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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Sun Fin » Fri May 18, 2018 12:39 pm

Dong Zhou wrote:-Dent Coady backs Republicans calling for Royal Wedding costs to be paid by Royal Family including security. I'm with them on this

I'm no expert on the monarchy so am happy to be contradicted here but my understanding is that they pay a rate of 100% tax with a much smaller rebate, so they pretty much already are?

That said, I am thoroughly bored with the coverage. I really don't need the BBC pinging my urgent news updates about who is walking Megan down the aisle. As far as I'm concerned the most important even happening tomorrow is the FA Cup final.
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Fri May 18, 2018 6:48 pm

I know I owe you football post but plans went kaput end of afternoon

Sun Fin wrote:
Dong Zhou wrote:-Dent Coady backs Republicans calling for Royal Wedding costs to be paid by Royal Family including security. I'm with them on this

I'm no expert on the monarchy so am happy to be contradicted here but my understanding is that they pay a rate of 100% tax with a much smaller rebate, so they pretty much already are?

That said, I am thoroughly bored with the coverage. I really don't need the BBC pinging my urgent news updates about who is walking Megan down the aisle. As far as I'm concerned the most important even happening tomorrow is the FA Cup final.

There is every now and again questions about Royals and their taxes like Duchy of Cornwall and use of trusts. They have chosen things like Fa Cup final day, inviting people to a park without proper facilities and food (the local McDonalds have expressed concern I believe) and putting a lot of strain on the city and it's resources. Public purse picks up all the costs of that

Yeah the news hogging has been frustrating.


-Tom Watson jokes he welcomes another part of Labour manifesto being implemented by Tories

-Baroness Williams making clear she is pushing to get parliamentary time for the pardons for those criminalized for being gay (hints Brexit is not helping)

-Vardaker says staying in customs union may not be enough to avoid hard border but would need single market as well

-UKIP Wales oust Neil Hamilton and bring in Caroline Jones. He had got power by AM vote and he has lost it by the same, the 5 AM's having had very audible rows this week with several unhappy that Hamilton wanted the controversial Gareth Bennett to be their representative to National Executive, Hamilton's controversial comments and general direction of the party. Jones was a teacher, cafe owner, prison officer, has bemoaned some of the saved language used in politics including from Hamilton

-Suspected next batch of peers will be announced while people distracted by royal wedding

-Government increases Remote Gaming Duty while Hancock calls fixed odds betting terminals a social blight

-Government considering sending more troops to Afghanistan

-We are being taken to court over our long standing failure on air pollution, European Commission also taking Germany, France, Italy, Romania, and Hungary

-Bercow accused of muttering about Leadsom a "stupid woman" and effing useless during Wednesday debate about Tories impeding into Labour time. He admits strong language during a difficult day but doesn't admit to exact term, I suspect if not for bullying row he wouldn't be under such pressure on this

-Abbott on QT argues "It’s really not true to say that every young person that gets stabbed in London is a drug dealer’", clearly referring to someone on panel. Nobody said it. She got jeered when she repeated the point, she would have been wiser to withdraw the comment if she couldn't name the person


-Bob Stewart moving as he admits he was wrong to vote against gay marriage as he has seen how much joy it has brought others and wishes Church of England to allow gay marriage in church

-Grieve wants CCTV in all carehomes

-Karen Buck calls for ban of flammable cladding

-Caroline Lucas wants end to arm sales to Israel

-Paula Sheriff on female mental health

-Magid Magid, former refugee, becomes Sheffield's first Green, first Somali and youngest Lord Mayor


-Bush warns Brexit could take a decade

-Eaton on the return of public ownership and interviews Tory thinktank Onward

-Adam Fleming on areas of Brexit still to be sorted

-D'Arcy on Lords Brexit revolt

-Shaun Ley remembers Jeremy Thorpe's impact in his seat

-Andrew Grice suspects Corbyn will copy May's "kicking down the road" over EEA

-Behr warns Lords still need to be abolished

-Alex Massie furious at atittudes of likes of Jamie Oliver to the diets of the poor and yet they ignore where the state really should take responsibility
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sat May 19, 2018 12:56 pm

-Number 10 condemns Bercow's alleged comments on Leadsom and wants full investigation but thought the minister has no plans to formally complain herself

-Buckingham Palace not happy at timing of new peer announcements. 9 Tories included Sir Eric Pickles, Peter Lilley (the one big Brexiteer), Sir Edward Garnier, former deputy speaker Sir Alan Haselhurst, former deputy whip John Randall, Andrew Tyrie. DUP send former DUP MP Dr William McCrea, Labour have three include former general secretary Iain McNicol

-Liz Truss warns Tory activists "It’s a lot less uncomfortable having the field next to your house built on, than it is having your property appropriated by a bunch of Socialist-Marxists,’", wants a regeneration project like Canary Warf in the North, dismisses the 10k gift to young as someone they would have to pay back through taxes, wants deregulation of planning law and allow spread to spreads

-Julian Smith warned Brexit sub-committee to get real about the numbers in parliament in regards certain kinds of Brexit

-Boris to be first foreign minister to visit Argentina for 25 years, will also go to Peru (first since 60's) and Chile

-Ruth Davidson says Tories must learn how to win over the Crash generation

-D'Arcy's Week Ahead, Bercow and private members bill row

-May urges Welsh Labour to follow English education reforms, international tests show Welsh children have been betrayed with Carwyn Jones admitting they took their eye off education in early years

-Cabinet agrees to backstop covering whole of UK rather then N.Ireland. EU might not agree while shadow N.Ireland secretary Tony Lyold calls it a shot term measure

-Mike Russell, SNP Brexit Secretary suspects, government is reluctant to agree on devolution due to fears about Sinn Feinn would do with such powers and says that means government is afraid of democracy, DUP veto in Westminster is dangerous

-Clark asks competitions watchdog to look at Asda/Sansibury deal


-Kate Osamor using an Obama speech when relected has suddenly got attention

-Caroline Jones say and Hamilton will work together after the amicable takeover, open to Mandy Jones coming back, believes she can appeal to wider audience

-Welsh Tory leader Andrew Davies says opposition parties need to work together if Labour is to be defeat


-Jayne McCormack on who is taking desicions in N.Ireland

-Nicolas Watt on those urging May to confront Brexit hardliners

-Forysth (sun) not happy with Brexit backstop, Italy a problem for Eurozone, May unable to stop leaks, Bercow and Gove+Davidson alliance
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sun May 20, 2018 1:01 pm

-McDonnell says corporate regulation system needs radical overhaul , it is toothless with nobody punished, too many bodies making a maze and overlap. Commissioned independent review of the UK's corporate auditing and accounting regime, by Prem Sikka professor of accounting and finance at Sheffield University. Written about it

-Janet Derby will be Labour's candidate in Lewisham East and bar a major major major upset, will be the next MP. Mind you, I believe this was an upset, the Remainer did not have Momentum or major unions backing

-MOT reforms come into effect

-Neil Parish concerned at supermarket mergers impact on farmers

-Could Gardner answer the question next time? Granted having your own words quoted back at you may be annoying but still, he is usually better then he was on Marr.

-Hancock admits that UK government and MP's don't have pull with social media companies, Bercow's alleged comments are completely unacceptable, though might be wise not to ask Emma Barnett in future "did you read the whole report" in future

-Barnier remarks UK position papers read like UK is trying to get in the EU


-Stephen Hammond backs EEA

-Douglas Ross fell over while running the line in Scottish cup final


-Richard Brooks on accoutants

-Rentoul praises May's outmastering the Brexiteers
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Mon May 21, 2018 6:34 pm

-Sunday Times saying Tory MP's preparing for autumn election to break Brexit deadlock but everyone praying it doesn't happen

-May argues AI can help fight cancer with diagnoses and research, argues new technology in building will cut energy and thus costs for consumers, wants to remain part of EU science projects and willing to pay, wants to ensure EU migrants at high level of research remain, wants R&D to be up to 2.4% of GDP by 2027, backstop would only ever be for a limited time under limited circumstances

-Williamson warns UK must prepare for defence in space like jamming of military satellites

-Foreign Affairs Select Committee says UK has turned blind eye on Russia money laundering in London, security minister Ben Wallace questions credibility since he was never questioned

-Hancock and Margot James making big media push on social media regulation

-Margot James has reported abuse to police

-Tom Watson says government has wasted chances to get touch on internet companies

-Sturgeon believes growth commission's report will restart independence debate but shouldn't be a second referendum till Brexit is clear,

-Davis and Clark go to N.Ireland

-Tory HQ rumoured to be considering Nando loyalty cards to entice members

-Boris says backstop agreement is not one we desire and Brexiteers worrying about betrayal should understand that, Latin America is fired up and desperate for more trade with UK with UK business needing to do a lot better in the area, USA's jumbo plan for Iran are unrealistic

-N.Ireland polling by Belfast University has pro Remain up 13 points since the vote to 69%, 1 in 10 Catholics and 15% Sinn Feinn voters would support border camera being damaged, nearly 10% of Sinn Feinn would support vandalizing of border infrastructure. They also did a forum on hard border, the idea went down really well "There was a strong sense among participants – Catholics and Protestants, remain and leave voters – that protests against a ‘hard’ border may begin peacefully, but would quickly deteriorate into violence. Violent agents were perceived as waiting for an excuse to reemerge, and were referred to as “nutjobs,” “mad hatter people,” “psychopaths,” and the “hard element.”" However separate polling indicates strong unionist support as things stand

-Gove says whole point of backstop is that it doesn't get implemented, would bet against second Scottish referendum and accuses SNP of playing identity politics, cybernats like civility and wish to divide, N.Ireland will remain in union. Leave not identity politics (three times Saint Peter, I mean Gove, ducks the Turkey poster question) but people recoiling against imperial ambitions of EU and a vote of confidence in UK, Brexit had led to a more welcoming atmosphere towards immigration.

-Written warnings before sanctions pilot dropped as it didn't work, government trying other methods

-Foster says Brexit must be implemented as one nation for the UK, only disgraceful Remainers are making claims about violence on border, border checkpoints are myths from those that wish to unpick union, Irish government being very very aggressive, keeps out of customs debate

-Concerns that Zaghari-Ratcliffe is facing new charges

-Bercow admits to using term stupid but was an aside about the way the day's business had been handled, not about Leadsom herself

-Ken Livingstone resigns from Labour, felt the anti-Semitism issue had become a distraction for the party with old right-wingers in NEC set to raise it again while his lawyer warns things could drag on for two more years, denies anti-Semitism (blames those claims on media and people not checking what he actually said which the current head of Israel said similar six months ago) but is "truly sorry" for hurt to some Jewish communities, being outside Labour will allow him to actively campaign for Corbyn which he couldn't while suspended.

Livingstone, since Corbyn has taken office, seems to have acted in ways that not even the most anti-Corbynite would do to bring down Corbyn. By resigning rather then allowing Labour to regain credibility by sacking him, Livingstone has once more harmed his friend

-Ruth Davidson wants more UK institutions in Scotland like fishiers in Peterhead, shared prosperity fund, sports events outside London


-Farron bemoans rail company the Northern

-Nathan Gill says UKIP should fold if there is the right Brexit deal, UKIP Wales has wasted it's chance due to infighting. Hamilton says he was ambushed and only informed of his axing by text, UKIP will remain relevant

-Sir Clegg says Brexiteers have forfeited their right to be heard due to mess they have made of things, UK should seek a delay on article 50 of a year or more (can't see EU agreeing to that), Brexit has created a poltical and constitutional crises, thinks going ahead with Brexit more likely to lead to riots then stopping it

-Mann says Livingstone lied and was trying to rewrite history with original comments, anyone backing Livingstone should leave Labour or be thrown out, Livingstone is directly responsible for loss of Jewish votes


-Nesrine Malik suspects Corbyn doesn't care either way about Brexit but thinks it may become an issue

-Sarah Stook on mental health quality of care

-Emilio Casalicchio on Janet Darby's victory is not good for Corbyn

-Sophie Walker with Woman Equality's Party's position on prostitution

-Will Gore argues that Grenfell inquiry must clear up conspiracies thrown by both sides
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Tue May 22, 2018 6:32 pm

-Livingstone says Labour's discipline producers are full of the right-wingers thanks to Blair, defends Marc Wadsworth as only being expelled for criticizing an MP, his critics haven't read their history. Corbyn's response of it is sad to see Livingstone go has been noticed and is not going to help Corbyn though he noted Livingstone was right to resign.

Labour backbench MP's welcome his leaving though some regret he wasn't expelled, Chris Williamson defends Livingstone as a great champion of the left and a towering figure in Labour.

-Gove argues Brexit allows them to go further on climate change and air pollution as he launches clamp down on air pollution including targetting farmers, Brexit backstop would be temporary

-Ruth Davidson says she was angry at Windrush scandal, tone of immigration debate is far too judgemental, wants students take out of immigration figures, 10,000 target should be reviewed. Need to embrace the liberal outlook of the young, party can seem joyless and hectoring

-Boris urges Brexiteers to give May some space and time to ensure proper Brexit, dismisses talks of autumn election, we will prosper after Brexit and wants trade deal with trading bloc Mercosur (EU talks have been going on for two decades)

-Brandon Lewis says English nationality should be celebrated more as would help union

-Government looking at banning of selling puppies after push from MP's

-Police drivers to get more protection if in pursuit

-Fuel costs at 3 and a half year high with concerns about inflation and consumer confidence, government borrowing down more then expected, factor orders lowest since Nov 2016

-Lords back down on Leveson

-Bank of England says Brexit has made households £900 a year worse off (Carney notes it is a lot of money), it is dampening investment, Carney says bad first quarter was due to temporary issues and wants buisness to report how climate change is impacting them

Boris denies Brexit claims, McDonnell blames it utterly on poor Tory negotiations, Hammond dodges

-Ofcom launches three more investigations into Russia Today

-Bercow's old foe James Duddridge has formerly complained about Bercow's "stupid" comment. I don't think Bercow's explanation will have helped him gain allies, was less an apology more a "look, I'm a hero against government" play

-Williamson says 8 Nato countries will hit Nato target but EU countries still need to do more, stonewalls about Afghanistan deployment, needs to be peace with Taliban, syays UK has sometimes disposed of old assets too fast (like warships) rather then keep them as reserves


-Wishart on idea Brexit has led to better treatment of migrants "Yeah, Brexit has made Britain more welcoming to immigrants by stopping them coming here and making life as miserable as possible for the poor souls who have made it here."

-Lord Young argues Tories under represented in Lords and May has been restrained on hires

-Keith Vaz on Yemen

-Sir Penning demands the former IRA members to tell where his old captain Robert Nairac was buried

-Umunna suspects both parties will change on Brexit, also royal wedding

-Azfal Khan on on Manchester attacks

-Blackford says Mundell should resign if he doesn't accept devolution and Hollyrood's Brexit verdict

-Nandy wants Northern stripped of their rail franchise

-Rees-Mogg says Davidson's complaint about joyless has a point, £350 million to NHS needs to happen as people rightly view that as a promise, says history says a backbencher like him have no chance of being leader, wishes the recording of him as a 12 year old on radio had stayed locked up.

-Blair says Libya rendition case didn't come to his attention till after he had left office, agrees with government apology and what happened can't be justified. Says Labour can back second referendum without alienating Leave voters, ambiguity worked for election but current Labour policy pleases neither side, Labour should be doing better in the polls, both parties lying about what UK can get from Brexit

-NEC elects vice chair, Unison’s Wendy Nichols beating Corbyn's candidate Andi Fox of Unite, GMB swung it and seen as an attempt to give Unite a rap across the knuckles

-TUC head Frances O'Grady says she has met May once, when she had become PM, she has Merkel more times. Corbyn she meets regularly, David Davies and Hammond semi-reguarly, quips about the "menopausal" economy
“Perhaps next time BoE will say economy is in erectile dysfunction.” Working people would not be willing to bear cost of Hard Brexit, hopes Labour will agree with TUC Brexit position eventually

-Immigration minister Caroline Noakes slammed for not reading whole of Good Friday Agreement given treating Irish citizens seeking British passports as second class citizens contravenes it. N.Ireland committee not pleased. She has promised to look at the issue given the strong feelings

-Ben Wallace warns UK is becoming the biggest consumers of cocaine in Europe


-BBC profile of Ken Livingstone, Rentoul welcomes Livingstone going, Hinsliff calls it a sad day

-Behr on deep philosophical Tory civil war

-Toynbee on social care

-Harry Phibbs warns Tory HQ needs to treat new members better
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Wed May 23, 2018 6:21 pm

PMQ's: Corbyn goes on amount of NHS outsourcing, May ignores questions (it was a technical question she probably had no knowledge of answer) but points to doubling under Labour,, says May has increased outsources share by 100% and gives example of Virgin getting big money for not having bid chosen by Surrey, quotes NAO warning handling of private contractors is causing harm. May quotes from NAO has no actual harm has been identified and savings were invested in front line care, propitiation of private didn't go up last year in England but went up in Wales. Corbyn quotes NAO on Capita contract, the cancer screening errors, GP's getting incorrect records, calls it a inevitable consequences of tearing apart founding principles of NHS and putting private profit above public service. May points out Labour has a bad history of scaremongering vs reality of Tory record including free at point of delivery. Corbyn says Tories opposed NHS founding so bit rich (why should May be punished for this?) then goes onto GP unions complaints about Capita and still dealing with fall out, links that to GP's leaving including early retirement, asks why Hunt has failed to hire more as promised. May points to increase and improve training but dodges exact question, quotes Ashworth admitting they would buy from private secretary. Corbyn says Ashworth understands needs of patients (so doesn't count), says he is getting written to about lack of GP's meaning difficulty to get appointments and quotes Ann of horrible treatment in private nursing home. May says steps has been taken but doesn't really, tries to use Ashworth again but then quotes Burnham for how private capacity benefit NHS patients. Corbyn goes Ashworth is a better person and builds on elderly not getting good care, NHS reaching birthday with poor numbers on staff, funding squeeze, poor cancer detection and A&E before going on rant about private funding. May promises long term plan on NHS, more people being treated, better cancer outcomes. Then quotes McDonnell wanting to overthrow capitalizing, enjoying the cheers of some on Labour, will lead to higher taxes and less money that would damage the NHS.

Corbyn had good questions about social care near end, GP's leaving but NAO got trumped and ended up resorting to "yes Ashworth can do it because he is my guy and so holy, any of you guys backing private=evil", tries to attack May for votes in 1940's and such blatant partisanship (not unknown but seemed so blatant) was a disgrace to the NHS. May gave some effective defences like on Labour's scaremongering record and some decent quoting from Labour (quoting Ashworth twice however felt desperate) but not effective at always answering the question, should have handled Anne question better, NHS summary was good but economy one was weak though Labour cheering may be a bad image for them. Blackford on hostile environment risks, young people unable to pay for the paperwork thanks to rising fees required being deported, May says benefits for minors on indefinite leave puts them on equal footing with UK citizens and several groups get fees waved. Blackford says not good enough, lists the amount of people involved and the costs, that it drives people into being undocumented, May denies costs are 10k and sets out again their rights.

The commentators weep at the agony of watching that though I did like May starting to one word answer backbenchers by the end.


-Gove slams Hammond for being short-sighted on Brexit and blames that on some of the Lords defeats, says Defra wanted a environment watchdog ie Hammond's fault Lords were forced to push for one. This blatant attack (with the letter "somehow" leaked to Telegraph) seen as very damaging to May's authority as is Davidson's comments on migration and Javid changing stance to police

-Boris denies wanting private plane for Brexit related ministers but downing street has shot down the idea anyway, says we should be leaving customs union as soon as reasonable possible

-Javid says he is on the side of the police and understands how overstretched they feel, he will try to get more money to them as priority in next spending review. Police federation reaction seems to be "good first impression but let's see him follow through"

-Hammond to pledge to CBI "full-fibre" connections available to most homes and businesses by 2025, business can get what they want without staying in customs union

-National Audit Office argue it is unclear if governments implement recommendations from inquiries

-Damian Collins feels European Parliament committee meeting with Zuckerberg allowed him to cherry pick questions

-340 turned away during voter ID trials with 688 returning after initial being turned away

-Heavy rumours some of Lansley NHS reforms will be repealed

-Inflation down to 2.4% thinks to cheaper airfares, food and men's clothing countering fuel prices

-Williamson on woman in armed forces

-Environment Agency warns UK needs radical action on use of water or major shortages by 2050

-Brexit minister Robin Walker admits he can not reassure Brexit Committee that they can get May's custom plan in place in time, time stop would be limited, Braverman says MP's will have say on EU payments but we will have to pay for trade deal and only have good faith to rely on

-TSB recalled to Treasury Committee as crises drags on

-Carney expects surge of investment once Brexit deal is done

-Near the end of PMQ's, May started going for one word answers to good effect

-HMRC head Jon Thompson says May's preferred customs plan would take three years to implement which would miss Brexit deadline (and be longer till border was as good as should be), they have no preference on either custom plan, maxfac would cost business 17-20 billion, custom partnership 3.4 billion at max (though arguably none due to refunds) and 700 million to set up, firms have happily agreed to non-discloure agreements so they can discuss Brexit

-Brexit department says we will respect remit of ECJ when it comes to EU projects UK wants to join

-Labour fails to get Grayling's pay slashed by cost of season ticket

-Corbyn says future Labour peers have to promise to back abolition of the Lords


-Lammy wonders if minister would do more if middle class white kids being killed in London. Has handed over racist letter to police

-Farage accuses Facebook of being biased against right-of-centre commentators

-Bambos Charalambous on palliative care

-John Mann asks Finical Conduct Authority to take direct control of TSB

-Rees-Mogg says Carney is crying wolf

-One wonders who in immigration service thought denying the former mayor of Ipswich citizenship was a good headline


-Adam Payne on battle over EEA

-Michael Segalov says if Labour wants a second referendum, it needs to keep quiet and work on other issues first

-Nick Denys on how Tories can handle Brexit better
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Thu May 24, 2018 7:10 pm

-Rees-Mogg questions if government really wants Brexit but says early election would be a bad idea given what happened last time

-Labour's adaption to the data laws see them time emails out for Corbyn's birthday, saying last week he wants is for movement to lose strength so allow them to send emails

-Rumours Brexit bill will appear before Commons on June 11th

-Times saying May wants second transition period from 2021 to 23, Brexit Committee seeking clarification

-Corbyn visits N.Ireland says Labour won't back any deal with hard border, wants restoration of British Irish Intergovernmental Conference to help with N.Ireland stalemate, warns peace doesn't just happen, Labour has Commons majority for their Brexit plan, Labour would back shipbuilding in N.Ireland, as PM wouldn't push for a Irish referendum (Telegraph rather "misquoted" Corbyn's spokesperson on the subject earlier"

-UK has formally objected to being locked out of Galileo project, says it has created a security risk for UK and would force UK to pull out which would add a billion cost and delay of project for three years

-N.Ireland committee urges Bradley to restart Stormont talks and wants a Brexit minister for N.Ireland, someone needs to take urgent decisions and right now that needs to be Bradley

-Boris bemoans government plane being grey and difficult to get hold off, wants a Brexit plane if not too expensive

-Dr Woolostan fears NHS increase of less then 4% would be disastrous as would be below expectations and for NHS (3% would keep us at current issues level)

-Scottish government wants to cut carbon emissions by 90% by 2050 with two thirds by 2020

-Scottish growth commission to claim every Scot could be £4,100 better off, in a generation, if Scotland were able to match the growth rates of other smaller wealthy nation. Some surprise Sturgeon won't be at the launch

-DUP accuse Corbyn of snubbing their officer to meet IRA victims, Corbyn's team says DUP offer came too late to make changes to long time planned schedule, DUP says they had time

-Brexit Comitee says we should know, two years on, government direction for future relations, Windrush had undermined faith in government and Home Office handling EU migrants fairly

-Javid says he will introduce legislation to frastrack Windrush applications and make it free, launching internal review into how it happened

-Gauke hoping prison offenders can help fill workplace gaps

-Russian pranksters seem to have got a phone call with Boris for 18 minutes by pretending to be Armenian PM


-Redwood doesn't entirely trust HMRC figures but admits if thy are right, max-fac is wrong route forward but why not just do what we currently have anyway like the currency border as the basis

-Ian Austin says Corbyn have no claim on following 1945 Atlee government or any Labour leadership

-Hannan argues trade liberalisation is more important then any trade deal

-Baroness Smith says N.Ireland leaders should be locked in a room till they come to a deal, Lord Hain worries the longer this goes on the harder it will be to revive Stormont

-SDLP wants Labour to align with single market

-Housing PPS Andrea Jenkyns resigns to balance out Brexit Comitee numbers which she feels is too Remainer and has led to unbalanced reports


-Dominic Cummings says Brexit is heading for disaster, May must be axed, May Hammond, Whitehall have surrendered to EU and public will blame Tories

-George Monbiot uses Carillion to argue against limited liability

-Marc Wallace on Brexiteers nerves and state of Withdrawal bill

-Richard Reed not happy with Brexit
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Fri May 25, 2018 5:08 pm

-MP's really concerned about state of M&S and the closures, Claire Perry handled it well with good personal touches

-Mark Field accepts foreign office could be more public in critiszing religious extremism in Pakistan

-Senior but unnamed EU official briefs press that UK' demands are living in a fantasy land and we need to accept we won't get everything we have now. Hammond remarks that isn't helpful but government is aware of ticking clock, need to make signficant progress by June summit but has found people on both sides have been constructive in his experience

-Carney warns Bank of England will have to take emergency measures if disorderly Brexit, expects weaker growth whatever the new trade arrangements, current weak growth may be due to fundamental issues

-Russian pranksters talked to Sir Aln Duncan first, he was impressed and his office gave them Boris private number. Sir Duncan and co may be in trouble

-Romanians second highest (Poland first, Romania climbing above Ireland and India) non UK nationally in the country after 25% rise

-Science and Technology Committee not happy that police retain mugshots of innocence people unless requested to deleted

-Corbyn says his government would take a neutral stance in Irish referendum

-Growth of 0.1% in first quarter with the worst quarter in five years and only got growth at all due to population growth, household spending at three year low

-SNP Growth commission proposes keeping in pound for an extended transition, recommends boosting immigration, independent agencies would cost $450 million over five years to set up, cutting defence could help growth, any oil revenue be put into Norway like fund and not used as day to day income, government would need to keep strict control of spending to cut deficit in first five years.

Sturgeon welcomes it coming up with proposals to deal with the challenges and getting the debate going, Scottish Labour call it a blueprint for austerity, Davidson points out the issue with using someone else's currency without their consent, suggests SNP should look at themselves for why migrants choose other parts of UK, Good Morning Scotland has to say nobody from SNP was willing to talk to them about the commission. Times journalist Kenny Farquharson remarks "A recurring thought while reading the growth commission report: this is a devastating take-down of Alex Salmond."

-After international investigation blames Russia for downing of flight MH17 four years ago, Boris has demanded Russia take responsibility

-Number of potential Windrush cases reported to Home Ofifce has hit 5,000 mark


-Lord Young condemns GTR for disabled guidelines

-Ross Thompson says if Tory leadership election, he would want someone of a new generation but if he had to pick a cabinet member then he would back Gove

-Chris Williamson responds to Ian Austin but doesn't really address the points raised

-Sir Ivan Rogers, UK's ambassador to the EU till last year, says Galileo is EU trying to get jobs moved there

-Dr Lewis wants cyclists to be required to have a bell

-Harry Cole and Zoe Williams should behave like adults next time on DP


-Chris Morris looks into HMRC's estimates of max-fac

-Richard LittleJohn not happy that we still haven't Brexited, Remainers, May, Labour, Carney, media

-David Lewis (sun) defends standing as Labour woman officer

-Polling expert Peter Kellner detects a shift to Remain among voters

-Mick Fealty feels Corbyn can make a diffidence in Ireland

-George Pascoe-Watson May revival and excellent Tory whips

-Grice on Hammond vs Hunt
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sat May 26, 2018 11:19 am

-Sun says there is a plot to oust May after Brexit, Gove to caretake for two years then bring in Ruth Davidson

-David Davies indicates Irish border may be takcled in EU meeting in October, former taoiseach John Bruton says it should be done at June meeting to have crises early

-Labour unhappy at Hammond's vow to create their own Galileo if EU refuses, Labour feels wrong during a time of austerity

-Defence Committee slams Afghan interpretor scheme which has resettled in UK...0 and seems obsessed with keeping them in Afghanistan, harms UK's honour and will put off people in future wars whose help we want

-Grayling trying to drum up business support to expand Heathrow


-Soubry asked about early election "Good Lord, no"

-Paterson says there plenty of solutions to border but EU are being pigheaded and refusing to look at them, says he gets on with Irish politicians who have highly skilled leaders but they are acting as blocker and have been shocked by Brexit

-Andrea Jenkyns says she is confident May will get right kind of Brexit, customs union is a redline

-Sharkia Martin, the NUS President, came across well on Nic Robinson' radio show


-Forysth (sun) on government's spending dilemma, Brexit in rough patch, Trump, Davidson
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