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Unread postby Dong Zhou » Wed Sep 13, 2017 7:16 pm

PMQ's: 50 minutes long... May uses her opening remarks to pledge more money to hurricane relief and set out what government is doing. After Corbyn speaks about hurricane, he goes on tax cuts for rich=cuts in disability payments after UN report, May defends disabled reforms+payments+getting them into work, Corbyn goes deeper into UN policy and then sanctions+bedroom tax then moves onto public sector pay confusion (wish he had concentrated on UN report rather more). May has nice statistics on disabilities but never addresses UN report, explains public sector pay policy well, Corbyn nicely makes point that even payrises are paycuts due to inflation and fears that pay policy will mean cuts in police budgets. May partly falls on the "independent paybodies" but also goes big on lowest paid getting big payrises. Corbyn moves onto police cuts and then something about Hammond comments about 1922 (comes across as boasting at their wealth) vs the ordinary person's finances, May points out lack of mention of employment levels and ignores everything else. Corbyn nicely deals with that by talking of quality of work and pay then wanders onto student debt (given vote on tuition fees, makes sense to highlight it at PMQ's), May goes on taxcuts and Corbyn's past broken promises though felt it was lacking punch (or accuracy in one or two cases). Corbyn makes wider case for an economy and people livelihood slipping, first time in session he really makes staistics have punch, May trying to tie Corbyn on Labour bringing in tuition fees is bad strategy then defends economy by talking of investment and employment.

Would give to Corbyn as 1) May is dreadful at this, 2) good final attack but I wish he had stuck to a subject and delved into things like the UN report more. Bring back Thornberry! Blackwood goes on wage growth compared to OECD average, May attacks SNP econimic record but not very well with Blackwood shows humour about it before building on his wages case, on failure to use econimic levers, with better delivery then May or Corbyn. May defends attacking SNP with a reasonable case but rest of attack fails. Can I say Blackwood wins?


-Government manages to win committee vote 320 vs 301

-Junker says EU will always regret Brexit and UK will regret it soon (that bit got applause), EU will keep moving forward as Brexit isn't everything, will host a EU summit on Brexit day to celebrate the remaining 27, doing interviews with media from 27 but not BBC as we are leaving

-Britain’s unemployment rate fallen to 42-year low of 4.3%, wages remain at 2.1% which leads to £ falling, public sector lowest share (16.9%) of workers since 1999

-National Audit office unhappy with rise of homelessness and government's light touch response to it

-SNP push back Hollyrood vote on Brexit bill while they see what compromises Westminster will give on powers

-Labour trying to block tuition fees rise but row over if the motion would be binding or not with Labour threatening to use the courts. Motion on NHS pay passes unopposed with Tories ordered to abstain, May taking same attitude to opposition day votes as government does for backbench motions

-Fox complain Bradley is taking too long to come to decision, Bradley notes of the 43,000 messages she got on the bid, only 30 were any actual use.

-May has spoken to N.Ireland leaders over Stormont

-A further £25 million going to areas impacted by hurricane

-Nicky Morgan says public is puzzled how money could be found to bail out banks but not for other things

-Sir Fallon urges arms industry to increase exports

-Lamb worried that the science committee he chairs has no female MP on it yet

-Bercow calls for a House business committee to schedule debates including government bills and how much time they get. writes abut it here. Whips on all sides will resist this with all they have

-Gove considering farming payment cap on how many any one person or organization can get, would block chlorinated chicken even if it held up trade deal with US

-Election cost £141 million

-DUP and Sinn Feinn ally in joint letter to Mike Pence about Boeing vs Bombardier trade dispute


-Patricia Gibson speaks powerfully at loss of her child

-McCluskey wants a female deputy leader post (I must have missed his calling for that when Harman championed it ie before he fell out with Tom Watson whose influence would be lessened by this move), calls those who disagreed with Corbyn "traitors within"

-Former Brexit Minister Lord Bridges makes first speech since resigning, says government must tell public the truth at how difficult a task Brexit is, need for compromise and lack of time, should pay during transition period, warns May will be defined by Brexit as task is so huge. Former trade minister Lord Mark Price warns Brexit won't solve the issues that have made people angry but will make it worse

-Farage says "thank god we are leaving", EU has learnt nothing and failure to give Cameron anything cost them Brexit

-Sam Gyimah concerned at hatred on both sides of Brexit debate

-Lord Darling says Brexit and Trump wouldn't have happened without the finical crash, concerned at continued use of QE

-Police Federation accuse May of lying about wages

-Grieve wants side deal on citizen rights in case of no Brexit deal

-Jess Philips concerned that only 23% of women MP's ran for committee chairs with only three Tory female MP's doing so


-D'Arcy on Committee row

-Rupert Jones, former attorney general of Anguilla, on issues UK faces in it's Caribbean islands

-Behr on feeling of disquiet among EU migrants that Brexiteers don't understand

-Iain Macwirter says Holyrood is best when it works together, Scottish parties should take up Sturgeon's call on Brexit bill

-Ed Ceaser with a long profile of Osborne

-Guntram Wolff on EU attitude to Brexit

-Stephen Daisley on research into anti-Semitism in UK
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Thu Sep 14, 2017 7:26 pm

-DUP backing Labour's opposition day motions seen as an embarrassment to May and a signal of her weakness

-Greg Clarke urges Ofgem to stand up for consumers on prices

-Hammond aiming for bespoke EU deal to protect City of London and better market for trade services, Brexit talks have got off to good start

-Tyrie worried about finical passporting rights

-May to make Brexit speech in Florence on 22nd September

- Vicky Ford enters science committee to relief of Lamb

-Mayor Khan asks broadcasters to provide regular air quality in their news bulletins

-Opposition parties furious at Tory tactics on opposition day motions, Leadsom argues government will engage with them but it tends to simply be used for political point scoring

-Bercow says he had three objectives when becoming speaker 1) to increase scrutiny and backbench representation, 2) modernize Commons to be more family friendly, 3) be an ambassador for Commons, hints EU referendum was simply Cameron playing politics to stop UKIP, Cameron right to go, will talk to government privately about opposition day strategy but hints at his concern at Commons votes being ignored. Wants PMQ's to be an hour long with neither Cameron or May complaining about it, enjoys that Mail dislikes his coat of arms, wants Lords halved. Wishes to have power to remove people from chamber for being too noisy since whips won't do anything to control it, not a fan of Osborne's alleged comment

-BOE hold interest rates at 0.25% as economy slightly stronger then they thought and warns they are more and more inclined to start rising interest rates with November now expected

-Brexit committee launching inquiry into progress of Brexit talks

-HMRC estimates they need 3,000-5,000 new staff thanks to Brexit to handle customs issues

-Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd, the lord chief justice, warns payfreeze is hitting judiciary recruitment

-SNP looking for consensus for tax increases

-Rex Tillerson calls Brexit a unique challenge (to UK, not to US)

-Boris hoping for Libyan elections next year, Iran deal is valued by UK and will urge USA to keep to it, hopes China does more in regards North Korea like on oil supplies, urges Aung San Suu Kyi to use her moral authority to stop the killings


-Maria Caulfiled puts a really good "how you going to fund it" about payrise, Ashworth doesn't have an answer, Lady Hermon asks why Northern Assembly members still get paid (Brokenshire has indicated he is very sympathetic to that)

-The quote in Esquire profile of Osborne that he (according to a source) has May " chopped up in bags in my freezer” has earnt a lot of press attention and few like it

-Mims Davies, in a speech praised by Harman, warns there is a pressure when standing for election to have a certain look, praises Abbott for speaking out about abuse, wants more flexible Commons hours, better creche facilities and guaranteed "baby leave" for MPs

-Lord Mervyn King says Brexit talks aren't going as well as might be hoped with no fallback plan

-Sheerman accuses Sarah Sands and Nick Robinson of destroying Today programme, Matt Hancock came to their defence

-Rees-Mogg says food banks are uplifting due to it showing how charitable people are (I see what he is saying, I know how this is going to come across though), is that Osborne is turning into Heath level bitter, Brexit could see us not pay EU anything if there is no deal. Has no wish to be leader and says May is not going to put him in cabinet, backs schools allowing children to wear whatever gender clothes the child feels is right for them, has eaten chlorine-washed chicken and backs it.

-John Lewis blames Brexit in part for it's profits being down by 53%

-Salmond to get a show on LBC

-James Murdoch warns UK needs Fox deal for Sky to go ahead as due to Brexit, UK needs to show signals it welcomes investment, expects deal to go through


-Hardman suggests Corbyn has found his PMQ niche, warns against long nights for MP's in Commons

-John Palmer warns Brexit may take longer then people think

-Iain Watson on splits in union strategy's

-Oliver Norgrove has switched from Hard Brexit to Norway option

-Kristiina Cooper looks ahead to Lib Dem conference
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Fri Sep 15, 2017 6:32 pm

-Cooper lays into G4S lack of grip at Brook House and offering nothing more then warm words to the fury of Christopher Chope who feels Cooper is prejudging the committee inquiry

-Solider Bob Stewart's son's teacher demanded during the election no pupils talk to said son because of his father being a Tory MP. That teacher should be not only sacked but forced to go through school again or at least banned from any position of responsibility or influence, headteacher should face questions about exposing the pupils to someone so clearly too stupid to actually teach. Christine Jardine faced allegations on twitter of campaigning during down peroid of Manchester attack. That day she was attending her husband's funeral. Graham Jones says his 8 year old child has been targeted by Labour activists over his vote on airstrikes and is pleading with Labour to expel them (how on earth has Labour not expelled them already?), Abbott says she has had n word used against her, acid threats, rape threats, death threats, Vicky Ford talked of a partially blind candidate threatened with rape and having teeth pulled out

Both party chairs say they have never seen such scale of abuse but what are they actually doing about it?

-Mark Carney warning rate rise is likely to come and QE likely to start being wound down, Bank of England expects inflation to go above 3%

-Only two Tory MP's put themselves up for equalities committee

-Government frustrated they can't use Dfid money for victims of Hurricane Irma

-Greening publishes new schools funding formula

-Lords remark they are trying to get size down and Commons comments (aka Bercow) aren't helpful

-Sterling rises as markets predict November rate rise but suspect Bank of England are crying wolf

-Angela Rayner sets out why Labour are angry over tuition fees motion being ignored


-Paula Sheriff accusation Tories treat police like enemies gets the shortshrift it deserves by police minister Newton

-Harman calls Bercow an honoury sister

-Abbott attacks government handling of Grenfell

-Sebastian Wahle talks to Tory MP's about rebuilding grassroots

-Shadow sports minister, Dr Rosena Allin‑Khan, calls for FA to launch another inquiry into Mark Sampson

-IDS says Junker's speech shows Brexit was right, we got out of the EU superstate

-Alok Sharma on new housing plan


-Bush warns Brexit allows radical change in EU defence policy in a way Brexiteers may not like

-Ross Clark dismisses idea Brexit is behind John Lewis profit fall

-Simon Jack on the wage problem

-D'Arcy on loss of Richard Bacon a blow for Public Accounts Committee

-Kuessenberg on Florence speech and May needing to sway Boris

-Matthew Lynn questions why Bank of England still has us at emergency interest rates

-Lord Ashcroft on polling about public sector pay
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sat Sep 16, 2017 11:42 am

-Terror rating raised to critical

-Lib Dem conference: Frankly what they need is to get as much attention as they can, a sense of hope and purpose that they can accelerate their climb back up to relevance, some eye-catching ideas, a good speech from Sir Cable on Tuesday that energises them and a Brexit strategy that can draw people in. Also make clear Lamb is a valued Lib Dem and any who attack his credentials because his views on Brexit strategy is different from theirs can go away.

-May remarks Trump tweeting about Parsons Green terrorism investigation is not helpful as does Scotland Yard

-Javid wants areas were house prices outstrip wages to build 40% more homes (or whatever ONS deems is needed)

-Taoiseach Leo Varadkar not confident UK can get trade talk started in October, wants more details on plan for Irish border

-Leadsom says she will reach out to other parties to try to work out best way of getting through committee stage on time and what areas they can agree on

-Downing Street warns everyone on government payroll to be aware of how their comments and actions might be used by media so keep head down

-Ruth Davidson and Reese-Mogg both have rather busy conference schedules

-Government indicating he doesn't have time to alter lobbying rules to ease the restrictions on charities

-Amidst rumours Treasury only wish to release the £1 billion fund to N.Ireland if Stormont is formed, Sammy Wilson says DUP would pull out of alliance if they don't get money and has backing of Caulfield, Owen Smith backs Treasury

-Carmichael made good speech against government having majority on committee's, Walker and Wishart have fun with it


-Bush on policies that Tories might use to reach out to young

-Gaby Hinsliff on Osborne

-Paul Goodman accuses Boris of launching leadership bid

-Christian Wolmar on end of the Garden Bridge

-Tom Gordon argues Ruth Davidson needs May to compromise on devolution parts of Brexit

-Will Gore on the futility of attacks like Parsons Green
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sun Sep 17, 2017 6:49 pm

-Boris says no paying for single market, staying in single market and custom union would make a mockery of Brexit result, defends 350 million as "we will be better off by that amount", concerned about the young's "split allegiance". Later tweets he is 100% behind May but not sure anyone believes him and a lot see this as a desperate attempt to shore up his collapsing public support. Telegraph says Patel and Gove back him but a sense of anger among rest of cabinet, Ruth Davidson remarks timing is a bit odd

-Sir Cable calls for referendum once Brexit terms are agreed, Lib Dems must do more work on communicating they are the Remain party, must be seen as more then distinct and reach out to others, he could become PM

-Voter Id for voting being trialled

-Farage says "nobody in their right mind" would vote Remain after Juncker's plan

-Rudd to set out security cooperation with EU plans on Monday, Trump's tweet unhelpful and pure speculation from him, questions Boris timing given Parsons Green but she knows he is irrepressible Brexit, still doesn't want Boris to manage Brexit process and Boris is attempting backstreet driving but Boris isn't making a leadership bid.

-Tracey Crouch on mental health in sports

-Charlie Elphicke wants new ombudsmen to deal with banks vs small firms disputes


-Articles on Boris: James Kirkup his former boss, Fraser Nelson defends him, Rentoul on Boris lashing out

-Rawnsley on Lib Dems

-Joe Egerton backs a transition deal

-Forsyth (sun) on Junker helping May, Boris vs May, Tory conference, Lib Dem conference
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Mon Sep 18, 2017 7:11 pm

-Terror rating lowered to severe

-Lamb says taking a stepback from Lib Dem frontline politics and resigns as health spokesperson to concentrate on role as Science chair

-ONS takes unusual step of rebuking Boris for 350 million claim, calling it a "clear misuse of official statistics" and their surprise at his repeating the claim. Boris says ONS seemed to only read the headlines and not what he said, ONS says they read the whole thing, Boris is now asking ONS to withdraw the accusation as a complete misrepresentation.

Ruth Davidson remarked, after Boris article came out, all attention should be on Parsons Green. Green says Boris timing could have been a lot better including Parsons Green, Freeman says 350 million is a wild promise, Ellwood says the disunity is not helpful, Rees-Mogg says May is made stronger by such a positive Brexit vision, Redwood says Treasury has done far worse briefing against May then Boris, Gove says people reading the headline not the article when they talk of 350 million, Nadine Dorries demands ONS head be sacked, Royal Statistical Society backs ONS.

-May visits Canada to talk about trade and Boeing dispute, notes Brexit is being driven from the front (ie her, not Boris) and remarks on article "Boris is Boris", refuses to back Boris on 350 million dispute (money changes and priorities will depend on what happens), she and Trudeau expects quick transition to trade deal with Canada

-Dame Tessa Jowell has brain cancer, I wish her the best of luck in defeating the disease.

-Sir Cable misses being able to drive fast cars as business secretary, urges May to sack Boris to restore her authority and right now she feels like a headteacher barricaded in her office

-Lib Dem members back second EU referendum though figures from Brexit areas were not happy.

-Rudd says without a good deal with EU, security will be weakened.

-Rudd facing accusations of contempt of court after Samim Bigzad was deported despite injunction

-Nicky Morgan trying to find out what progress has been made on ensuring pensioners abroad get paid post Brexit and on insurance

-Been well noted that Oliver Robbins, permanent secretary at Brexit department, is moving to cabinet office which is partly seen as Robbins and Davis did not get on strongly (though relations had thawed) and partly May (who is known to like Robbins) getting a stronger grip on Brexit talks but he is still leading the civil service on Brexit. Robbins deputy Philip Rycroft promoted to lead Brexit department but was a sense he was doing that anyway due to Robbins workload. However Davies has now lost his chief civil servant, two ministers and his special adviser recently.

-Low Pay Commission fears a fifth of workers are not getting paid the minimum wage

-Boris and Trump meet at UN

-Cooper feels latest Brexit paper, on security and law enforcement, leaves questions about the ECJ issue unanswered, back by Sir Davey on this.

-Will Rennie predicts SNP will lose next election as they are too obsessed with internal issues rather then delivering

-Boris denies backseat driving as May is only Brexit driver, accepts might be need for short transition period, won't resign

-Carney warns Brexit likely to push up inflation, warns rate rises will be limited with UK economy still facing considerable risks, in short term trade deals won't make up for Brexit, fall in immigration could push up wages and inflation in short term


-Farron accuses government of being willing to hurt country to ensure lower immigration, warns Lib Dems against being seen to lecture on Brexit, his tactics saved Lib Dems and got membership up, came second in DC vote to activist Daisy Benson

-Sir Menzies Campbell says Lib Dems can't get into power and should concentrate on getting and winning second referendum with other parties

-Jo Swinson concerned at bullying culture in West, says China and Russia being more reasonable on N.Korea then US, liberal values must be fought for

-David Davies (not Brexit minister) wants prisoners to be ineligible for compensation

-Redwood opposed to transition period and paying EU might be illegal, Nick Boles says MP's are relaxed about transition and temporary payments

-Farage liked Boris article

-Huw Merriman wants it to be easier to get compensation from airlines

-Lord Kerslake surprised to see Robbins moved, fears it could lead to loss of clarity and feels like moving the deckchairs

-Dominic Cummings calls government handling of Brexit a shambles, Davies got outwitted by Heywood by invoking article 50 so soon, cabinet and 1922 committee should demand a briefing on preparations for no deal, Downing street ways of working need overhaul, Tories must embrace Boris and Gove approach to save their seats and stop Corbyn and ignore Davis/Hammond, embrace need for major change, pleads with donors to refuse to give money till Davis and Heywood are sacked


-Steerpike furious at ONS intervention

-Articles on Boris: d'Ancona on loss of novelty, Trevor Kavanagh defends (sun) a Brexit hero, John Lichfield on 350 million deal, Tim Montgomire says it shows how much better Boris would have been as PM then May is

-Brian Wheeler and Alison Carter on abbuse MP's get

-Gina Miller on DUP deal

-Mik Scarlett on his bad experiences with Pip

-Faisal Islam on car industry is unhappy with government handling of Brexit

-Politico on Davis vs Robbins

-Forysth on cabinet split on Brexit

-Henry Newman says we need to decide what country we wish to be post-Brexit
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Tue Sep 19, 2017 5:53 pm

Cable's speech Big audience for Cable's speech. Said he would speak to wider audience rather then Lib Dems but most of it was very much for his party. Spoke of recent history, other two parties failures and Lib Dems being right (Iraq, finical crash, Brexit) but not sure going over history will win new people over, went big on Brexit but went clumsy. Most of his attacks on Tories were clumsy, over the top and not very clever (though liked "The product of a fraudulent and frivolous campaign led by two groups of silly public school boys living their dormitory pillow fights."), he had some nice lines about Labour inexperience, Brexit confusion and not willing to make hard choices but also went with cheap shots about Corbyn being of the past. Not sure how many wavering towards Remain will be convinced by Cable particularly given his shot at elderly Brexiteers and sneering about one lady's claim of 60 million Turks coming over

He then went into a lengthy speech about all sorts of different things without really building a narrative, what was wrong with economy and financing (which is worth listening to when it is him), adult education, NHS and all sorts of things. Lacks policy so far but very early for him, lacks an easy sound bite and sell but policies announced or looking at: old stuff like referendum, raising income tax for NHS, a lot of political reform (16 year old votes, PR, elected second chamber, devolution), allowing councils to borrow to fund housing, what was new was raising wealth taxes to fund learning accounts for all young people, tax penalties on the acquisition of property for investment purposes by overseas residents, protecting communities from second homes, a review into whether to replace tuition fees with graduate tax. His attempt to insert optimism at end somewhat ruined by his then going "but of course there will be setbacks" and going into need to sometimes wait awhile. Did touch on his history with things like "I'm a grand parent", "my parents in further education" but very little of it and I wonder how falling out with his father on political views will go down with public.

His decent delivery but a feeling his speech could have been more concise, his attempts at attacks were too heavy handed and think his attempt to reach out on Brexit... well if that is reaching out then I would hate to see him launching childish attacks. He didn't really build a sense of himself. Will struggle to be ahead above Boris.


-Labour bans media from conference floor

-Cable seems to be trying to high profile Jo Swinson

-IFS says Brexit is more likely to bring net fiscal loss rather then 350 million extra for anything

-Neil McEvoy, a Plaid Cymru AM, suspended from Plaid's group after he attacked decision to stop right-to-buy which Plaid backed Welsh Labour on

-Zero hour contracts fall by 300,000

-Talks of Boris planning to resign if May doesn't swing his way on Brexit growing but denied by Boris (Forsyth suggests Boris foes are spreading that rumour), Ladbrooks saying there is an increase on bets on him resigning

-SNP Brexit Minister accuses UK government of wanting to centralize powers on railway ownership, GM foods, pesticides regulation, sharing criminal data, protected food names, state aid, EU citizens voting rights and fracking among 111 but acknowledges plenty have to be UK level

-Reeve and Field want a government inquiry into household debt while Treasury Committee doing one of their own

-Sun backs Boris version of Brexit


-Ken Clarke accuses Boris of trying to exploit May's weak position that makes him unsackable and making pitch for leadership, of Boris claims being dishonest, need long transition deal and stay in single market+customs union during that

-Lord Hague fears Brexit disunity could hand power to Corbyn, should stay in single market and customs union during transition

-Mhairi Black wants same sex dancing couples on Strictly

-Wes Streeting and Alison McGovern not happy at how long Equifax took to inform customers of hack

-Farron looked miserable during leader speech

-Lib Dems have a new song "Guide Me, O Thou Great Theresa"

-Lamb suggests cutting business rates for firms that take steps to improve the health of their worker

-Tobias Ellwood remarks recent days have not been Tories finest hour


-Bush says Vote Leave must take blame for article 50 being enacted so early and Boris loss of support among MP's

-Stephen Daisley concerned at rising scepticism about Scottish devolution

-Polly Toynbee rails about government and state of country

-Hugh Muir doesn't like how rich can exploit idea of world without borders

-Ellie King suggests cutting tuition fees would be token

-Kuessenberg on why Boris wrote that article

-Chris Deerin, former boss, on Boris

-Brendan O'Neill frustrated with Remainers use of 350 million
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Wed Sep 20, 2017 6:29 pm

-Electoral Commission has suggested banning social media trolls from voting

-Labour NEC agree to lower the parliamentary threshold for nominating a leader of the Labour party from 15 per cent to 10 per cent, a review into party structure led by Corbyn ally Katy Clark, trade unions and ordinary members will be granted additional seats on the committee, agree to discipline party members guilty of anti-Semitism. Corbyn has won a major internal battle here and done it quietly (bar Corbynite member Petter Willsman saying some MP's deserved to be attacked) due to willingness to compromise so he makes major gains without provoking internal warfare

-May demands tech companies do more in regards terror content and warns defiance alone is not enough against such threats

-Sir Fallon says drone pilots could get medals

-Government has suspended financial aid to Myanmar's military (was for education)

-IFS says public sector will be harmed if paycap not lifted but how to fund it is a difficult question

-Rumours of a May-Boris deal over Florence Speech but others are denying it, not expected Boris will resign now after a mixture of Gavin Barwell diplomacy and a sense Boris found a lack of support behind him. Also a sense that Florence speech will be less major then advertised

-Retail sales up by 1.0%, a lot better then predicted but OECD predicts we will be lowest of their growth chart in 2018 at 1%, Kroll Bond Rating Agency picks Dublin over London due to Brexit

-Aslef backing Richard Leonard for Scottish Labour

-Verhofstadt says UK plans for Ireland issue unworkable, suggests N.Ireland stay in customs union but up to UK to come up with solutions

-Heavy speculation that May will offer 10 or 20 billion Euro's to EU though EU indicating that won't be enough to get conversation moving towards trade

-Head of civil service, Sir Heywood, forced to deny Boris allies claims he got ONS to attack Boris

-Phil Hogan, the Irish European commissioner for agriculture and rural development, says Boris is clearly not involved in Brexit talks, Boris strange statements are contradicting his own side so must be out of the loop, a diminished figure in his own government with a bad reputation, amazed Boris could do a 4,000 Brexit essay with no mention of the Ireland situation.


-BBC rebukes Adam Rutherford presenter of Radio 4’s Inside Science after he asks, on twitter, his fans to complain to local MP's about Graham Stringer (degree in chemistry, worked as scientist) being on Science Committee because Stringer is a climate change sceptic. Stringer has accepted BBC's actions

-Osborne reflects there is no need for intemperate language in politics...

-Peirs Morgan says when he tried to join conversation between Corbyn and Arsenal's Spanish rightback Bellerin, Corbyn promptly switched to speaking in Spanish (when Morgan tweeted about this, Corbyn responded in Spanish about how best not to say what they talked about). Corbyn has never been so popular among media

-Andrew Gimson interviews Dominic Greive

-Alex Spence with a lengthy profile of George Freeman

- Lord Malloch-Brown says May's speech to UN is on subjects of second rate powers and that France is ahead of UK as a power bloc now

-Lord Tebbit says government should have agreed Brexit policy by now, Boris open attempt on May means he won't be leader

-Blair puts odds of Brexit not happening at 30%

-The Lib Dem "Guide me of great Theresa" lyrics
Guide Me, O thou great Theresa

Pilgrim through this Brexit land;

I am weak, but thou are mighty,

Hold me with thy powerful hand;

Strong and stable, strong and stable,

Strong and stable was the call:

Strong and stable was the call ...

But you’ll tax my poorly granny,

And take the children’s lunch away;

Don’t show up for the debates

What a shambles, your campaign

Weak and wobbly, weak and wobbly

You’re not stable any more

You’re not stable any more.


-Rafael Behr on tensions between soft and hard Brexiteers in cabinet

-Iain Watson on Labour NEC changes

-Chris Cook says government not prepared for no deal

-Katy Balls warns when May makes the big decision on Brexit, it risks making her party uncontrollable

-Kevin Maguire on Corbyn's efforts to soothe mood in party

-Jonathan Freedland on governments and tech giants can do more to stop terror

-Fintan O'Toole on the Irish question and how English nationalism must learn from Irish nationalism
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Thu Sep 21, 2017 6:31 pm

-Damien Collins wants independent assessor of Fa's handling of Mark Sampson and why he was hired given they decided to sack him over allegations based pre-hiring Sampson

-Government reviewing dangerous cycling laws

-Government says it may withhold 30% core funding for UN if it doesn't reform, must win back trust and if it can't then it threatens belief in multilateralism

-Taoiseach Varadkar says woluld be useful if N.Ireland voices made themselves heard on the Irish border question

- West Midlands Mayor Andy Street to speak at Tory conference. Labour's conference committee then forces a slot open for Khan

-May and Boris share flight back from UN but don't seem to have talked much and left separately

-Barnier warning privately it will take years to agree trade terms with UK if they want a bespoke model, in public says UK will have to obey EU rules during transition which he expects to be short, only a year left for talks we only get transition period if there is a deal, major concerns on all areas of phase one talks, needs UK to put firm proposals on table by next week. Verhofstadt says Boris is talking nonsense when he talks of split allegiance, Gunther Oettinger (the German European commissioner for budget and human resources) warns Brexit talks are stalling

-UK has smallest August deficit since the crash at £5.56bn which is far better then expected

-Cabinet meeting lasted a lot longer then usual at well over two hours (first half hour to allow them to read speech) then Hammond and Boris went out together with broad smiles and Gauke mentioning how they are all united

-Chris Deerin with a long interview with Sturgeon including her views on various Tories like Cameron, Ruth Davidson, May

-Richard Leonard says Labour couldn't afford the luxury of disunity they had when some (like, for an utterly random example, Sarwar) called for Corbyn to resign and seems to be gaining support of all the major unions and is attack on Sarwar's father's business (where Sarwar is a minority shareholder) for not paying living wage+refusing to recognise unions is sticking.

-Sturgeon says Madrid should allow Catalonia referendum to go ahead

-Corbyn says Labour are in mainstream and Tories in chaos+lacking in direction


-Hardman spends time with Piddock

-Farage delivers letter of complaint to BBC, apparently someone in a vox pop blamed Brexiteers for violence against a Polish man

-Nick Timothy accuses Treasury of talking down the country and risking bad Brexit (as does public splits), doubts Florence speech will lead to breakthrough in talks

-Ruth Smeeth says anti-Semitism is still normal in Labour but delighted with NEC's rules

-James Forsyth says Brexit officials are writing (and keeping hold off) emails listing all the problems of no deal in case of a future Chilcot like inquiry

-Sir Bone would oppose 20 billion Euro's to EU and would rather have some money for urgent care centre, doubts EU wants a deal with UK as threatens their survivability

-Sir Cable expects EU bill to be higher then what May will announce in Florence


-Bush praises Corbyn's skill in the rule changes, Brexiteers misread Barnier and May needs a time machine on Brexit

-Toynbee on the Florence speech she wants, Liam Halligan has rather diffirent advice

-Simon Jenkins not happy UK is following Trump on N.Korea

-Nick Dearden rages at idea of a CETA type trade deal with EU

-Forysth on cabinet civil war on Brexit

-Anushka Asthana on Boris
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Fri Sep 22, 2017 5:20 pm

-Sir Teddy Taylor has died, a journalist and industrial relations officer turned MP for Glasgow Cathcart in 1964 till 1979 and became MP for Southend East in 1979 until he retired in 2005. A fierce Eurosceptic to the point he called himself a Eurobore and resigned joiner post when Heath took us into Common Market and lost whip over revolt under Major, a passionate constituency MP but felt unreliable and too hard line by his bosses, tea drinker and skilled speaker, always willing to speak to media.

-May says history will judge EU and Uk on vision they showed if they get deal right and there is a shred responsibility to make it work, payment during two year transition period subject to single market access and some form of customs union with UK obeying EU rules and isn't counting payment to things like pensions, UK being out will help EU integrate better while UK will be it's strongest ally, EU success is in UK's interest, tries to set out why we voted to leave. ECJ rulings will be taken into account in UK court decisions affecting EU nationals, doesn't want Canada or Norway type deal, neither side's courts should settle EU vs UK disputes, wants a security treaty

Gove and Boris quickly tweeted their support, Barnier is thankful for constructive tone and willingness to move forward but where are the details, SNP welcome advances but urge May to go further, Benn welcomes movement on transition but questions if it is enough to get talks going and what happens after transition ends. Paterson welcomes tone but questions transition period, Redwood says lovebombing EU was wise, Sir Stramer says all we learned was May coming round to Labour's view on transition, Verhofstadt says UK becoming more realistic

-From January, banks and building societies to carry out checks on all current account holders to identify illegal immigrants

-Corbyn says he is looking forward to Mayor Khan's speech, has been moving to less platform speakers during conference to give more time for members to speak, May doesn't know what type of Brexit she wants

-Grayling radio interview hammered by journalists as he refuses to confirm anything about Brexit other then Junker's speech showed why we should leave

-Transport of London bans Uber

-A record 4 million tourists visited UK last year, up 6% on last year

-Taoiseach Varadkar only EU leader given advanced sight of the speech, calls it welcome but not a game changer and not enough to move talks on


-Kwasi Kwarteng says transition period is frustrating but he accepts the logic

-Jess Philips chats with Angela Rayner

-Farage says transition period ignores Brexit vote and is a victory for political and banker class, doesn't believe Tories will leave single market and customs union, May's heart not in it, Barnier and Juncker don't want deal, doesn't like idea of not seeking unfair advantage as that was a big part of why he wanted Brexit

-Kirstene Hair didn't vote in EU referendum as she couldn't decide

-Press gutted that in a beautiful building, May's team put up a blank backdrop for her to stand in front of

-Chris Philips not happy Uber got banned in London


-Bush says government is behind on preparations for any form of Brexit

-Kristiina Cooper on Labour conference

-John Elledge urges loosening of rules on the green belt

-Ian Birrell rails against Brexiteers refusing to take responsibility

-Sebastian Whale spends time with Momentum

-Kuessenberg on Florence speech
“You, are a rebellious son who abandoned his father. You are a cruel brigand who murdered his lord. How can Heaven and Earth put up with you for long? And unless you die soon, how can you face the sight of men?”
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