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Unread postby Dong Zhou » Fri Nov 01, 2019 5:40 pm

Sun Fin wrote:What did Vicky Ford do?

On politics live, she made allegations about the bullying of his Tory rival candidate at the last election and what Clive Lewis knew about it then when questioned on this began to wiggle out of it

Trump, Brexit party camapign launch with "offer" for Boris, another defection to Lib Dems
-Papers on Trump's intervention, the Sun the only one that considers it a win for Boris as they somehow think Trump denying NHS for sale has killed Corbyn's attack line

-Trump blames Corbyn for NHS speculation (it was Trump), he is great friends with Boris and May was always nice to him (he says he was nice to her in return but frankly, that is a blatant lie) but didn't always agree with his advice which is fine.

Opposition figures pile into Boris relationship with Trump and Labour highlighting Trump hates them as proof they stand up against the elite, number 10 says deal would allow for trade with US

-Watson calls review into Arcuri grant a whitewash after the audit seems it appropriate

-Cummings not running Tory election campaign, falls to Crosby ally Isaac Levido

-Bridgen and Bercow got in ugly row over Keith Vaz

-Antoinette Sandbach joins Lib Dems, one of the 21 despite being a member of the 1922 board and a respected backbencher, deselected by her local Tory party and abused including by Tory MP's. She is hoping her local record plus Lib Dem campaign team will help her keep her Leaver seat and a boost to Lib Dems at start of election campaign

-Boris says he has a oven ready deal so time to put it in the microwave... He also seems to shoot campaign video in car and it looks like he isn't wearing a seatbelt

-Cyprus furious that a vase their government gave to Thatcher in 88 is being auctioned

-Javid and Hugh Grant in hand shake row, the actor says he refuses to do so due to Javid's treatment of victims of press when Culture Secretary, the Chancellor wonders if Grant looks down on working class people like him

-Business Committee attack Whirlpool use of NDA's and felt they were too slow to react to fires, needs to be an independent product safety agency and centralized recall database among other reforms

-Treasury Committee suggests reforms like 24 delay on first time transfers to curb finical scams

-Carney's replacement announcement to be pushed back to avoid doing it during election period which would be controversial

-Jenrick rules out election part with Brexit party

-Sturgeon says she will send independence referendum powers letter before Christmas to whomever is in number 10


-Rosindell may be overdoing the praise of Boris

-Seems only 26 of the 43 One Nation Tory MP group are standing again

-I feel Laura Parker of Momentum should apologize to billionaires, someone being rich doesn't give one the right to make false claims against them. She has every right to oppose people having that amount of money and make the case for that stopping, that people should only have a certain amount of money otherwise it just becomes greedy/unhealthy but making accusations she could not back up and tries to weasel away from on live TV is poor. Was also self defeating

-Brexit party (via Richard Tice) call for proportional representation and Lords to be replaced by a smaller elected chamber, by-election for any MP that changes party and a restriction on postal votes, a written constitution and some action against Supreme Court. Would get money by scrapping HS2, not pay divorce bill and half aid budget to be spent on infrastructure including broadband on neglected region

-Farage says the amount of broken promises in UK politics is astonishing (Brexit party clearly wish to put this message), the idea that Brexit party will hurt Tory vote more is lazy thinking and same mistake people made about UKIP (election experts disagree), Barnier been far better negotiator then anyone UK sent. Boris deal not Brexit and so bad it could end up with return to EU, if Boris drops deal then Brexit party will agree to pact but if no pact in two weeks then they will fight every seat (though may stand aside from Brexiteer MP's who renounce Boris deal). In Q&A says he has talked to some in Boris camp who are keen on such a pact but others oppose it and emphasis Boris Brexit is not real Brexit

Farage must know Boris won't accept this but may unite party and his advisers who were split on if to go for restricted campaign or for all seats

-Francois says Farage has screwed up by rejecting Boris Brexit deal and calling Tories liars won't help create a deal, Farage is often his own worst enemy and Tory Brexiteers won't be scared

-From the Times Steven Swinford "Senior Tory source withering on Nigel Farage’s call for Boris Johnson to junk his deal: ‘Even if Boris's policy was no deal Farage/Tice would still oppose and say it's not Brexit because it didn't ban Pizzerias or stop EU nationals managing premiership football teams’"

-ERG clearly not behind Farage on this


-Iain Watson Labour conference launch

-Gary Younge sees election as important

-Charlotte Gill (sun) urges Labour and the young to learn from Obama's criticisms of their generation and need for moderation

-Hugh Pym on health trade row
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sat Nov 02, 2019 6:55 pm

Fracking, one TV debate already set
-Papers on fracking halt or Boris dismissing Brexit party offer with fears this will make it more difficult for him or social media's influence on elections

-Boris wears England rugby shirt for ITV interview, in interviews says grateful for advice but wont enter into election pacts and a vote for Farage means Corbyn takes power, had no choice but to go to polls due to Remain parliament

-Government suspends fracking, Leadsom says shale gas has huge potential but no longer convinced it can be execrated safely, Labour says they would outright ban fracking. Seen as a move to win over environmentalists and green vote in election

-Asked if income rates are too high, Leadsom says Tories are a tax cutting government. Telegraph taking that as a promise which might be a bit too much

-ITV to host Corbyn vs Boris on November 19th

-Current speculation that Dame Minouche Shafik will be Carney's replacement

-Facebook pulls down government "mytown" ads which it felt were political adverts (first put up when election was announced and seemed targeted at marginal seats) and not labelled as such

-Bercow complains to press watchdog over Mirror claims about fees he demanded to be on I'm a Celebrity, Bercow says they are lies and he had no interest in program


-Matthew Paris, 50 years a Tory member and former MP, leaving the Tory party over Boris willingness to lie and Brexit

-Sir Bellingham withdraws from speaker race as lacks cross party support

-Piddock and Nick Robison's interrogating of her beliefs and philosophies, she has thought on it but he also points to holes and challenges her views in a friendly way


-Oliver Kamm attacks Corbyn's record on anti-Semitism and his misunderstanding of the role of the press

-Patrick Cockburn warns UK is going down N.Ireland's nationalist path

-Andy Beckett compares Tory status to the last years of Blair's Labour

-D'Arcy on Speaker's Race
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sun Nov 03, 2019 5:33 pm

Election pledges starting, defence minister retires
-Papers on all sorts, Jewish press warning against Corbyn

-Cleverly says he knows some Jews who will leave the country if Corbyn wins (I think he would be far better using polls or the public words of Jews on the subject then this kind of claim, easy to dismiss)

-Boris says with majority he can get Brexit done quickly, "You could put it in Gas Mark 4, 20 minutes and Bob's your uncle."

-Some wondering if having an election when NHS is expecting a major winter crises was one of Boris better ideas

-Government declares benefits freeze will end in April, Labour and others are rightly cynical about the timing of the announcement

-Gove's front-door having to be reinforced

-Li Dem's complaint to ITV about the debate format excluding Swinson

-Labour pledge £60bn of energy-saving upgrades to low-income households over the next decade while wealthier households would receive interest-free loans for enhancements to help cut carbon emissions and within three years all new homes to be zero carbon, Tories says plans are unrealistic.

-Corbyn and Swinson backs Sir Grieve's call for Russia interference report to be published

-Colonel Mark Lancaster, defence minister, retires due to abuse. When even a soldier feels the threats are too much, what does that say about the country? Has had two threats on his life, hopes one day we can return to a country that can disagree civilly. Served on various committees before joining government, knew how to use private members bills to raise issues and seen as a competent minister.

-Former Tory Health Secretary Steven Dorrell running for Lib Dems in Buckinghamshire


-Tom Rayner Farage's delaying tactics

-Rentoul some polling indicates Boris may cut through in north

-Catherine Bennett on the abuse of MP's who are "different" like being female
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby SunXia » Sun Nov 03, 2019 10:25 pm

So new UUP leader, Steve Aiken, declared that he would have a candidate in every constituency. A lot of people were very hapy, especially moderate Unionists who have lost a voice due to these pacts the DUP force on others. No instead the DUP stirred up Loyalists until they were getting death threats to stand down in my constituency, from the UDA, the leader of whom there are pictures with Arlene Foster.

I hope people across the Irish Sea understand that the DUP do not speak for us here, merely 28%.
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Mon Nov 04, 2019 11:17 am

SunXia wrote:So new UUP leader, Steve Aiken, declared that he would have a candidate in every constituency. A lot of people were very hapy, especially moderate Unionists who have lost a voice due to these pacts the DUP force on others. No instead the DUP stirred up Loyalists until they were getting death threats to stand down in my constituency, from the UDA, the leader of whom there are pictures with Arlene Foster.

I hope people across the Irish Sea understand that the DUP do not speak for us here, merely 28%.

From what I have heard, DUP are really worried particularly for Dodds seat by UUP causing unionist vote to split. I am glad the DUP are going to have to fight for votes and learn the ability to reach out, that unionists might get represented by more moderate and competent figures.

I suspect DUP have damaged N.Ireland's image. In Westminster there is some awareness they don't represent N.Ireland on issues like Brexit but as there is no major rival in Westminster, it is easy to forget that during the day to day and I'm not sure public is aware of that when they see DUP opposing things.

I just hope the elections in N.Ireland and across UK pass peacefully, really worried we are going to have another Cox given tensions and the constant threats
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Mon Nov 04, 2019 7:18 pm

N.Ireland election pacts, pledges, a few more retirements
-Papers on election pledges, health stories and Farage (sun urges Farage to change his mind and not challenge Tories)

-Shadow N.Ireland Minister Karin Smyth getting human rights in N.Ireland

-Labour pledges to protect free TV licenses for elderly

-McDonnell indicates he will bring in NHS contracts in house once they run out, pours doubt on Heathrow expansion

-Boris says it is a matter of deep regret he couldn't get Brexit done on time, sees no reason to extend transition period

-Sturgeon says, as would be clear what independence means, no need for confirmatory referendum if Scotland votes out of UK

-NHS heads urge parties not to scaremonger or offer fake finical figures about NHS during election and it is already getting out of hand

-SDLP won't be running in North Belfast for first time ever as they enter election agreements with Remain parties while Sinn Feinn also stand aside from three seats including that of unionist Lady Hermon, UUP now withdrawing from running against Dodds a week after saying they would run

-Foreign Affairs Select Committee says government should lead by example on migrant route, closing down safe routes leads to smuggling of people so should expand legal pathways and look at root causes of migration, Essex should be a wake up call

-Ross Thompson retires, serious allegations were made and been made public from another MP, he denies them and will fight the allegations but says he has been getting a lot of abuse. A shock winner in Abderdeen, he has been a hardliner on Brexit and moved away from Ruth Davidson's attempts for a unified Scottish Tory bloc.

-John Woodcock retiring as about to have another child, wish him and his family well. The journalist and former head of Progress career through the ranks was stopped as Corbyn became leader, a man Woodcock opposed as a friend of Israel and on foreign policy issues including Nukes, Woodcock was happy to make his feelings known from the backbenchs and caused Corbyn some headaches.

-Coffey refuses to disown Francesca O’Brien as she has apologized and up to people of Gower to decide

-Juncker says UK has operated on a policy for 40 years of only wanting econimic good and wanting nothing to do with political union which had an impact on British culture leading to Brexit, Cameron warned Junker and the Commission to stay out of referendum due to unpopularity but Juncker feels that was a major mistake in hindsight, Boris told lies during referendum

-Business Committee unhappy audit reforms got dropped and government took a lack of interest in weeks before Thomas Cook collapsed

-Farage not running to be MP as feels he can serve better supporting others running and doesn't want to be in politics forever while he feels Brexit Party standing all over will hurt Labour in an extraordinary way, 2015 was the one realistic chance Farage had of winning seat but it hurt UKIP as he spent too much time in the seat.

Baker says Farage seeking a weak and divided parliament and risks throwing away Brexit. Corbyn says Farage decision is a bit weird, Brexiteer Rishi Sunak says Boris deal delivers everything Farage called for and sometimes people need to learn to take yes as an answer, Coffey says Brexit party standing at so many seats risks Brexit. Verhofdstat "Quite ironical that European affairs are more important to Nigel Farage than the politics of Great Britain. A pity, his departure would have been an enormous saving of European taxpayer's money"

-At moment, Speaker race has gone slowly, two rounds with the well liked favourite Lindsay Hoyle in clear lead but not quite able to get over that 50% finish line.

-Swinson says having Clegg in TV debates but not her is either sexism, fear or bother, Sturgeon says it fails to reflect the fall of two party politics. Sky News suggests a three way debate with Swinson which has annoyed Sturgeon

-Tories adjust Brexit countdown clock so now it is "Time since we should have left the EU if Labour, Lib Dems and the SNP hadn’t blocked Brexit." People do not seem impressed


-Lib Dems getting hammered for their usual misleading polls in literature, this time in Rees-Mogg seat being highlighted, Sophie Ridgie gave Swinson a torrid time on this

-Richard Corbett questions Lib Dem's claims to be a Remain party


-John Harris feels internet culture means election will solve nothing

-Paul Chadwick election broadcast rules need revamping

-Simon Jenkins on the NHS
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Tue Nov 05, 2019 8:01 pm

new speaker, Hammond retires, Rees-Mogg puts foot in it, election pitches
-Papers on smear test breakthrough, speaker and all sorts of stories

Sir Lindsay Hoyle becomes Speaker, in his final pitch says he would ensure new as well as old MP's got a fair hearing, he has a proven and trusted track record, he will reduce time things take, promises to keep working on speaker, Chamber can be used more. Had been hopes for a woman but ended up Sir Hoyle vs Bryant, Hoyle was always favourite as the deputy speaker is a popular figure in Westminster and considered a kindly man, trusted, has handled finance debates with distinction, a lot of gratitude for his work on security. Took 4 rounds but mostly because he couldn't quite get over the 50% mark. Boris welcomes kindness coming into the role, Flint seemed to enjoy dragging him to the chair

Expect less urgent questions and shorter PMQ's as well as a quitter tone, this was something pretty much every candidate pledge, most grateful to Bercow for restoring Urgent Questions but feeling it went too far and impacted other matters of the Commons

-Corbyn has already visited ten Tory seats Labour are targetting, says Tories trying to use Brexit to highjack NHS and sell it off and slash food standards to US maggot levels in a Thatcher on steroids government, as PM would sort out Brexit within six months which would be quicker then Boris who would spend years in trade discussions with EU, he wants to represent both sides of the Brexit divide. Farage is a one trick pony with no solutions

-Boris writes to Corbyn urging him to make clear what Corbyn's Brexit deal would involve, accusing him of undermining negotiating position and delaying Brexit. Somewhat oddly, the bit below the signature says Jeremy Corbyn rather then Boris. In televised address to cabinet said he got deal when others said it was impossible, parliament blocked deal, Labour would have two referendums next year

-Rees-Mogg urges Farage to retire from the field

-Leadsom accuses postal union of going ahead with strike that will impact election to try to help Labour

-The 2014 starter homes plan produced... 0 homes as second part of legislation never passed to get things done

-Gove counters strongly on Corbyn's claim that trade deal with US would cost NHS £500 million a week on drug pricing "It is the most ridiculous nonsense I have ever heard in my 52 years on this earth. It is a fantasy. It is a figure plucked from thin air in order to try to distract attention from the weakness of Jeremy Corbyn’s position on Brexit. We have made it perfectly clear drug prices won’t be going up. Jeremy Corbyn is attempting to perpetuate Halloween into November by telling ghost stories that frankly no one believes." Rules out extending transition period and possibly to negotiate trade agreement by end of year, Boris has vanquished doubters when he got Brexit deal done (Kay Barley was flabbergasted at that one), would seek Canada plus plus plus for trade agreement with EU, parliament to blame for delay, Islamophobia inquiry into party will start before end of year. Rules out allowing drug price rises in any trade deal with US (we seem to be having a lot of red lines on key US interests for trade)

-Sir Stramer says Labour can get a deal done in less then three months based on discussions he is having with EU

-I think Labour and Lib Dems needed to agree a wider time gap for their speechs

-Swinson says Brexit being stopped would give an instant 50 billion boost over five years to public services, politics no longer about left and right but about values, things are changing but unclear where that will lead so people can vote for something different, will never stop fighting to keep the UK united. Boris is a British Trump, two main parties of red and blue have merged into one (I really don't think that line works), would not put Corbyn into number 10 as doesn't trust him on economy, defence or Brexit while his failure on anti-Semitism shows he has no interest in equality, will not put Corbyn into number 10. Would do a deal with Trump and with other leaders she disagreed with

-Bank of England asks insurance companies to improve corporate culture after recent allegations

-Rees-Mogg suggests "The more one’s read over the weekend about the report and about the chances of people surviving, if you just ignore what you’re told and leave you are so much safer.And I think if either of us were in a fire, whatever the fire brigade said, we would leave the burning building. It just seems the common sense thing to do. And it is such a tragedy that that didn’t happen." Bridgen compounded it (after Rees-Mogg had apologized) by saying it shows Rees-Mogg is very intelligent and would have ignored fireservice advice (the implications there...) and Rees-Mogg was simply clumsy

You can imagine how badly that went down and he has since apologized, says he would have also followed the advice to stay put but I think damage has been done. Expect opposition parties to bring up these two again and again and again, what having such a figure in cabinet says about Tory attitudes

-Sturgeon refuses to rule out deals with Labour including coalition (though thinks vote by vote is more likely) and would drive a hard bargain, considering legal action to ensure she is in Sky's leaders debate

-Barnier says both sides will face a moment of truth after Brexit, will likely need to be extension to transition period

-Patel makes the retiring Woodwock a special envoy on countering violent extremism

-Having promised MP's a vote on extending transition via Buckland, number 10 now saying they will not get a vote. Likes of Gauke and Boles suspect this means no deal is being planned

-Hammond retires, the last chancellor driven out of politics by his own party. Will be big miss to Commons, a man with a political tin ear but a sound finical brain who had served his party with distinction, an experienced and safe hands in the chamber and media, willing to work with others as a minister, helped repair MoD finances, as chancellor he tempted to insert reality into Brexiteers dreams for which he was never forgiven and his reluctance to spend and fiscal conservatism drove May and others up wall be it on no deal prep or spending on housing and other issues. It is not a good look for Tory party that he has been driven out of public service


-Lord Anderson, Lord Butler and Lord Ricketts, all with experience of these things, condemns failure to publish Russia election interference report and government excuses are inaccurate while Minister Lord Howe seems rather sympathetic

-Farage show suspended by LBC during election

-When Byrant said he wanted to stop clapping, some MP's teasingly started clapping

-Thought on yesterday's politicslive, Russel-Moyle came across well for most part and articulated thoughtful policies well but undermined himself by questioning Lord Finkelstein on attitudes of Jews to Corbyn and on NHS fibs only coming up with Tory ones while vaguely admitting his side did it, Brexit MEP Belinda de Lucy did her party credit by willing to engage the points and set out arguments well

-Berger says Boris and Corbyn are stuck in the past


-D'Arcy profiles the new Speaker

-Paul Waugh Speaker's Race

-Fintan O’Toole warns ERG should be wary of comparing themselves to the Irish revolutionaries of 1920's and 30's

-Mark Wallace Farage needs to be careful he doesn't undermine his own cause

-Julian Jessop not a fan of Labour's warm homes plan

-Hinsliff Russia report should be published
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Wed Nov 06, 2019 7:11 pm

Fake news, elections, civil service block, Welsh Secretary resigns, more retirements
-Papers on Rees-Mogg comments with rumours Rees-Mogg may be sidelined for campaign or Christmas rail strikes

-BBC on false claims about Jo Swinson spreading online. Tories edit video of sir Stramer interview to make it seem like he couldn't answer a Brexit question, media not impressed with Nick Robinson saying Tories posted a lie while Cleverly says it was comedy video and they also posted full video

-Leadsom delays decision on Cobham takeover, looking to set up government fund for those hit by Thomas Cook failure to have proper insurance

-Sedwell blocks plans to publish Treasury analysis of Labour plans as breaching civil service impartiality after McDonnell complains, Javid said to be furious

-Williamson asks councils to find alternative polling stations to save schools Christmas events

-Foreign Affairs Committee accuses China of interfering in UK universities to stem criticism

-Boris compares Corbyn's attitude to rich as "with a relish and a vindictiveness not seen since Stalin persecuted the kulaks" (this is going to be an ugly campaign) and Brexit being done would see billions of investment come into country, has spoken to Egyptian president Abdel Fatah al-Sisi

-Alan Cairn resigns as Welsh Secretary , was the longest serving figure in cabinet who was still in same role and and was head of the Welsh campaign. He denies accusations about what he knew about his former aide and Tory candidate England and will be inquiry, confident he will be cleared. Some including Corbyn want him to stand aside from election completely

The allegations, particularly in the MeToo era, were serious and suspicion higher ups felt he was a distraction as they prepare to launch their campaign. Tories have eyes on making gains in Wales but keeping Cairn would allow allegations to continue, sacking him is a setback to their campaign as they know need to replace him (apparently it has thrown plans into chaos) and get campaign going but there are allegations against other senior Welsh Tories s this matter may not be done.

-Government adverts on Universal Credit banned for being misleading

-Juncker says he likes Boris, Brexit has gone on too long but warns trade talks will not be easy. Cleverly says no deal remains default setting and can't be ruled out but not something party wants

-Nick Herbert retires, has become head of the Countryside Alliance. Cameroon policy wonk who served as Police Minister and brought in Police and Crime Commissioners before stepping down as hadn't got promoted, focused on LGBT issues, countryside and the issues of making government work better, remained a useful thinker for the party from the backbenches.

-Ed Vaizey retires, unclear why and he maintains he is a supporter of Boris, indicates he may go for the arts. A Cameroon who managed to stick in the Culture department for a record six years till May axed him, a Remainer who was well liked, had a sense of humour at dispatch box even against himself, a lively engaging figure in interviews and knew his brief.

-Dan Bloom on last minute things the government slipped out. It's the Mirror so not exactly unbiased and not trying to be but all goverments do this sort of last minute slip out of news they don't want people to notice and this highlights them

-Kay Burley empty chairs Cleverly and really has a go at Tories, listing all the awkward questions she wanted to ask. There have been inevitably complaints

-Bridgen apologises. Way way way way way too late

-Corbyn says he was not born to rule, he doesn't treat politics as a game and wants to share power, doesn't seem overly pleased with McDonnell for discussing their going if they lost. Credit to Corbyn, who forgot to answer a question from a journalist about his attitude to billionaires and made sure he answered it when he realized he had forgot

-Labour bar Chris Williamson, Stephen Hepburn and Roger Godsiff from running for them, can do as independents

-Sturgeon wants Scottish referendum in 2020 come what May, Scottish Labour rule out post-election pact with SNP


-Bradley points out failure for N.Ireland to have government as delayed help and compensation to those who suffered abuse as children

-An emotional Hoey jokes she won't miss many of her party activists though will miss her constituents and hard working campaigners while she urges parliament to respect the importance of tradition like having voting lobbies, McLoughlin says whips are misunderstood and should be seen as a personal department, Lidington jokes last week has been like seeing one's own funeral tributes, Pound says he will miss such a fine legislative chamber.

-Lord Jordan calls for safer homes

-Ian Lucas quotes Cummings correspondence to Culture Committee ‘Overall, it is clear that the entire regulatory structure around national elections, including data, is really bad. There are so many contradictions, gaps, logical lacuna, that it’s wide open to abuse. There has been no proper audit by anybody of how the rules could be exploited by an internal or foreign force to swing close elections" "These problems were not fixed for the 2017 election and I doubt they will be imminently. The system cannot cope with the fast-changing technology"

-Greening says Boris deal makes it hard to vote Tory as would be very damaging to country and frustrated he has gone from opposing Heathrow expansion to backing

-Greens pledge £100 billion a year spending on climate change (same as education spending), funded by borrowing £91.2bn a year and £9 billion by tax rises, Sian Berry says easy to fear the future but Greens welcome it as on treshold of what could be a prosperous future

-Nick Timothy fails to get selected as candidate

-Hammond says he can not run against the party he served all his life

-Mundell say not all Tories are like Rees-Mogg

-Bercow (who probably should have waited years before saying this) Brexit is biggest mistake UK has made since WW2 and won't be solved any time soon, respects Boris

-Crab says Welsh MP's feel Welsh Tory party have mishandled the England story and it shines light that there is no female senior figure in Welsh Tories and no female Welsh Tory MP ever


-David Shukman environment rising up the ranks of election importance

-Chakrabortty Universal Credit

-Behr this will not solve Brexit

-Rigby aount of Tory woman leaving is worrying
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Thu Nov 07, 2019 7:36 pm

Retirements including of Tom Watson, chancellor and shadow chancellor speak, Remain alliance
-Papers on Watson going with questions at how the right of the party will react and a few papers on the right salivating at Boris doing a Churchill V sign on steps of downing streets

-Lady Hermon retires after 18 years, once of UUP then independent, provided a more moderate unionist voice in the Commons and an important counter-balance against the DUP on N.Ireland issues, spoke well in chamber but wishes to spend more time with family.

-Tom Watson retires, says personal reasons as he is finally healthy again and wants time with family with two young children, he has a health book coming out and is training to be a gym instructor, says he did have many shared interests with Corbyn, will devote himself to health issues and will help campaign during election.

Despite the awful timing for Corbyn and the potentially bad signals (expects lots of stories about why Watson went), Corbyn has been generous in praise "Few people have given as much to the Labour movement as you have and I know that many thousands of members and trade unionists that you have inspired and worked with over the years will be very sorry to see you go.", several MP's pay tribute but victims like family of Lord Janner and Proctor are delighted to see him go

Labour has lost a big beast and it will unsettle those opposed to Corbyn, he had rallied and given then comfort, got them organized and got them thinking of policies. A union man, a Brownite fixer with great passion on certain subjects like gambling and diabetes, he was well organized, a skilled plotter as Blair knew too well, good at getting people onside, a formidable presence inside the Commons who helped force our Blair then served Brown, Miliband and provided a counter-point in Corbyn.

His skill and passion meant some great campaigns but he could also go way over the line be it internal opponents (being healthier has seemed to have restrained that as has passage of time, he has become a kinder figure internally) or against Tories where, on Leveson and on more serious charges, Watson would go way too far and abuse his privileged position, making damaging allegations that were... not always true to put it nicely. Frankly he should have resigned his post in Labour over some of this.

-George Hollingbery retiring, May's close ally and twice her PPS, served in trade department and in treasury, worked on committees and a respected figure in local community, quietly did his duties.

-Boris says Farage attacks deal because Farage needs Brexit not to happen “like candle sellers on the dawn of the electric lightbulb”, talks of more power for northern mayors including on railways

-Chris Williamson resigns from Labour and will run as independent, accuses Labour HQ a of a witch-hunt against Corbynists which makes victims of Jews and attacks Jewish Labour Movement and says a victim due to campaigning for de-selection with far right out to to get him and loyalists like himself. Perhaps best that I just leave it with his quotes and not say more

-Lib Dems, Greens and Plaid agree Remain pact for 60 seats

-McDonnell pledges an extra £150bn for schools, hospitals and housing in neglected regions and will move Treasury staff out of London. Tories always claim suffering is due to plans that have "no alternative" but Labour provides such alternative, Tories think people are stupid, needs to be irreversible shift of power out of London, excluding investment borrowing from borrowing targets is common sense, Javid's plan would not meet climate change targets.

-McDonnell says they have all done all Jewish leaders have asked (which they deny) and Corbyn says British Jews disagree with Jewish Chronicle and feel he has done enough (not sure what research he has seen that remotely says that)

-Labour's election slogan "It's time for real change.", Tories have gone for "Get Brexit done: unleash Britain’s potential"

-Javid says Labour policies are fantasy economics that rejected measures needed to make things healthy and would make economy sick again, new fiscal rule is investment cap of 3% of GDP (currently borrowing to invest is 1.8% I believe) as a way of borrowing without being fiscally irresponsible and a balance current budget, now is a good time to borrow due to state of markets (something people have noted Labour have said for a decade now)

Doing speech beneath a Concorde plan may not have been a wise choice

-Swindon Borough Council wrongly told 1,500 people they can't vote

-OBR cancel economic forecast due to election

-European Commission bumps up economic forecast for UK up 0.1% to 1.4% next year

-Bank of England (unsurprisingly given election) keeps interest rates unchanged though two members wanted a cut, but surprisingly downgrades growth over next three years by 1% which is being seen as a slight on Boris deal, warns might need to be interest rate cuts if Brexit uncertainty isn't solved. Carney says a Brexit deal passing would boost economy as ends uncertainty and gets investment , refuses to comment on Boris deal, transition may need to be extended, his succession will be smooth but not surprised successors hasn't been announced given election, thinks we have avoided a recession

-Long-Bailey says Labour has to be a pluralist party and contain figures like Watson and of the right to the party

-One would think the day after Cairns resignation, local Tory parties would be careful about selecting anyone with... questionable past comments about rape but apparently not

-Morduant pushing good good manners emoji's

-Dawn Butler thrown hat in ring for Labour deputy leader


-Ouch for Zahwai, he was torn apart by Andrew Neill on Andrew Neill weekly show about morality on the Tory party (amazed he then went on politics live on day hosted by Andrew Neill the next day). Labour should reign in their attacks and just replay that interview again and again and again. Tories should cite Andrew Neill vs McDonald about the lies on NHS drug pricing (ouch on the more fantasy then Boris 350 million bus slogan)

-Lord Addington education system slow to help those with special needs

-Ian Austin can't believe he is saying it but urges voters to back Boris over Corbyn, Labour figures suggests his advice has been brought by trade envoy post, Tories seizing on long serving Labour MP saying it. Woodcock agreeing with Austin has got less notice

-Northern papers unite to back Mayor's Burnham northern manifesto

-IFS says both parties promising highest public spending in 40 years


-Paul Goodman on Watson going

-Quentin Wilson (sun) not a fan of Bristol seeking to clamp down diesel as doesn't think hard work needed has been put in

-Sir Curtice will Brexit shape way people vote

-Alex Massie Scottish election has a lot going on

-Kuessenbeg Tory election

-Ayesha Hazarika goodbye to Watson and moderates like herself need a long hard think

-Harry Phibbs Remain election pact will backfire
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Fri Nov 08, 2019 8:06 pm

pledges, Boris doesn't seem to know his own Brexit deal, SNP hand Tories lines to attack Corbyn with, BBC debate, anti-Semitism
-Papers either on spending pledges or leaving Labour MP's attack on Corbyn

-Labour would extend maternity pay to a whole year and menopause workplace policies for large firms, extend gender pay audits, give all workers the right to choose working hours that suit them from day one of the job, tackle sexual harassment in the workplace, enshrine the role of equalities representatives in law to protect workers from discrimination. Tories say they would go for more responsible reforms, CBI supports some of the reforms but feels others are too bureaucratic and self defeating

-Tories promise a NHS staff visa, Abbott says it has holes like wage level and shows Tories are getting themselves in knots over immigration

-Boris says only Scottish Tories can stop SNP getting second referendum on union N.Ireland has great deal because they keep freedom of movement and single market while saying there will be no checks on goods (has led to concern he doesn't understand his own deal), NHS being sold to Trump is Loch Ness Monster type stuff. Has taken a vow not to drink alcohol till after Brexit is done is somewhat undermined by his sipping whiskey at a distillery

-Speaker Hoyle wants MP's to agree to close loopholes that allowed MP's to seize control of the timetables

-SNP pledge an NHS Protection bill to shield it from privatization and trade deals, Sturgeon says Corbyn can't be trusted on Brexit but he and McDonnell have given a clear direction of travel on independence and remarks "Jeremy Corbyn is someone who supports self-determination for literally every other country in the world. It would be mighty strange if he didn't support it for Scotland."

A sense Sturgeon has handed Tories some useful ammunition against Corbyn

-Dame Hodge says she will continue to fight for Labour but remarks “I do think it’s a terrible reflection that actually there is myself and Ruth Smeeth and we’re the only two women Jewish MPs left on the Labour side.”, Baroness Chakrabarti admits Labour dragged their feet on anti-Semitism and led to major trust gap with Jewish community and though procedures a lot a better now it will require more then that.

One suspects Labour could have done without a few candidates having to step down due to alleged anti-Semitism, been three today I believe.

-Labour membership recovering towards the five million have taken a dip in summer

-Boris not done single press conference so far during election

-Boris vs Corbyn BBC debate on 6th December, 7way on November 29th

-Some puzzlement that with Bassetlaw a Tory target seat and Labour's selection process in chaos, Tories yet to pick a candidate


-Sian Berry Green New Deal

-Monster Raving Looney party suggests TV presenter Noel Edmonds be in charge of Brexit "because he's an expert at Deal or No Deal".

-While I agree with MP's becoming election candidates in press and the like, it still feels weird when see a prominent name as "party election candidate"

-Bercow does not think Corbyn is anti-Semitic and never got any such abuse from Labour ranks, Gapes on Chakrabtarti's interview "Shameless Shami Whitewash on @BBCr4today. It is not that you “dragged your feet”. It is that there are anti Jewish racists in senior positions in Corbyn Labour, including recently selected Corbyn Labour Parliamentary candidates. A fish rots from the head."

-Lord O'Donnell predicts tax rises and funding bottlenecks whoever takes charge given spending pledges

-51 Labour MP's write letter promising to back remain in referendum

-Lewis Goodall "Watching Nicola Sturgeon’s speech, it confirms that somehow, Westminster has managed to make nationalism appear the outward looking, progressive, cosmopolitan force. Quite the feat."

-Farage says Labour would crush referendum result and want EU to make UK's laws, lazy of media to think Brexiteers are Tories, challenges Boris to debate on deal as he suspects Boris hasn't read it given some things he has said

-Lib Dems oppose Scottish referendum which would only cause chaos


-Emma Burnell political guru's are overatted

-Peston chancellor speeches

-Kuessenberg Austin's comments are a problem for Corbyn for what it represents
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