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Unread postPosted: Fri Feb 23, 2018 6:56 pm
by Dong Zhou
-MP's rush to comfort Karen Lee after speaking about cancer

-Word out of Chequers (apparently) is babysteps but May played her hand brilliantly, Brexiteers spinning divergence has been agreed while Remainers spinning Brexiteers have been forced to concede

-Rudd says government open to looking at bringing in more Syrian refugees once they hit current target of 20,000, UN praises the skill of the scheme and numbers taken

-Government looking again at issue of doctors handing details over to immigration officials as it seems that people are putting off seeking medical help due to that while Hunt is alarmed at the amount of drug errors by NHS

-McDonnell says economic is suffering a long term chronic illness with lack of direction since Brexit vote making it worse

-Rees-Mogg (sun) defends his groups letter and gives six wishes for Brexit transition

-Leadsom says Brexit will be less Mad Max, more Love Actually


-Henry Bolton leaves UKIP

-Baroness Paisley, wife of the former DUP leader, says DUP must take it's share of blame and responsibility for collapse of talks


-Kuessenberg on Chequers talks

-Chris Morris on Brexit and oversea territories

-Mary Djevsky on debates the country needs to have after Brexit

-Edward Nyam on how Tories can win young voters

-Professor Vernon Bogdanoron need for human rights act post Brexit

-Ian Jack defends Good Friday Agreement

-Bush on Labour's Corbynsceptics lack Tom Watson's discipline

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Unread postPosted: Sat Feb 24, 2018 1:34 pm
by Dong Zhou
-Long serving Labour general secretary Iain McNicol has resigned, the centre-left disappointed to see him go. A chance for Corbyn's camp to take control of a key Labour post having got rid of a man they disliked and blamed for a defensive campaign but unions will have their say

-Eyes on Corbyn's Brexit speech on Monday and on Soubry's amendment to trade bill that would try to keep us in customs union

-President Tusk says UK position is pure illusion and keeping the cake delusion alive, of trying to cherry pick

-Hunt says no chance of staying in customs union

-Rees-Mogg warns May against making U-turn on EU citizens rights who come here during transition

-D'Arcy on Week Ahead, Brexit and backbenchers getting more spending leverage

-Ecuador says UK unwilling to discuss release of Assange

-Government and Labour backing Geoffrey Robinson's organ donation bill

-Gove hints he wants to ban plastic straws and that it is one of the things Brexit would allow, EU's Frans Timmerman points out EU is already preparing to do that so maybe Gove should argue to align with EU

-Talks between Hollyrood and Westminster governments on Brexit has broken down with SNP feeling current plans give Westminster a veto on what powers get delegated to Hollyrood though they agree Wesminster has worked hard on their concerns, Westminster says it gives Hollyrood a lot of new powers but some key ones need a backstop


-Some amusement as Tollhurst misses her line as bills are read out

-Blair says if parliament disagrees on customs union then it makes second referendum case stronger, Hoey says Blair is being ridiculous

-UKIP's last county councillor Alan Hosker calls the party a sinking ship but will stay loyal as he believes in Brexit and what UKIP stands for


-Bush on the ousting of McNicol and who might replace him

-Freedland on why EU will reject the three baskets plan and Corbyn chance to lea on Brexit is here

-Iain Watson on Labour's evolving Brexit policy

-Peter Hitchens on his respect for Corbyn, drones and other stuff

-Andrew McQuillian Foster is in trouble

-Brain Taylor on devolution talks

-Forsyth (sun) praises May's Brexit plan, urges her to make it a vote of confidence, Rudd talking with rest of cabinet

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Unread postPosted: Sun Feb 25, 2018 1:32 pm
by Dong Zhou
-Sir Stramer, unless I misheard, commits Labour to a customs union to avoid border issues with N.Ireland

-Archbishop of Canterbury says we need to heal after Brexit vote, Remainers views must be taken into account, integration is important but British society itself needs to change to richer way of life

-Lidington says SNP demands would make UK economy so disjointed it would hamper trade deals

-Ben Bradley has apologized, admits his claim was false and agreed fee to charity. Rightly so, what he said was horrible but Williamson and Wallace need to consider their positions as ministers and have clearly been poor examples

-Dr Fox calls Corbyn a useful idiot for the Soviets and undermined the security of the country but says he wouldn't have said Corbyn betrayed UK

-Lots of talk government may try to make Soubry amendment a vote of confidence to try and stop a critical defeat

-Heavy expectations Tories will lose a lot of strongholds in London with Brandon Lewis doing expectation management aka "we got a whole vote? Glorious"


-Frank Field warns soft Brexit would see angry betrayed voters turn against Labour

-Lord Kinnock, Lord Mandelson, Creasy and 77 others in Labour push for staying in single market as otherwise the goals of Corbyn can't be done due to finical hit

-Norman Lamb asks Treasury Select Committee to investigate allegations against RBS, Sir Cable asks Treasury and Business Committee's to look at pay of house builder bosses

-Creasy vs Field on Brexit on Sunday Politics quite illtempered


-Rob Cameron looks at the Czech intelligence papers on Corbyn

-Rawnsley on Labour's big Brexit move and Tory whips in panic

-Kenan Malick on migration

-Harry Leslie Smith worried about the future

-Richard Ritchie defends Enoch Powell getting blue plaque

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Unread postPosted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 7:40 pm
by Dong Zhou
-Corbyn says Labour would get full tariff free access to single market and offer a floor on standards/workers rights/regulation, a customs union where we were involved in EU trade deals with rest but must have a forum for a powerful say on said deals. EU is not the enemy but not the answer to all our problems, Brexit what we make of it, attacks government funding of NHS being so low, no scapegoating or division of other countries and no risking Good Friday Agreement, supply chains for manufacturing is a major issue. Want to remain in Eurotom and Erasmus, would have "reasonable management of migration", Labour is internationalist and must work with others to face the great threats to humanity, Britain must recognize they are citizens of the world, free market doesn't work, singe market would block Labour policy, will be a Brexit dividend (might make it harder for Labour to attack Boris)

-Davies says Labour's EU strategy is snake oil (pundits generally seem to agree Labour are joining in the cake strategy) and would ensure we had no control of trade policy, Dr Fox says it is a betrayal of Labour Brexiteers, Boris says it would make us a colony of the EU and cynically betraying Labour Brexiteers for a small tactical advantage, DUP accuses Corbyn of cheap opportunism. SNP want Corbyn to go further and stay in single market with Sturgeon mentioning the cake issue

-Nigel Dodds warns power-sharing is unlikely anytime soon, says Sinn Feinn doesn't want to work with unionists

-USA looking for N.Ireland special envoy

-Noted Livingstone's suspension is over in April

-Lidington says Tories were too slow to accept devolution but his attempts to reassure on what powers get devolved from Brexit seems to have failed

-Sir Major to give Brexit speech on Wednesday.

-Sky's Faisal Islam spots that minister Mel Stride was, only weeks ago, saying customs union was open to negotiation at the dispatch box.


-Stewart McDonald on trial shifts

-Michael Wolff says Blair is lying when Blair denies claims in Woolf's book that Blair was seeking job from Trump

-Thought IDS was good on Sunday Politics

-Farage calls Corbyn's speech a first step to Labour sell out of Brexit, UKIP caretaker Gerard Batten says he has campaigned for same Brexit cause as Corbyn for 45 years but Corbyn is now selling out

-Media annoyed only one newspaper got to ask Corbyn a question, broadcasters got hissed and a non-journalist got cheered for the stupid question “Please will you hurry up and be our prime minister?”

-Osborne says Labour now more pro business then Tories

-Frank Field praises Corbyn's Blair spin as he believes Corbyn knows EU would never accept the trade proposal


-D'Ancona on Corbyn sensing moment to bring down May

-Tonybee on welfare

-Hardman warns current Tory strategy on Remain rebels is a disaster

-Eaton on Corbyn's Eurosceptic speech

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Unread postPosted: Tue Feb 27, 2018 7:26 pm
by Dong Zhou
-Dr Fox says any form of customs union would be a sell out of Brexit, make situation worse then now and UK unattractive for trade deals

-SNP seeking minimum price for a unit of alcohol be set at 50p.

-Convey says he is of one mind with EU negotiators

-Corbyn writes article on his Brexit

-Boris says UK should consider intervention when chemical weapons are used, Corbyn betraying his voters, longs for day where Brexit isn't the issue of the day (sympathy is about nil), compares Irish border issue to USA/Canada and Camden/Westminster (congestion charge) which has gone down extremely well....

Frances O'Grady with the best comment "Planning to travel from Tottenham Court Road to Westminster this evening. Anyone know what the wait time at the border is like?"

-Sturgeon warns it is very likely Wales and Scotland withhold legislative consent but the Presiding Officer of Hollyrood has ruled the bill to do that is not within Hollyrood's power

-Gove wants Tusk to stop using plastic water bottles during meetings

-Rees-Mogg says May literally can't make the Soubry amendment a confidence vote but losing it would be a major problem

-Barnier concerned at lack of progress since December, three baskets approach is unacceptable, asks for David Davies to come over for an urgent meeting

-Rayner has asked goverment to stop having all male recruitment panels (Gyimah indicates government has taken that on board)

-Labour appoints model Munroe Bergdorf on their LGBT advisory board. She got sacked from one company for saying all whites are racist so this could pick up a storm

-Verhofstadt says best solution to Ireland problem is regulatory alignment for Ireland, different rights for migrants during transition is unacceptable, says transition can be extended a few months


-Ian Murray, whose seat covers Murrayfield, found a clever way to get in the rugby results "On a point of order, Mr Speaker. There is a convention in this House when a Member of Parliament visits someone else’s constituency that they should write to them, informing them that they have done so. Many Members of Parliament from England may have stayed and dined—or, indeed, drowned their sorrows—in my constituency on Saturday, after the rugby. Now, I do not really want them all to write to me, but I wondered whether there was a mechanism to find out who they were so that I could write to them in order to remind them of the convention, and also maybe to just about gloat about Scotland’s Calcutta cup success on Saturday."

-Comcast enters bidding for Sky, bidding more then Fox and makes play on very unlikely to have competition concerns


-Reality check on Corbyn's speech, Bush calls it a political success, Behr on Corbyn's pro-Brexit gamble, Mark Wallace not impressed

-Professor Vernon Bogdanor not a fan of staying in a customs union after Brexit

-Bush on no confidence vote not a real threat to May

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Unread postPosted: Wed Feb 28, 2018 7:42 pm
by Dong Zhou
PMQ's: Tories at set up a question for May to try to exploit Corbyn's Brexit speech and confusion on customs union, Corbyn went on Brexit. Asks what "ambitious managed divergence is?", May sets out her usual goals/slogans of Brexit and contrasts it with Corbyn's Brexit proposal, Corbyn says he hopes she addresses the concerns of small business who feel ignored and asks who knows more about business: business groups or Fox. May ignores last question and quotes small business federation quotes which May supporters, Corbyn says Dr Fox is claiming business groups are all wrong and don't know how to take advantage of opportunities then quotes Hunt about agreeing to align certain sectors so which sectors does government wish to align? May suggests waiting till Friday but hints at goods+finical services+ no hard border, says Labour borrowing shows they have no understanding of buildings. Corbyn says May's endless speech don't substitute for actual negotiation, NHS and social care suffering due to EU workers leaving in unprecedented numbers, May says we have more coming in then leaving and says they are training staff at record levels, Corbyn points to nurse bursaries being cut and it takes eight years to train a doctor with 100,000 gaps in NHS so they should go visit hospitals to see the gaps so May should reassure EU nationals. Then goes onto Boris saying hard border is unthinkable then leaked letter with Boris going ballistic on the benches as Corbyn mocks the Camden border, May points to phase 1 agreement to EU and UK citizens, points to more nurses then under Labour and points out current doctor shortage might have something to do with Labour choice of how many doctors were trained, says all sides commit to no hard border. Corbyn asks why Boris is arguing for the exact opposite, government in disarray with every Brexit meeting leading to bizarre soundbits, May unable to come up with coherent plan due to outsized ego's of her cabinet. May says her priorities are those of the British people and brings up domestic policies she is fighting for

Corbyn had good questions including good mockery but too often lacked the follow up to really drive it home and his summary of a chaotic government lacked punch, May struggled in first half as she didn't have good answers but as things went onto more domestic policy, May came out stronger with good answer on immigration and health, a good domestic policy summery end. Blackford quotes May's past comment about equal partners and wonders if she stands by this, May says yes does, Blackford says emphasis was on equal but Welsh and Scottish governments are fighting a Westminster power grab then oddly moves onto Boris letter shows he can't get a grip on a basic issue on Brexit. Blackford needed to commit one question or the other. May says phase 1 shows commitment to Belfast agreement then talks of devolved powers and the commitment she has given to devolved administration with SNP having acknowledged these have been significant.


-Bercow rebukes Liz Truss for going onto local council spending and tells Hammond to stick to his abacus

-DUP threatening to withdraw agreement with government if Irish sea becomes trade border (aka if EU's backstop of N.Ireland being in single market and customs union comes into effect)

-Boris letter to May leaks out saying "even IF there is a hard border" and explaining it wouldn't matter much, will publish letter (but government blocks that within hours). When people ask questions about things like this, claims Irish border is simply Remainers seeking to frustrate Brexit.

-Labour activists have submitted a dossier of abuse

-Russia ambassador Alexander Yakovenko summoned to be asked t put pressure on Assad regime over Eastern Ghouta

-Barnier says there is disagreement on length of transition, talks need to be accelerated and start next week, significant disagreements on transition at moment like if UK can stop new EU laws and UK treatment of EU migrants that come in

-Downing Street ruling out hard border.

-Reality Check looks at how much trade we have with EU

-Gardnier not even really trying to pretend he agrees with Bergdorf's appointment and Labour is frantically explaining this is an adviser to Butler rather then Labour. His whistling talent is really impressive

-DUP's Sammy Wilson says Irish border being used to keep us in custom union, Foster says it would be unconstitutional and an econimic catastrophe

-Maplin and Toys-R-US go into administration

-Thornberry accuses Boris of deception

-Boris leaving after PMQ's when Lidginton had to then answer Urgent Question on Boris letter saw him jeered

-Lidington says EU draft treaty does not fully represent December agreement but is only first draft

-May to make Brexit statement to Commons on Monday

-Convey says hard to see how Ireland avoids hard border if we leave customs union

-Scotland's Lord Advocate James Wolffe says SNP withhold consent bill is within Hollyrood purvey

-Varadkar says yelling No about the EU backstop for Ireland is not enough from Brexiteers, they need to offer ideas then write them out in legal form


-Jo Johnson slammed by MP's after inquiry found appointments for board of the Office for Students got widely different scrutiny depending on who they were

-Karin Smyth defends Good Friday Agreement

-Sir Martin Donnelly, permanent secretary aka chief civil servant in Trade department till last year, says no trade deal will not compensate for losses of leaving single market and customs union with this comparison "rather like rejecting a three course meal now in favour of the promise of a packet of crisps later". Ministers including his former boss painting him is out of touch with modern day and a Eurocrat

-Former World Trade Organisation chief Pascal Lamy says we will have to have an Irish border, suggests a Macau like arrangement

-Helen grant urges Butler to reconsider the appointment of Munroe Bergdorf

-Davie Jones says Ireland option suggested by EU is unacceptable

-Ian Pasiley says EU trying to annex N.Ireland

-Sir Major says we have been diminished on world stage by Brexit and an economic laggard, we will get through Brexit but will be made weaker by it, we have seen bullying over Brexit debate and that needs to stop as we try to heal, government may need to change Brexit course if anyalists economic forecasts prove correct while their negotiation have lacked sure-footedness as we float unrealistic expectations then retreat. Current proposals not credible, only fears of Corbyn have stopped business fleeing Tories on mass (says Labour without Corbyn would be 15 points ahead, pubic don't want Corbyn), tariffs from leaving single market not been properly explained to people, Brexiteers have broken almost every promise already and don't understand N.Ireland, UK lacks leverage, wants MP's to have free vote on final deal (Brexiteers point out Major didn't this himself on certain EU treaties). Refuses to comment on Boris as wants to be still seen as a serious politician, cant think of a Irish border solution other then saying in customs union, people boasting of being Anglo-Saxon need to remember where Saxony is, voters can be inconsistent.

-Rees-Mogg accuses Sir Major of cheap shots and propaganda, full of humbug and weak arguments unworthy of a statesmen


-Bush Labour General Secretary contest

-Steve Richards fears May has been trapped by her Brexit choices

-Given Stamp interviews parliamentary council Elizabeth Gardiner, the woman who drafts the text of the laws

-Freedland half wonders if Boris and co are trying to wind up EU

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Unread postPosted: Thu Mar 01, 2018 7:48 pm
by Dong Zhou
-International Development Committee denied visa to visit Myanmar

-May meets Tusk before speech, warns no UK PM could agree to the Ireland solution in EU treaty

-Government folds on EU migrant issue, those coming in during transition will get indefinite leave to remain

-Hancock confirms no phase 2 of Leveson and repeal the Leveson fine rules, says judge wanted to go onto a amended version of phase 2. Sir Leveson is not pleased

-Bob Neill warns we should be concerned at European countries opening English courts

-House prices fell 0.3% in February

-We don't have enough gas for today as a country

-Tusk says leaving single market and customs union means trade friction is inevitable, regulatory alignment for N.Ireland is most credible solution offered so far, Barnier has full support of EU leaders

-The dangerous weather has meant most of Hollyrood business and the entire Scottish Tory conference have been cancelled

-Threat levels remains severe but an attack on mainland for N.Ireland is now down to moderate risk

-MP's get 1.8% payrise

-Livingstone's suspension extended indefinitely (maybe they can hurry up the investigation to be fair to everyone)

-Barnier looking forward to May's speech, warns business they won't get certainty till possibly early next year, EU will have final say on if to recognise UK standards, leaving single market means some form of border checks, for an ambitious trade deal the UK would need to accept European Regulatory model to get past 27 parliaments

-Hollyrood agrees to make Brexit continuity bill emergency legislation to get it through within three weeks. Only Scottish Tories opposed


-Sir Cash says there are technical ways of handling Irish border and EU trying to whip up a constitutional crises

-Blair urges EU to put forward new ideas to address Brexiteers grievances that led to Brexit like immigration, doubts May can get her wish on single market, sickened by Brexiteers turning on Good Friday Agreement. Working hard to persuade people to stop Brexit, Europe needs to unite if to stand up to big econimic powers of the future like India, Brexit is a mistake of destiny

-Nicky Morgan on state of Brexit talks

-Daily Mail claims Max Mosley run on 1961 by-election with leaflet saying "Coloured immigration threatens your children's health,", Mosley denies all knowledge but agrees leaflet is racist. Daily Mail is asking if Tom Watson should be taking money from Mosley (and of course Mosley is a big campaigner about press regulation), Watson no longer taking money.

-David Jones says EU proposed treaty would be annexing N.Ireland and would be such a threat to the peace process that EU is being wholly irresponsible

-Nadine Dorries call Sir Major a traitor. The elected PM, a knight of the realm, who helped end civil war in these borders is a traitor because Dorries doesn't like his views on Brexit?

-Jon Lansmann running for Labour General Secretary while Unite have lined up Jennie Formby

-Reese-Mogg apologises for saying Corbyn voted against Good Friday Agreement.


-Tom Peck on Major's speech

-Owen Jones on chances of a centrist party

-Newton Emerson on DUP humiliated by EU

-Owen Bennett on six flashpoints in EU draft treaty

-Alison Rowatt feels May has handled well but now needs to change tactics

-Bush on what drives Corbyn, the change in Brexit strategy, his advisers and dismisses rumours Corbyn is controlled

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Unread postPosted: Fri Mar 02, 2018 9:50 am
by Dong Zhou
Heads up, Daily Politics will be covering May's speech so starting late at 1:30

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Unread postPosted: Fri Mar 02, 2018 10:46 am
by Sun Fin
Thanks buddy - will set an alarm for then!

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Unread postPosted: Fri Mar 02, 2018 8:09 pm
by Dong Zhou
-May's delivery wasn't great, some stumbles, have heard her (like her famous Downing Street) do bits better though it recovered till end, however it was of substance. Of substance that will interest EU and risk infuriating the Brexiteers as she subtly moved away from down and a few slap downs (she remarked a few times their low regulation Brexit would never ever get elected). May has ended have cake will eat it, we will take hits by leaving single market and could take hits in future if we seek to diverge too much from EU.

Sets out 5 tests, 1) respecting the result, 2) it must be something that will last, 3) protect jobs (so cancelling Brexit) and security of people on both sides, 4) consistent with being an outward looking, tolerant and innovate country (this seems aimed at the young Remainers where Brexit represents cultural horror), 5) strengthen the union of the four nations (a rebuke to EU) including no hard border (she managed to avoid saying Boris name). She reached out to EU saying she understood their wanting information, she understood Ireland's concerns and that it is UK, as the leavers, who must come up with the solution though so far that soluation seems to be more technical talks. She addresses the UK, warning we will lose things due to not being in single market as wrong to ask for all the rights but no obligations, our courts will be guided by ECJ rulings were appropriate and we have to respect ECJ is important to EU law even if UK courts have final say here, will make binding commitments (had been expected to go for "strong" as Davies and Boris wanted) to sty with EU regulation in some areas, committed to EU's state aid rules (shot at Labour). Reminds EU it's "no off shelf deal" claims contradict it's own demands for off the shelf in some sectors. Sets out five principles to govern trading relationship 1) binding commitments (and if we move away from EU level regulation, she agrees we would be hit), 2) a prompt arbitration system for both sides, 3) both sides keep talking including the regulators, 4) agreement on data protection, 5) links between their people like migration and students

All trade deals are bespoke and cherry-picking, citing examples EU have with other countries so why not here? However UK will not demand unfair levels of access or refuse to obey rules but want benefits. In some cases EU and UK regulations will be exactly the same, wants to remain part of agencies (associate membership) affecting medicines, chemical and the aerospace industries which include obeying EU laws and paying up, builds up her possible custom agreement plans including that we won't be able to lower standards on goods. Leaving fishiers policy but will talk about markets and shared stock, wants services and labour mobility agreement, recognise each other's qualifications, a broadcasting deal, a finical services deal (Hammond to set out more next week), no finical passporting as UK takes the finical risk of City of London but London supplies a lot of credit to EU, looking at access to energy market but not digital as wants flexibility there. She sets out why EU may want such an agreement (close relations, trade, finical, the debt), says she will not listen to any talk of walks out or insulting EU or any council of despair, both sides will have to lose some of the things they want. In summary she tries to sell an optimistic vision where both sides benefit. In Q&A says no deal still better then bad deal


-Only five serious investigations into double voting, one ongoing and one conviction

-Sir Leveson says full truth of media bad behaviour not yet been uncovered and public have expectation for investigation to continue

-Carwyn Jones says no timetable for him to step down, particularly while inquiries into him are ongoing

-England's chief medical officer Professor Dame Sally Davies worried about pollution and says NHS must do more to tackle it themselves

-Governor Carney calls for Bitcoin regulation and warns they have all the hallmarks of a bubble

-Dutch PM Mark Rutte did a speech in Berlin before May, joking "You had a choice today. You could have listened to a speech in the UK about a future without Europe. Or a speech in Berlin by someone who believes in Europe and wants to talk about the best way to move forward with Europe."

-Boris misses May's speech due to plane/snow troubles, Carney is there though along with Davies, Dr Fox and Clark. DUP welcomes speech

-Verhofstadt says the speech was too vague and they need actual proposals at this point, Manfred Weber fears it a speech burying head in sand, Barnier welcomes clarity

-Villiers admitted before speech she feared she would find some of it uncomfortable, afterwards IDS calls it upbeat and clear so Commission should stop playing games and treat UK as equal partner, current legal
text of withdrawl treat is absurd. Sir Cable say May dodged tough decisions, European Research Group are happy as May deal with legal text firmly, Morgan welcomes the realistic compromising tone, business groups welcome it but want more detai, UKIP say right direction but too slow a speed while not liking regulatory alignment aspects. Heidi Allen very encouraged but Dr Woolostan concerned at no plan B on customs


-Rees-Mogg says EU's treaty is such that if it was accepted, it would collapse the government due to DUP

-Nigel Huddleston says Blair should be more self aware if his failure to control immigration leading to Brexit

-Baroness Ros Altmann government red lines risk the union

-Tom Brake on Brexit delusions

-Streeting welcomes Livingstone's suspension but nothing seems to be happening with investigation and wants Livingstone expelled

-Alan Brown of the SNP finding he is being chased for debts from Alan Brown's in London, surprisingly good humoured about this

-Simon Clarke alarmed by Trump's trade war comments on steel and aluminium

-Hesletine says some Tories would take the short term risks of Corbyn government compared to long term harm of Brexit, Blair and Major are not coordinating


-D'Arcy Brexit bills chaos

-Bush on Carwyn Jones future and Labour's general secretary contest, he was impressed by May's speech

-Eaton says customs union is not a betrayal

-Peter Leary fears hard border and no deal is only way May keeps power

-Ian McConnell business concerns at Brexit betrayal narrative

-Alessio Colonnelli loves free movement

-Owen Jones welcomes disagreements on left about Labour General Secretary