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Unread postby Dong Zhou » Mon Dec 16, 2019 7:55 pm

mini reshuffle, Labour tempers fray, N.Ireland, BBC
Reshuffle With Alan Cairns battling for his reputation and having to resign early in election as Welsh Sectary, cabinet office PPS Simon Hart gets Welsh Secretary, former chief executive and chairman of the Countryside Alliance, backed Boris in leadership election, a Remainer who became co-leader of the Brexit Delivery Group who put pressure on May to delay rather then no deal and backed May's deal. A well liked figure seen as a middle of the road MP who served on various committees. Never saw him as a cabinet figure, does decently enough in interviews

With a hole left by Nicky Morgan's retirement from the Commons, he has gone for Nicky Morgan who will be made a peer, has joked leaving cabinet is harder then leaving EU but widely briefed this is only till February reshuffle. Bryant calls it two fingers up at democracy (didn't seem so against it when Labour did it) while likes of Sturgeon, Wishart and Moran use it to show problem with Lords (if sometimes overdoing the language).

Not bad imaging for Boris, few will care in public but in Westminster Brexiteers won't take offence and he hasn't alarmed the centreground, the Lords thing will have a day or two fuss but no outrage at the person themselves or the wings choice. Kept a left of Tory figure driven out by abuse and appointed a known moderate figure to Wales, safe pair of hands while he gets Brexit done while Morgan's experienced hands should be able to handle the start of the Whitehall reforms under Cummings. Boris can then wait to see how new MP's and junior ministers do till February then do a proper rehual of the cabinet which will give us a far bigger signal of his long term intent


-Papers on already ill-tempered Labour leadership battle or Boris impending speech to his MP's, Times saying Cummings is to audit recent purchases of military equipment and overhaul MOD procurement

-Labour general secretary Jennie Formby has suggested to NEC members that contest start on January 7th

-State Opening of Parliament on Thursday, a sense government will try to start Brexit bill on Friday but would be unusual so Speaker Hoyle may not allow it

-Gove says Scottish referendum should be held for a generation as was agreed at the time, institutions like NHS and BBC shows what union can do when it pulls together

-Scottish Labour's health spokeswoman Monica Lennon says SNP have a mandate for a referendum and she accepts it

-McDonnell says he would prefer someone who has taken part in making current policy so not keen on Philips, should be a woman and outside of London

-Stock markets rally after election but OBR increases forecast of government borrowing by £100 billion over five years as it updates it's model

-McDonald party blames BBC for Labour's defeat and needs to have a look at themselves at how they handled the election and that the bias was deliberate (referring to a reporter making what is generally seen as a slip of the tongue). Later, perhaps realizing this may not have gone down entirely well, says he treasures BBC but they trespassed regularly into areas they should not have done so, raises the Hancock aide story as example of bias or commenting on bad postal votes for Labour, Tories may destroy BBC and BBC has only themselves to blame, both labour and BBC need to review their handling of election.

-Javid to press as he left number 11 Downing Street “Welcome to the people’s government,”

-Russia report now approved for publication though a new intelligence committee has to be formed before it can be released

-Thornberry threatening legal action for Flint's comments, Sky and like having to bleep a few of her words out

-Cabinet ministers like Jenrik and Sunak being sent tout to defend review of license fee as reflecting changing times and unfair to criminalize the vulnerable

-Julian Smith encouraged by initial Stormont discussions and eagerness shown and feels they have heard the message from the doorsteps, Foster hopes Stormont can be revived early next year, Covney says meeting with Smith was positive

-Rutte says EU expects quick ratification of Boris deal

-Heavy rumours Long-Bailey as leader with Rayner as deputy is a double ticket planned

-Lavery "It’s massively frustrating watching people rewrite their pre election stance on Brexit. My view was always so simple, ignore democracy at your peril ! The consequences would be grim!! I’ve been sneered at, scorned,abused,harassed & spat at ! Let’s focus on those in need."


-Moran says Labour and Lib Dems have to stop the hostility and work together for progressive cause

-Richard Corbet Labour were not Remain enough

-Reynolds says he has his frustrations with the media but McDonald and Labour leadership are abdicating responsibility, Labour got easy rides in some areas and both sides benefited from some journalists who refused to scrutinise

-Lord Grade warns government against trying to bully the BBC and never a good idea, no PM wants to be seen as the man to destroy the BBC

-Stephen Kinnock says remainers in party should apologize to party's Leaver support and won't back any leadership candidate who supported second referendum

-Lord Adonis doesn't think it is over for Remainers as people will see Brexit wasn't what was promised, indicates he likes the look of Sir Stramer for leader

-Electoral Reform Society calculates around 14.5 million votes were unrepresented with 45% having not voted for the winning MP

-Farron rules out running for Lib Dem leader


-Goodman Brexiteers have won the 40 year Tory civil war (though he rewrites recent Remainers as choosing to leave)

-James McAsh Labour needs to avoid comfort narratives for why they lost like Brexit policy or Corbyn being left-wing being why they got hammered

-Jonathan Portes thinks we will still be in single market in a year
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Tue Dec 17, 2019 7:08 pm

Small reshuffles, Brexit law changes, speaker relected, Labour internal moves
Junior reshuffle

With Mark Lancaster retiring having left a hole at defence, Anne-Marie Trevelyan is promoted up the defence ranks to minister of state, a passionate member of the ERG who has been trusted to handle media for them and government, her accountancy experience and knowledge of the department makes her a safe choice. Her former role as undersecretary with charge of procurement goes to Boris PPS James Heappey who was a long serving Major in the army, worked in the MOD as a soldier and a Remainer who backed May's deal. Jeremy Quin promoted from whip to become a parliamentary secretary at the Cabinet Office in charge of implementation, has worked on select committee's about handling legislation (Regulatory Reform Committee) so I assume related to that to help oversee bills and Whitehall reform. Vocal Brexiteer, fluent Welsh speaker and former Welsh Assembly Member plus Welsh Select Committee chair David TC Davies becomes parliamentary under secretary of state at the Wales Office (unpaid) and an assistant government whip, there is talk that Boris and Cummings are not concerned at ability with media given scale of majority but Davies may rather test that in practise, Davies may have a huge interest in Wales but he has a habit of.... controversial comments.

Replacing the retired and talented Seema Kennedy as immigration minister, Remainer turned May backer Kevin Foster promoted from Wales and whip to the undersecretary post, done plenty of PPS jobs and been rising few ranks, been building majority successfully at Torbay, not sure what his expertise is on the subject. One nation Tory and former Remainer Robin Walker who was a Brexit Minister under May, had held both Scotland and N.Ireland posts, been stripped of the former despite having campaigned for union, don't know if demotion for a guy who has steadily risen through the ranks, or trying to concentrate on the N.Ireland problem with a big push on Stormont though Scotland Office needs a under secretary. In a "figure to watch" signal, Trudy Harrison becomes Boris PPS

In terms of how it appears, mixing Mayites who backed Remain then loyally backed her attempts and ERG, mostly filling holes left by retirements, will alarm neither side though David TC Davies seems like a headache waiting to happen and not sure of Foster's expertise in the area he has been appointed in a reshuffle that otherwise seems to appoint figures to posts that suit them.


-Papers on Boris Brexit law changes, Labour contest or advising Boris what to invest in to keep the working class voters

-Charity groups fighting the Dfid-Foreign office merger plans

-Government amending withdrawal bill to make end of 2020 a legal deadline with no transition (I feel this is a mistake, creating trouble for himself and limiting room to manoeuvre when he doesn't need to do it), Sir Stramer calls it reckless and irresponsible which puts jobs at risks while Conveney calls it strange, pound collapses with Gove failing to rule out no deal not helping, Gardiner says they will vote against the bill. Number 10 lobby briefing then says businesses should prepare for life outside customs union and single market, Barnier says EU will do all it can to avoid cliff-edge

-Conveney says Dublin and Westminster will work night and day to restore Stormont, that talks have been stuck on same issues for months and nurses strike has provided a reality check

-Clive Lewis considering run for leader and blames Labour's failure to invest in the areas they lost had led to the collapse of the Red Wall

-Lesley Laird resigns as Scottish Labour deputy leader, usually goes to MP so since she lost her seat she has freed the post up, urges calm in leadership debates "Sadly there is now a culture where for some people in our party washing our differences in public via the media has become a far too regular self promotional or destabilising tool. It's a behaviour that upsets our members and undermines all the good work our staff and activists do. It needs to stop."

-Flint is standing by her remarks about Thornberry

-Jess Philips urging people to join Labour to help change it

-Thornberry privately warned against Labour's election strategy during party conference, told Kuessenberg at the time she was worried every question would be about Brexit if Labour went neutral

-US trade representative Robert Lighthizer says deal with UK is a priority

-Gove says will be a stand alone workers rights bill in Queen Speech

-Boris tells cabinet trust has been given to them by people by working flat out, should be no embarrassment in calling themselves the people's government, ot seen nothing yet if people thought election was frenetic paced. Tells Commons this parliament a vast improvement on predecessor, welcomes more woman and BME MP's, will get Brexit done and reach across Commons where it can to help heal country and solve issues

-Sturgeon points out Tories have lost 17 successive elections in Scotland since 1959 and 90% of seats went to Remain parties, situation is unsustainable, accepts not all those who back SNP or back a second referendum back independence, will publish case for referendum later this week , delay in UK budget will be a problem

-Cabinet banned from Davos to ensure Brexit gets done, I imagine this is also about signalling they are not the party of billionaires

-Sir Lindsay Hoyle quickly re-elected as chair, Corbyn urges Sir Hoyle to stand firm against abuse of power by executive, Sir Davey hopes the Speaker will keep in mind in a proportional system Lib Dems would have 70 MP's

-Pollsters finding Tories are winning the working class vote even more then the middle class vote

-Tories appoint Professor Swaran Singh to lead inquiry into their handling of complaints about all forms of discrimination including Islamophobia

-Some unhappiness among Labour MPs's as Corbyn and his office accused of not getting in contact with ex-MP's


-Ben Bradley why Labour have lost the northern workers

-Lord Mandelson will be harder to come back then in 1983

-Mayor Khan attacks ludicrous Labour leadership, "Labour simply did not put forward a credible candidate for prime minister or a believable set of policies."

-Mayor Burnham says Brexit policy did not appeal to traditional voters and have not speaking to the working class part of Labour coalition for a long time, north should be wary of Boris promises for infrastructure in distant future

-Streeting wants a wide a range of leadership candidates as possible with Remain views should not rule someone out

-Dr Fox says understanding each other's regimes and starting with no tariffs really helps quicken trade deals, can be done by end of 2020 if politics doesn't get involved, EU will push for dynamic alignment but that is falling out of fashion internationally, idea NHS is at risk from US trade deal is red herring with it normal to have exemption clauses to protect public services

-Nadia Whittome, only 23, looking for Christmas jobs before election and pledging to give up salary over ONS average (above 35k) to charity getting attention, she blames Brexit for defeat

-Ian Mearns warns government is oblivious to problem of students estranged from families as not collecting the data, wants Education Committee to have a look

-Lucy Powell on seeing the mass of journalists outside the door of Labour's PLP meeting “We’re irrelevant. Why do you give a"? last word began with f

-All the Kinnocks at Plp meeting


-Toynbee BBC needs defending

-Henry Hill fears Boris is too passive to bring reform

-Mark Wallace Labour need a Kinnock to begin long climb back

-Peston Sir Stramer starts off front runner for Labour contest
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Wed Dec 18, 2019 7:07 pm

minor reshuffles, Labour PLP goes badly, Thornberry first to declare she wants to be leader, Blair makes speech
More reshuffles: Mike Freer and Iain Stewart rise a level in the whips office, Freer to Comptroller of Her Majesty's Household and Stewart now Lord Commissioner of Treasury. Nusrat Ghani had held whip and unpaid transport post, promoted to full junior transport minister, has been keen to diversify the industry and seen as an energetic figure and passionate backer of HS2. Football ref and former MSP Douglas Ross adds unpaid Scotland Office role to his unpaid whip, Boris will be hoping he can win over Scottish Tories now he has won election and Ruth Davidson+Mundell are gone. Maria Caulfield who was a Tory vice-chair till she resigned over May's deal becomes a government whip.


-Papers on PLP meeting, Labour contest and Boris Brexit moves, Scottish press on Sturgeon

-PLP meeting lasted over two hours: PLP chair Jon Cryer says no formal inquiry into election defeat right now but informal discussions going on over Christmas, party chair Lavery got "smattering" of applause as he blamed Brexit (which he does in a "if not for Brexit election" way, more a badly got it strong strategy) and media savaging of Corbyn for defeat, general secretary Jennie Formby outright heckled as he talked of vetting new applicants to ensure they have Labour values (some will feel she shouldn't pass such a process herself), Corbyn calls for coming together and will ensure a smooth transition, blames Brexit+media, changed the debate, mass membership critical to future, apologies for defeat.

Reeves then stands up and is applauded as she says the real election problem was Corbyn and a manifesto that felt economically illiterate, new MP and Corbyn ally Claudia Webb heckled when saying there was a lot to celebrate (she meant rise of BME MP's apparently but you can imagine how badly "lots to celebrate" goes down after a record defeat), blames media and says no one faction of party to blame, McKinnell says party HQ gave the north east MP's little support during campaign, Dame Beckett who caretaker lead the party after John Smith's death says leadership shouldn't worry about protecting their legacy as what should matter is who can win an election

MP's saying it was critical of leadership but not more so then usual and a few were supportive

-Philips says mood no worse then usual at PLP but complains about Labour HQ failing to contact the defeated

-Corbyn has confirmed they will vote against Brexit bill

-Sir Stramer "seriously considering" running for leadership, failed to tackle Tories central pledge of get Brexit done, didn't do enough on anti-Semitism, a devastating result but can recover and case for a bold radical Labour government still there, need to win but can't lose values. Felt they never challenged Boris on "get Brexit done" and indicates he was sidelined, need to be careful and avoid past mistake of oversteering and need to build on radicalism Corbyn brought. was too much in manifesto, Corbyn (as close as Sir Stramer gets to criticism) had too much baggage going into election, can't blame media for defeat. His background is working class

Media aren't impressed, feeling he is pitching into the crowded "like Corbyn but not Corbyn" field and not sure what he is offering different from rivals

-The traditional Speaker's Wig for State Opening has vanished

-Committee on Climate Change warns government is falling short of our own targets and till we are on track, we will lack international credibility, suggests getting cars off fossil fuels by 2030's, doing more with buildings, putting climate change visibly at the heart of economic strategy, increase flood defence spending by £4bn and stop people paving over open ground in cities among other measures.

-BBC's Data Journalists on the diversity of this new parliament

-Thornberry formally enters labour leadership , argues shouldn't have agreed to election

-Student nurses to get bursary of 8k, less then the one government abolished

-Burgeon really didn't like being asked if Corbyn had invited Gerry Adams to Commons four days after Brighton bombings after Burgeon complained of media slander

-Despite food price rises, inflation remains at 1.5%

-Cooper considering running for leadership but will wait till after Christmas, party has to change and show humility to acknowledge things went wrong given big failure, can't be party only for those in the cities with older voters in towns feeling ignored, needs to be seen as patriotic with both left and right (represented by Corbyn and Blair) seen as internationalist rather then patriotic. Some great things in manifesto like green new deal and national education service but need to be seen as credible, focused and with grip, culture has to change to be more inclusive and kinder as well as purge anti-Semitism

-ERG have 37 members at first meeting

-Emma Dent Coad has beaten cancer, found out a month before election and operated on three days before which can not have helped her narrow defeat. Glad she is alright

-Lisa Nandy says if she feels she has found the way to restore trust then she will run for leader, need to find policies to help northern towns recover from loss of industry which forces the yung to leave to find jobs and hollowing out community, feels Boris has learnt wrong lessons from his victory

-EU diplomats warned 1st July is deadline for extension to be agreed

-1922 Committee went better then opposition's PLP and thus get less coverage, apparently mood was a lot more cheerful.

-Parliamentary staff accidentally rub salt into wound of defeated MP and whip Graham Jones by burning his clothes and his papers (they thought it was the retired Jim Cunningham's office)


-Have the intelligence services considering hiring Paul Waugh given his almost min by min account of PLP meeting which was behind closed doors?

-Madders view from Labour leave seat

-Creagh ""I have had no phonecalls or messages from Jeremy Corbyn's office, which shows he is a man of no honour ... and a kind of preening narcissism that thinks he still has something to offer Labour voters", managed to ambush Corbyn over lack of contact, says it was Corbyn's NEC and Corbyn manifesto, can not repeat pre-watershed what she heard on doorstep about Corbyn, "In Jeremy, we have a man without honour and without shame"

-Dame Hodge on PLP “on the whole, it was fury, despair, miserable and I just felt that the top table had corporate amnesia” and laughter when talking of vetting, fury that Corbyn didn't go to the right areas, at the lack of organisation. Russel-Moyle "Not one person said go right now. They all recognise that he has apologised and that he wants to go as soon as possible, and that the duty was to save the party and do it in an orderly way. People were emotional, very emotional." Efford “When the boxes opened in my working class areas, council estates in my constituency, it was 50/50 with the Tories. Unacceptable!”

-Reeves "If we want to change the lives of the people we came into politics to serve, then we’ve got to win power and that’s not been possible two times under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.We need radical change, we need a party and a leader the country can trust, we need economic policies that add up and we need somebody that actually wants to win because they know that it’s only through power that we can change the lives of people."

-Lord Falconer "The sense of hostility towards the leadership of the party, the way the election was conducted, the extent to which it was a massive failure to have the election at all, the extent to which colleagues who've lost seats have been abandoned, it is absolutely tangible in the air, it is so powerful, the anger,"

-Blair (who won three elections unlike his critic Corbyn. Also won Sedgefield repeatedly unlike Corbyn) warns if they whitewash why they lost then Labour will stop becoming a serious party, Brexit was a problem but not the main one that led to traditional voters leaving the party in droves, this more then a defeat but a moment in history, the problem isn't just the driver but the bus and discard ultra-left politics. Labour currently marooned on a fantasy island, worse then 1983 and way society hasn't changed means they can't afford a slow march back, doesn't doubt Corbyn has deeply held beliefs and sincerity that he has upheld throughout harsh attacks but he personified an idea that was alien to public and against what they believed.

"The takeover of the Labour party by the far left turned it into a glorified protest movement, with cult trimmings, utterly incapable of being a credible government.", problems of 21st century Britain require an activist state, far-left have no interest in compromise and sought to purge before election, during leadership contest Labour needs to show it has listened to public and at minimum needs to acknowledge it is wrong place and needs to change. "The result has brought shame on us. We let our country down. To go into an election at any time with such a divergence between people and party is unacceptable. To do it at a time of national crisis when a credible opposition was so essential to our national interest, is unforgivable."

Was mistake holding a Brexit election and Remain camp have lost so now have to make Brexit work (though still feels it is a terrible mistake), individual policies may be popular but if put together can be seen as chaos and if manifesto was popular people would have voted for it, party has a constant ability to delude itself about where public is. Must avoid being anti-intellectual as party has a great history with intellectuals. Labour's self indulgence made it the handmaiden of Brexit, New Labour invested in the neglected areas and votes showed they were back there an extoridnary how Labour tries to negativtly rewrite it's only government in half a century

-Sir Davey says Boris can only get deal done by end of 2020 by abandoning everything he promised to Brexiteers

-Tory MP for Redcar Jacob Young has to still do Christmas shift at chemical plant

-Lord Mann on Sir Stramer "If you are too cowardly to stand up to Corbyn when your own campaign organiser is stabbed in the back (when removed as Bassetlaw election candidate) how dare you even consider standing as a ‘leader" though the lady involved Sally Gimson has defended Sir Stramer "John - this is totally unfair and untrue. Keir did stand up for me, and did all he could to help me behind the scenes, and gave me his support publicly. I back him whole heartedly and think he will be a brilliant leader. Please stop making these accusations" Defeated Mp Gareth Snell "Those of us in leave seats with small majorities in towns and small cities *begged* @Keir_Starmer to listen to us and our constituents when we told him that the party’s brexit policy was losing us votes. He wouldn't listen and we lost."


-Lord Ashcroft Brexit wasn't the big issue for Labour

-Kuessenberg on the no extension of transition law

-Richard Moss on Tory roots in North East were building before the election

-Behr expects Boris to betray northern voters

-Jennifer Rankin EU preparations
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Thu Dec 19, 2019 7:02 pm

Queen's speech, changes to Brexit bill, Turley wins libel lawsuit, unease among Muslims about Tory inquiry into Tories, Labour junior advisers facing axe
-Papers looking ahead to Queen Speech

-Queen Speech contains Brexit bill, NHS enshrining NHS funding+fast track visa's+make it easier to trial innovate drugs+end to car parking charges for most vunerable, 50% business rate discount for small firms, including independent cinemas and music venues, immigration to Australian style system, regimes for trade, farming, fishing, financial services and the environment. Custodial sentences of up to five years for animal cruelty, tackling drones in airspace, reforms to ensure tipping goes to staff, broadband, protecting soldiers form being sued, minimum level of service during train strikes, tackling violent crime and tighten sentencing.

The surprise package was review on treason and espionage laws, briefing documents suggest looking at banning export of polluting plastic waste to non-OECD countries and allowing councils to charge a social care precept of max 2% extra, living wage rises will happen but only if economic conditions allow

-Government pledges to free lower court judges from having to follow past ECJ rulings, IDS welcomes it as taking power back but Lord Pannick fears this could lead to legal uncertainty

-Thornberry says she comes from heart of the party, Corbyn's advisers let him down like on Salisbury but Corbyn brought Labour back to it's values and initially a clarity of vision, she would offer clear strategic thinking, she has shown she can take on Boris, being southern isn't a problem and she is from a council estate with mixed life providing her a wide range of experiences

-Burgeon says important one of Corbyn's initial backers stands for leadership

-Drakeford says nothing wrong with Labour's core message and all it needs is a retune

-The retiring Lady Hale pleads for us to avoid going down US Supreme Court style road,, number 10 initially refuses to rule it out and very quickly has to rule it out as they realize press ears were perking up

-Baroness Warsi say Tory inquiry is too narrowly focused and has doubts about it's head "The Runnymede Trust encapsulated it when they said he is somebody who believes racism is a contested term and that institutional racism simply doesn't exist.", Muslim Council of Britain has the same concerns

-Emma Dent Coad looking at legal action against Gymiah while refuses to blame her illness for defeat but blames barrage of nastiness

-Labour staff warned jobs under threat as scale of defeat means less Short money for the party to pay staff (funding based on vote numbers and seats to help pay for staff for political parties), Thornberry notes it isn't the senior poisonous staff who should leave whose jobs are actually under threat but blameless juniors, Streeting complains similar that the architects remain while the lower paid staff facing losing their jobs

Does Corbyn and his crew have any honour?

-Sinn Feinn accuses Julian Smith of using health crises as political leverage as they feel he could directly intervene to settle the pay dispute issue but is choosing to use it to put pressure on Stormont parties

-Sturgeon votes democracy will prevail in terms of getting second referendum

-Corbyn blanks Boris during the walk to Queen Speech and has just looked absolutely petty, one leader rather more smiley then the other while Thornberry and Blackford visibly jostle each other for prime spot

-Vadaker on Boris “He is the guy that you see, he’s bright, he’s witty, very personable, but he is a bit eccentric as well. He’s not the standard politician but that’s probably a good thing on balance,”, doesn't believe Boris is a little Englander but an internationalist who sees Britain as having a role to play in Europe and the world

-Boris says he is preparing a plan for the next ten years, his personal relations with Corbyn has been excellent and he does not doubt Corbyn's sincerity, pledges a commission to look at measures that could restore trust in government, hints he still has plans for Scotland-N.Ireland bridge

-Brexit department closing on Jan31st, feel this is symbolic move but given part 2 is then going to happen a mistake

-Bank of England interest rates hold at 0.75%

-Anna Turley won libel action against Unite and Skwawkbox after they made claims about her honesty (something they doubled down on court rather then apologize), 75k in damages, Unite plan to appeal.

-Hancock hopes to start cross party talks immediately on social care (given state of Labour and Lib Dems, he may need to wait till the spring)

-Commons agree to Friday sitting for Brexit bill

-Tracey Crouch and Eddie Hughes get the loyal address job

-Blackford not pleased Boris looked at phone when Blackford was addressing him in Commons (bad move by Boris as Blackford is SNP's leader in Westminster and SNP won Scotland)

-Goldsmith to be given a peerage so he can stay as an environment minister,, will attend cabinet as he did before election

-Number 10 says the word Brexit may be with us for years when asked if it will stop saying Brexit after Brexit

-Brexit bill changes basically drop all the changes May agreed to, have seen Lord Dubs amendment on children refugees dropped with only a statement promised (government says plans haven't changed so why drop it?), includes way they can quietly extend transition phase and removes MP's veto on it, removes parliament role in overseeing future relationship plans (government would have had to make statement on intentions and got it passed via parliament) and workers rights (though that was expected as government saying will be in separate bill)


-Dan Jarvis lessons from his Barnsley seat

-Mundell SNP does not have the mandate

-Sam Tarry says Blair is being simplistic and bonds were broken between voters by him

-Anneliese Dodds "#QueensSpeech very thin on working rights; welcome commitment to support leave for carers but nothing on maintaining rights from EU. Unclear what helping people to save means in this context..."


-Sam McBride N.Ireland landscape is changing

-Garvan Walshe defends merging Dfid and Foreign Office

-Kettle Tories electoral success in recent elections and their future should be bigger story

-Owen Jones what went wrong for Labour

-Rachel Wearmouth Tory's Scotland problem
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Fri Dec 20, 2019 7:14 pm

Brexit bill passes by more then Boris majority, ChangeUK folds, Clive Lewis enters Labour race, government blames DUP for no Stormont, new Bank of England Governor
-Papers on Queen's Speech and Boris pledge for a new golden age or Bank of England or NHS stories

-Independent Group for Change or ChangeUK as they became known being wound up, it's high point was the sizeable defections from the two main parties but never built it's base, confused leadership, changing logo and names, the MEP elections saw them fail badly to Lib Dems and was pretty much dead-party walking. I suspect we won't see a new party for some time now with the "two party system dead" clearly not having come true. Even if Corbynites win again, Labour MP's will stick and fight it out as they have seen what happens if they split

-Paul Golding, the leader of the far-right group Britain First, attempted to join Tories to show support for Boris comments about Islam and try to do a Momentum. Boris should be sickened at what he has done

-Cooper on government removing Dubs amendment "Utterly shameful decision by Government to ditch their responsibility to let lone refugee children rejoin their families. Hits the most vulnerable and desperate children. No reason at all for Govt to do this. They chose to. Shows what kind of PM this really is"

-The original heir to Corbyn Clive Lewis enters race with pitch with "truth-telling"

-Julian Smith says no Stormont before Christmas and in a surprising move, makes clear DUP are the hold up. DUP furious at what they see as attempting to box them into corner to accept a deal they aren't happy with (I also suspect this could be a problem for if Stormont election is forced)

-Leadsom welcomes FRC extending probe into collapse of Thomas Cook

-Hancock wants all frontline NHS staff to have flu jab

-Ashworth says Tories need to add an extra £6 billion to make up for cuts in NHS

-Gove suggests Sturgeon concentrate on Scotland's schools and hospital rather then independence

-During election period, Tories got £18 million in donation and Labour £5.4 million, Brexit party (mostly due to one figure) got £4.1 million

-More than £3.5m was spent on security for MPs in the last financial year

-Sir Stramer makes his pitch with a rallying cry

-Andrew Bailey to be new Governor of Bank of England from 16th March with Carney agreeing to stay on till then, well regarded in the civil service and served a long time as he rose through the Bank including a leading role in dealing with the finical crises, knows the regulations and the running of the city like the back of his hand. However had seemed to fall out of running as his leadership of FCA got a lot of criticism for things like Neil Woodford, handling of RBS and slow to react to dangers. Suspicion his keeping quiet on Brexit didn't hurt as some of the recent frontrunners had not been pro Brexit

McDonnell not too keen "As an establishment figure with what some consider is a less than inspiring record at the FCA Andrew Bailey will need to demonstrate early that he appreciates the need to address the deep structural problems of our economy & like Mark Carney understands the climate change threat." A lot of reactions seem to be either welcoming a safe pair of hands or concerns at an unimaginative appointment damaged by FCA

-Third quarter growth revised up to 0.4% but zero growth in business investment has raised concerns

-European parliament vice president, Pedro Silva Pereira expects EU Parliament to pass Withdrawal Agreement by 29th January but trade talk timetable very short and 11 months for something so complex is unprecedented, key issues will be regulatory dis-alignment

-Barclay says abolishing his department is an exciting opportunity for government and thanks staff who will be redeployed across Whitehall where their experience on such talks will be useful

- Boris Brexit deal passed 358 vs 234 , with several Labour MP's abstaining including shadow housing minster John Healey but even with that, 124 being rather bigger margin then Boris 80 majority, program motion to ensure timetable passes 353 vs 243

Boris says Brexit bill passing should not be seen as victory for any one party or faction, need to stop with leave or remain labels as become tired, ruling out extension will strengthen hand in talks and any extension would be liked 'Prometheus chained to the Tartarian crag, his liver pecked out by an eagle and then growing back only to be pecked out again in the cycle repeated forever', committed to taking in child refugees. Corbyn says he believes there is a better and fairer way to Brexit then using it as a battering ram for deregulation, condemns removing child refugee clause. Sir Stramer warns Tory MP's doing things just because government has a majority doesn't mean it is right and points to child refugee issue, people need to uphold standards, Brexit will happen as election makes clear

A few Labour MP's like Pennycock and McKinnell warning "Get Brexit done" is about to be exposed, some Tory MP's with painful Brexit+Christmas puns, N.Ireland MP's protest the deal. Green wishes people to stop defining themselves as leavers or remainers while last few years have been miserable for democracy and Lord Dubs not happy at his amendment being axed, Abrahams says worse then before.

-SNP emailing journalists on how to interrogate Scottish Tories has not gone down well among media

-Alistair Jack says Boris will consider Sturgeon's request for referendum and reply next year (interesting tack from Scottish Secretary), notes SNP have changed tactics near end of election to Brexit as public don't support independence referendum

-Sir Hoyle has discovered he has diabetes but doesn't feel it will impact his job

-Boris spotted signing autographs to MP's copies of Withdrawal Agreement

-Cabinet Office says it is unlikely Cairns wasn't told something about the collapse of the trial but evidence not enough to suggest ministerial code was breached but Mark Field breached ministerial code when he grabbed the protester. Field already out while I think the scepticism in the tone of the investigator about Cairns claims of ignorance will kill any chance Cairns had of returning to high office


-Lord Lamont jokes he has fantasied about Grimsby winning Fa Cup, never even fantasied they would have a Tory MP

-Crouch's loyal address was funny as she spoofed her career chances and LoveActually while on serious point talks of need for goodwill and kindness on all sides and let friendship grow

-Sir Davey on Boris "willingness to jump unashamedly over every red line he had previously been willing to die in the ditch for will have been noted in Brussels by Europe’s rather more skilful negotiators”, “His so-called triumph of achieving a deal for Brexit phase one was only possible because he betrayed his big promise to the DUP,” that Boris best weapon could be his “unmatched flexibility with the truth” and his tactics as “bulldog bluster combined with the record of a turncoat”.

-Rory Stewart how the centre can revive

-Snell blames Remain leaders like Sir Stramer and Thornberry for loss of red-wall

-Sobel defeat due to long running structural issues and hard grind needed

-Lord Glasman Corbyn and New Labour's belief in the pld Whig theory has killed the party, now will King Boris understand the value of labour in way the left once knew

-Colum Eastwood the leader of the SDLP uses maiden speech in Commons to warn plans for amnesty for veterans risks the peace in N.Ireland “Is prosecuting those veterans vexatious? No, it is not. We will resist this attempt to undermine our peace process and our political progress and this insult to victims, all of the victims of our terrible, terrible past, and the opportunity that has been denied to them since 1998 to find full truth and full justice. We stand by every single one of those victims, no matter who the perpetrator was. People on opposite benches need to understand this. If you begin with an amnesty for the British Army you will end up with an amnesty for everybody. So it would better suit this prime minister and this government to stand by all of the victims, all of the innocent victims who have been searching for truth and justice for far too long.”

-Andrew Mitchell says they can see of SNP calls for referendum till Brexit is done and the settlement is clear but not much longer then that

-Redwood wants Bank of England to change it's main goal to promote growth as inflation under control right now

-Jenkin says ERG happy with Boris deal, it is a compromise deal in right direction and remainers wrecked Boris ability to get it through earlier, ERG are now the manifesto support group.

-Anneliese Dodds says Boris deal is very concerning and has dropped promises from May and Labour would try to set out concerns for their constituents

-Cadbury "Never have we had a prime minister that spent so much effort avoiding scrutiny. We’ve noticed in recent weeks that when he can’t avoid the question he responds with a posh bloke version of Little Britain’s Vicky Pollard: ‘Nah but ya, but nah but yah.’"

-Mike Wood on what he heard on doorstep "They were tired of being patronised by so many people who would claim to represent them, and we’ve even heard some of those sentiments today from the members opposite. The suggestion that, whether it was in the general election or in the referendum campaign, that the voters who firstly voted for Brexit and now for a Conservative government … that they either didn’t understand the question or they were mislead by the slogans, or perhaps their prejudices meant they couldn’t make a fair decision ..."

-Debbie Abrhams "I am going to withhold any firm views until I’ve seen the British election survey when it’s published – the most reliable evidence that you can get on the election – in the new year, but I can’t ignore what constituents were saying to me. They ignored or didn’t believe the evidence or even worse, they didn’t care and I think there’s a lot we need to take from that about how we conduct ourselves. Politics and politicians really need to take that on board. The emotional response to Brexit – and that is what it has been – has been a lesson for all of us."

-Rowley who voted against May's deal “I think all of us who served in the previous parliament, particularly on these benches, regret what happened over the past year or so. Wherever we stood, whatever our views, there was a fog that descended over this place, which meant that people here, otherwise rational, otherwise willing to look at the wider picture, were unable to do so, and it paralysed our politics. And today marks an important stage for many of us that we can start to move on.”


-BBC looks through queen speech

-John Myers excited at planning reform but has some caution

-Hugh Pym government and NHS funding/plans
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sat Dec 21, 2019 6:32 pm

business, media, defence department
-Several papers focus on Prince Phillip rather then Brexit bill

-Nandy Boris handling of Brexit a warning of what is to come

-Leadsom orders competition watchdog to look at takeover of aerospace firm Mettis with fears on security grounds but agrees to takeover of Cobham

-Channel 4 has banned any non-political journalists from tweeting about politics

-BBC's Cristina Criddle, Natalie Ktena and Emma Close abuse on campaign trail

-Boris visits troops in Estonia

-Ben Wallace says there is a shortfall in MOD budget, military will have to cut their cloth and show Treasury some credibility if they are to get funding they want, need also to stop being known for leaks, Cummings has a lot of amazing idea's on how to improve procurement

-Seems to be a push among some in Labour for the party to abandon first past the post and agree to campaign for election reform

-Baroness Natalie Bennett election results from Green perspective

-Opposition say Morgan and Goldsmith going to Lords is cronyism

-Speaker Hoyle says he seeks to make the Westminster village safe and somewhere people will be proud to work with, expect Bercow to be offered the traditional peerage, May helped him deal with diabetes


-Forsyth (sun) Tories need to find way of keeping northern support after Brexit and Corbyn are gone, reshuffle, Labour leadership, downplaying phase 2

-Joe Sousek First Past the post is costly gamble for Labour and they should stop

-Iain Watson some Labour leadership candidates may struggle to get onto final ballot

-Younge left have had successes within Labour but may need to look beyond it now

-Adam Payne Lib Dem runner and riders
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sun Dec 22, 2019 6:05 pm

Lammy considering entering race, Cobham row
-Papers on all sorts

-Sunday Times raises questions about Long-Bailey's story of watching her father fear for his job at Salford docks. They closed when she was two.

-Sir Hoyle says he won't block Big Ben chiming in Brexit if MP's want it

-Lammy says he is considering over Christmas if to run for leadership, Labour should counter Boris by offering civic nationalism and blames defeat on ""perceived world-view, failure of competence, and mind-boggling decision to abdicate leadership"

-Lord West concerned at Cobham being sold given their role in defence capabilities and notes national security concerns have only been mitigating, Sir Davey calls it concerning but Boris says sale has passed a lot of checks

-Boris thanks Estonian Prime Minister Juri Ratas for Estonia's hospitality to British soldiers

-Patel to meet Dunn family as she decides if to make extradition request of US


-Roy Hattersley Labour's democratic socialists must be prepared to fight the hard left

-Lord Dubs calls government approach to child refugees as "extremely mean and lacking in humanitarian instincts".


-Nick Cohen on what Anna Turley's victory tells us about Unite

-Sunder Katwala Tories not making progress with BME voters
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Mon Dec 23, 2019 7:07 pm

Labour review
-Papers on heavy rain for Christmas and flooding concerns

-Lucy Powell will head review Labour's election thumping, on panel will be Ed Miliband, Shabana Mahmood, the defeated Jo Platt, Labourlist website editor Sienna Rodgers and James Meadway the former economic adviser to shadow chancellor John McDonnell. Looking for trade union representative and someone to represent local community figures but not exactly a Corbyninte panel, does seem to be trying to include the Milibtes and other parts of the party.

-Afzal Khan attacks government on dropping Lord Dubs amendment


-Alex Niven Labour and the north
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Tue Dec 24, 2019 6:18 pm

Christmas stuff, government homeless scheme, Labour
-Papers on Queen Speech

-Government says it may take action if football doesn't get a grip on racism but feels the sporting authorities are making progress, sets up £63m grant scheme to help homeless households in England into accommodation but Healey argues too little too late

-McDonnell supports Gary Neville's comments about racism but seems to ignore Neville condemning that we entered election with two racist main parties

-Mike Katz, chair of the Jewish Labour Movement says they have to keep fighting

-Both leaders thank public sector staff working over Christmas, Boris on persecutions for Christians across the world, Corbyn on scale of inequality and praises those working in food banks+emergency shelters

-Powell says there is real appetite for all Labour factions to come together to look at what went wrong, "I think retreating into a factional-based analysis would be the worst thing we could do at this juncture,", Labour coalition has fundamentally changed in last 20 years


-Richard Carr how the centre-left can come back

-Arj Singh talks to MP's and ex-MP's about the value of incumbency
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Wed Dec 25, 2019 6:37 pm

Dan Jarvis considering entering race, Andrew Miller has died
-Dan Jarvis indicates he may run for Labour leadership, warns they have to listen to people in heartlands, need to have a credible leader, be credible on economy and security, a credible manifesto none of which Labour had in election. Not sure how this will go down as Sheffield region where he is Mayor

-Andrew Miller, Labour MP for Ellesmere Port and Neston from 92 till retiring in 2015, has died. Served as Science and technology committee chair for over a decade, helped Malta's (was educated there) political parties to help get into EU, pushed for a Mandela Plague in Westminster
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