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Unread postby Dong Zhou » Mon Apr 30, 2018 5:46 pm

Amber Rudd has resigned as Home Secretary very late last night, for inadvertently misleading parliament, guardian showed full letter to May that had Rudd boasting meeting national targets for deporting. It was not the scandals, it was the response. That time after time after time she had apologise for wrong information, that she kept having to go back to Commons and Committee's to correct herself, it looked incompetent and failing to get a grip. Having blamed civil servants, they ensured she would be ousted by selective leaking to guardian. Huge blow to May as Rudd had become the firewall from pressure of Windrush really hitting May, the balance in cabinet she so values is hit as well, May has lost a genuine ally while losing one of your big three always looks bad. Blow to Remainers as a leading voice of Remain in cabinet, massive blow to Tories as she was the one all MP's could unite behind and would have walked into the final contest, she was the representative of the liberal Tory wing that can lead to a centrist Tory party but would likely have been defeated by the Brexit wing when up against members. Will Rudd ever recover? To an extent but it may take her being around a long time before she gets one of the big offices of state again due to her failure to be on top of things. Perhaps a lack of experience as an MP and as Secretary of State led to this.

Whoever got the Home Office after May faced a triple problem, 1) May had survived so made people forget how tricky it could be, 2) Home Office is how to kill your career, 3) May was always going to have a keen interest in her department. Rudd as the bright liberal who had impressed so far, a good speaker, popular with bakcbenchers and ministers for the sense she listened to them and had a strong Remain campaign (plus stepping in for May in TV debate despite personal tragedy earned good will), a future leader was seen as a very good pick. However her instincts clashed with May's and liberals were frustrated that, once May's star was battered by the election, Rudd didn't take firmer Hunt style stands to enforce measures on things like changing immigration stance though she did try to nudge things with the kind of review gathering exercises to provide cover for major moves, Rudd has not been able to establish her own legacy by playing it so safe. May's micromanagement had helped minimize scandals but Rudd seems to have been unable to keep an eye on everything, when things started to go wrong, Rudd needed to be able to respond strongly and be on top of things. Rudd never was, constant having to correct herself meant sympathy for being hit for May's policy turned into Rudd the calamity.

Labour curbing their attacks, Abbott, and Watson both fingering May as real person to blame while Abbott saying Rudd has done right thing, Gardiner saying she is a decent woman with a lot to offer still. Tory cabinet are being generous with their praise but it is also clear May and the cabinet did not wish her to go. Booked favoured Gove early but was seen among political pundits as extremely unlikely given his instincts are very different from May, pundits then bookies had their eye on the correct successor: Savid Javid, the first BME figure to hold one of the great offices of state. He said first task was dealing with Windrush and I suspect his being new to the job+his background will provide him time. Good pick? Not one she would have made in other circumstances: Not a May ally given she demoted him and his libertarian instincts on several things are different from hers, his housing reforms were blocked, he was casual Remain (some suspcions he did so for Osborne as very Eurosceptic in past) which will tilt balance towards Brexiteers (is seen as sympathetic to their concern on customs).

But given the Windrush scandal, a great move. Having the son of a migrant, from a working class background (Labour never congratulate him on rising up, becoming rich and being right wring is not appropriate I guess) and BME background may help soothe concerns, will also help them with their wider image problem. As a minister, Javid has tended to be seen as competent, his once awful awful performances (he made the Maybot look like the greatest media performer in human history) has improved to a decent level, he has sometimes showed bad judgement in a crises (visit abroad during Talbot crises and been unhappiness over his handling of Greenfell). Javid is right-wing so I would prefer Rudd but Javid will be able to force his hand here, May will find it hard to axe the BME home office secretary even if he goes against her on immigration

James Brokenshire gets Housing and local government, a return to front bench May will welcome as he only left due to ill-health and has been a long serving ally, isn't an area I would call his speciality (though is a landlord), is a Remainer and may be less radical then Javid tried to be. Penny Morduant adds equalities post to her Dfid role which should boost her profile, has shown concerns about such matters in the armed forces.


-Lord Michael Martin, former Speaker, has died. From working class Catholic background, his thick Glasgow accent saw the snobbish nickname 'Gorbals Mick', a sheet metal worker who joined the unions and a councillor from 1974 till he joined Commons. MP of Springburn from 1979 to 2005, then MP for Glasgow North East till 2009. Became aide to Dennis Healey but a social conservative and on right of party, was used as a fixer and for committee's, was good at networking behind the scenes which would help him get one of the great posts of state. Speaker from 2000 to 2009, first to speak to media, first Catholic since the Reformation to hold the office, got rid of the tights. However Tories felt he was biased (his friend argued he was being attacked for his class), his manner tended to rankle, he wasn't always certain of the procedures of the Commons, allowed a raid on the offices of Damien Green which several felt was a blow to parliament while his handling of the expenses scandal was seen as out of touch as he called for police to investigate the telegraph expose. First Speaker who lost confidence motion in 300 years

-Lords, b6 91, beef up parliamentary vote on Brexit including demanding it doesn't mean "no deal" if parliament rejects Brexit deal

-Khan warns there is institutional racism in most major organisation in UK public life and authorities+leaders have far to slow to combat this

-Barnier says time for UK to solve it's contradictions on Ireland border issue, determined to break the impasse in talks Foster says he doesn't understand N.Ireland unionists stance and is not an honest broker on the border issue, accuses EU+Barnier of being aggressive, they are also unhappy at Varadker crossing into N.Ireland with Barnier.

-Carwyn Jones wants to be remembered as a fair and honest First Minister who didn't shy away from big calls, said he had plans to start down from last year and had told Corbyn before Christmas

-Ladbrookes had Abbott as 8/1 to replace Rudd.

-Some in press wondering how much of a headache Rudd will be on EU from backbenches but it is also being noted that May and cabinet strongly hinting she will return soon so she may wish to just bide her time. There is also a suspicion about the civil service, on the leaks and "uh why didn't they give her a heads up on this" (according to Evening Standard, the head of Immigration Enforcement outright told Rudd there was no targets), they also seem to put Labour scalp down to Cooper

-Labour proposes cap on overdraft fees and interest payments

-Abbott points out that while past Labour backed "hostile environment" in past, they have changed leader since those times

-4 resignations in six months is not making May's government look strong

-Labour wants competitions watchdog to investigate Sainsbury-Asda merger, a fair few MP's worried but government seems in favour

-TSB heads summoned by Treasury Committee

-May says she knew about the deportation targets, denies Rudd resigned on policy grounds

-Javid gets letter from Verhofstadt warning of EU citizens concern at how Windrush would impact them in future

-SNP's Mike Russel warns trust between UK and Scottish governments lowest he has experienced

-Javid answers Urgent Question on Windrush, pledges to do right by Windrush generation, he is angry at what happened to them (and Labour has no monopoly on that), doesn't like term hostile environment and prefers "complaint environment", wants a more human immigration system and indicates willingness to look at MP's requests

Four Home Office inquires into leaks against Rudd


-Farage calls for Home Secretary that supports Brexit. He didn't get it while Rees-Mogg to his credit didn't push it, recognizing May had a policy of cabinet balance on Brexit and so thought it would continue (though his prediction of Nicky Morgan was... unlikely)

-Soubry promises a warm welcome for Rudd on backbenches which, given how well liked Rudd is, probably true

-Nick Boles backs a comment that Rudd was not helped by May constantly changing immigration ministers

-Carline Lucas calls for an end to mass deportation

-Lord Adonis "‘The creatures outside looked from Rudd to May and from May to Rudd and from Rudd to May again; but already it was impossible to say whose immigration policy was different’ "

-Kevin Rudd, former PM of Australia, picked the wrong day to visit the UK


-Kuessenberg on Rudd going, ditto Gavin Stamp, Hardman says Rudd going shows government weakness

-Peter Barnes on guide to local elections

-Out of date but Kuessenberg's look at who might replace Rudd still interesting

-Paul Goodman on Javid's resurrection and it ends May's control of Home Office

-Gary Gibbon on Javid and Brexit

-Tom Peck calls Javid a safe pair of hands
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Tue May 01, 2018 6:11 pm

-Dr Fox accuses Lords of trying to block Brexit. The Lords debate was quite ugly, words like Hitler (Remainer Lord Roberts), cabal+5th column (Brexiteer Lord Fairfax)

-Lord Kilclooney in trouble for calling Varadkar a "typical Indian", denies it is racist as he is half Indian himself while Varadkar has damaged relations with proactive behaviour

-John Woodcock suspended over allegations of inappropriate messages to female staffer, denies the claims and says will cooperate with inquiry but wonders how this leaked

-Government reaffirms commitment to Iran deal

-BBC profiles Javid

-Abbott dodges what Labour's policy in illegal immigration is

-Dr Fox says staying in customs union or customs agreement would be worse then what we have now and unacceptable, let's question about being under a weak PM slide and merely mentions lack of majority makes things harder

-Barnier expects peace funding for N.Ireland to continue after Brexit

-Dawn Butler accuses May's government of entrenching racial inequality

-Number 10 not denying Evening Standard story that May blocked attempts to ease visa rules for doctors

-Bercow rejects government amendments on money laundering for coming so late, giving Dame Hodge's one a free run they were desperate to stop so government concedes to Hodge

-Zuckerburg is once more asked to appear before Culture Committee but warns next time will involve a summons if he ever sets foot on UK soil

-Seema Malhotra solitary confinement

-Davies says he agrees with Barnier about 75% agreed but rest is the hardest part but disagrees on when trade talks should start, will need to have detailed agreement for all sides, parliaments and business, admits he hadn't known how important onward movement was to retirees, Brexit importance varies from country to country, wants defence and security agreement in place as soon as possible. Irish border is more about single market then customs union, says Irish policy very forthright about border problems, Commission has pushed back on proposed custom partnership, finding a dispute mechanism would make huge difference in talks, is interested in Verhofstadt's associate partnership idea

-McDonnell backs McDonald's May Day strike

-MP's concerned at RBS shutting down branches


-Dominic Casciani on challenges facing Javid, Kuessenberg suspects Javid will be keen to stamp his own mark, Chakelian on Javid, Forsyth (sun) appointment shows May loss of authority

-Bush says Rudd's resignation helps May

-Adam Dyster Labour need to be radical on rural matters

-Victoria Bostwick (Boris former deputy) says Khan needs to do more on violence

-Eaton (long read) on Labour's grip on London

-James Moore accuses Tory Brexiteers of hipocracy for raging against peers

-Darren Hughes opposes Voter ID
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Wed May 02, 2018 6:22 pm

PMQ's Last before local elections, so was expecting a push on government sucks. Corbyn asks if May felt even slightest pang of guilt for Rudd having to go for May's mistakes, May decides to update house on Windrush and makes decent defence of doing this now and sets out review but doesn't answer question. Corbyn says crises due to successive Home sectaries, points to May admitting about targets when telling Rudd that would have been more helpful, recompense needs to happen quickly for Windrush then moves onto slow growth and makes a stumbling mess as he tries to attack tiggerish Hammond. May says she was Home Secretary when some of the decisions were made so she has apologized and points out successive includes Labour, points to day to day spending in surplus, lowest borrowing, exports and employment at record high. Corbyn goes on four facts about economy: more people in debt, using foodbanks, sleeping rough, children in poverty, clumsily segues (rather then build on that) onto Hammond's spending squeeze of NHS sending it into crises, should be apology for worst waiting times on record. May brings up new facts on economy aka low unemployment and less children in absolute poverty, more money for NHS and doing the proper thing of a funding review. Corbyn mentions cancelled operations and staff vaccines which he points to May blocking visa rule relaxation, Hands refuses to say education funding is protected so why not admit it? May denies schools budgets are being hurt but says being protected and says there are wider issues then how much money being spent, points to education standards going up. Corbyn points to IFS has said school budgets are being cut, saying he has shown health and education being hurt by cuts, goes for cuts to police is causing rise in violent crime according to civil servants (finishes in way that makes one think more is coming), May says more money this year for police forces and protected budgets unlike suggestions of cuts by Burnham then points to shadow police minister has said there isn't a connection between numbers and crime, says taking action through other means. Corbyn explains shadow police minister was saying there were cuts, cuts=rising crime, summaries all he has said with all the problems and making a shambles of Brexit too+council taxes rises on top of that so pay more for getting less. May goes "more funding into..." and on council tax, look at what is happening in Clapham divide on council tax showing lower council tax

Blackford goes on three examples of wrongly told they will be deported, the damage this causes, a cost of "deport first, hear appeal later". May apologises for the anxiety of the Windrush generation and taskforce being sent to sort this out, defends need to clamp down on illegal immigrants. Blackford points out she didn't withdraw the line but changing secretary of states, as May often does, is not the answer, wonders how undocumented children can pay for the documents to prove their citizenship.

Local elections does lead to jumping about which means Corbyn couldn't dig into anything but Corbyn didn't segue at all well, his delivery was poor, not sure he had anything new. May came up with counter-stats at every point, was solid enough even if she didn't always answer the actual question, Camden a nice attack line for the occasion. Blackford ignored local elections (don't know if there are any in Scotland) and was effective on Windrush with some decent lines and a good May quote


-Due to a computer algorithm problem, between 2009 and the start of 2018 some 450,000 women, in England, aged between 68 and 71 were not invited to their final breast screening, Hunt says at their best estimates this may have shortened the lives of between 135 and 270 ladies (those who have died of breast cancer since where scan could have helped will be compensated). Independent inquiry being launched, helpline being set up and letters going to all affected within four weeks. Hunt has apologized on behalf of government, Public Health England and NHS

-Racist abuse of Javid for getting the job of Home Secretary has started

-Overseas territories funnily enough are not happy we trample over their sovereignty with the Hodge amendment

-Accusations Bercow bullied his former private secretary Anus Sinclair, Bercow denies all accusations. Number 10 seems to be nudging others on best way for full investigation into Bercow

-Reese-Mogg's group produce document against against customs union/partnerships and demand May drops it though Hammond is expected to argue in favour of customs partnership while Lidington warns it will take a few weeks to come to a decision. Downing Street has indicated there might be a third option proposed while heavy rumours May's initial hopes have been destroyed by Javid

-Labour seeking to have Windrush internal documents published, Tory whips dropping their usual "ignore this opposition day vote" and ordering MP's to vote against (the request is so wide ranging that Tory MP's are likely to see Labour's thing as unreasonable and blatantly partisan). Labour promptly calls it a cover up

-Government looking at strengthening carbon monoxide alarms requirements

-Williamson says May has warned him to be more diplomatic in language

-Immigration Minister Caoline Noakes (who is not popular on Tory benches for, so far unproven, claim that Windrush people were deported) says she is apologizing to the victims

-WHO says 47 UK cities and towns have exceeded air pollution limits

-Sam Gyimah demands youtube do more to tackle videos on exam cheating

-Been noted Tories have a decent 5-6% lead in polls

-TSB head doing really badly before Treasury Select Committee, really really really bad. Ill-advised jokes, saying things that are being disproved by Select Committee, ignoring customer complaints brought up


-Joanna Harris gave interesting explanation to Justice Committee for why CPS has struggled to disclose to defence as they should have including apps and lack of manpower

-Cameron visits Tory campaign HQ in London to raise morale

-Sir Cable plays down Lib Dem local election hopes, expects progress but nothing spectacular as still rebuilding

-Claire Perry not taking Gardiner's chuntering lying down

-Valaire Vaz seemed move during the tributes to Lord Martin

-Jess Philips thanks peers for giving Commons a chance to regain authority

-If PMQ's is any guide, Rudd will stay loyal to May rather then join the Remain alliance

-Lammy compares compliant environment to slavery in a good speech

-Lord Bridges expect Brexit deal will be a fudge


-Kamal Ahmed on customs partnership

-Afua Hirsch on BME Tories (would have been even better if she explored them more then showcased her own dislike of Tories)

-Nick Timothy (sun) against customs union

-Professor Benjamin Selwyn Rudd going gives Labour chance to change terms of immigration debate

-James Ball ID cards aren't answer to Windrush problem
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Thu May 03, 2018 5:48 am

Local elections today so check if your council is up for vote and if it is, vote.
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Sun Fin » Thu May 03, 2018 7:19 am

No local elections here but I hope those of you where they are occurring do vote!
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Thu May 03, 2018 6:21 pm

Usual election spoiler tags

-Lords majority of 67 forces stronger phrasing on protecting Good Friday agreement

-Government in Commons beats Labour's "publish Windrush papers" by 95, Labour already crying betrayal of Windrush

-Cayman Islands saying it is considering legal action over Hodge's amendment

-Cambridge Analytica loses but investigations remains ongoing, likes of Collins and Creagh see this as an attempted cover up by the company and those involved

-Two years in and we still don't know our customs position. I bet Brussels is so impressed that we still aren't ready

-Peter Temple-Morris has died. Son of a Tory MP and a barrister before entering Westminster, he served as MP for initially marginal Leominster between 1974 and 2001 for both Tories and Labour, ennobled when he retired. Had been aide to Fowler and ally of Heseltine but as a europhile and one nation Tory, he became unhappy with party direction and was suspended in aftermath of 97 by Hague when clear Temple-Morris has been talking to Blair. Then defected to Labour after a year

-Bercow allies accusing Sinclair of having sought to block reforms an now taking revenge

-McDonnell says voters are now ready to pay higher taxes to fund services

-Doesn't seem like EU will hand back former Tory HQ and now Europe House


-Lord Patten on being accused of playing with fire argues instead, it is Brexiteers as "It's blundering into the politics of Northern Ireland with a policy which is sometimes clueless and sometimes delinquent - with a can of petrol and a box of matches in the other hand. I don't want to go back to the old humiliations, the old animosities, the old feuds. It would be shameful and dishonourable if this House was to do anything which made that more likely. It would be a stain on our history,"

-Lord Trimble dismisses Brexit being a danger to Good Friday agreement but current backstop would weaken UK integrity

-Lord Blunkett on disability airport travel

-MSP Mark McDonald has given his first speech at Holyrood since quitting as a minister six months ago in scandal

-Chris Williamson unhappy that Russia Today pays him less then Philip Davies

-Emma Dent Coad chosen to stay as councillor as well as MP

-Farage says Belgium is not a nation and thus happy to be under a European superstate but they are losing to nation states, Brexit is just the start


-Chris Morris reality check on customs options

-Kuessenberg on the political implications of May's Brexit cabinet defeat

-Bush sceptical about the voter ID trials and local election predictions+what results to look out for, May has played her reshuffle cards well while Javid is a future leader

-Kettle says numbers mean it will be soft Brexit

-Sonia Sodha condemns immgration system

-Politics Home John Johnston and Sam Webber key targets for each party

-Tony Travers on elections

-Mark Steel mocks Blairite columnists
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Fri May 04, 2018 6:46 pm

Labour: Lost council, gained 59 councillors.

Glory glory Corbyn, he was going to sweep London with even possibly taking the great Tory strongholds in London (when Tories are boasting at holding Wandsworth and it is working, you messed up your build up) and show that the country was turning his way. It was known before hand Labour had really messed up expectation management but even without that, this is not the result of a party set to sweep number 10. It does seem they are wining on the area's they won in general election but they aren't in the areas they need to add to like Brexiteers or small towns. Or Jewish vote. Took Plymouth (Mercer blames that on Tories handling of defence matters), took lead in Tory flagship of Trafford, got control of Kirkless for first time since 99, did make gains, held Birmingham but lost overall control of Nuneaton and Bedworth, due to Tory surge, smashed in Barnet (Labour's council leader has said if Labour had responded to the issue a few years back, they would have held and the issue angered non-Jews) while Derby loss was compounded by leader ousted by UKIP, won plenty of seats in London but failed to take a single council. Corbyn has claimed to be happy overall with gains including new areas, solid results that leave them well placed for a general election (no it doesn't, it really really doesn't), expectations was due to Tories rather then themselves McDonnell bemoans overhype in London. However the next week or two will be why aren't Labour doing better, why do Tories lead polls, so and so forth. Better expectation management and ok this is still bad results but would be noted "great gains in London" (which is true, they made some real inroads) and, while disappointing elsewhere, there have been signs of very limited progress could have been used to limit the narrative. They may also have to ask why Momentum's Unseat efforts failed in the relevant seats.

Tories: Having gained for long enough to be narrative, by end of second day they had lost 2 councils and 31 councillors

Tories had played their prematch brilliantly, talks in earlier this year was May would be ousted if things were as bad as feared, Tories would be exiled from London till about a week ago, the end was nigh. Then eased off at right time. Governing parties expected to do fairly badly and so anything half decent would strengthen May's hand. Holding on in London, UKIP vote (it seems) drawn to Tories, May can't be challenged in this immediate aftermath. There are issues, like Labour they aren't reaching across and Lib Dems made some shock gains from them but for now, Corbyn falling on his face will do. Took Barnet which will be pinned on Corbyn and anti-Semitism (Gwynne has admitted that cost them), benefited from UKIP collapse to take Basildon and Peterborough, got control of Walsall, took Pendle for first time since 79 but only be restating a woman who been suspended for joke comparing Asian to a dog, generally strong in West Midlands like Redditch. Managed to hold back Labour's push in Swindon where Corbyn, McDonnell, Watson and Momentum had thrown the sink. However losing Trafford and Richmond was a blow. Brandon Lewis acknowledges some disappointment but says it shows voters backing May's strong leadership, points to Labour's flop in London, Dr Fox calls it high end of expectations, Perry says they had been prepared to batten down the hatches as governing parties tend to need to but hadn't been the hit they expected

How Labour and Tories change their strategies, do they double down on areas they clearly have lead on or work extra hard to win over those that are not voting for them, will be interesting. Right now would indicate hung parliament (Sky and BBC projections have different party in charge) with a very divided country and both sides seemingly having no idea of how to win a majority by reaching the places that don't vote for them. Labour do need to look at expectation management though

Lib Dems: Four councils gained, 75 councillors added. Took Richmond which was a symbolic target, South Cambridgeshire and held Sutton, Eastleigh and Cheltenham, general sense Vince Cable won the night with key gains and sense of a comeback, enough to kill off leadership rumours for now.

Greens: +8 councillors, they are happy with the gains in places like Sheffield, Trafford and Richmond, held what they had but will be disappointed in Norwich. Corbyn's move into their grounds had them worried but they will take these gains

UKIP: -123 councillors. The good news for them is two seats in Derby, ousting the Labour leader and one elsewhere. Pity about being wiped out everywhere like ten in Basildon, five in Thurrock and seven in Dudley.

Rest: Independents + 16 councillors, Residents Association down 2, Liberal party lost their only councillor, BNP lose their last councillor (celebration time!)


-Sinn Féin's Órfhlaith Begley has won the West Tyrone byelection, holding the seat with a majority of 7,000 on a 55.13% turnout, share down 4% to 46.7% which given DUP were miles behind on 24% and byelection, won't be a concern though the ugly incident that led to byelection and claims of violence will be. The new MP is daughter of a councillor and a solicitor, first female to hold the seat

-Mayor's: Labour's Rokhsana Fiazwon in Newham with an impressive 73% share (12% then the predecessor she ousted), Dan Jarivs forced to second round but wins Sheffield Region by 74%

-Davies says it is no surprise it is taking time to come up with the right customs plan

-Javid will waive immigration fees for Afghan interpretors, had been something Williamson wanted

-Professor Curtice says Tories taking advantage of UKIP implosion and Brexit winners but Labour winning in areas of Remain and youngsters, his 3am analysis had 1.5% swing to Labour in London, 1% to Tories outside the capital.

-Public accounts committee says Defra and trade departments have been left in dark on Brexit and fears they are overoptimistic about being ready in time, worried about Defra on IT and trade department doesn't seem to have information it needs like what each region requires

-Junker has asked Belgium to grant citizenship to any UK EU staff

-Former Black Rod David Leakey accuses Bercow of creating a bullying culture, says Bercow lost it with him at one point over seating and had to apologize for calling Leakey an anti-Semite , says Labour won't act as Bercow's hostile treatment of Tory frontbench benefits them while backbenchers fear being frozen out

-Business and environment committees write to watchdog about Sanisbury-Asda merger

-Ashworth says some on NEC way too willing to give those charged with anti-Semitism the benefit of the doubt

-Labour wants voter ID system scrapped

-Labour Barnet figures really tearing into main party on anti-Semitism

-Car sales rise for first time in a year

-BBC's projected vote share would have Tories and Labour level at 35%, first time since 88 that Labour has been in opposition and failed to be above Tories on this

-Boris says elections shows public back May's mansion House speech

-Tories restating candidates who had been suspended for racism seems a very very short term move that will bite them in the backside and rightly so.


-Greening suggests we have passed peak Corbyn

-Ellie Reeves not impressed by voter ID system

-Claire Perry cutting on Labour's election failure

-Aker says he is considering leaving UKIP group in European Parliament

-Chris Williamson, MP for Derby, getting hammered for saying this was the easiest election campaign of his life. If Derby council voting share was repeated, he loses his seat

-UKIP chairman Paul Oakley has an interesting description of his party "Think of the Black Death in the Middles Ages. It comes along, goes dormant, and then comes back"

-Jess Philips "Up and at em. I see everyone is claiming failure as victory.", later says UKIPpers going to Tories have hit some of Labour's heartland

-Lisa Nandy (Labour held Wigan but Tories got most votes since 79) warns that election results confirm Labour message isn't working in small towns as seen as too city centric

-Livingstone accepts the "smear" against him damaged Labour in Barnet but says holocuast website backs up his claims about Hitler, telling truth always gets one in trouble, blames moderate MP's

-Fair play Corbyn's former spokesperson Matt Zarb-Cousin. Had promised to wear Trump hat if Labour didn't take Barnet and has stayed true to his word

-Rumours Heidi Alexander will resign her seat to work under Khan in City Hall

-Umunna wants NEC inquiry into why the elections didn't go better

-Lord Hesltine says election was a stalemate and thinks Corbyn has hit a ceiling

-Burnham says Labour need to take a stronger grip on anti-Semitism and he hopes this stops people claiming it is a smear as voters have shown this really did hurt their community, Khan says Jewish voters in London did not feel comfortable voting Labour
-Martin Lewis tears into Chi Onwurah for misleading poor youngsters by calling tuition fees student debts


-Kuessenberg on results half way through

-D'Arcy on Lords amdnements on Brexit

-Katya Adler on EU worried about May and running out of fudge

-Bush on Sir Cable the big winner

-Eaton on a divided nation
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sat May 05, 2018 11:49 am

-Labour took Tower amlets

-Abbott with prelection rallying cry (I don't like posting these on voting day and forgot to yesterday)

-BBC with the final results

-Professor Curtice and others have noted that Tories future support really depends on how they handle Brexit as so many of their votes are Brexiteers. Results are being seen, as well as something of a blow/rejection of Corbyn, as a backing for a "proper" Brexit

-Baroness Smith says Labour have to do better if they wish to take power, results didn't have too much wrong but not enough went right to smile about

-Unite election result upheld, aka McCluskey remains it's head, though issues about behaviour being investigated

-Department of Transport denying reports hybrid cars would fall under 2040 clean air ban

-Trump says one London hospital is like a warzone due to knife crime ergo gun laws do not work

-D'Arcy's on week ahead

-A fair bit of talk of "maybe Corbyn has reached his limit2 and this may make it harder to pull Tory MP's into line as they may not fear Corbyn taking power

-Hancock warns against too much screen time for children


-Greening accuses Rees-Mogg's group of acting like Russia, trying to veto everything they don't like and they need to realize nobody gets everything they want, sooner they cooperate the sooner this can be done and a focus put on domestic matters

-Alastair Campbell says if Labour can't beat the shambles of May's government then they don't deserve to be in the game

-Jess Philips says Labour need to look at why they aren't winning work class vote

-Greens arguing they are the 4th party in England, blames losses in Norwich on Corbyn surge

-Rohksana Fiaz seeking referendum to abolish her own post of Newham mayor


-Behr on Brexit shaping election chaos

-Katy Balls says Tory MP's have been given a lift

-Owen Jones defends Momentum's success during local elections but says Labour has lessons to learn

-Kuessenberg on parties withdrawing into comfort zone

-Eaton on Corbyn needs a big push forward

-Bush not sure local elections are a good general election predictor anymore

-Gary Gibbon on mood in Labour and Brexiteers delighted in Tory ranks

-Faisal Islam on both leaders have peaked

-Professor Stphen Fisher on the key election numbers
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sun May 06, 2018 6:24 pm

-Javid's power pose seems to have been simply a step to the right and dishonest reporting

-McDonnell acknowledges anti-Semitism hurt them in Barnet and hoping measures being put in place will change things, lays into Tory Pendle scandal, says being pro-Brexit hasn't lost Remain votes and will be able to pick up Brexit votes

-Boris goes to Washington to argue for Iran deal

-Brexiteers do seem to be now pushing May to fall into line against customs partnership after local elections

-Burgeon says Corbyn was not raised as a negative issue on the doorstep

-Foster says Corbyn's support of IRA means he remains beyond the pale for DUP, makes clear DUP remain against custom agreement and certainly one that makes N.Ireland different from UK, argues EU need to be more proactive in talks and Barnier to be less hostile

-May (sun) celebrates election results

-Abbott on Trump's comments ""hardly see how violent crime in London justifies the licensing of guns in the US"."

-Clark says Brexit cabinet was more professional then papers portrayed it

-Gardiner says BBC neck and neck article is a lie (he won't get anywhere with the experts on that I suspect)

-Butler trying to blame anti-Semitism on Iain Nichols, Gardiner comes somewhat to his defence by blaming process


-Tyrie becomes head of the takeover watchdog

-Fabricant got in twitter row: he got accused of not neglecting his constituency and it was reflected in local election, he pointed out there was no local election but he also referred to her with a term for female genitalia. Says he thought it meant twit and he had no idea of her age

-Lord Blunkett says Corbyn should go

-IDS says elections government should drop custom partnership

-Ed Davey says Trump's comments on knife crime in London is ridiculous and shows his ignorance of UK


-Katherine Pindar says Lib Dem must seek to unify divisions of country

-Rentoul annoyed at both sides reaction to election

-Macer Hall Javid changing Brexit balance and need to make immigration a separate department

-Dr Phil Whitaker bemoans impact of social care system and welfare system on some of his patients
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Mon May 07, 2018 4:24 pm

-Seems like May will gamble on "back my customs partnership plan or parliament may force you to stay in customs union" being enough to stop Brexiteers going into full revolt

-UN environment chief Erik Solheim praises government taking world lead on plastics

-Greg Clark says customs partnership on table due to potential job losses, particularly in manufacturing, without a good customs agreement and whatever is agreed will take time to implement

-Boris says Iran deal is the option we fewest disadvantages, cancelled it would just see Iran return to nuclear weapon programs, weaknesses in deal can be worked on. He writes about the issue

-Rees-Mogg says custom partnership would mean, in effect, we aren't leaving EU and job loss warnings is project fear again

-Gardner says being in the EEA would make UK a ruletaker with no say

-Foster doubts we need to remain in a custom union for frictionless trade


-Lord Adonis apologises after sharing cartoon of Javid sitting at office "I just want to settle in, get organised, then deport my parents!". Javid replied to Lord Adonis that the peer was better then this, Lord Adonis agreed saying it was too personal a cartoon

-Rudd backs Clarke as she sees it as him seeking a Brexit to protect jobs and investment

-Morgan remarks those that shout loudest on Brexit aren't always the ones speaking for the majority of the party, willing to defy whip on national intrest matters but those threatning May's leadership are the hardest of hard Brexiteers. She also writes One Nation Tories must no longer pander to the Brexit obsessives

-Soubry says May must see off the party within a party, the idealogs

-Some MP's not happy that banks are taking action on pensioners who have not paid off their interest only mortgages

-Flint argues Remain would have lost referendum at any point in last ten years, even when Labour was in power, and party+MP's needs to really accept the result to stop alienating Leave voters


-D'Ancona warns against "peak Corbyn" belief or chasing the UKIP route

-Professor Jonathan Clark argues Lords has exceeded it's authority on Brexit and will be forced to reform

-Ellie Mae O’Hagan fears mainstream has missed right of far right
“You, are a rebellious son who abandoned his father. You are a cruel brigand who murdered his lord. How can Heaven and Earth put up with you for long? And unless you die soon, how can you face the sight of men?”
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