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Unread postby DianWei » Sun Nov 03, 2002 2:50 am

he won the vote a couple of times in a row! it was clear he won, the major issue was the absentee ballots, which of course would be mostly military folk...
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Unread postby Fan Kong » Mon Nov 04, 2002 12:37 am

There were many cases of blacks not being allowed to vote. Florida is one of the states that do not allow convicts to vote. So the Florida supposedly setup a database system, created by Kathryin Harris?(the annoying Republican lady with that cocky smile on TV during the whole controversy) and Jeb Bush. Supposedly this system only was only required to check the first name and last name. Age, race, height, middle names did not matter. Another thing was that about 90+% of ex-convicts vote democrat, not republican.

There was the ballot controversy where an extremely liberal county was won by the ultra-conservative Buchanan.

This story was run by several non-mainstream radio stations here in the bay area. There also quite a few books out Florida as well.

Just do a search on Google with Florida Ballots, or any other similar term. The info is out there.
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Unread postby Sun Bofu » Fri Nov 08, 2002 4:12 am

I was waiting for a topic like this to show up :lol: As far as my opiion goes Bush Jr basic plan is to finish was his father started. Which was what exactly: raise taxes, become more defensive then passive, and o yeah RAISE TAXES!! :twisted: Sorry had to get that off my chest. As far as Bush Jr and debating is concerned i have one word for those members who watch SNL and saw that paticular episode "Statregery!!"
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Unread postby cherrie » Sat Nov 09, 2002 2:02 pm

definitely clinton. bush is a war freak! he doesn't really care about having many people suffer in wars
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Unread postby Glaucon » Tue Nov 19, 2002 4:36 pm

First, Bush won numerous recounts. If there is a complaint against the american election system it should be against the electoral college not against the way the state of Florida handled the recounts. In my mind he won the election legally and is the legitimate president.

Next, try to get past the propaganda on both sides. Bush is an intelligent man. He has handled the foreign situations that have occured admirably, most of the country obviously agrees with his policies by voting for republicans in the election that just occured. I find it amusing that the largest attack critics can place on Bush is his english. In this thread i dont find many attacks on his domestic policy, instead i see that he is unintelligent, stupid, and cant talk right. The same could be said of Gore, honestly, who claims to have invented the internet?

Onto the poll, I think in the long term history will view Clinton as worse. Bush is merely an average president that will not leave a lasting legacy much like his father. Clinton on the other hand will have forever tainted the image of the oval office. Now if you want to talk about economics, without looking it up who was president during the roaring twenties? The point is that history doesnt care about prosperity, leading in peace requires no exceptional talent. Bush Sr. or Dole could have lead the country to similar effects, Clinton was a product of a situation. The country was just getting out of a recession and war, that naturally leads to prosperity. Also Clinton's policies led to the recent financial crisis. The action of corporations such as Enron took place primarily during Clintons term. He let businesses go unregulated and now we have to pay the price.

Foreign affairs. Clinton's inability to show backbone in dealing with terrorism is coming back to hurt us. Bin Laden launched two terror attacks i can remember during the Clinton Era, the WTC car bomb, and the attacks on the US embassies. Clinton condemned the attacks and said we would track down the perpetrators. Clinton was all words, he never launched any serious effort to track them down, 9/11 is a result of being lax. His peace policies in the Mid East are a reason for Israeli-Palistian conflict. Clinton was biased towards israel, no one shoudl believe otherwise. He never once condemned Israel for using terror tactics to capture suspected Palistinian militants. Bush is still Pro-Israel but at least he has the courage to tell Sharon that what is doing is wrong, and should consider other methods. There is a reason Arabs dislike American and it is because we so blatently support Israel while saying Palestine is wrong without thinking about the reasons for the attacks.

Basically to sum it up, Clinton is the reason our country has the problems we do right now. Bush was put in a hard situation, 8 years of Clinton's policies came crashing down all at once, and he has done a good job of keeping the country united.
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Unread postby Shadowlink » Mon Mar 01, 2004 9:15 pm

huh? clinton will win of course he has more support than Bush.

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Unread postby TheGreatNads » Mon Mar 01, 2004 10:36 pm

Very funny thread. Most of Bush's current policies began under Clinton. Democrats and Republicans have few differences.
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Unread postby REMisCool » Tue Mar 02, 2004 2:52 am

If you're going to spit about the economy, you have to realize that the effects on the economy by a President are not felt until about 6 or 7 years later. Also, those effects don't show reversal in trent until about 5 years after changes have been made. Notice that towards the end of Clinton's first term, the economy was coming on quite strong. Now, examine when the economy first started to go bad... yeah, it was towards the end of Clinton's second term. Don't fault Bush for the mistakes of Clinton.

As you can probably tell, I voted for Bush. Someone already gave all my negatives on Clinton earlier (thank you Glaucon!), so I'm not going to bore everyone with repetition.
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Unread postby Kong Wen » Tue Mar 02, 2004 5:26 pm

TheGreatNads said it best. Clinton, Bush--what's the difference? :?
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Unread postby Cao Zhi » Tue Mar 02, 2004 5:37 pm

There have been worse presidents than Clinton and Bush. I personally detest Clinton far more than Bush since Slick Willie was an immoral leader, gutted our military, and failed to take descive action against threats and problems from overseas.

Still, time will tell who was worse. Saying "Bush is bad" because of influence of propganda and personal likes and dislikes about the man without looking at the long-term effects have had on America (note the past tense) is ill-judged. Same goes for Clinton. I just pray that when the time does come for a scholarly view on these two men, our nation has not be debilitated.
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