Syrian Civil War shifts into 2.0

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Syrian Civil War shifts into 2.0

Unread postby l3wis 1337 » Fri Jan 19, 2018 10:27 am

With ISIS almost totally pushed out of Syria it seems the international focus is beginning to pivot.

Syria (and to an extent, Iraq) are now able to switch their attentions to other insurgencies, namely the Kurds in the northern parts of both countries.

Anyone following the news will know that the YPG and other Kurdish militias have fought valiantly over the past few years to push back the Islamic State, in the process they have managed to seize large swathes of land from Iraq and Syria.

The US has proposed a Syrian Border Security Force, which would line troops along the Turkish and Iraqi borders of Syria in an effort to boost security in the region and pick off any ISIS stragglers and so on. This has enraged Syria, Turkey and Russia - all 3 accuse the US of attempting to further destabilize the situation and push for more influence in the already failed state, with everyone's favourite dictator Erdogan threatening to "strangle it before it's even born". I'm guessing the assumption is that the US will bolster the strengths of the YPG & Kurdish militias due to them being close allies, whether or not this would actually happen remains to be seen.

Personally - I would like to see the Kurdish get to keep the land they have seized, in my eyes they are effectively the 'good guys' of this conflict, they have shown the world that in the face of adversity they can still demonstrate that they are strong advocates of human rights and gender equality.

What do you think?
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