Humans and Alien DNA

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Re: Humans and Alien DNA

Unread postby Shikanosuke » Tue Jun 04, 2013 2:15 am

chinesecannibal wrote:
And why are humans so absolutely clueless on their origins? Did the aliens just leave us? That'd make more sense.

Humans are not absolutely clueless on their origins. And aliens would not be more reasonable.
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Re: Humans and Alien DNA

Unread postby Aygor » Tue Jun 04, 2013 6:54 pm

chinesecannibal wrote:Hey Aygor, where'd you get these percentages from? How, I mean? What if it's all made up?

I am not an expert in evolutionary biology myself, but as genomics is my field of study I can assure you that it's not made up.
Percentages may see slight variations as there can be different ways to account for particular sections of genomes.
chinesecannibal wrote:And why are humans so absolutely clueless on their origins? Did the aliens just leave us? That'd make more sense.

Evolution is a process that takes million of years, up to recent times we simply didn't have the knowledge required to investigate the matter properly.
Also, being evolution so slow, individuals are obviously oblivious of it, therefore there can't be any kind of manufacted record of our species coming into existence.
chinesecannibal wrote:"Too bad the spanish destroyed nearly all the Mayan texts, so much was lost thanks to christian ignorance"

Unfortunately this is something quite common in history and not limited to christians.
chinesecannibal wrote:Another person says "This is by no means 'debunking' of anything. First of all, most of the ancient alien theory is just that..theory. I dont think I've ever seen a single episode where they claimed anything as fact. In fact the majority of the program content is about asking questions,..and possibility. You cannot 'debunk' possibility. Secondly, your 'theories' have no more absolute proof than theirs do. Based on those two simple statements...your video has just been DEBUNKED!"

Ancient aliens is not a theory to begin with.
Just watching the debunking it is evident that the program claims a lot of bogus as fact.
Possibilities can be debunked.
Debunking isn't a theory and needs no proof, it only needs to show the flaws of what is being debunked.
This isn't a very bright comment.
chinesecannibal wrote:Neanderthals were situated in most of Europe only, right?

They were situated in Europe and, if I remember correctly, in the middle east.
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Re: Humans and Alien DNA

Unread postby Skydree » Mon Sep 02, 2013 6:50 pm

Hello all, just a fan of Archaeology, Anthropology and All Things Mystery here, reporting in!

I used to be very interested in Aliens and a possible link between them and us, through history and present times. Through studies at college and up, it made it ever more difficult to tie fact and fiction together, and while I fully support the entertainment of ideas as such, the facts do point against the idea that humans carry Alien genes, DNA, or anything like that. If we were touched, as a species, by the hands of Aliens (which I still think would be possible, to an extent) would be in terms of thought/ideas/culture/religion. As in, from one way or another, inspired us, by either direct contact or indirect contact. One thing that is important to realize, when we talk about genes and chromosomes, is that a specie having one more or one less than another, as little to no impact as to their abilities. As such, Neanderthals had a much bigger brain capacity than we did, but their cognitive abilities were somehow, it is thought, less than ours. Many reasons could explain this. The environment they lived in no doubt gives a very telling explanation.

When you say that Neanderthals were a lesser specie, I beg to differ. They did not survive yes, but so far, they are the ones with the most ancient art (cave paintings, flutes, possible drums), they buried their dead (pointing to a metaphysical idea of the afterlife, preserving the dead, and worshiping the family/clan). They also lived through some of the harshest climates any relative of the Homo genus has ever did. Europe back then was desolate continent of Ice, for the most part, with sparse summers. It's when the Earth started to warm up, that their sustenance was in peril that they started to dwindle. And being highly evolved to survive extreme climes, left them little means to adapt without a cost. Sadly for them, that's where we came along. This is why it is unclear as to what exactly happened to them. Did they die off on their own? Did we exterminate them? Did we both pair together in the end? Studies certainly seem to point that while the first contacts were brutal, we probably did end up mixing, at least minimally.

But in the end. What is it to be human? What exactly set us apart from the Neanderthals? We invented... very little, compared to them. Some tribes of humans would eventually pick up on agriculture, but not all. Some tribes of humans would pick up on animal husbandry. But not all. Something that we all do though, is have at least a minimal appreciation of music, visual arts, and occasionally ask ourselves questions about the afterlife, and what came before us. Don't diss the Neanderthal, he was probably more human than a lot of us. ;-)
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Re: Humans and Alien DNA

Unread postby Skydree » Mon Sep 02, 2013 7:08 pm

As to the Alien idea, I mean. If it is minimal, I suppose it is possible. At this point, we do not know enough of the past to Claim, aside from the process of evolution itself. It is difficult to point from one to the other, except if we have the fossils stages, or DNA to match it. But DNA is something that does not age very well, and is only found in extreme cases past a certain age. Even for Neanderthals, I think i recall the samples that have been used were of something like 12 000 years ago, or some such. Aside from that Homo Florensis had some DNA extracted, but I think it was in too poor condition to properly analyze.

Fact is though, anthropological studies have shown a gradual evolution in terms of cranial mass and general stature since apes. Just that is telling enough. There is no missing link, there's a good dozen of them and they are not missing. And nothing points out to a sudden change such as bioengineering from another race. We just have no recollection of our own past, and so our ancestors themselves are a mystery to us, mostly. It's easy to imagine everything non-human as being lowly, and not something you'd want to have any affiliation to. It's actually quite different. A lot of things we take for granted were not even invented by Homo Sapiens Sapiens. So, if Sapiens Sapiens was engineered, it was probably by lowering our creativity if anything, hehe. I jest, but still.

The facts remains. You can believe what you want. But in an argument where you have to prove yourself, currently you cannot prove that humans have a spec of non-Earthly DNA. The Panspermia Hypothesis, in which bacteria and viruses could survive on meteorites to gradually push life further and further in the Galaxy, would not change the lexicon either, in my opinion, as all these lifeforms have for sure evolved since then, and are now of an Earthly signature. Events such as these, I think, were either the base of life on Earth, or had little impact at all on the global scale of our Planet. Either way, it wouldn't have been a thought out design of genetically modifying us, or something like that.

That said. I don't disprove Aliens. I would prefer to think that they exist. Otherwise what a waste this Universe is. I'm sure they exist somewhere, and they possibly visited here before. But facts wise nothing points to it.
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