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Re: UK Politics

Unread postPosted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 6:06 pm
by Dong Zhou
-Press liking Corbyn's line "Isn't it the case that if the Prime Minister can't lead, she should leave?"

-Government to offer 20k bonus to new GP's who go to areas where they are struggling for doctors

-MEP Sion Simon donates kidney ro MP Khalid Mahmood

-Boris concerned at activist Benedict Rogersbeing barred from Hong Kong, urges EU to show some urgency in talks

-Bradley decides not to legislate on social media companies but to ask them too cooperate, have an annual transparency report on abuse and social media companies to fund charities as gambling companies have to do

-This round of talks had low expectations of progress and apparently we failed to even get that high. Barnier told Scottish delegation no deal would set back relations 40 years, at press conference says some but not great progress has been made, lots of progress on citizens rights but disagreements on family reunification and the export of benefits but willing to look at UK proposal for how EU citizens could enforce their rights, disturbed by the deadlock on money but momentum means phase 2 could start by Christmas, not ready to start transition talks. Davies says great progress has been done and asks EU summit to give Barnier more wiggle-room on issues like Ireland

-We had nobody with trade experience in 27 person trade delegation to US

-Government launches board of trade. It's membership: Dr Fox. Nobody else

-Mail describes Hammond as treacherous and a Jeremiah (who warned of doom, was ignored and proven right?)

-Dr Fox says other countries showing interest in transition talks, the food import tariff issue is just other countries opening bid, has no disagreement with Hammond

-UK lenders indicating to Bank of England they are going to tighten up on lending in biggest curb since 08, defaults up, £ declines after Barnier's deadlock comment

-Sir Stramer calls for emergency talks

-Corbyn says he still thinks remain is best option but there won't be a second referendum so that doesn't matter

-Sir Cable makes himself Lib Dem econimic spokesperson, Farron gets northern powerhouse and rural affairs, Sir Menzies Campbell gets defence with Swinson handling foreign affairs full list here

-Leadsom says withdrawal bill delayed while they looked at all the amendments

- Sir Ian Duncan Burnett, the lord chief justice; the Rt Revd Richard Chartres, the former bishop of London; Sir Christopher Geidt, the outgoing private secretary to the Queen; Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the former Metropolitan Police commissioner and General Sir Nicholas Houghton are to be made crossbench peers. Tory MP's Robert Syms and Mike Penning are to be knighted

-Bercow on three reforms he wants

-Treasury Select Committee putting pressure on Equifax over their handling of hacks


-Trade Minister and former Remainer Mark Garnier says Brexit has not harmed investment which contradicts the chancellor

-Several Tory MP's like Hollobone and Sir Leigh clearly not happy with Hammond's comments about no deal preparation

-Lord Lawson and Nadine Dorries call for Hammond to go


-Kuessenberg on Hammond's comments

-Abi Wilkinson calls for less mean testing, more universal benefits

-Marc Wallace on Universial Credit

-Alison Rowatt has concerns at Sturgeon's 10 more years

-Ross Clark questions government insulation plans

-Hugo Dixon (Remainer) says Brexit talks are not going as promised

Re: UK Politics

Unread postPosted: Fri Oct 13, 2017 6:33 pm
by Dong Zhou
-Not sure why Labour Mp's objected to Greening saying it up to parents getting their children to schools and how to handle periods

-Some bemusement that Lib Dems spokesperson for youth is 68 year old Lord Storey

-Ed Miliband has fun with Greg Clark's conversion to Marxist universe

-Claire Perry thanks Clegg and Ed Davey for their work on climate change

-Henry Bolton came across well on Thursday DP

-John Penrose wants energy cap to come quicker

-Jackie Doyle-Price says some older people stay in homes too big for them and passing down homes shouldn't be seen as a right, unfair to ask the young to pay for social care when they are already strained

-UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott argues EU legal position on UK Brexit bill is weak


-Kuessenberg on Brexit talks

-Esther Webber on dangerous state of Palace of Westminster

-Bush warns Brexit policy is being formed by a small Brexit core and Corbyn's Brexit strategy is working

-Miles Gosllett (Sun) accuses BBC of pro-EU bias

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Unread postPosted: Sat Oct 14, 2017 4:20 pm
by Dong Zhou
-Hammond attempts to calm passions and unite party goes oh so well " "The enemy, the opponents, are out there on the other side of the table. Those are the people that we have to negotiate with to get the very best deal for Britain." Has said he regrets his choice of words.

Has also said he has to be the realist and absurd to deny Brexit has caused uncertainty but we have bright future

-Treasury Committee looking at student loans and warns it could demand Finical Conduct Authority release report into RBS

-Corbyn says robots should be owned by workers rather then company bosses, the likes of Uber should be replaced with Co-operatives

-Juncker says we have to be prepared to pay up on our obligations

-David Rees, chairman of the Welsh assembly external affairs committee, says Brexit bill needs amending to take into account devolution to Wales

-Plaid offer free use of their phones to those making universal credit claims

-Boris to go to Moscow later this year and says Iran deal still lives

-Lord Adonis, head of the national infrastructure commission, warns our mobile coverage is deplorable and traffic congestion is a real problem in London particularly

-Bercow wants party conferences to be during a weekend while Leadsom indicates interest in Bercow's idea of allowing MP's to trigger summer recalls

-Government backs Hollinrake's private bill for two weeks bereavement leave for parents

-D'Arcy Week Ahead

-Leaked draft document for European Commission suggests the EU 27 will begin talking amongst themselves about Brexit trade and it welcomes recent progress

-Mayor Khan has said he has never knowingly used in an uber. Everyone pointing to his past comments of his being both a black cab and an uber man


-D'Arcy on Brexit bill delay

-Bush suggests Corbyn's big weakness is loyalty and Tories don't realize how many votes Brexit has and will cost them

-Marina Hyde mocks lack of preparation for no deal and Tory infighting

-Forsyth (sun) urges May to force a Brexit decision now, also talks housing and reshuffle

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Unread postPosted: Sun Oct 15, 2017 5:11 pm
by Dong Zhou
-Whitehall blaming Iran with cyber attack on Parliament

-Rumours DUP is demanding May sack Hammond unless he becomes pro-Brexit and rumours that Hammond is going for a big budget presumably to try to shore up his position. Remainers seem to be turning a little on Hammond, partly his political tin-ear like the EU enemies has led to alienated allies but also his caution with money as Tories feel need to spend on radical housing ideas and the like only for Hammond to refuse as he tries to have a rainy day fund.

-Some putting Gove's name for Chancellor

-McDonnell says he meant energy construction to be nationalized, not energy and construction

-Grayling says Brexit talks going at about the pace he expected and people can book flights to EU


-Lord Hesltine accuses Brexiteers of show trail of Hammond and making him scapegoat

-Tim Loughton says rumours of NHS asking people their sexuality is political correctness gone made

-John Stevenson wants to rejoin EFTA

-Redwood (sun) defends no deal


-Glen Owen on May's impossible position

-Sir Mark Lyall Grant on Brexit and security

-Rawnsley the state of Brexit talks

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Unread postPosted: Mon Oct 16, 2017 6:12 pm
by Dong Zhou
-Nicky Morgan seems to inadvertently leak that Rudd is not happy at the anti-Hammond manoeuvres (while also sceptical about NHS asking about sexuality outside of medical need and not happy at idea of no deal)

-May and Davies head to EU meeting with plans to talk to Macron, Varadkar and Juncker (who has joked we will read all about it in tomorrow papers), Boris goes to foreign ministers meeting where he pushed for phase 2

-McDonnell says parliament can block no deal Brexit

-Grayling says if tariff lead to price hikes for food, we will just grow more (Labour quipping "dig for Brexit") and buy food from outside EU while he backs Hammond as chancellor. Then the day kicked him as he launched Great Western Railway's new Hitachi-built Intercity Express trains by going one... which left station late, arrived even later, was overcrowded and had to shut air conditioning off due to technical fault.

-Drivers who kill someone in the most serious cases of dangerous and careless driving will now face life sentences+a new offence of causing serious injury through careless driving

-N.Ireland schools close due to storms

-Sir Stramer on no deal

-ONS warns we are £490bn poorer than had been ­assumed and no longer has any reserve of net foreign assets

-President Tusk seems to have persuaded France and Germany off harder line but EU expected to say more progresses needed on the three phase 1 issues but hoping for trade talks to start in December (which apparently is the issue Germany and France felt was too generous), demand a role for the European court of justice in protecting citizens rights in a withdrawal agreement but agree to do internal scoping for transition phase

-Lots of talk that Hammond looking at major tax cuts for young funded by increasing taxes on those older

-Cabinet Office and developed administrations have agreed framework for dealing with Brexit devolution issues

-Commons work and pensions committee (Tories have filled only two of five slots so far) slams DWP for not releasing enough information to them about Universal Credit

-European Commission building, in preparing for May's visit, has one UK flag and then loads and loads and loads and loads and loads of EU flags flying

-Thornberry says Trump refusing to ratify Iran deal is dangerous and reckless


-Labour's youth arm votes to leave Nato

-Tom Watson on diet using nudge theory to help him

-Zahawi on Iran deal

-d'Ancona says Hammond critics don't like him looking at the facts of Brexit

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Unread postPosted: Tue Oct 17, 2017 6:48 pm
by Dong Zhou
-Grayling says agreement needed on airplanes by summer, says he is confident enough to buy an airplane ticket right now

-Concerns that Tom Brake email to Brexit department got leaked to Guido Fawkes website and Bercaw is hinting David Davies is expected to give a full explanation to Commons

-Inflation hits a five year high of 3.0% thanks to food, housing (now at 5.0% apart from City of London which is down 18.4%) and recreation costs

-May and Juncker release joint-statement saying Brexit talks pace must be accelerated and dinner went well

-Government indicates support for Bryant's private members bill which would Chris Bryant's double the maximum sentence for common assault against an emergency worker to a year.

-Boris took Czech deputy foreign minister Ivo Sramek on a paddleboat. When in Commons, refuses to apologize for dead bodies in Sirte comment, can't have normal relationship with Russia who have gone into Cold War mindset but must engage with them, select committee's were premature to attack government handling of hurricane before hurricane was over, describes Labour refusal to rule out paying 100 billion Euro's for Brexit bill as "supine invertebrate protoplasmic jellies", EU should get serious on Brexit talks and stopping dragging their feet over citizens rights, disgrace Labour figures pop up Russia today and legitimize Russian propaganda

-Government to seek more powers to stop foreign takeovers

-Allegations David Davis asked Cable to sack an MEP who voted against going to phase 2, Guy Verhofstadt calls it a witch-hunt

-Carney expects inflation to rise further (and points out Bank of England did warn this would happen if there was Brexit), says the amount of assets we have is fine, monetary policy is being used as a stimulus but headwinds are too great, European banks haven't prepared for no deal but UK banks have, wants UK and EU to start talking about finical markets/clearing house/derivative markets. Transition deal in everyone's interests, no deal would hit EU hard in short term though overall impact would be greater on UK long term but some sections like derivatives would hurt EU more then UK, a fullscale Brexit agreement would upgrade growth, households expect smooth Brexit but businesses are getting worried, finical service need transition agreed by early next year

-Davies says EU is dragging out talks in bid for more money from UK, seems to expect something towards transition deal by EU summit

-Barnier warns time is passing quickly, had good working dinner with May with constructive tone but UK is the one that needs to make next move, proposed transition period would not apply unless there was a final Brexit deal as well, UK offer to EU nationals more generous then EU offer to UK nations, reminds UK we delayed talks due to election

-Rudd goes against government line and says damage to both sides of no deal means it is unthinkable (I suspect clumsy wording rather then striking out), exploring backstop options for security if no deal,
registration of EU nationals will start end of next year, more staff being recruited for borders

-Varadkar says UK doesn't seem to in agreement as to what leaving the EU club actually means

-May says UK thinks Catalan referendum was illegal and won't recognise bid for independence, meets with Universal Credit rebels Heidi Allen, Dr Wollaston and Mercer


-Commons clearly behind Burt on Iran deal but Claire Perry urging MPs to be careful on language on Vauxhall moving factory to France doesn't work as many Labour MP's blame Brexit/government handling of Brexit

-Michael Fuchs, vice chair of the CDU/CSU group in the German parliament, blames Boris for Brexit talks struggle as he is holding May back from compromises, UK needs to offer more money and stop cherrypicking. Samuli Virtanen, the state secretary at the Finnish foreign ministry (a civil servant rather then minister), says EU being more united then UK is a problem with Brexit talks as the UK disunity means EU not always sure what UK wants

-Hancock speech on 4th industrial revolution see s backdrop collapse leading the minister to quip "That puts me on a par with the Prime Minister, I’m absolutely thrilled – the new new thing is the collapsing backdrop.’

-Andrew Lloyd Webber retires from Lords due to workload

-Burnham and Rotheram back Sarwar, not sure how helpful that is given they are not Scottish

-Kemi Badenoch says using Venezuela to attack Corbyn has no cut through with the young

-David Linden urges Boris to resign

-Charles Walker gives passionate defence of Commons on DP


-Katy Balls wants Tories to make progressive case for tuition fees

-Marie Le Conte MP's flocking onto Instagram

-Bush on boundary changes and Hammond's changing views on Brexit

-Rampen on ONS figures

-Alistair Campbell writes May a speech to cancel Brexit

-Toynbee warns of an impending NHS funding crises

-Kirsty Major on nationalizing pasties

-Fraser Nelson on chances of no deal