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Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sat Oct 13, 2018 12:53 pm

-Brexiteers not happy at rumours of an extra transition year

-Downing Street denies any deal will have no time limit on staying in customs union

-Hammond notes change of pace in Brexit talks and things seem much more positive, Brexit deal would bring econimic dividend, has fiscal buffer for no deal. McDonnell calls it spin to hide fudge and expects only a few conjuring tricks rather then end to austerity in budget

-4th set of no deal papers says Eurostar would be hit and would require individual licenses with countries to run, N.Ireland could have electricity issues, access to streaming content might be more limited when travelling to EU, no horses travel to EU unless EU agrees to third country status on the matter

-Tory backbenchers not happy with Sammy Wilson trying to dictate to May

-D'Arcy's Week Ahead

-Allegations that charities are being gagged from saying anything that would impact McVey's reputation

-Committee scrutinising anti-terrorism and border security bill warns it crosses human rights lines and risks innocent internet users getting caught up


-Gordon Brown expects a second referendum

-Oxford University Conservative Association bans anybody holding position who is in Bullingdon club


-Grice warns cabinet resignations are coming as May faces difficult task

-Marina Hyde on key figures in Universal Credit

-Forsyth (sun) cabinet meeting, tensions with DUP, budget problems and other stories
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sun Oct 14, 2018 3:44 pm

-Cabinet mutiny expected with Davis calling for them to rebel

-Leaked emails suggest Foster is prepared for no deal and thinks EU stance on Ireland means there won't be an acceptable deal

-Downing Street denies German paper claims that Brexit will be rubber stamped today and announced tomorrow

-Hancock looking at trialling a digitised system for pharmacists to check free prescriptions

-Thornberry says evidence points to Saudi Arabia for recent assassination, points to Boris being rather more quiet then when Russia were accused in Ukraine, Hunt playing catch-up with Trump on the matter. We can sell arms to other countries and we need to stop arm sales to Saudi's


-Patel (sun) May's current plans don't keep to promises on Brexit

-Rees-Mogg says best response to bullying is to stand up to them. He means the EU, not his own set

-Davis calls the backstop plans completely unacceptable

-Heidi Allen says Hammond is under pressure from Tory MP's to properly fund universal credit, she personally wants pensions triple lock removed


-Rawnsley May's fragile position due to Brexiteers

-Kenan Malik questions term moderate

-Rentoul urges May to call cabinet Brexiteers and DUP's bluff

-Macer Hall on budget
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Mon Oct 15, 2018 7:33 pm

-Big push in EU talks during weekend doesn't make breakthrough and though feeling positive steps were made, also a feeling of hopes dashed and concerns that backstop is not getting solved. Rumours EU wants a N.Ireland only backstop to backstop as not convinced UK's one would actually work (EU now saying it was UK idea), one paper saying May rejected agreed deal but doesn't seem backed up by others. May looking very vulnerable (mind you, not for first time) and Wednesday summit will be big moment as talks suspended till then, spread alarm in UK but apparently EU is relaxed

-Ireland's ambassador to the UK, Adrian O'Neil, wars November summit could be about no deal and all countries need to prepare, Coveney says backstop can't be time limited and says mood is frustrated but calm

-Julian Smith posted picture of ensuring he couldn't answer his phone

-Sir Stramer says the idea that other countries are lining up to give UK preferential deals is nonsense and better to align with EU on this

-Express saying 10 cabinet member prepared to resign on Brexit

-Leaked Foreign Office memo suggest they are worried Putin is about to try a recruitment drive of retired MI6 officials

-Mundell and Ruth Davidson send joint letter to May warning they will not accept N.Ireland being treated differently from rest of UK, which they fear would fuel independence, with rumours they are prepared to resign on the issue. SNP trying to mock their position as "make things worse for Scotland or resign" and question if they have the gumption to do it

-Claire Perry says not government's job to advise people to adopt a climate friendly diet and clearly worried about being seen as nanny state, says Trump has climate economics badly wrong, will be some tough moments as they change to stop with climate change but the "if you do this, nightmare will happen" from sceptics has never come true

-Hancock rules out election by end of year but admits might be no date on temporary customs arrangements

-Hunt taking foreign ministers through a maze has been noted/mocked. Warns UK won't sign to a deal that doesn't feel respectful to referendum result

-Barnier cancels planned press conference before EU summit, seen as an attempt to avoid inflaming any tensions and when dor-stepped by Sky, urges patience

-Report into bullying culture in Commons is damning and makes clear it can't change while current head (ie Bercow) remains, in other circumstances he would surely be gone and I think he should be gone

-All government business pulled for today with three urgent statements, some wondering if parliament is grinding to a halt. May doing one two days before summit was surprising

-May urges calm, progress being made like EU agreeing to look at UK wide backstop, refuses to guarantee backstop end date to sheer frustration of MP's, rules out extending article 50 but a sense she is struggling to command the Commons and that even her loyalists aren't defending her plans or providing helpful questions.

-Pensions Minister Justin Tomilson handling Commons day after wedding with Desmond Swayne teasing

-Sammy Wilson says no deal probably inevitable and May would be mad to be railroaded into a deal that would be worse then no deal, Dodds say DUP aren't bluffing

-Forster to have private dinner with Vadarker

-Sturgeon wants transition phase extended as current talks show two years won't be enough, open to special status for N.Ireland but must be similar for Scotland or will be at econimic disadvantage, May doesn't have numbers in Commons to get Chequers through, May's red lines are entirely self imposed

-Leadsom holds private meeting with Brexiteer cabinet colleagues

-Sinn Feinn says she will demand an Irish referendum if no deal Brexit

-McVey hints she is pressing Hammond for more money

-AstraZeneca has suspended investments here due to lack of clarity over Brexit and is activating contingency plans now, Nissan suspends pay talks till they know what is happening with Brexit

-Merkel remarks today Brexit is a looking a bit more difficult

-Thornberry urges rethink of relationship with Saudi's


-Ed Davey on wrong approach to knife crime

-Boris says we are in moment of crises and accuses EU of treating UK with naked contempt over Ireland and trying to either break up UK or subjugate it so UK should just reject their plans, shouldn't have agreed backstop last December

-Dorries says Davis may be only potential caretaker leader who can deliver a Free Trade Agreement Brexit

-Flint says she would vote for a deal

-Steve Baker has said talks collapse is all just a show and deal will be done, Brexiteers mustn't fall for the trap


-Kuessenberg on state of Brexit

-D'Ancona feels the underestimated Davis and DUP could destroy May
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Tue Oct 16, 2018 6:28 pm

- Under pressure, Bercow wants an independent body to investigate bullying claims against MP's while his allies seem to be leaking he will go at the end of next summer (which was kind of expected anyway). At moment he seems to have backing of the front benches though some on Tory frontbench may be waiting to see what further investigations turn up and then try to remove him

Sir Kevin Barron, head of Standards Committee, has asked for Bercow to stand down but Sir Barron is being replaced by Kate Green who voted against bullying probe into Bercow, Leadsom seems to indicate she is open to Standards Committee investigating Bercow. Thornberry (who also says those she speaks to don't see him as a bully and she has been treated well by Bercow) and Eagle says not time to axe Speaker due to Brexit, Maria Miller says Bercow should go, Sheerman sees it as a Brexit right attack on "our" speaker (with the whole independent report on bullying culture?). Well known Bercow critic Bridgen calls for him to go, Duddridge cutting with his Commons question

This is ugly and shows that, for many, that really don't care about worker rights. Or not enough. Are some suddenly finding a passion for it because they hate Bercow and this is real chance to get rid of him? Of course. Is it a right-wing conspiracy? No. The independent report was damning and made clear Bercow should consider his position, everybody in politics should be having a deep think about how to handle this (investigations rather then dismissal is my preferred route) and any dismissing this ala Sheerman is unfit for public office. Some of the other arguments being used to keep Bercow bar that is disturbing, the sense of "our guy" (though never said) so needs to be protected, the "but Brexit". Yes I see why people would really want Bercow to be in post for that vote because the Speaker may have to make key calls and Bercow is excellent at ensuring Commons over Executive but that isn't enough to simply dismiss the claims against him. That can not matter more then the rights of those serving in the Commons surely? I have more sympathy with those who are grateful for reforms Bercow has brought in but gratitude can't act as a shield.


-Tusk says talks have got more complicated then some may have expected but he remains hopeful, have to start no deal preparations, has invited May to address her fellow leaders at summit. However speaking to Barnier he says there is no grounds for optimism, he will ask May for concrete proposals, says he can't see a new version of Alexander the Great to solve the Irish issue and May will have to be creative

Barnier hopes for deal in weeks if they keep calm and sensible, Edgars Rinkēvičs, the Latvian foreign affairs minister, says Brexit deal chances about 50/50, Germany’s Europe minister, Michael Roth message to May "Take responsibility and be constructive." and EU has limited room for further manoeuvrer on Ireland, things are very serious now, even orderly Brexit a lose lose for everyone, Frans Timmermans, vice president of the European commission, says Brexit is a damage limitation exercise.

-Corbyn and Sir Stramer use PLP meting to argue it isn't May deal or no deal

-Forster says she might leave N.Ireland if it votes to unite with Republic

-Wage growth fives nine year of 3.1% in quarter, unemployment still at major low of 4.0%

-Mark Sedwell took the unusual step of writing to Times to defend Brexit civil servants from accusations they have been freelancing on policy and talks

-Law Commission looking at ageism as a hatecrime

-Seems Universal Credit roll out will be further delayed

-Government had to pull tightening rules on certain rifles due to backbench revolt built

- Baroness Hollis has died. An academic and leader of Norwich City Council (served on council from 68-91, led it from 83), she was unable to win an election in the 70's but was ennobled in 1990, became opposition whip and social security spokeswoman then when Blair took power (that year she also won 1997 Orwell Prize for her biography of Jennie Lee) was welfare minister till 2005, from backbenches was an active and formidable figure

-IFS says Hammond needs to find an extra £19 billion a year to end austerity, they don't expect major tax rises due to Brexit uncertainty

-Ford says no deal would be a disaster for manufacturing and they would have to reconsider their UK investments

-Mordaunt urges calm from Tory MP's

-Dave Penman, general secretary of the FDA ( representing senior civil servants) has condemned Thornberry for hypocrisy for speaking on workers rights at their celebration dinner then backing Bercow

-Cabinet meeting three hours but so far no resignations and number 10 claims she won their backing her fight on backstop.

-Adrian O’Neill, the Irish ambassador to the UK, accuses UK of backsliding on December agreement about backstop, Brexiteers claiming it holds them back is self serving and avoiding responsibility to find a solution, best outcome for tomorrow is May setting out UK's issues and generating momentum in talks

-79 MP's, MEP's and Peers write to police asking them to restart investigations into Vote Leave amidst allegations the police dropped as too politically sensitive


-Jenkyns accused of blocking Soubry on twitter

-Morgan says Commons would take charge of the Brexit talks rather then have no deal

-Lord Hague says any challenge against May would damage Brexit talks at critical time but May needs backup plan for if backstop talks fail on Wednesday and suggests Norway like links

-Nandy says there is out of date culture in Commons that needs to change and that needs to change, not just drive out a few senior figures, Thornberry is wrong to use Brexit to keep Bercow

-Sir Grieve says he won't back deal unless it goes to referendum

-Tugenhadt backing Noor Inayat Khan to be face of next £50 note


-Katya Adler on Berlin's view

-Jayne McCormack on Brexit and the battle for N.Ireland future

-Behr argues UK needs to finally listen to what EU figures have been saying

-Dawn Foster rails about universal credit

-Rory Cellan-Jones on Facebook's actions on UK political ads

-Nick Timothy (sun) urges May to be like Boundiccia against EU. Yes, really. Also proposes five year transition.
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Wed Oct 17, 2018 6:43 pm

PMQ's: Kind of wonder if BBC came in later as one question before Corbyn? Was a quiet jovial mood from backbenchers during exchangers, Bercow seemed more subdued as well. Corbyn asks why term Chequers has been dropped and is it dead, May says no. Corbyn points to ministers failing to back it in public and asks about Hammond's no deal payment comments, May says they always said they would honour their legal obligations but nothing is agreed till everything is agreed (she ignores the first part of question), Corbyn tries to tease 63 Tory backbenchers by saying if they complain forecasts are too negative then will they complain about legal advice being too negative before asking if May still committed to December agreement if no border solution+there was no time-limit in it. May says future relationship is key to solving Irish issue and progress has been made basing around on what is already there, they have always been clear on UK stance. Corbyn points out she didn't answer time-limit part (Corbyn remarks when heckled why there is always someone hiding behind the gallery to do that) and quotes car industry's warnings about Brexit and custom barriers so why not back a custom union to save jobs? May say industries wants frictionless trade and that is the heart of her plans, her plan would deliver what people voted for and protect jobs while Labour ignores what people wanted and want a second referendum which May will not give. Corbyn ignores that attack and renews attack on lack of investment, goes on health department unable to reassure Public Accounts Committee of securing medicine if no deal, May says they are working towards deal and health department is preparing for no deal. Corbyn quotes BMA says NHS woefully underprepared, Tories been fighting themselves for two years and still doing so days before deadline, May too weak and cabinet too divided to protect the country during talks, she can go for country or party's interests. May points out Corbyn said nothing about unemployment figures while complaining about jobs, May lists what government has done to help people, Labour plays politics while Tories deliver.

Something a bit lacking overall. Jokes didn't quite land, had some decent quotes and helped by May refusal to answer various questions so would give to her eve if lacked thrust or a killer moment but May had better ending summary of her record even if not on Corbyn's subject. Was a general sense Corbyn was on right lines but failed to really follow up and lacked sharpness to damage May. Blackford says in everyone's interest (including jobs) for a good deal and SNP will be constructive opposition (that gained laughter), cites Sir Major and Cameron's comments on Brexit being bad, does May agree with them? May says her plans would project jobs and trade is good but ignores his actual question. Blackford quotes May's past comments and she must accept responsibility and avoid catastrophe by keeping us in single market and customs union, only deal that would get through Commons. Bit more force then Corbyn. May says her plans delivers on people's wishes and protects jobs, urges SNP to back leaving Commons Fishiers policy.


-Hammond says no deal would have a Brexit bill of £30-6 billion anyway due to money owed

-Morduant seeking a worldwide register of suspected sexual predators working in the aid sector

-Talk starting of Brexit deal being done in December

-Education Committee says schools need to teach U9's how to avoid dog attacks and bites and various reforms to dog rules including information given

-Inflation falls to 2.4% thanks to cheaper food and drink despite energy price rises, house price growth lowest for five years at 3.2%

-Convey confirms EU is willing to add an extra transition year in exchange for double backstop (number 10 says they aren't calling for extension but been noted they haven't ruled it out either despite being asked repeatedly), doubts there will be November summit made this week. Varadker warns time is running out, open to longer transition period but not as a replacement for a backstop

-May gets half an hour to address EU leaders, far more then usual, also meet Tusk, Junker and Vardaker

-Transport's lead civil servant Bernadette Kelly says chances of planes being grounded is very low, Health's Sir Chris Wormald can't rule out medicine issues if no deal but they are minimizing risks and admits he has lost sleep about limiting impact on workforce, HMRC head Jon Thompson says cost to department of Brexit will have been £400m by next year but no deal would be £450m, French are refusing to tell him their plans if no deal in regards lorry checks

-US trade representative, Robert Lighthizer tells Congress that trade talks will start with UK and getting agriculture tariffs down is priority

-Fox indicates willingness to extend transition for a few months-BBC reviewing

-Gove says they may allow non-vets to sign animals’ export health certificates, if no deal then commitments given at EU fishing council would still apply so EU fishermen would have access to UK waters December 2019, deal might not be agreed till December

-Merkel says German government preparing for no deal but still time for a good deal, real concerns over rights of each other's citizens in such circumstances, members of the EU and non-members with a partnership agreement should not have the same rights, both sides have shown good will in talks. Calls Britian a place that “helped shape the EU, politically, economically and culturally” and hopes we remain a a “close and trustworthy partner”.

-Corbyn's spokesperson carefully distances from Thornberry on Bercow "Jeremy’s view is that the issue of Brexit and the issue of bullying, harassment and abuse in parliament, or any work place, are entirely separate, and shouldn’t be confused in any way." I agree with them but they probably needed to do this yesterday as Thornberry's words were treated as Labour policy and it was not a good look

-McDonnell says May's return from summit with a fudge by EU to stop Boris will be her Neville Chamberlain moment, end of austerity will become a Tory millstone, wants £2 billion funding gap in children services closed, wants UK to push for econimic isolation of Saudi regime. Then in an honest, completely respectable but tactically foolish comment says on Ireland he is tempted for Irish border issue to lead to reunification of Ireland, e longs to see that day but he respects democracy. Also unwise "There are some curious relationships that come out of a general election. If I can get my application in for the Orange Order and order my bowler hat and sash for the marching season, you never know."

Will just give May a helping hand with the DUP

-Carney confirms they will provide an economic assessment on final Brexit deal to MP's

-May says time is now for a deal

-Barnier says he needs a lot more time

-Lithuanian president, Dalia Grybauskaitė remarks ""If you have a negotiator on the other side of the table that has no strong mandate, it is very difficult for us to negotiate."", UK needs to unite behind one plan "We very much want for prime minister May to come with a strong mandate, which we have not seen yet in the UK. We need very concrete understanding of what the UK really wants. To stay one leg in the continent and one leg in the UK is really not possible. Today we do not know what they want. They do not know themselves what they want. It is a problem.” "We are very friendly but we would like someone to come and say what they want finally … it is still a great secret.", talks could go into December

-Rutte cuatoiuly optimistic of deal within weeks, Peter Pellegrini the PM of Slovakia says not optimistic and time to prepare for no deal, Xavier Bettel the prime minister of Luxembourg optimistic, open to extending transition but understands May has domestic difficulties, and I liked "I am able to come back as often as we need to if it's to find a solution but i am not if it's to have a have a cup of coffee and shortbreads.". Polish prime minister, Mateusz Morawiecki says Tusk playing with fire with hard language to UK as things going wrong would hurt Polish jobs and people, Antonio Tajani the European parliament president says they would vote against any deal that didn't answer Irish border issue

-Dodds isn't opposed to extending transition but doesn't deal with DUP concerns on backstop

-Raab says Commons Brexit deal vote would be yes or no with no amnedmdents allowed and asks Procedure Committee for help in idea's to ensure that


-Sir Major gives assessment of Brexit and state of country

-Clegg, Blair and Lord Hesltine write to press in Europe opposing blind Brexit and wanting second referendum. Not sure that is a good idea and Farage ghas accused them of colluding with the enemy

-Nick Boles alternative plan based around EEA

-Rees-Mogg (never led party to election victory) urges pity for Sir Major who he feels has never recovered from voters rejecting him in 97 (what happened in 92 again?)

-Farage says May must regret the backstop and use summit for no deal, be celebrated as a hero then do deal in few weeks

- Dame Beckett has admitted the party attitude (pre Corbyn's late intervention) is that Brexit debate is most important then the abuse of Commons staff, this and Thornberry were being thrown at Labour


-Paul Taylor feels May needs things to be worse before she can get Brexit through Commons

-Michael Chessum rails against Labour MP's who might back Chequers
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Thu Oct 18, 2018 6:21 pm

-Fury among Tory MP's on all sides as May admits she is open to a few months extra transition (Tusk has said they would be happy to extend) but doubts it will be needed, Reaminer Boles remarking it will cost 17 billion yet government won't commit to filling the Universal Credit hole, Jenkyns says May must go, Rees-Mogg bemoans government being wet. IDS says we get nothing in return, Jenkyns calls it ridiculous and if May continues to struggle in talks then she will need replacing, Remainer Dr Lee calls it ludicrous and weakens our hand, Sir cash says time to walk away and blackmail from EU. Sun and Mail having very different reactions to the idea

-EU backs Barnier and not enough progress to plan November summit yet, will be up to Barnier when there is another Brexit summit. Some of EU leaders including Macron and Merkel went for pint afterwards

-Cleverly says EU deals always go down to last day

-McDonnell says Brexit negotiations are becoming a farce and nicknames Raab calls Raab C.Brexit

-Tracey Crouch disappointed Wembley sale has fallen through

- US regulator Commodity Futures Trading Commission has threatened to ban EU banks from American futures markets unless the bloc waters down plans for oversight on foreign clearing houses

-Rutte thinks Christmas is the final deadline for Brexit deal that can get ratified in time

-A sense EU irritated May had nothing new to offer though Poland's PM Mateusz Morawiecki disagreed and called it important intervention. EU being careful about dodging questions about extra payment for transition extension

-French no deal draft laws requiring UK citizens to have visa's or permits if they wish to come over if no deal

-Fury at idea of Brexit bill being take it or leave it vote (though May might only be worried if it gets beyond the usual suspects of Stramer, Grieve, Morgan, Clarke and Soubry), Leadsom has said any such special measure would need Commons approval

-Alan Manning, chairs of the Migration Advisory Committee, says farming and hospitality shouldn't get priority access to low skilled EU migration, would hit industry's a bit but country would recover but musicians and dancers should be allowed in while exception needs to be made for season food picking

-Dr Fox pulls out of trip to Saudi Arabia

-Retail sales fall more then expected at 0.8% with food sales their biggest monthly dip in three years

-Lidington open to a year extension so to get over final hurdles and it would mean payments for another year but says it would need fleshing out first, Gove says it is vital we leave EU at earliest possible point, Mordaunt denies May is considering extending transition phase

-Xavier Bettel, the prime minister of Luxembourg,
"The UK government knows what are the problems. They have also to move. They know the two points where we have a problem on the internal market. You can’t be out and having all the good things if you would be family members. So that’s the problem."

-Corbyn says he understands why people voted Brexit (is about visit some very Brexit areas) but his Brexit would be very different from Tories, Abbott sticks to six tests and says Brexit talks haven't progressed enough on security and will meet EU figures on those matters, defends need for European Court of Justice

-Boris, IDS, Patel, Davis, Paterson (and Rees-Mogg) says backstop is not needed and is a trap, should call for a reset of talks, Commons would vote for Canada style deal

-Leadsom denies February recess has been cancelled

-Merkel says they must prepare for no deal but they didn't talk about it at summit as they want a deal, May's speech didn't change her mind either way, doubts we will need to extend transition as thing thinks will move quickly once deal is done, backs Barnier

-Junker thinks transition deal will happen, Tusk feels Brexit is closer but that may be an emotional response

-Irish claiming May has accepted there can be no time-limit on backstop and May isn't denying it

-May's press conference confusing, contradictory and lacking good sound bite. It will not help her soothe the Tory anger


-Sir Major on Brexiteers "those who promised what will never be delivered will have much to answer for. They persuaded a deceived population to vote to be weaker and poorer. That will never be forgotten - nor forgiven."

-Farage says problem isn't Brexit, it is May who lacks courage to stand up to EU, terrified of WTO and doesn't believe in Brexit, calls May the weakest PM he has seen and one of the most dishonest so Tories have to replace her, fears extended transition would take us to election and then we might never leave

-Nandy says second referendum would see same mistakes as last time and public remains gridlocked on issue, first referendum result says there should be compromise and nobody is addressing why people voted Brexit

-Boles warns even May's allies are close to despair and she is losing support from all wings of the party, accuses UK and EU of trying to run down the clock to force no deal

-Green says extra year solves some problems but means bigger bills and doesn't solve Irish issue

-Vice-president of the European Parliament Mairead McGuinness says UK didn't understand consequences and difficulties of Brexit when they voted, trying to be optmistic but could still go horribly wrong, not EU's job to solve UK's problems

-Baker says if Sir Major had been honest about Mascherict with the people, a lot of today's problems could be avoided.

-Lord Adonis suspect Boles and Morgan are seeking to replace May with old friend Gove

-Sun's political editor Tom Newton Dunn "Why would the PM appear to commit near political suicide by flaunting a transition extension? Because, I'm told, she thinks it may be the only way to re-engage Barnier. Appears No10 are now v worried that EU27 are close to pulling the plug entirely, and ready to go for no deal."

-Batter calls extension evidence of May's Brexit betrayal

-NFU seeks emergency meeting with government on Brexit, CBI warns patience is at an end

-Rees-Mogg thinks Thatcher as face of £50 note would be timely reminder for Brexit


-Kettle pragmatic remain MP's will have dilemma if May gets deal from EU

-Hamish McRae on Hammond's challenge

-Andrew McQuillan DUP's huge union challenge thanks to Brexit

-Toynbee on austerity in local services
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Fri Oct 19, 2018 4:58 pm

-Guardian says Raab warned Barnier on Sunday that May couldn't get Brexit deal past cabinet or DUP

-Talks of David Davis leadership challenge growing

-Vardaker says fears of violence if hard border in Ireland is very real and Ireland is not exaggerating it's worries, thinks Brexit is hampering return of Stormont, aware May has very difficult challenge in Commons. DUP accuse him of exaggerating and promoting threats

-Business Committee want ban on petrol/disael cars to be brought forward to 2032 and government plans to be less vague

-DUP's Paul Girvarn, transport spokesperson, backs Ireland-Scotland bridge idea

-Hunt says May's refusal to capitulate is why talks are so difficult, points out EU unity has helped then and MP's should unify behind May, Irish backstop more important then any possibility of extending transition, any reaction to Saudi's will be considered, EU have been more considerate since his Soviet Union line

-Barnier says complexity of UK politics make it impossible for him to predict on Brexit talks but he would say possible but difficult, Irish issue could veto talks, no deal would be very serious for EU but much more grave for UK, not even Farage can say how Brexit helps UK citizens, British people weren't told full consequences during referendum (Farage says Barnier has never understood freedom or democracy). Brexit driven partly by nostalgia but also wishes to free themselves from rules on things like finical services and anger over impact of econimic liberalization.

-Rumours Mundell says he can't accept extension of transition due to fisheries policy


-Mercer with a very honest interview about state of Tory party and his own record

-Awkwardness in Commons as Sir Paul Beresford twice fails to understand the Glaswegian accent of David Linden

-Jenkyns complains budget efore Brexit deal is giving EU a blank cheque

-Rees-Mogg says longer transition as kicking can down road, Brexiteers would vote down any payments for longer transition, dmisses talk of amending budget as hard to do and Brexit bill would make more sense if they are enforce no payments to EU

-Oxford Tory association Bullingdon ban overturned

-Clegg to run Facebook's global communications team

-Rudd would like to be Home Secretary again some day

-Toyata says no deal must be avoided at all costs

-IDS says Brexit looking like capitulation rather then negotiation

-Gareth Snell says Labour should consider voting for May's deal


-Nicholas Watt May could have to choose between DUP or Fox and what sides may be willing to compromise on

-Sean Coughlan on Labour and Co-op row on academies

-Robert Peston on state of Brexit

-David Clegg on on Irish border

-George Pascoe-Watson urges Brexiteers to change their tone and back Chequers
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sat Oct 20, 2018 6:11 pm

-Labour condemns Clegg for joining Facebook, while using facebook as a key part of their online electoral strategy

-Media attention on Saudi's and Remainer march

-D'Arcy's Week Ahead


-CBI head calls for companies to boycott Saudi conference

-Momentum rails against Umunna getting 65k a year to chair a think-tank

-Rudd says civil servants gave her incorrect information on Windrush even at the moment she resigned, says she and Boris have always been friends, immigration enforcement needs major reform

-Press love Matthew Paris metaphor for May's loss of authority, one I dare not repeat here

-Baker laying down amendments to N>Ireland bill that would make EU backstop illegal

-Jenkins says hard to negotiate Brexit with ministers who voted against Brexit and civil servants who hate Brexit

-Dr Poulter spends most time in second job, spending 28 hours a week as GP


-Hinsliff on workplace bullying including in Westminster

-Adam Fleming on a week in EU

-D'Arcy on meaningful vote row

-Katya Adler on state of Brexit talks

-Sebastian Ash on how transferring EU law into UK laws is going

-Forsyth (sun) Geoffrey Cox a key figure, May's attempted relaunch could be defeated by longer transition, budget rows and more
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sun Oct 21, 2018 4:03 pm

-Raab demanding backstop be dropped in exchange for extension (say 3 months extra), people not sure if May agrees but doubt EU can agree to that, pleased with mood music from summit, deal needs to be end of November, Saudi's explanation is not credible

-Eyes on Wednesday 1922 Committee meeting for potential attempt to overthrow May

-The sheer numbers of People's Vote march has impressed journalists and was peaceful. Iraq comparisons being made

-Sir Stramer says he has got approving noises from those in Brussels and EU capitals about Labour's custom/trade plans, uncertain if six tests will be in manifesto

-Culture Committee unhappy at anonymous website Mainstream Network being able to do pro-Brexit campaigning with nobody knowing who they are or who funds it

-Sturgeon pulls out of event due to meaning it would mean being at same festival as Bannon (as I understand it, he would speak the day after she did) and blames BBC for normalizing far-right by this


-Jess Philips calls for Bercow to go

-Umunna on People's Vote and frustration with "the elite" being used on Remainers

-Suellea Fernandes is comfortable with people using language like "bring a noose" or "killing zone" about May

-Boris says May will do anything to avoid no deal Brexit. He does not mean it as a compliment

-Baker's amendment requires Stormont (a not yet formed one) to approve of any backstop involving it


-Oliver Wiseman says liberal democrats need to adapt

-Rawnsley on chances of a second vote
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Re: UK Politics

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-Lots and lots of talk about plots against May and a lot of disgust at some of the language being used about May like nooses or heated knife, that may help strengthen her position.

-May's conference call with cabinet does not seem to have brought them into line

-May (sun) tries to rally support around her and reassure on Brexit

-Stramer warns even if deal is agreed this year, Tory MP's will try to destroy it and Tory 30 year civil war is not going to end

-Sturgeon says the language around May is debasing politics and Tories need to get a grip

-Government worried by degree grade inflation

-Grayling says this part of negotiations was always going to be hardest and calm heads needed, happy for a short extension

-Thornberry calls for end of arm sales to Saudi and accuses government of simply saying it is awful but washing their hands, Hunt says Saudi's response has not been credible

-80 current and former members of Commons staff have written an open letter highlighting bullying culture

-Bercow to step aside from chairing Commons commission while they discuss bullying

-Bradley commits to no border

-DUP backed Baker's N.Ireland amendments but Baker withdrew it, Labour had made clear they wouldn't mess up program motion to allow amendments on emergency legislation

-Shadow Treasury Minister Jim Dowd on reports 95% of Brexit is done "95% of the Titanic’s journey was completed successfully.", press admire Treasury Minister John Glen's holding operation as he deflects questions onto May's upcoming statement

-Raab says no legal or practical way to delay article 50 and change to proposed deal would raise diplomatic objections

-May says 95% of deal done, EU willing to consider UK wide backstop which is movement and UK seeking 4 demands (firm commitment to temporary customs arrangement, option to extend transition as alternative to backstop, UK to be able to leave at will, N.Ireland business must have full access to rest of UK markets), urges MP's to hold their nerve and she will make deal for national rather then personal interest. Labour's plans still require backstop discussion, people need to be careful with language, doesn't deny Whitehall doing contingency planning for second referendum

-Offensive Weapons Bill pulled due to scale of revolt


-Shapps says danger to May is high this week but then it usually is and always gets through

-Boris says blind eye mustn't be turn to Saudi murder and compares it to Salisbury

-Nicky Morgan on Brexit wounds in Tory party

-Suella Braverman defends Chequers as a good pragmatic plan that honours result and Davis is wrong, no deal wouldn't be walk in park but we would thrive, willing to accept transition extension if clauses

-Douglas Ross warns 13 Scottish Tory MP's would vote against any extension to Commons Fishery policy

-Bridgen says May is in last chance saloon and needs to come before 1922 committee

-IDS calls for whoever used violent verbal imagery against May to feel full force of party, Heidi Allen wants person thrown out of party, Dr Woolostan says shame on those using such dangerous language about May, have they forgotten Jo Cox, Villiers calls it disturbing, Cooper calls for whoever said it to be ousted. Mark Francois calls it unacceptable but blames bunker mentality of number 10 and frustration on both sides, Sir Stramer calls them disgraceful and MP's should know better, Baker calls for whip to be removed.

-IDS and Paterson meet with Barnier to discuss their groups ideas for Brexit

-Halfon says language makes party seem nasty, need to get away from being seen as obsessed by Brexit like May did in 2016 with social justice

-Hansard Society says only 21 of 800 Brexit statuary instruments have been done, will need 20 a week now to get it done in time


-Simon Jack on business concerns at where we are on Brexit

-Robin Lustig urges fellow Remainers not to seek second referendum

-Simon Allison argues Brexit doesn't fit Tories history and values

-Victoria Smith left-leaning woman need to defend May as well
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