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Unread postby Dong Zhou » Tue May 08, 2018 6:25 pm

-Boris says if Trump can sort out Korea and Iran problems he should Noble Peace Prize but there isn't a good plan B to replace Iran treaty, says customs partnership is a crazy idea that leads to more bureaucracy and doesn't allow UK to take control of trade policy and it's own laws (ouch, blatant revolt against May there), US wants us free of Brussels so we can be a free trading country, some in cabinet are victims to project fear. Rees-Mogg says Boris has hit nail on head, Downing Street dare not make a stand

-Does feel like the cabinet Brexit schism is now erupting

-Goverment loses more Lords votes: Bishop of Leeds getting majority of 71 saying they can copy over UK law and join EU agencies, then Duke of Wellington's removing Brexit date (majority 78)

-Rail industry looking at overhauling it's ticket system

-May congratulates councillors and activists

-Defra has eyes on wetwipes as a problem

-Confirmed Heidi Alexander is resigning as MP to become Khan's deputy Mayor with charge of transport, Labour figures will be keen to be nominated for a very safe seat. A fierce presence in the chamber, she had risen through the ranks to become a respected centre-left shadow health minister under Corbyn but was one of the first to resign, Momentum activists wanted her out. Add split on Brexit with frontbench and the chance to a substantial post in public office, she has made a good move.

-Biggest house price drop in seven years with 3.1% in April

-Thornberry says Labour want to end up in same place as EEA but the mechanism of EEA doesn't work for UK

-SSE and NPower merger plans facing full competition investigation

-Labour trying to whip it's peers to abstain from Lord Alli's amendment saying we should be in the EEA

-Downing Street denies Trade department is facing staff cuts

-Sir Philip Rutnam, permanent secretary at the Home Office, has asked Sir Alex Allen, the PM’s adviser on ministerial standards, to investigate how Rudd was briefed on deportation targets with Sir Rutnam's answers not seemingly filling Home Affairs Select Committee with confidence, Cooper calling him slippery.

-Noakes agrees to look at deportations based on tax issues as claims some were trivial mistakes


-Ann Coffey wants term child prostitute removed from statue books as it protects abuser and unhappy that children in care being sent miles from their home patch

-Ed Miliband says Leveson part 2 must happen

-Umunna on Labour should back staying in single market, calls May's custom partnership plan a waste of time as everyone knows it unworkable

-Lord Willetts calls for 25 year olds to get a 10k windfall, paid for raised by abolishing inheritance tax and replacing it with a lifetime limit for recipients of £125,000 before taxes kick in. Government does not seem interested

-MP's pushing on grandparents rights to visit grandchildren but Loughton thinks some in judges department and judges will seek to block

-Owen Smith says it was fair enough for Corbyn to sack him for fundamental disagreement, while Corbyt hasn't been consistent given Abbott, Gardiner and Thornberry remain in post he doesn't think it is unfair, local elections disappointing given state of government , Ian Nicol shouldn't be blamed for anti-Semitism issue as he was trying to make front-bench take issue seriously and claims he is to blame is an outright lie

-Some London MP's unhappy at basement building going on by the rich

-Lord Lawson dismisses Greg Clarke as economical illiterate, says May's handling of customs issue is a moment of danger

-Bernanrd Jenkin thinks May will have to drop custom partnership as unworkable

-Grive says Boris s 'extraordinary bursts of behaviour' do not respect 'normal propriety in government' and if one disagrees with the collective position then one resigns

-Professor Tim Bale "Her Majesty's Government regrets to announce the death of Cabinet Collective Responsibility: murdered last night by the Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson", Behr on similar "I see new trailer for Boris Resigns is out. No actual release date. Build-up getting a bit dull now."

-Duke of Wellington remarks "We always have been, we are, & I hope that we always shall be, detested in France."


-Behr warns Brexiteers will lose the culture war

-Fawzi Ibrahim says Labour MP's and front bench must make commitment to Brexit much clearer

-Luke Akehurst on Labour's election results

-Gaby Hinsliff questions Williets 10k proposal

-Geoff Norcott says if left want to win over working class, insults like gammon do not help

-Patrick Maguire on Boris damaging May
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Wed May 09, 2018 6:07 pm

PMQ's Bercow at his predecessors funeral so Hoyle sits in chair and keeps it to only eight minutes later. Corbyn opens with Boris comments, May says we are leaving customs union but will need some sort of customs arrangement and sets out the goals of that, points out Corbyn opposed TTIP for years but Labour policy would sign us up to it with no say. Corbyn ignores that but asks why cabinet speak weeks on proposals deemed unworkable by EU and crazy by Boris then asked did she agree with Greg Clark's warning about the alternatives (feel he badly combined those two), May uses Clark's comments about jobs to boast about jobs and ignores question. Corbyn says does she agree with Boris or sir Ivan Rodgers who calls the technology solution as fantasy unicorn, she should back a customs union like business groups and trade unions who want a customs union, she should stand up to "those wild right-wing people" (trademark Ken Clark). May says leaving customs union and sets out goals of custom plan then attacks Labour policy giving us no say on trade and leaving talks to EU which goes against manifesto, Corbyn on May taking 23 months making no progress and presiding over a divided cabinet, quotes the CBI and TUC then points out Greg Clark warning neither May's proposed option will be ready by Brexit day. May says talks on this couldn't start till March, says further work being done on both solutions, points to Corbyn opposing customs union his entire life then when people want out, he wants to stay in (quips about taking leader of the opposition job a bit too far doesn't land). Corbyn goes on divided cabinet leading to shambles, Commons being denied a say so asks when trade bill and customs bills will be debated after 23 months, May says Corbyn said things would get nowhere at each step but keeps being proven wrong so will be proven wrong. Corbyn points to lack of answer and cabinet members putting their own future first rather then national needs, how can they negotiate with such disagreement. May goes onto jobs and how local elections show Corbyn isn't trusted by public.

May just didn't engage with debate at all, talked about jobs at any half opportunity, took a few swings at Corbyn's record on Europe which might not be a bad idea but failed to build it into a strand. Corbyn built a sense of government taking a long time, divided and chaotic, it lacked a cutting line but he won that easily and deserves credit for keeping his questions short, should prepare a defence of his own record as just ignored it this time. Blackford bemoans Trump undermining progress on Iran, asks how strongly May and her team spoke to Trump. May says she has been very clear to Trump on Iran deal as have EU leaders, there are other issues with Iran and working with allies on that. Blackford notes she didn't mention sending Boris to Fox News, he couldn't get a meeting with Trump and undermined government at home so May should show backbone to sack him. May gives a general answer of working with allies at all levels on Iran.


-Defeat for both front benches in Lords by majority of 29 (83 Labour, 17 Tories rebel) as Lords vote to keep us in EEA, Baroness Hayter argued EEA blocks customs union

Lord Cormack vs Lord Forysth on Boris was heated, Lord Mandelson says no chance we can get the free trade deal on services we want from EU and government will allow EU migration for sake of economy despite what they are saying now, Lord Robertson praises Labour frontbencher for how they have handled Brexit tactics as a former Europe minister, Lord Kerr doubts EEA is right for UK but UK's size could force a reform

-Debbie Abrahams sacked from shadow DWP after investigation into bullying allegations, inquiry claims there were multiple witnesses and claims she seemed to have a pattern of bullying her advisers. Abraham has said the inquiry was not independent or fair and is considering legal action. Margaret Greenwood remains in post while press being very very careful

-Government beats back Leveson amendments by majority of 9, Hancock said it would threaten the existence of the free press but also promises police inquiry into how police are handling the rules relating to media and an inquiry for N.Ireland by information commissioner

-Labour unhappy Hunt left before an urgent question about early deaths of those with learning disabilities

-Bradley and Williamson row over plans for an amnesty for former soldiers in N.Ireland (Williamson wants it) and Bradley's version of the promised Historical Investigations Unit, amnesty has been dropped due to N.Ireland parties complaining. Certain papers crying over plans for an inquiry while May has indicated some concerns with mentioning system is unfair

-Portrait of May in Oxford University taken down due to... I wouldn't call it vandalism, more posting messages around it by students but to print it had begun to obscure the picture so will be rehung in way to stop that.

-Government confirms commitment to Iran deal despite Trump pulling out, Labour accuse Trump of reckless and immoral diplomatic sabotage, Thornberry says it endangers Middle East while Boris says Trump needs to show an alternative strategy for Iran, Sir Cable warns of danger of oil shock

- Hugh Ind, head of immigration enforcement, admits to wrongly deporting five people since 2012

- Education Select Committee and the Health and Social Care Committee says mental health reforms are unambitious and will take too long

-Boris " “I am completely in conformity with Government policy on the matter, since that policy has yet to be decided."

-May to host Turkey's President Erdogan next week

-Sturgeon warns TV is failing to reflect diverse society


-IDS says customs partnership would go against everything he knows about government and stop UK having trade deals

-Whittingdale opposes further press regulation and Leveson part 2

-Drew Hendry on universal credit's treatment of terminally ill

-Caroline Lucas on Bercow case and separately the need to get proper complaints system in place

-Reese-Mogg says Leveson part 2 would effectively be double jeopardy for those cleared by the courts and ""The freedom of the Press is so overwhelmingly precious, that we should preserve it, even if sometimes the Press upsets us. It is amazing how many people who have had run-ins with the Press have suddenly found that they think it should be more tightly regulated."

-Ed Miliband lets rip during Leveson debate, saying it is a matter of honour they keep their promises to the victims, Manchester attacks show press have not changed and Tories are scared of the media (Ken Clarke agrees on that one)


-Kuessenberg on Boris

-Steve Richards on cabinet Brexit splits

-Adam Langleben, former councillor in Barnet how anti-semtisim scandal in Labour was so costly in Barnet

-Rentoul suspects May will easily defeat most of the Lords amendments but two will give her a headache

-Peter Foster tears into the Davies/Boris favoured Maxfac proposal for customs
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Thu May 10, 2018 6:14 pm

-Tory MP's clearly unhappy at idea of N.Ireland inquiries, Bradley arguing current system actually hurts British soldiers

-Been noted that Hoyle got big cheers for keeping PMQ's time down and Bercow will need to get PMQ's back on time next week

-Certain right-wing papers are suddenly not fans of the Lords

-Lords EU Environment Committee warns no deal would see sharp food price rises or undermined UK food producers, both customs officials and food producers need time to prepare. Rees-Mogg says they have forgot WTO rules that allow us to keep same standards for ten years during which we can negotiate while we could import from US

-A few few Tory MP's want government to align with USA on Iran issue

-Immigration no longer has access to NHS data

-Lewisham East election on 14th June, apparently on the ground this has gone down badly as seen as too soon

-Leadsom getting some hammering from her own backbenches as MP's voted for Azfal Khan's private members bill on boundary reviews but government is withholding money for it, saying they have their own plans. MP's feel this is a snub to MP's.

-Trade deficit narrows

-Interest rates hold at 0.5%, had long been expected this would be time for a rise but recent econimic news dampened that right down, Bank of England cuts expected year growth to 1.4%, exports doing well but Brexit uncertainty and household spending are a problem. Carney blames weather problems and notes labor market still doing very well, the Unreliable Boyfriend tag has returned

-Some Brexiteers are suggesting extend transition in exchange for going for maxfac custom route, not sure how many there are and how much influence this will have but the idea is now out there. Number 10 denying it will happen

-Apparently Boris has had to text sir Fallon an apology for 1) revealing cabinet discussions, 2) falsely claiming Fallon hadn't shown concern about Iran deal in past

-Government apologises and pays 500k (plus legal fees) to Abdel Hakim Belhaj and his wife, Fatima Boudchar over Libya rendition but doesn't accept liability (seems like the apology is for not checking up on them, for handing over information and failing to intervene against the torture). The two victims of MI6 and Libyan government seem happy with the apology

-Sturgeon on asked about second referendum says pressure needs putting on Labour on that but there is a risk Scotland votes remain again and gets overriden

-Alexander Nix, and Dominic Cummings given formal summons by Digital/Culture committee

-Commissioners have been dispatched to take control of Northamptonshire Council


-All Leeds MP's have asked the football club not to tour Myanmar

-Rees-Mogg clearly in awe of Lord Hennessey's constitutional expertise, says Brexiteers have been very willing to compromise so far like implementation period

-Gyimah says the May portrait being taken down was ridiculous and can't believe even pictures are being no platformed. Is a feeling University Minister jumped the gun a bit

-Farron pulls out of Northern Mens’ Convention, a Christian group, after their pamphlets about Islam and homosexuality comes to light


-Patrick Maguire on race to replace Heidi Alexander

-Dominic Casciani on Why Home Office is a graveyard for politicians

-Kettle on Lords have made Soft Brexit more likely

-Rhiannaon Lucy Cosslett muses why things like May's portrait being moved and university protests are making the news now

-Catlin Morrison dismisses idea of witch-hunt of British soldiers in N.Ireland

-Henry Newman on extending transition phase
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Fri May 11, 2018 4:56 pm

-MP's not happy with FCA oversight of banks

-Bercow points out he told Commons he planned to stay the term after election and that was passed by Commons

-Government to give funds for expanding grammar schools in exchange for them taking more disadvantaged youngsters, will be funds for faith schools

-Gove warns we may not be able to get customs deal and be forced to use backstop with EU using Ireland as leverage

-SDLP writes to all Labour MP's saying Corbyn's Brexit approach won't avoid a hard border so urges aligning with single market

-May creates two cabinet groups to look at the two customs proposals, custom partnership going to Dr Fox, Gove and Lidington, max-fac going to Clark, Bradley and Davies. So one from each group supporting it and two from the opposing side

-Public Accounts Committee warns MOD spending plans are unrealistic and could go 20 billion over budget, overly relying on unrealistic savings from modernizing program

-Corbyn says all naval ships should be built in UK

-Environment Committee looking at effectiveness of dangerous dog act

-Carney expects rates to rise this year but at a gentle pace

-Treasury Committee condemns use of RPI for student loans

-Leave.EU fined a record 70k (hints they wanted to go higher) for breaking spending rules with overspend of at least £77,380 , some things not recorded making it harder to know. The chief executive has been referred to the police, Commission says Cambridge Anaylitica was limited to scoping work only so Electoral Commission not concerned. Banks says he will challenge Commission in court and the fine is politically motivated to defy Brexit

-Reeves urges government to force Whirlpool to do a product recall of certain tumbledryers


-Ed Miliband nominated for 2018 British Podcast Award

-London's City Hall looking at banning junk food adverts on Tube, trains and buses

-Leading liberal Brexiteer Daniel Hannan admits Brexit isn't going as he thought, he thought a consensus would emerge and he blames those that dislike Brexit for that. His comments have got a fair bit of attention (and mockery for shifting blame)

-While Bone was generally good on DP Brexit obsession, good humoured and so on "you can leave the country" was a horrible error


-Kuessenberg on May might reach out to Labour centre for soft Brexit eventually

-Eaton on McDonnell leading rebirth of Marxism and Labour learning fro local elections, not peak Corbyn

-Kamal Ahmed on Bank of England changing mind

-Gary Younge says people ignore injustice till sudden spark turns it into issues

-Leo McKinstry blames May's hesitant approach to Brexit

-Marina Hyde on Brexiteers blaming everyone else

-Will Gore bemoans political figures blaming the establishment and conspiracies

-John Elledge accuses Hannan of dodging responsibility
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sat May 12, 2018 12:39 pm

-UN's special rapporteur on racism, Tendayi Achiume, says UK has become more racist due to Brexit with anti-foreigner rhetoric normalized

-Corbyn backs Scottish Labour opposing Brexit bill on devolution grounds, Lidington says there is still time to talk with SNP

-Grenfell inquiry to have two experts alongside judge

-D'Arcy's Week Ahead

-MP's approve Kevin Hollinrake's Parental Bereavement (Leave and Pay) Bill


-Brexiteers Phil Wilson calls for referendum on final deal

-Lord Kinnock urges Labour to stay in EEA

-Grieve says Boris should be sacked as he is undermining democratic governance by his constant utterances that undermine his cabinet fellows

-UKIP home affairs spokesman David Moreland has a row with last remaining councillor in Great Yaremouth Chris Walch... during a local radio interview. Latter feels the former called his wife a stripper, Moreland responded by blaming a disgraceful Yarmouth party for infighting and causing collapse in area

-TUC says wage squeeze worst in modern history and slowest in 200 years


-Daniel Coughlan welcomes grammar school expansion but has issues with government cold shoulder to faith schools

-BBC Reality Check on grammar schools

-Forsyth (sun) on goverment searching for NHS funding, Bradley has key role, attitude towards Trump
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sun May 13, 2018 4:58 pm

-Baroness Tessa Jowell has died after brain cancer. A social worker who became a councillor in Lamberth in 1970's, from 92 till her retirement in 2015 was MP of Dulwich (in 97 became Dulwich and West Norwood), she became a shadow minister fairly quickly and when Blair took office, served in health then education (where she set up Sure Start) before entering cabinet in 2001 when given charge of Culture. Set up Ofcom, liberalised gambling, reformed the lottery and arts funding, formed the BBC Trust. A Blair loyalist, she was demoted by Brown but remained in cabinet as London Minister, Paymaster General and Olympics then to Cabinet Office. Supported David Miliband but retained in shadow cabinet till 2012 as Olympics Minister. While some of her reforms did not work and Labour has backed away from the gambling changes, the Olympics were a project she pushed through against others who felt Paris would win or it wouldn't be worth it and she was popular across the Commons as a person, a respected likeable figure who fought on cancer treatment right to the end. She will be missed

-Meth found in toilets of Home Office

-Corbyn promises a ministry of workers rights

-Clegg, David Miliband and Nicky Morgan write against Hard Border

-Rees-Mogg (sun) on Lords

-Government forced to pay up to European rough sleepers who were illegally detained and deported.

-Baroness Chakabrati says some on Corbyn's side looked the other way on anti-Semitism while some of Corbyn's foes were more interesting in leaking to press then helping build case for expulsion, carefully picks her words about Livingstone but gives a gentle hammering and makes clear he should go. Delighted with Formby's grip on getting her report implemented.


-Emilio Casalicchio on Labour factions battle to replace Alexander

-Nick Cohen bemoans liberal left ignoring the issues of those left behind

-Keir Murdie on alarming state of our prisons

-Rentoul thinks Tories could be about to pull of a political victory on NHS spending
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Mon May 14, 2018 6:22 pm

-MI5 Director general Andrew Parker condemns Russia's Salisbury attack, warns Isis will respond to losing lands by aiming more complex attacks on West, 12 attacks have been stopped since Westminster bridge, Europe needs to do more intelligence sharing and thanks them for their help in Manchester aftermath

-Sir Stramer says EEA is not the answer, May's two custom plans can't work so Parliament must force a customs union plan on government

-Gove says all plans on customs has flaws but May's preferred one has huge question marks about being deliverable but it is worth testing the idea out further

-May urges people to trust her to deliver frictionless trade on Brexit, meets some of her MP''s about the Brexit stalemate

-Convey fears a difficult summer, points out head of police in N.Ireland worries about infrastructure being vulnerable on borders

-Hunt says he will back whatever May decides on customs and agrees that Boris should keep his comments in cabinet

-Government to announce funds for nuclear sub's

-Erna Soldberg, Norway's PM, backs UK remaining in EEA, increases the group's bargaining power and acess for Norway into UK markets

-Sam Gyimah, the science minister, accuses EU of playing hard ball on Galileo and without UK help it will cost EU billions more to finish, would look at building it's own satellite system if denies access to the military side of things

-Downing Street says no plan to extend transition

-Sturgeon suggests staying in single market and customs union would make a good compromise

-British Board of Deputies has a new President and in her first interview, Marie van der Zyl has demanded the expulsion of Livingstone and Jackie Walker by end of July

-Ekaterina Zaharieva, the foreign minister of Bulgaria, says Barnier briefed them that no significant progress had been made since March.

-Lords vote by 39 for Leveson part 2 but expected May can easily overturn that

-Barnier said negotiations on future relationship haven't started, in their interests for close relations on defence and security and open to close cooperation on foreign policy but insists UK won't have member rights, UK withdrew from EU so withdraw from Galileo, says a little progress has been made


-Caroline Lucas warns she is hearing of people refusing to report crimes, like rape, for fear of being arrested and deported

-Cooper pays tribute to Jowell

-Umunna concerned party members on Tory and Labour are making difficult for MP's to be honest/Jowell

-Villiers calls EEA amendment a wrecking one as cripples May's ability to negotiate

-Rees-Mogg says Brexit is great for the young as gives them a wider world of opportunity

-Morgan says UK is going for experimental trade policy on whims of Brexiteers with no idea how it will impact people or the country

-Farage believes May is flaoting idea for another election (Downing street doesn't seem convinced)

-Hannan open to second referendum or election if UK stays in custom union

-Preet Gill, a shadow international development minister, backs second referendum. She quickly deleted her tweet on it when media picked it up then "clarified"


-BBC with Tessa Jowell's obituary, Bush prasies her kindness and effectiveness, D'Ancona on her friendship and steely pragmatism

-Patrick Maguire suspects Labour may vote for EEA amendment

-Phil McDuff on loss of safety net and it's consequences

-Mark Smith welcomes Labour converting to federalism

-Sienna Rodgers expects a Labour BME woman shortlist for Lewisham

-London Assembly member Tony Devenish seeks to shape Tory debate for London

-Jack Taylor backs RMT returning to Labour

-David Singleton on the top 35 public affairs lobbyists

-Andrew Grimsom May would be destroyed if she allowed arrogant gang of three
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Tue May 15, 2018 6:08 pm

-French foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Dria says we need progress by June

-In tribute to Jowell, government doubles funding into research of brain cancer

-Unemployment remains at 42 year low of 4.2% and employment at record high (80% of men in jobs for first since 91), pay higher then inflation at 2.9% vs 2.5%, productivity down by 0.5%, amount of Eu workers decreases for first time since 2010

-Boris urges restraint from Israeli security forces

-Electoral Commission head Claire Bassett asks for power for larger fines, says system is old and fragmented but wouldn't use phrase "unfit for purpose",, needs more powers to get at information and wants campaign spending rules updated

-Palace of Westminster seeking to end it's use of single use plastic by 2019

-Hancock offers inquiries, including one every years review, as concession on Leveson concerns which has led to some concerns it actually leads to more government interference in press then Leveson ever proposed, Watson says Labour have dropped support for heavy fines on papers not signed up to Leveson backed regulator. Government wins by 12 which is more then last time

-Thornberry to Boris "Can I begin by thanking the foreign secretary for leading our cross-party efforts over the last two weeks to destroy the prime minister’s customs partnership proposal. I trust that he finished the job off earlier this morning [at cabinet]. But unfortunately this does leave us with his own crazy, Max Max proposal, max fac proposal."

-Palestine's departing ambassador Manuel Hassassian on relations with UK

-Zuckerberg rejects Digital Committee invite. Interesting to see if MP's will issue a formal summons now

-Alexander Yakovenko, Russia's ambassador to UK, blames UK security services for events in Salisbury, motive being to harm public opinion of Russia

-Javid says he doesn't know how many of Windrush were wrongfully detained but 63 may have been wrongly deported, wasn't aware of how complicated laws relating to nationally actually were

-Hollyrood votes against backing EU Withdrawal bill but Welsh Assembly gives it's backing. The former creates a potentially major constitutional crises

-Government promises to publish detailed plan of it's negotiating wants before EU summit in June

-May urges inquiry into the killings in Gaza, urges Turkey not to lose sight of it's values


-Dent Coady makes formidable speech in Grenfell debate on government record, Lammy on how state needs to be relied on during such moments but state killed the people of Grenfell

-Media have focused on David Miliband's return and anti-Brexit comments

-Sir Clegg says Brexit would lead to biggest tariff barriers since WW2 rather then freerer trade

-Rees-Mogg considers the Morgan-Miliband-Clegg alliance a last gasp effort from Remainers to stop Brexit

-Kwasi Kwarteng warns Tory MP's and government they need to show more empathy in their words when discussing Grenfell

-Unite has placed themselves behind one candidate for Lewisham, looks like Momentum may for another

-Sir Cable urges Tories to keep promise of NI holiday for certain type of employees taken on

-Farage happy to visit Irish border, says Vardaker is acting in EU's interests rather then Ireland, backstop was too much of a concession by May which allows EU to hold us to ransom, hard border is inevitable now


-Dulcie Lee fears Speaker's have too much power

-Eaton on Brexiteers need to be wary of ousting May

-Labour councillor Kerri Prince "union paymasters" is not the most effective attack on Labour

-John Harris warns Tories should be worried by the changing attitudes in suburbs

-Henry Newman on customs row

-Professor Curtice voters views on customs union debate

-John Ashmore on problem with GDP
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Wed May 16, 2018 6:35 pm

PMQ's: Corbyn starts with a nice joke about whether May wanting as frictionless trade as possible referring to Brexit talks or next cabinet meeting, May seemed amused but goes for a "leaving customs union" placeholder before mentioning Corbyn's cabinet in chaos over second referendum. Corbyn ignores invite to rule out second referendum but says cabinet chaos has hampered Brexit talks and frictionless as possible is not as strong as once promised friction free which leads business wondering quite how much there will be. May argues trade isn't frictionless as it is and sets out custom goals and that she will fight on N.Ireland border, freedom to do trade deals, white paper will show progress. Corbyn says they aren't anywhere near agreeing on white paper, slowest growth in major economies and Eurozone, putting jobs and investment at risk, Airbus moving space program abroad due to Brexit and considering leaving the UK due to uncertainty, asks if May has had any business saying similar. May ignores that, points out Corbyn's call for article 50 being enacted in day 1 would really have shafted us and would have led to UK being sold out. Corbyn expresses car industry trade concerns, quotes Gove about custom partnership so how can she convince the EU 27 if she can't convince Gove. May points to Corbyn's constant predictions of failure in past on Brexit have always failed, points to record employment compared to Labour putting people out of work as always. Corbyn congratulates her on zero hour contracts and record of inwork poverty, wages worth less then 10 years ago, of formally dividing cabinet into two camps. Asks both sub-committees report to Commons, points to Dutch training border staff for Brexit but UK has not prepared, asks how many HMRC staff have been recruited for this. May doesn't answer HMRC question, points to rise of full time work under Tories and suggests Corbyn welcome the job. Corbyn ignores it and points out May ignored his answer, current recruitment plan would still leave border staff with less then pre-cuts so Dutch are better prepared. Ten months to go and government in dissary, deadlines and jobs at risk, she should resign so Labour can negotiate. May points to more jobs, more highpaying jobs, of completing deadlines so far while can't trust Labour like wanting new trade deals then saying they want custom unions which means they can't, the student debt promise broken, not tackling anti-Semitism.

Corbyn started really well with a good joke, having fun with the division and the concerns about friction+business but he lost his way, he failed to deal with May's questions, his questions began to get a bit convoluted and his summary felt poor with a bit too partisan and silly when he had a solid basis with Dutch preparation, however he has brought up good questions other may use on government. May dodged questions, some that could dog her badly, but her performance was stronger then last time with good punches on Labour's position and growing as the PMQ's went on. Blackford goes on Hollyrood rejecting Withdrawal bill, pointing to the wider consensus and asks if May will respect the vote. May says they have been working with SNP on this for awhile, defends the devolution plans as respecting it while protecting integrity of single market, has Welsh support so will go ahead. Blackford says if she respected Hollyrood she would respect the vote, accuses Tories of veoting the democratic wishes of Hollyrood which is unprecedented and going ahead breaks the 20 year old devolution act so asks her not to force Withdrawal bill through. May says she is disappointed they have not come to agreement but Welsh agreement shows effort her government has put in, points out Scotland voted to remain in UK.


-Thornberry has fun teasing Boris about recent Brexit chaos, warns Assad has stronger support then many in West realize

-Rumours Davies has warned May her favoured customs proposal is illegal

-MP's slam Carillion board for rotten culture that destroyed a major British company, overambitious with expansion, caring only for their bonuses and not long term obligations like pensions, condemns failure of the big account firms for failing to intervene and warn, want Insolvency Board to consider disqualifying the directors bar finance director Emma Mercer who they credit for speaking truth and hope she is not tarred, regulators too passive. Reeves says they drove company off cliff then blamed everybody else, calls for break up of the big four accountancy firms. CBI says MP's are being over the top

-Corbyn rules out backing EEA membership

-Environmental Audit Committee says government policies have led to fall in clean energy investment to lowest since 2008, encouraged by long term green growth strategy it won't be enough to meet climate change targets, remove private companies from running detention centres

-Public Accounts Committee says clean heat policy has failed, boilers haven't been monitored, forecasts were widely optimistic

-Believed government plans for youth railcards hampered by not being able to agree in cabinet how it gets funded

-Abbott says Labour will repeal all hostile environment legislation, limit detention to 28 days, close the Yarl’s Wood and Brook House immigration detention centres and use the saved funds to help victims of slavery

-Quite a few of PMQ backbencher questions veered towards too long

-Bercow rebukes Tories for putting government statements in opposition day time while Labour feel Grayling is not giving them proper advance sighting

-East Coast franchise taken back into public ownership and renamed London and North Eastern Railway, Grayling says Labour rail plans illegal under EU law while dodging any attempt to get him to admit to nationalizing railways

-Karen Bradley says people should respect Irish politicians are sometimes speaking to an Irish audience, both custom proposals have defects but customs partnership makes border issue easier to solve

-Government to pay for removal of flammable cladding and gives ONS extra funds to try to stop it's recent errors

-Lidington warns it could take weeks for government to choose custom model with legal advice being taken

-Brokenshire admits not all Grenfell survivors will be rehoused with a year and it is far too slow

-Lords inflict 15th Brexit defeat, by 50, this time demanding a watchdog to enforce environmental standards

-Ben Broadbent, the deputy governor of the Bank of England forced to apologize for describing economy as menopausal

-Vardakar says max-fac proposal is less useful then deodorant


-Lammy wants May to explain to parliament about the 63 wrongly deported

-Corbynites do not seem happy that some are objecting to term gammon or that some in media suggest this isn't kind and reflects an attitude problem. They see it as an attempt to distract from wider issues and argue it isn't intolerant

-Andrew Neill hammers Crabb and Burgeon for their views on events in Palestine

-Morgan warns we will need longer transition period for implementing many aspects of Brexit

-Cumberbatch to play Dominic Cummings for channel 4

-Looks like Labour musical festival is struggling to sell, not helped by not having money for big acts

-Ex-MI5 head Lord Weaver says we arguably do the most for security in EU

-Scottish Tories rural affairs spokesperson Peter Chapman after failing to declare finical interests in a planning application he backed


-Kuessenberg on Brexit white paper

-Chris Morris looks at checks at EU borders

-Toynbee bemoans Labour failure to convince public on economy

-George Monbiot on his concern at government belief in natural capital

-Ben Gartside battle to be Labour's representative in Lewisham

-Patrick Maguire not happy at Bradley prevaricating on Irish border

-Ellie Mae O'Hagen says ending hostile environment means more then ending policy
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Thu May 17, 2018 7:24 pm

-Concerns in Downing Street about one poll in N.Ireland seeing unification with Ireland above staying in UK if there is a hard Brexit by 47.9 vs 45.4%% with heavy rumours May has told Rees-Mogg she is not confident they can win an Irish referendum if there is a hard border

-Media claiming Brexit sub-committee has agreed to extend staying in customs union beyond transition phase with Gove and Boris outgunned, Rees-Mogg has remarked people did not vote or purgatory. May denying she has changed policy but not in itself the story though later clarified we will leave customs union and have our own trade policy in 2020

-Javid says Labour's repeals would make it far more difficult to tackle illegal immigration with Mail going full on in attack of Labour's policy announcement

-Standards Committee blocks investigation into Bercow. This sends a worrying image

-Lidington says customs partnership could be an inhibitor of trade, max-fac risks Irish border

-Gove warns they can't fight Corbyn by talking about Venezuela and repeating arguments of the 80's

-Clark says still place for diseal cars in near future

-Grayling is against nationalizing railways and defends his actions

-Vardaker warns that if there isn't significant progress by June then deal could be at risk, wants customs plan from UK in two weeks but seems pleased with how meeting with May went

-As inquiry didn't call for a ban on flammable cladding, government consulting on the matter

-Culture Committee has reported Cummings for contempt of parliament (not sure he is worried about that, has explained his position before) while Alexander Nix has agreed after formal summons to appear

-Sturgeon rejects Hollyrood equalities committee call for all prisoners to have right to vote

-ONS says Scotland got happier in 2017 but rest of us haven't

-May says relations with Macedonia closer then they have been for 20 years (guess which country she was in), will publish proposals on Irish backstop in due course

-Withdrawal bill will come before Commons by summer recess, had been growing annoyance in Commons that it hadn't appeared

-Fixed Odd Betting terminal max bets cut to £2

-McDonnell's speech to prison officers union (where he has regularly attended and has been an honour member of since 09) cancelled as N.Ireland delegation complain about him being an IRA apologist


-Boles wants transition extended to March 2022 due to how talks are going

-McCluskey urges Corbynites to oust Corbyn hating Mp's who he sees as stale, accuses some in Labour HQ of dragging their feet on anti-Semitism to get Corbyn in trouble

-Sarah Newton on mental health week

-Dent Coady backs Republicans calling for Royal Wedding costs to be paid by Royal Family including security. I'm with them on this

-Green proposes home-owning pensioners paying 30k into a national care fund


-Patrick Maguire on Irish border concerns and thinks Bercow is safe

-James Lansdale on damaged relations with USA

-Owen Jones uses Carillon to attack neo-liberalism

-Ben Davies regrets inventing the term Gammon

-Kuessenberg on customs union

-Jon Craig on moves against Bercow
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