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Unread postPosted: Sat Jan 07, 2017 5:11 pm
by Dong Zhou
-D'Arcy's week ahead

-Sturgeon says soft Brexit would quell Scottish independence for a time as an act of goodwill

-First Minister Foster agrees to Sinn Feinn investigating proposals but won't step aside

-Red Cross says there is a humanitarian crises in England hospitals but seems to be saying numbers are due to social care problems

-Iain Wright concerned at the amount of fines for not paying the minimum wage is too small


-Tory donor Sir Andrew Cook will pull funding if there is a hard Brexit

-Lord Heseltine fined for knocking a cyclist off his bike.

-Culture Committee chair Damian Collins on press regulation


-Henry Hill says government should stop abdicating responsibility to "experts"

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Unread postPosted: Sun Jan 08, 2017 10:39 pm
by Dong Zhou
-Israeli Embassy senior political officer Shai Masot caught saying Boris is an idiot but they need to take out Alan Duncan as a threat. Israel says a junior employee who will be out of contract soon, they don't back his views, UK government tells everyone they are happy with that.

Had it been Russia or an EU official...

-May says she wants a shared society, government must nurture community relations, focus had been too narrow on very poorest, end mental health stigma, said Trump's boasts about his sex life were unacceptable but US-UK relations go deeper then relations between two leaders. A sense she was hinting at hard Brexit and she is very difficult to get answers out of

-Sturgeon says she isn't bluffing over send independence referendum, says May has no Brexit plan, paints herself as the compromiser.

-Gerry Adams says if the First Minister doesn't step aside, Martin McGuiness could resign and calls Communities Minister Paul Givan an ignoramus for cutting Irish language bursaries , Finance Minister Máirtín Ó Muilleoir warns if the First Minister doesn't go then election will happen

-NHS disputes Red Cross claims while Greening says it was inappropriate language

-Sir Ivan Rogers leaving civil service

-Charlie Elphicke and Anne-Marie Trevelyan demanding NAO investigate Treasury Brexit forecasts

-May defies the New year tradition return by going to Sky rather then Andrew Marr for interview. Marr gets little revenges during program like bumping Greening interview back while Mike Gapes not happy Labour didn't force one of their own on show.

-Tom Watson says Corbyn must lead Labour to next election, dismisses calls for progressive alliance, says things can always get worse but politicians are poor are predictions, gets on and speaks regularly with Corbyn but does not get on with some of those around Corbyn. Sees Reed and Reeves as bringing ideas to party, party can't win till it gets immigration right but seems to have no idea what Labour policy is on that, slams Sir Rogers departure email

-Corbyn wants Commons statement from May on NHS


-James Forysth on Brexit stance, May's priorities, article 40 and our new EU ambassador

-Rawnsley on May and her reputation

-Emma Burnell says Corbyn's Labour are making a fundemtnal mistake in way they talk to others

-Rentoul on ed Cross comments

-Jason Cowley on [url=] Labour's struggles

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Unread postPosted: Mon Jan 09, 2017 10:39 pm
by Dong Zhou
-First Minister Foster accuses Sinn Fein of playing chicken but then Martin McGuinness resigns, endangering the stability of the current Stormont government

-May sets out mental health measures, denies heading for hard Brexit, most of it setting out again that she believes in state intervention, the importance of talking inequality and everyday injustice but explains citizen of the world comment was that we had forgotten to be citizen to those around us

-Boris meets some of Trump's team, won't speak to press

-Labour want an inquiry into Israeli influence on UK politics, backed by Blunt

-TUC, using ONS figures, say the average household in the UK now owes a record amount of £12,887

-Mike Adamson, chief executive of the British Red Cross,defends use of term humanitarian crises, Jeremy Hunt says the people let on trolley's were unacceptable but humanitarian crises is stretching it and points out 30% of visits to A&E are not emergencies which really doesn't help and maybe a firmer hand is needed on that while announcing some short term measures for next bad patch.

-Pound falls again over fears of hard Brexit, wiping out winter gains (May blames misleading press reports of her speeches) but allows FTSE100 to break more records

-Nuttall orders his MEP's not to campaign for Le Pen

-ICM gives Tories holding a 14 lead, UKIP drop two

-Merkel says if we don't accept free movement then EU will impose limits to our access to single market

-Five Star Movement have cut ties with UKIP


-Dominic Cummings says Boris would have announced an extra £100 million a week for the NHS within a week of becoming PM

-Gove calls for more NHS funding, opposes transitional agreement with EU

-Lucy Powell admits Nuttall has a point that Corbyn talks to Islington set rather then what the working class care about

-Tyrie wants clarification of Brexit plans


=Henry Hill cynical about Sturgeon's soft Brexit offer

-d'Ancona happy with May's first six months

-Policto on Labour's new Corbyn strategy

-Dawn Foster not happy with Labour MP's arguing for tougher line on immigration

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Unread postPosted: Tue Jan 10, 2017 10:29 pm
by Dong Zhou
-Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman Bob Corker says UK will be in front seat for trade deal

-Corbyn says not wedded to freedom of movement but doesn't believe immigration is too high then proceeds to muddy the message for rest of day about whether wedded to freedom of movement or not, we can do better outside EU and wants full access to single market. Floats wage cap (which seems to be for public sector only) but seems to have done it without thinking it fully through (there might be a case for going for it as a policy but need it prepared for there will be backlash, floating it unprepared will kill the policy) then suggests public sector contracts would demand 20-1 pay ratio (had he gone that route in the morning...) among other routes. I think he messed up and talked about cap on high pay when he should have focused on the measures he had prepared for excessive pay speech, may have cost the chance for the other ideas. Backs Southern Rail strike and would take service into public ownership, indicates he won't resign if poll rating stay abysmal, opposes second referendum, would want to use state aid powers EU banned

-May warns if centre doesn't address concerns and sense of loss of legitimacy would lead to rise of fringe and divisive politics

-Women and Equalities Committee recommends fine for any party with less then 45% of it's general election candidates being female. No party got close to this in last election (SNP and Green's did best with 38%, UKIP bottom of major parties with 13%)

-Hammond says government has yet to decide about single market and migration controls are key

-Sturgeon promises no referendum this year

-Joint Committee formed under Margaret Beckett to investigate cyber attacks

-£ continues to fall, food prices up for first time in two years but only 0.2% over 12 weeks (that Premier Foods are preparing to hike prices is rather more worrying)

-Rumours McGuiness will not stand for Stormont again given his serious ill health

-Boris expects trade deals to come quickly

-Brokenshire predicts early Stormont elections


-Dominic Cummings with a lengthy blog about the Brexit campaign which included some strong attacks on his own side

-Lord Bridges in very good humour in Brexit debate

-Even Richard Murphy and Danny Blanchlower opposing salary cap (Tories aren't even bothering on this) in quite strong language, how it appeals on the ground will be interesting.

-The chief executive of the London Stock Exchange Xavier Rolet warns it could lose thousands of jobs due to Brexit uncertainty


-Kuesenberg on May's speech, ditto Hardman

-Owen Jones frustrated with Corbyn's failure to seize the moment in last few days

-Forysth defends s Jeremy Hunt's comments

-Bush on N.Ireland

-Eaton suggests maximum wage may be good politics for Corbyn

-Kamal Ahmed on max wages

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Unread postPosted: Wed Jan 11, 2017 9:04 pm
by Dong Zhou
PMQ's I question why May responded to SNP on Brexit with "if you leave UK, you leave EU" given you stay in UK, you leave EU. Unsurprisingly Corbyn went on NHS crises and mental health care, decent use of statistics and quotes while managing to attack usual flannel but not sure he managed a killer blow, pretty good spoof on shared society. May on defensive but managed to set out some of her stances like needing to fix bad practise, line about Corbyn changing his mind didn't zing and Corbyn dealt with that effectively enough, attacking Red Cross never a great idea, had a nice "Labour needs to be grown up" and Labour tax plans at the end. Pretty much the usual then, Corbyn has edge and pushed May onto backfoot yet again but without a killer blower, May will be content, she will feel she can ride this out. Angus Robinson went on N.Ireland but going for it as a "postpone article 50" route felt cheap

-May and Taoiseach Edna Kenny discussing Stormont crises while Bokenshire has talked to Ireland's Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan and N.Ireland parties. The N.Ireland Secretary is calling for an inquiry into the cash for ash scandal

-May puts investment in blind trust, Labour and Lib Dems wants to know what she put in

-Boris has told Trumps's team about Russian "tricks" and says Russia was the hackers of Clinton emails

-Russia accuses UK government of a witch-hunt against Russia

-ONS says average UK household's disposable income rose by nearly £600 in 2015-16

-Environment Minister Nick Hurd calls Trump's election "a very big rock chucked in the pool".

-Bercow rebukes Ellwood for using term "disingenuously mislead" about Thornberry

-Times accuses May's aides of gunning for Simon Stevens, Dr Woolostan has attacked government for this as have the opposition parties. It may be why Simon Stevens told Health Committee NHS has not got all money he wanted and that NHS has finical gaps with real spending down, badly needs capital investment which was cut after he made plans, casually mentions he would fund social care by cutting pensioner perks and that he has tried to resist social care cuts, we spend less then comparable countries like France and Germany (holding up a copy of the Daily Mail) in open disagreement with Chris Wormald (permanent secretary at the Department of Health), health and social care needs to be integrated. "We can't change ageing Britain...We are quite different from the criminal justice system." His comments are a major major blow to government line on NHS spending

On nice news, he also says life expectancy is rising five hour a day.

-Xavier Rolet says EU would be unwise to try to harm UK and Brexit UK must get USA onside quickly

-Government looking at 1k levy on employers for each EU worker

-Supreme Court will not give advanced copies of their Brexit judgement to anyone, not even the government

-SDLP calls for joint Dublin/London rule if Stormont collapses

-Hammond reassures Germany we have no aims to disrupt EU

-FTSE100 again breaking records, pound hits 32 year low against dollar (bar last years flash crash)

-Governor Carney says Brexit risks were mitigated by Bank's swift action and it is no longer the biggest risk to UK finical stability, says EU would be hit harder by no transitional deal, wants equivalence with EU rules, personally would prefer us in custom union, hints at upgrade of growth forecast in February


-David Bishop/Lord Biro aka the Elvis candidate has retired

-Commons and Lords seem in good mood so far with lots of laughter and teasing

-Lord Hill says UK influence in EU is already shrinking and needs to set out shared objectives quickly

-Lib Dems call for health and social care convention

-Frank Field calls for 1% increase in national insurance payments to help fund NHS

-Gloria De Piero on need to listen and her next listening exercise

-Alistair Fitt, vice-chancellor of Oxford Brookes University, calls hard Brexit “It would probably be the biggest disaster for the universities sector in many years.” with numbers dropping already


-John Pienaar on Labour frustrations with Corbyn's handling of immigration

-Gavin Hewitt on EU's views on undefined Brexit

-Bush on Labour's immigration stance

-Emma Bean with 5 things she learnt from Corbyn's relaunch

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Unread postPosted: Thu Jan 12, 2017 10:13 pm
by Dong Zhou
-Corbyn spokesperson calls for UK to wind down tensions between Russia and it's Nato neighbours and opposes sending forces, Nia Griffiths is spitting fury and demanding Nato is a redline.

I would say Corbyn is sometimes let down by his staff provoking needless rows but given Corbyn's self indulgence destroyed the hard work of a lot of people in Labour in his New Year's relaunch, I'm not too sympathetic this time.

-Hunt says looking at Wales and Scotland on how they stop people going to A&E when they don't need to

-Independent Commission for Aid Impact recommends more cash transfers

-Sin Feinn says they won't engage in negotiations before election but DUP finding money for Gaelic language bursaries after all is seen as a DUP olive branch

-Government denies a 1k levy on foreign employment but given that it would automatically happen as it does to non-EU workers after Brexit, they haven't announced they will change the policy.

-Attorney General Jeremy Wright to set out government basis for drone strikes

-Supermarkets have good Christmas figures

-Jon Lansmann trying to get Momentum affiliated to Labour (which would also mean some of his critics get disbarred)

-SNP come out against article 40 of press regulation

-Andrew Neill tore apart Professor Joshua Silver who complained Rudd's conference speech was a hate crime, the man clearly hadn't read the speech and when pointed out Labour figures had something without his complaining, cited he might complain against May. It does however mean number of record hate incidents has gone up by 1

-Tories making big push in Copeland

-Rumours May's Brexit speech will be next Tuesday

-Professor Anthony King, the political scientist and former BBC elections expert, has died.

-Brokenshire concerned that N.Ireland election is going to drive people apart

-Stephen Dorrell defends Simon Stevens


-Ross Hawkins on Copeland

-Bush says Corbyn's critics have no strategy and discusses Corbyn's relaunch

-Kuessenberg on why why NHS stories are very dangerous for May

-Eaton doubts Momentum can affiliate with Labour

-Guy Standing on universal income

-Andrew Lilico on chance to get immigration right

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Unread postPosted: Fri Jan 13, 2017 7:44 pm
by Dong Zhou
Tristram Hunt has resigned, is now going to head of the V&A. Has said it was simply too good a job to turn down (and it suits his interests), says he has been frustrated at how limiting he finds his ability to fight inequality as opposition MP but says this not been seen as an anti-Corbyn resignation. Been MP since 2010, was considered a coup for Labour as a celebrity historian and had been a long time party activist but his parachuting into Stoke Central was never popular, was made shadow education secretary and was seen as a future leader but didn't run in 2015, became a leading voice for those that opposed Corbyn.

Is this a giant last insult to Corbyn? Not in a deliberate way. Getting to head one of the most famous museums in the country is a big opportunity for an academic but a lot of Labour MP's are looking at the situation and realizing they are going to spend at least a decade out of office, by the time Labour get back in they will be overlooked for cabinet for younger figures so is it worth staying? For Tristram Hunt, clearly no, he can go back to academia and rebuild his career there. It is hardly a ringing endorsement of Corbyn but I don't think it was a targetted insult and his letter was clearly an attempt to avoid that. Personally was never a huge fan of Hunt, I felt he struggled in shadow education against Gove and Morgan, he was ill-suited to opposition . He as clearly an intelligent and articulate man but I never felt he seized the moment, he never stood out in the way of Cooper or Umunna.

Is this a problem for Labour? Yes. They already have one by-election to fight hard in their homeland, now they risk being distracted by 2. Stoke-Central is working class Brexit area that has returned Labour since it's founding in 1950 but Tristram Hunt's parachuting in saw numbers dive and he hasn't built up support (up but 0.5% after the 2010 collapse is not great) and I believe Labour lost control of the council. UKIP and Tories finished a decent second+third, about 5,000 behind, so may see this as a chance for an upset if one becomes clear rival to Labour early on while Labour will have to decide a strategy quickly but like Copeland, factionalism may play it's part.

What I dislike is MP's leaving mid-term. I know this is a fantastic opportunity for Hunt and for the likes of Hunt, Reed it must be sucky to come in each morning know Labour can't lay a glove on the government and in 2020, the question will be how humiliating the defeat will be but still... They signed a verbal contract with their people for 4-5 years and a by-election cuase a lot of people a lot of time and money, it is a drain on the public purse. A major point of principle, changing parties, serious personal reasons like ill-health, fine but see the 5 years through then go. Having a job line up for then? Feel free, it is a wise thing to do.


-Commons Public Accounts Committee wants more help for Syrian victims of torture, warns too few councils willing to take them in

-Corbyn has had meeting with Nia Griffith over Nato with the shadow defence secretary reassured some of it had been misintreprated but making clear Corbyn's team can not make defence policy on the hoof again.

-Government looking at tightening rules on night flight

-Scottish Greens say they meant not support Hollyrood budget as lacks progressive taxation

-Corbyn says he won't intervene to help Hilary Benn against deselection, backs Momentum members must join Labour

-Pound down but FTSE continues to break records

-Corbyn can do better then 33 words at Hunt going


-Former Nato head Lord Robertson really pleased at the future
That is a pretty formidable cocktail of trouble for us to face. However, my answer to the question of what was the greatest threat is actually different: it is ourselves. We are our own worst enemies. We are short-sighted, penny-pinching, naively optimistic, complacent and ostrich-like to the way in which the world has become interconnected and more fragile, unpredictable and incendiary. We are grossly unprepared and underresourced to meet the challenges of the coming years. These threats are potent and deadly, and some of them are very urgent.

-Chris Bryant's kiss a ginger day greeting to Bercow brings Commons into giggles

-Grayling in good form about Labour's stances on Southern Rail


-Ayesha Hazarika not impressed by Corbyn's relaunch

-Eaton on Labour's candidate dilemma for Copeland

-John Harris has eyes on Stoke

-Peter Edwards on Hunt leaving

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Unread postPosted: Sat Jan 14, 2017 6:47 pm
by Dong Zhou
-Commons Brexit committee urges May to set out her single market and custom union goals by mid Feb: in or out. Says Parliament must have final vote, backs interim deal, Ireland border must be settled, civil service needs funding, EU citizens rights must be settled early. Any economic assessments of the options should be made public, says single market vs immigration will be difficult to reconcile

-D'Arcy's week ahead

-Corbyn suggests government could take control of failed care homes, says economic system is rigged for rich and their friends and ordinary people lose out which led to Brexit, the country is lopsided towards London, Labour must learn from their innovation councils, pointedly suggest Fabian Society should do next conference outside London, makes a reach out to CBI by pointing to areas they agree on, touched on pretty much every subject (Brexit, NHS, immigration, inequality, trains, housing). Good speech (not heard the delivery) that taps into the anger people feel and gives the sense of someone who gets the rage (bar immigration) but also reaching out to CBI

-Malta's prime minister Joseph Muscat warns transitional trade pact to help sectors adjust would put sectors under EU courts

-New Zealand PM Bill English aiming for quick trade deal with UK after Brexit

-Stoke Central set to abolished, might make finding candidates a tad trickier then usual

-Former Welsh Liberal Democrat leader Lord Alex Carlile has left the party, served them as MP and highly respected for his work on terrorism legislation. He hasn't said why, party says there has been differences of view on civil liberties

-Government demanding GP's extend their hours to 08:00 and 20:00, seven days a week

-Dr Wollaston proposes 1% national insurance increase to pay for social care

-Jonathan Bartley calls for electoral part with Labour, says progressives should be winning and it isn't Corbyn's fault they aren't, progressives need to do better on economy message and too quick to dismiss alliances. Jeered somewhat by Fabian Society members for last one given some of his past comments

-Hammond suspects Brexit vote is being taken too mean too much rather then just "people want out of EU"

-Crispin Blunt warns relations with Russia are as bad as they can get without a war

-Michael Barnier's notes from meeting with senoir MEP's suggests he wants deal that would guarantee access for the EU firms and countries to the City of London’s financial markets.


-Maria Eagle says Labour keep ignoring rural seats

-Bernard Jenkins says we don't need transitional deal and insults Malta as a tiny island trying to take scraps from UK. Thank goodness they don't have a veto on any deal we make... oh dear

-Lord Mandelson suspects Hunt left due to unhappiness with Labour's prospects, Osborne says V&A chose well, Tom Watson disappointed

-Dugher concerned at how fake news is entering British politics, warns Labour must be ready to hold left fake news to account as much as it does the right-wing fake news

-Creasy warns progressives could be the frog in the boiling water, guilty of echo chambers and politics is being seen as increasingly irrelevant

-The Institute of Ideas’ Claire Fox suggests to Fabian Society members they consider they might be wrong about EU. Does not get good reception which I think partly shows why left are doing so badly

-Rushanara Ali warns Labour takes some sectors of voters for granted, it draws ideas from too narrow a circle


-Ben Wright on Hunt leaving

-Bush sees Stoke as a Labour win

-Eaton concerned a potential brandrain of MP's

-Hardman on MP resignations

-Forsyth on May's big speech, Whitehall, industrial strategy, manifesto

-Rentoul thinks Hunt's resignation will damage Corbyn

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Unread postPosted: Sun Jan 15, 2017 9:34 pm
by Dong Zhou
-Rumours of Nuttall running for Stoke

-Corbyn amused by Trump comparisons, bemoans media bias and says there should be a right of reply, open to NHS tax but doubts it, defends footballer wages but not happy with Ozil's wage demands, says he won't demolish Sellafield

-BMA accuses government of using GP's as scapegoat

-Treasury Committee looking into whether the cost of renovating Westminster is inflated

-Papers expecting hard Brexit

-Bryant fears Russia is targetting senior UK politicians for potential blackmail

-May does photo-shoot for Vogue

-Heidi Allen's attempt be MP and mayor for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough has been defeated, apparently went down really badly among her local party

-Mark Lyall Grant, the Prime Minister’s national security adviser, is retiring (was due to retire but not stopped questions)

-Andrew Neill has done a lot of damage to potential press regulator Impress, the board clearly needs replacing.


-Dan Hodges on May teams views on Trump, Corbynites eyeing Stoke

-James Forysth says May's Christian Democrat stances will be challenged by Brexit taking poltics to right

-Rawnsley on Hunt going and state of Labour MP's

Rentoul on Corbyn the wanna be populist

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Unread postPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2017 5:46 pm
by Sun Fin