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Unread postby Dong Zhou » Thu Jul 05, 2018 6:53 pm

-Great concerns at more Salisbury poisonings though doesn't seem to have been an attack which leads to other questions about the clean up. Government trying to reassure the Salisbury is safe and consulting our allies while demanding an explanation from Russia

-Rudd had to cancel meeting about transgender rights due to bomb threat

-Blackford embarrassed by Douglas Ross who pointed out Sturgeon had to create new posts due to new powers. Have a guess what Blackford was complaining about

-Jaguar Land Rover says no deal Brexit would mean tariffs of £1.2 billion a year which might mean it has to go into Europe and leave UK, pulling it's 80 billion planned investment. I'm not sure Paterson explaining they have got it wrong and they will be better off is going to persuade them as will be tariff free, nor being called project fear. Trade body asked about Paterson's comments got ""We're not going to dignify those comments with a response because they're not worth anything." while a fair few mocking Paterson for knowing better then the heads of the company about the risks facing the company

-Downing Street calls new plan "facilitated customs arrangement" as May meets Merkel (who is glad England remain in world cup). Seems that parts have leaked that suggest we would be regulatory aligned to extent that USA trade deal is unlikely according to spectator. Rees-Mogg says if true then it needs to be torn up now, Paterson says it is a breach of manifesto promise and other Brexiteers not happy, Brexit department leaking Davies is putting up a fight while a letter of his has leaked warning May that EU will reject it

-Is frustration Corbyn went with buses at PMQ's

-Unhappiness that SNP forced votes during England's game against Columbia and then were slow actually voting. Meaning Commons staff who might have liked to watch their team couldn't. SNP deny this was deliberate but one of their own MP was openly lauding it.

-McVey expected to survive as Labour failing to build a sense of pressure, Bercow proved helpful to her and May is really unlikely to want to do another reshuffle. McVey refuses to say National Audit Office has her full confidence

-Gove says we will get to keep larger share of fish post-Brexit, there will be quota's but UK will have more control of the negotiations. UKIP say it a smokescreen with little to change

-Met police head Cressida Dick says crime information sharing will be "clunkier, clumsier and more expensive" if no security deal

-Those in press unhappy with government push on transgender issue seem to be raising their voices

-Vardaker says preparations for no deal are advanced

-Customs Bill before Commons on 16th July and report stage of trade on bill on 17th

-Labour's definition of anti-Semitism follows some but not all of International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's version (doesn't include accusing Jewish people of being more loyal to Israel than their home country, claiming that Israel’s existence as a state is a racist endeavour, requiring higher standards of behaviour from Israel than other nations and comparing contemporary Israeli policies to those of the Nazis.) Jewish groups not happy

-Sebastian Kurz, the Austrian chancellor, willing to extend article 50 if need be to avoid hard border

-Some ministers not happy Merkel saw white paper before they did

-Corbyn warns if left parties across Europe are seen as the establishment then they lose and they must reject austerity

-Carney says he is confident first quarter slowdown due to weather, world cup win would be a boost to economy and jokes he is getting his waistcoat this afternoon

-JP Morgan seem to be moving people to Europe as part of it's Brexit plans


-Caroline Lucas on Vote Leave and electoral reform

-15 UK MEP's says if Vote Leave did cheat then that justifies a second referendum

-Sir Cable says he knows Jaguar head well and he isn't bluffing

-Germany Industry UK, which represents big companies like BMW and Mercedes, says Brexit uncertainty has made the 100 businesses reluctanct to invest in UK and they need Brexit certainty soon


-Kettle on May's handling of Brexit

-Theodore Dalrymple (sun) bemoans worship of NHS

-James Frayne warns Javid needs to show he can handle a crises

-Professor David Paton Brexiteers must save May from soft Brexit
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Fri Jul 06, 2018 6:06 pm

-Frustration that vote/debate on proxy voting postponed due to other debates and Urgent Question's

-German interior minister Horst Seehofer unhappy that EU is being so dogmatic that it threatens security and fees that should be sorted quickly but he seems to have done that without Merkel's approval and is getting slapped down by EU Commission

-Hammond says he won't reform business rates till he has dealt with other taxes first despite pressure from Morgan and Rees-Mogg

-May tells cabinet it their duty and opportunity to agree a Brexit deal. Believed May's plan has alignment on goods but due to end of free movement then no deal on services, accept ECJ on some areas. Boris held seven cabinet ministers (Davis, Gove, Leadsom, Dr Fox and McVey among them) to discuss tactics in Foreign Office, Brexiteers briefing anonymously their unhappiness but a sense Brexiteers won't resign from cabinet with number 10 briefing that any who did resign can't use their ministerial card to go back. Sturgeon says she hopes there is resignation as means May hasn't fudged the issue

-Russia saying they expect UK will be forced to apologize to them

-Number 10 says they can still have trade deal with USA, Ambassador Woody Johnson says trade deal with UK is priority for Trump

-Interest rate rise expected in August

-Cameron was dispatched by May to persuade Boris to stay in line as her compromise is only one that will pass Commons. One source says he succeeded and Boris went around whining, blaming everybody but himself and saying things would have been better if Brexiteer like Gove had been PM (a lot of Brexiteers are doing the great betrayal narrative, that it isn't their fault but Whitehall/May/MP's/Southgate and that the problem for all the alarming issues is not Brexit itself). Another source claims Boris persuaded Cameron that May's plan is the worst and Cameron to take pride in being father of Brexit

The latter did manage to stop itself claiming Cameron then thanked Boris for his absolute loyalty.

-Mike Russell says he is sympathetic to second referendum though a similar Scotland on wrong side of vote would be a real issue, accuses Westminster of shuttng SNP out and not allowing them to see drafts of key papers and decisions and lack of information on areas covering devolved matters is not helping govern Scotland

-Airbus CEO Tom Enders has launched a highly unusual attack on government "The sun is shining brightly on the UK, the English team is progressing towards the final, the RAF is preparing to celebrate its centenary and HMG still has no clue, no consensus on how to execute Brexit without severe harm."", it is discomforting that there is no clue or consensus yet, they owe truth to stakeholders about the impact of hard or disorderly Brexit, is making preparations for bad Brexit but even a soft Brexit will hit the industry. In terms of what Airbus require ""We believe UK should at least stay in customs union, should stay in regulatory bodies such as EASA and ECJ. This is a minimum that would be required to minimise damage to business.""

-Productivity down 0.4% to 0.9%

-Barnier says Brexit deal will need to cover not just trade but defence, security and foreign policy to tackle the great issues but first the orderly withdrawal has to be arranged. A long way to go and not much time, needs a cast iron guarantee on Irish border but seeks to calm fears about EU backstop, EU wants UK to be in Arrest Warren but they will need to find another way given UK redlines on free movement and ECJ, ready to shift redlines if UK does, makes a passionate defence of single market and it can't be cherry picked (which could be a fatal issue for May's plan). Won't comment on white paper till he and his team have gone through it as he respects May too much for that, Brexit is a losers game, prefers full English to a croissant

-Lidington dismisses talk of resignations and yes up to future parliament if we diverge from EU on goods, USA demands we accept all 50 states different product standards is a hindrance to a trade deal

-Williamson's suggestion of amnesty for both sides of the Troubles has been rejected

-SNP publish their own Brexit white paper that would keep us in singlemarket and customs union

-Trump will skip London during his visit


-Ed Davey lavishes praise on how Javid handled with diplomacy and careful wording the novchak statement

-Labour MP's don't seem happy at Labour's lite-definition of anti-Semitism, Turley apologises to all Jewish people in UK and says it is not in her name.

-Earl of Devon elected to Lords

-46 Tory MP's, including 11 ex cabinet ministers, urging May to listen to business on Brexit

-Farage says he will return to politics if Brexit delayed beyond March 2019

-Nigel Evans says EU has not compromised at all

-Clegg backs Brexiteers in their unhappiness over May's hand, says too expensive and bureaucratic

-German students covering Brexit as part of their exams suggest solution to N.Ireland is for referendum on if they want to stay in the UK


-Kuessenberg looks forward to Chequer meeting

-Gary Younge on Brexit destroying the Tories

-Simon Jenkins says too early to blame Putin for poisonings

-Freddy Gray (sun) argues anti-Trump protests on his visit are self indulgent and counter-productive

-Jane Williams defends Gender recognition act changes

-Professor Simon Lewis warns this summer is an example of why we need to really tackle climate change
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sat Jul 07, 2018 1:46 pm

-Cabinet agreement includes free trade area for industrial and agricultural goods with the bloc, accept continuing "harmonisation" with EU rules on the trade in goods, covering only those necessary to ensure frictionless trade Parliament would have the final say over how these rules are incorporated into UK law including retaining the right to refuse to do so. There will be different arrangements for trade in services, including financial products, with greater "regulatory flexibility" and "strong reciprocal arrangements", freedom of movement as it stands will come to an end but a "mobility framework" will ensure UK and EU citizens can continue to travel to each other's territories and apply for study and work, anew customs arrangement will be phased in, with the goal of "a combined customs territory". The UK will be able to control its own tariffs and develop an independent trade policy, jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice will end but the UK will pay regard to its decisions in areas where common rules were in force.

-Sir Stramer questions if May can get deal by her party, Sir Cable suspects Brexiteers agreed to it as they know EU will reject it, Farage calls it a sell out to global corporates

-Remain Tories happy, Remain of other parties and hard Brexit sides among MP's both unhappy but battle waiting till they see the white paper, business and EU happy at step forward, Mail says it will cost Tories next election

-Rumours that the cabinet Brexiteers at most did little grumbles but didn't make a stand (they may be waiting for what happens when Barnier rejects or tries to amend the deal), Greg Clark openly happy. A sense May has won the battle as have Remain MP's but will face future ones

-May says Brexit talks must move at pace


-Bercow not sympathetic as he warns Sir Chope has to fend for himself for his actions on a certain private members bill

-Hansard online now covers debates up to 1873
-Trump to meet Queen and visit Chequers+Blenheim Palace then go to Scotland

-D'Arcy's week ahead including Lidington doing PMQ's, Sir Fallon potential revolt and Chequers impact

-Mayor Khan approving giant Trump baby balloon/float for protests has been noted

-Telegraph's documentary on "The Week That Broke Brexit" getting attention, mostly for how it is Brexiteers explaining how all the problems are not their fault and the betrayal narrative


-Kamal Ahmed on Treasury handling of Brexit

-Zoe Williams on asbo's

-Rentoul on Chequers

-Forsyth (sun) on cabinet Brexiteers meeting and their tactics, concerns at Tory HQ about Rosindell running for Mayor, government should keep Russian boycott
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sun Jul 08, 2018 6:22 pm

-Boris said to have told cabinet May's plan is "polishing a " insert 4 letter word beginning with t here but there are expert polishers on May's side, it will leave us a vassal state and worst of all worlds. Apparently more then one MP has texted him to say he must resign within 48 hours and force a leadership contest or lose his chance to be leader, Boris allies saying he stays on to argue case for Brexiteers.

-Cabinet members sent to woo nation via Brexit media about Brexit deal, Gove and Clark to Mail in Sunday, Javid and Dr Fox to Sun on Sunday, Express gets Leadsom while Hammond gets Sunday Telegraph, Lidington does guard. Lidington's here, Gove and Clark here

-May says EU needs to be more serious about talks, her plan keeps to her redlines and what people voted for, will end free movement but doesn't rule out giving EU citizens preferential treatment in immigration system, collective responsibility applies now. Expected to meet backbench MP's on Monday.

-Rees-Mogg says he is waiting to see the full Brexit whitepaper rather then just 3 papers before he makes decision about it. Rees-Mogg is also being contacted by MP's to make a challenge.

-Gove backed May's plan rather more then expected which has led his camp to try to play down the stories, that it is merely best hand possibly at this stage and important thing is getting out. Says plan meets key things like outside of freedom of movement, outside of legal structures and Commons agricultural policy, it isn't everything he hoped for but he is a realist and knows not to make perfect enemy of the good and this can unite parliament. Gove says Farage unhappy because he wants government to fail so he can cry betrayal.

-BBC's key points of Chequers deal

-Corbyn unhappy plan doesn't cover services and it will unravel in days, Garnier says it is lowest common denominator to hold cabinet together rather then a strong negotiating stance, Sturgeon hopes it is a step forward but Blackford calls it a fudge, Sir Cable says Brexiteers only agreed to the plan as they know EU will reject it.

-Police Federation worried by Trump visit

-Sun furious with everyone involved

-Sir Stramer refuses to defend Labour's anti-Semitism definition, not calling for second referendum and focusing on meaningful vote but if May's deal is voted down or talks collapse then parliament must decide what happens next


-One unnamed Tory MP needs to be removed from office with talk like this "Brexiteer ministers have put their careers before their country. They are traitors to the nation."

-Bridgen says time for May to go with Rees-Mogg to be leader since her Brexit plans are a charade trying to dupe the nation, compares Boris to Neville Chamberlain (in the Mail), says wouldn't support it even if EU paid them and has no confidence in May

-IDS warns if public see plan as continuing of EU then Tories will lose election and incompatible with not being vassal state

-Morgan welcomes move to soft Brexit

-Sir Cash very disappointed by the Brexit plan

-Nigel Evans says he is content


-Kuessenberg on how Chequers meeting unfolded, Simon Walters and Glen Owen likewise (plus Bridgen's thoughts further down below)

-Rentoul praises May's handling of her cabinet but will EU agree

-Nigel Nelson on Trump, WTO, Lords and other things
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Mon Jul 09, 2018 6:47 pm

-Two of the Brexit department has resigned. David Davis then quickly Steve Baker, Davis apparently upset at Merkel seeing white paper before cabinet but in his letter he lists examples of things he has not liked and felt weakened UK hand but accepted due to collective responsibility and red lines of Brexit but no longer accept that, his letter is an interesting read that I'm not doing any justice too. I like the little "I could be wrong, you could be right" bit, May gives three page response in effect defending her plans while she said Baker was welcomed back.

In his interviews afterwards, Davis set out he simply didn't believe in May's Brexit plans (which in fairness is likely to be true) and needs someone who does to argue for them, he doesn't think May's conciliatory approach will get more out of EU but instead see them being more demanding. We have ceded more then we should have already, he likes May and thinks she is a good PM and if he thought otherwise he would have brought her down after the election, didn't resign on Friday as he needed to talk to his local party first, most cabinet members disagree with 10-20% of a government's policy platform but this was too central to his department, Brexit deal won't bring back powers due to ECJ and N.Ireland backstop, expects emergency Brexit summit in November in EU to sort out a deal.

Most will accept Davis has resigned over a strategy he doesn't believe in, has been sidelined for likes of Olly Robinson and has helped May before but he must know this could risk her leadership. Not could, is risking her leadership even though he has declared he won't stand against her. As Brexit secretary I think he was affable and his willingness to generally keep his counsel in an age of briefing against ones own cabinet does him credit but he was prone to silly comments like not needing to be clever, his going back on just about everything he said before the referendum vote, he started talks with a big fight about dates then collapsed which sums up his Brexit negotiating success rate, lots of talk but reality meant he kept losing. For a man wh was a big advocate of backbench power, he seemed rather less keen when in government and his constant "will he, won't he... oh he won't resign" was getting silly.

Peter Bone welcomes it as proposals are Brexit in name only so principled by Davis, Jenkyns takes her hat off at the principled resignations and says Brexiteers need to make this a game changing moment, Creagh says doing this in night before normal courtesies suggests leadership contest. Rees-Mogg says if Davis has gone then Brexit proposals can't be very good and May's attempts to bounce cabinet have backfired so she should reconsider her approach as without Davis backing she has no support for them, Freeman says no deal has got more likely, Farage congratulates Davis and says May is controlled by civil service. CBI calls it a blow as it brings back uncertainty, Bridgen says he has done the right thing and also praises the juniors. Bernard Jenkin says Davis was left with little choice and bemoans vicious briefing against Brexit ministers, PM needs to take policy off the table and rebuild trust again while in no way making comments about May says establishment is in grips of Remain who don't accept referendum result, extending uncertainty as much as possible and submitting to EU, fears for the party and country unless May returns to old red lines.

May has gambled on bouncing the Brexiteers into it, that hasn't quite come off clearly, I would suggest Baker's resignation will have alarmed the backbenchers as much as Davis did and maybe more so as Baker is an influential and hardline Brexiteer, his going means a powerful figure on the backbenches who can really organized the revolt and knows his tactics which should worry number 10. Davis of course is the one the media will focus on, the big name, Secretary of State, damaging for May as the "another resignation?" is going around but also if Brexit secretary is going then what kind of Brexit are facing may be public reaction so May needs to get on top of this. Davis himself is not a strong contender for leadership even before he ruled himself out, too many "going to resign, going to resign", didn't impress particularly in Brexit department and may be seen as too compromised. However since Davis has gone, maybe a bigger beast can rise to challenge for May's crown?

Was expected initially that replacement would be at 9am, was expected it would not be Gove as might be difficult to control and would anger Brexiteers. Dominic Raab was an unexpected choice, a big promotion from housing to full cabinet and someone who always linked for promotion but never seemed to get it. Lawyer, clever, strong media performer, a committed Brexiteer and libertarian right, seen as a pragmatic (he has talked of maybe extending transition) who has worked with Davis and Gove, who I assume has read the white paper before agreeing. His replacement in housing will be 8th since coalition government and 17th since Blair, better suited to this job then Davis was I suspect


Boris has resigned, he went missing and out of contact (meant to be in Balkans, missed Corba meeting, missed press conference) teen found holed up with his advisers, Farage said he would be a hero if he resigned. Downing Street announced the resignation with a very perfunctory statement in a deliberate attempt to ensure Boris didn't get to control narrative, has infuriated Boris while I doubt all May being able to say in her Commons thank you is his passion. Boris letter bemoans the Brexit dream is dying as it is suffocated by self-doubt and we are going backwards, not enough preparation for no deal has been done, we are heading for semi-Brexit and colony status with current plans likely to be watered down "It is as though we are sending our vanguard into battle with the white flags fluttering above them."

Davis surprisingly remarks he resigned due to Brexit being central to his post but that it isn't to Boris post and he regrets Boris decision, Goldsmith backs Boris "Boris could literally throw himself in front of a bus to save a child, and his opponents would still accuse him of being opportunistic. He’d never have wanted to resign from one of the great offices of state. That he did so shows how much he cares about respecting the referendum". Sir Alan Duncan praises Boris work that is often unseen, likes of Whittingdale and Jenkin praise the principled resignation

How much of a blow is it? It shoots May's "keep Brexiteers in so they have to take the blame" now the two big Brexit beasts have gone and means she is almost facing a leadership content. Frankly, I expect May to win the likely leadership contest, there is unhappiness with her but Boris has too many MP's who hate him and her Brexit plans probably command more support among Tory MP's then the Brexiteers version. However budget or custom bills vote could be fatal for her now. Boris was an amazingly inept foreign secretary, angering people with careless statements was behind enough but getting someone jailed by the Iranian government? That shot his credibility massively and will keep haunting him. Boris hopes that this resignation would redeem him among supporters? Maybe but doing it after Davies looks calculating rather then principled, the age old charge of what does Boris believe in.


Kat Malthouse gets housing, promotion from DWP, a former deputy mayor of London, former MEP and ardent hardline Brexiteer Chris Heaton-Harris gets Brexit, the guy who wrote to universities about Brexit and got hammered, will be an attempt to reassure the Brexit hardliners.

-Labour says EU can't take May seriously with her authority so destroyed and so she should go (if May wins the days ahead, this may strengthen her hand with EU), Tom Watson calls it meltdown

-Eyes on Dr Fox, the third Brexiteers

-Thornberry calculates there has been one resignation for every six weeks of May's time

-Sturgeon says The chequers unity didn’t last long. This UK government is in utter chaos and ebbing authority by the day. What a shambles.” , is game on for remaining in single market and customs union

-Gove open to no deal if EU doesn't show flexibility

-Sir Stramer says Labour won't back May's plan as she has fudged on customs and is no way similar to Labour's, says there will need to be preferred treatment of EU citizens in immigration system, Davis resignation exposes the split at heart of government, wants a vote on staying in customs union during trade bill

-Gardiner quite strong against second referendum as patronizing to voters and creates more uncertainty for business

-Javid not jumping to conclusions over the now fatal Salisbury poisoning but let police do their work

-Welsh Labour saying Davis resignation shows a government in dissaray

-Rees-Mogg doubts a no confidence vote is immediately in offing but she does need to drop her Brexit plans, Barwell meeting suggests May is relying on "socialist votes" to get it through, May has gone backwards on Brexit and being inconsistent with her promises. Pleased with Raab's appointment as long as he gets genuine power, May could get hard Brexit through as Commons fears a no deal, couldn't accept foreign secretary post

-Gavin Barwell, May's chief of staff, inviting Labour MP's to discuss May's Brexit deal, Sir Stramer has indicated he will go and Labour MP's should. Anger about this from Tory MP's meant Barwell pulled out with briefing done by officials

-EU diplomat "We're already used to negotiating with Olly Robbins, so this resignation doesn't really affect the negotiations.'", EU leaders giving careful welcome but they have questions

-Leadsom says no favours for EU migrants which goes against what May has said. Will May clamp down?

-Ambassador Woody Johnson says trade deal is up in air after Chequers

-Barker says Brexit department was blindsided, doesn't give freedom from EU laws, clearly livid at hostile briefing with the taxi's pre-Chequers, establish still wants Remain but opposes leadership challenge

-Suella Braverman was thought to have resigned from Brexit department then doesn't just after

-Rumours Robbins has began to take a lot of the Brexit staff

-Tusk "Politicians come and go but the problems they have created for people remain. I can only regret that the idea of #Brexit has not left with Davis and Johnson. But...who knows?"

-Pound rallied when Davis went, perhaps expecting a soft Brexit, went back down when Boris went and revealed chaos.

-Davidson backs May

-Downing Street saying May will fight any leadership contest amidst (likely not yet true) rumours the 48 letters threshold has been met

-May's 1922 committee meeting starts with desk banging to show support and it seems like May had the support of the room


-Journalist Tim Stanley quipped "Right, let's go to bed and reconvene in about 8 hours to find out who the Prime Minister is."

-Soubry says May's plan isn't perfect but is grownup steps forward, not time for ego's and blind ideology

-Sir Cash said (before Davis resigned) there is a lot of unhappiness at Brexit white paper, denies writing to 1922 committee and accepting EU guidelines was a mistake

-Greening says England wouldn't have beaten Sweden if they were arguing on pitch so time for cabinet and MP's to get behind May, there is argument for sake of argument in politics right now, Frank Field is her political hero

-Bridgen says since so many of cabinet Brexiteer sold out (before Davis resigned), Rees-Mogg has risen as only credible candidate and sure he will be in cabinet soon, is prepared to do no confidence letter

-Remain's Dr Lee calls Brexit plan worst of all worlds and wants second referendum

-Marcus Fysh describes Brexit deal as a stinker and if May is going to break manifesto commitments then there are consequences

-Simon Hart questions what Davis actually achieved

-Redwood says no deal achieves all but tariff free access, doubts Brexit deal will be accepted, still backs May due to her redlines but it means no deal is quite the possible outcome, EU won't accept current white paper

-James Cleverly remarks Boris must back government position on Brexit, else he would leave. Says he had concerns before he read the white paper and has been reassured now he has read it

-UKIP demands May resigns

-Bone says activists are refusing to campaign in protest at May's Brexit plan

-Boris PPS Conor Burns warns more resignations could follow

-Farage indicates he may seek to be UKIP leader when Batten's term ends if not the Brexit he wants


-Kuessenberg on Davis going, Schofield says May is weaked but probably hags on, friend Goodman on some of Davis thinking, Katy Balls on tensions between him and May, Iain Dale defends Davis

-Matthew Norman on May's strategy and Bridgen's offensive stupidity

-Ben Chu on when to and when not to listen to business voices

-David Henig on likely EU reaction

-Grice on Raab

-Kuessenberg warns Boris going is start of putsch

-Gibbon on leadership challenge likely
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Sun Fin » Tue Jul 10, 2018 7:46 am

I enjoyed BBC's article on 'What did Boris actually achieve?' The answer is essentially nothing. Even when he wasn't upsetting people they left bemused at the lack of substance. In any other circumstances his resignation would be a blessing, and I suspect might still be one in disguise.
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Tue Jul 10, 2018 8:56 pm

Sun Fin wrote:I enjoyed BBC's article on 'What did Boris actually achieve?' The answer is essentially nothing. Even when he wasn't upsetting people they left bemused at the lack of substance. In any other circumstances his resignation would be a blessing, and I suspect might still be one in disguise.

Now now, I'm sure Lansdale simply forget to mention how great it was for our world image and soft power that our foreign secretary was racist and got someone jailed by Iranian regime. I bet Merkel wishes she had a Boris.


Reshuffle: Only PPS resigned, Grayling's Chris Green who feels Brexit is only Brexit in legalistic terms now, Boris Conor Burns felt time to step down and use the greater freedom of not being a PPS. Late today vice-chairs Ben Bradley and Maria Caulfield resign, if this is best Brexiteers have then their best hope is the drip drip effect.

Hunt gets Foreign Office. Did a very good job at health in terms of detoxifying the issue, getting money for the department, didn't tend to go for huge public reforms but important quiet reforms behind scenes, worked well with MP's. The concern will be what happens to social care which Hunt seemed to be pushing on but could get more and more delays. A sensible figure who can reach both camps, good media performer, been loyal to May, he can't be any worse then Boris and I suspect he will do a good job though foreign affairs has never seemed a stand out interest. Hopefully the stupid backlash against buisness is a one off and not the kind of macho error we will see again. Replacing Hunt at health is Matt Hancock, an experienced midranking minister who only at Culture six months, a capable media performer even if has personal life gaffes (and in one case, nasty slander by the left), an economist who liked the digital side of culture brief but no health experience when they are facing major challenges, can't help but feel they could have chosen better given social care needs sorting. The attorney general Jeremy Wright QC gets Culture, his inactive twitter account has led to some mocking at him getting digital post, used to play trumpet, likes a few sports but it doesn't seem a role best suited for him (did do work on dementia so health might have made more sense of the three posts), his legal mind could prove useful on things like copyright though some unhappiness over his performance as Attorney General. Wright is replaced by Brexiteer Geoffrey Cox QC who made a strong maiden speech, served on environmental affairs, expenses has been an embarrassment but has a noted legal career and will have taken a major paycut for this. Justin Tomlinson returns to DWP having served there under Cameron, left when May came leader.

If this looks like all men, Jess Philips spotted it first.


-The "what is your plan" is an issue that has really hit Brexiteers

- European Research Group meeting got more MP's then usual but it seems like there is a major+ugly divide between those who support May and those who don't which has leaked

-Boris letter

-All 4 great offices of state held by Remainers. This may not go down well

-Hunt says he will show Brexit UK is a dependable ally

-May says she is surprised Boris left given his agreement on Friday, she had given him a lot of latitude but Friday meant he had to curb it.

-The attorney general of Anguilla John McKendrick QC on Boris picture "Meeting the worst Foreign Secretary we’ve ever had amongst the destruction of Hurricane Irma in Anguilla. Disinterested and out of his depth he cared nothing for our situation. Good riddance"

-Verhofstadt hoping the resignations will lead to unity from UK government, Tusk warns "Politicians come and go but the problems they have created for the people remain. The mess caused by Brexit is the biggest problem in the history of EU-UK relations. And it is still very far from being solved."

-Cabinet Brexiteers now leaking they have no plans to resign or writing pieces saying they accept the Chequers deal like Leadsom saying it meets the redlines

-Boris possibly first cabinet minister to be photographed signing his resignation letter, apparently EU foreign ministers not happy he didn't turn up to his own summit that was meant to show UK commitment to EU security

-Brady apparently told 1922 committee there hasn't been 48 letters calling for May to go

-May warns EU if they don't engage with her plan there is a real risk of disorderly Brexit, warns party if they remain divided then Corbyn becomes PM

-BBC profile of Raab

-Commons Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee says government outsourcing is flawed, puts cost over quality leading to worse services, wants more transparency

-Government to expand project that gives prisoners mobiles and a digital tool for assessing prisoner risk

-Watson quips about Boris “got a career ahead of him on ‘love yourself island.”, could be no parliamentary majority for any Brexit deal and if that is the case then in such unlikely circumstances, second referendum might be an option

-Gauke says Boris and Davis right to resign if they can't accept government policy but disagrees we will be a colony, says Chequers plan gives frictionless trade as business wants though services may take some more restrictions, what alternative plan is there from Brexiteers, will be compromise from both sides, no deal is unattractive but can't be ruled out

-Home Affairs Select Committee want advice to Rudd published, Rudd agrees

-Javid promises free movement will end

-Brexit papers to be published on Thursday

-Trump says UK in turmoil and spoken of Boris as a friend (but not May, number 10 says it is good he likes Boris)

-Scotland’s justice secretary Humza Yousaf calls for further clarity on Trump's visit to help security planning, calls for protests to be peaceful

-Labour proposes 4 weeks pay docked of McVey though be a surprise if that passes

-Barnier says 80% of Brexit agreed and looks forward to constructive talks, likes UK taking positions and seeking to avoid hard border

-Press not happy May told Merkel not to speak to English press. At a summit including the subject of press freedom.

-Airbus backs May's plan, says Brussels needs to be pragmatic and fair

-Growth of 0.3% in May, 0.2% in last three months, thanks to services but trade deficit widens by 5 billion due to fall in car exports


-Amusement as Lord Callaghan pauses in reply after Lord Cormack says people are delighted that he is staying to ensure a sensible path on Brexit

-Former Swedish prime minister Carl Bildt tweeted Britain "used to be a nation providing leadership to the world - now, it can't even provide leadership to itself".

-Unhappiness Farage posed with protected species the Tope shark but he says it was returned to the water

-Labour AM Rhianon Passmore faces two week suspension after failing to give breath test (not deliberately) after drink driving (which I'm rather more annoyed with) and whip withdrawn till October

-Osborne likes reshuffle

-Lord Howard suggests some humility might be useful and it would be foolish to try to topple may, hopes Chequers get amended as he preferred alignment over common rulebook "
"I don't believe the Brexit dream is dying - there is much water to run through many bridges,"

-Sir Fallon says Boris should live in the real world rather then the dream

-Patel fears Chequers plan won't make us really independent


-Kettle on Boris went for ambition, Kuessenberg suspects Boris didn't entirely want to leave but she isn't sure if May is stronger or weaker by events

-Nick Timothy (sun) sympathetic with the resigners but feels they took wrong path

-Rentoul on May will miss Davis far more then Boris

-Katya Adler on EU reaction

-Kuessenberg on Tory mood

-Hinsliff warns May's time is running out as Tory activists are angry
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Wed Jul 11, 2018 5:43 pm

-Lord Carrington has died. Peer since 1945 after earning Military Cross during WW2, would be the last member of Churchill's government alive as agriculture minister from 51-51 (also under Eden), Australia high commissioner from 56-59, Lord of the Admiralty under Macmillan then leader of Lords under Douglas-Home (unsuccessfully pushed for reform) then held that post in opposition. Defence Secretary and party chair under Heath, under Thatcher he was Foreign Secretary till the fall of the Falklands, blameless and had warned against moving ships away but he felt it a point of honour to resign and it upheld his great reputation as a statesman and man of honour. Nato general security from 84-88. Was longest serving member of the Lords before his death, noted for his charm and humour

-Lidington vs Thornberry was quite technical on tariffs and customs plan to point where I can't do it justice but the usually strong Thornberry, who neutered the England jibes and use it herself well, didn't seem to quite understand all of the details of the questions she was asking which was exploited by Lidington to fine effect while Lidington's "what your alternative" was never answered. There was something strangely off from two natural performers on such a key subject yet even those employed to discuss it seem unenthused. Blackford goes on genocide and asks for debate then links to Trump attitude risks leading to such things and Lidington should confront Trump, Lidington firmly disagrees and talks of the need for US as ally. Bercow intervened far more to end a question then usual to keep the pace up

-Lib Dems use their choice of debate for Brexit and if a government of national unity needed+second referendum and got hammered by Tories while Chapman showed humour

-Javid dodges Cooper on his views about migration target

-Caulfield felt Chequers deal doesn't embrace opportunities of Brexit, Bradshaw did not feel he could defend the deal

-Vardaker hopeful that Chequers is a breakthrough with both sides compromising

-Trump says he gets on very well with May and Nato photo as him giving her a thumbs up but Woody Johnson indicates he is willing to ensure a Boris-Trump meeting

-More troops sent to Afghanistan

-Facebook to get max fine of 500k over Cambridge Analytica scandal

-Naz Shah made shadows equality minister. The reaction to this could be interesting as to whether people feel it is too soon or "she has served her time and changed". Seems to be ok so far

-Lavery hints he would quite like Corbyn to make a public statement backing Nato and article 5

-Sturgeon says cabinet resignations opening chance of soft Brexit

-Rees-Mogg (sun) makes clear the scale of his unhappiness

-May has swapped shirts with Croatia counter-part

-Rees-Mogg group has set down amendments to customs bill. They are not helpful ones. The same group that condemned Remain Tory MP's for doing this...

-Trump's call for 4% of GDP on defence may have an impact here

-Jon Thomson, the head of HMRC, says Brexit has aged him 35 years, systemic risk to customs custom if no deal, HMRC four or 5 (with 1 being good) prepared for Brexit, need Brexit decisions by end of autumn, no deal would add 17-20 billion cost to business (HMRC calculate it would cost HMRC 38 billion in revenue) which is doubling down on dispute with number 10 over figures

-Labour attempt to sanction McVey failed


-Patel says it has taken too long to come up with proposal

-Over 60% of ConHom rejects Chequers deal

-Umunna says he won't back May deal

-Bridgen has sent a letter of no confidence

-Hannan isn't happy but just about accepts Chequers deal

-Henry Smith "Received this invite to watch tomorrow’s England-Croatia World Cup semi-final in 10 Downing Street. Seeing as the Prime Minister isn’t bringing Brexit home I’m concerned attending would be a bad omen for football coming home...I’ll pass."

-Jared O'Mara to make maiden speech this week, 13 months into being MP, says he has made three attempts on his life since his scandal


-BBC on reaction of foreign press to Boris going

-Chris Cook disappointed by parliament's proposed harassment policy

-Richard Ratcliffe on his fears on what Boris departing means for his wife and his hopes for Hunt
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Thu Jul 12, 2018 6:18 pm

-Scotland questions ill tempered

-Heathrow accuse border staff of abandoning their desks for England vs Columbia and have formally complained

-May says Trump visit will hopefully boost trade and security links. Trump says he is popular in UK due to his views on immigration, latest Brexit plans seem to be turning UK back to EU and not what people voted for

-Raab says Brexit proposals keeps the Brexit people voted for and need to keep business supply chains open, denies it makes us rule taker as UK parliament gets vote and we might have some say in rules, plays down talk of preferential treatment for EU migrants, May is in overall charge of talks, speaking to Barnier today and meeting next week, hints payment to EU depends on deal.

-Dr Fox admits custom plan has never been tested and might be ruled out by WTO

-Thornbery get seven questions at PMQ's due to Bercow error

-Hunt asks EU to be more flexible

-Barnier says only single market and customs union will grant frictionless trade, is prepared for no deal

-Police Federation have complained about the lodgings and conditions of police officer assigned to Trump events

-Leadsom promises to keep pushing for change of HR procedures in Commons particularly on sexual harassment amidst concerns it has been quietly dropped

-Gove vows to try to persuade Trump about climate change though admits he has little chance

-Commons suspended so MP's can grab white paper before debate on white paper but alas not given time to read it, Labour says they were not even given the usual 45 minutes

-ConHom seems to have the Brexit department's own version of the White Paper

-Rees-Mogg calls May's plan "“the greatest vassalage since King John paid homage to Phillip II at Le Goulet in 1200”", pale imitation of Davis version, it not what the British people voted for and recreates many of the worst aspects of EU membership. IDS has deep misgiving of Chequers plan, Sir Cash says he is deeply worried.

-Plenty of concerns that section on ECJ is basically keeping us under ECJ just with softer language

-EU figures carefully welcoming the Brexit paper but not saying anything but Convey says EU should engage rather then undermine it

-European Commission puts UK as joint-bottom of growth league as it anticipates 1.3% growth for UK and worried it will be badly placed for trade war

-Fox bid for sky given greenlight by government


-Martin Whitfield banks hampering small business

-Lord Hague warns Eurosceptics could destroy their own dream if they act against May's deal, Chequers deal best under circumstances

-Farage says Westminster just doesn't get how reviled and uncredible the Chequers plan will be viewed, May will destroy Tories if she stays on

-Lord Bridges says government should be honest about ECJ


-Leo McKinstry feels Chequers deal undermines democracy

-Kuessenberg on Westminster culture not changing

-Henry Newman says EU should accept UK offer

-James Moore feels Trump visit not worth the police cost

-Trade expert David Henig scathing about Brexit white paper
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Fri Jul 13, 2018 6:49 pm

-Bercow halted Sir Stramer as Julian Smith was whispering to Raab who has earnt illwill for the white paper release farce

-Trump tells Sun that May's Brexit deal has killed chance of trade deal with USA and is very different from what people voted for, May ignored his advice on Brexit, Boris would be a great PM+great representative of our country+saddened he left government, since London wants to make him uncomfortable he won't stay there long (about the only sensible thing he said), Khan is a terrible mayor who is doing bad job on terrorism (apparently Trump thinks Khan is in charge of immigration policy), the flood of immigrants into Europe is very sad and risks Europe losing it's culture. Dismisses talk that he dislikes her schoolmistress manner as fake news and later talked of their relationship is stronger then ever, thanks May for gracious hospitality, support on Nato spending and N.Korea, wants UK support on Iran, will back whatever Brexit policy May wants. When pressed about Sun interview, said it was fake news as Sun didn't include his pro-May comments (they did and they point this out, Trump forced back and back till he goes "well not in headline") and she is doing a very good job and is a very tough negotiator (really really pushes how much he likes her this time), doubles down on immigration talk and says US rules on it are so weak he wouldn't even call them laws, says May finds his Brexit suggestion (wouldn't go as far as advice) too brutal.

-Hammond says Chequers was a pragmatic solution and Trump will be pleased once he sees the white paper

-May (before Trump tried to interfere in the UK democratic process) says Brexit is a chance to increase trade with US, later says Trump did very good getting more money spent on Nato, that they agreed trade deal is possibly with her Brexit plan it is US responsibility to uphold transatlantic unity, May says UK has a proud history of taking in migrants, her Chequers plan implements what public voted for, gets a lot of Brexit advice from a lot of people.

-White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders when asked about the Sun article "The president likes and respects prime minister May very much. As he said in his interview with the Sun she ‘is a very good person’ and he ‘never said anything bad about her’. He thought she was great on Nato today and is a really terrific person. He is thankful for the wonderful welcome from the prime minister here in the UK.” Ambassador Woody Johnson says this is poor reporting as all of this was said a year ago, nothing new

-Concerns from business groups at lack of deal on services in Chequers plan

-Jarad O'Mara resigns from Labour, saying they didn't give him a fair hearing, has been made to feel like a criminal for mistakes while young, the party lacks commitment to equality and compassion to white working class disabled man.

The investigation took a long long time which was unfair on him. I felt the punishment was one he could have taken (he was arguably lucky not to be expelled), take the lesson on the chin, take the training and work to rebuild reputation as Shah has done but frankly Labour won't be too worried about being rid of someone who brought scandal and doesn't seem willing to take the steps needed. I do wish him well in his future and hope he gets the help he needs

-Government sneaks out announcement that they have paused parts of hostile environment (mainly data sharing) for three months, Labour calls for it to be scrapped

-Thornberry asks what manner did Trump get taught by his mother, it is not the way one behaves to a host, urges May to stand up to Trump. This was a better tactic then Corbyn's latter video repeating the usual lines about Trump

-Mayor Khan when asked about blimp remarks how damaging it would be if we limited free speech as someone's feelings might be hurt, USA has same freedoms and importance on protests (he also points out there is a pro-Trump protest going on), British have a history of a sense of humour, some seek to divide Londoners , linking crime with immigration is preposterous

-Sir Alan Duncan says government probably didn't get a heads up about Trump interview, Trump clearly doesn't know full details of the Brexit paper and that trade deal can go ahead

-Ministers not curbing their tongue, Gymiah asks "Where are your manners, Mr President?", Margot James say Trump is wrong as Boris would make a terrible PM

-Wiltshire's police commissioner Angus Macpherson says events have stretched his forces to the limit and asked for more resources

-SNP not actually gutted at news Trump really hates Sturgeon

-Sturgeon first sitting first minister to join Pride march

-Bit of a row going on between UK press and Trump's team over Trump's claim he predicted Brexit result at golf day before Brexit referendum. Facts show he did it the day after.

-Corbyn says red carpet should not be rolled out for Trump, condemns Trump's attack on Khan


-Nigel Huddlestone says he sometimes feel the only MP that loves America

-Bryant lists immigration descent of major MP's

-Alison McGovern moving and tearful as she talked of those, like former minister Ann Keen, pressured into giving up their baby for adoption, government has apologized for what happened back then but McGovern wants May to apologize as head of the nation

-Dr Woolostan on Trump's remarks, "divisive, dog-whistle rhetoric" plus "If signing up to the Trump world view is the price of a deal, it's not worth paying.", it is not going to help Boris

-Phil Wilson (who wants second vote) says May's botched plan is worsening by hour as Trump backs no deal

-Bridgen says white paper confirms his fears of being a vassal state

-McCluskey says Chequers deal is a fudge that disappoints everyone and is not going to be implementable

-Anna Turley says Trump should now not be allowed to see the Queen (backed by Streeting), he is a racist and if we have to respect him due to office who doesn't he do the same to May and Khan

-Farage says when we hopefully get new PM, we can get special relationship with USA and Trump again, admits chatting to Trump's team about Brexit, Sun is more Eurosceptic then he is

-Baroness Jones wonders what title a non-gender binary person would take in Lords

-IDS denies his meeting John Bolton is behind Trup's comments but says Trump was only stating fact and is simply not a diplomat

-Piers Morgan discovers what happens when you don't doublecheck the views of your guest first

-Kevin Maguire says he was surprised by the sheer joy among Tory MP's when Boris resigned

-DP guest Sakina Sheikh for Trump protest discussion calls him fascist and lists one of reasons being for tax cuts to rich. She was awful

-Caroline Lucas worried trade deal with US will require weakening fight against climate change and environmental standards

-Fabricant tweets photo of pig balloon humping Khan's balloon with Khan's head on. He apologises and says he didn't see it properly

-Ed Miliband "Suggested press conference words “He and I do disagree on some things: his tearing of babies from their parents, his racist attacks on the London mayor, his lies, his admiration for dictators, and I tend to think his combover is an absurdity.”" He, Keith Brown, Corbyn, Lammy and Clegg going to anti-Trump rallies

-Nice headline by Evening Standard "Fake News: We Have a Good Relationship"


-Katya Adler on EU's reaction to white paper

-Chris Morris goes through Brexit paper

-Paul Waugh with an inside look on May's dealings with Trump

-Mujtaba Rahman no Commons majority for any one form of Brexit

-Lindsey German wants anti-Trump protests to be used to bring Labour to power

-Tom Peck on Trump's damaging visit
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