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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Fri Jun 30, 2017 5:50 pm

-A sense Trump agreeing to visit France is a blow to UK's standing/diplomatic service

-The smaller parties in N.Ireland warns people are getting angry at a lack of executive

-Steve Reed and Afzal Khan get second and third on private ballot

-Kensington cancels cabinet meeting after outrage on trying to do it in private and losing court case to ban journalists

-UK consumer confidence dropped to the lowest level since Brexit at -10, UK first quarter growth confirmed at 0.2%, service output grows by 0.2% in April, ONS says longest fall in disposable income since the 70's and a record low household savings ratio


-McDonnell thanks voters for stopping voters full program but some Tory backbenches like Vicky Ford put up passionate defence of Tory economic record, Sir Leigh makes a good point about debt rising

-Ed Miliband attacks Murdoch record of broken promise, Bone attacks BBC as pro Brussels, Steve MacCabe remembers Fox slander of Birmingham, Louise Haigh attacks cyber strategy

-Baroness Sherlock gave an effective attack on government education plans

-Gillian Keegan made a decent maiden speech about how she was sponsored in her rise by general motors

-Farage says government is backsliding on Brexit with cabinet split, calls Corbyn a proper chap

-Unison's general secretary Dave Prentis attacks Umunna's amendment as gesture politics and splitting Labour

-Kevin Schofield interviews Barry Gardiner

-Lord Nick Macpherson says government is backtracking on austerity so may be forced into price rises

-Stories that Osborne wanted to scrap 1p and 2p coins


-Kuessenberg on signal the government climbdown sends

-Amol Rajan on Murdoch bid

-Helen Lewis on May's damaging week while George Parker on May's weak position

-Kettle defends polling

-Brian Wilson argues DUP deal is a bad one but a lot of complaints about it are rubbish

-Bush doubts Corbyn is playing a long game for soft Brexit but his MP's may be doing so
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sat Jul 01, 2017 4:05 pm

-Nicholas Paget-Brown resigns as Kensington's council leader along with his deputy Rock Feilding-Mellen (also cabinet member for housing, property and regeneration), with Khan formally asking May to have commissioners take over. Khan, Javid and number 10 had pushed for the resignations

-Brokenshire warns Stormont stalemate can't go on much longer, Sinn Feinn want PM and Taoiseach involved in talks now, a sense talks have gone wrong

-Tom Watson says Umunna divided Labour MP's a week after euphoria which he felt was unnecessary

-Damian Green says Tories need major change to win over the young

-Bank of England's chief economist Andy Haldane says people are frustrated by living standards, businesses haven't invested enough into productivity that would lead to payrises, needs to look at raising interest rates

-Corbyn wants two stage Grenfell inquiry

-Marc D'Arcy on a quiet week ahead and some interesting voting results from this week

-Boris wants more sanctions against Assad


-James Chapman, David Davies former chief of staff, says May has hamstrung David Davies by demanding no role for ECJ and needs to be more flexible, cabinet wants to stay in Euratom, Boris and Davies want more liberal stance on immigration, suggests backbenches (Harpr, Shapps, Morgan, Soubry) have more talent then May's cabinet

-Anne Marie Waters, founder of Sharia Watch, running for UKIP leadership to the concern of UKIP leadership who consider her views on Islam "uncomfortable" (and not because she is pro Islam). Deputy leader Peter Whittle and Ben Walker, a former UKIP councillor in South Gloucestershire, are running

-Former Taoiseach John Bruton says UK needs to show consideration to EU


-James Butler sees this as a golden chance for Labour and their backbenchers

-Forsyth on Tory election machine needs major fixing, Tory whips infuriated MP's over handling of Rory Stewart, Tory of 15 and 17 seeking to seize select committee's

-Richard Short suggests phased lifting of the paycap
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sun Jul 02, 2017 5:16 pm

-Gove says paybodies recommendations should be respected and no foreign fishing in our waters

-Observer says Hunt and Greening pushing for easing of austerity an telegraph says Greening wants public change to per head spending

-Corbyn tells protest that Tories and austerity are in retreat, Abbott joined protest

-We are withdrawing from London Fisheries Convention

-Javid isn't sending in commissioners but is keeping an eye on Kensington

-Gerry Adams not expecting Stormont deal on Monday as May talks to N.Ireland leaders

-Allegations business leaders being told by someone in government that there will be a deliberate walk-out of EU talks to look good to domestic audience

-Green says Tories need a debate with public on tuition fees

-Opinium gives Labour six point lead

-Ian Lavery says Labour has been too broad a church


-Heidi Allen says they should ditch triple lock, Tories have become too inward looking

-Jess Philips on why she backed Umunna's amendment

-Leadsome says government will reach out


-Rawnsley argues Labour have a bigger challenge then they realize

-John Rentoul says centrists hold power

-Professor Patrick Minford calls for more austerity

-Sirena Bergman questions Corbyn's attitude on feminism
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Mon Jul 03, 2017 6:44 pm

Labour junior appointments (and three mispellings): David Drew and Holly Lynch to environment, home affairs gets 4: Nick Thomas Symonds, Chris Williamson, Afzal Khan, Louise Haigh while Paul Sweeney gets Scotland. In justice Gloria de Piero and Imran Hussain , Dfid gets Roberta Blackman Woods, two for transport in Rachael Maskell and Karl Turner . McDonnell welcomes Anneliese Dodds , two to housing (didn't realize that got deputies Tony Lloyd and Melanie Onn. Women and equalities gets Carolyn Harris , Defence adds Gerald Jones , local government sees Yvonne Fovargue , education gets Tracy Brabin and Wales gets Chris Ruane

Thoughts on this tomorrow.


-I don't think Labour cabinet appreciate Lavery's "too broad a church" comment. Also says Chris Williamson's appointment to shadow fire services is the end of Thatcherisim

-Boris has his minions spread word that he backs end of paycap, Gove says so outright

Not been popular, Labour and Lib Dem's attacking Boris and co for voting against Labour's amendment (that doesn't make them hypocrites) and Rayner remarks she didn't hear them advocating it during election, Crabb makes collective responsibly being broken should mean resignation. Lord Lamont attacks cabinet members easing off austerity and for ganging up on chancellor, making the job more difficult while Lord Wood remarks it interesting the lack of discipline in cabinet, notes the lack of "how to pay for it" and suggests Boris+Gove are fearing austerity makes Brexit toxic. Some ex-civil servants like Simon Fraser (questioning Boris and Gove's motives) and Nick Macpherson (wondering why they didn't mention how it should be paid for) also not happy

-IFS says ending public sector pay cap will cost 9 million (Labour had thought it would cost 4 million) a year and that Hammond needs to set out priorities soon to try to stop all sorts of "just a million or so here" requests, private sector pay just starting to catch up with public sector

-Tom Watson says Corbyn is completely secure and no need to rush through leadership rule changes but Burgeon says need to be more democratic

-Some of Bank of England's staff going on strike over pay for first time in 50 years, manufacturing growth slows which has seen pound drop, Hinkley cost up another 1.5 billion

-Max Hill QC, the independent reviewer of terror legislation, not happy with May's plans to force social media sites to remove extremist content

-Police Minister Nick Hurd says payrise is under consideration, Downing Street having to slightly reign that one in

-Williamson's appointment has backing of fire union due to his history of campaigning for sprinklers and past record in the role

-The department for culture, media and sport (DCMS) has become the department for digital, culture, media and sport to reflect the rise of digital importance

-Brokenshire says he plans to force N.Ireland parties to reveal their sources of funding and still hopes for success of talks but mood in Stormont is apparently not good

-181 tower blocks fire safety checks have failed....out of 181


-Greg Hands refuses to deny he pushed for council leader to go

-Gove's quickfire Marr interview (only a segment where he answered "yes" or "no") has amused media

-Owen Smith says he might have won the election if he was leader (not if he performed like he did in the leadership election...)

-Farage not standing for UKIP leadership but might try if government backtracks on Brexit, admits the amount of times he has been leader has become something of a joke, UKIP needs to professionalize or be replaced

-MEP Bill Etheridge says UKIP needs someone not involved in the recent UKIP decline

-I liked Sarah Jones on DP in that she at least seemed to consider Tories have legitimate views and a wry view on her own party

-Jon Trickett defends Labour econimic policy

-Maria Caulfield fears public sector resentment is building over lack of pay

-Crabb says Tories need to show they back public sector workers and that means more then just pay, would partially lift the cap, won't run for leadership again


-Hannah Henderson on social media of Reese-Mogg

-D'Ancona on the three main philosophical Tory factions

-Dominic Lawson furious at Tory's econimic panicking

-director Nicholas Hytner says freedom of movement is key to creative industries

-Rachel Shabi says left-wingers should seize control of Brexit

-Kamal Ahmed on Treasury's public pay problem

-Stephen Bush suggests economics will trump history on if we face an election soon

-Robert Peston wonders if public sector payrise will backfire on Tories
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Tue Jul 04, 2017 9:03 pm

Labour promotions:

Environment Vegetarian Drew gests farming: is a long serving union member and councillor, a member of the left, he has long interest in the role as rural MP and as MP in Blair era he served on Environment Select Committee plus former vice-chair to the very green Forest Green FC, when he says he wanted this job it is very easy to believe. Lynch resigned as whip for family reasons/close ally to the axed Winterton last year, the young MP served on Environmental Audit Committee and chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Fairtrade

Home Office: Nick Thomas Symonds moved from solicitor general to security, provides an experienced legal mind and has an interest in drugs policy, hasn't struck me as a security expert but I suspect more there to give Abbott a lawyer figure in her department. Corbynite Chris Williamson has experience in fire services role, will be able to go "well I did push for" when discussing Grenfell (though may need to modify the nasty side), an able junior minister with support of the fireman's union. Former MEP and record breaking (youngest, first Muslim, first Pakistani) Manchester mayor Afzal Khan is a former solicitor and police office, he gets immigration which I somehow doubt will reassure those who feel Labour don't get people's immigration concerns. Former special constable Louise Haigh gets policing which is a promotion from digital, a hardworking MP and capable junior minister.

Justice I'm a fan of Gloria de Piero as junior minister but bar a short spell as shadow minister for crime prevention, this doesn't seem suited to her talents. Imran Hussain promoted from dfid, one wonders if Burgeon would have liked an actual lawyer among his juniors rather then just himself.

Transport Rachael Maskell resigned over Brexit which is something Corbyn is sympathetic on, this is considerably less then her previous secretary of state rank and not an area she seems an expert in. Whip and laywer Karl Turner gets shipping, aviation and road safety, has family in shipping and MP for a port city.

Housing Tony Lloyd is certainly an experienced figure, Minister and chair during Blair years, interim mayor, police commissioner, housing isn't a particular speciality but may be a case of "I really want this figure, find him a role". Melanie Onn served on local government committee and Grimsby has housing issues but doesn't seem her area of expertise either.

One post Scotland office Young Paul Sweeney has been MP for less then a month, has business experience and is of course Scottish. Dfid's Roberta Blackman Woods demoted from housing despite being a housing expert, an experienced hand but Dfid doesn't seem her area. Treasury's Anneliese Dodds was an MEP where she sat on Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs , studied PPE at Oxford, PHD in LSE so one would assume she is qualified! Women and equalities Carolyn Harris moved from home office which may have been at her request, defences get Gerald Jones who doesn't seem an expert in this area but promoted from Welsh office, the experienced Yvonne Fovargue certainly suits local government as former councillor and head of a citizen's advice, Tracy Brabin gets early years education where she has shown interest, former Miliband whip Chris Ruane gets Wales.

Former critics in post: Excluding those like Symonds who resigned then returned when Corbyn won: Lynch, de Piero, Onn, Fovargue. Not sure Maskell counts as was on Brexit. On those who refused to serve in past? 0.

Overall:I do think "snubbing big beasts" is a bit ridiculous, if Cooper/Umunna/Jarvis was offered farming minister then that would surely be seen as a slap in the face. However there was a chance to reach out to those who had opposed, a large faction in Labour, and he was expected to offer them some hope. He has not and they will remember that. One can snub certain factions if your powerful enough and they are small enough that their frustrations will have limited damage but this is a large faction. It is good to see ex-MEP's expirence being used and there are some wise choices in certain departments like Defra, Home Office but Justice and Housing seem more like "what have I got spare"


-Hammond says government must hold nerve against pressure to abandon austerity, public sector paycap remains policy but understands people are exhausted and will look at balance

-Reality Check on public sector pay

-Sinn Feinn don't expect a Stormont deal anytime soon and blames May (because May is a N.Ireland party whose Irish language demands are a major hold up), DUP blame Sinn Feinn while Brokenshire's statements seem to have gone down badly with suspicions at being pro DUP, Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney says if deal not done by end of tonight then Stormont goes into cold storage for summer. DUP have admitted there will be no deal but will keep talking

-Greg Clark and Hunt want UK to work with EU on medicine testing

-Elizabeth Campbell new head of Kensington council but Khan says she is tainted as cabinet member for education so again calls for council to be taken over

-Feels like every administrative and political body is making a push for money

-Greg Clark suggests Ofgem use it's powers to lower bills

-Andrew Gwynne unable to think of any example where Labour has refused to spend money or call for more money

-Grenfell survivors and their local MP Emma Dent Coad+Chris Williamson (who backs description of murdered) are objecting to Sir Martin Moore-Bick as head of the inquiry, Lidington and number 10 have backed the chair and Corbyn is not calling for him to go. This is going to be the child abuse inquiry all over again

-Media reports that Gavin Barwell, May’s new chief of staff, and Farron's Ben Williams have been meeting to see where the two parties agree on legislation. Lib Dems playing this down as two people bumping into each other

- Italian ambassador to the UK Pasquale Terracciano says May's EU citizens proposal is fair but term generous disturbs him as feels like we are treating EU citizens as charity cases, thinks UK could have
associate membership to the EU in future

-Conservative Home sees May's approval ratings collapse by 137 points since mid-May, was most popular member of Tory party to only ahead of McLoughlin. ICM says 3 in 10 blame austerity for Grenfell but a third blame both parties, Labour has 2% lead, Corbyn has major lead on May but Hammond has 7% lead on McDonnell for economy

-Axing of free school meals for infants to provide breakfast instead has been axed

-Cabinet discuss threats and abuse MP's faced during election campaign

-Javid's speech to local government sees him warns Grenfell led to a breakdown in trust of local councils and they need to raise their game, no more closed deals. Labour councillors feel he is blaming local government, not seen outrage from other parties yet though

-Welsh and Scottish governments to offer free abortions for N.Ireland women

-Bank of England interest rate debate continues in public while demanding lenders show they aren't too exposed, 61% of pupils hit targets on Sat reading, writing and maths (this is a rise, our education system has been that bad till Gove came along), building growth slows


-Lord Pearson so so happy about Brexit

-Dominic Cummings, the Vote Leave campaign director, admits there are paths ahead that could mean Brexit was an error, but plenty of paths were UK and EU both benefit. Not impressed by government handling of Brexit so far but doesn't think their screwing up talks will matter long term, more that reform won't happen. The twitter exchange this is from makes interesting read

-Cameron says those in his party pushing for higher spending are being selfish

-Bush interviews Corbynite union leader David Ward on Corbyn, Labour and unions future

-Lord Lamont rails against Tories panicking and turning against austerity


-Kuessenberg on public sector pay debate in cabinet

-Steve Richards with how governments can use power of state to connect with public

-Chris Deerin bemoans loss of trust and ability to talk to each other

-Eaton says austerity has been real
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Wed Jul 05, 2017 7:58 pm

PMQ's: 47 minutes. Corbyn uses NHS birthday to mock public sector paycap flipflop and press for news, May takes awhile but then says they will listen to public pay bodies but they do need to find how to pay for any rises, Corbyn says government exploiting public sector goodwill while May sets out why there has been payrestaint. Corbyn points to nurses leaving NHS but May questions statistics and continues to build her argument of "econimic crises leads to pay restraint". Corbyn says he hopes May is proud nurses need foodbanks but May puts in a good defence of her econimic record so Corbyn shifts onto low page epidemic and lack of hope for youngsters, May less goo there as she goes on general argument about economy and offers jobs, Corbyn rails against tuition fee debt then goes on general low wage econimic attack but May uses statistics well to defend her treatment of the lowest paid. Blackford also goes on low pay and inwork poverty+monatry policy helping FTSe100 rather then workers, May goes on jobs record and defends QE. May will be quite pleased, Corbyn had one good line on nurses needing foodbanks and another on DUP funding so why not nurses pay but did not find public sector pay as easy to argue for as he perhaps hoped as he perhaps expected it to be "saying it is good=win" rather then building a wider case for it whereas May began to build a wider case for pay restraint (though I have heard stronger arguments). Corbyn did better when he moved onto low pay as May's defence was a general econimic one which was fine but won't have given youngsters hope that she has an answer to their problems, Blackford had more force then Corbyn with May having same issue. Press noting May's unusual vigorous defence of Osborne's econimic record

Hannah Bardell opened movingly on a FGM case, Helen Hayes on Picturehouse cinema strike, Andrew Bowie attacks SNP rural record, Diana Johnson on contaminated blood scandal, Soubry on tuition fees helping the poor, Alison McGovern on Bishop Jones report, May began losing voice in PMQ's


-Grayling outright blames unions for Southern Rails problems and says Labour has been encouraging the strikes

-Ashworth doesn't want change of inquiry head but suggest a panel alongside him, calls for council to be taken over

-Taskforce sent to Kensington

-Sir Stramer says ECJ exclusion should not be redline

-Finical Times saying Leadsom tried to be Home Secretary or Foreign Secretary and was able to prevent May outright sacking her by doing so, Hammond is challenging Dr Fox to prove trade deals would make up for loss of EU trade in a no deal situation, Brexiteers vs Remainers using f (not friends) and w (nor wonderful) words to describe each other

-Car sales fall for third month running, service sector growth at four month low, productivity falls in first quarter, Scotland avoids recession

-No vote on fox hunting in next two years

-Alok Sharma has tear in eye during Grenfell statement

-Grenfell immigration families given a year's amnesty

-Labour accuse government of refusing them opposition day debates


-Hunt had good statistic about Scottish healthcare (first fall in life expectancy in 100 years) but might not have been wise to look so amused, Lord Cormack has a good line
My Lords, in order to put one misused phrase to flight, does my noble friend agree that it is perfectly possible to have your cake and eat it but that you cannot eat your cake and have it?
, Baroness Anelay doesn't pretend to hide she disagrees with Steve Baker on a lot of things, Nick Herbert with great passion defending Southern Train staff numbers, Eddie Hughes greatly mocks his own maiden speech
I thank you, Mr Deputy Speaker, for calling me in today’s debate, because the good people of Walsall North, which includes Willenhall, Bloxwich, Leamore, Blakenall and Short Heath, have had to wait 41 years to hear a maiden speech from their Member of Parliament. You can only imagine how disappointed they will be when they see that the seven people who made speeches immediately before me were funny, erudite, clever and interesting—they will think, “What the hell did we wait 41 years for this nonsense for?”

In preparing for my maiden speech, I sought advice from experienced orators from both sides of the Chamber, but I think that the best advice I received came from Brendan Fisher, one of our ever-present, ever-helpful Doorkeepers. I have made a freefall parachute jump with my wife Clare and my two children, Sam and Corrine, and Brendan suggested that making a maiden speech was like doing a freefall parachute jump: there is the nervous anticipation while boarding the plane and ascending to the required altitude, before leaping, screaming, through the doors, only to find that the sensation of racing towards the ground at 100 mph is actually a pleasurable one—something that you want to repeat as soon as your feet hit the ground.

-Lammy rejects Grenfell chairman due to being white and rich

-Steve Baker being hammered for past comments about EU being incompatible with democracy and world peace while has just said staying in EEA would be unacceptable

-Osborne posts smiley tweet at May defending Tory economic record

-Mark Devonport on N.Ireland sticking points

-Crispin Blunt and Johnny Mercer says government should go to Commons for pre-emptive vote for any possible further military intervention in Syria

-Lord Lawson says Brexit dividend should be about 10 billion

-BBC loves Reese-Mogg social media's stardom

-Lord Darling suggests Hammond have a spending review to help set out priorities, says public paycap debate among cabinet has become shambolic

-Dr Woolostan says her office was vandalized by a masked man but says Labour female MP's have received worse, says Corbyn needs to do more then talk the talk


-Ross Clark unhappy with Hinkley

-Behr on Brexit weakens May's diplomatic hand at G20

-John Elledge says keeping tuition fees may be factually correct policy but it misses the reason people want it scrapped

-Simon Lewis concerned at how Brexit could hit small business

-Rebecca Lowe Colson says those in favour of nuclear deterrent must rethink their arguments to win

-Professor Andrew MacLeod fears econimic harm of Brexit

-Tim Worstall calls for end to national pay in public sector

-Ciaran Dunbar on Irish language

-James Frayne says Tories need to look at the evidence for their fall

-Marc Sidwell on Corbyn has learnt from Trump and Tories must learn how to deal with their tactics

-Richard Brooks questions how student vote is covered
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Thu Jul 06, 2017 5:04 pm

-Boris says need to be fiscally responsible in regards public sector pay (seen as backing away), says Trump gets people engaged and wish he was as free with his own tweeting as Trump is, UK has acted as a restraint on the President by raising his awareness on issues, May has shown grace and steel and will be PM for a long time yet.

-Barnier tells EU committee impossible for UK to have frictionless trade with EU if we leave the single market and isn't sure the UK gets that and we will not get as fluid trade again, Brexit will hurt UK and while no deal would hurt EU but UK would be hurt a lot more as tariffs and border proceders became cumbersome. If outside customs union then there would be checks on goods for point of origin, will check we keep to EU standards if outside single market, all UK farm produce will be subject to checks which would be a problem for Ireland, Vat decisions will be hit by red tape, his duty is to limit cost and damage to EU27, UK doesn't seem to understand EU red lines.

-Dr Fox accuses BBC of being biased against Brexit and of wanting the country to fail, UK attracting most inward investment ever

Sam Coates quips "I think some elements of the cabinet would rather see Liam Fox fail that Brexit proceed"

-Andrew Bailey, chief executive of the Financial Conduct Authority, wants Brexit transition and needs to be close to EU on regulation and supervisory matters

-ONS warns we have the biggest squeeze on household incomes since 2011

-Corbyn says state must help UK embrace technological change and get full benefit, some jobs will go and industries die but more opportunities and jobs will be created, companies have to pay a bit more to help fund education

-May to challenge Trump on climate change (whether she will or not is another matter), says G20 must unite against North Korea

-Angela Rayner argues tution fees policy is regressive


-James Duddridge is the first MP to ask question at PMQ's without a tie. Truly the end times!

-Phil Wilson says tuition fees shows Labour's problem, beloved by middle classes who they help but not helping the working poor

-Daniel Hannan warns we still have debts to repay and mustn't lose finical discipline

-Ken Clarke fears econimic disaster if government gives way to lobbying on paysector cap, McDonnell has decent joke about neighbours (May and Hammond) disagreeing, Lord King says London councils aren't equipped or resourced for disaster so London needs an emergency taskforce, poor roads minister got lobbied as hell during Westminster debate by MP's for local roads

-Sir Chilcot says Blair was not straight with the nation on Iraq and went to war based on belief rather then fact but didn't depart from truth, was emotionally truthful when giving evidence to inquiry, was too passive to USA. Hasn't made as much headlines and articles as one would expect

-Lord Patten says May should tell cabinet members to shut up if they have different opinions rather then public debate

-Guy Opperman heckled when she suggested apprenticeships for the Waspi women

-Evening Standard's Joe Murphy says resident fundraiser for Tories so dinner with Boris get 2 bids and 15k, May got 160k

-Chris Williamson backs mandatory reselection, says critics view it through the prism of the 70's and 80's, then shoots any attempt of getting MP's to back his stance by saying a large bulk of Labour MP's don't reflect Labour members views and Labour members have been shown to have pulse on the country more then MP's

-Sir Cable says tuition fees are terrible but how else to fund university system and focus should be on funding the 60% of non uni students

-Momentum win control of Berger's consistency party executive committee. MP's will watch how this goes and I would suggest one member demanding Berger apologize for disagreeing with Corbyn is not the kind of thing that looks good

-Lord Hague says we need to coordinate foreign policy with EU

-John Penrose sets out his economic proposals


-Anne Perkins on nature of inquiries

-Owen Jones warns Labour right can not go back to the past

-Mark D'Arcy on some outside Tory leadership challengers
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Fri Jul 07, 2017 7:16 pm

-Industrial production fell by 0.1% when growth was expected (4th month of failing to meet expectations in a row), trade deficit far worse then expected at £3.1 billion, UK construction output fell by 1.2%, sterling does not react well

-Boris wants China to put pressure on N.Korea

-Daily Politics editor Robbie Gibb (brother of the education minister) becomes May's communications director, had worked for Francis Maude and Michael Portillo before joining BBC.

-Greening wants business backing for technical qualifications

-Dr Fox says politics would stop UK and EU enjoying same smooth trade as we have now

-One poll has Labour eight points clear


-Bone attacks Tory social care plans as very stupid, health minister Steve Brine makes a passionate attack on how term "dementia tax" ill-serves social care and poetics as a whole

-Hayes says he will not take interventions from non tie MP's, Bercow gives that idea short shrift

-CBI wants to remain in single market and customs union till there is a trade deal

-Lord Hague says Brexit means we have less diplomatic influence, says we will probably still advocate EU membership in Balkans

-Baroness Ashton says we will be consulted by EU27 but obviously not same as being in room

-Momentum South Tyneside group (disowned as an idea by Momentum's main body) published a list of 49 MP's who should join the Liberals

-Sir Soames dabs


-Mark D'Arcy on five early thoughts on this parliament

-Isabel Hardman says May can not govern

-Eaton on Labour's deselection row

-Phil McDuff on the zombie politics of austerity

-Kevin Maguire on changing mood among the two parties
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sat Jul 08, 2017 3:46 pm

-May and Trump to have chat about future trade deal, ditto her and Shinzo Abe with offer of help on Olympics security

-May says UK will remain bold on the global stage, she wants Thatcher statue in Parliament square (been stopped due to fears of vandalism and it currently would breach rules for the square)

-Lavery says deselection is not the way forward

- Benn (Brexit), Cooper (home affairs), Dr Wollaston (health), Damian Collins (DCMS), Creagh (Environmental Audit), Twigg (Dfid), Angus MacNeil (Trade), Bob Neill (Justice), Helen Jones (Petitions), Charles Walker (Procedure), Meg Hillier (Public Accounts), Bernard Jenkin (Public Administration), Wishart (Scotland), Kevin Barron (Standards), David TC Davies (Wales), Maria Miller (Women & Equalities), Field (DWP) return to their chairs unopposed. I'm somewhat surprised Benn has not been challenged by Brexiteers

-Sir Stramer indicates Labour likely to amend the repeal bill, ditto SNP, Greens and Lib Dems

-Parliament lit up in LGBT colours for the weekend

-D'Arcy's week ahead

-Corbyn jokes September would be a nice time for election

-Treasury asking Trade department, aka Hammond vs Dr Fox, to prove free trade deals will compensate fully the loss of customs union

-Hammond doesn't think CBI proposals are possible but important to get a close a deal as possible with EU


-Stories spreading that Luciana Berger is being forced to write a letter of apology to Corbyn for daring to criticize him in past.

-Lord Adonis blames vice-chancellor cartel for wrecking tuition fees

-David Jones argues Labour should back government on repeal bill due to manifesto, says Brexit will be complicated but worth it

-Seema Malhotra feels Labour has to find way to unite the divide in the country

-Philip Davies opposed to Dfid paying flood insurance in poorer parts of world

-Greg Hands suggestion of altering Notting Hall carnival route as potentially inappropriate in shadow of Grenfell has not gone down well


-Bush doubts byelections will destroy May's majority

-Eaton sense things are turning against Brexiteers

-Iain Watson on Labour splits

-D'Arcy on Parliament's history on LGBT rights

-Alex Massie says Corbyn Labour have reached as high as they will go, predicts Labour civil war and warns neither party are ready to handle post-Brexit

-Henry Newman on EU-Japan talks good for Brexit
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Sun Fin » Sun Jul 09, 2017 7:27 am

Dong Zhou wrote:-Lord Adonis blames vice-chancellor cartel for wrecking tuition fees

I think he has a point. I led a student protest in my university due to a lot of members being sacked despite the fact our vice-chancellor earnt a whooping £400,000 a year. Considering we were a tiny university with a 1000 people in that was just reprehensible as for as I'm concerned. The Welsh Assembly believe that Medwin is saving Welsh education and keep giving him awards. Unfortunately they are the most gullible fools in the word as he is destroying it whilst lining his own pockets.
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