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Unread postPosted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 8:13 pm
by Dong Zhou
PMQ's: Corbyn went the expected, the Saudi prince human rights record and has an effective list. He had started with a comment on international woman's day, May accused him of mansplaining which felt harsh as he likes to mention these sort of things in his opening remarks, May makes a passionate defence of the long standing partnership with Saudi Arabia and quotes Thornberry acknowledging they are important partners. Corbyn on suppressed report on funding of extremism then goes onto Yemen (might have left that for later question and focused on "how good a partner if endangering our civilian") and arms sales. May says report was useful for leaning and most terrorists funded domestically+Abbott has been invited along with others of privy councillors on Labour bench to actually read the report, points to aid funding of Yemen and points to persuading Saudi's to open Yemen port when she visited. Corbyn quotes Andrew Mitchell attack on Saudi airforce then moves onto rise in homeless. May says Corbyn seems at odds with Thornberry on arms sales and defends arms sales regime, May sets out money and pilots being used on homelessness. Corbyn goes on Hammond's homelessness taskforce has yet to meet and 227 is an unambitious target, May says to outright eliminate homeless is an ambitious target and taskforce met today while there are other groups they have on this and that it is more complex then Corbyn seems to recognize. Corbyn says many are embarrassed at the amount of rough-sleeping and quotes a volunteer, attacks cuts on homelessnesses service, May says meetings are not enough and sets out what they are trying to do to address underlying issues which doesn't seem to answer the actual question and challenges Corbyn to welcome housing reforms. Corbyn says none of that will comfort the homelessness and quotes local government association's concerns at budget and wonders how a country so rich has so many in temporary homes but given May's answers, asking what has planned to tackle it seems a stupid way to end. May defends council house building record compared to Blair and Brown governments and quotes Corbyn's attack on Labour's housing record.

Corbyn had good questions and passion, May had passion and generally tried to answer the questions with some interesting answers, felt Corbyn fell into one or two traps and shouldn't have wondered off onto Yemen when talking about funding of extremism. One of the better PMQ's of recent times. Blackford goes on RBS, asking May to encourage people to pen accounts at local branches to keep them open, May points out people prefer to go online and up to them to decide what they want. Blackford says we own RBS and they seem to be deliberately undermining some branches, May wonders how someone of Blackford's background fails to understand how commercial organizations work. Was poor by Blackford


-Hammond says Brexit trade deal should include finical services and EU tried to have one with USA/Canada so why not UK while impossible to see UK agreeing to one that doesn't cover services, not surprised by tough EU guidelines as they are skilled negotiators but EU wouldn't get what they want from a simple free trade deal, refuses to say Brexit is worth it

-Foreign Affairs Committee says overseas territories should have got better support following Hurricane Irma

-Thornberry opposes government being so close to Saudi regime as does Kate Osamor

-Cameron hit with lobbying ban till July due to commercial appointments he has taken up

-MSP Mark McDonald resigns from SNP after admitting to inappropriate touching of women, Sturgeon, Blackman and opposition urges him to go as MSP

-Trade Committee concerned that department may be complacent about rolling over EU current trade deals to UK

-Ruth Davidson accuses SNP of using Brexit bill for a powerplay and trying to force a row

-EU guidelines propose Canada like deal, offering host state rules access to U.K. banks and limited access for finical firms, zero-tariff on all goods in exchange for access to UK fishing grounds (fishing industry not happy but expect some compromise there), close as possible relationship given UK redlines, prepared to reconsider for something more generous if UK changes mind of redlines

-Thornberry warns trade wars are easy to start but difficult to end

-Tusk says he wants a close as partnership with UK as possible, wants corporation on security, defence and foreign affairs, UK will be invited into education and cultural projects, they need to deal with the airline issue quickly, trade deal should cover services and fishing but will be first one to loosen ties, rules out single market for parts of UK economy, trade will become more complicated. "I respect Theresa May’s political objective to demonstrate at any prices that Brexit could be a success and was the right choice. But sorry it is not our objective."

-Verhofstadt suggests an associates agreement with UK, says EU has to be reformed

-Gauke says review into legal aid cuts may be extended beyond ambitious deadline of Jully but he would expect it to come in before end of year


-Melanie Onn wants upskirting to be a hate crime

-Christine Shawcroft says Labour should break from the unions who she feels shaft Labour members


-Chris Deerin on May vs Sturgeon Brexit row

-Richard Norton-Taylor wants more engagement with Russia

-Peter Crosskey on Brexit damage to agriculture

-Steve Peers on EU guidelines

-Andrew Grice backs wealth tax

-Jack Bernhardt bemoans state of modern politics

-Nona Buckley-Irvine warns alcohol banned at Labour meetings

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Unread postPosted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 7:54 pm
by Dong Zhou
-Hollyrood Brexit bill passes stage one though MSp's raise concerns at potential Scottish minister powergrab

-French economy minister Bruno Le Maire says finical services can not be part of free trade deal

-Reality check on EU guidelines

-Immigration policy papers delayed again till Autumn as waiting for Migration Advisory Committee

-Government paying for new wing of a Nigerian prison so we can deport more from our shores

-Labour investing claims that party members posted anti-Semitic comments on a closed Facebook group dedicated to Palestinian rights and what Corbyn knew of it (Corbyn was part of group till 2015 but says he never such posts).

-Trump's favourite British party leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen of British First jailed

-May on tackling domestic abuse

-Mhairi Black on the examples of the abuse she has got has caught attention

-Dawn Butler on Labour's plans for gender pay gap

-Cooper not happy that a video from a neo-Nazi group keeps turning up on youtube

-Labour says all companies over 250 employees will be audited on gender pay and if they don't improve it then they will be fined

-I'm surprised Corbyn seeming to accuse British troops of war crimes in Yemen hasn't exploded as a story

-Tugendhat calls for action against Russia

-Government looking at empowering bus drivers to remove people who refuse to make room for those in wheelchairs

-Brexit committee publishes government's Brexit impact assessment

-EU suing government for €2.7bn (£2.4bn) claiming we have failed to tackle custom fraud, government denies it has been negligent

-Tusk says Ireland is first priority on Brexit but idea Ireland has veto is exaggeration, Hammond was speaking of UK interests but EU interests isn't for finical services to be in trade agreement

-Foster condemned by N.Ireland court for holding back money from inquests relating to Ulster Troubles


-Cat Smith on lowering voting age

-Diana Johnson disagrees with Caulfield on aboration

-Sir Cable accuses May of ignoring Gibraltar

-Henry Bolton founds new party called "One Nation"

-Blair awarded Lincoln Leadership Prize


-Kuessenberg on Eu stance on Brexit

-Nick Robinson on future immigration policy

-Bush on Shawcroft comments and Labour general secretary battle

-Emily Fairchild (sun) on her anger as part of generation rent

-Mark Wallace wants boycott of world cup

-Faisal Islam on the impact assessment

-Browen Maddox liked Hammond's speech but doubts it will go anywhere

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Unread postPosted: Fri Mar 09, 2018 5:28 pm
by Dong Zhou
-Rudd pleads for people to void speculation in Russian spy case

-Dr Fox says Trump's tariffs hitting UK is doubly absurd

-MP's clearly concerned at fishery policy post Brexit since government refuses to rule out some sort of deal with EU

-Jess Philips marks international woman's day by listing all those killed in domestic abuse in past year

-Government rejects latte levy with Creagh saying government is full of warm words but no action

-Newsnight alleges bullying from Bercow, Farrelly and Pritchard towards Commons staff in past, all three deny the claims

-Corbyn declares Labour a government in waiting and that Scottish Labour has bounced back

-Williamson warns Russia is becoming more aggressive

-Forster warns she cant see devolution happening in months ahead

-Housebuilding fell by 3.4% (expected to fall 0.3%), manufacturing up 0.1% which is slightly less then expected, trade deficit widens

-May's botched answer to "how do you celebrate international mother day" well noted


-Lisa Nandy argues Westminster still doesn't understand why people voted Brexit

-Stephen Kinnock calls Trump tariffs self defeating stupidity

-Bryant says if it is Russia, will be hard for England team to play at world cup

-Ryanair to include "This flight is subject to the regulatory environment allowing the flight to take place." on their tickets


-James Lansdale on relations between Russia and UK

-Eaton argues Tories need to move to stimulus

-Gary Younge on EU's fundamental flaws

-Jon Craig on Boris bad time

-Sarah Ditum on domestic abuse bill

-Kate Maltby on latest abuse allegations

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Unread postPosted: Sat Mar 10, 2018 11:52 am
by Dong Zhou
-UK government publishes the areas it wants control of Brussels powers rather then devolved, Scotland and Wales not happy with some of them like food labelling and animal welfare

-Corbyn says his Brexit approach is sensible and Tories is chaotic, signing up to single market is incompatible with their radical agenda

-Scottish Labour misspell Keir Hardie as Keir Hardy.

-Scottish Labour leadership block conference vote on single market

-McDonnell says government must wake up to the misery caused by austerity

-D'Arcy Week Ahead

-Downing Street makes clear it expects Commons bullying allegation to be properly investigated

-Boris says education for girls is one of the most effective measures for solving poor countries problems

-Hinds promises to cut teacher workload and no more chances to exam system for awhile

-Patel finds the label BME insulting, doubts she will see a minority person become PM due to system of patronage and institutional barriers


-Bush on the theory Tories big voting problem is housing has issues

-Ian Jack on Gibraltar

-Sucharita Sethi Labour should look at Iceland's treatment of woman

-Forsyth (sun) on spy attack, laws protects Brexit, Javid, Hammond's spring statement

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Unread postPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2018 7:02 pm
by Dong Zhou
-Richard Leonard wants less market and more planning in Scottish economy, against PFI and proposes rental reforms

-Hinds admits school funding is tight

-Tories under pressure to return money donated by Russians

-Mark McDonald gives his version of events

-Mhari Black on Universal Credit

-Naz Shah condemns the "Punish the Muslim Day" letters

-McDonnell indicates he won't appear on Russian Today as the channel is not obeying journalistic standards

-Chris Heaton-Harris tweet “Just had Beef_Stew rejected as my computer’s password. It’s not stroganoff."

-Reeves says Persimmon bonus for bosses can't be justified

-Rumours Harman is looking at being Speaker


-Cohen bemoans state of unions

-Rawnsley on the truble social democrats are in and what they need to do

-Nigel Nelson on danger of AI for capitalism, GPS needed for airports, is cabinet discussing upskirting and other matters

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Unread postPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:50 pm
by Dong Zhou
-Debbie Abrahams temporally "steps down"/is sacked from shadow works and pensions due to "employment concerns" but Abrahams says she is being bullied over 10 months from some in leaders office, has been given no details, has not agreed to stand down and denies all allegations but she is launching her own complaint to Labour and the Commons.

Her deputy Margaret Greenwood to stand in while inquiry is ongoing. I would say it has certainly been known in the press that only Corbyn's loyalty to those that stood by him has kept Abrahams in the job, there is a feeling she has not made the required impact.

-Government says the nerve agent was Russian and highly likely Moscow was behind the spy attack or has lost control of its stockpile and Russian ambassador will be asked to explain which one it is with Russia given till end of tomorrow to give full explanation. Before hand Russian embassy claimed an anti-Russia media campaign driven by UK government and warns UK government is playing dangerous game after May's report their foreign office called it a circus act

-Condemnation from people like Javid, Lewis, Cleverly and Hannon after Sir Cable says too many Brexiteers were white faces driven by "nostalgia for a world where passports were blue, faces were white and the map was coloured imperial pink"who have crushed the hopes of young people for a generation. Sir Cable also remarked his party was very very white and had to change

-Hammond says there is light at the end of the tunnel as we start to get surplus but our debts are too large to end austerity

-Gove and Davidson ally in call to leave common fisheries policy, does seem real anger in Scotland at EU demand for access+ don't trust Uk to stand firm to get good agreement on this

-Frances Cairncross in charge of review into sustainability of the press

-David Natzler, the clerk of the Commons, admits there are unresolved issues about treatment of staff after complaints that his response to newsnight allegations were dismissive

-Sir Cash says he will be forthright when he meets Barnier and says EU has overplayed their hand

-Karl Turner denies sexual harassment allegations

-Suspicious but thankfully harmless package sent to Mohammad Yasin

-Bercow a complete idiot to sit in speakers charge during urgent question about the allegations against him. Utterly wrong of him and very very stupid

-Leadsom proposes inquiry into allegations of bullying of Commons staff

-PM of Malta Joseph Muscat says Brexit can't be better then EU membership, biggest threat to UK economy is service sector being disrupted by Brexit, expects some services deal and says Brexit exodus was overblown

-Tories furious at Corbyn attack Tories having Russian donors while saying he will seek dialogue with Russia, some Labour MP's do not seem happy either at Corbyn making a political attack when a foreign power is alleged to have assassinated someone on our streets or the tone he chose

-Seems Labour policy on Russia Today is a tad confused, seems McDonnell went over his authority to suggest MP's don't go on it


-Bridgen and Duddergide call for Bercow to go but they are the usual critics, they had already been forced to change from "vote of no confidence" to "vote seeking investigation". Bercow will need to worry if there are signs Labour MP's are turning on him, Bridgen has not helped himself by suggesting Bercow had also made him unsuitable by coming out for Remain during referendum

-Dr Lee on sports helping young offenders

-Redwood on where he wants spending

-Burden on Rohingya refugees needing help

-Lansmann backs away from general secretary

-Lammy says comic relief portrays Africa in a bad way

-Mayor Khan says politicians are guilty of allowing tech giants to shape world, social media has brought some great things but also deepened divisions, shared economy need to be regulated to protect workers rights, tech companies need to recognize their responsibilities including tackling hate speech

-Villiers trying to extend law that returns artwork taken from Holocaust victims by Nazi's


-Professor John Curtice on Brexit polling

-Tom Newton Dunn (Sun) on we will likely get good deal in exchange for lots of cash

-D'Ancona warns Hammond not to ignore austerity anger

-Owen Jones wonders why Tories aren't under more pressure for Russia and Saudi links

-Kevin Schofield concerned at Labour's splits at the top

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Unread postPosted: Tue Mar 13, 2018 7:36 pm
by Dong Zhou
-Hammond says forecasts are there to be beaten, makes a few jokes, reads out figures, hints he will increase public spending in budget if forecasts are right, business rates valuation will be brought forward to 2021, will publish Brexit no deal spending plans and broadband money, ONS to look at human capital, more NHS funding if pay deal can be agreed, a few consultations like consultation on using tax increases to reduce plastic use

-MP's not happy at ""hate a Muslim day"

-Lord Young on being asked about cannabis laws "this is like doing Mastermind on someone else's subject"

-A sense government is looking at finding more cash for NHS

-Nato, Convey and Tillerson (but not the White House) indicate support over the spy attack, Verhofstadt wants Europe to unite on this

-Hammond (sun) on economy and plastic cups

-Vardakar doesn't like idea of preregistering over Irish border, suggests Davies and Boris visit the border

-Labour whips plunged into darkness after powercut

-OBR predicts growth up to 1.5% this year but five years were growth well below 2% (last time that happened was the 1870's) and fairly high chance of recession by then, inflation to fall to 2% in next 12 months but we still suck compared to other economics, nothing much changed on bleak picture but we are operating at full capacity, predicts Brexit divorce bill of £37.1 billion and that the Brexit dividend will be less then wider hit to public finances, soft drink levy half what Treasury thought (Treasury is relaxed about this as was always meant to come down as less sugar was added). Help to buy ISA's haven't caught on

-McDonnell says Hammond is blind to destruction created by government policies like solar industry, has added to national debt, we are all prepared for robot revolution, failed to help councils

-Juncker, when Brexiteer MEP's cheered Brexit date, warns UK will come to regret Brexit, Barnier says he is surprised by what UK thinks will happen with convergence and divergence

-Russia demanding access to the nerve agent or it won't cooperate in investigation, summons our ambassador to Moscow

-Ofcom warns Russia Today that if authorities find Russia behind the nerve agent attack then that may have implications for the broadcaster


-Tracey Crouch backs Carragher suspension, Mayor Khan condemns scenes at West Ham, Wes Streeting asks board what they are doing about fan abuse

-Gary Streeter wants Hammond to be more generous to councils

-Wes Streeting wants Hammond to make a Remain speech

-Lord Ricketts suggests using Nato over Russia attack

-Sir Cable denies calling Brexiteers racist and says the facts point to the age gap in the vote he highlighted points to passport fuss as example of the nostalgia he talked about, calls for Eu wide boycott of world cup

-Gyimah wants refunds for lost lecture time for students during strike

-IDS wants money put into universal credit to reverse recent cuts

-Raab indicates government not seeking Nato aid against Russia. personally not in favour of RT ban

-Woodcock calls for full boycott of world cup


-Kuessenberg pre spring statement

-Bush on wagons circling on bullying allegations

-Jonathan Lis worried about Calais border

-Rupert Darwell wonders where the plan for growth is

-Eaton says no econimic cheer

-Tom Kibasi on no plan for economic reform (in fairness if he thought there would be, he clearly paid no attention to Hammond warning what this spring statement was going to be about)

-Mathew Normans doubts the nerve agent attack will be May's Falklands's

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Unread postPosted: Wed Mar 14, 2018 7:21 pm
by Dong Zhou
PMQ's: With May statement on Russia, this had a "before the real event starts". Corbyn uses Hawking's death and past quotes to make an attack on NHS denying cancer treatment to migrant, a stuttering May mentions cancer survival improvements and says unaware of the case, Corbyn says he will write to her about it and mentions a bit more on case. May then reads letter from pensioner who now needs to pay for medication then onto failure to get A&E back onto target, May says Corbyn still yet to write about a case he raised on October then again defends cancer record then talks about more doctors and money in A&E while working people go to right area. Corbyn says the case he raised was solved before he needed to write to May then goes again on key targets keep being missed with managers not expecting them to be met till next year so why not extra money in Spring Statement. May says money was announced last budget with more coming in as set out, Corbyn on waiting time targets being dropped when Labour had met it, May goes for Welsh Labour record of NHS with shocking waiting times. Corbyn says rich of her to scaremonger while dropping targets herself while her attitude seems to be all the experts and medical staff are wrong and May is right about NHS, May points out facts aren't scaremongering and Labour bankrupting economy (first part good counter, second half just a slogan that leaves Corbyn's point unchallenged). Corbyn says with people dying May should get a grip to ensure NHS can cope with numbers, says NHS staff expected stress but also annual payrises without cuts to leave thus leaving numbers short then uses Hawking again, May says more doctors then ever before, more nurses ever after learning from Midstaffs, record level of funding thanks to balanced approach to economy.

I tend to be uneasy about using a dead guy to beat a PM but that aside, that Corbyn got May onto "NHS and economy" shows he had her on the backfoot, his attempts to deflect Wales was poor and lacks a killer line (experts vs May has promise) but was an effective job. May's "October" moment backfired but she didn't know about certain cases and ended up forcing back to old staples rather then engage with question. Blackford on Brexit amendments on devolving being forced through without agreement to SNP and Welsh Labour, May says he seems to complain about it not being published then about it being published (maybe she misheard the question? It was poor), Blackford was generous about that but his complaints of an attack on devolution was weak and too over the top including mentioning the Tories attitudes in 92, May says most powers ever devolved including tax raising powers which they have used to raise taxes.


Russia: Before hand, Russia warns it would respond to any punitive action, denies involvement in poisoning and UK is being provocative with no evidence behind our accusations while we called UN Security Council meeting. May has been under pressure going into this like slow information, her record seen as soft over past allegations and Russians in capital, she gave a good speech. Well constructed, setting out past events, declaring the attempted murder was “unlawful use of state force” by Russia, had treated concerns with sarcasm and disdain. Declared 23 of the Russian diplomatic team would be expelled as undeclared intelligence officers (biggest since Heath), promising new sanctions and new counter-espionage laws, going down Magnitsky route, will still talk to Russia but things have to change so Lavrov cancelled and no world cup for ministers or royal family, reaching out to Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and allies. Also made sure to say there was no issue with Russians in UK or Russians in Russia, just with Putin and made attempts to reach out to Labour. I felt some of it was vague and "in future" but she managed to hide it well and knows "23" will be what people focus on for her speech.

Corbyn seems sceptical of the evidence and in such occasions, one needs a really good and carefully constructed speech to sell the point of that and of the need to slow things down for more evidence+international support. He didn't have one, it was all over the place, lacked cohesion, he engaged in partisan point scoring including a cheap shot at Boris. Wrong occasion for that. Wants sample sent to Russia as Russia asked, more use of Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, condemns the attack but doesn't seem to believe it is Russia though did condemn Putin's "gangster state" in general terms, goes onto a general argument about chemical weapons and then Russia rather then the attempted murder. Again his own backbenchers do not seem happy and Carwyn Jones threw himself behind May, in the media briefing afterwards the Labour spokesperson says British intelligence have a "problematic" record on such things which has gone down really badly to the point some are wondering if Corbyn's grip on his MP's may be on verge of collapse. Some Labour MP's have signed a motion saying they accept the attack was Russia but while they may make noise, as long as it doesn't go beyond the usual numbers then I wouldn't take it seriously, rumours 2 shadow ministers may resign but we will see

Russia embassy says the expulsion is unjustified and now Russia will expel some of our envoys while they argue we are obliged to go to Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (Westminster denies they are so obliged), later tweets “The temperature of Russia-UK relations drops to minus-23, but we are not afraid of cold weather.". Nato express concern at chemical attack, Macron says it condemns attack but needs to see the proof before it acts. Trump says Russia must provide answers over nerve agent, Tusk says it will likely be discussed at next EU council meeting


-Hammond's statement was 36 minutes, around time Tillerson was sacked May is passed a note and she did not look happy

-Google and Youtube should be worried at how badly their counter-terrorism head William McCants did, including what he didn't know, in front of Home Affairs Select Committee

-Hammond says he wants to use any headroom he gets by budget for public spending

-May meets Sturgeon+Carwyn Jones to discuss Brexit row, as expected no agreement was reached but Sturgeon says deal closer then ever

-Hinds delays scrapping current system of childcare vouchers by six months due to DUP

-OBR says things like pensions mean Brexit bill till 2064 (one of those things that was always going to happen but may sound really bad to some)

-Verhofstadt feels a deal on citizens rights is near

-Four Labour Muslim MP's (Rupa Huq, Mohammad Yasin, Rushanara Ali and Afzal Khan) sent suspicious packages in 24 hours but thankfully not hazardous

-Halfon on more needs doing on skills

-Abbott on demonization of migrants

-IFS says dismal growth is the new normal for UK, need tax rises of 30 billion to close deficit, government needs to find an extra £11bn per year in 2025 to deal with ageing population, concerned tat if high earners leave it would destroy tax system

-The tabloids not happy to threat of 1p and 2p coins so government backs down very quickly

-The Express believes tax cuts are coming. They aren't.


-Robert Seeley on how to deal with Russia

-Bryant accuses Jose Mourinho of taking blood money by being RT pundit for world cup, accuses Russia's ambassador of trying to interfere

-Farage says we could get a deal with the US within 48 hours of leaving EU and backs May's actions against Russia (though doubts it will make any real impact), Batten demands no surrender by UK to EU Commission

-Robert Hannigan, the former director of GCHQ, warns against cyber-warfare against Russia as would risk setting us outside rules of civilized nations but focus on economic measures, to try to avoid allowing Putin to play the victim card


-Kuessenberg on spring statement

-Alex Brummer won over by Hammond

-Dame Louse Casey (sun) on integration

-Ben Chu on econimic figures

-Sebastian Whale suspects Putin will be pleased at early signs of response to UK's allegations

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Unread postPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2018 7:31 pm
by Dong Zhou
-No Labour resignations, shadow cabinet seems to have decided the best response is to ignore what Corbyn said. Griffith (who also dismissed the Iraq comparison), and Thornbery declaring Labour believes Russia is behind the attack while Smith backs a hostile guardian editorial on the subject. Corbyn then says evidence points towards Russia but won't say they are directly behind the attack

-Trump now puts his backing behind May as does Macron who seemed initially sceptical, Germany and Canada backed us early. Merkel, Trump, May, Macron did joint statement while US intelligence committee backs May

-Environment, Health, Transport and Environmental Audit committees combined which has never happened before, demanding a new clean air act and a clean air fund

-Davies can live with a transition phase of less then two years if it gets better deal

-A new chemical defence centre being created and soldiers to be vaccinated against anthrax

-McDonnell opposes world cup boycott, Boris says not the plan

-Unilver moves HQ to Rotterdam which is a blow to government thought to be about Dutch having stronger regulation on takeovers

-Boris says expelling diplomats will hammer Russia's intelligence gathering abilities in UK, suspects Russia's smug sarcasm is meant to hint they are behind it, will send sample to Organisation for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons but not Moscow, doubts we are heading for another cold war, says his comment that upset Corbyn was "Why don’t you condemn Russia?”

-Williamson says Russia is ripping up the rule book, using cyber warfare and social media, use of proxies, wants Russia to go away and shut up (very immature and not impressed anyone), admits he would love more money but every department head thinks that, need to be measured in response

Rayner quips "As the diplomatic situation with Russia deteriorates we needed an appropriate response, up steps Gavin our intrepid Tory defence secretary who tells the Russians to "just go away and shut up" I am sure that will have Putin and the Kremlin shaking with fear in their winter boots", Farron muses "Hmmm. At times like this it's not *that* reassuring that our defence secretary makes Donald Trump look like Henry Kissinger by comparison..."

-Government looking at fire safety doors after Grenfell one shown to not last the minimum required time

-Russia indicates it will expel UK diplomats, nerve agent might be created in UK since some Soviet scientists went to UK and UK can clearly identity the agent while whoever got hold of it may sought to sabotage world cup, UK government seeking to distract from how badly Brexit is going... Putin holds security meeting to discuss tensions


-Dame Margaret Beckett backs Corbyn's line of questioning, his team would be wise to use her clout to calm things down. They would also have been wise to have the person briefing the press to be anyone but Seamus Milne. Anyone at all.

-Anna Turley says it is her duty to back May on Russia

-Lord Monks urges parliament to take control of Brexit

-Bernard Jenkin backs world cup boycott, Stpehen Kinnock wants it moved (because that is soooo realistic...)

-Fury as Lord Pearson invites Tommy Robinson into parliament


-Adam Fleming on EU's Brexit tweaks

-Eaton on Russia reopening Labour wounds

-Kettle on disagreements among Corbynites

-James Bloodworth on low paid work

-Alison Rowatt condemns Salmond staying at RT

-Bush on Lib Dem's ultra remainer strategy not working

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Unread postPosted: Fri Mar 16, 2018 7:18 pm
by Dong Zhou
-Brexiteer MP's clearly concerned about fishing waters

-Pressure on certain Brexiteer ministers to actually visit the Irish border

-Dr Woolostan not happy with NHS digital handling of patient data

-Jennie Formby and Christine Blower shortlisted for Labour party general secretary post, means will be a woman for second time. Formby given her long standing record with Unite and Labour expected to win over activist Blower

-Corbyn updates his Russia stance. Far better then the Monday speech

-Sir Stramer says Russia's involvement needs calling out, no if's, no buts

-Russia minister of defence calls Williamson a "vulgar old harpy", Russia is capable of far better wit. Also says it shows the intellectual impotence in London and we have become the centre of fake scandals

-Grayling says no post-Brexit lorry checks at Dover

-Ruth Davidson says RTs sole purpose is propaganda for Russian regime and to be it's apologist

-Government investigation recommends Northamptonshire County Council be scrapped and then split into two bemoaning inability to handle criticism, outsourcing effectively or keep within budget, council leader Heather Smith has resigned blaming local MP's and having the machinery of government turned against the council

-Sturgeon says based on evidence given to her, it is Russia and she supports government actions

-Been well noted Griffith name checked Milne helping put him trouble

-Bank of England fear mortgage lenders are taking risks

-Berkeley Homes seems to have challenged the government but refusing to increase housing supply


-Chris Williams says likely Russia but need to gather the evidence first, Corbyn being a statesmen

-Lisa Nandy on refugee family bill

-Hodge says tackling illicit wealth is best rout to target Russia

-Salmond says RT is not state propaganda and there had been no interference on his shows, revoking channel's license would make a mockery of freedom of speech, attack was a heinous crime but doesn't finger Russia for it however since government is convinced Russia is behind it they are right to take measures


-Bush on Corbyn's Russia stand and the polling on it.

-Eaton on Williamson's bid for power

-Sonia Sodha on university education

-Kuessenberg on Labour splits

-Mary Djevesky says our response to the nerve agent attack shows nothing has been learnt about Iraq

-John Peinaar on Russia crises going well for May so far, not for Labour

-Sir Malcolm Rifkind on Russia