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Unread postby Dong Zhou » Mon May 01, 2017 6:24 pm

-Labour to raise housing standards including rental properties

-Education Committee suggests replacing the annual test results from 11+ up should be replaced in the tables by a three-year rolling average as it currently skews education

-Works and Pensions Committee says use of self-employed status by Uber, Deliveroo and co is bogus and workers should be given full workers rights by default

-Home Affairs Select Committee says social media firms are "shamefully far" from tackling terroisim and other horrors on their sites, wants a review and social media companies to help fund police efforts

-Farron says he is a Eurosceptic

-Corbyn pledges to fill £3 billion education black hole (via corporation tax, again)

-Rumours May is unhappy that Fiona Hill is limiting her time on doorstep campaigning

-Rumours Junker has warned May that EU nationals deal won't be done in July as things like reciprocal healthcare will be complex, David Davis annoyed May by telling the guests of his beating her in court, European Commission fear May plans to grind down the daily work of the EU, May wants negations done in monthly four block days but EU fears it can not do that given need to consult others. Aka May's dinner with Junker has greatly leaked to German press and since most here (including myself) can't read German Jeremy Cliffe with 30 notes from it

-Youguv gives 16 point lead, Opinium 17 (guess which party is in lead). Opinium has 38% saying Brexit deal is key for who they will elect with May having 51% as best negotiator vs 135 Corbyn (amongst Remainrs, 40 vs 20)

-Press not pleased that weekend May rally was held in Aberdeenshire in a tiny community hall with such poor communications coverage that live coverage was impossible

-Labour’s candidate for West Midlands mayor Sion Simon unable to bring himself to say Corbyn would be best choice for PM. At all. While some unease the Tory candidate Andy Street has spent up to a million on his campaign, way more then his rivals

-Tories claim Labour are so split, they can't even decide if their 97 victory was a good thing

-Junker's team briefing he is over 50% confident the Brexit talks will collapse, formerly his team are saying it was a frindly consutrictive dinner and May is calling the German leaks mere gossip

-Sir Starmer disturbed by the leaks of May's EU dinner and how May seems to have misjudged the mood


-Rumours Farage has lost favour with Trump

-Sculptor Cornelia Parker has been chosen as this year's official election artist.

-Blair says Brexit has inspired him to get involved in policy debate but is not going to form a new party, says right are desperate for Blair like politics not to return to Labour as it means the Tories would be defeated and the left tends to attack itself

-Clive Lewis, Tulip Saddiq and Jon Cruddas want Labour to give Caroline Lucas a free run in Brighton

-Rachael Maskell wants second referendum

-IFS urges all parties not to rule out tax rises

-Simon Danczuk can not run for Labour

-Former MP Chris Williamson running to take back his former seat, declaring himself the most pro-Corbyn candidate in the election


-Brain Wheeler looks back on Blair 20 years on

-Sean Coughlin on changing attitude in education towards tests

-Zoe Williams on rallying for progressive alliance (though her views on what Tories believe is the kind of thing that is a huge roadblock to the left ever winning anything again)

-D'Ancona not too worried by the insults

-Dr Zubaida Haque on the MBE vote

-Fraser Nelson interprets May's Sunday interview
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Tue May 02, 2017 6:14 pm

-Tom Watson calls Boris a "caggie-handed, cheese-headed fopdoodle with a talent for slummocking about." and urges people to vote for their Labour MP due to their quality. In speech to union, mentioned Corbyn twice which has been rather noticed.

-Labour pledge 10,000 new policeman on beat paid for by reversing capital gains tax cut (already been pledged for other stuff) but has been hampered by Abbott not knowing how much it will cost, getting her sums wrong twice. Fair play to her going on DP afterwards, most wouldn't be brave enough to front up after that carcrashed but going "I said it right on other interviews" and then telling media off for wanting to ask about the shadow Home Secretary not knowing her sums for her policy, that saying the only people damaged are media credibility so not sure it was a good idea.

-Abbott says Corbyn better placed to be a PM then Blair was in 97 due to more experience, describes Blair as "a very talented man who has a big contribution to make in the community", dodges around Trident

-Corbyn on Blair years "That government brought about the national minimum wage. And I just remember going home at 5am from an all-night sitting in parliament to pass the national minimum wage legislation … And I just thought, this is what politics is about. This is worthwhile."

-Rudd says it was expected EU would open tough and UK will be more discrete then EU is being, hints we only get some plans on immigration in manifesto

-Commons energy committee says urgent need for clarity on how nuclear industry will be regulated after Brexit while Business Committee says leaving Euratom has not been thought through and risks our power supplies

-International Relations Committee warns we must detach our Foreign Policy from Trump as he is unreliable and could destabilize the Middle East, says Syria policy is confused and wants tougher action in Yemen

-Environment ministers from Britain's overseas territories says there is confusion from UK government departments as to what aspects their own department are responsible for, been cuts of funding and Whitehall has got distracted by Brexit

-UK manufacturing far stronger then expected and has been rising for nine months, pound rises

-Draft plan to tackle air pollution will finally be published within the next week

-Ruth Davidson says Scottish Tories can take Angus Robertson's seat

-Greens want a second referendum, Caroline Lucas calls Labour's refusal to engage in electoral pacts a betrayal of the country (a bit over the top?)

-ICM gives Tories a 19 point lead, 72% expect Tory majority, almost half of Labour voters more likely to vote Labour because Corbyn isn't going to win, May seen as running best election campaign and Nuttall worse. Ipsos MORI says public want doctors, academics, seasonal fruit and vegetable pickers, care home workers and nurses to be given visas but not baristas, restaurant staff or finance people, they don't believe May will hit 100,000 target

-The advisory committee on business appointments says Osborne broke rules by taking editorship before getting clearance from them

-Boris calls Corbyn an extreme threat to the country if he gets power

-May promises full term but not promised to go beyond that


-Lord Darling says Corbyn is right leader till election

-Osborne started his editorship today and launches with Tory election campaign "amounts to no more than a slogan" (some are rather amused by Osborne attacking someone for that), claims about our strength of hand in Brexit has been proven wrong, May needs to set out her Brexit stance and Brexit is a historic mistake

-UKIP won't stand against Philip Hollobone (they traditionally don't)

-Clegg disagrees with Junker's meeting leaking but May tended to do that to Lib Dems so finding it hard to muster sympathy, says Brexit is costing UK families £500 already

-Raab says judging by EU guidelines suggests UK and EU agree on two thirds of issues

-Cornwall Live really unhappy with restrictions placed on their interview in May's visit to area

-Woodcock says he would not vote for Corbyn to be PM, hard to see how he can hold Labour whip and run for Labour.

-Del Peiro gets election date wrong in election video

-Ukip’s mayoral candidate for Doncaster, Brian Whitmore says Nuttall lacks fire to be leader

-IFS says public spending as a proportion of GDP is roughly at the level it was before the financial crash

-UUP not running in North Belfast, East Belfas and South Belfast which suggests deal with DUP while UUP get free run in Fermanagh/South Tyrone

- Sally Prentice, Labour’s candidate in the Holyrood byelection in Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire, has said only Labour can bring a second indepdence referendum.


-Katya Adler on EU frustrations with May

-Dr Richard House believes Labour's policy platform will defeat the establishment propaganda

-Paul Mason calls for people's Brexit

-Owen Jones urges Labour to define the Tories

-Mathew Elliot on we are all Brexiteers now

-Hardman fears a duller Commons is coming

-Anoosh Chakelianon Tory Remainers fearing a landslide could lead to harder Brexit
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Wed May 03, 2017 6:31 pm

-May says Junker will find she is a bloody difficult woman then goes onto the attack in late afternoon: foreign media have misrepresented UK position, European Commission going hardline and some (unnamed) figures threatening Britain, some trying to sabotage Brexit and all trying to meddle in the UK election. She omits the minor detail that the supper that started all the recent bad news was on a date of May's choosing or that if such claims are believed by the public, it would help May so she should be thanking the moustache twirling Brussels knaves. Press immediate reaction is "how will this play in Brexit talks?", disgust at such an act by a PM and "HAHAHAA, most hilarious lie of the election" but I suspect headlines will be May's damaging paranoid rant by Remain papers and Brexit papers declaring May telling truth about those swine who will also steal all our sausages

-Peter Whittle challenges Abbott to public debate on Home Affairs

-May visit to Brislington in Bristol marred by idiots shouting "Tory scum"

-Ireland asking EU for help to cope with economic shock from Brexit, Irish ambassador to the UK Dan Mulhallurges all sides to calm down

-Thornberry urges May to calm down on negotiations and be prepared to compromise, on Abbott says we all make mistakes and she has been there herself. After May's attack on EU, calls “preposterous, paranoid and xenophobic” ill-befitting the office of PM and likened May to a "wobbling and lashing out like some hybrid of Richard Nixon and Cersei Lannister"

-Tories claim Labour has a 45 billion blackhole in plans, Labour says Tory calculations are all of errors and flimsy while David Davies says they have tried to be reasonable. Given even in Guardian seems to be backing Tories on this being reasonable calculations, Labour might be in trouble and it has led to Labour dropping policies of paying under-25s the same benefits as over-25s and reversing cuts in the arts budget while saying Tories overead nursery access to all children and buying out PFI contracts had also been misinterpreted as loose comments rather then party policy. However £35 billion of that blackhole is infrastructure spending which Labour could argue is perfectly reasonable leaving only 10 billion blackhole (problem is, that bit won't come out to the ordinary voter)and Tories yet to cost their manifesto. Or say any policy whatsoever

-Labour would halt NHS closures which makes me wonder if they plan to axe Simon Stevens who is trying to modernize the service with closures

-Lib Dems promise second referendum

-Yscir ward has no candidates for local election as incumbent Gillian Thomas retires. When BBC told some who were unaware, none seemed interested in standing as "seems a bit petty" and so I won't be sympathetic when this bites them

-EU has upped their Brexit bill to 100bn euros (France and Germany pushing for this) and believed that they want European Court of Justice as the arbiter for any disagreements plus May only talking with Michel Barnier rather then EU leaders (which is what she wants)

-Tory election poster here which McDonnnel calls lies

-Liberal Democrat membership has reached 101,832, it's highest ever, thanks to 14,000 joining since election called

-UKIp to cut Dfid to 0.2% of GDP, saying the aid target is favoured by "gap year politicians" who like the celeb praise. Tom Brake's rebuttal is disgusting "Ukip would cheerfully see a child starve to death if it won them some cheap, snarling clip on the evening news." UKIP also want end of green levies and BBC license fee as obsolete

-David Davis says to take bill with pinch of salt, May will lead the talks for UK, rules of article 50 says trade deal must be negotiated with withdrawal, Merkel's comments are negotiating tactic and due to her own election, wants EU nationals here to have the deal they have now

-Bariner says illusion that UK will find Brexit painless, says UK has already created 10 months of uncertainty, that whatever the Brexit will be is simply UK paying it's promised commitments, ECJ must be the arbitrator for any dispute, will only allow trade deal to start once we agree the money owed, meeting with May was cordial and they share an interest in mountain hiking, wants a entente cordiale between EU and UK, hopes for phase 2 of Brexit to begin in Oct or November

-Nuttall says May must insist we will be willing to walk away and we should pay nothing. Econimic spokesperson Patrick O'Flynn has said a small bill would be acceptable for good deal but said WTO terms would be nothing to fear.

-UK construction growth hits four-month high and seems they are confident for future but JP Morgan hint they are moving staff to Dublin, Standard Chartered says they want to move their base to Frankfurt, Goldman Sachs moving jobs outside UK

-Gardner says Brexit has changed a lot in politics and that may play into local elections, fears people aren't going to vote for local reasons

-Someone called Kat has translated that German EU article

-Anyone aged 18-24 can visit Westminster for free

-Evening Standard (Osborne being very pro May :P) 1922 committee are going to rebel over education funding reforms

-Panelbase sees Tory lead cut to 17%

-ITV debate on May 18th

-Corbyn says the 100billion is an opening gambit, calls for May and Davis to be more reasonable to EU and say May's Brexit speech is playing games and accuses May of "wrap the Conservative party in the Union Jack." which was not his best idea for an attack line and Tory HQ apparently love it.

-Sturgeon calls May's speech irresponsible

-SNP accused of breaking purdah when housing minister Kevin Stewart announced regeneration project in Glasgow a key target area) two days before council elections

-Junker's chief of staff Martin Selmayr (was at dinner of wickedness) says is an impressive figure, best for EU if there is a strong negotiator for UK with the nation behind them, supper was constructive despite havoc since, negations would be difficult but Britain is noted for pragmatism and will be managed in a professional way with good faith


-Gove says May was right to sack him and she has got the right team around her. It is sad seeing such a great reforming secretary of state becoming such a crawler

-Karen Danczuk not selected

-John Finucane, son of murdered Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane, is set to stand as Sinn Féin candidate in North Belfast

-Ed Miliband mows voters lawn

-Kelvin MacKenzie says “perfect headline” would be “Jeremy Corbyn knifed to death by an asylum seeker”. He later corrected it (due to Cox's death) to ‘Jeremy Corbyn Defrauded by Asylum Seeker.’ Labour is not pleased

-Corbyn's team and Labour HQ having to share offices at moment, given Corbyn's team call them "the dark side" (and feeling probably mutual), might not be a nice six weeks

-Labour select 7/7 hero Paul Dadge for Cannock Chase

-Stephen Kinnock says EU is hardening against May

-Baroness Helana Kennedy warns attempts to have parts of EU and not be part of ECJ won't work

-Daniel Hannan rails against Junker

-When May ate chips in front of camera, Ed Miliband tweeted "May, we should talk..."

-Simon Danczuk says Corbyn is a danger to Britain

-Michael Deacon of the telegraph tweeting on May's speech "Does anyone seriously believe the EU are thinking, "Leak a bit of gossip to a German paper, Corbyn landslide. After all, it's a tight race" "Go on, Jean-Claude. It's neck and neck. Only 20 points in it" "We need to replace May with a hardcore Remainer, like Jeremy Corbyn" "No, this German newspaper gossip is real dynamite. I reckon it could be worth 350 seats to Tim Farron"

-Woodcock survives deselection attempt, NEC pointed out MP's have done similar things in past like against Gordon Brown

-Lord Lamont says the election interference from Eu would make Putin blush


-Bush says Camer taking Tories out of the EEP has made Brexit and mutal understanding harder and Brexit bill row suits May

-Kuessenberg on EU briefings

-Andrew Peirce on a different version of that dinner

-Alex Morton on how May can reach Labour and UKIP voters

-Sean O'Grady argues Abbott story is overreaction

-Professor Curtice on May benefiting from Brexit vote behind her while Remainers are split
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Thu May 04, 2017 6:36 pm

-Local elections/mayoral elections day so putting stuff in spoilers in case anyone hasn't voted yet today

-West Midlands mayor is seen as too close to call by both camps

-Academics from the Political Studies Association have predicted in England, Tories getting 115,up 85 for Lib Dems, UKIP to be hammered with 105 losses and Labour to lose 75 in England. Labour however to lose 100 seats in Wales with Tories picking up 50 of them

-Drinking in Britain is in real decline bar the baby boomers

-Juncker chief of staff retweets someone's comment that EU wants May to win big. I bet we hear nothing from Lord Lamont and May about this election interference

-Panelbase sees Tory lead narrow to 17, Youguv says only 15% recall strong and stable as a election slogan

-Speculation government may seek Commons support for Syria strikes if large enough majority

-ITV won't empty chair Corbyn or May

-Spain softening position on Gibraltar, wants an end to it's low tax regime rather then another fight on sovereignty, also seems to be working on plans for EU and UK nationals agreement

-Labour has a record 41% of general candidates being female

-UK car sales takes a 20% slide perhaps due tax changes at least partly while service sector hits 4 month high but price hikes of highest since July 2008, UK mortgage approvals hit six-month low

-Sturgeon orders no council alliances with Tories

-European Commission note they recognise electioneering when they see it like May's speech and they are rather busy at the moment to be that bothered

-President of the European parliament, Antonio Tajani denies interfering in our elections and accepts it as electioneering from May

-Corbyn says he doesn't get angry though Lib Dem leciures on Labour record irritates him somewhat, calls himself “Monsieur Zen”

-President Tusk says talks will be difficult as it is without things like May's speech, she needs to keep emotions calm


-Farage backs Le Pen

-Cooper on May's Brexit comments

-Hodge says local councils and Labour are not doing enough to get woman councillors and woman council leaders

-Labour members in Shipley not happy they have put a man (lecturer Steve Clapcote) up against Philip Davies and some want Labour to stand aside from Woman Equality Party

-Polling station set up in a car in Moray because main venue wasn't open this morning

-Umunna on May's cynical Brexit speech

-Russia embassy having fun with May rant


-Hamish McRae concerned at tone of Brexit bill debate

-Simon Jenkins says Corbyn should go down the Sanders route

-Fintan O'Toole on Eu offer to N.Ireland

-Katrin Bennhold of New York Times on Sun's role in Brexit

-Bush says May should behave like a PM

-Paul Waugh believes May's strategy is working

-Polly Toynbee looks at local election
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Fri May 05, 2017 7:00 pm

Local election results:

Thurs evening/really early Friday: First result was June Tandy, leader of the Labour group on Warwickshire county council, losing to Tories then Labour lost all four councillors in Harlow, Lib Dems lost their councillors in Somerset. Farage warned it would be a bad night for UKIP early on, Gwynne got "not our fault" early by blaming proportional vote but hinted Wales wasn't as bad as feared and Tories would need to make gains in new mayors if they would have reason to be successful. Mayoral turnout was low, Welsh Labour figures were bemoaning general election being so close and the Corbyn vs May factor was hitting them in local elections

First council declared was Warwickshire where Tories took control, they held Essex, took Lincolnshire as they wiped out UKIP. Wrexkham stayed in No Overall Control but Labour lost largest grouping to Independents,, Tories then held Dorset and Hampshire, Labour grew in Flintshire but remained no overall control. Tories take Gloucestershire and overtake Labour as largest (but not in control) in Cumbria, Tories hold Somerset. Tories hold Hertfordshire, Labour loses Blaenau Gwent to independents (bin collection policy was apparently really unpopular and a lot of independents are deselected Labour figures) and ditto in Merthyr Tydfil however three councillor elections postponed due to death so they could retake control in June, Labour holds Newport, Tories win Isle of Wight, Labour holds Neath Port Talbot. Conservatives win Monmouthshire. Ceredigion stays NOC with Plaid as largest party, Labour fails to keep control of Bridgend (Carwyn Jones stronghold) but remain largest party

By 6am: Tories gained four councils and 105 councillors in England and 24 seats in Wales though will be disappointed to not take Newport, most successful performance by a governing party since the 1974 reorganisation and their best since 2008 at this stage. UKIP lost everyone with their votes going to Tories so even in areas Labour held up well, they could be beaten by the Tory surge though plenty of places outside the Welsh cities (Labour did well there) where Labour collapsed, Labour down 45 seats in England, two councils and 68 seats in Wales. Lib Dems down 9 seats in England, 5 seats in Wales in a very disappointing night for them. Greens took two seats in England, Plaid 12 in Wales

Mayors: Labour’s Ros Jones holds Doncaster with 57.9%, Tories won West Midlands through Tim Bowles on second preference with Bowles saying he had built a friendship with Labour counterpart Lesley Mansell but though a blow to Corbyn the Tories won by less then expected thanks to strong third place by former MP Stephen Williams. Turnout was 29.7%

Some individual results: Gillian Troughton failed bid to become MP followed by losing her council seat, been a grim year for her, Tessa Munt becomes councillor in Somerset, Labour councillor Brendan Toomey, leader of Merthyr Tydfil council, ousted by independent


Friday Gardiner calls it disappointing saying splits between Labour and independents hit in some Welsh seats, Lisa Duffy says UKIP will learn from a disappointing night, Baroness Brinton says it was patchy for Lib Dems but bodes well for election due to strength in key areas, Brandon Lewis says encouraging but not complacent. Professor Curtice says the nightly results was very bad for UKIP, pretty bad for Labour, pretty good for Tories with West Midlands mayoral their only disappointment. Professor Scully says Welsh swing was Labour to independent more then Labour to Tories (might be a concern for Tories), Plaid declare they got significant gains. Welsh labour fairly happy, they have held the cities though there are clearly issues of them in regaining support in rural areas and Tories didn't advance as much as they would have hoped, Stephen Kinnock calls it disaster day and partly blames Corbyn, Suzanne Evans says UKIP a victim of it's own success and Nuttall says if a price of Brexit then a price UKIP are willing to pay. In Scotland, was early sense Labour votes switched to Tories for tactical reason. By 1pm, Peter Kellner said latest share of the vote figures suggest Tories were on course for their best result in local elections during government since 1979. Tories in Scotland get record 276 councillors but SNp remained largest party as they improved with 431 councillors rather then 425

Labour hold Hartlepool against UKIP which is a blow for Nuttall, holds Cardiff, Swansea and Torfaen, Greens got their first councillor in Isle of Wight and Orkney, Tories take Lincolnshire with UKIP wiped out, Plaid get their first seat in Aberavon, Vale of Glamorgan remains NOC but Tories become largest party, Northumberland remains NOC with Tories one seat away and that seat saw Lib Dems win by straw draw. Essex sees Tories increase their hold. The first result in Scotland was Clackmannanshire still NOC with SNP majority but no gains first major result from Scotland was Labour losing control of Glasgow for first time in 40 years, Labour has lost Derbyshire County Council which it has never lost while in opposition. It took UKIP till nearly 4pm to gain a seat, taking Padiham and Burnley west seat, Tories won their first ever councillor in the Western Isles and won in Ferguslie Park aka the most deprived ward in the UK, Stirling NOC but Tories level with SNP, South Ayrshire NCO but Tories now largest, Aberdeen NOC but SNP became largest party and ditto in West Dunbartonshire. NCO's for Inverclyde and East Lothian but Labour retain largest party, Midlothian NCO but Scottish Labour usurp SNP as largest party, Nottinghamshire sees it slip into NCO with Tories now largest party, Falkirk NCO but SNP hold as largest, Edinburgh NCO but Labour collapse to third

Mayoral: Steve Rotheram gets Liverpool with an impressive 59% then in a major major upset, Tories Ben Houchen won Tees Valley in second round, Burnham won in Mahcester with a whooping 63%, Andy Street took West Midlands which Labour had hopes of winning, Tories under James Palmer win Cambridgeshire

Willie Young, Labour’s finance convenor and former group leader in Aberdeen, ousted as was SNP group leader in Fife Neale Hanvey, Sally Cogley of the Rubbish party has taken a seat in East Ayrshire's Irvine Valley ward. Feel free to make your own jokes

BBC has local election turnout of 35% which is better then last time, turnout for mayor's tended to be high 20's to mid 30's but there is a feeling that will grow as people get used to system (like London), Wales was 5% swing from Labour to Tories, England a 7% swing, BBC national share calculation is 11% swing to Tories, Sky's would give Tories a 48 majority

Overall results: In England Tories gained 10 councils and 319 councillors, Labour lost a council and 142 councillors, Lib Dems lost 28 councillors, Resident Association lost 2, ICHC 1, UKIP lost 143 and ended up with one councillor, Liberals wiped out with loss of all three councillors. NOC (no overall control) lost 5 councils. In Scotland Independents lost 27 councillors but remains chief in councils with 3, SNP lost their one council and 7 councillors, Tories gain 164, Labour lose all three councils and 133, Lib Dems lose 3 councillors, Greens get five councillors. NOC wins four councils. Wales sees Labour lose 3 councils and 107 councillors, Independents gain a council and 13 councillors, Plaid up 33, Tories got a council and 80 councillors, Lib Dems lost 11, Llais Gwynedd 7, Greens got their only councillor in Wales, UKIP wiped out with two losses. NOC got a council.

Overall thoughts:

Good for: Greens who are steadily building up a base in one or two areas and will have eyes on adding MP's this general election with the increased base, some firsts for them. Plaid slowly build up some more though may have wished for even better given Labour's troubles, those that love elections decided by a game of chance, those who love jokes about Rubbish. Tories it says much that even record level of victory has a mild tinge of disappointment for not winning better in West Midlands and not taking Newport. Such a strong showing in England with 11 new councils, Wales hints they probably will not get the history breaking election they hope for unless the independents break for them, people may despise Corbyn Labour but they don't seem quite ready to vote Tory. They have sucked up the UKIP voters while keeping the 2015 voters and the centre ground, it is a major win for May while Ruth Davidson continues revving the party so successfully in Scotland with a very strong performance. SNP remain largest which given they are a governing party is a very good result though Scottish Tories rise might be an issue in general election but SNP will still do strongly there.

Bad for: Anyone hoping for a healthy democracy after the general election! On a serious note, all those who have lost their jobs and some it will be through no failing of their own. Lib Dems best moment seems to be Stephen Williams finishing third, they lost seats and seem to be no real sense of a surge on the ground, like the polls which have stayed fairly flat for them. UKIP has had the worst election of anyone, failing to keep seats in strongholds, their vote just falling apart as they go to Tories. The question is why? Due to Brexit (which would leave questions as to why the UKIP councillors got in on local elections in first place), the chaos since Brexit, Nuttall struggles, a feeling UKIP are irrelevant? Not looking good for general election or long term.

Labour. Not as bad as UKIP because they kept some councillors. There were some bright spots, Wales didn't fall to Tories and independents could break to them or at least not vote against so preventing historic epic this summer, Wales cities remain a stronghold (Welsh Labour claiming credit for themselves with Carywn Jones calling it defying the doom mongers) , they did ok in West Midlands byelection, able to still win mayoral in heartlands with some thumping wins but generally it was a disaster. Loss after loss after loss for a party in opposition, it shouldn't happen yet Corbyn seem to be finding new lows in England as Labour get thrashed in the Shires, took some hits in their very heartlands including losing in Teesside and lost the marginal mayoral contests. Oh and opposition parties over-perform in local elections historically so this was quite probably Labour at a high point. Scottish Labour is also utterly irrelevant now, their exile could be as long as the Tories but that is not a Corbyn issue and one wonders if Dugdale will remain in post at end of year.


-David Davis says Commission crossed the line and are trying to bully us

-When your argument is it is a good day because there wasn't a wipe out and your the opposition, your in deep trouble Mr McDonnell! Does however point to Mayoral successes, holding Welsh cities and that manifesto will pick up voters (which are fair arguments) and the old "once people get to see our leader they will change their mind" (which doesn't seem to really happen)

-Millwall fans launch political party to stand in general election in protest at stadium issue

-Norway's Prime Minister Erna Solberg says Brexit is a big challenge for her country

-Zahwai wins libel case against Press TV and UK-registered Press TV Ltd for falsely claiming he profited from trade with terrorism.

- Michel Barnier will address the Dáil next Thursday

-SNP deny four Tory claims of breaking purdah

-Labour HQ telling Mp's to call it a mixed day but better then expected, Tories failed in Wales and concentrate on holding strongholds like Swansea and Newport+that mayoral victories on Doncaster and other "if Labour lost, UN would launch inquiry about the end times" areas

-Apparently SNP not happy that Glasgow voters managed to mess up their voting slips and possibly cost them victory

-No woman mayor

-May has bigger lead in projected national share then Thatcher

-May says EU bureaucrats trying to stop good Brexit deal

-Mayor Rotheram perhaps not giving the message Corbyn wanted at rally when he says Labour win on policy but more challenging when it comes to leader vs leader as Corbyn is a Marmite figure

-Burnham to donate part of his salary to help the homeless, skips Corbyn rally to party.

-Corbyn says Labour are closing gap on Tories but election will be historically difficult


-Portillio predicts no Brexit deal and declares Finical Times is anti-British for disagreeing with him on Brexit deal

-IDS says no point in UKIP after Brexit

-Chief executive of Goldman Sachs Lloyd Blankfein says London will stall during Brexit and has contingency plans if Brexit talks go south but expects London to remain it's largest office in Europe, will need to be an implementation period

-Lord Ashdown says election results show need for progressive alliance

-Helen Lewis spends time with Jess Philips

-Molly Scott Cato sees Bristol chances increased in Bristol

-Carswell says it is over for UKIP

-Salmond sees Tories as eliminating UKIP by becoming UKIP

-Banks says Nuttall has crashed the car and lavishes praise on Farage, promises new movement in autumn and expects May to get sizeable majority but fail on immigration

-Steven Woolfe says he will vote Tory as the dark side of UKIP has risen

-Lord Jack McConnell says Labour collapse in Scotland could soon repeat in England and Wales

-Losing mayoral candidate Siôn Simon (West Midlands) not happy at Tory spending and says people on doorstep felt Labour at a national level do not represent their values

-Tom McTague on Tory campaign room

-Chris Mason on Thursday results

-Kuessenberg on how much to read into local elections

-Bush on a disastrous Thursday for the left and then thoughts on overall results

-Paul Mason says Labour could use tax bombshell attack if they go radical enough

-Martin Kettle says Lib Dems may need to lower their hopes

-Lewis Baston alarmed by Labour results

-Councillor Adam Swersky tries to rally Labour

-Eaton says Brexit and Corbyn have handed an era of Tory hegemony
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sat May 06, 2017 2:23 pm

-May and co trying to dampen expectations

-Nuttall went in hiding after defeat

-Farron says Lib Dem will double MP's

-Dugdale says Scottish votes were split on constitutional lines

-Lib Dems pledge 1p income tax on all bands rise to fund NHS

-Tories made the biggest gains by a governing party in a local election for more than 40 years.

-Alan Hosker was UKIP's one hero

-Gwynedd seat decided by drawing winner out of container

-BBC doing Scottish Leaders debate on 21st of May, STV on 24th

-BBC profiles the mayors and provides election results map


-Church of England urges voters to remember their Christian values, say housing and NHS are key issues

-Gerard Batten says Tory win is most undeserved and unearnt in political history

-Baroness Brinton says Lib Dems breathing down the necks of collapsing Labour


-Iain Watson on mood within Labour

-Marina Hyde on the past week

-Professor Curtice on lessons from election results

-Professor Michael Thrasher says May's gamble on election looks set to pay off

- Susie Boniface says UKIP isn't dead, indeed it is much worse

-Jonathan Freedland on session with focus group and the voters have made clear feelings on Corbyn

-Conor Pope accuses Corbyn and co of trying to blame the Labour activists and candidates

-James Forsyth Brexit row and the elections
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sun May 07, 2017 11:56 am

-Labour pledges not to raise income tax for those earning less than £80,000 a year, no rises in VAT and employee national insurance rates but the top 5% to get more tax

-McDonnell says local elections were very disappointing and they must come out fighting, says failure to get policy across and they must up their campaign, denies he is a Marxist so people playing past tapes of him calling himself a Marxist. Came across well on Marr but suspect Labour need to do more on selling tax plans then he managed

-Nuttall says UKKIPers will return when May buckles on Brexit

-Lib Dems would keep triple lock but wealthier pensions could lose winter fuel allowance

-Tories would replace 1983 Mental Health Act and put mental illness under a reformed Equalities Act, would add 10,000 mental health staff but don't set out where money will come from for this

-Corbyn says Labour faces huge challenge for election

-Labour trying to downplay rumours of a rift between Burnham and Corbyn

-Professor Curtice warns local elections suggest May has work to do to get a landslide and that Labour aren't too far from Miliband mark

-Feels like everyone is waiting for Tories to begin using Corbyn's past IRA history against him


-Norman Lamb predicts Tory landslide

-Farage says UKIP still have a strong role to play till Brexit actually happens

-Burgeon had rough time on Sunday Politics

-Carswell blames Farage for UKIP's collapse


-Buzfeed tracking election attitudes on social media

-Kamal Ahmed on Hammond's tax burden dilemma

-Will Hutton very worried about a bleak future

-Rawnsley let's rip at a Labour heading to disaster

-Kate Matlby on local elections
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Mon May 08, 2017 6:11 pm

-Hunt and Rudd back the EU interfering in our elections line

-Farron said he had Thatcher, President Kennedy and Jo Grimond pictures on his wall.

-Green's asking BBC why a party with no MP's is getting more coverage then them (this time, they have a fair point)

-Tories keep immigration to 10,000 pledge for third time.

-ICM has 18 point lead, Youguv 19, ORB a mere 15, Opnimum 16, ICM 22 (a record for them) with Lib Dems getting 9-11%. Yougv Welsh poll gives Labour one more seat then last time but still record defeat

-Facebook launching anti-fake news efforts for the election

-Researchers from the House of Commons library and the Office of National Statistics have been sent to help charity Full Fact for the election campaign

-Party leaders pleased with French result though UKIP have kept quiet

-Lib Dems argue ethnic pay gap should be recorded like gender pay gap is

-Caroline Lucas asks Labour and Lib Dems to allow local parties to step aside for electoral pacts, wants Greens to get free run on Isle of Wight, says reaction on June 9th from public will be "When will the left ever learn?", Jon Ashworth immediately rules pact out.

-Labour want a ban on junkfood ads before the watershed and would measure progress in child health against international standards, would end NHS parking charges paid for by increasing insurance premium tax for private health insurance (notably nothing more then generic attacks on this, suggesting other parties might want this later)

-Greens standing aside in South West Surrey (Hunt's seat) with Lib Dem and Labour local parties indicating most of them will also be acting against their candidate in favour of National Health Action party.

-NHS bosses say pay for staff has become so uncompetitive that some are going to supermarkets

-UKIP want zero net immigration within five years, points-style system for entry, and compulsory work visas for people from all overseas nations other than the Republic of Ireland and a time-limited system of six-month seasonal visas for agricultural workers

-Nuttall says in terms of driving government policy, UKIP has been the most successful party this century

- Scottish council elections got a fairly impressive turnout of 47%

-May says she needs a mandate like Macron

-BBC to have the Mays interviewed on One Show tomorrow, seven way debate on 31st May, 2md of June doing May vs QT audience and then Corbyn QT audience ala Cameron and Miliband last time then another on the 4th with Farron and Sturgeon

-Tories trying to use secret records of Sir Cable and Sarah Olney saying at local level some parties may do deal with Labour as proof of secret alliance. Given this sort of arrangement at local level is hardly unusual...

-Corbyn calling Marx a great economist is going down as well as one would expect though Lib Dems are being rich given sir Cable has said similar. Corbyn also backs Wenger...

-Sir Cable becomes Lib Dem Treasury spokesperson


-Cable rides penny farthing

-Soubry dismisses claims about EU interference as election fluff

-Gove says May is leading a gentle counter-revolution

-Farage declares President Macron offers 5 more years of failure and Le Pen will win in 2022 if she sticks in there, says Nuttall is doing fine and UKIP will survive

-Crabb and Zahwai says the very ambitious nature of the immigration target is why it should be kept

-Alan Johnson urges Corbyn to speak to areas outside Labour strongholds

-Simon Danczuk resigns from Labour, saying they have become out of touch. Might also have something to do with being suspended and in trouble...

-IDS goes into rap, using Lose Yourself, to mock Abbott


-Richard Murphy, former adviser to Corbyn, accuses McDonnell of lacking ambition and not being left-wing enough what he thinks Corbyn should do but he is going to struggle to win argument where he uses "the problem with this lot? Not left-wing enough"

-Iain Dale on his seat by seat election prediction

-Zoe Williams proposes way Labour local parties can heal their divisions

-d'Ancona fears UKIP influx could begin to influence Tories

-Sophy Ridge urges Labour to attract UKIP voters

-Marc Wallace attaks head on th idea that UKIP voters going Tory is a bad thing
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Tue May 09, 2017 6:42 pm

-May making push on her energy cap policy which will be set by the regulator though Greg Clark refusing to commit to prices going down might not help. Lib Dems call it a gimmick, that it was bad during Miliband's time and is bad now

-Corbyn says he won't resign if he loses (no leader admits they would go but this is causing overreaction from everybody. Now Corbyn is saying he didn't mean if he lost but that would require major failure to understand question put to him), would be a little reluctant to move into number 10, reads alternative media like Canary and Buzzfeed (really doubt the latter will appreciate that comparison), says he would reject Nato request to send more soldiers to Afghanistan, refuses 5-7 times to rule out staying in EU (Labour team franticly promises they will leave EU but feels like a defender making a heroic dash to the line after an immense keeper error when they know the damage is done). In speech Brexit issues has been settled and Labour would predict vital industries, vows to end three decades of privatization and will transform Britain., that he is coming after 'tax cheats, rip off bosses and greedy bankers'. Maybe shouldn't use the vow "to ruin their party" as so easy to twist that from ruining Tory party to ruining Labour. Speech went down well as passionate, making case though very much to the core rather then the average voter, gets standing ovation from Labour launch

Corbyn's Buzzfeed interview has got a fair bit of attention

-Mayor Khan warns people are unclear on Labour's Brexit stance

-Labour expel those who say they will support National Health Action Party against Jeremy Hunt

-Farron rules out pact and tries to benefit from Macron's victory. Also rides hovercraft (Lib Dem tradition)

-Greens pull out of Oxford West and Abingdon to help Lib Dems against health minister Nicola Blackwood, won't stand in Moray to help Angus Robertson

-Carwyen Jones does Welsh Labour election launch and fails to mention Corbyn once, makes clear attempts to distance Welsh Labour from UK Labour

-Archbishop Welby has had to deny election letter was pro Tory

-SDP reject Sinn Feinn request they stand down in two seats (while Sinn Feinn offered nothing in return)

-Greens seem very hopeful of overturning a 13,000 majority in Isle of Wight

-President Macron's chief economic adviser Jean Pisani-Ferry says no plans for punishment deal

-Noted that government figures refusing to commit to hitting migration target in next parliament

-Survation gives 17 lead with Brexit top issue at 15%, May beats Corbyn on all issues, Youguv says 68% of Labour members say Corbyn should go if he loses

-1,038,877applications to vote since election was called

-Ian Lavery given standing ovation after warm up act for Corby at Labour launch

-Really noticed that it is May's team not Tories and somehow Tory posters have word Conservative a lot smaller then May

-UKIP would ban EU flags from public buildings after Brexit

-FTSE hits one month high

-McDonnell says Tories will raise national insurance after election (they are certainly doing all they can to refuse ruling it out)

-Fury in Liverpool among local Labour members as Joe Anderson (long serving mayor) and local councillor and MEP Theresa Griffin are overlooked for McCluskey's aide Dan Carden (who grew up in the city to be fair) by NEC despite the local party begging them not to. Joe Anderson remarks it shows Labour is not a meritocracy, Ben Williams the secretary of Liverpool Walton constituency Labour party has resigned over this stitch-up and I would love to hear the NEC's justifications for benching a big poltical name like Joe Anderson on this. Carden is local, he has been a long serving member of Labour and this is clearly a moment that means a lot to him so I'm sorry it is going to be soured

-Channel 4's Michael Crick says he was told by Tory figure not to bother raising hand as he won't be allowed to ask question and told by another journalist that s/he was told that unless s/he gave them the question in advance then won't be allowed to ask. Tory HQ is furious and say allegations are false, apparently rest of press won't back up Crick

-May backs foxhunting and would offer free vote on the issue

-Labour blacklist Buzzfeed after the interview (they disliked the headline about his staying on if he lost)


-Tony Lloyd running for Rochdale

-SNP MSP Emma Harper's dog wins Hollyrood dog of year

-CBI fears unintended consequences of energy price cap

-Giles Fraser "Delighted Jeremy Corbyn says he won't quit as Labour leader if Labour looses. We need to be in for the long haul", Fabricant is celebrating for another reason...

-Jess Philips upset over asylum rules

-Press (Coburn on DP let this pass for example) need to do more to stop Tory claims that Ed Miliband would have kept freeze when prices went down

-Sir Roger Gayle calls May's fox hunting repeal a waste of time and a folly


-Aditya Chakrabortty argues Labour's problem in Wales is deeper then Corbyn

-Kuessenberg on immigration target

-James Lansdale muses Macron's victory may help Brexit

-Eaton warns Remainers they do not have backing of 48%

-Josh May on Corbyn speech

-Alex Massie alarmed by Scottish education
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Wed May 10, 2017 6:38 pm

-CPS rules no charges on electoral spending though one case still being considered and they did feel there were misleading returns. Tories warn people that spreading false claims online is an electoral offence, say accusations were politically motivated. Sturgeon having found the law doesn't support her claims has gone the "well it is wrong anyway" tac, Plaid says it means people can ignore election spending rules. While Sturgeon is not going to apologize, Tories need to offer SNP an apology as May said SNp got fined for electoral expenses issues when they haven't

-A sense some in cabinet not happy with energy cap

-Apparently Corbyn didn't want battle bus, prefers using train

-Corbyn joins busker for a round of "Stand By Me", seeks endorsement from Sanders, surprised by CBS decision and interested to see the details

-Labour promise scrapping university tuition fees and reintroducing student grants, 6 billion extra for schools by 2022, release corporation tax plans including a rise for small business (Corbyn promised no such rise a month ago)

-Katnar has lead down to 16, May leads on decisiveness and negotiating skills, Corbyn on being in touch and caring, Ipsos MORI poll says Labour could lose 4 seats in London with Tories leading by 5 in the capital

-Lib Dems offer 7 billion for schools

-Telegraph musing 100 Labour MP's could resign the whip until Corbyn goes, Lucy Powell says attempt by Tory press to create division

-IFS says Labour's education plans are costed but would leave nation about 1% worse off as one of the biggest tax increases in the last 30 years or so, likes the education spending as a benefit to the country

-Greens to stand aside in Morley and Outwood and won't stand against Creagh in Wakefield but will no longer call for progressive alliance

-Farron predicts Tory landslide, refuses to say he will resign if they don't double their MP's, Tories broke spirit of election spending rules

-UKIP having a row in Clacton, local party wants councillor Jeff Bray but NEC is forcing one of their members, the London based barrister Paul Oakley but NEC jhas accused Brady of anti-Muslim quotes

-BBC pledge tracker

-Greg Clark saying he has never switched energy suppliers as too much hassle is not a great signal

-Junker says the supper leaks were a mistake but weren't done by him and he gets on well with May

-Leadsom letter selectively about fishing policy leaked by the SNP, in a way Tories say is misleading. What SNP claimed is we would stay within Commons Fishery Policy with one or two adjustments ergo Tories selling out Scottish fishermen, Scottish fishing industry release letter fully which in fact says the exact opposite. Eilidh Whiteford and Sturgeon's apology will be any second now I'm sure

-Angela Rayner didn't know figures for how many pupils would be helped by classroom size policy

-Scottish Greens are standing only three candidates in the general election as can't find candidates and resources been taken up in local elections though unionists suspect it is help SNP

-May rules out four extra bank holidays (personally would get rid of bankholidays and give those days as extra annual leave days), will keep tution fees as she questions how Labour will pay for scrapping it, won't promote veganism in schools


-Salmond says second referendum will happen whatever general election result

-Morning Star interviews Labour candidate Mary Griffiths Clarke

-New York Times doing Brexit means Brexit tours

-Barry Sherman furious at CPS decision

- Karl McCartney calls for the top figures in Electoral Commission to resign while William Wragg is impressively gracious and calm thinking about this. McCartney has hinted he will sue those who made false claims and Wragg is politely waiting for the progressives to apologize (fat chance of that happening)

-Barclay's CEO Jes Staley says they won't need to move figures out after Brexit and if need be, will build up in an EU country

-Paul Farrelly on why his election leaflets say nothing of what Labour might achive, just stopping a Tory landslide "If I told anyone, given the national polls, this is what we will do in government, that Jeremy Corbyn is going to be prime minister, they’d laugh me off the streets, quite frankly. And it really is about not giving Theresa May a blank cheque, a lapdog parliament with a landslide, so that she can be properly accountable."


-Rafael Behr bemoans lack of big beasts in May's cabinet

-BBC Trending looks at Corbynistas on Facebook

-D'Arcy looks back on the Brexit parliament

-IFS on free school meal

-Sunder Katwala on how many ethinic minority MP#s we might see next term

-Roger Mosey not happy with BBC letting May's do the One Show
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