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Unread postPosted: Fri Jul 14, 2017 5:19 pm
by Dong Zhou
-Farron says he was planning to go two weeks into election campaign, he has made party relevant again

-Boris says China should have allowed Liu Xiaobo to get medical treatment abroad

-Grayling accuses Labour of colluding with unions as they call another Southern Rail strike


-Wishart has fun mocking Labour's Brexit stance

-Josh May interviews Lord Adonis on Brexit Comparing something to appeasement always works well.... Tory MP's like Bone and IDS are demanding he be fired

-ONS chair Sir Amyas Morse comparing Brexit strategy by department to opening a chocolate orange has caught attention


-Anushka Asthana says still more to do for females in parliament

-John Harris says Brexit may be a very bad thing but it can't be cancelled

-Steve Richards feels May is weakest PM we have had for some time

-Professor Richard Ekins opposes charter of fundamental rights

-Kirsty Major excited by Momentum's use of apps

-Bush defends Lord Adonis

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Unread postPosted: Sat Jul 15, 2017 12:37 pm
by Dong Zhou
-Reports spreading that Hammond told cabinet, in trying to explain how unions were holding things back including a lack of female train drivers (5.5% of train drivers are female), said modern technology had become so simple "even they could do it" (referring to women). It went down badly with female members of cabinet and when he tried to explain, May told him"'Chancellor, I am going to take your shovel away from you.' Hammond denies it and allies say he is being misquoted

-Home Office fined for breaching paycap when hiring Professor Alexis Jay as inquiry chair and other members of the inquiry without asking Treasury permission. Feel Treasury could have led this one slide

-Carwyn Jones says going ahead with repeal bill without devolved consent would be legal but a huge constitutional crises but matters are retrievable

-Sir Ian Burnett is the new Lord Chief Justice

-Morgan intends to widen Treasury Committee scope beyond banks, Brexit and City of London to things like management of the economy, household debt, low interest rates, public spending decisions.

-D'Arcy quite final week


-Simon Hart fears Cox family work is being wasted

-Blair on Brexit, Corbyn and centre ground


-Hardman on May's slapdown dilemma

-Forsyth on Hammond's tin ear, challenge to avoid being seen as a zombie government, tensions between May and Davies, Javid housing plans, 1922 falling behind May

-Freeland says Brexit is clearly a disaster but Remainers only have one chance

-Tom Gordon says devolution part of repeal bill is a big issue

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Unread postPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2017 4:02 pm
by Dong Zhou
-Cabinet members briefing Hammond said public sector is overpaid, Treasury denies it but Hammond refuses to deny it on Marr as he says cabinet is private however he denies outright deny the "woman drivers" comment so read into that what you will. Hammond points out public sector workers get very generous pension system and public sector pay is level with private sector pay now only if one ignores pensions (10% ahead if one includes pensions) but agrees there is a issue of recruitment+reattainment and says some areas public sector pay is an issue. To create a high wage society for all, productivity must improve. Clearly annoyed at breach of cabinet privacy and says it is silly season, suggests the cabinet try focusing on job at hand and suggests some aren't happy with his Brexit stances, says it is a disgrace 95% of train drivers are male and unions control the recruitment process, businesses are holding off on investment due to Brexit uncertainty, transition period must have a defined period, 100 billion bill is ridiculous figure, cabinet starting to unite on Brexit

-Lots of talk about what to do about acid attacks with Rudd vowing to tighten up laws

-McDonnell disputes IFS figures on public sector pay, agrees with Rayner about how much it would cost to wipe out student debt but warns university funding system is falling apart and denies Corbyn's aspiration was a promise, defends describing Grenfell as political murder but tweaks it to social murder and he remains angry, business not investing enough, Blair not listening to public

-Lord Bew, heads of parliamentary standards watchdog, warns abuse has reached tipping point and people will leave public approach, public leaders need to be more outspoken about abuse with rather more then a gentle sermon

-Scotland's Brexit Minister Mike Russell wants MSP's to back SNP demand for changes to repeal bill, seems he has Lib Dem backing

-Hammond getting a reputation as having a political tin ear

-Dr Fox says cabinet members should keep shut about cabinet and it is being self indulgent, it upsets backbenches, says he works well with Hammond (but struggles to pretend they are in agreement), says Whitheall has contingency plans for no deal

-Felt Long-Bailey had rough time on Sunday Politics because Labour's Brexit stance doesn't seem realistic vs Andrew Neill is not a good combo


-Tim Shipman amazed at the amount of leaking against Hammond

-IDS says the younger MP's are furious at the leaking and don't see any of the big beasts as future leader, doesn't forsee a leadership contest while Brexit talks are ongoing and sees no mood for one, says Labour MP's feel threatened by Momentum.

-Seema Malhotra on Brexit

-Blair thinks EU could compromise on freedom of movement and we could stay in EU, Frank Field says Blair is no longer able to influence public opinion

-Farage warns going anti-Islam would finish UKIP


-Rawnsley says May should follow the path of William Petty, 2nd Earl of Shelburne

-Phil Whitaker not happy with NHS tendering process

-Chris Deerin suggests what Sturgeon should say at end of summer break

-Brian Wheeler on if there could be a Macron win here

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Unread postPosted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 5:31 pm
by Dong Zhou
-Hammond's allies pinning leak blame on Gove but Tip Shipman says a lot of his sources were Remainers

-1922 saying to May they will reinforce her and protect if she sacks or slaps down her squabbling ministers

-Spectator summer party seen as fuelling the Tory cabinet rivalries with Davies and Boris seen as working very hard to win favour there

-Long-Bailey's " We want to have our cake and eat it - as do most parties in Westminster - in terms of being able to negotiate our own trade deals." has got a fair bit of attention

-May to have quiet word with cabinet about not leaking

-Ales Chmelar, the Czech secretary of state for European affairs, wants EU to have a deeper UK trade deal then one they have with Canada but says for that UK would have certain commitments and expects us to have agreement on what we owe by October. Bariner remarks now time to delve into detail, Verhofstadt wants Corbyn as part of UK's negotiating team, Neil Holland aka deputy head of mission at the British Embassy to Ireland warns the Irish border question is stuck, David Davies says both sides of Brexit should concentrate on getting down to business

-Grayling says cabinet rows are overblown

-Sterling dips

-Corbyn wants Grenfell inquiry scope widened to a second phase

-Aslef says low numbers of women train driers are due to the private train companies selection of candidates

-Mayor Khan wants zero tolerance by judges of acid attacks

-SNP want more details made public of UK offer to EU nationals

-Electoral Commission concerned at amount of complaints it has got about people double voting

-MP's and Bercow not happy Grayling hasn't turned up to do an HS2 statement, Grayling suddenly discovers he will turn up tomorrow.

-Greening scraps current school funding formula and a new funding formula from 2018-19, offers an extra 1.3 billion for those years, per-pupil funding to be maintained in real terms, more sports funding. Met by saving in her department like main capital budget, free schools budget. Rayner calls it a sticking plaster

-Mark Rutte warns Dutch nationals taking UK citizenship due to Brexit will be stripped of their Dutch citizenship


-Halfon suggests leakers take a cold shower, wants a redistribution fund

-Lucy Powell says she has been told by Labour members that Manchester attacks are her fault, she is vile with blood on her hands. Says Labour needs to do more on follow through about abuse

-Blair says Corbyn could become PM but still thinks centre is best way to power

-Jess Philips calls Hammond sexist due to his industrial strategy, where his cuts hit, questions need for Labour to wipe out student debt, says McDonell needs to pick his words more carefully, we should see have an attitude change on meat. Interesting on DP

-Paterson objects to paying for single market other then by tariffs

-Cameron says Tories must offer more of an inspiring vision and keep modernizing, they must win the argument for free markets for this generation

-Lord Hesltine says May's government is enfeebled and divided


-Bush on Tory party mood

-Kate Maltby says Tory party is no longer one of stability but reckless gambles and revolution

-Simon Jenkins says while Westminster is renovated, Parliament should leave London

-Kuessenberg on where cabinet stand against each other

-Paul Mason warns Brexit means we are missing out on the third industrial revolution

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Unread postPosted: Tue Jul 18, 2017 6:55 pm
by Dong Zhou
-Inflation unexpectedly falls to 2.6% (still 0.6% above pay so don't expect your living standards to improve) due to fall in petrol prices, house price growth down to 4.7%

-ICM has 46% wanting to leave EU come what may with only 32% wanting a second referendum, 42% says Brexit is hitting economy but 40% say it isn't hitting them, a 1% (34v33%) says it has made things worse for the country, 41% will feel happy on Brexit day and only 38% unhappy, Labour has 1 point lead

-Electoral Commission thinks there is a problem with people inadvertently double registered on electoral roll and may need to tighten up but they aren't convinced there is widespread double voting

-May tells her MP's to calm down and stop the carping/backbiting and sharply warns cabinet that some of them clearly aren't taking their jobs seriously given briefings

-Hammond says willing to build consensus across Commons on Brexit

-Hunt warns NHS is 'not meeting core patient access standards'

-1922 continue to offer May their protection

-Still no high rise building passing fire safety test


-Greening says Labour education's policies was one of the most dishonest election promises she had ever seen and sarcastic about one education site, Leadsom passionate about government handling of Commons timetable, Lords passionate over foxhunting with Baroness Mallalieu passionate on method of killing animals, Wishart says calling this as a zombie parliament is an insult to zombies

-Cameron when asked if some of the cabinet should be sent on National Citizens Service "If it involved crossing a very, very dangerous river on a raft, I can think of a few I'd want to strap together."

-Lord Heseltine warns divisions will get worse due to Brexit and that May is going, chances of Brexit reversal are remote


-Professor Mark Elliot looks in-depth at the constitutional issues of the repeal bill

-Isabel Hardman on the cabinet leaks and rivalries

-Fraser Nelsons says cabinet rows leaking is not leaky government but strong journalism

-Bush says Labour's Brexit policies are stupid and conflicting, not Long-Bailey's fault she struggled on that

-Tonybee on how to try to get around elements of Brexit but second referendum is wrong route for Remain

-Andrew Stuttaford suggests Norway option

-Henry Newman calls for more details on Brexit

-Robert Colville on mortality rates

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Unread postPosted: Wed Jul 19, 2017 6:18 pm
by Dong Zhou
Last PMQ's: before summer, 45 minutes. Corbyn goes on Hammond's public sector pay and neatly links it onto cabinet rows, May first praises Corbyn for his work in aftermath of Finsbury shooting then talks of the wider problem of people struggling with their incomes and what she has been doing about it. Corbyn brings up letter of a nurse sibling, May says she recognises sacrifice they made to help deal with deficit and says she won't promise things that can't be unfunded. Corbyn points to finding money for DUP, Tory record on wage falls and argues can't have strong economy with 6 million under living wage, May goes on generic attack on Labour spending and fails to address the point. Corbyn on workers in poverty and accuses May of lacking touch with reality, that low pay is a threat to prosperity. May says best route out of poverty is through work and those creating jobs, defends government help to lowest pay. Corbyn goes on social costs of austerity like child poverty rising, inequality rising, raising age stalling, May questions his facts and again generic attack on Labour and her "the country Labour wants is one spending beyond it" is nicely twisted by Corbyn to a kinder future, that the bickering cabinet can not provide leadership for Brexit and economy stalling. May defends record on economy and living standards. Blackford went on Waspi women, complains she can't find money for that but can find one for Trident, Hinkley and DUP, was a decent but not as cutting while May exploited error on Hinkley attack and defended her policy well. Overall? May started really strongly as she set out she knew it was painful and set out what she wanted to do but Corbyn kept digging in, building up statics and a sense of the issues and May began lashing out with generic and old attacks so give it to Corbyn.

May later had a good attack on Corbyn misleading students (on deprived students and student debts), Paul Sweeney has a nice shot at May's job security, Ian Murray has a good use of Hammond's public sector pay comments, Helen Whateley runs with NHS being number 1 in one survey, Louise Haigh on mental health treatment in her constituency, May has fun with Sarah Jones having unseated Barwell, Sir Leigh concerned at halt to faith schools expanding, Siobhan McDonough attacks NHS trust trying to launch yet another consultation on a constantly rejected plan, Vicky Ford attacks Labour for fake news on poverty and inequality


-Sir Fallon remarks some of the cabinet could benefit from learning from army about self-discipline

-National Audit Office says rules on what jobs ex-officials can take need to be applied better and questions how none has ever been blocked

-A sense inflation has hit or is near it's peak

-Ireland's foreign minister Simon Coveney warns technical solutions like pre-registration won't be enough for Ireland border (perhaps a shot at David Davies who has proposed such things as an answer) and notes demands for Irish passports up 50% since Brexit

-Culture chair Damien Collins welcomes BBC salaries being publishes

-Accusations David Davis is trying to change Brexit timetable to avoid work on Bank Holiday Monday for his team, his team denies it.

-Bercow rules MP's can mention those in public gallery, the rule against it was no longer being obeyed anyway

-State pension age to be increased from 67 to 68 from 2037, seven years earlier than planned.

Gauke says people are soon going to be having a third of their life on pensions, Labours plans would cost £250bn by the middle of this century, £20bn a year higher by 2040, that Labour are being reckless, short sighted and irresponsible. Labour says life expectancy is falling (which I don't believe is quite true, more that life expectancy isn't growing as fast as expected) and raising pensions is unfair, SNP calls it Tory trickery

-May remarks there is no such thing as an unsackable minister

-Labour's pay policy for public bodies would see a lot of BBC stars get their wages cut

-BBC getting put under pressure for gender pay disparity of their stars

-McDonnell apparently helped disability protesters through Commons security


-Truss handled McDonnell's attack on Hammond's well, Lamb says alcohol is the most dangerous drug, Paul Flynn attacks prohibition and wants cannabis to be brought to Commons, Lord Cormack warns the collapse of Saudi Arabia would be extremely damaging for Middle Ease

-Reese-Mogg flattered by leadership speculation but won't stand, Andrew Gimson interviewing him

-Harman and Cooper among Labour MP's not happy only one of our Brexit team is a female and one Brexit minister

-Champion suspects we can't get membership of single market or customs union, she can't see how student debt will be wiped out, thought she came across really well on DP

-Hannah Bardell wears Scotland football shirt in PMQ's after taking part in MP's unsuccessful attempt to beat journalist on sports day


-Thomas Zagoria and Rudy Schulkind on Momentum's digital strategy

-Miriam González Durántez suggests government strategy captured by Legatum Institute

-Behr fears Davies is ill-suited to Brexit talks

-D'Arcy on more procedural committee issues brewing

-Andrew Grice thinks Tory discipline will remain a problem

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Unread postPosted: Thu Jul 20, 2017 7:59 pm
by Dong Zhou
-Sir Vince Cable is Lib Dem leader. Didn't see that one coming did you?

Not healthy for Lib Dems that they had no contest, there is a lot they need to work out after the election and Brexit which leadership contests do allow while also not a good sign long term that nobody else ran. Sir Cable is a rare Lib Dem big beast, a skilled orator, a noted econimic mind, someone who can command media attention when he speaks even when not an MP. I'm not sure age is as big a concern as it was (not that he deserves such consideration) but might be an issue, bigger issue is he tends to annoy fellow MP's as can be arrogant and high-handed.

-Dr Fox says Brexit allows UK to look wider and embrace the opportunities of globalization, praises WTO for that, we can survive a no deal

-Lords EU committee suggests different Brexit arrangements for Scotland including on immigration but can't stay in single market if UK leaves, want greater say for devolved administrations in Brexit, wants Barnett forumla replaced, worried about Brexit impact on peace in N.Ireland

-Rayner says Labour never promised on student debt and have no plans to wipe it out

-May vows no going backwards on gay rights, says her attitudes have evolved over time, wants gay marriage in N.Ireland, reviewing allowing transgender people to officially change gender, suggests BBC try equal pay. Having three week holiday, bar WW1 commemorations, in Alps

-Welsh and Scottish government formerly complain to Treasury DUP deal breaches Barnett formula

-Karen Bradley warns BBC stars should be aware of how this looks to public and still minded to refer Fox bid for Sky to CMA, Maria Miller wonders if some of this paygap is illegal

-Gove backs animal welfare as he is an animal and is looking at toughening sentences on animal cruelty

-Electrification of railways being cancelled seem the big "sneak out before the break" policy

-Retail sales up 0.6%, more then expected which is being put down to weather

-Business Minister Lord Prior tells business leaders we are going for softest of soft Brexit

-Repeal Bill debate on Thursday 7th and Monday 11th September with vote on Monday

-Bariner says progress has been made on areas where UK has been clear (aka some areas we are still being vague), ECJ on citizens rights remains key, UK needs to clarify what it will pay EU now it has EU's legal arguments and makes several nods to UK lack of clarity. David Davies thanks Barnier for being constructive, will have to be compromise on all sides on leaving bill, pleased by talks pace but press are concerned at how little seems to have been agreed so far.

-Ipsi Mori has May on -25 and Corbyn -1 but wins over Over35's

-Apparently EU has proposed that UK nationals not be allowed free movement in EU countries but have to get permission to live/work in the specific country they wish to go to if they move to one

-Corbyn fears a race to the bottom with any trade deal with US, wants tariff free trade with EU

-Leadsom calls Jane Austen “one of our greatest living authors” and though she quickly corrected herself, the teasing has begun. Waterstones went with "We are currently moving all our Jane Austen stock from Classics into Greatest Living Authors. Thanks Andrea Leadsom for the heads up."


-Gauke on good form while Bryant make powerful speech on Waspi women, Rayner despite her valiant effort given a rough tie over student debt with Jo Johnson strong but Paul Bloomfield attacks changing terms of loan well

-Lights went out on one debate, credit to Margot James who continued on

-Baroness Altman suggests pension age should depend on circumstance rather then arbitrary number

-Harman accuses BBC of sexism in pay

-The Sun and BBC executives might want to work out that someone doing more programs then a co-presenter might be on a higher wage package

-Lammy isn't sure if police are involved in Grenfell coverup or not and is unfair to ask him about it and ignores being told that Met chief had talked to BBC about numbers to keep asking why BBC.... hasn't talked to Met chief about Grenfell numbers. Thinks Cable is right person to lead Lib Dems, MP's need a rest so disagrees with Corbn's demand they help with his marginal seats campaign

-Vaziey says expectations are too high for early news on Brexit talks, people confused ECHR and ECJ, thinks Sir Cable will be a good and effective leader but surprised Lib Dems made no real headway

-Deutsche Bank warns employees it is preparing for Hard Brexit and looking at moving the majority of it's assets to Frankfurt


-Simon Jenkins remarks if Thatcher survived in 1981, so can May

-Owen Jones looks back at Ed Miliband's time

-Kuessenberg on three concerns in the Brexit negotiating teams

-Ed Monk backs pension age rise

-Richard Rudkin asks when victims of British army in N.Ireland will get justice

-Bush accuses most Brexit Tories of having no plan

-Hardman warns good attentions are not enough for legislation

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Unread postPosted: Fri Jul 21, 2017 4:32 pm
by Dong Zhou
-Sir Cable says there is a gap in the centre for Lib Dems to take, offer a less painful Brexit, offer an optimistic vision for future while other parties hark to past, go back to mainstream economics

- Simon Coveney, Irish foreign minister, satisfied with direction of EU talks and both sides on common travel area being maintained for the two Ireland's

-Bariner told Lords EU committee EU could refuse trade deal unless UK promised not to deregulate and lower standards, would be outrage if UK didn't pay up, UK has to earn trust of EU, urges the committee to launch inquiry into what no deal would mean

-Police recorded crime up 10%, largest rise for a decade

-Edinburgh and south east Scotland get City deal

-Instead of falling as expected, deficit rises to £6.9bn with inflation really not helping

-Karren Bradley says delay on Fox bid is due to amount of submissions, some of which seem to be duplicates, and may have to do it during break due to the quais-judical role which has not go down well with MP's

-Dr Fox says EU trade deal will be one of easiest acts in human history, may need two year transition/implementation peroid

-Talk of peak Corbyn going around

-Abbott struggles to answer how Labour would pay for extra police forces during ITV interview, blames gotcha journalism.

I can get behind the "had bad experience and froze", had she gone based on that and spoken of her traumatic racist abuse and how that impacts her, I think she could get the public behind her. Not the "how dare the evil media ask me questions about the major policy pledge of my department" and "why is the shadow of one of the most important departments failing to know such things a story, the media sucks"

-House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee warns our methods for calculating how much migration we have are inadequate

-Alistair Burt says reports from Saudi Arabia officials about execution plans are sketchy and government seeks clarity

-Gove expected to argue farm subsidies must be earnt and agriculture needs support, nice line “I am an environmentalist first because I care about the fate of fellow animals, I draw inspiration from nature and I believe we need beauty in our lives as much as we need food and shelter. Our approach should be, in Byron’s words, to love not man the less but nature more.”

-Jo Johnson looking at contracts between students and universities

-Severn tolls to be abolished by end of next year


-Javid admits there is a lack of trust and confidence in Grenfell, one of the lessons will be our attitudes towards social housing, Diana Johnson unhappy that Health Department put in charge of contaminated blood inquiry with Dr Lewis warning government of damaging perception while Chris Stephens has good questions from Scottish perspective, Baroness Smith says criticism about BBC high pay is unfair as we don't know rivals pay but gender pay gap is a real issue, Lord Ashton muses on how the idea of publishing the pay was a attempt to harm BBC and has a good quip about how his life is surrounded by females, Lord Tebbit reminds opposition parties should try having a woman's lady

-Don't think Portillio was wise to compare Marianda Green and John Nicholson to Lord Haw Haw


-Nasrine Malik warns of finical services exodus is a real threat this time

-Matt Forde on Blair, Labour attitudes and Brexit

-Larry Elliot says Brexit is only way for a true socialist government

-Matthew Parris fears Brexiteers now will go double or quits

-Katy Balls argues Tory MP's should give May some slack for her public service in staying on

-Brian Wheeler profiles Vince Cable

-Katya Adler on attitudes to Bariner in Europe and frustration as nobody will talk to press about Brexit

-Alex Shattock urges Labour to future Tory proof policy

-Paul Goodman declares Damian Green the most powerful member of cabinet

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Unread postPosted: Sat Jul 22, 2017 3:29 pm
by Dong Zhou
-Gove says cabinet united on need for transition deal/implementation phase and doesn't rule out continuing free movement of people (apparently being at Defra has had an impact on hi thinking) which Sir Cable welcomes as far as it goes

-Sir Cable says Lib Dems can copy Macron's centrist message

-77 people who sent personal information to a unnamed select committee have been told it may have been compromised in a cyber attack

-Kathryn Stone appointed as the new parliamentary commissioner for standards, had served as commissioner for victims and survivors of the Troubles in Northern Ireland

-Baroness Hale will be the first female president of the UK's Supreme Court

-House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee wants implementation period for Brexit, lower immigration for business may see prices rise, annual migration target risk major econimic damage by not allowing flexibility

-BBC's poll catch

-North Wales AM Michelle Brown forced to apologize after caught using a racial slur about Umunna, apologizes for inappropriate language

-Government looking at drone registration


-Lord Darling warns of need for transition phase

-Bone says free movement of people must end no later than 31 March 2019

-Boots refusing to lower price of contraception to a more European standard due to how controversial the issue to fury of some Labour MP's with Phillips and Creasy calling for boycott

-IDS wants easing up on landlords by government


-Ross Clark not a fan of Gove's proposed reforms

-Marie le Conteon Corbyn left trying to get involved at local level

-Hardman on potential Labour flashpoints

-Iain Watson on transition period

-Ian Jack bemoans our incompetence at major rail projects

-D'Arcy on key figures to watch out for when parliament returns

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Unread postPosted: Sun Jul 23, 2017 12:58 pm
by Dong Zhou
-Baroness Armstrong says, when she was a whip, there was a deselection plot against Corbyn only for Blair to step in and block it as Labour were a broad church which has got a bit of attention.

Also mentions MP's feeling harassed and called for Corbyn to show tolerance to other factions of the party but that has led less attention.

-Government looking at allowing people to change their gender legally

-Greening writes to Rayner demanding an apology for Labour misleading students during election

-Dr Fox says more certain about Brexit then ever, that we would need to able to negotiate trade deals during implementation period and it must end by election, wants May to be leader to next election

-Press clearly expect September Brexit speech by May

-Corbyn seems to like EU's "only trade deals with those signed up to Paris climate change act" and would want stronger on things like standards and environment then EU, says he backs EU due to their becoming a social Europe but disagrees with it on state subsidy, will be a statement on student debt in near future, backs female journalists letter to BBC and wants gender pay audit on every major organization+max pay ratio, Corbyn refuses to thank Blair (he seems rather annoyed with the story)

-UKIP no longer controls any council after Beverly Martin defects to Tories which puts council under NCO

-UKIP looking into Michelle Brown's comments

-Ruth Davidson on need for capitalism, free markets and major reform


-Soubry wonders if lack of unions in BBC lead to gender pay gap, wants Ruth Davidson as a future Tory leader, wants to use Norway strategy till EU deal is formed

-Lord Prescott on BBC pay


-Rawnsley on Brexit talks with time ticking away

-Dan Hodges believes Hammond and May have healed their relationship

-David Wooding gives May advice for the summer

-Forysth on May is safe during Brexit talks, Brexit talks, Cable

-Angela Haggerty says independence campaigners need to be less tribal to win