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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Tue Mar 21, 2017 7:57 pm

-Martin McGuinness has died, certainly left him mark, for better or worse, on N.Ireland. Fair to say not all reaction has been tributes

-Council of Europe accuses UK government of neglecting the Cornish minority

-Corbyn had rough time with MP's over the Unite/Momentum issue, Tom Watson got a rather more positive reception

-Junker says if UK refuses to pay EU the sum demanded, we might not get a trade deal

-72 MP's (including IDS and Carswell) led by former BBC journalist Julian Knight complain to BBC it's Brexit coverage has been too negative and is alienating the Leave voters+damaging our reputation abroad by covering xenophobic/racist attacks. Tom Watson has condemned it

-Government agrees a Swansea Bay City deal

-First Minister Carywn Jones accuses May of a tin ear on devolution

-Someone in Corbyn's team been briefing Watson got slapped down at shadow cabinet, backing away from that now

-UK inflation rises more then expected at 2.3%, government borrows less then it expected in February which will boost Hammond, manufacturing confidence hits 22 year high

-EU has a summit on April 29th to discuss article 50 (rather late), President Tusk says he will seek to bring clarity quickly and to make the divorce as painless as possible for EU

-Sturgeon say Westminster should set out an alternative referendum date if they don't like her proposal, predicts a harder Brexit then even Hard Brexiteers expect

-Ruth Davidson says if last referendum was gold standard as SNP claimed, SNP bullzdozing one through is failing to meet it and says SNP have fivve times in six months ignored the will of Hollyrood yet demand Westminster follow Hollyrood's demands

-Simon Kirby had dreadful time answering on money laundering


-Nice joke by McInnes about Osborne's working hours, plenty of Tories rallying to the former chancellor partly as they feel it is best for MP's to have a wider interests

-Stuart Donaldson amusing in driving insurance debate

-Philip Davies wants judges punished if they give lenient sentences too often, lifting of judges retirement age to 75 and end to early release

-Galloway to run in Gorton

-Lord Mervyn King gives huge boost to SNP by saying he doesn't see a problem with Scotland getting own currency if independent but does warn of high borrowing costs. Fears Brexit means politicians ignoring NHS financing, social care, viability of pensions and trade deficit

-McCluskey let's rip at Tom Watson

-MSP's in referendum debate sees Bruce Crawford pleads for mutual respect on this, Adam Tomkins "We are the people, and we said no. And we meant it", Ruth Maguire enjoys her fellows to lead by example, Jenny Mara wonders if SNP will rule out independence 3 if they lose this one


-Iain Watson on Labour's infighting

-Kate Maltby on why the Momentum row matters

-Helen Lewis disagrees with May on her advice to girls

-Trevor Kavanagh urges May to go to the polls

-Bush on McGuinness and N.Ireland peace

-Sean O'Grady with what independence might look like
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Sun Fin » Wed Mar 22, 2017 3:59 pm

There has been an attack on Parliament.

It appears that a man drove across Westminster bridge, knocking over at least 5 people, possibly more. He then drove in to a gate at the House of Commons, he got out the car where he stabbed a police officer before getting shot.

More details are coming to light, I'm just hoping that this was a loner rather than the beginning of a series of orchestrated attacks.

One of the first things that come to mind is that I've so grateful for our gun legislation. This would have been so much worse if the attacker had been armed with a gun!

The other thing is so far there have been no suggestions on motive for the attack. Some of the things that have come to my mind are a loner with mental health issues, Brexit, ISIS, Scottish referendum or could it be some fringe element of the IRA reacting to the death of Paddy Mcguinness. Just to emphasis that this paragraph is all baseless speculation at this point.
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Wed Mar 22, 2017 7:43 pm

Just glad not more were hurt (four dead as I understand it and some really bad injuries among at least 20 injured), horrible for everyone involved (including those trapped on the London Eye), hope Parliament doesn't get unsettled because whatever the plan was, it doesn't seem to have succeeded. Hollyrood suspended, Tobias Ellwood tried to save the life of the killed police office, Westminster will return to it's duty tomorrow


PMQ's: Corbyn went on education funding which is a big issue this week, listing things May has spent money on rather then education, decent joke about Osborne and a decent idea with question about what should schools due when budgets are cut, decent use of a teacher's letter to add to his points, not sure his moving to grammar schools was the best move. Corbyn lacks a cutting edge but he did a good job in first half but felt he was lacklustre on grammar schools. May went on general defence of education rather then funding till very late on and was poor in first half but gave a good defence of grammar schools in second half but due to first half, would feel Corbyn won the day. However May's "country over party" line at the end might be the one people remember.

Angus Robertson on failure to secure UK wide agreement on article 50, accuses May of lecturing and being intransigent. May went on a general love of union and says they have tried to work at every level with the devolved administrations, Robinson says many parliaments have a choice over Brexit but not Hollyrood but May says Scotland chose to remain in union and UK voted for Brexit so is respecting 2 votes to Robinson's 0. Feel Robinson slightly edged that.


-Viagogo refuses to turn up for Culture Committee inquiry into ticket selling

-Tom Watson warns Matt Hancock could be accused of conflict of interests when his work covers the Standard due to relationship with Osborne

-Maria Miller warns fathers are afraid to ask for flexible hours as it might damage their careers

-Lindsay Hoyle warns Jewish and Muslim female MP's particularly being targetted by abuse and that their offices are being threatened

-John Curtice polling finds public want Eu nationals to be treated in same as way as non EU nationals, to maintain free trade with EU (I don't see how we can have the first and the second), agree to payments for certain EU programs, retain EU water quality and clean beach standards and mobile roaming tariff restrictions

-Eric Hepburn, Parliament's director of security, says his experience is social media sites are far too slow to react to complaints about abuse and was undermining the safety of MP's

-Carney urges calm over inflation jump

-Lord Whitty, chair of the Lords EU internal market sub-committee, warns of substantial damage to services sector if no trade deal

-Youguv gives Tories 16 point lead and May has a 33 point lead over Corbyn (though May is having a closer fight with Don't knows)

-Labour looking for a liaison for it's own PLP

-National Union of Teachers and the Association of Teachers and Lecturers to merge into National Education Union, will be biggest education union in Europe and 4th biggest UK union

-The lord chief justice, Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd, unhappy Truss failed to defend judiciary for being called traitors and says MoJ have given out wrong information on rape so he has to write to judges

-Commons to get free vote on what to do about Commons repairs

-Bariner says first priority in talks will be sorting out foreign nationals situation


-Dawn Butler in tears as she talks of Jo Cox in Westminster Hall

-Livingstone says Labour is undemocratic, says Corbyn should suspend 12 critical MP's like Umunna and Streeting (aka those he blames for accusing him of anti-Semitism), would take Labour to judicial review if he isn't allowed back in. Streeting asks why Livingstone hasn't yet been expelled

-Jonathan Bartley on a certain Gorton candidate "George Galloway is a burnt out Brexiteer who offers nothing but an overinflated ego to the people of Manchester Gorton."

-Nicky Morgan urges May to stick to her principles on education funding reform, Osborne says he has concerns (being his formula...)

-Galloway pledges to live in Gorton, has signed children's book deal and says he is running in memory of Sir Kaufman

-Paul Waugh with an account of Labour's PLP meeting

-Osborne writes to his constituents

-Ruth Davidson thinks Sturgeon has made a mistake

-MP's decorate cakes for Comic Relief


-Kamal Ahmed on why inflation has risen

-Brian Taylor on Hollyrood debate

-Aiden James on City of London's unusual local election system

-Mark Mardell muses on if there will be an Irish referendum

-Alex Brummer on inflation and Bank of England
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Thu Mar 23, 2017 7:56 pm

-Current count is 5 dead, 39 injured I believe

-Three French children, two Romanians, four South Koreans, one German, one Pole, one Irish, one Chinese, one Italian, one American and two Greeks injured (and in American case, sadly died of his injuries)

-Police admit Muslim communities will be fearing backlash from right-wing extremists

-Trump Jr considers the correct response to the London attacks is to mock Sadiq Khan for warning six months ago that cities have to prepare for risk of terrorism (Trump Jr may not have read the article properly or looked at the date of article). Streeting calls Trump Jr a disgrace

-Eiffel Tower turns off its lights, Tel Aviv City Hall changes lights to Union Jack

-Isis takes "credit" for the attack but seems most they can claim is the possibility of inspiring it

-Leave.EU blames mass immigration for terrorist attack

-We forget to let Greek authorities know of their injured apparently

-May rises to occasion with Commons Statement, James Cleverly's plea for a posthumous award for his friend PC Keith Palmer moved the Commons and several MP's want a memorial to him

-French foreign minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault, visits the Commons

-MSP's divided on if suspending Holyrood was the correct signal

-Archbishop Welby gave a strong speech on values

-Farage says attack justified Trump's migrant ban (does he have information we don't as to where the attacker came from?), blames multiculturalism as does Katie Hopkins.

-Victoria Ayling, a Ukip heritage and tourism spokesman, retweets calls for action against Islam.

-Nutall gave a moderate speech yesterday, today goes for more controversial stance as he calls for Muslim communities to do more in combatting extremism

-Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo says attacks justify Poland not taking refugees

-Villiers says parliament will go on, wants police guarding "sensitive sites" to be routinely armed

-Gavin Barwell appeals to his constituents on how they respond to London attack

-A sense security will be stepped up at Carriage Gates and tendency to leave some gates open when MP's/peers racing to vote will be a stopped, Labour peers are not happy with how lockdown was handled apparently
-May visits the injured in announced visit

-Boris muses there needs to be a discussion on what images are shown in aftermath of terrorist attack

-Rudd warns against knee jerk reaction


-Retail sales for month up 1.4% for February, car manufacturers have strongest February for overseas for 17 years

-Alistair Campbell becomes editor-at-large of the New European

-Hollyrood moves independence referendum to 28th March

-Ben Broadbent, the Bank of England’s deputy governor for monetary policy, says people starting to feel squeeze but sterling's decline is great for exports

-Unite calls for single market access


-Kuessenberg doubts there will be an education funding U-turn

-Jonathan Freedland on a reminder that those in Westminster are people too

-Paul Goodman calls for sense of proportion

-Stephanie Boland warns we have responsibilities on what images we choose to share during and after a tragedy
“You, are a rebellious son who abandoned his father. You are a cruel brigand who murdered his lord. How can Heaven and Earth put up with you for long? And unless you die soon, how can you face the sight of men?”
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