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Unread postby Dong Zhou » Wed Jun 06, 2018 7:12 pm

PMQ's: Corbyn goes on lack of Brexit white paper and will it be published before next week's debate, May says she wants to publish a detailed white paper but doesn't say when it will appear with a lot of waffle to hide it, Corbyn points out she missed out the when and that is important to see before the negotiation so pushes on publishing it before summit and having a debate for then. May talks instead about the debate next week and the important votes to carry out will of people so will Corbyn commit (unlike last time asked) to no second referendum, Corbyn goes for weak "it is Prime Minister's Questions Time" and goes again on white paper, it is meant to show their vision yet it is nowhere to be seen. He asked about the two custom proposals and what the subcommittees have done and when information will be published, May says she has already set out her ambitions and is delivering on the vote of the people, pushes on Labour policy of second referendum and ignores the question. Corbyn argues he isn't negotiating the talks but neither is the government (great idea but weak line and delivery), asks if Davies proposed 10 mile buffer zone in N.Ireland is an option, May says only looking at the two options and no hard border in N.Ireland or Irish sea with a lot of waffle (I feel Bercow could have intervened to cut it down), Corbyn points out there wasn't really an answer again but at least buffer zone uniting everyone in both Ireland against it is an achievement, asks about Brexit and transition dates (May one answer yes which is far better), Corbyn remarks not everyone behind her seems to agree and quotes Green saying there will be a transition phase after implementation, been more delays and cancellations then Northern Rail, nicely linking onto charges of general incompetence that hurts everyone. Which will last longer, Northern Rail or her time as PM? May goes straight on lack of answers from Labour and quotes Stramer saying Labour Brexit strategy is a pretence to keep party united, Labour have kept trying to frustrate Brexit at every level including MEP's

Corbyn really should have addressed the second referendum question as risks being focused on, he had very good questions that raised good points, followed up on them but his delivery was off and didn't always quite land the links, he did manage to expose May's lack of answers for a big win. May had a strong ending, nice use of Stramer and pushed on 2nd referendum but too much of it was waffle. Lengthy, lengthy waffle to hide that she wasn't answering anything on key issues. Blackford goes on apocalypse paper to much heckling then warns Dutch government has urged their businesses not to buy UK products is a catastrophic negotiating, May quotes a supermarket chain saying remaining in UK union and ignores question, Blackford says May isn't listening to question and ignoring economy+Irish border, Corbyn is playing games with Brexit, urges May to stay in EEA and customs union (I wonder if focusing on the Dutch might have been a better route). May says jobs are key part of trade deal and why they are ambitious for trade deal, says Corbyn and SNP are arguing different things about border


-Labour now giving away free tickets to their music festival

-Universities minister Gyimah says Oxbridge has not done enough on getting black students

-Labour demanding full access to single market but will abstain on EEA, doubts EU would agree to it though Stramer says he has got indications they would and says Labour would be open to discussions about free movement. When MP's like Leslie and munna complain it isn't going far enough and they can win on EEA, Sir Stramer says that risks splitting the party but others in Labour disputing this

-Papers not happy at Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby describing EU as one of humanity's greatest achievements

-Ministers opposed to Heathrow can write about it in local but not national press, expected Boris will be outside the country when the vote happens

-Some speculate RBS shares being sold as Hammond suspects finance difficulties ahead for UK

-Mohammed Amin, chair of Conservative Muslim forum, says it has become perceived as anti-Muslim, needs an inquiry into Islamphobia

-Carwyn Jones offers Welsh Assembly money to get Swansea lagoon going but Cairns saying money required is awful

-Frank Field welcomes government warning to Atos and Capita to get act together on pip assessments or lose contracts while McVey says interviews will now need to be video recorded as too many times the assessor's claims do not add up

-Gove says crony capitalists have rigged the system in their favour, ensuring rules hamper innovation and help the asset rich

-Corbyn's spokesperson hints they will vote against Heathrow

-Dutch government urging firms to be careful of UK ones as Brexit risks impact point of origin and trade rights if their stuff has too many UK made parts

-SNP Mike Russell arguing UK is constitutionally obliged to withdraw part 15 of EU Withdrawal bill, refuse and impose it on Scotland put UK in dangerous position

-Government to publish Brexit backstop proposals tomorrow, extends withdrawal bill to two days

-Davies (who is thought to be unhappy at some of the backstop proposals) says there needs to be trust between UK and EU, accuses EU of putting institutions about security, Galileo is EU shooting itself in foot to show gun works, optimistic about talks but warns failure could happen by accident, indicates in Q&A backstop still not been agreed, Irish border won't be settled till October which is not what Ireland wants

-Javid "The term ‘hostile environment’ as a description of Home Office immigration policy is incorrect, unhelpful and does not represent our values as a country."


-Sir Cash argues for Tory MP's to follow whip on EU withdrawal bill

-Streeting disagrees with Stramer's strategy

-Gordon Brown says country risks being paralysed by Brexit small print, the grievances that led to Brexit aren't being addressed, Corbyn can inspire youngsters in way he couldn't, not happy at selling of RBS shares

-Lords vs Common pigeon race revived after 90 years


-Alex Wickham on May outmanovering Brexiteers on Brexit

-D'Arcy on Domonic Cummings testing Commons power

-Ben Chu on rail infrastructure neglected in North

-John O'Connell (sun) NHS needs reform, not money

-Ian MacWhirter wants immigration devolved

-Gary Gibon on cabinet Brexit tensions

-Jonathan Freedland accuses Labour of dodging soft Brexit due to immigration fears
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Thu Jun 07, 2018 8:56 am

Heavy speculation David Davies will resign today as Brexit Secretary over terms of backstop
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Thu Jun 07, 2018 6:11 pm

-Backstop proposal seems to be we remain in customs union, can sign trade deals but nothing related to tariff's could be implemented, expects it to only last 12 months (this seems like number 10 giving Davies face but still winning as it isn't a firm end date however also seen as damaging May that she compromised this far and EU less likely to accept the backstop) and says up to discussion how it gets ended.

Vardkar says there can't be an imposed time limit, Barnier has gently raised concerns while Verhofstadt has called it unworkable, Dodds played May has stuck to red line and considers it a massive step forward, Michelle O'Neill warns Ireland can't accept a time-limited backstop and suggests the proposals is more about Tory infighting then a real solution while she feels Davies has ignored Ireland, Benn calls it half a backstop.

-Did Davies resign speculation come to pass? Belief he was angry there was no end date to agreeing to EU custom union rules as Irish border backstop and he felt bounced but in the end, no. He is getting a bit of a rep for resigning and threatening to resign which he needs to be wary of, he also seems to have lost (some division on this) and ended up simply getting wording to hide the defeat

-Rumours May told Remainer cabinet members of backstop decision way before the Brexiteers

-Hunt tells press NHS is going to get a significant budget increase in what seems to be an attempt to pressure Treasury, won't hit GP pledge

-Daily Mail's Paul Dacre stepping down. Certainly been a giant who shaped his papers attitude for better or worse, some strong campaigns and seemed to know how to tap into the concerns of his readers.

-Parliament trying to get more female witnesses before select committee's (at 33%, they aim for 40% by end of parliament)

-May raises concerns about deaths in Gaza to Netanyahu, she and Boris call for independent inquiry, May remains committed to Iran deal

-Hollyrood votes to pardon those who were convicted gay sex before it was decriminalized

-Supreme Court makes clear, though throwing out the case, that abortion law in N.Ireland is not compatible with human rights

-Leadsom says aiming for custom bill before Commons to be voted on before summer recess

-Long-Bailey says government has taken eye off retail sector which, like House of Fraser, is struggling and shedding jobs by the bucket load

-SNP launch inquiry into police treatment of miners in 80's and urges Javid to do likewise

-Commons has ordered Cummings to appear before Culture Committee


-Leo Docherty (sun) wants time limit on prosecutions of soldiers

-Samantha Cameron hated waving for camera's

-David Jones says lack of time limit on backstop is dangerous for UK

-Dorries tweet "David Davis is ex SAS He’s trained to survive. He’s also trained to take people out." has not gone down well but I can see what she was trying to say

-Sir Cable warns odds of no deal are increasing

-Sam Coates quotes a source ""DD claims of victory are simply delusional. He has once again been outmanoeuvred and outwitted by Robbins and his officials. Even Barnier is now expressing sympathy for him. It's beyond a joke now."

-Dugdale wants a bursary for those in N.Ireland needing to travel for abortions


-Kuessenberg on Davies row and backstop row. Peston on Davies row and later not sure who win, Rentoul predicts more such threats to resign, Beth Rigby Davies won but his anger runs deeper then backstop issue

-Amol Rajan Paul Dacre

-D'Arcy looks ahead at Brexit bill clash

-Owen Bennett says centre right talk good game about reforming capitalism but where are the ideas?

-Kettle argues left needs to deal with English identity

-Mark Easton on disconnect and pessimism in England

-Paul Goodman on anger of Tory Brexiteers towards May

-Katya Alder on EU views on Brexit talks
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Fri Jun 08, 2018 5:05 pm

-Boris met with Tory activists at the Conservative Way Forward and his speech has rather frank, it was also recorded and leaked despite it being Chatham house rules. He accuses Treasury of being so scared of short term disruption they will sacrifice all the medium and long term possibilities, project fear has done a number on them and they are at heart Remainers, admits there will probably be bumps in the road but end goal will be worth it. Remainers (in very very very similar language to Treasury) are quivering wrecks, May is about play hard with EU, maxfac is key, may be a short term meltdown in Brexit talks, danger is being in ante-room of EU and not proper Brexit, Irish border has dictated Brexit talks so far when it is such a small issue.

Outside of Brexit, Boris says Trump has method in his madness and would go for a hard Brexit with his method would make a successful Brexit, Putin feels ashamed at how less of a power Russia is but is excellent at spreading violence. China are allies but also commercial rivals who will try to stiff us and is going to win the techno war thanks to 5G, USA wants UK expertise to help dismantle N.Korea nuclear sites, would love to visit N.Korea someday.

Sturgeon calls for Boris to go as unsuitable for high office but admits she is struggling for a diplomatic way to describe him (Jess Philips goes for "For god sake sack this man! His own position matters more than the safety and security of our nation. He is the epitome of dripping entitlement. He doesn't understand anything about ordinary lives and he cares even less. Bleeping sack him!").Thornberry says he should have gone back in November, Dr Woolostan suspects Boris is happy for this to come out but wonders how pleased USA will be about private discussions on Korea being made public. Hammond rather goes for the "Trump would do better" comment "In my experience a collaborative approach is more productive than a confrontational approach and my advice to colleagues is to engage with European partners.", Number 10 gives the usual confidence vote.


-Barnier was unusually late for his press conference, 15 minutes late. Says decisions need to be taken so EU willing to up the pace of talks, they need British to have a position on geographical indications, wants data protection rules to stay same, Ireland needs common rules, rules out backstop covering whole UK which destroys May's proposal and says too many questions (will UK obey all rules despite saying they want to leave EU regulation, needs end date). UK guilty of wanting all rewards and fewer responsibilities then some attack EU figures who point this out but won't be intimidated by blame game, welcome backstop document as something to work with but it leaves more questions then it actually answered, backstop means backstop, dodges Boris question but suggests UK should respect their own red lines like the EU is trying to do, willing to upgrade offer if redlines changed. Trade talks can only begin after Brexit day but is working on how to build new relationship with third country UK

Journalist Kevin Schofield quips "So apart from Barnier rejecting Theresa May's plan to keep the whole of the UK aligned with the EU, and her plan to time-limit the backstop, I'd say it's gone down pretty well in Brussels." and a general sense crises is back on for May. Downing Street says UK can't accept Ireland only backstop, DUP accuses Barnier of trying to annex N.Ireland

-Dr Fox says tensions are running high but has been shown agreement can be done civilly and collectively when asked who governs the country

-May twice refuses to give journalists cast iron guarantee backstop won't be more then a year, using G7 to push on online harassment and violence against women, need for better female education in developing world. Is going to meet her MP's on Monday night aka before the big Brexit votes

-Corbyn urges G7 to stand up to Trump in way May doesn't

-Treasury Committee says RBS head should consider his position

-SNP's Economic Minister Keith Brown becomes deputy, says activists should prepare for independence once Brexit clear but is a sense that his narrow victory and other issues like a conference vote to replace privately financed schemes, the members are not happy with SNP leadership.

-A year since election

-Hammond warns we will have to give up some benefits of membership or EU would veto as cherrypicking

-BBC conducts poll in N.Ireland, union holding by 45% over 42% with 28% saying they were unionists before Brexit but changed due to it.

-LeaveEU's Aaron Banks and Andry Wigmore pull out of Culture Committee hearing on fake news, accuse them of a witch-hunt of Leave groups and accuse them of collusion with groups Banks and co are in legal battle with.

-Nice line by Blackford on Corbyn's Brexit position "So here’s the SNP’s message to Jeremy Corbyn – you might be fooling the few but you are not fooling the many."


-Philip Davies suggests debate on if there is any policy that has Westminster united but actually supported by the public

-Bone calls for May to axe some of her staff as they hamper Brexit

-Lord Howard says Boris is right we shouldn't panic, best focus on essentials of situation

-BBC's Scotland editor Sarah Smith "Quick survey of top SNP politicians reveals they are supporting Iceland, Peru and Morocco in the World Cup. Only Deputy FM John Swinney says he will be cheering for England."

-Lord Adonis regrets never running to be an MP, considering giving up his peerage so he can try


-Kuessenberg Davies didn't win but May is badly damaged

-Chris Morris on the text of the proposed backstop

-Clare Foges (sun) wants more backing for police

-Kevin Maguire on Labour's Brexit strategy

-Alex Brummer feels Hammond is undermining Brexit

-Alex Massie on a Dad's Army Brexit

-David Henig on where we are on Brexit after last two days
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sat Jun 09, 2018 12:50 pm

-The usually accomplished media performer Sturgeon has a bad interview with channel 4 as she doesn't know the costs of transitioning civil service to indepdent Scotland despite it being in the big growth commision report. Admitting she didn't know earlier might have helped

-Network Rail head getting CBE may not have been tactful. Eleanor Laing and Louise Ellman to be made Dames, Bernard Jenkin to be knighted

-May will take cabinet to Chequers next month to try to calm things down and finalize white paper but only after EU summit

-D'Arcy on a big week ahead

-Vardacker warns border poll would be bad idea (would be divisive and he suspects his side would lose) and focus should be restoring government in N.Ireland

-NHS staff agree to 6.5% payrise with only GMB unhappy


-Jack Straw good on how a minister should handle blame on The Week in Parliament

-Former First Minister of Ireland Peter Robinson says a simple majority referendum wouldn't be a good idea, not everyone in a party will agree with deal so leadership and team must be disciplined at selling the deal to public


-Sarah Smith on SNP tensions

-Paul Goodman defends David Davies

-Andrew Grice on Boris manovers

-Andrew Lilico says trade needs to be sorted before Irish border can be settled

-Forsyth (sun) on Brexit conflict, Davies for Washington, customs vote and Trump
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sun Jun 10, 2018 11:46 am

-A sense Tory rebels will not push this week, they may wait for customs bill as they don't want to destabilize May and let in Brexiteer or Corbyn. Rudd and IDS doing a joint article of unity is a good symbol

-Papers alleging Aaron Banks and Leave.EU of Russian connections, including meetings with Russian ambassador. Banks now admits two lunches and a quick tea when he had said there had only been one before but says the story is a witch-hunt, Bank will now appear before Culture Committee

-May says G7 will act against Russia if there is further action and they need to change if they want to return to G8, EU will react to Trump's tariffs but warns against going tit-for-tat, Lords overreached with their Brexit amendments, never watched Love Island

-Greg Clark saying major companies will have to explain their pay ratio

-Remainer Geordie Grieg moves from Mail on Sunday to head Mail, be interesting to see how that changes tone

-Sturgeon promises 3% NHS payrise, urges activists to concentrate on why people voted against independence and how to persuade them, Tories in Westminster holding Scotland back


-Gordon Brown admits he didn't realize the fears people would have over rise of immigration, warns Asia could lead to next finical crises, Corbyn a phenomenon (but all political leaders are a phase) who taps into people's concerns who have seen failure of austerity, 24 hour news cycle mean people get frustrated with political leaders so limited shelf life. He looks a lot thinner now

-Ken Clarke says Tory Brexiteers are holding her to ransom but she has support of majority of party

-Frank Field wants BT to cut their dividend to help deal with pension black hole


-Rentoul on polling

-Will Hutton on state of Brexit

-Brexiteer Peter Hitchens warns leaving EU was always going to be difficult and suggests EEA
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Mon Jun 11, 2018 5:58 pm

-Stramer says he has visited the Danish-Norway border and it won't work for N.Ireland due to amount of infrastructure

-Sturgeon says if bespoke deal for N.Ireland then Scotland should get one, asks Bercow to ensure MP's get enough time to properly debate Brexit

-May apologises for her initial reaction to Grenfell

-Rumours there is a Brexit ministers pact where they all go rather then one

-Raab says cabinet should show some unity

-Credit to Andy McDonald to admitting he is going to dodge a question

-Government introduces fast track detective scheme, visas for Afghan interpretors and measures on patient safety/protecting health staff when errors kill someone

-Tugendhadt says Boris has a point in need to go more bold and front foot in Brexit talks

-Manufacturing output falls by 1.4% (a small rise had been expected), largest fall in five years, and trade deficit widens to second worst ever of £14 billion construction output fell for forth month in a row, last quarter growth was up 0.2% which was not the bounce expected

-Rees-Mogg urges Brexiteers to remain calm, backstop is an issue but hopefully won't be needed and might be rejected by EU anyway, Trump surprisingly successful a negotiator but May should not copy his style as wouldn't suit her, thinks Tories unified enough to get Brexit bill through this week, says Transport department been one of the best preparing for Brexit. An operation Stack may be needed short term at Dover but nobody's interests for there not to be a deal, we should leave Irish border up to Ireland and not let it dictate talks as it is now, Brexit slowly going in right direction though slower then he would like. His claim there would be no more restrictions at ports in no deal has been questioned

-Number 10 says Trump agreed to G7 communique and should stick to it, May pointedly praises Trudeau's leadership

-Tom Watson wonders if Wednesday was planned for Electoral Commission report on Vote Leave and May's aides

-EU Commission warns UK backstop still leads to hard border

-Government hoping to stay in UK is to apply to stay in the European standards system for industry products and services

-Bradley says her talks in N.Ireland says people there are divided on abortion but agree it should not be a matter imposed from Westminster


-Ken Clarke doubts some Labour MP's want Corbyn to win election

-Sandbach says Remainers need courage to go in for the kill

-Shapps expects May to stay on till 2020 to see out Brexit talks

-Phil Wilson on backing EEA route

-Dent Coady on DP seemed like someone trying to be less partisan which is welcome

-Hannan warns we are dangerously at risk of managing a worse outcome then leaving or remaining

-Farage says he never promised Brexit would be a success and with May in charge, Brexit could well make it worse then we have now

-Dr Woolostan minded to rebel on meaningful vote

-Sir Cable says no deal Brexit is increasingly possible and would be a unprecedented policy disaster


-D'Ancona on why Banks story matters

-Kavanagh (sun) expects Remainer MP's to ally behind May this week

-Rentoul on Boris calculations in allying himself with Trump

-Dominic Lawson questions Treasury Brexit figures and defends trading on WTO terms with EU
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:08 pm

-Dr Philip Lee resigns as Justice Minister over Brexit, feels he needs to speak out and can't under collective responsibility like meanginful vote, clear he disagrees with current handling of Brexit which he feels will lead to neither remain or Brexit, wants a referendum on final deal, maybe look at renogiating membership, need to unify and heal country, May best person to lead party, local buisness is worried by Brexit which is more complicated then promised.

Will worry government whips as makes close vote even more of a risk, means a hole has to be filled, a fine middle ranking minister but not a rising star, a personal blow to May as seemed to be fairly close.

-Government wins on sifting committee by 22, 25 on exit day, 26 on meaningful vote (Soubry and Clarke only two to rebel), 15 on when ministers can use powers, 16 to avoid having MP's vote for when to go into phase 2. There were various votes within those segments, all won by government in double figures.

Government, in a bid to prevent revolt, will report to Parliament by October on efforts to negotiate a "customs arrangement" with the EU after Brexit which has won approval of Morgan and Grieve but meaningful vote vote (after government rejects Greive's alternative) could be close, Corbyn says EEA does not suit needs of country. May warns 1922 committee defeat would undermine her negotiating position with EU, Williamson and Julian Smith seen talking with potential rebels, was clearly a lot of working going on with potential rebels. Very late on, solicitor general Robert Buckland offered concessions on meaningful vote but there was a feeling May's government have sometimes conceded too late. Buckland and May's PPS Hollingday were then seen working Grieve and seemed to win him over, then a lot of rebels slipped on (turned out they were meeting May), what was offered clearly won the rebels over.

A sense that the meaningful vote changes mean no deal is dead, so is walking away as May has just lost that hand to parliament which will alarm the hard Brexiteers and those who felt it was a key hand however nobody is quite sure if the rebels got exactly what they think so eyes on when it returns to Lords to see what exactly the government amendment will say.

-Banks admits they gave Trump's transition team numbers to Russian ambassador and that they worked with Russia at a very low level like discussing bots, Wigmore says Leave.Eu took no funding. They start Culture Committee by asking Damian Collins to resign

-Javid says they are looking at Aaron Banks connections to Russia

-Certain wing papers doing their usual threats to Remainer MP's

-SNP looking to change organ donation to opt-out

-Davies met Barnier over backstop

-Concerns at who will pay for Labourlive which seems set to lose money

-Jess Philips wants those who use social media for abuse to lose anonymity, once got 600 rape threats in one night. Ben Wallace has indicated digital IDS might be way forward for this

-A sense Williamson is not impressing journalists and is losing standing

-Wage Growth slows to 2.8% but unemployment remains at lows of 4.2%

-Vadarker says Brexit could be delayed by extending deadline or an interim deal

-Soubry says one MP is voting with government because of literal threats (not by government) to MP, staff and family while another had to go to an event with six armed undercover police officers to protect them


-I get the sense Isabel Oakshott is being damaged by the Banks story due to having those emails and not publishing them till she was, allegedly, hacked

-Kinnock wants England to wear black armbands in protest at Putin. I bet Fifa would love us for abusing the mourning symbol

-Former Australian PM Tony Abbott(sun) says Brexit could be a wonderful opportunity for UK, if UK is bolder

-Umunna Brexit bill and Love Island

-Owen Smith says he was informed of his sacking by journalist

-Sir Cable says WWP need to come clean at Sir Sorrel departure

-Sir Loughton admits government amendment on customs arrangement is simply kicking can down road

-Sir Boles "I don't agree with @DrPhillipLeeMP about the idea of holding a referendum on the Brexit deal. But I admire his honesty and integrity. So much classier to resign on principle when nobody is expecting it, than to threaten resignation but never follow through."

-Lord Adonis predicted another resignation after Dr Lee

-Sir Ivan Rodgers doubts either custom plan of May's will be accepted by EU Brexit was always going to take a long time and EEA might be a short term stopgap while that is sorted

-Caroline Lucas not happy there would be around 3 hours on voting alone


-Kuessenberg on Brexit tensions

-Toynbee on cost of Brexit

-Hinsliff cutting immigration or getting in doctors
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Wed Jun 13, 2018 6:25 pm

PMQ's: Corbyn does another clever first question, asking if she asked Trump to take over Brexit talks as Boris suggested. Some of the Tories laughed but May seemed rather unsettled, then goes for Labour keeps casting doubt on Brexit talks yet they keep succeeding, talks of Grenfell housing (Corbyn had marked the anniversary and mentioned the issue) and talks movingly of cost of their loss of more then just 4 walls. Corbyn says they need a permanent home to give them a chance to recover then back to Brexit, on transition going further then the original date so asks for clarity. May dismisses talk of extending and he is referring to backstop and underlines what she means by backstop and why she hopes for it to be unnecessary. Corbyn goes "not sure if backstop or backslide" and pushes on Brexit whitepaper as he did last week, will it be before summit, May has a nice "calm down" amidst heckling as she denies ever saying it would be before summit, she was talking of meeting cabinet about it before summit. Corbyn suggests green paper rather then white paper so all can comment, then really messes up, quotes minister who said it will be in July so that contradicts May and wonders if she will have anything to offer June summit (a good line then wrecked) so wondering by asking if she plans to ask EU to delay summit (Lidington shaking his head in disbelief). May says summit is not about Brexit and will deal with things like sanctions on Russia and Minsk agreement needing to be in place, she also notes and points out July is after June then goes onto Labour divisions like instruction manuals to deselect Labour MP's. Corbyn ignores that, says need to face meltdown aka quoting Boris but delivery is off, points to Boris shots at Hammond (who is sitting next to Boris) and does she back Boris in wanting more friction, more econimic disruption. May says Labour wants more trade deals, gets interrupted by Bercow and heckling then gets back into, they want trade but won't leave customs union, curb immigration but want freedom of movement, respect referendum but won't rule out second referendum whereas Tories will deliver will on the people's demand. Corbyn says Boris is on parallel universe where the only way to respect Brexit result is to create friction on border, goes on cabinet being divided and briefing against each other, of delaying transition phase and reneging on promise to backbenchers, economy being hurt by inept PM, needs to do deal for country not the ego of her backbenchers. May accuses Labour of frustrating Brexit, she will deliver a Brexit good for jobs and Britain, does usual attack of last government leading to unemployment vs their record. Then mocks Labourlive and McDonnell being headline with Magic Numbers with a decent joke.

Corbyn started strongly but as May turned up pressure with counter-attacks, never responded, seemed to have too many Boris jokes that became weaker and weaker, made unforced errors like July and a weird "move the summit". May was better then last time, countering well, having more detailed responses and seeming less dodging, dealt well with heckles.

Blackford says last night broke promise of a united kingdom of equals, breaking constitutional convention by overriding Hollyrood, asks for emergency legislation to ensure Hollyrood can be heard, May expects Hollyrood to get major increase in powers and denies powergrab, 80 new area of powers for Hollyrood does not seem a powergrab by Westminster. Says Labour should be blamed for procedural manoeuvrers that limited the time for devolved votes. Blackford says powers of Scotland act of 98 is being grabbed back and Scottish MP's not even allowed to debate it, asks for Commons to sit in private. Bercow indicates not the time (hints end of PMQ's might be a good time) and not likely to grant it, Blackford forced the move, Bercow made clear he was getting mixed advice and will do it at end of PMQ's, Blackford disputed it and making Bercow job as difficult as possible so Bercow ordered Blackford to leave for rest of day, SNP left as one. Felt Blackford in questions went a little overboard, had warned he planned chaos and while he didn't get the private session, he did get the massive chaos he wanted. One wonders if Bercow has suffered a irreversible loss of authority as he seemed to unsure how to handle the procedure and then the SNP walkout, Bercow points out several SNP MP's were set to speak and made a point of calling SNP MP's. Luke Hall with a nice quip "not seen this walkout since my last after dinner speech",

Due to walkout, it lasted 59 minutes and 26 seconds, Bercow's admiring of the baby's (Clive Lewis child) behaviour watching was funny


-Lidington says Brexit bill follows the Sewell convention on devolution, wins the devolution amendments by 281 as SNP abstain and Labour support. SNP understandably unhappy that the matter got only a few minutes debate, points of order raised afterwards lasted three times longer

-Bercow rebuked the constant Buckland interventions on Grieve's speech

-Mail calls Dr Lee a turncoat and rank treachery. That will help end the abuse and threats MP's get (like being hung drawn and quartered or just hung)

-Brexiteers clearly worried May could be about to give away too much on meaningful vote while Remainers worry May won't follow through with action

-Mundell still open to deal with SNP but SNP wish for him to resign over lack of debating time for devolution part of Brexit

-Banks said Leave.EU led people up the garden path at times during Brexit campaign but MP's spin and parliament is centre of fake news, they briefed American security services about meetings with Russian ambassador, Sigmore says they sought to tap into emotions rather then facts. Banks left early as session had overrun and he had a lunch appointment. Collins has said it is hard to know how seriously to take their word on matters anymore

-DUP accuses of finding people for giving interviews to media without permission

-When Blackford asked for options t deal with lack of debating time, a Tory MP shouted suicide apparently. It has not gone down well

-Home Affairs Committee ask for emergency hardship fund for Windrush generation

-Jack Renshaw pleads guilty for plotting the murder of Rosie Cooper

-Inflation of 2.4% with petrol prices keeping it higher then it might otherwise have been

-Environment Committee summons heads of Sainsbury and Asda over merger

-MP's complaint that Bercow was being sexist and belittling Claire Perry over his demands she shorten answers, particularly the use of dilution, Perry has written to complain about his handling. Bercow says he often uses that phrase and asks for a cup of tea to discuss the issue

-Sturgeon backs Blackford and accuses Westminster of treating Scotland with contempt, Blackford says it is disgrace by Bercow, other party MP's working hard to dismiss this as a self-harming stunt that actually stops SNP getting debate they wanted. SNP claiming a 1,000 new members today

-May launches tech visa

-McDonnell says Labour's Brexit policy is a traditional British compromise


-Police had to shut down final Lewisham East hustings due to protests against Anne-Marie Walters (who wasn't there), accusations it was Labour members (Labour candidate boycotted due to Walters) while UKIP's candidate David Kerten was heckled

-Alison McGovern on on where those pro-immigration need to do better

-CBI's departing head Paul Dreschler says no customs deal could kill car industry in UK and bemoans tens of millions spent by industry to deal with potential of no deal Brexit, money they could have used for other things, trade deals making up for it is a myth

-DP saw Claire Perry, Soubry and Nigel Evans more heated then anytime Tony Lloyd vs Tory

-Ken Clarke says to fulfil government amendment on Irish border, they will need to recreate single market and customs union, some like Soubry and Stramer seem to agree

-Darce warns his old enemy and successor that moving away from his Brexit stance would be editorial and commercial suicide


-Kuessenberg on ill-will after Brexit vote. D'Arcy on government blinked first, Simon Usherwood on unneeded complication by government, Rentoul on May running out of road as does Paul Goodman, Behr May pushing Brexiteers to a choice, compromise or revolt
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Thu Jun 14, 2018 4:51 pm

-Laura Smith resigned junior shadow defence post while PPS' Ged Killen, Ellie Reeves, Tonia Antoniazzi, Rosie Duffield and Anna McMorrin also resigned so they could vote for/against EEA rather then abstain. Corbyn thanked them for their work and said he looks forward to working together with them but argues against EEA

-Government wins on not seeking full access to internal market by 82, against EEA by 201 with Labour abstaining plus 90 Labour revolt (75 voted for EEA, 15 against, Benn rebelled for first time), against customs union by 27, charter of fundemtnal rights by 20, removing restriction of courts by 23, employment rights 17, environmental protection 24. May won every right though the meaningful vote one only by pushing a headache down the line a week, they also agreed to Cooper's change on children claiming asylum

-Buckland delays Brexit vote by doing front bench speech despite Bercow arguing they had agreed to no frontbench speeches

-EU member states back baring UK from Galileo

-Javid expected to raise cap on highly skilled visa's and will exclude health staff from cap

-Queen's and Ulster Universities poll sees 55% backing remaining in UK vs 22%

-Welsh Assembly block appointment of commissioner for first time, objecting to UKIP nomination of Neil Hamilton's over his past opposing anti-harassment legislation

-Royal Wedding and good weather helps Retail sales jump 1.3%, far more then expected 0.3%

-Oliver Letwin handling the negotiations for meaningful vote, rumours currently are Remainers are happy then suddenly they are not

-Blackford indicates trade bill will be next for an SNP show, they will remain engaged and courteous but since Tories have crossed a line, they will protest, Mundell should go (Labour arguing Mundell should go if he can't broker agreement)

-The author of the Vow (the promise to Scotland during referendum) Murray Foote, who recently resigned as editor of Daily Record, has joined independence movement

-Sir Stramer quips Davies has threatened to resign more times this year then he has met Barnier

-SNP membership up 5,000 since PMQ's

-Tom Watson says he feels smarter since losing weight, since McCluskey is coming for him and is powerful enough to do it

-Carwyn Jones says May should drop her red lines, may be possible for the UK to remain fully aligned with single market rules for goods, including agriculture and fisheries, while being free to diverge in some service sectors (while paying for said access), better to take a political hit by doing Norwayish option then econimic hit, accepting Efta court could get around ECJ issue, free market can't continue but maybe offer EU preferential access to UK labour market. Bad Brexit could destroy the unity of UK, max fac takes years and years for even some companies to benefit and costs a lot

-John Healey warns not enough has happened since Grenfell to prevent a repeat


-Mail accuses Grieve of conspiracy because he went to building of European Commission for a meeting

-Sir Cable says Labour allowing Hard Brexit

-IDS (sun) says on state of Brexit and May needs to make a stand

-Leanne Wood says she will stand down as Plaid leader if she doesn't become First Minister at next election

-Ian Lucas not happy at Nationwide's executive pay


-BBC reality check on if Westminster is breaching Sewell convention

-Chris Cook denies bullying Bercow by reporting accusations against Bercow

-Katy Balls on May trying to grind down Brexiteer MP's

-Aditya Chakrabortty business has lost faith in May

-Kettle May has done well but she can't avoid crunch for much longer
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