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Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sat Jul 14, 2018 4:30 pm

correction: Relooking at Farage's comments, he meant Trump's team more eurosceptic then he is rather then the sun

-Mundell makes clear he welcomes the President to Scotland rather then Trump

-Piers Morgan doing a Trump interview special on Monday

-Boris returns to Telegraph. I bet May is delighted...

-Telegraph says Trump advised May to overshoot with her Brexit demands, to be tough and brutal when handling EU

-Not sure May will appreciate Trump claiming she told him "don't worry, it is only the press"

-Trump says Brexit is a very tough situation

-Corbyn says Trump's remarks about Boris being PM is unprecedented and not his business while the attacks on Khan are unacceptable, Trump's behaviour has been very strange

-Rees-Mogg says Trump's comments about Brexit are correct and express concerns of many, comments about Boris no worse then Obama's about Brexit, May needs to stop parroting ‘vote to take back control of our money, our laws and our borders’ and return to the values set out at Lanchester House speech

-Mayor Khan admits crime has risen but Trump needs to show evidence that immigration is behind it, wonders why he is being singled out, not up to him to be censor on things like Trump baby

-Labour MP's unhappy at Fabricant's tweet and don't seem convinced by the "was busy in meeting, didn't see picture properly" explanation

-Explosive device thrown at house of Gerry Adams, thankfully nobody was hurt


-Soubry says Trump damages the office he holds and insulting May only enhances her credibility

-Sir Cable tweeted "So @realDonaldTrump now chooses our leaders. Hardly a surprise we are treated like Panama or El Salvador when government grovels for favours. Truly a #VassalState . No surprise Trump has chosen @BorisJohnson a narcissistic self-absorbed political twin."

-Lammy says Trump is a racist who hates London chose a Muslim mayor

-IDS says he didn't vote to half leave

-Dr Woolostan says there would be cheers if May told Trump were to stick his dogwhistle


-Kuessenberg on tough day for May but not a disaster

-Chris Morris on the difficulties facing a UK-USA trade deal

-BBC looks at USA media reaction to Trump visit

-Reality Check on violent crime in London

-Forsyth (sun) on major political crises, government to talk to business about Brexit, McVey potentially next to walk, Hancock to try to update NHS technology
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sun Jul 15, 2018 5:47 pm

-May says she will not allow EU to water down her deal proposal but if rebels throw her government into chaos, there could be no Brexit so they need to keep eye on prize, not seen an alternative trading plan that avoids border, says she and Davis talked about her customs plan for some time (but refuses to say if he actually knew she was going with it), says Trump's suggestion was to sue the EU but points out he has also said at press conference not to walk away from talks.

-Deep unhappiness among Brexiteers when May says Brexiteers voted with their hearts but she has to act with her head

-Prince Charles and Prince William allegedly refused to do the Trump tea, Downing Street says always meant to be just Queen

-Rees-Mogg says May was being oddly secretive about her custom plans, it is a bad deal for Britain, unhappy that May had her customs plan for awhile but didn't tell Brexit department

-Small business minister Andrew Griffiths resigns over sex texts, says he is deeply ashamed and has caused embarrassment to government

-Zaghari-Ratcliffe family fear Boris going leaves them back at square one and their cast bottom of pile.

-Sturgeon says she would have met Trump if asked

-Dr Fox says protestors embarrassed themselves and did not reflect British history of good manners

-Eyes on if Boris tries to emulate Geoffrey Howe's fatal resignation speech

-Eyes on McVey and Morduant if they resign

-D'Arcy warns of a difficult Week Ahead for May.

-Mayor Khan praises Davis for listening to him on Brexit and at least partially addressing his concerns, refuses to fully back second referendum calls


-Steve Baker accuses May of a secret plot, along with establishment, to undermine Brexit, the Brexit department is an attempt to distract people from who is actually drawing up Brexit plans

-Jess Philips sceptical about Westminster's likely reforms of staff management

-Bernard Jenkin (sun) says EU is trying to break our will, a true Brexit would be like Falklands

-Lord Mandelson says no deal would be better then May's version which is set to lead to national humiliation


-Nick Cohen feels Brexit Britain's humiliation is painful
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Mon Jul 16, 2018 6:09 pm

-Late in the day but Government has agreed with all 4 of Rees-Mogg's groups amendments after he met with Julian Smith for long meeting, May has basically folded on her Chequers plan (number 10 argues they haven't) given one amendment seems to make her customs plan impossible (though I have seen one argue the wording doesn't do that though Brexiteers don't realize it). Either three she could take but it has shown where power lies. This has infuriated some MP's and apparently meeting with Julian Smith was "brutal"

-One poll shows Tories are losing support to UKIP over Brexit, Tories down 4, UKIP up 8

-Rees-Mogg says government doesn't believe Brexit is a good thing, May doesn't see the opportunities of Brexit and ‘Remainer who has remained a Remainer’

-Tom Watson wants 2030 world cup to be hosted here and would work with Tories for this

-Rumours there are nearly the fateful 48 letters to 1922 committee

-Boris writes we need to "rediscover the spirit of dynamism" of the Victorian age and constantly push for free trade deals

-A sense a big week for May's survival chances

-May promises 300 million extra investment for the aerospace industry, claims her Brexit plan would secure jobs for the industry as gives frictionless trade, she and Mayor Kahn are as one on fighting terrorism

-A'Mhoine Peninsula in Sutherland to become UK's first spaceport

-Davis says he disagrees with May on some things but doesn't change she is a good PM and his speech was carefully supportive, MP's should vote for customs bill and says EU gets suboptimal trade deals by needing to do them for multiple countries

-A sense "sue the EU" has hurt the Brexiteers wish to use Trump and that May got her own back on Trump

-Clark says he expects Eu to respond to Chequers plan and come back to Parliament with something comprehensive that gives people certainty

-Migration from EU at lowest level since 2013

-Treasury PPS Scott Mann resigns as plans not what North Cornwall backs as has Forigen Office PPS Robert Courts as can't tell his constituents he support it. 9 resignations but many at junior ranks

-Number 10 rules out second referendum under any circumstances

-Gove admits they were wrong to stoke fears of Turkish migration during referendum

-Telegraph been publishing letters accusing May of treason

-Customs bill debate apparently ugly with Tories sitting apart from each other

-Nick Gutterdige talks with Carwyn Jones after his meeting with Barnier

-Rumours summer recess will be brought forward


-Dan Jarvis decides Sheffield will have a celebration day of England's world cup run due to local connections of several players

-Greening calls May's plan worst of both worlds since Brexiteers reject it, will vote against it then try to unpick it while Remainers wonder what the point is and wants a second referendum

-Mann warns Labour would lose the working class if they back second referendum, people didn't vote for a disastrous no deal on WTO rules

-Welsh Green decide not to split from English party

-Sir Jenkin says Chequer's plan is dead, second referendum merely extends uncertainty for over a year it would take it to happen, Commons refusing to do what people wishes, WTO terms more attractive then people think, business simply chase profits

-Blair backs second referendum with "clean break", "soft break" and Remain, May's plan an attempt to choose between the two Brexit choices but it is a fudge that doesn't honour Brexit vote, some Brexiteers do have a long term vision but it requires a clean break and it wasn't what people were told at referendum

-Sir Grieve says May's plan best then others proposed but if parliament can't agree on a Brexit plan then Remain is best option, Brexiteer amendments were lain with malevolent intent

-Andrea Jenkyns says May "I don't think she has a passion for either Remain or Brexit, she has a passion for what it is workable". She meant that as a criticism

-Soubry asks who is in charge of the government, accuses Brexiteers of going to idealogical extremes and pushing country over the cliff

-Ken Clarke in despair at government changing policy so drastically after Chequers meeting and she could have faced down Rees-Mogg's small group


-D'Ancona worried for future of Tory party

-Dominic Lawson not a fan of the Chequers proposal and thinks it will be rejected

-Trevor Kavanagh (sun) slams May and Hammond for betraying Brexit and destroying Tories

-David Allen Green on second referendum would take too long

-David Henidg says second referendum won't work as nobody is being honest in either side of current debate

-George Trefgarne says tome to fall back on Norway option
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Tue Jul 17, 2018 6:41 pm

-Government passes it's surrender in customs bill Holds off Labour attempt to join customs union by 27 and on parliamentary procedure by 25, SNP's call for Hollyrood powers by 280, on theBrexiteer onse on custom tariffs and then on tariff government win by 3. Yes 3. Both times, defeat Labour on dumping by 34, customs bill overall passes by 33.

Journalists before hand were going "WTH" as government ceded to Brexiteers and almost lost, Sturgeon commented "If this wasn’t so gravely serious, it would be hysterically funny. What on earth does Theresa May think she is doing?" Lib Dems will be praying Sir Cable and Farron's failure to vote on those narrow votes isn't noted (they are admitting they had no idea it would be so close and desperately blaming Labour for changing their mind not to abstain. In the end Farron apologised and Sir Carmichael as their chief whip took the blame) while Labour had three rebels to save government, Hoey, Field, Stringer

-Defence Minister Guto Beeb resigned so the Remainer could vote against the government acceptance of Rees-Mogg amendments. Both sides of Tory party praising him though his strong views about some Brexiteers were well known, he was known to enjoy the job so was a surprise he went.

-Trade bill votes so far, Caroline Lucas "any trade deal discussion need parliament set mandate first" defeated by 30, SNP's "only if Hollyrood and co approve first" defeated by 279, Labour on not allowing regulation before text of trade deal published defeated by 30, another by Labour on ensuring devolved approval defeated by 68, SNP on devolved ministers approval by 281. Government during the debate and easy votes held meetings with pro-Remain MP's and apparently met with a lot of anger so minister Hollingberry offers that, when trade bill gets to Lords, they mostly accept the one about staying in EEA with tweaks but Stephen Hammond indicates they will accept it if government does it now. Julian Smith then tries to talk to Morgan and Dr Wollostan with minutes left and is given the brush-off as a sense the government was about to lose, there was also sarcastic notice that Rees-Mogg's group got far less brutal treatment then the Remainers and rumours government threatened a general election. Government held by 19 on Labour's attempt to remain in trade remedies authority, government lost by 4 on Dr Lee's call to remain in European medicines regulatory network partnership (though government will happily accept this one I suspect), government win against customs union by 6, Julian Smith's threat to call motion of confidence seemingly doing enough to ensure Remainers again hadn't quite followed through, big win for whips.

-Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis Labour's anti-Semitism definition sent "an unprecedented message of contempt to the Jewish community", puts Labour on wrong side of fight against racism, is astonished Labour thinks it knows more then Jewish community about anti-Semitism. Labour do promptly that and explain how it is most comprehensive definition ever

-Vote Leave and Darren Grimes, the founder of BeLeave, fined for breaching electoral law while Grimes and a Vote Leave Official have been reported to police, both indicate they will fight this. Electoral Commission (who want more power with fines) frustrated that Vote Leave refused to given evidence in inquiry five times after Vote Leave start complaining they weren't talked to and complain Commission is biased. Matthew Elliot says they did try to arrange meeting with Electoral Commission but got ignored.

Sir Stramer warns this is serious, government says they can't comment with inquiries ongoing but Brexit goes ahead, SNP suggest vote leave members should not be allowed to serve in government (unsurprisingly, the idea has been rejected). Lammy and Julie Elliot says this brings into question the referendum result, Bryne wants vote leave leaders prosecuted, Sheerman and Dr Wollostan calls for referendum to be rerun, Darren Jones and Umunna wants an inquiry, Sir Soames says Vote Leave's actions are a gross abuse of the rules and wide electoral reform is needed (government has indicated they are looking at the issue). A lot of MP's are unhappy with vote leave and feel government is being complacent, Brexiteers feel this is fake outrage and argue why isn't the government leaflet being condemned or investigated.

-May says Russia has shown a pattern of behaviour designed to undermine the west, her long term aim is a constructive relationship with Russia but Russia needs to change

-Corbyn accuses Nato of bomb first policy and disrespecting UN

-Expected EU, due to UK amendments, will push hard on Irish backstop

-Labour MP's vote for full International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism rather then Corbyn's lite version but it is not binding.

-Government to ask for recess this Thursday rather then next Tuesday as it tries to separate the plotters on all sides and stagger through to autumn plus there really isn't much on next week, number 10 saying they thought other parties had agreed (Labour had agreed but suddenly changed their minds). This is desperate desperate stuff. Dr Woolostan says Health Committee will do hearing next Tuesday as planned, Javid known to have opposed this strongly, Angela Rayner (ignoring Labour supported this( remarks "Absolutely pathetic from the Tories, they want to shut down the commons early for our summer recess. The Tory hierarchy are afraid of their own MPs causing mischief for the PM. Strong and stable? No it's weak and frightened, they are an incompetent coalition of Tory failure "

-Journalists struggle to report on Treasury Select Committee hearing with Carney as streaming fails

-Mail indicates it is awaiting "Brexiteer Boris" move

-Someone at Scotland Yard seems to be claiming (via briefings to telegraph) that Russia tried to hack them, they suspect to find out how the Salisbury inquiries are going

-Gove says he wanted a different feel to Vote Leave's campaign, he appreciates the irony that he often cites expert

-Carwyn Jones says EU needs to show flexibility to help avoid no deal, while May is refusing to acknowledge her red lines are a thing of the past she has now a vaguely credible negotiating position

-Tom Watson fears public isn't being given accurate weight loss advice

-Leadsom happy with proposed new rules on MP's behaviour towards staff, Watson backs plans as a step in right direction though wants a role for unions

-OBR concerned at unfunded health spending pledge and questions Brexit dividend

-Equalities Committee feels government isn't protecting older works by implementing the anti-age discrimination rules

-Unemployment remains at 4.2% but wage growth dips by 0.1%

-Carney concerned that EU haven't done Brexit preparation on derivatives contracts, no deal would have major economic consequences including with interest rates but possible increase from services from other markets could make up for loss from EU, banking sector is properly capitalized for disorderly Brexit

-Accusations Boris didn't check with authorities before taking Telegraph post


-Morgan let rip at Sir Leigh over his "your no Thatcher" jibe at Soubry who then really let rip at Brexiteers willingness to sacrifice jobs. Sir Leigh apparently later gave a genuine apology and Soubry has called him a good man

-Patel gives examples of UK show of goodwill so time for EU to show some and we shouldn't be their tax collector, says parliament needs protection for staff of private sector and would be quite scary to be a staff member right now

-Farage says second referendum is drawing closer but can be stopped if May is replaced as Chequers deal outrages country

-Ofcom found Salmond's show broke rules by use of fake audience tweets, Russian Today accuses Ofcom of going over the top and having an agenda

-Legal challenge on hereditary titles, and seats in Lords, going to sons rather then daughters

-Dorries says she is getting backlash for saying people can trust May, she needs to axe her Remain establishment advisers and has only been saved by accepting the amendments, hard to see who can do better then May. Soubry's attack one of worst things she has seen in chamber, thinks we are heading for no deal and she is ok with that, accuses electoral commission of being biased, Putin will be laughing all the way back to Crimea, believes MP's have asked for recess.

-Soames says he has never seen a more unpleasant and uncertain time in the Commons

-Lord Adonis on things to do before holiday

-Boles on employment figures "'Good to have something to cheer about. Boy do I miss the Cameron Government.", opposes early recess

-Sir Major says the Brexiteers now are worse then the ones he faced (the term he used is "more committed and hardline", didn't call either set bastards)


-Damien McBride on Chequers plan is dead

-Tom Edington does a reality check on practicalities of a second referendum

-Kuessenberg on a mess of a customs vote

-Hugh Carvethbacks metro mayors

-Adam Wagner warns whatever Vote Leave has done, courts probably can't overturn the result

-Professor Curtice on public reaction to Chequers deal
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Wed Jul 18, 2018 6:28 pm

PMQ's: Corbyn struggling with his throat. Corbyn points to cabinet members connections to Vote Leave, asks she ensures they fully cooperate with the police since Vote Leave didn't with Electoral Commission. May seems unhappy at Corbyn making individual accusations and asks for it be withdrawn, makes clear Commission's independence and says she expects all those involved to cooperate with authorities. Corbyn says he only stated fact that case been referred to police and merely asked that they cooperate with police then goes onto Brexit, the collapse of Chequers and cabinet within days of the white paper which is now obsolete so asks for when next one comes out. May says what she heard was that individuals failed to cooperate with electoral commission and warns his accusations interfere with independence of police+innocent before guilty, May then explains each and every amendment she accepted is all part of government policy or white paper, Chequers agreement stands. Corbyn addresses none of these and points to chaos of defence minister, says facilitated customs agreement been abandoned, May says he is wrong and it still exists and discussions have already started with EU on this. Corbyn asks if realistic to expect EU to collect tariffs to settle Tory civil war , we still don't know government's Brexit plan and they have no negotiating strategy. May offers a copy of the white paper and suggests he should read it, May then draws comparisons of the two attitude of the attitude towards Brexit in an effective attack. Corbyn says white paper has collapsed before it even got to EU (ignoring May says talks have already started), asks if Raab has signed up to remain in ECHR, May says he is and says Corbyn asks the same question while ignoring all the answers which ignores point of PMQ's and gives examples of where he hasn't answered. Corbyn says May forgot his last question (felt May did answer it) and then quotes Raab's past negative comments about ECHR, 3 months to go and still in chaos, failing to negotiate Brexit as far too busy fighting each other in an end summery that didn't quite land. May compares schedules over last week though "future of Nato with Trump" caused gales of laughter and leading to a decent punch about anti-Semitism before "he protests, I deliver"

I personally felt Corbyn didn't quite cross the line, I can see why May have had concerns but not as strong as she reacted, Bercow very busy trying to keep noise down. Corbyn went on Brexit rightly but he didn't seem to listen to any of the answers and adjust his tactics, he failed to build his points into powerful punches while May, once she got her focus back, ploughed into the errors and gaps left, had some good punches of her own near the end. Seems to be generally felt Corbyn failed badly here. May then gives Labour a powerful lecture on anti-Semitism and Labour's failure. Blackford goes on May caving to right-wing Brexiteers, united country against her, making UK a laughing stock with EU, more deal much more likely, was a attack line with more flair then Corbyn, May sticks to "still doing Chequers" and SNP put party before country by arguing for . Blackford says May has lost control of party, in office but not in power, a parliament so divided it can't function, next generation will pay price for no deal folly so article 50 should be extended. May simply says no. Blackford more punch then Corbyn at least.


-Bercow rebukes government for early recess plan which has been cancelled

-Maternity Leave meant Jo Swinson was excused Brexit vote under pairing with Tory chair Brandon Lewis. Because we believe in maternity leave and a sense of fairness. Only Brandon Lewis voted twice on Brexit in favour of government, abstained from the easy votes but apparently "forgot" for the two key ones. Commons can't punish him as informal thing but it is convention, May should apologize to the Commons and Lewis or Julian Smith resign. Female MP's on all sides are furious with Cooper having the best line "So Govt refuses to bring in proxy voting for new mums. Then promises they’ll do pairing instead? Then breaks promise to scrape thru vote? Disgraceful on all fronts. Disenfranchising MPs. Discriminating against women. Dishonest. Desperate"

Brandon Lewis has tweeted Swinson "I’m sorry Jo. I think it was an honest mistake made by the whips in fast-moving circumstances. I know how important the pair is to everyone, especially new parents, and I apologise. Also apologies for late reply, been speaking at an event." and promised Julian Smith will meet with Swinson. Has also said he was in a meeting with number 10 then when he came out, was asked by whips to vote so did so. Lidington has apologized on behalf of the party for what he calls a genuine messup, Julian Smith saws Lewis was asked to vote in error. Swinson has strongly indicated this is bull "Don't try any nonsense about a mistake-this is calculated deliberate breaking of trust by government whips"

-Labour NEC after 3 hour debate putting anti-Semitism definition both puts it into place and out for consultation but refused a vote on the matter despite the MP's on it pushing for one with one NEC member saying of the 68 protesting rabbi's “I’ve got something to say to those rabbis, where’s your evidence! In 50 years of membership I’ve never seen antisemitism.” which got rebuked by the NEC chair.

-Labour lead extended to five points

-Dame Hodge allegedly told Corbyn he was a “You’re a rude word beginning with f anti-Semite and a racist, You have proved you don’t want people like me in the party” (I assume by her, she is referring to being a Jew). She says her words were more "You are an anti-Semitic racist’.” then when he protested ‘It is not what you say but what you do and by your actions you have shown you are an anti-Semitic racist’.”" Corbyn's spokesman says she will face disciplinary action for being disrespectful to a colleague which is within Corbyn's right but seems tone deaf

-John Woodcock resigns as Labour MP. Less damaging then the Chief Rabbi and Hodge thing, Woodcock long been a foe of Corbyn on things like defence matters and suspended over allegations of inappropriate texts. Accuses Labour of refusing to appoint an independent investigator and feels his case is turning into factional interests led by someone who leaked to newspapers, doesn't believe Corbyn can deliver what his constitutions need, anti-Semitism. Labour deliver one line thanks then ask him to fight by-election (I'm split on this, normally yes but Woodcock made very very clear his feelings on Corbyn and unwillingness to support him before election) but do deny claims the investigation is being fixed and refuse Woodcock's offer for an independent investigation to continue the case

-Been busy day for May, PMQ's, Liaison Committee, 1922 Committee. Will visit border tomorrow

-Housing Committee says ban on combustible material not gone far enough and government should pay for dangerous cladding to be removed, construction safety rules need improving and builders shouldn't be able to inspect their own work

-Truss when introducing Raab "Freedom to choose is very important to me. I want the freedom to be able to eat a doughnut or drink a glass of wine. Our speaker tonight wants the freedom to eat the same meal at Pret a Manger every day of the week — and I applaud that freedom!’"Raab says battle of ideas with Corbyn is there to be won

-Frank Field on rumours that government will axe pensions dashboard "This must be the first case of a Secretary of State looking a gift horse in the mouth — and then kicking it in the shins. Horses so mistreated tend to misbehave.'"

-Surprise as inflation remains at 2.4% thanks to fall in clothing and recreation costs, house prices growth at 0.3% which is five year low

-Vardaker says no deal work intensifying as not clear May can get agreement through Commons

-Commons Standard Committee want Ian Paisley Jr suspended for 30 sitting days (which could mean up to November) for not declaring Sri Lanka paid his expenses on trip and breaking rules on paid advocacy. 30 days is considered a large amount of time in Commons terms and blow to government

-Gove says even with chicken dispute, he is sure we can get a trade deal with US, calls Trump a shrewd negotiator who it would be a mistake to underestimate whose unconventional tactics are to provoke and disorient before getting a satisfactory deal, his officials are watching Trump's style closely.

-May says no deal preparations need to happen, admits there is no precedent for her trade and tariff plan, customs systems might not be in place in time, 70 technical notifications about no deal Brexit issues will be sent to businesses in the autumn

-Boris resignation speech saw him surrounded by Brexiteer MP's in show of force, he is very careful when listing his achievements that May is credited for her support and backing, Lancester house speech lifted sterling (it didn't) and commentators liked it but May seems to have been hit by fog of self doubt, his and Davis proposals on border were never investigated, Chequers will stuck is in economic vassalage and would have blocked Thatcher's reforms (ones she did after backing joining the Common market), we haven't tried for a Lanchester Brexit but it is not too late to save it, would be a mistake to take Chequers and think it can be changed in future.

People's reaction is very divided between both sides (leaving aside the hero worship and the "booo he sucks") as to how effective or good the speech was. He didn't mention Iran

-1922 Committee seems to have gone well for May, helped by Brexiteer Simon Clarke withdrawing his letter against May due to fear of Corbyn but warns still on brink


-MP's like Morgan and Dr Lee making clear government abandoning Chequers plan is why they rebelled on customs

-One or two on Labour benches furious with the Labour MP's who backed May on customs and saved her.

-Dorries anger Tory Remain MP's risked the government

-Dr Lee says atmosphere worst in his eight years

-Halfon on anti-second referendum, defends Poland government on their naming of concentration camps

-Mann says he voted with government as rebel amendment would have made no deal more likely. He has been called a hero by the Mail, a term I doubt his fellow Labour MP's are using. Says seeing the liberal and the orthodox Rabbi's unite against Labour in unprecedented and this is key moment for Labour, expects more resignations as extraordinary and frightening that Labour can't sort itself out on this issue.

-Wes Streeting, co-chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on British Jews, said the message of Labour's new definition of anti-Semitism is "utterly contemptible". Also said "The damage it will inflict on our credibility as an anti-racist political party is the leadership's responsibility - and theirs alone,". On action taken against Hodge he sarcastically remarks "Great news - I’m assuming by “action” our ‘senior Labour source’ means a fulsome apology to Margaret and the Jewish community for the flagrant disregard shown for their concerns.." and notes how much quicker they responded to Hodge story then to any anti-Semitism story

-Richard Burden (chair of parliamentary Palestine group) with his thoughtful concern at the international definition of anti-Semitism

-Guto Beeb says some Brexiteers are obsessed with idealogical Brexit purity and would rather that then stopping Corbyn

-David Jones says government has started listening but needs to do a lot more

-Sir Chope decides the best way to ensure his reputation as a feminist is block allowing Women MPs of the World conference using Commons during summer recess as only MP's should sit in it (I'm not unsympathetic to the objection but this is amazing lack of awareness). Says the amendments to upskirting bill by MP's (and Maria Miller spotting a major loophole) show it was a bad piece of legislation and he isn't a misogynist

-Emma Lewell-Buck types out her speeches as Hansard has trouble with her accent

-Morgan's prediction they had numbers before last night's vote is being mentioned a fair bit

-Daily Politics will no longer be doing a Wednesday show

-Andrew Jenkyns asks at PMQ's "at what point was it decided that Brexit means Remain", May failed to be cutting about her past remark

-Soubry says Rees-Mogg now in charge of country, MP's scared of extremists so dare not vote for national interest, wants a government of national unity but won't happen as Labour bigger mess then Tories, Tories lost majority and manifesto due to going hard Brexit
-McCluskey ever the gentle "John Woodcock resigning from @UKLabour is no big deal. He resigned from Labour's values a long time ago."

-Ruth Davidson lays into Trump “desperate and dangerous sycophancy” “nothing attracts a wannabe strong man ... like thuggish strength”, "“America does not conform to Mr Trump’s small and insular vision of it”, and "Let’s not inflate Mr Trump’s ego even more by fearing him too much. Let’s instead remember that our values and our way of life are always stronger than one man alone."


-Kuessenberg on government will take trade bill result, Rentoul says it may help May with EU

-Reality Check on how often our MP's sit in Westminster compared to other parliaments

-Marc Wallace on Number 10's efforts to reassure local parties

-Freedland doubts there will be a government of national unity

-Dave Rich Corbyn refuses to take anti-Semitism seriously
“You, are a rebellious son who abandoned his father. You are a cruel brigand who murdered his lord. How can Heaven and Earth put up with you for long? And unless you die soon, how can you face the sight of men?”
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Thu Jul 19, 2018 4:48 pm

-Leadsom indicates vote on proxy in September but that may not solve the anger. Seems Tory whips broke more then Jo Swinson/Brandon Lewis pairing with two unamed Tory MP's saying they were told to but refused and that has infuriated MP's, not helping Smith is that once story broke other MP's seem to be quietly leaking to media. Leadsom says she was one of the three pairs and she was never asked to break, she is angry with Streeting for suggestions that pairing was broken by whips (Bercow came to Streeting's defence), Alistair Carmichael said he is not convinced by what been told by Julian Smith and asks for Smith to make a rare public statement.

Then the belief came that Smith tried to break up short term pairings and Lewis was an accident as a long one, a feeling this is breaching the ethics of the code and putting Smith in more trouble, number 10 forced to give statement of confidence in the chief whip

-May says her Home Office within Westminster was once flooded by... not water, she says she didn't show White Paper to Merkel, is expected to tour country during summer to gather support for her Brexit plan

-Having listened to Boris speech, it was decent and well delivered but not a real threat to May or a gamechanger, felt more fleshing out his resignation letter and clearly not intended to destroy May just yet, wasn't as bad as others say.

-Papers furious that courts backed Sir Cliff Richard after the police and BBC conspired to trash his reputation. Apparently wrecking someone's life before he has been found guilty (turned out he wasn't) is a key press freedom. That or they cover Boris speech, Jewish Chronicle saying Labour Jewish MP's may resign and form a new bloc (not sure that is wise), some papers concerned at sex education and health education going to primary schools

-Raab meets Barnier for first time as he promises to intensify negotiations

-European Commission instructing nations to prepare for no deal

-National Audit Office concerned at lack of preparation for driving licenses recognition after Brexit

-Holocaust Educations Trust condemns action against Hodge, Jewish Chronicle front page is Corbyn with headline "anti-Semitic and a racist"

-Government to reimburse troops stationed in Scotland who have been hit with higher income tax, Scottish government says they tried to discuss this problem with Westminster but got no reply

-Police watchdog not happy at how police handle and record hate crimes, says there has a been a genuine rise but also a willingness to come forward+better recording

-Accusations that Tory whips are threatening some on both sides of withdrawing campaign funding

-Retail down 0.5% despite heatwave, Wimbledon and world cup which was expected to provide a boost

-Javid on Windrush

-Electoral Commission felt voter ID pilots went well (slightly awkward for Labour) but agrees there are some concerns to work out and should be more pilots

-HMRC head says May's plan would cost business 700 million a year. A lot but also a hell of a lot less then 20 billion. Not all of customs will be ready in time

-IMF warns no deal would cost UK4% of GDP, Ireland nearly as bad and EU 1.5%

-Acting cabinet secretary, Sir Mark Sedwill promises we will be ready in time if no deal but it will be disruptive

-Labour cabinet holding an away day on Monday to draw up a potential program for a general election

-Michelle O’Neill says May's visit to N.Ireland is too little too late

-Wales minister and whip Stuart Andrew promoted to defence, whip Kelly Tolhurst to business, former no connection I can but Tolhurst joint ran a family business and served on BUisness Committee.


-Kelvin Hopkins says he wants to clear his name but has heard nothing from Labour for 8 months

-Caroline Lucas on Westminster's handling of sexual harassment and reforms

-Lord Patten says Boris has always been extremely careless with the truth, never seen party atmosphere so toxic

-Hoey says trust has broken down and pairing system needs to be looked at but questions why Swinson could join anti-Trump march but come to vote

-Ian Paisley Jr under pressure to resign after the sanctions hit on him and DUP considering matters, a recall petition is eligible against him. Paisley makes an apology to Commons, goes for unreserved apology, that he is a man of intergrity and this has allowed him to be portrayed otherwise, that he admits his faults and hopes he will be stronger for admitting his frailty. Not a great apology.

-Tories have 10 person shortlist for London mayor race

-Carswell "‘I hope that some of the more excitable Eurosceptic backbencher MPs don’t one day look back with regret at turning down a Brexit deal that allows for incremental divergence. Ffs, take the win. You’ve been losing for most of the past 30 years….’"

-Bridgen calls Boris an optimistic view of Brexit that he backs, needs to be a change of policy but suspects government is going to run campaign of project fear about no deal during summer, very close to 48 letters with dark atmosphere in whips office but if hit number during summer then gives whips all summer to ensure the numbers are driven back down. Boris is very popular with public, May to fall in October when more concessions to EU, won't predicted May's successor as that is kiss of death, says all parties break pairing and Lewis seems cynically deliberate.

-Paul Mason very bravely predicts May's fall on 10th of September, a week and weekend after summer recess ends with Javid as caretaker then Gove wins leadership and goes for Norway style Brexit

-David Jones says government needs to do more to prepare and smooth out the disruption that no deal would bring, Chequers looking less and less likely the solution as won't pass the party

-Sir Cable says a political realignment is happening so he will think of how to make Lib Dems more open to it, chances of no deal have become significantly higher

-Baker says Labour will, despite the good intentions of Stramer, vote against whatever Brexit deal the government comes up with so it comes down to Tories and way more then people think would vote against Chequers deal, officials must face up to that

-Philip Davies has submitted no confidence of letter as May has lost trust of public and he has lost trust in her, fears if she is not stopped then Corbyn will be PM

-Soubry says if stories of trying to break short term pairs are true then those responsible must resign


-Katya Adler on EU tactics as they face Raab

-Kuessenberg Boris speech, Rentoul with a somewhat less serious look

-Jason Farrell on Tory mood

-Iain Mansfield on Chequers deal
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Fri Jul 20, 2018 5:41 pm

-Rees-Mogg calls Vardaker a airhead after Ireland's head warns he will stop British planes flying over Ireland if we cut Irish fishermen's access to UK waters

-Boris accused of not leaving his foreign office flat as his home is being rented out

-Gauke says prison needs to be about rehabilitation and giving prisoners hope rather then just punishment

-Questions about Julian Smith's ability to command confidence of his own MP's which is rather a key thing for a whip

-Raab says Barnier meeting was constructive and has offered August meetings

-May repeats opposition to Irish sea border, Eu must now respond and evolve their positions, will meet all five of N.Ireland party leaders. Irish media asked May about the whipping scandal

-Sebastian Whale interviews Leadsom about Brexit and sexual harassment reform

-Justice Select Committee slams director of prosecutions Alison Saunders for not realizing the seriousness of the rape case failure to disclose issue and not providing leadership, says police and prosecutors need a culture change so they realize how important this is rather then bemoan it as an admin duty but also they may need more funding

-Concerns at the rise of crime an fall in solving it

-Hinds says from age of 15 a child can request sex ed over objections of parents, health education will be mandatory for all schools from autumn 2020.

-Sienna Rodgers has seen Labour's proposed internal democracy proposals

-Government borrowing at 11 year low


-Sir Kevin Barron deeply unhappy at anonymity for MP's accused of sexual harassment, the member for the Standards committee otherwise agreed with Leadsom's reforms. Jess Philips and Caroline Lucas also unhappy

-Andrew Percy says MP's wish Soubry and fellows would shut up

-Blair says Chequers deal isn't what people voted for, feels May is doing her best but she has got it wrong here

-Brexiteers not happy at Olly Robbins getting a 15-20k bonus

-James Millar interviews shadow sports minister Rosena Allin-Khan

-Luke Sproule profiles Ian Paisley

-Streeting on Labour leadership handling of anti-Semitism

-Irish Parliament has lent Westminster the portrait of our first female MP Constance Markievicz though she never took her seat

-There is a racehorse called Brexit means Brexit


-Chris Morris looks at EU's warning to business

-Michael Hugh Walker not a fan of Paisley

-Mark Steel Brexit soap opera

-Alex Massie has pity for May and despairs about state of parties

-Bloomberg how Europe is preparing for Brexit

-Andrew Grice warns Julian Smith is harming government

-Marley Morris May's backstop dilemma
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby HanXin94 » Sat Jul 21, 2018 6:48 am

What did you think of Boris's speech?

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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sat Jul 21, 2018 10:40 am

HanXin94 wrote:What did you think of Boris's speech?

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In terms of entertainment? He has never managed to turn his considerable oratory skills into strong Commons performance but it was decent enough, he had allowed the thing to get hyped up (perhaps inevitable) so was a bit of a comedown with one MP going "was that it?". He carefully got balance right in May treatment, praising her role in his successes as he knows if he challenged now, he would get thrashed for multiple reasons but he might have better luck in September (or if the Brexit wing can find a challenger who the rest of the party doesn't despise with every inch of their being).

In terms of Brexit (I'm a Remainer for record), it was more setting out his stance of the kind of Brexit he wants, why he is unhappy with May, putting in little digs on why it is all her fault, the optimistic vision being quashed and all that sort of thing. Which is fine to an extent, building his case isn't a bad idea, putting it in public so he can point to it later, these things tend to require more then one say to get cut through and it ensured press attention. What it didn't provide was the answers to how we get to the Brexit he wants beyond believing in ourselves and claiming if we just stood strong, EU will give us what we want and anything that doesn't answer, just say the word technology. At this stage, Boris needed an alternative plan or at least enough of one that could be fleshed out later

Minus points for failing the mention the woman who is languishing in a jail cell in Iran due to his incompetence.
“You, are a rebellious son who abandoned his father. You are a cruel brigand who murdered his lord. How can Heaven and Earth put up with you for long? And unless you die soon, how can you face the sight of men?”
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby HanXin94 » Sat Jul 21, 2018 11:16 am

I've been living in China for 3 years so I missed out on the Brexit vote but if I was there I would have voted leave. I don't like the fact that we, as a nation, have surrendered are independence. I'm not against migration, I'm just for skilled migration. I'm more on the right when it comes to my politics but I just love debating. There is always something to learn from different opinions.

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