Michael Brown Shooting (Ferguson, MO)

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Re: Michael Brown Shooting (Ferguson, MO)

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sat Aug 23, 2014 4:10 pm

WeiWenDi wrote:
It's probably different in the UK. But in the US overcrowding is actually a huge issue, and one which appears to be exacerbated by the insanity of our current DEA policies and the selective way in which they are enforced.

No, we have serious overcrowding, our own Inspector of Prisons is raising the red flag. I'm vaguely aware of there being issues of overcrowding for quite some time but it would seem to be very bad at the moment. It isn't one that resonates with the public though
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Re: Michael Brown Shooting (Ferguson, MO)

Unread postby WeiWenDi » Thu Aug 28, 2014 10:23 am

SunXia wrote:Hey we are all allowed to grow and see things differently from how we used to and I don't think killing someone is going to get people anywhere in the slightest!! As I have said many times recently in regards to The Gaza incidents, I do not support Israel and I do not support Hamas, I support peace between two groups of people!!

If we try to use violence to impose things on people, it only creates more vindictiveness and desire for revenge and solves next to nothing, its a vicious circle in long term effects!! But it does create a conundrum of how do you stop people who are determined to use violence to achieve their aims, how do you stop them from creating victims?? I do not know the best answers but creating more victims in retaliation or in the name of prevention, is drastic!!

I have greatly mellowed over the years and I think we all go through general shifts in our views based on experiences that help shape and define us and that never really stops happening, learning and adjusting is something that is not and should not be limited to children and is something we should all be willing to embrace!!

Hey, you know what? I'm not a pacifist. I can imagine some scenarios where a defensive war might be needed, or where violence might be (regrettably) justified.

But I agree with everything you just said here. I've spent the last six or so years on this forum saying very similar things, in fact. So if you've changed your views to something like what you've just written above, then awesome! :D Welcome to the club; we're happy to have you!

So don't take this the wrong way; I was just surprised and sceptical, as someone who has butted heads with you in the past on war-and-peace issues (and in ways which haven't always reflected well on me; like I said, I'm not a pacifist and I have a pretty abrasive manner in online discussions).
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