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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Tue Nov 19, 2019 6:31 am

First leaders debate 8pm tonight on ITV, Corbyn vs Boris head to head
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Sun Fin » Tue Nov 19, 2019 9:42 am

I clearly have no more idea of Prince Andrew's innocence or guilt than the next person. However his conduct in that interview was appalling. How self-centred can you be? There was no empathy or sympathy for the victims of Epstein, and it seemed that the only reason he felt that he shouldn't be friends with Epstein was because it was unbecoming to his image, not because the man sexually abused women and Prince Andrew feels anything for them. At the end I was just left feeling that whether innocent or guilty he was a deeply unpleasant human being.

I can't believe that the Brexit party can potentially go to a GE without a manifesto. I think that is absurd. How do we not have legislation that every party who is standing in an election must produce a manifesto at least 3-4 weeks before voting day?!
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Tue Nov 19, 2019 7:13 pm

Sun Fin wrote:I clearly have no more idea of Prince Andrew's innocence or guilt than the next person. However his conduct in that interview was appalling. How self-centred can you be? There was no empathy or sympathy for the victims of Epstein, and it seemed that the only reason he felt that he shouldn't be friends with Epstein was because it was unbecoming to his image, not because the man sexually abused women and Prince Andrew feels anything for them. At the end I was just left feeling that whether innocent or guilty he was a deeply unpleasant human being.

I can't believe that the Brexit party can potentially go to a GE without a manifesto. I think that is absurd. How do we not have legislation that every party who is standing in an election must produce a manifesto at least 3-4 weeks before voting day?!

If I was his PR minder (who are all making clear they were against this), I would have found a cat and thrown it on the table. Literally. I have seen bits and pieces here and there, read the odd article but it looks really really bad, like he had no thought for the victims and just dug a massive hole for himself, so arrogant, talk of honourable and leadership in circumstances like that.... Damaging for the Royal Family becuase this is leading to questions about their lifestyle, about their accountability

I'm wondering how much heart Farage has in this. I guess few policies allow them to remain as united as they are going to be rather then risks splits and saves money


policies, Brexit, preparing for debate, McDonnell speech
-Papers on Prince Andrew, a few in press sensing Labour may have a problem among Indian diaspora

-High court felt ITV editorial decision wasn't a matter for them

-Labour pledge £4.5m on 82 new officers to tackle wildlife crimes, close fox hunting loopholes

-Tories pledge whole life without parole for child killer, a prison education service with dedicated work coaches for every jail as part of reforms to get more ex-cons into jobs afterwards

-Labour stance on Tories reversing tax cut is it is only a pause during the election

-Buckland doubts Tories will have a free vote on repealing hunting ban as time has moved on

-Boris says he will refuse to ever debate Sturgeon, Sturgeon quips "Is this the ‘die in a ditch’ definition of ‘never’?

-McDonnell attacks existence of billionaires, feels companies that fail on climate-change should be delisted from stock exchange, rewrite companies act so directors have to consider wide interests, large firms should change auditing companies every five years, media having to fill in gaps left by regulators, large debts on former students is not sustainable

-Foster rules out deal with Corbyn as concerns he is a threat to union, economy and defence

-Alistair Jack says 2021 Hollyrood elections will tell if SNP have legitimacy for a second Scottish referendum, rather undermining Boris line on Labour there


-Sad I want to highlight this but was such a pleasure yesterday seeing policslive where economists Liam Hallignan and Grace Blakley, figures from very very different strands of thinking (she of the radical left, he of the radical right) were joshing and friendly even when they disagreed utterly

-Gordon Brown says country isn't just divided on Brexit but between rich and poor, north and south. could take a generation to drain the poison with nationalists inflaming the tensions, backs Labour.

-Leicester East Labour chairman and councillor John Thomas resigns from a "laughing stock" party led by "a clown" while accusing selection process of being fixed

-Umunna says the prince is a complete disgrace, Farage says more a problem for the Prince then the monarchy

-There is a viral story about Swinson and squirrels. It is fake news and the spread of it is leading to debates about fake news on social media

-Brexit Party's MEP For Scotland Louis Stedman-Bryce resigns over Brexit and the party selecting a candidate with homophobic views

-Farage says some parts of UK system is equivalent of a failed South American state, feels Brexit will be the start of radical transformation of politics, some unofficial local pacts with Tories in Labour marginals but is out of his control

-McCluskey says Milliband was wrong to resign a day after defeat, if Corbyn loses then should stay on for period of reflection, Labour under Corbyn deserve to win by massive landslide


-Ed Conway on changing landscape for the parties spending plans and fiscal rules

-Guy Dampier Labour's Hindu concern

-Paul Waugh Corbyn may be running out of time and ability to surprise

-Stephen Bush Boris erred in agreeing to head to head
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Wed Nov 20, 2019 7:38 pm

Tories took extraordinary steps to lie on social media during debate to point Twitter have got annoyed, Boris leaks a pledge, Lib Dem and Green manifesto's launched, anti-Semitism suspensions
-Papers on the debate, the Brexit paper highlighting Corbyn dodging Brexit question many many times and fury over the Tory social media lie, Prince Andrew and NHS maternity scandal

-Tories CCHQ press office twitter account, during the debate, changed their name to "factcheckUK" plus title plus logo (though handle remained their same), disguising as a fact-checker account and using their blue tick. Does Boris and his team have no sense of the truth? Tories are being hammered for this, Tories say they should be allowed to rebut points in debate (which everyone agrees with, they could have done that without changing the name to something misleading) and since the twitter handle tucked under their new name and logo meant everyone knew it was Tory account while Rab says nobody gives a toss.

Twitter makes an unusual intervention though others not happy there has been no punishment (Labour via Butler has suggested suspending account during debate and removing the tick would have been good ideas) "Twitter is committed to facilitating healthy debate throughout the UK general election. We have global rules in place that prohibit behaviour that can mislead people, including those with verified accounts. Any further attempts to mislead people by editing verified profile information – in a manner seen during the UK election debate – will result in decisive corrective action.". Electoral Commission says they can not intervene but pointedly asks for people to take their role responsibly and push for campaign transparency

-Boris wants to fast track prosecutions of knife crime and increase stop&search, flood resilience grants for those recently impacted by floods, will put a lot more money into social care, seen no evidence of Russian interference in UK elections. Then in a moment of indiscipline, leaks out a key pledge that was clearly not meant to be out yet, rising national insurance threshold with TV interviews promptly delayed as advisers try to work out how to play this given Boris has just revealed something planned for a future event

Feel sorry for the advisers whose plans have been wrecked by Boris inability to be a team-player

-Sturgeon calls Boris a scardy-cat for refusing to ever debate her, condemns Swinson for saying she would be willing to use a nuke in defence, we are just at the warm up act for Brexit chaos given the trade talks to come, Brexit would shrink Scotland's workforce particularly in care-sector, damage Scottish economy and weaken powers of Hollyrood. Separation from UK doesn't have to be as chaotic as Westminster has made Brexit, copies Labour line on trade deal with US

-It would seem some are uneasy at Corbyn mispronouncing Epstein during the debate. I'm not sure most people are really going to see that as an issue though I get how mispronunciation can feel part of an attitude (I would be more disturbed by one economist's reaction to anti-Semitism row today then that), more seriously Tory and Lib Dems have had to suspend candidates today though Board of Deputies president Marie van der Zyl has called for the Lib Dem candidate to be expelled.

-Butler flabbergasted at Boris saying Royal Family is beyond reproach given recent news, it stinks of law not applying to all

-Nearly 7 Million watched debate, only 2 million watched the interviews for other leaders

-Plymouth city council has wrongly registered 635 students and 247 under 18's sent polling cards, both without their consent due to IT blunder


-Lord Falconer calls for Prince Andrew to step away from public duties

-Aaron Banks twitter account hacked, he is not happy at speed of Twitter's response in taking down personal information that was put out in open while police are investigating

-Farage wants net migration of 30-50 thousand a year

-Greens pledge to increase funding for the NHS by at least £6bn per year until 2030, build 100,000 new zero carbon homes for social rent each year, introduce a proportional representation voting system and extend votes to 16 and 17-year-olds, ban the construction of nuclear power stations and fracking for gas and oil, raise corporation tax to 24%, borrow £91.2bn a year to pay for capital expenditure, carbon tax on energy and fossil fuel imports too be increased over ten years

-Lib Dems pledge 20,000 more teachers and an extra £10 billion for schools, would replace Ofsted with a different inspectorate system as they feel Ofsted focus is too narrow (this is better then Labour's mark your own homework approach but I'm wary on this one), safe standing at football grounds, increased aviation duty for frequent flyers

-Caroline Lucas "So far in #GE2019 the Tories have; doctored a @GMB TV interview to slur Labour, been accused of bribing Brexit Party candidates, re-named their Twitter account to deliberately mislead. They can't be trusted. The ITV studio audience knew that, so do the rest of us"

-Plaid suggest a new tax credit for those who have 30% or more of income taken up by rent and utility costs

-IFS says Lib Dems claim of a Remain bonus of 50 billion is plausible and they are only party committed to giving debt down as percentage, universal free childcare would require a new leg on welfare state but while a big boost to the families involved they doubt it will help in the way hoped


-Beth Rigby public don't want either leader on offer

-Mark Devenport election in N.Ireland

-Peston bemoans a lack of intellectual rigour in both sides policies

-James Cook (long read) profiles Sturgeon
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Thu Nov 21, 2019 9:18 pm

Labour manifesto launch pledges
Labour pledge 75 billion over five years to get council house building numbers up to 100,000 a year mostly on brownfield sites, £11 billion windfall tax on oil and gas companies to fund transition to green energy, drop zero emissions by 2030 target, 5% payrise for public sector workers, scrap pension rise from 66 and will review those in manual labour jobs. Financial transaction tax, excessive pay levy, 2nd homes tax, reverse inheritance tax cuts and VAT on private school fees (but won't abolish private schools), corporation tax up to 26%.

Free personal care for elderly, class sizes to be up to 30 pupils only. Councils able to take public ownership of bus networks and offer free bus travel to u-25s, broadband pledge will cost £579 million a year rather then £230 million as had claimed, acknowledges Welsh Labour will back Remain. Not pledging to write off student debt, will axe tuition fees and universal credit, would axe fixed term parliaments act (Tories known to be in favour of that as well), end two-child limit to working credit and end rape clause, put a guard on every train paid for by road taxes (which Tories brought in to pay for repairing roads).

Second referendum would be legally binding, deal would seek UK-wide customs arrangement with the EU; “close alignment with the single market”, and “dynamic alignment on workers’ rights and the environment" which guarantees keeping pace with Eu protections as a start, “legal protection” for citizens’ rights introducing a new “declaratory system” whereby EU citizens no longer have to “apply” to stay, but merely register for proof of status. Continue to participate in the EU funding programmes on science and environment, scrap Operation Yellowhammer,

Crossrail for the north, HS2 to Scotland, aiming for 2030 end to diseil and petrol cards, big six energy company supply divisions to be nationalized. Ban on ATM charges, review colonial legacy (a lovely idea but I suspect this one is going to cause more election trouble then it is worth), War Powers Act to stop a PM unilateral declaring war. Judge led inquiry into complicity in torture. Trident to be renewed, keep 2% GDP on defence commitment and stay in Nato, freedom of movement subject to talks with EU, end to hostile environment for migrants. Inquiry into fake news, end benefit cap, 800 million into a national youth service


Lie after lie after lie by Boris and co, Boris runs away from media scrutiny, Swinson struggling, pledges
-Papers on Prince Andrew "stepping back"

-So the national threshold going up to 12k has been pulled, that is now an ambition and will only go up to £9,500. Tories are having to back away from Boris claiming the 9.5k figure would give people £500 as that isn't true #HonestBoris

-Ofcom reject Labour's complaint about Sky News calling this the Brexit election

-Pundits starting to wonder why public turn against Swinson the more they see of her and noting Swinson is no longer talking about being PM

-Tories doctor a video of Jess Philip taken in October, altering things that indicate the date is today and pretending she is talking about Labour's manifesto being impossible. Another lie from Tories in a discussion where Jess Philips was giving a wider point about if manifesto's can be trusted and giving an engaging interesting answer.

-English Democrat candidate Amy Dalla Mura banned by courts from standing in same seat as Soubry after being convicted of harassment and verbal abuse

-BBC looks at Lib Dem manifesto

-UK government borrowing in October at a five year high for October at £11.2 billion, 2 billion more then expected and 10% increase from last year

-OECD predicts growth will slip next year to 1% and warns against no deal

-Javid says he wants everyone to be better off and focus is on working people being better off, deals with if Prince Andrew's business work will be missed question with a firm focus is on those who had suffered and not on the value of public duties

-Rayner says Labour plans for housing are about rebuilding communities doesn't matter how Corbyn would vote in a referendum but what he does for the people of this country

-Tories bar, despite promises they would be allowed on, Mirror journalist from battle bus. While the Mirror is well known for hostility to Tories and backing Labour, May, Cameron, Hague, Major are among true Tory leaders who didn't seek to push out the press,

-Corbyn says people should judge Labour's manifesto of hope by how many of rich and powerful oppose it and tell you real change is impossible, uses President Roosevelt as an example (was a well written argument), investment will be on a scale people have never known.

The crises facing this country requires radical solutions, his policies would be allowed under EU state aid rules (some doubts in press about that), royal mail workers being treated horribly, we waste enough water via leaks to fill the Loch Ness, he is patriotic (he was asked about this) and it should be about supporting each other rather then attacking others, loves to visit many places of this country to learn more and loves the literature this country has produced.

-Google will no longer allow political advertisers to target voters based on their political affiliation

-Tories reaffirm pledges of lifetime rental deposits, discounts for local first time buyers, helping lower deposits by working with lenders, a million new homes in next five years

-Credit to Labour, Long-Bailey asked audience not to boo journalists and when the idiots inevitably did with Kuessenberg, Corbyn said "we don't do that"

-Labour figures like Corbyn and Long-Bailey seems to be refusing to answer about if they would agree to cross-party talks on social care, I suspect they will need to work out an answer soon.

-Boris says Labour's revealed Brexit policy shows Labour manifesto has no credibility, doesn't go for Labour's tax and spend policies.

-IFS says Labour's claims 95% won't see tax rises is not credible, impossible to understate just how extraordinary manifesto is in terms of spending pledges with 80 billion added to day to day spending and taxes designated to pay for them won't reach that high, the rise in one period is so colossal they don't think it has been done before in UK. Labour seeks to transform society and to do that will have to be paid for by more then the wealthy and businesses and Labour should be honest about that, tax burden would be highest since WW2, would be raising more money via corporation tax then G7 and most of OECD which carries substantial risks, pension pledge could cost £24 billion by 2050

-Brave brave sir Boris pulls out of channel 4 debate


-Swinson says if nobody wins, a government of national unity might need to be tried, could abstain on first Queen Speech in exchange for second referendum

-Lib Dems pledge freeze the cost of many rail fares for five years, to legalise and tax cannabis sales to over-18s, review tax and National Insurance status of employees, dependent contractors and freelancers, 80% renewable energy target, all trains to be electric or hydrogen-powered by 2035, new tax on gambling companies, 11bn for mental health services over five years

-Greens would merge employees' National Insurance, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, dividend tax and income tax into a single consolidated income tax

-Bartley says we have to get off our addiction to fossil fuels, each seat for Greens gives them more influence and sends a message to main parties about need to tackle climate change, car factories have to change to electric anyway as markets change


-Behr on get Brexit done is great slogan won't be reality

-Independents Secret Barrister government toughing up on child killers doesn't add up

-Andrew Grimson feels Boris rivals focus too much on if he lies

-Philip Sim ten Scottish seats to watch

-Faisal Islam Lib Dem tax policy

-Toynbee inspired by Labour manifesto

-Adler EU doesn't believe trade deal can be done by end of 2020
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Fri Nov 22, 2019 6:24 am

Question Time special with all party leaders from 7pm tonight
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Fri Nov 22, 2019 7:18 pm

Brexit party "contract" launch, bits and there of election news
-I don't think anyone is surprised that Labour manifesto is the headline with left praising radicalism, right focusing on cost though some focus on Prince Andrew

-Tories created website called “" and seems to have ensured they get high up in google searches. Hint it is not an honest analysis

-Patel says government not responsible for poverty, blaming local government and education services

-Cleverly defends Tory plans on housing and attacks Corbyn

-British orphans whose parents died in Syria are to be returned home, been a small outcry that they hadn't

-Evening Standard may be in trouble, they claimed Corbyn said something controversial in interview then quietly edited it out as questions were raised

-Channel 4 ask why Boris and Farage aren't willing to join climate change debate

-McDonnell says he will abide with whatever party decide on Brexit, Sir Stramer says UK can't go back to normal after Brexit

-Boris may want to copy Jenrick's attack lines on Corbyn's manifesto about the econimic cost and that Labour claims only billionaires will pay more tax is a fib for next debate, one of the more effective Tory attacks I have seen this election

-Tories pledge House buyers who aren't resident in UK will have to pay higher stamp duty, up 3%

-Having purged the mirror, Tories battlebus broke down due to mirror issue

-Palace of Westminster spent £5.1 million on energy last year with a 28% usage rise

-Labour's windfall tax not in manifesto apparently which is a bit weird

-BBC looks at Labour manifesto pledges

-Rayner says market has failed on housing with many paying a lot for sub-standard accommodation

-Tories got 87% of donations over 7.5k in first election week with £5.7 million with Lib Dems second with 275k raised

-UK misses UN deadline to return Chagos Islands to Mauritius, Corbyn says he will return sovereignty to islanders

-McDonnell admits tax burden will be high but says ten years of austerity damage to public services needs fixing and he will focus that burn on the richest, doesn't think IFS (who he greatly respects) got it right with their doubts about his tax plans and missing how economy would be restructured and democratised, looking at how to deal with student debt but something has to be done as system is collapsing. Return to International Labour Organisation conventions on strike laws but no secondary picketing

-Tory manifesto rumoured to be Sunday


-Anti-Brexit group Led by Donkeys have brought website and offering it to Farage for 1million (price will go up 50k a day) with any money paid going to migrant charities but have agreed to take down Brexit party logo's after lawyers got in contact and using EU laws to try to get website down.

-Berry says we need a smarter energy system and invest more in storage, would accept people voting Brexit once they know the details though at some point Greens would campaign to return to EU thy would accept Brexit was the will of the people

-Widdecombe doubles down on claims Tories offered her a peerage to stand aside

-Greens launched manifesto in area they aren't standing

-Lib Dems pledge 300,000 new homes a year, a rent to own model for social housing, government-backed tenancy deposit loans for all first-time renters under 30, increase council tax by up to 500% where homes are left empty for more than six months.

-Umunna says ending free movement will make it incredibly difficult for parties to fulfil election promises

-Farage says he will retire once Brexit is done, will probably abstain from election (deeply irresponsible for a political leader), Brexit party will be new radicals and return country to post-war norms, people associate manifesto's with lies as parties say what they think people want to hear but have no intention of delivering them. Should have been more discussion about Withdrawal Agreement in election, Canada style deal would be proper clean Brexit, won't split leave vote as picking up those who would never vote Tory, honours system is corrupt.

-Plaid pledge a £20 billion green jobs revolution, investment in rail and bus travel, three tidal lagoons, a barrage and a new offshore wind farm. Electrification of all mainline railways in Wales,
20,000 green social houses and a £5bn home energy efficiency programme. Calls for Treasury to increase spending on green energy by 1% of GDP and raise Wales borrowing limit by a billion

-Adam Price says Labour would have to invest in Wales including green investment to get Plaid support

-I would feel sorry for QT guy who objected to being hit with Labour tax as doesn't feel rich but he doesn't seem to have done any research and calling Burgeon a liar for claiming people like him are in the richest 5% when... Burgeon and Labour have been accurate

-Dr Rosena Allin-Khan with a nice campaign video

-Brexit party's slim manifesto/contract: Budget neutral over five years as debt way too high, Australian style immigration system with numbers down to "post war norms" of 50,000 with temporary work permits for any NHS worker shortages, abolish Lords, "citizens’ initiative” ie triggering a referendum if 5 million people sign a valid register calling for a public vote on a particular issue. Constitutional convention to discuss written constitution,, scrap VAT on fuel bills and domestic fuel bills, no corporation tax for businesses earning less the 10k, get 200 billion by shrinking foreign aid budget, no EU payments, scrapping HS2 and getting money back from Europe's investment bank, immediate deportation for those who sneak into UK. Scrap TV license fee, abolish inheritance tax, 24 hour GP surgeries, £2.5bn in fishing and coastal communities abolish privatization in NHS.

-Scottish Labour pledge free school meals for all at state school, accuses SNP of seeking to create hard border, take railways back into public ownership

-Peter Oborne says BBC's head Tony Hall is reluctant to call out Boris as a liar (BBC policy is to avoid using that term, something can be lies but someone isn't a liar)


-Sam Bowman condemns Labour's tax plans

-Goodman Tory expectations may be too high

-Peston on Labour manifesto

-Younge Labour hopes hope for the future and a different alternative

-Faisal Islam Labour's business plan different from what we are used to but maybe not Europe's
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sat Nov 23, 2019 5:40 pm

pledges, fallout from debate, Momentum might be in trouble
-Papers on Corbyn's neutrality and Prince Andrew

-Tories pledge £1.6 billion on dementia research, £500m fund for new medicines for cancer and other diseases, would ban all out rail strikes

-Reality Check on some of the claims during debate

-BBC looks at Brexit manifesto/contract

-Coco Cola take legal advice about a Momentum political advert using their imagery

-Labour would charge offshore firms 20% for property purchases, increase HMRC targeted audits, inquiry into finance sector, scrapping non-dom status. Youth manifesto would lower voting age to 16 with automatic voter registration, £250m to build up to 500 new youth centres, ban to unpaid internships, end of tuition fees and restore maintenance grants

-Hancock denies GP home visits will be scrapped though BMA wants that to happen

-Abbott says for Labour, values rather then numbers will guide immigration system

-Corbyn says 50 of the 150 billionaires in country funds Tory party, the other 100 should do likewise as Tories fund them (that feels mean-spirited)

-Unhappiness in Lib Dem ranks at the sheer luck of numbers at BBC debates (I suspect Sheffield was not the best place for them either)


-Richard Leonard quips "Say what you like about Jo Swinson, but she’s got more experience serving in a Tory government than Boris Johnson."

-Bim Afolami on why Lib Dems are not cutting through

-Farage slams BBC for lack of questions about Boris deal to Boris but notes the real hostility of audience to the political leaders, says the issue of Brexit and issue of patriotism is huge and Corbyn being seen as unpatriotic will make itself felt in votes

-Gordon Brown says Boris leaving number 10 would be first step to restoring common decency

-Bartley warns climate change could kill more people then WW2, Prince Andrew withdrawing from public life is not the answer to a situation where questions are unanswered

-Swinson proud of standing up for what she believed in at QT


-Henry Hill Tories not playing for landslide

-Glen O'Hara Labour haven't taken into account the limitations of Whitehall with heir manifesto

-Paul Mason questions IFS concerns about Labour plans

-Freedland Labour doesn't need a majority
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sun Nov 24, 2019 7:11 pm

Tory manifesto
Tories release before launch that end to NHS car parking fees for certain groups (disabled, night shift staff) and triple tax lock (income tax, national insurance contributions or VAT) to prevent tax being raised on people (this, under anyone, is a utterly stupid pledge), will bring forward withdrawal agreement to Parliament before Christmas. £500 million national pothole-filling programme and an extra £250m a year for childcare support for at least three years, £6.3bn for environmental upgrades to homes, National Skills Fund of £600m a year for five years, ban on exporting plastic waste to countries outside outside OECD. The reaction to the morning reveals was "bit disappointing"

10 free ports to be created, no Brexit extension, more child benefit for children overseas, 50,000 more nurses (seems to be the big pledge they want people to notice but press have noticed that includes retaining 19,000 nurses so rather less then 50,000, being hammered on this), £1bn of additional funding for social care in every year of the next parliament bu no mention of reform or plan to change social care. £34bn per year by the end of the parliament in additional funding for NHS, Leeds to Manchester Rail then spread it other northern cities, £28.8bn investment in strategic and local roads (Hammond's policy).

Get rid of Fixed Term Parliament Act, 80% of UK trade covered by free trade agreements within the next three years, increase the defence budget by at least 0.5%, workers have the right to request a more more predictable contract. Bring back nursing bursary which they scrapped, gambling act to address loot boxes, blames BBC for not bringing back free license fee for the aged, no Leveson part 2. Australian immigration system but with job offer required, aid budget at 0.7%, £600m over six years for electric cars, £350m in cycling.

media rounds, Waspi pledge, Rees-Mogg still exiled
-Papers on Labour's Waspi pledge or Tory manifesto

-McDonnell feels campaign is going well, believes in miracles but don't need one to win, Wapsi payment is a debt of honour, Labour cabinet will be able to campaign either side of referendum, spending reflects a huge challenges the country faces and needs to fix, free movement would be a negotiating issue

-Gove calls manifesto "unambiguously, unapologetically and unashamedly pro-worker, pro-growth and pro-British values,", helping to protect workers wages, can work with some in Labour to build cross party consensus on social care

-Labour pledge to compensate the Wapsi woman with a lump sum, costing government £58 million but doesn't say how they will find the money (so there goes "everything is costed" which seems an unwise move), individual payments of an average of £15,380 with some payouts as high as £31,300. This could be very popular

-Rayner has every right to argue for the Waspi woman but I find the language of "money stolen" as toxic, surprised she was so at loggerheads with Marr

-Javid says government debt will be lower at end of parliament then now, blames downgrade of credit rating on parliament's paralysis, manifesto is most green manifesto ever published by any party, believes trade talks can be done in 11 months

-Foster says they can do business with Labour if it isn't led by Corbyn who would wreck the economy and defence of the nation, doubts Boris will get a majority

-BBC in row with others who feel it was wrong to edit out, for news clip, Boris being laughed at when talking about truth

-All cabinet manifesto's at Tory manifesto launch. Bar Rees-Mogg.

He will not be in cabinet after election

-Government forced to deny armed forces will shrink

-Boris says he hasn't got into details of the Tory twitter factcheck row

-Hancock says on reversing nurse bursaries cut that being a newish Health Secretary under a new PM allowed one to review past policies, one social care the first phase is the money promised, second is finding cross-party consensus, third is ensuring nobody has to lose home to pay off it while hinting he would like to be free at point of use

-IFS says Tories claims about NHS spending highest ever is technically true but misleading as only on cash terms, most of the spending boosts were already announced and it looks like there won't be more spending like on justice next parliament. Not happy at telling public they can have more spending in key areas without admitting there will be tax costs with things like the tax lock, manifesto tax and spend plans would be modest for a budget, dithering on social care.

Resolution Foundation suggests day to day spending increase would £2.9bn per year by 2023-24, compared to £82.9bn for Labour and £62.9bn for the Lib Dems while size of state at 41% would be highest since McMillion's day for a Tory (Labour would be 45%)


-Caroline Lucas challenges Boris to climate change debate

-Cooper on NHS

-Former head of MI6 Richard Dearlove claims Corbyn is a danger to national security, did this at last election

-Swinson says collective responsibility mean people haven't always seen the battles that went on between Tories and Lib Dem in coalition years, Boris on course for majority, questions where Wapsi money is coming from

-Adam Price says Wales owes a moral debt to other countries as it has benefited from colonialism, angry about intergenerational poverty in Wales


-James Morris if Labour fixes trust problem then they could yet win

-Rawnsley Brexit won't be done after election

-Nick Cohen condemns Gove's attitude to the truth and that he represents the era we are in
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Mon Nov 25, 2019 8:20 pm

More pledges, the founder of the internet condemns Tory misuse of it, big Blair speech
-Papers lead on Boris manifesto, some focusing on his claim stakes have never been higher, others focusing on how empty and small spending it is or it's NHS focus

-Labour arts manifesto pledges £1bn of new investment in upgrading and building new libraries, museums, galleries and other arts venues, £175 million a year arts pupil premium, town of culture competition, £1bn in youth services, maintain free access to national museums and galleries, and introduce greater transparency in lottery funding. Private rents would not be allowed to go up by more than inflation, bing in open-ended tenancies and more action on bad landlords with an annual property MOT

-Tories strengthen the UK’s corporate governance regime, insolvency rules and the audit system, review on business rates (business groups are not overjoyed at the can kicking), increase the R&D tax credit rate by a percentage point. 50 million more GP appointments, £250m a year for at least three years plus a £250m capital spending boost, for "wraparound" childcare, bring in lifetime deposits for renters and end to no fault evictions, "constitution, democracy and rights" commission to review the balance between crown, parliament and judges (expect this to be more aimed at the judges and parliament rather then the executive), Queen Speech would be December 19th (usually the day she goes for her Christmas break so she will love Boris for this...)with reduced ceremony if majority

-Sturgeon says scrapping Trident would be redline for deal with Labour

-National Grid and SSE have moved ownership of UK operations overseas to try to protect from Labour's nationalisation, Labour says such a move shows why there are plans are needed

-Sir Tim Berners-Lee condemns Tories spreading misinformation on the internet like that "factcheck" stunt, can't trust people who impersonate others and call for Facebook to stop ban targeted political adverts

-BBC looks at Tory manifesto

-IFS says Labour will have to raise taxes even more to cover Wapsi payment while interesting they found money for that but not to reverse welfare hits to the poorest, the lack of significant policy action in Tory manifesto is remarkable

-Healey says rogue landlords have been allowed to flourish and people have more rights buying a freezer then renting a house, Germany shows one can have strong rental market and strong rules

-Nicky Morgan says Tories manifesto will go down well as people want to see realistic policies, consensus needing on social care, on nursing bursary sometimes one has to reverse a decision based on evidence of what happened, the 50,000 extra nurses will be over ten years (that detail was not in manifesto)

-Corbyn points out Bezos donation to homeless charities is only 0.09% of his networth, would prefer Amazon paid their taxes, says Blair is wrong to say manifesto is fantasy as has been fully costed

-Drakeford says Welsh Labour will campaign fully for Remain in a referendum, most important election since 1945, Wales would get a 3.4 billion annual budget increase

-IDS offices defaced and attacked, Labour candidate in the area Faiza Shaheen has condemned (very quickly) what has happened


-Gauke election so far

-Jonathan Blake (long read) profiles Swinson

-Hoey says Labour win would be end of Brexit

-Widdecombe and Brexit party do a car convoy stunt, get a quite a few cars but been noted that a lot are those we were able to get from EU

-Keith Simpson says Boris always lets you down, he tends to fail with promises or run away from the battle

-Umunna says Boris deal could make us vassal state of US, Boris as populist and right-wing as Trump, concerned that Boris can lie and spew hatred but it becomes priced in so he gets away with it, will be more tactical voting then any time since 97

-Lib Dems committed to 2% of GDP on defence

-Scottish Greens doesn't want independence referendum to wait till after Brexit transition period

-Former Tory MP and Remainer Ian Taylor has withdrawn his support of successor Raab and backs Lib Dem candidate Monica Harding

-Blair says "getting Brexit done" is a fantasy and quite the cheek from Boris, Brexit may be a distraction but biggest issue since WW2 as what happens with it will impact everything, no deal still on table. We are testing to (he hopes) destruction the experiment "whether it is possible for a major developed nation to turn its politics into chaos and survive without serious economic and social damage to its essential fabric", the election is an example of what a dysfunctional mess this once respected country has become with even African leaders feeling sorry for the UK. Both main parties campaign is that the other guy is worse and are peddling fantasies and public not convinced either party deserve a majority, nobody he has spoken to in EU thinks we can get a Canada style deal by end of 2020 and the nearness of UK makes the idea of such a deal problematic.

Labour's manifesto is radical and would lead to a revolution with nobody knowing where it will end and "a policy debate devoid of rational analysis of the real challenges facing modern developed countries", he is campaigning with some great Labour MP's to help them keep their seats. We will end up with second referendum and then a election following that, hopes someday the sensible mainstream in politics will be rebuilt, will vote Labour, more open to electoral reform then he has ever been. Questions if Tories who advocate WTO Brexit knows what that means and has talked to WTO about this implying they don't think it is a good idea either, trade deals are like reform in every politician is in favour but it quickly becomes unstuck on the details and thinks it will be very difficult to get a US trade deal, Brexit has put Scottish independence back on table.

Feels Corbyn chances of a majority are pretty negligible and the seats they will have most difficulty are working class ones, when he was MP for Sedgefield asking people if they will vote for Labour would cause offence as was seen as an accusation of disloyalty to party, a good thing people are less tribal but causes main parties problems. Glad people are less deferential and more questioning but they need to share responsibility for what happens to their country, quality of political discourse needs to be improved, advocates tactical voting to stop Brexiteers (won't himself as a former party leader).


-Simon Jenkins not a real Tory manifesto

-Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett why don't we believe we deserve nice things

-Peston Boris taken gamble with lack of spending

-Julian Jessop feels Tory plans are fiscally responsible

-John Harris Corbyn only leader to be building a narrative but has misread the public and failing to sell his plans

-Mark Wallace Tory manifesto not great for fiscal conservatives but some comfort

-Sean O'Grady worried by suggested Commission
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