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Unread postby Jordan » Fri Jun 19, 2020 5:16 am

Not surprisingly (I predicted as much in my earlier post), Trump is displeased by the net balance of recent SC decisionmaking, which now also includes stopping Trump from immediately dismantling DACA. Trump called the SC rulings shotgun blasts to the face. He also called for more conservative justices, though to my mind I don't know if this is a reelection platform ("Elect me so I can continue to appoint justices as older ones retire or die") or an actual proclamation thst he wants to increase the number of justices on the SC to railroad more conservatives in. Many conservatives consider recent rulings a betrayal by Roberts and others.

It has been a bad week for Trump as simultaneously he is desperately trying to stop John Bolton from publishing an embarrassing book. Several details from that book have already been leaked and while, if true, there are some humiliating anecdotes sprinkled throughout, the book also makes Bolton look extremely bad. First of all, he sat on all this information both while he was in office and afterwards. The only thing he did with it, the only thing Bolton has ever done in politics, is use his office and access to enrich himself. Second, it is hard to trust everything he says as he has a clear axe to grind, he refused to bring this information to light under oath during congressional impeachment hearings, and he does not seem especially credible regardless. There is also an element of abdication of responsibility in it all. Bolton blames Trump, Congress, other Republicans and several other actors, all while acting like he personally did nothing wrong, even as he sat in a powerful administrative post. Reminds me of a story of when Shi Le captured a powerful Jin minister, who proceeded to blame all the troubles of the Empire on a supposedly terrible and morally bankrupt Sima family, while simultaneously acting like he was a mere bystander to events that had transpired.
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