizeable majority makes

-James A Smith says Corbyn became too establishment and Sir Stramer's work as head of CCP will make him easy to defeat

-D'Arcy private members bills

-Oliver Wiseman compares Boris to Shinzo Abe
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Re: UK Poltics 2020-The Boris Era Begins

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sat Jan 11, 2020 7:27 pm

Stormont deal is done, Clive Lewis, week ahead
-Papers on Royals, Irish papers welcome Stormont being revived

-Boris, Conveny and church leaders pleased as it seems Stormont deal has been agreed. BBC provides key points of the deal

-Clive Lewis calls for Lords to be replaced by PR vote second chamber, New Labour abandoned Labour values and planted seeds for the December defeat, party will die if it doesn't modernize, Boris talked to Brexit party and it paid off as Labour refused to talk to progressive parties

-D'Arcy Week Ahead and select committee battles starting

-Three former Labour MP's talk of why they gone to job centre after losing their jobs

-Brain Wheeler Labour leadership class battle
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Re: UK Poltics 2020-The Boris Era Begins

Unread postby Sun Fin » Sun Jan 12, 2020 11:19 am

Dong Zhou wrote:-Three former Labour MP's talk of why they gone to job centre after losing their jobs

I wish this was getting more publicity. It is this kind of story that is needed to rebuild trust between people and politicians.
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Re: UK Poltics 2020-The Boris Era Begins

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sun Jan 12, 2020 7:08 pm

Iran fallout, Stormont, Labour
-Papers on royal summit

-I suspect Boris ability to sack Julian Smith has reduced greatly given Stormont deal

-Iran arrest UK ambassador Rob Macaire, he has been released but is being condemned given the blatant breach of international law

-Blair Labur needs to get back to culture of winning and six things they need to learn fast

-BBC looks at Stormont deal details

-Raab calls on Iran to come back into international fold, that airplane crash is a crossroads moment

-DUP backed Sinn Feiin speaker over SDLP candidate, all parties join the Stormont executive

-Sir Stramer calls for an end to Labour factionalism, that trashing record of Blair and Corbyn does not help, Boris is "man of no principles and no moral compass, who will go anywhere to stay in power

-Momentum balloting members on if to back Long-Bailey as Momentum leaders feel she is only viable candidate to deliver socialist agenda, they also want to back Rayner as deputy as feel she and Long-Bailey would be good team

-Long Bailey says people expect parties to be united and professional, anti-Semitism should never happen again

-Phillips calls for Boris to expel Jamie Wallis for his role in certain website business (he denies any such role) and row with Bridgend trading standards authority (he is considering legal action against the authority for it's claims)


-Goodman should use Tories of 2017 who held Labour strongholds to help new MP's

-Andrew McQuillan doubts Stormont deal will last

-Will Hutton we will return to EU

-Dan Hodges selecting Sir Stramer would show Labour as hypocrites

-Leaf Arbuthnot backs Nandy
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Re: UK Poltics 2020-The Boris Era Begins

Unread postby Lord Yang Jiahua » Mon Jan 13, 2020 6:36 pm

News across the Pond about Across the Pond, mainly has to do with the "Megxit" Prince Harry and Princess Megan.

Seems Americans are fascinated with Royals for no particular reason, but the Queen's response is expected, she's very supportive of Harry and probably would say, (as Long as you don't turn into your grand-uncle Edward, its fine Harry.)
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