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Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sat Sep 23, 2017 12:30 pm

-Labour NEC rules that 46 out of the 76 seats Labour is targeting at next election, the candidates will be selected using all-women-shortlists

-President Macron wants more clarity from UK on the three phase 1 issues, Italy's Europe Minister Sandro Gozi calls it constructive speech but needs actual proposals

-Corbyn admits new conference policy on speeches has caused unhappiness, will oppose Hinkley C

-Parliament looking for new Black Rod as Lieutenant General David Leakey is retiring

-Leanne Wood says Neil McEvoy is impossible to work with and hints at further revelations to come to light

-Moody's puts out credit rating down to Aa2 and debt rating to negative as debt plans off course, higher spending about to happen and Brexit causing uncertainty+blocking up political ability for reform

-Rees-Mogg not happy with May's speech (transition, ECJ and payments part)

-Streeting, Field and Caroline Lucas back TFL's Uber ban, Tugendhat does not


-May speech: George Eaton, Kuessenberg, BBC at what we learnt, D'Arcy on how Tory Brexiteers might react

-Bush argues right is misreading Uber ban, Diego Zuluaga has a rather different view

-Profs Harold Clarke, Matt Goodwin, Paul Whiteley and Marianne Stewart on how internet helped Labour get votes
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sun Sep 24, 2017 6:12 pm

-Sunday Times says Hammond told Boris on post-election morning he would ally with Boris against May, Mail says Hammond is fighting with Boris, papers saying Boris says he saved Brexit and wants to change terms of transition period

-Davies says he has no idea what Boris meant about EU "go whistle" for money, hints he agrees with Rudd about Boris article, 40 billion EU bill is EU going as big as they can

-Corbyn can't remember if he ever took an Uber (some hammering for this but as I understand, most politicians would have no idea), that single market provides restrictions on policies he would like (state aid for example) and that EU is very inconsistent about such rules, worries at sweet heart trade deals being offered by May, free movement has been grotesquely exploited, questions why transition period is set at an arbitrary two years, dodges around McCluskey comments, country needs two Labour terms (though doesn't say Corbyn terms), wants to tackle tax evasion and tax avoidance first before looking at taxing wealth. Came across well in interview, skilfully dodging around questions when needed (When Marr asked what happened to straight talking Corbyn, he neatly remarked he became leader of Labour), speaking well. Writes about last six months

-Sarwar relinquishes shares in family firm

-Thornberry says Labour didn't lose the election.

-Gwynne urges activists to stop trying to get Labour General Secretary sacked, councils under Labour would defult onto running things in-house, outsourced parts would go through more transparency

-Dr Fox says time for EU to show it's hand

-Javid and Hunt raised concerns at cabinet over preparation for no deal

-Burnham says Corbyn has caught the mood for change, wants Labour to do more on technical education, would rather use scrapping tuition fee money for other things, disappointed no northern mayor has got a speech role and warns Labour (he means very much Labour, not Corbyn) is too London centric as an institution

-McDonnell believes unions will meet strike threshold and people should have faith in working class, can't stay in single market as it stands but it will be reformed to one Labour can agree with, transition should be longer then two years, looking at student debt, Uber is a disgrace

-Tom Watson says Labour won't support people breaking the law when asked about illegal strikes

-Abbott accuses Tories of weaponizing immigration, reverse cuts to counter-terrorism, Kensington and Chelsea should be taken over by commissioners, Grenfell due to deregulation and privatization, would order inquiries into Orgreave, the Shrewsbury 24 and the 37 Cammell Laird workers

-Accusations Labour MP's are being banned from taking parts in debates and only allowed to watch from balcony.

-Brexit fringe event was apparently packed, Sir Stramer told the room he wants a deal “that retains the benefits of the single market and the customs union”

-Khan says social media companies need to be more proactive on terror, Grenfell inquiry references are too narrow, local council are in denial, wants to be able to levy more council tax on empty houses, loves Manchester, thinks we might stay in single market, warns Goldsmith's campaign had put people off wanting their children going into politics, more needs to be done to help BME's getting into top jobs and giving them confidence to apply. Labour did well due to Corbyn but they still lost, tuition fee policy was brave and tapped into something+what manifesto says about gig economy

-Labour leadership, unions and Momentum manage to prevent Brexit motion, the eight motions to vote are on Grenfell Tower, public sector pay, workers’ rights, growth and investment, the NHS, housing, social care and rail.

They are being hammered over not voting on Brexit, Sturgeon calls it an abdication of responsibility while Labour figures like Heidi Alexander, Alison McGovern, Stephen Doughty, the usual wing of Umunna/Chris Leslie/Bradshaw and MEP's like Mary Hoenyball and Jude Kirton-Darling


-30 Mp's sign letter urging Labour to stay in single market

-Lord Bridges says we must prepare for possibility of no deal

-Clegg says Brexit can be stopped, Juncker's vision not supported in Brussels, Brexit may die off and we return as the older votes die out

-Redwood says only once EU responds to Florence speech will we now if it was a success

-McCluskey doesn't expect public support from Corbyn over illegal strikes and is simply happy Labour wish to repeal Trade Union act

-Clive Lewis says opposition to freedom of movement is driven by racism

-Umunna admits he and others are being a right pain in the backside for Stramer but warns Stramer's stance won't please everyone

-Cooper says Mp's join Labour to change the world rather then the minutes of last meeting, Chris Leslie says Marxism has no place in modern Labour, Streeting says real Labour people try to get people elected rather then spend time trying to deselect MP's

-Press thrash Labour MP's 6-0

-Ed Miliband suggest auto-enrolment into trade union


-James Arnell says May has bottled Brexit and hard Brexiteers must force her hand now

-Will Hutton says Brexit must be stopped

-Professor Curtice suggests research shows Labour did well for being seen as pro-EU rather then for being more left-wing
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Mon Sep 25, 2017 6:12 pm

McDonell McDonnell says shadow ministers are being trained for government and draft legislation is being prepared, parliament would decide the level of compensation shareholders would receive if their company is nationalized, his personal priorities for nationalization in order are rail, water, energy, construction in that way, and Royal Mail. Transition should be 3-4 years, Clive Lewis wrong on those who oppose free movement, agrees Labour is too London centric and mayors should get more of a speaking role, defends getting rid of tuition fees as free education is a universal benefit, stopped using credit card years ago, a coup going on in Tory party.

That was before the speech! Delivery poor at first but warmed into it, his jokes were few but well delivered, interesting early on as he talked (very briefly) of need to show they are skilled governors as well as campaigners, went big into the 4th industrial revolution and the challenges. Neatly reached into Labour's history including Blair/Brown era, City of London investing in wrong things, covered a lot of ground and a lot of policies on what they would fund like in transport, renewable energy, gender pay gap, tuition fees, debt overall, it was an ambitious and interesting speech on a range of issues. If I had issues it is going "we will have to be straight with people" and basically the big truth being "clamping down on tax avoidance" is weak, I think he is far better when he attacks government as incompetent or struggling rather then Tories being nasty while I assume his attacks on media are just to whip up conference paranoia rather then something he will do at the elections. I do wonder if the list of things to nationalize is too long, people might like them individually but may get "that seems rather a lot" style concerned.


-Jonathan Reynolds says nobody should doubt the Labour credentials of those in the Progress wing of the party

-Labour proposing nobody would pay more in interest than they had originally borrowed on credit card and allowing women born in the 1950s to retire at 64 on a reduced state pension, rather than wait until 66, end to PFI/have a review and bring some in house if need be (McDonell said one, Labour promptly changed it), creating a strategic investment board (chancellor, secretary of state for business and governor of the Bank of England), to co-ordinate the promotion of investment, employment and real wages. Devolve decision making through the regional development banks+mayors to help rebalance transport investment, Crossrail for the north, extend HS2 into Scotland, Midlands Connect, electrify railway lines from Cornwall to London. Swansea Tidal Lagoon. Pay ratio's at the top, ministry of Labour

-Debbie Abrahams calls for pause on universal credit rollout

-Rumours Boris is demanding no payments and no obeying EU laws during transition period

-Rayner says Labour needs a bit of realism and a reminder they didn't win, calls herself a pragmatist with no interest in ideology, been getting "Oh Angela Ranyer" chants, wants more done on further education rather then higher education

-Rumours that Labour considered having Corbyn stand on platform in sea

-Khan wants us to stay into single market, asked TFL to meet with Uber bosses after Uber apologizes, Corbyn will win next election

-Bank of England demand banks set aside more capital due to worries of consumer debit and keeping an ye on Brexit risks

-Thornberry on Boris "Let’s all take a second to sympathise with poor old Boris. Come on, just a second. He’s not been happy lately. Apparently he’s sick of being blamed for the way that Brexit is going, and all the broken promises of the leave campaign.I’m sorry, what? Like, what? Who does he think made all those promises? Who does he think was in charge of the leave campaign?

I know that Boris does not like paternity tests, but maybe we need one for Brexit. Maybe we should take him into a studio with Jeremy Kyle. “I’m sorry, Mr Johnson, we got the results back, and it looks like this one is one of yours. It must have been that wild night out you had with Michael Gove. And I’ve calculated your maintenance payments. And that will be £350m a week."

Thornberry says Trump acting like rogue dictator and May been supine to him, would reform export of arms, country needs revolution of values

-Standing ovation for Dennis Skinner

-Allies of Hammond leaking he thinks Boris is simple minded on Brexit and transition period may have to go up to next election

-Sir Stramer says government is too weak and divided, Boris reckless of his country in bid to reach PM during Brexit campaign, bemoans Cameron's referendum gamble, want to remain in single market and customs union during transition and Labour willing to stay in a reformed single market and form of customs union, May is only delaying cliff edge and no answer on N.Ireland, country yearning for change and Labour would be transformative. Done right, a deal with EU can be as good or better then what we have now

-ICM poll before election had May leading on trust on 7 with Corbyn only better on NHS and improving public services. ICM now has Corbyn winning 5 (fairness, education and pensioners with only pensioners were lead is single digits only) vs 4 (May still holds Brexit, economy, immigration, dealing with threats where she leads by quite a margin on those 4)


-Creasy asks what attacking the Labour general security does to help those struggling with mental health

-Activists seem to be in disagreement over Khan speaking with boos from crowd when one said Khan should have platform but apparently Brexit debate was in a better mood

-Press loving Clive Lewis vs Flint

-Alistair Campbell played bagpipes for EU anthem at conference

-Alison McGovern says no shame in Labour fixing to ensure Brexit motion doesn't get in as hardly the first

-Bridgen not happy he can't claim buying poppies on expenses

-McCluskey says Labour won by winning more members and it's dignity, unions knew Corbyn would win over public (unlike that McCluskey of Unite who warned of Labour doing well to win 200 seats)

-Daniel Zeichner wants more tech catapults

-MEP Judith Kirton-Darlingon EU's role in woman rights and her fears we could lose it

-Tim Roache, the GMB general secretary, wants boycott of Uber, Amazon, Ryanair and Starbucks over their wages


-Eaton on no Brexit vote shows Corbyn and Momentum's grip on Labour

-d’Ancona bemoans state of Tories

-Hardman is impressed by Emma Hardy and thinks soft left is joining Corbyn-left

-Anoosh Chakelian attended Corbyn's speech to Momentum

-Nick Hilton warns Labour conference has fallen for trap of hagiography

-Andrew Grice on Corbyn borrowing tactics from New Labour+Labour and Brexit

-Professor Colin Talbot frustrated by the misrepresentation of PFI
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Tue Sep 26, 2017 6:48 pm

-BBC forced to hire bodyguard for Laura Kuessenberg for when she is reporting at Labour conference. Apparently not needed for Tory one

-May met President Tusk for talks for first time

-Davies says May's flexibility and leadership in Florence speech means no excuses for EU to not grant phase 2 of talks (I must have missed the bit that solved the Irish question), Barnier says he is keen for constructive tone to turn into practical action in talks

-Labour would launch levy on bookmakers to help treat problem gamblers, want £500 million winterbail out fund for NHS, reverse the Health and Social Care Act, £10m a year from the education department’s budget for free sanitary towels, would fund £13 billion need to upgrade school buildings, a billion for technical education, national strategy to help the children of alcoholics and drug users, 45 billion extra for NHS, national care service starting at 3 billion a year. Ban football clubs from signing shirt sponsorship deals with betting companies, a review into gambling addiction and NHS treatment of it

-Taoiseach Leo Varadkar says too early to say if we will be ready to start phase 2 in time

-Owen Smith suggests allowing N.Ireland in some form of single market and customs union, maybe even in the EU itself (given they voted for Brexit, might be a problem)

-McDonell wargaming for capital flight or run on pound if Labour get into power, I assume he won't repeat saying that around election but I suspect Tories are going with this for weeks

-Labour probably should have seen trouble coming due to fringe event “Free speech on Israel: why we oppose the witch hunt”, papers saying there was applause when Israel supporters were compared to Nazi's, one advocated Labour should allow debate on if Holocaust happened and some wanted the Jewish Labour Movement to be expelled. Ashworth has called for those involved to be expelled from party but then later, some activists accused Jewish Labour Movement of collaborating with the right-wing elements of the media during anti-Semitism debate

-Ashworth says only a handful of PFI contracts would be brought inhouse as only a few are a problem for NHS (Abrahams also backing that, either McDonnell over promised or shadow cabinet disagreed), would take years, wants increase of NHS spending to be 4% a year, doubts cross party talks on social care can succeed, would reverse marketisation of NHS

-Labour debt free for first time since the 1960's

-Speculation Corbyn will be first Labour leader for decades not to talk to Today programme at conference

-Consumer borrowing slows but seen as people dipping into savings, jaffacakes latest to be hit by squeezeflation

-Long-Bailey says change of the next 20 years due to technology will make the past 20 seem slow, industrial strategy will be more transformative then FDR's, reviewing alternative models of ownership. She got a Corbyn chant in her name

-Rayner says Tories on education have more policies dropped or reviewing then they are implementing from their manifesto, wants reverse to Sure Start cuts and a national education service

-Corbyn sees potential positives in Brexit, has no plans for a second referendum, Trump should try opening a channel of communication to North Korea, anti-Semitism at odds with belief of Labour, often embrassed at personal adulation he gets, doesn't like seeing someone needing a bodyguard

-Fire Brigades Union says if they feel Grenfell inquiry is going to be a whitewash, they will refuse to cooperate

-Leonard has six unions behind him, Sarwar has 0 and concerns Unite may be trying to rig contest

-Tom Watson tried to start chant of "Oh Jeremy Corbyn", it didn't work and his speech constantly moved further and further into graveyard slot. Calls Uber all that is wrong with gig economy and Tory party, all workers should have employment rights


-Skinner certainly knows how to rouse a crowd

-Note to Keith Vaz: Jon Ashworth is not shadow home sectary but got major names like Corbyn and Abbott to his Diversity Nite

-Shadow Scottish Secretary Lesley Laird got Brighton and Bristol confused

-A sense among pundits that German elections not been good for Brexit

-Lord Hain says we haven't progressed enough in Brexit talks

-John Cryer says some of the anti-Semitism he has seen aimed at Labour MP's reminds me of the 1930's

-IDS urges government to call EU bluff and prepare for no deal

-Dugdale says Corbyn is partly to blame for Brexit for a lazy and lacklustre campaign, Labour should commit to staying in single market, wants a second referendum

-Mann says he has been closest to Corbyn views then he has ever been

-Labour moodbox says Trump voted more dangerous to world security then N.Korea leader by quite a majority, Fabian Hamilton (who came across well in far too short a segment) is in disbelief

-Ken Loach (normally I ignore celebs but this is at Labour conference and he is Labour's filmmaker) hints Ruth Smeeth's complaints about anti-Semitism are an attack on Corbyn and his views on Palestine, says that there is no validity to claims of anti-Semitism and that reports from “Free speech on Israel: why we oppose the witch hunt” are made up

-Clive Lewis accuses GMB of getting in thrall to the nuclear lobby and not for renewables, wonders why unions fight for the arms industry

-Lord Prescott says Blair was wrong to use PFI for NHS but doesn't mean private money for state projects can't be useful

-Momentum's Jon Lansmann wants leadership candidates to only need 5% of MP's backing, welcomes quality of the anti-Semitism debate, appalled at how bad that Kuessenberg needs a bodyguard and abuse female MP's get with social media a problem in that regard

-McGovern fears Brexit could destroy manufacturing including Airbus factory in her area


-Hardman on Labour comfortable in it's skin

-James Kirkup says Kuessenberg situation reflects poorly on this country and we should be ashamed, Gaby Hinsliff is disturbed by the reactions to it

-Eaton on Khan's speech and McDonnell's speech then wise to wargame

-Toynbee on how Corbyn and co have grown into role

-Andrew Grimson fears Bennites are undermining parliamentary democracy

-Owen Jones enjoying conference
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Wed Sep 27, 2017 6:42 pm

Corbyn speech: Lengthy one, over an hour with a lot of subjects by an energized Corbyn. New MP's seated on main stage and when Corbyn turned up, the roof almost came off in a way only even closely matched when he mentioned Palestine and the end of speech. It does help when conferences look fully behind the leader, they look excited but there is a danger of overdoing it, of looking hagiographic and this went into that territory, that is something people may find disturbing outside Labour party and the kind of thing media is thinking is a bad sign. Corbyn was clearly excited by it and perhaps it impacted him early on but he also looked a little embarrassed and by the end of the applause, a little annoyed as he waited and waited and waited to be allowed to start.

Corbyn delivered his speech well, had energy, jokes were alright but there was something missing for me, I preferred the less well delivered McDonnell one for the heft it had. First half was about taking a shot a an amusing shot at the Mail, a very interesting opening segment on Margaret Bondfield, rallying the troops with energy and optimism, attacking Tory record. His shots at media and experts works well for party (sadly) and can see why he wanted to do that but hopefully he can restrain himself in future, his rallying cries were mostly fine but he clearly feels an election is coming and I worry what happens if it doesn't happen as he is putting a lot of energy into "about to break any second now...". I also worry that he clearly tastes power within his grasp and there were moments where it felt like he felt it was near inevitable, it felt like he was bordering on assuming and Kinnock level error. On Tories, it lacked a bit of sharpness but generally went for competence rather then motive (though he had a few of that) and had a list of sins to go for them on, plenty for Labour to take for future and sharpen, I liked his turning some of May's slogans back on her.

In second half, he covered a lot of ground yet it never quite clicked for me, it would feel a bit empty despite all it covered and then there would be an interesting passage. On abuse he first went on the kind Abbott had got without going in-depth and blamed media then said Labour shouldn't abuse in a powerfully delivered sentence. I feel it could have been a stronger passage both on Abbott getting abuse and on what has gone on within Labour (which he didn't go into in any detail) by going into depth and about what it reflects on wider society. By avoiding Grenfell Tower section as a partisan attack but talking about wider society failings, he made it a powerful segment, talked of changing econimic model but felt like done better by others and even by him in past, education, housing, automation (see McDonnell for better), need to take big decisions down to a more local level and spoke a lot about that without setting out what means in practise, climate change. Went on foreign policy (no mention of Venezuela) talking of US, Palestine, Yemen, arms sales, Congo but only went into detail with his plea for Aung San Suu Kyi to act. I liked the line near the end about politics in 2017 catching up with the finical crash, his speech about the way centre ground move came across as a bit gloating which overshadowed the potentially interesting argument he was making.

In terms of policy, change to redevelopment of council estates rules like having to offer people already there the new developed home at existing rates and redevelopment plans must pass a ballot among residents,opt-out organ donor scheme for England, cities would have power to impose rent controls.


-Corbyites make more gains in Labour's internal structure: Unite’s Jennie Formby becomes vice-chair of NEC after defeating Margaret Beckett, Emina Ibrahim crushed Constitutional Committee chair Rose Burley and Anna Dyer beat Kevin Hepworth

-Rayner managed to get good passion in her good speech, Ashworth also spoke well other then when passion carried him away, Watson also delivered his speech well if seems a tad too long

-McDonnell doesn't turn up to Labour Business Fringe Reception, Corbyn likewise to Labour Friends of Israel to disappointment of Joan Ryan. On the latter Thornberry was sent instead and said Corbyn was busy with his speech (didn't stop him last year or his many many predecessors) so couldn't do any that night but funnily enough he did find time for the Mirror bash. On the same night.

-Corbyn (in Tuesday night interview) says been run on pound for two years, no idea who McDonnell means of "will come for us" and has found his talks with likes of CBI tend to be positive, doesn't quite know why they didn't win election but indicates time ran out, party united on economy with details on plans to come

-Trump slaps preliminary tariffs of 219% on Bombardier, May calls it bitterly disappointing, Sir Jeffrey Donaldson says any factor closure would devastate Belfast economy and hints if decision sticks then he expects UK to retaliate, Arlene Foster calls it very disappointing but says May has promised to secure the jobs, Greg Clark vows to work with Canada, Sir Fallon hinting UK could retaliate against Boeing (but people are sceptical given Boeing is a big employer here).

Owen Smith says May was negligent while he and Soubry says this shows trade talks are going to be difficult, Sir Cable accuses Trump of protectionist bullying

-Rayner warns Labour can't promise a 5% payrise to public sector

-Dr Fox, Boris and Patel says government has to make moral case for free markets

-Board of Deputies of British Jews welcomes Labour's rule changes on anti-Semitism though warns they are concerned at some of the things that have gone on at conference, Gwynne says Labour doesn't have a problem but there are going to be individuals that must be rooted out.

-President Tusk says not enough progress has been made in Brexit talks for phase 2 but welcomes May's constructive tone and an end to have cake+eat it, Brexit is damage control now. Brexiteers side of press furious at such "arrogance"

-Noted by press that a lot of MP's didn't turn up for conference but atmosphere has generally been good, the sheer strength of Corbyn love, Labour members lack of awareness they didn't actually win and they enjoy the choir

-Watson says Labour was surprised by how well they did in Scotland, SNP losing support due to failure in delivery and Labour should concentrate on rengaging voters in their old seats, opposed to deal with SNP

-Conference passes Labour's internal rule changes


-Chris Williamson says the real story on Venezuela is media bias but admits the country is facing tough times and made some mistakes but it is US sanctions+Trump that is main blame, says media should cover both sides of story (directly criticises media figures at the event but praises Morning Star for being balanced), blames Labour MP's for hostile coverage and dialogue is important but refuses to take questions.

-Lammy says he was accused of playing the race card in his report on racial bias in justice system, party should keep fighting and like Farage never give up the fight, will keep to his Remain principles when voting

-Jewish Voices for Labour has it's first event and demands everyone turn their phones off but doesn't stop Oxford Professor Avi Shlaim blaming Israel supporters and Blairites for anti-Semitism allegations leaking out. McCluskey (at a separate event) agrees that it is all just a ploy to undermine Corbyn, never seen it in his 47 years, Lord Dubs (who was on the Kinder Transport) says Corbyn's initially slow response allowed anti-Semitism to fester but he is now dealing with it.

-Apparently Labour MP's have been discussing patients being allowed to vote out their GP

-Stephen Pound on if one can be friends with Tories "I am friendly with Tories because I wish to show them the error of their ways, and show them the paths of righteousness."

-MEP David Martin suggests Labour-SNP coalition

-Emma Dent Coad mocks Prime Harry's helicopter piloting skills, says both Princes are not very bright then wonders why that got reported and not 5 speeches on Grenfell during conference.

-Ed Miliband liked Corbyn's speech

-The Canary is claiming Kuessenberg is speaking at the Tory conference and raises questions about impartiality. For every other journalist, it raises questions about Canary's competence as the story is as true as the moon being made of green cheese and their claims about Angela Eagle's office.


-Hardman on how non Corbynista MP's are acting in conference and the abuse of meaning of safe space and trigger words are hampering those who need it

-Katy Balls on Stop the War's hopes for Corbyn

-Kuessenberg on Labour's dilemma on how to win power

-Rachel Holmes on past Labour leaders

-Behr says Tory Brexiteers have created a situation that allows Corbyisim to thrive, ditto Alex Massie

-Richard Seymour argues rule changes are tilting balance, not a threat to right of party

-Claire Ainsley on Labour's need to reach out to low income families

-Simon Jack on Bombardier dispute

-Steve Akehurst on rent controls

-Helen Lewis accuses Canary of misogynistic treatment of Kuessenberg
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Thu Sep 28, 2017 6:09 pm

Labour conference: There was a lot to be happy with, by all accounts the mood was positive, Momentum's World Transformed event is integrating nicely, a lot of people turned up, Corbyn has energy, McDonnell interesting on the 4th industrial revolution, Corbyn and co have grown into the roles. A lot of things ended up being handled well: Rayner and Burnham seems to be making ground on technical education, some new policies or indicators for policy (costing will be an issue but we will see), giving Khan a slot solved the mayor row and I suspect Labour will ensure at one major mayor gets speech in future, Corbyn's willingness to compromise ensured rule changes got through without massive civil war. Brexit was not an issue that Labour could avoid major headlines but avoiding the issue was probably wise, Corbyn and Momentum managing to persuade delegates to avoid a potentially highly divisive vote and push that issue down the line while Corbyn gave some indicates of his Lexit feelings without things exploding.

There were problems, forcing MP's off the floor feels like it will earn bad will, there were elements of the Corbyn love that may not come across well to general public and perhaps a bit of toning down wouldn't hurt. Anti-Semitism and abuse was always going to turn up due to BBC needing bodyguard for one of their journalists and Labour's rule changes on abuse+there is always some idiot, the question would be how they handled it. I would not say well, Abbott only leading figure to make any real stand and too many leading Corbynites declaring to media that anti-Semitism claims is all just a conspiracy (someone at some point needs to go "so the Chief Rabbi, Board of Deputies, Jewish Chronicle, Jewish Labour Moment, Jewish MP's are all part of a conspiracy?") against Corbyn.

I am concerned that Labour seems like "just one more heavy and victory is ours", they sense power, they have confidence which they have every right to but they don't seem to be working on the minor need to how they get the votes to become the largest power. It feels like they kind of assume Corbyn's popularity will grow now they are more unified and May's government will self destruct+her successor's campaign will be as bad or worse. Nothing on how to win the sections of population that didn't vote for Corbyn, how to make that final steps, what changes need to happen and that is dangerous, they have a difficult task still ahead of them and it won't just fall into their lap.


-Rumours Labour MP's will boycott next PLP in protest at being barred from conference floor despite paying

-Abbott calls for end of Kuessenberg abuse " ‘It is wrong. Laura is doing a job, I may not always like how she does the job every time, but it is her job and why – just because she is a woman journalist – does she get that level of abuse? It’s wrong.’"

Abbott showing how it should be done and leaders from all parties should take a leaf from her book.

-May, in speech to celebrate Bank of England's 20th anniversary of independence (145 days late), warns UK has to deal with it's debts, too many have been left out of prosperity and free market advocates must acknowledge when it goes wrong, protectionism is creeping back into the world, Tripartite regulation was a failure. Launches a passionate defence of market economics
"A free market economy, operating under the right rules and regulations, is the greatest agent of collective human progress ever created. It was the new combination which led societies out of darkness and stagnation and into the light of the modern age. It is unquestionably the best, and indeed the only sustainable, means of increasing the living standards of everyone in a country. And we should never forget that raising the living standards, and protecting the jobs, of ordinary working people is the central aim of all economic policy.

Helping each generation to live longer, fuller, more secure lives than the one which went before them.Not serving an abstract doctrine or an ideological concept – but serving the real interests of the British people.

In later interview with Lord Howard says she failed to set out a vision for the future during election and needed a less centralized campaign which was not helped by snap election leading local parties scrambling, that Tories have to remake case for free market, felt Facebook interview allowed her to answer more questions then a usual interview and party must use social media better. Needs to look at how to deal with abuse on social media and how Labour creates atmosphere around interviews on social media, doesn't want to lose traditional style campaigning

-Governor Carney says price stability is the best thing the bank can do for the public good but future prosperity will depend on what kind of Brexit they get, BoE's independence has been important but it can't fix the country's problems or Brexit making people poorer

-Davies says decisive process has been made this week, EU withdrawal agreement will be adopted in EU law, EU citizens who have permanent residency documents will not have to reapply, close to an agreement on Euratom, finance talks went well. Barnier says May's speech created a new dynamic that has helped, more work needs to be done and some points more clarity still needed, welcomes UK move on citizens rights and ECJ being taken into account but EU is pushing for EU citizens to be able to appeal to ECJ+disagreements on things like family rights, need to know what UK considers it's finical commitments, could be months before phase 2 starts, finical deal isn't connected to wider deal

-Government to ennoble Rona Fairhead, former Financial Times chief executive and former chair of the BBC Trust, and makes her a minister e for international trade while, Goveite Sir Theodore Agnew, a businessman and involved in academies, going to education where he replaces long serving and retiring Lord Nash. Agnew will be seen as ensuring there is still a Goveite and academy backer in education department (Greening may not be displeased to have someone who disagrees with grammar schools either) while Fairhead has not always got on with May but has allies in Tory party

-Lords Committee release several measures to ensure parliament has stronger say on Brexit and calls EU Withdrawal bill (as it stands) as having unacceptably wide law-making powers. Suggests “a committee of each House, or a joint committee of both Houses, should be given 10 days to overturn the minister’s proposal and upgrade scrutiny to the affirmative procedure.”

-European parliament has drawn up a resolution condemning unfair treatment of EU nationals in UK and UK nationals in EU

-Green says May will fight next election with a record of achievement in 2022 and hints Tories will target Lib Dem centrist votes, Boris should keep certain thoughts private


-Mark Field urges Aung San Suu Kyi to heed UN and do more to end suffering of Rohingya people

-Dugdale says Scottish Labour had a lot of internal problems

-Alex Rowley breaks word not to endorse a candidate and backs Leonard at fringe event, is a long time backer

-Tyrie worries central bank independence is under threat due to things like QE, blame for wider issues, people forgetting why there was need for such independence, rise of populism but warns BoE was guilty of groupthink in build up to financial crash

-Gordon Brown fears taking back control could threaten central banks, independent Bank of England helped stop England joining Eurozone, suggests a joint “strategic oversight group” between Treasury and Bank of England, felt Bank of England should have cut rates faster during finical crises, government needs better early warning system or will sleepwalk into next finical crises, has a a few shots at Mervyn King

-CBI and TUC release joint statement calling for guarantee of rights for EU nationals

-Richard Leonard condemns his own side (including his press officer) and Sarwar supporters for being abusive and not debating in spirit of friendship

-Lord Jim O'Neill on BoE's 20 year record

-Liam Byrne goes to Tory event, joking he is leaving Labour membership forms there


-Hardman on abuse

-D'Arcy on Corbyn's critics within the party

-Simon Jenkins on Corbyn not being his old self

-Aditya Chakrabortty loves what Corbyn has to say about housing but warns it will lead to civil war with Labour councils

-Sebastian Whale impressed by Freeman's "Tory Glastonbury"

-Rentoul on Corbyn setting agenda

-Andrew Doyle on the ideology of identity politics in the left
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Fri Sep 29, 2017 6:35 pm

-A sense May defending the markets is bad politics and laughter at May admitting party wasn't ready for election

-May goes to Estonia for EU meeting, vows UK is committed to European defence and calls for greater cooperation on cyber-security, talalking to both sides in N.Ireland , TFL's (which she blames on Khan) decision on Uber was disproportionate, will talk to Sturgeon

-Verhofstadt expects Brexit deal but calls Brexit very negative and wasting a lot of everyone's time but has opened people's eyes to the good parts of EU, Juncker says miracles are needed to hit October deadline

-Simon Convey suggests Stormont will be working in a few weeks with mood improving and only small disagreements now

-House prices in London fall for first time since 2009 and first time since 2005 it is the worst region for house prices which is generally being welcomed by economists, ONS revises year's growth down to 1.5% (less welcomed) but keeps second quarter growth at 0.3%, deficit widens but trade gap narrowed

-Governor Carney warns interest rates likely to rise, we don't have a debt bubble but concerned banks are getting reckless with lending again, disagrees with Brown's plans, inequality not within Bank of England remit, UK need to tackle the "too big too fail" problem, Bank of England needs to communicate better with public

- Henry Bolton OBE is UKIP's new leader with 30% of vote (beating bookies fav Anne Marie Waters and party front runner Peter Whittle), former Lib Dem candidate, former solider, policeman, UN official, EU defence strategist, lacks name recognition but respected within party as backed by MEP's and Farage, seen as a moderate technocrat though some question if he has the charisma to reverse decline.


-Jess Philips enjoyed conference but alarmed at party and members treatment of Kuessenberg

-Lord Hain urges government to discover diplomacy

-Aaron Banks not happy with transition period and wants Farage back as UKIP leader but seems willing to rejoin under Bolton

- Bill Etheridge considering becoming independent MEP if Anne Marie Waters becomes UKIP leader

- Alternative for Germany to send someone to UKIP conference

-Press amused by latest term of attack by Labour activist "centrist Dad"

-Mark Field warns Aung San Suu Kyi has a delicate balance due to military power and public opinion in Burma

-Dozens of Tory MPs call for pause of universal credit rollout and others (of similar number) call for energy price cap promise to be fulfilled

-UKIP change logo to a lion, Prem concerned it is infringing on their copyright (it looks rather different to me)

-Ed Miliband pub quiz night seems to have gone down well

-James Cleverly in interview with Kevin Schofield says he would love to be PM someday but now is time for loyalty (in fairness, really hard to read it as a leadership bid but more an honest answer of long in future), campaign was uninspiring with too many bitter truths in manifesto and not enough sugar, party as a whole was too complacent, they must remake the market economics argument and find their own orators.


-Bush warns Tories need to listen to marginals, not the interests of those in safe seats

-George Parker on Tory conference

-Iain Dale on Tories need to stop squabbling, left-wing bullying, Labour conference

-Katy Balls on UKIP's new leader

-Nia Johnson on young need hope
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sat Sep 30, 2017 1:58 pm

-Sir Stramer wants if we want deep deal with EU, we need to accept shared institutions

-Big Ben repair costs double as more complex then thought, parliament reviewing this rise

-May pleased with recent progress in Brexit talks

-Boris sets out 4 Brexit conditions: transition no more then two years, refuse EU rules during that period, no payments for single market access after transition period and no agreeing to shadow EU rules. Also calls Brexit unstoppable and a great thing. I don't think he is even trying to pretend now that May is steering Brexit and is trying to force her hand pre-conferecne

-Gove to increase penalties for cruelty to pets

-Sir Fallon defends nuclear deterrent

-Ed Balls accuses Treasury of abdicating responsibility to Carney

-Ruth Davidson says Brexiteers are overoptimistic and Brexit will sell people short


-Bush questions if public views really have changed

-James Forsyth (sun) urges May to be bold at conference but wonders why her allies are getting leadership talk going again

-Quentinn Letts was at least UKIP conference

-Lord Ashcroft on the challenges Tories have with current voter attitudes

-Andrew Grice on challenge facing May
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sun Oct 01, 2017 6:15 pm

-Sunday Times says Boris thinks May will be gone within the year

-Some of May's proposals seen as U-turning due to Corbyn wit even more supportive papers not giving her helpful headlines as she proposes freezing tuition fees while the policy is reviewed+raising the earnings threshold before people repay them, £10bn expansion of the Help to Buy loan scheme, a redress system landlords have to join, professional body for lettings agents

-May says tuition fees were meant to bring more diversity from universities but it hasn't, cabinet is united in wider mission, Boris supports Florence speech, doesn't give direct apology to party in Marr interview for election, when she tried to exploit "run on pound" issue Marr pointed out pound's decline under her, privization of rail worked as she remembers when it was nationalized. Refusing to say Boris is unsackable or not has been highlighted by the press

She was less convincing then Corbyn was on Marr, less good at avoiding questions with skill, lots of dodging, struggled with delivery, Boris answer is really bad.

-Javid walks out of interview due to "lack of time" rather then back May going into next election. Has since been rather hastily declaring his support to all who will listen, says Boris just got overexcited, admits they listened too much to existing home owners rather youngsters needing homes, looking at housing court, people's inability to afford housing is an outrage and a Tory failure

-Hammond denies story that he backed Boris on election night

-Burnham and Manchester MP's condemn “Hang the Tories” banner at Tory conference

-Ruth Davidson says UK still too London centric with civil service concentrated there and leading to a crazily unbalanced country, more devolution needed, she (and the optimistic McLoughlin) says election result secured union with Scotland, jokes Manchester is the Southern Powerhouse. Jokes about 2015 seeing them "still outgunned by those sodding panda's" then this year "After years of heroically holding the line on his own, suddenly David Mundell got some company.The pandas are going to have to go some, to catch up now...", Corbyn hasn't won anything and she has seen Sturgeon get similar reception but then elections fail her, Tories must stand for social mobility and be party for everyone including immigrants, be party of real devolution

Her speech seen as highlight of the day, outshining Javid despite the conentration on his housing policies, Greening, Brokenshire and McLoughlin

-Corbyn warns Boris Brexit stance threatens a trade war

-Green says May will apologize to activists behind closed doors, mentions people should discuss differing views (in, say, Brexit) in private, Boris has good record and strengths but needs to tow the line, May will lead next election, Labour is the nasty party and a front for hard-left+purveyor of fake news

-Sir Pickles review (he writes about it here) says Tories need a fundamental reform of way they run campaigns, a draft manifesto should be drawn up within 12 months of an election, a manifesto committee of PM, chancellor, home secretary, foreign secretary, party chairman and chief executive and chief whip+3 others appointed by leader, secretaries of state should be consulted about proposals covering their area, foundation of a youth wing

-Tories allowing members to contribute to conference debates

-David Mundell takes shot at Boris record in Scotland, referring to his poor attempt to become rector at Edinburgh University

-Greening announces pilot for student loan reimbursement programme for science and modern foreign language teachers and pilot on bursaries for maths teachers, more money for schools struggling to find and keep teachers+maths hubs+national network of English hubs

-Brokenshire urges Stormont parties to come to agreement

-Andrew TV Davies says Wales no longer underfunded

-David Gauke says he doubts he has the resilience shown by May so wouldn't want to be PM, hopes to be Chancellor some day, Universal Credit rollout will go ahead but needs to be more awareness of emergency funding


-Henry Bolton, UKIP's new leader, says May has already shown she doesn't want real Brexit, wants no transition deal, multiculturalism swamping British culture

-Head of Brighton's Labour council says he doesn't want city to host Labour conference till anti-Semitism is dealt with

-Jon Lansman came across well on Marr show, says anti-Semitism is a wider issue in society but points out Jews are more likely to experience anti-Semitism when asked about McCluskey and Loach

-Dr Philip Lee on how Tories can win back trust

-James Forsyth noted "Theresa May is turning into the Tory Ed Miliband. She is good at identifying problems but bad at coming up with solutions to them"

-Lord Hesltine doesn't think May will last till next election, May's position is weak thus she won't sack Boris (who should resign) and she probably should sack him, Labour will outbid any electoral bribe so they must offer a vision for the young but Brexit is divisive and offers no upside, can't see who can provide vision to beat Corbyn due to Brexit, May won't lead next election

-Shapps like Pickles report but felt it ignored the dreadful manifesto, May won't run next election

-Paul Masterton says Tories should be ashamed that people think hard-left is more likely to make them prosperous then Tories

-Mark Serwotka calls for general strike on public sector pay/bring down the Tories

-Stephen Dorrell says Brexit would be a historic mistake and calls for second referendum


-Forsyth on Tory divisions and Corbyn's momentum

-Freedland argues Labour's plans would be easier within EU then it will be with Brexit

-Owen Meredith on policies he wants from Tory conference

-Rentoul on Boris won't be leader and Tory conference

-Rachel Sylvester (long read) on state of Tory party
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Mon Oct 02, 2017 6:47 pm

Hammond speech: Someone should force Hammond to limit to 2-3 jokes per speech, some clever ones and some poor ones but he lacks a good delivery of jokes. I would also suggest that he does things like thank Treasury team, thank activists, donors (may not be a wise idea in public speech given Tory image), election success and so on at start, not midway through the speech. I guess the idea was to break up his econimic analysis with other things before returning it but felt it disrupted the rhythm. Gauke had done "what Tories did right" in speech so Hammond chose to skip it, referencing Gauke but most outside hall won't have been seen it so feels like a bad move. Hammond can't rally a crowd with his endings but he has a good delivery none the less and like McDonnell, it was an interesting speech but no policy announcement.

A lot of it was about defending the market economy, that it has been of great good to UK and that Labour's model has failed time after time here and abroad with a quick lesson of the 70's and abroad. His attacks on Corbyn need sharpening (most won't associate Zimbabwe with socialism, calling Corbynisim a hard-left factional coup is not going to sit well with the millions of Labour voters) to be rather less clumsy, to be less of the same lines that didn't work at the election but adapt them. He talked of the long term issues facing the country like productivity, ageing population and so on but he had little answers beyond what felt like tweaks and more of the same, I don't see anything he said that would warm a youngster to his being the right man to help them other then his market economy is best route forward. He talked of Brexit, of respecting people wanting to take back control, there is potential for a great future but (hello Boris) there are great, difficult challenges during talks, that they need to identify the dangers and risks, of showing unity and not downplaying risks, talks need to be speeded up and uncertainty is causing a problem.


-Dr Fox hasn't read Pickles report and says people don't understand trade involves more then trade deals as he seeks to find opportunities for exporters

-Ruth Davidson ‘I love London. No plans to move there myself, but great to visit.’ and she would have sacked Boris

-Boris says there have been positive stuff on Cyprus in last year but they aren't where he wanted talks to be, has jog with Sun editor Tony Gallagher with Sun seemingly quite behind Boris in last few days

-Hammond says nobody is unsackable. Nobody can work out who he could possibly mean. Nicky Morgan says if Boris can't give him love of publicity and disagreeing with cabinet then he has to go, MP's have had enough of Boris antics, Graham Brady strongly hints that they need to show they are a unified grown up party

-£300 million for linking HS2 to northern railways, £100m for 33 road schemes

-Green says Tory membership around 120,000 last he checked amidst rumours it has slipped below 100,000

-In interviews Hammond says Brexit uncertainty is an econimic challenge, Labour ideas have been tried before and failed, Tories believe in low taxes but doesn't rule out raising taxes, business needs to know, disagreements weaken negotiating hand, business will assume when worse when making decisions about Brexit if they don't get information and certainty, would support May if she wishes to lead next election

-Gove says Brexit will allow more export of pig ears to China as can go without eartags, looking at plastic bottle deposit scheme like in Scotland, says Tories are the “most ambitious, green party”.

-Gauke says no pause to universal credit rollout but will remind benefit offices of advanced payment system

-Figures like Green and Hammond seem to be hinting transition period could be a few months over two years

-Bradley wants to make Britain the safest place to go online and has internet safety green paper coming out: looking at a code of conduct for social media companies, same companies to consider internet safety when new products are designed, online safety education in schools.

-Brandon Lewis says white paper on immigration policy after Brexit delayed till late autumn and freedom of movement will end in March 2019, has written apologies to each of the 100 EU nationals who were wrongly threatened with deportation

-Grayling wants to hurry the rail companies into "smart ticketing"


-Rees-Mogg fringe event line so long that staff had to bend it to avoid blocking fire-escape. Another one interrupted by protestors with Rees-Mogg the calm, polite figure in the room who tried to have a reasoned discussion. When he met one such protester is transcribed here

-Nigel Evans rages about stupidity of manifesto process

-Confederation for British Business slams cabinet splits and uncertainty created by government, business groups hammered Hammond's speech at not really have answers

-Sir Bone says Boris comments going down well in his area, Remainers are playing the game well and weakening Brexit, business have a right to demand contingency plan for no deal, thinks May will fight next election as a national hero if she manages clean Brexit, expects May to say something on public sector pay and paycap is unsustainable

-Tim Loughton says Boris is being unhelpful to the country, to Brexit and to party, John Howell says his constituents (which is Henley, Boris old seat) want Boris gone and tells Boris "to keep his bloody mouth shut"

-Oliver Letwin says Tories should consider raising taxes to pay for social care

-Unite says government should have given the collapsed airline Monarch a bridging loan

-Nicky Morgan on aid spending for clean water

-Sam Gyimah says party sounded too managerial and turning back on modern Britain, fellow justice minister Dr Philip Lee warns Tory risk seeing it's support die off and welfare system has become like a Ponzi system

-As much as Tory cabinet and MP's seem to hate him, Boris now leads Con Home leader poll with 21%, Other second with Rees-Mogg and Davies third with 15%


-Zoe Williams says Tory members might be a problem for Tories but solution can't be to shut them out

-Matthew d’Ancona says Tories need candour

-Chris Mason about Tory activists complaints about election

-Bush on May's mixed bag of policies and if May's gameplaying will pay off

-Lord Ashcroft conference diary

-James Forsyth frustrated by Hammond's speech, Eaton also not impressed
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