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Unread postby Dong Zhou » Fri Dec 08, 2017 7:29 pm

-Phase 1 deal has been reached! after talks through the night lead to deal early this morning. DUP seem to have accepted phrasing "In the absence of agreed solutions, the United Kingdom will maintain full alignment with those rules of the Internal Market and the Customs Union which, now or in the future, support North-South cooperation, the all- island economy and the protection of the 1998 Agreement." if we cannot reach another solution on the Irish border, calling it one of six substantive changes, but will Brexiteers be happy? Court of Justice role in UK will be set for eight years, Brexit bill estimated at around £35bn-£39bn (€40bn-€45bn)

-Tusk warns the difficult part remains ahead with less then a year left with UK needing to offer clarity on what it wants "We all know that breaking up is hard. But breaking up and building a new relation is much harder.", Juncker calls it a compromise with PM as good as her word in Brexit bill, May says both sides have worked hard and exchange in give and take, no hard border, Barnier says hard part starts and judging by UK red lines then they are looking at a Canada style trade deal. Varadker welcomes progress and confirms ."There is no question of us trying to exploit Brexit as a means of moving to a United Ireland without consent.", admits things have been strained between UK and Ireland but says that was always going to happen and we will soon be close again, praises May for listening to concerns. Pound rallies, cabinet declares it a glorious moment, opposition go for begrudging congratulations but taken longer then it should have, Guy Verhofstadt suggests MEP's will pass onto phase 2

Farage clearly impressed "A deal in Brussels is good news for Mrs May as we can now move on to the next stage of humiliation." and says we gave in on very EU demand, Gove says it a major personal achievement for May, UKIP calls it a surrender


-Boris goes to Tehran

-Sadiq Khan's putdown of stupid question has been doing the rounds. He has having impact assessment of Brexit on London being done

-Sun saying plot to have Davies as PM while younger talent gets ready

-Heavy rumours that Brexit department wrote to Dublin government asking to speak to "Kenny", Irish rather offended as 1) Ireland had changed leader, 2) not the most respectful way to address the leader of a country

-Burt calls Trump's Jerusalem plan "unhelpful"

-Jackie Doyle-Price announces plans for social care cap has been scrapped as they are looking at other plans

-Creagh warns fixing cars after VV scandal has stalled

-Industrial production flat, manufacturing output up 0.1%, construction output unexpectedly fell 1.7%, trade deficit widens

-UK needs to come up with a transition deal for Gibraltar that is acceptable to Spain or else they get a cliff edge Brexit

-I suspect the EU and Japan agreeing a major trade deal timing is not a coincidence

-Helen Lewis (long read) interviews Tony Blair

-David Jones fears the Ireland border backstop answer would stop us signing trade deals


-James Lansdale on Boris trip to Iran

-Nick Cohen feels Brexit has been given an easy ride and feels May fell for belief that making deal would be easy

-Martin Kettle argues Tories don't understand the union

-Andrew McQullian on deal agreement from Irish viewpoint

-Joris Luyendijk sense pity for junior UK from EU

-Brexiteer Tom Salter rails at betrayal by Brexit leaders
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sat Dec 09, 2017 3:11 pm

-Stealla Creasy wins backbencher of the year

-Press loving DUP line “This is a battle of who blinks first, and we've cut off our eyelids.”

-A sense May has been boosted by agreement and is safe for now though I suspect that ends as soon as she makes the decision which way to take us on Brexit while the agreement has merely punted some issues down the road.

-Gove says people can use next election to vote on Brexit deal

-Man arrested for disturbing Lords debate

-Maria Miller not happy all her committee's recommendations on getting females into politics were rejected by government

-Groups representing UK citizens in EU do not seem happy, they feel their rights have been forgotten in phase 1 deal

-BBC on Europe media reaction to phase 1 agreement

-D'Arcy's Week Ahead

-Jason Cowely has a long interview with Farage

-Archbishop of Canterbury uses his yearly debate to criticize grammar schools


-Kay Balls on an overview of the Brexit tribes in Commons

-Julia Rampen goes through agreement text with Remainer eye, BBc's Chris Morris from a more neutral eye

-Eaton on Brexiteers claims losing to reality

-Bush on Brexit agreement

-Chris Morris warns may be awhile till trade talks start

-Chris Buckler on May's mishandling of N.Ireland

-Brian Reade bemoans ignorance of Brexiteers about Ireland

-Forsyth (sun) May must choose divergenge, communicate better and get better backroom team, change of EU attitude, Williamson off the mark
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sun Dec 10, 2017 5:18 pm

-Boris to meet Iran's President Hassan Rouhani

-Country hit by amber warning due to snow

-Mail on Sunday saying May had to step in over Hammond vs Williamson turned to verbal abuse

-Rumours Downing Street aides telling Eurosceptics that regulatory alignment means nothing, denied by number 10 but doubt Dublin will be pleased

-Williamson's tarantula not allowed in MoD

-Government looking at accelerated degrees


-Kate Osamor visits asylum centre

-David Jones fears Brexit bill of 100 billion


-Rawnsley looks at why all sides claim to be happy with phase 1 agreement

-Rentoul says May got more EU concessions then she gets credit for, watch for Gove's ambitions

-Peter Hitchens argues MP's have too much privilege like not needing public transport, Profulmo affair was unimportant, rages against Alan Milburn
“You, are a rebellious son who abandoned his father. You are a cruel brigand who murdered his lord. How can Heaven and Earth put up with you for long? And unless you die soon, how can you face the sight of men?”
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:52 pm

-May says new sense of optimism about the talks, she didn't cave in and stuck to the principles she has set out in past, was not a hard or soft Brexit, praises Davies and team for calm professional approach, Brexit will soon see significant savings that can be used for public services, phase 1 agreement was good for leavers and remainers, confirms bill of £35bn to £39bn but only if agreement is reached, transition deal agreement may take till end of March. She publishes open letter to EU nationals in UK saying we would be poorer if we left and trying to reassure them about their status

-David Davies says chances of no deal have dropped dramatically but no deal means border and money demands are not legally forcible, wants Canada plus plus plus type deal wit finical services tariff free, orange juice is his kryptonite, can be no border even without a deal (EU disagrees strongly on that), anyone people smuggling through Irish border would be quite dumb, the main thing needed for his job is a sense of calm.

Ireland says border agreement is legally binding (it isn't) and make clear they are unhappy at Davies comments, the Brexit secretary promptly rows back while trying to blame the newspaper for misinterpreting his words (by reporting what he said live on TV) and telling Dublin he meant it is more then a legal commitment while Ireland quickly welcomes the clarification. I suspect it was the casual tone about dropping the border agreement that nettled Ireland and clumsy wording rather then if legal or not.

-Labour's Brexit position (for now) seems to be regulatory alignment with EU

-Hunt challenges Ralf Little to debate on NHS, saying the actor has shown no evidence for his claims

-Equality and Human Rights Commission launches inquiry on Grenfell fire, specifically if authorities failed in their duty to protect life

-Carl Sargeant's son seeking Labour nomination for by-election

-Owen Smith praises DUP's phase 1 intervention

-Dr Fox says we should be a champion for free trade

-Boris seen as somewhat successful as seems prison extension for Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe has been dropped

-Works and Pensions Committee wants government to quickly ban unsolicited pensions sales calls

-Ben Bradley first ever Tory to win beard of the year. Clearly a sign Corbyn is about to fall :P

-Brokenshire says border isn't legally binding in event of no deal but is a strong show of commitment

-Tom Watson argues automation will enhance (including increasing worker rights) and create jobs rather then destroy job if handled right, a fixed 3.5% of GDP to be spent on R&D by 2030

-European Commission actually agrees with Davies and Brokenshire, things like border aren't legally binding but a gentleman's agreement, number 10 agrees

-Government accepts Charles Walker's amendment for a sifting committee but digging in on Brexit date

-Corbyn seems willing to let Brexit deadline slip if he felt it was needed

-Goverment and whips will be pleased that, bar a bit of muttering about paying anything from Philip Davies, Brexiteer and Remainer Tory MP's united to back May during her lengthy statement


-Ken Clarke warns May needs to face down 40-50 MP's excited by hard border, says May's phase 1 deal was a triumph but had never known such "non binding" briefing afterwards

-Lord Kerslake has resigned as the chairman of King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, he says government's funding is too low, NHS regulators says the Trust's finical record is awful

-Apparently Philip Davies was calling for May to be replaced last week


-d’Ancona on why Brexiteers aren't rebelling over deal

-Matthew Norman feels Williamson is too openly ambitious

-Jack Bernhardt suggests Christmas presents for our political leaders

-David Torrance on Scottish politics reaction to Brexit talks
“You, are a rebellious son who abandoned his father. You are a cruel brigand who murdered his lord. How can Heaven and Earth put up with you for long? And unless you die soon, how can you face the sight of men?”
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Tue Dec 12, 2017 6:34 pm

-Boris taking harder line on Saudi Arabia actions in Yemen

-Inflation up to six year high of 3.1% (transport at 4.5%, computer games and food itself at 4.2% with a lot of staples like bread, coffee and butter taking a massive rise), wages rather less then that and economists had thought we had already hit the peak in October. Forties Pipeline System three month shutdown due to crack is expected to lead to energy and heating price rises (cost of wholesale gas jumped 6% within hours)

-Gove vows to make Brexit work for animals too as he publishes animal sentience law with maximum sentence for serious animal cruelty to five years in prison, hoping to use some money from Dfid to help with plastic in ocean

-May on climate change

-Labour inquiry clears Clive Lewis of sexual harassment

-US Ambassador Woody Johnson saw recent row was probably misinterpreted and Trump likely to visit in New Year

-Dame Hodge has apologized and paid back £2.97

-Lots of attention on two reports: a Labour commissioned report that suggests Bank of England move to Birmingham along with National Investment Bank and the Strategic Investment Board secretariat and research department. Rand Corporation study meanwhile says UK will be hit by whatever EU deal they get with no deal making us 4.9% poorer by 2029 (EU would take a relatively minor hit), Brexit risks hitting US business interests in Europe and defence interests, says UK can only benefit from Brexit with a comprehensive three way trade deal with UK-USA-EU but doesn't see that happening, foreign direct investment in UK was boosted 28% by EU membership, thinks EU unity may fracture during trade talks as competing interests for different regions clash

-Hammond one of five EU finance ministers who has written to White House saying Trump's tax plan flouts international rules and would damage trade

-ICM has 51% feeling Brexit is going badly but 45% say it must go through come what may (though second referendum has grown to 36%)

-Guy Verhofstadt says Davies recent comments have gone down so badly, MEP's are going to take a tougher line with more demands (certainly a sense EU i demanding UK legislate so no longer a gentlemen's agreement). Davies hastily phones his "good friend" to explain matter and promises legal text as soon as possible

-Welsh Assembly had report made on electoral reform, says due to increase powers it needs 20-30 more AM's, more proportional system, for 16 and 17-year-olds to be able to vote in assembly elections

-Manfred Weber, leader of the centre-right European People’s party, warns transition deal is not inevitable and Davies has put trust between EU and UK at risk

-Michael Roth, the German Europe minister, concerned May hasn't been honest with UK populace over money UK has to pay

-Barnier dismisses Davies claims that we can have trade deal minutes after Brexit, maybe we can have a political agreement on shape of trade to come and he knows Davies knows that is the case. He also remarks "
We will have a final agreement only if the political commitments taken by May in the name of the British Govt last Friday are respected and we will be vigilant. We will not accept any backtracking from the UK.', Brexit deal will have to be translated into legal due to it being international treaty, wants a draft ready for transition early next year, expects phase 2 talks to start in February, UK still need to clarify what they want from Brexit

-Basically Davies has made talks more difficult by angering EU, damaging trust and seeing more demands put on because that loss of trust

-Tusk warns we are facing a furious race against time to get Brexit done in time

-Anne Marie Morris suspension for use of n word ended after 5 months


-Sir Leigh notes that risk of Corbyn becoming PM focuses Brexiteer minds behind May

-Tom Brake attacks Labour on Brexit

-Umunna calls for Labour to commit to single market

-Brave by SNP's Peter Grant who says he doesn't rule out second Brexit referendum but people have to "live by the results of their decisions".

-Lord Lawson says May has been supplicant to EU and making poor demands

-Lord Hague says there should be reshuffle to bring through young talent and, amidst recent rumours of a comeback, that should not include him

-Soubry urges government to reach out to Remainers like herself over Grive's amendment which seems set to go to vote


-Bush questions voter intention polls at this stage

-Gaby Hinsliff on lack of Brexit clarity being deliberate

-Tom Peck attacks David Davies record

-Mark Wallace rails about Labour's Brexit stance

-Morning Star on SNP Brexit contradiction

-Peter Forster looks at what we may still hope to get from Brexit I suspect his own paper is about to brand him a mutineer
“You, are a rebellious son who abandoned his father. You are a cruel brigand who murdered his lord. How can Heaven and Earth put up with you for long? And unless you die soon, how can you face the sight of men?”
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Wed Dec 13, 2017 7:56 pm

PMQ's Corbyn goes on homelessness and asks May to pledge next year will be when it starts to go down, May sets out general record and attacks Labour's housing record but doesn't given pledge, Corbyn defences Labour's record on homelessness, Corbyn goes into rise of children without a home and again asks for pledge this goes on down next year. May defends record but again no pledge, Corbyn calls record disgrace and uses letter (though renter being asked to leave doesn't seem the best attack) so he calls for guaranteed three year tenancies, May again defends record and how they are pushing longer term tenancies while attacking Corbyn plans for rent controls. Corbyn ignores attack and makes general case for rental sector problems before moving onto lack of replacing council homes when sold off and calls for May to apologize for failing on 1 on 1 replacement, May ignores this and goes on general defence of Help2Buy and uses past Healey comments for n effective attack on labour's housing plans. Corbyn points out home ownership has fallen under Tories while it grew under Labour, Corbyn goes on homes unfit for human inhabitation but May points out it has fallen greatly, Corbyn defends Labour record and raises private members bill on issue. Calls government record on housing an absolute disgrace, raises statistics to build case, governments in pockets of rogue landlord in line that was delivered too over the top, May also uses statics to defend record and builds into good defence ut her refusal to pledge may be what gets picked up on.

Would give it to May, thought Corbyn would run well with this as a an area he cares about but slow to respond to attacks, lacked a bit of punch and found May in good, more confident form as she got in enough defence usually and good attacks. Blackford on RBS closing branches in Scotland so government should use it's majority stake to stop that, May says commercial banking decision and Mundell has raised concerns with RBS but people are moving online and defends protections on branch closures, Blackford says May should summon RBS chairman herself and branch closers are unacceptable. May repeats it is a commercial matter


Government defeated by 4 on Greive's call for vote on final Brexit bill 309 vs 305, May's first defeat

Was lots of eyes on Grieve amendment with belief the government could lose having failed to persuade the former attorney general to drop it. Davies then tries by saying government won't implement withdrawal until UK parliament has vote but clearly didn't convince Grieve judging by "dialogue of the deaf" comment and urges government to stop this stupid battles of wills, Labour backed Grieve and challenged Tory MP's to walk the walk. Government tried "would make things chaotic if a very late deal" and "don't wound May before summit", alarm bells started to ring as Sir Heald and Freeman (who has reblled once, in first week, as an MP) backed Grieve having not been an original signatory, the loyal Sir Letwin saying clause 9 should just be dropped was another blow. Grieve bemoaned that any chance of reasonable discourse seems to have gone, is saddened to be branded a traitor and singled out IDS for accusing him of grandstanding and it had all got unpleasant, ministers have refused to talk to him about his questions, those demanding hard date for Brexit risk messing up Brexit process.

Then loyal Sir Letwin and Brexiteer Rees-Mogg both urged dropping clause 9 (aka giving itself power to implement Brexit and nay laws it needs to) which would make Grieve's amendment unnecessary and save them defeat, minister Raab ruled it straight out as clause 9 necessary to give government flexibility particularly if timings get tight but tries to offer limits to clause 9 which Rees-Mogg called generous as Grieve/Soubry/Clark meant with May's PPS George Holingberry, when clear they might lose Raab upgrades his concession to a promise to write in in the bill but Grieve says it is too late. The feeling was it would be tight but Sir Grieve and his rebels would win, so it proved. Some rebels like Freeman and Masteron were won over at last moment but Labour Brexiteers (a key grouping in tight debate like this) united behind Grieve and there were 12 Tory rebels.

I do wonder, given complaints by Greive and Soubry that they found themselves frozen out when they tried to talk with ministers, if Raab and the new chief whip may get flak for this defeat?


-MEP's agree to go onto phase 2 but include a rebuke of Davies

-Treasury Select Committee to ask Carney about interest rates

-TUC with a helpful chart on how much food types have risen

-Houseprice inflation has dipped thanks to London, energy bills will be hit the tragic events in Austria, unemployment falls but so does employment, wages up to 2.5%

-Carney gets the big banks to back his climate change task force and report on their exposure to climate change

-Tory MP's hammer Lord Kerkslade

-Spectator interviews Ruth Davidson

‘After all, none of us are immune from the kind of shoddy workmanship the FMB protects against. Even Winston Churchill.

When he was Prime Minister he complained that 10 Downing Street was, and I quote, “shaky and lightly built by the profiteering contractor whose name the street bears. Today, of course, the centre of government is strong and stable!’

-Williamson telling MP's now is the time for ministers to listen rather then impose

-Lots of talk of May ahead of Corbyn in Youguv poll for first time since June

-Some complaining that press (or "Mainstream Media" aka MSM) didn't cover Corbyn winning International Peace Bureau's Séan MacBride Peace Prize. An event so big Corbyn didn't turn up for the award ceremony and where MSM, knowing of Corbyn's victory for decades, have mentioned it twice since 92 ( neither when award was given).

-May has sent Trump a Christmas card

-Ivan Lewis says application for EU citizens to stay in EU will take minutes and should be decided in two weeks with the assumption being in favour of the EU national staying

- Committee on Standards in Public Life says social media giants should be held liable for what is on them, finds 68% of Tory candidates were victims of online abuse, 36% for Labour.

-Manfred Weber believes there is growing calls for a second referendum, not sure that is true

-Seems Disney takeover of Fox is done bar the fat lady actually breaking into song (expected to do so tomorrow)

-Ben Wallace says technology is there for banks to track down stolen money and rules have been changed to help

-Steve Baker says no Brexit vote if no deal as parliament has voted for article 50

-Jared O’Mara no longer going to Westminster due to medical advice (hasn't been since there since October)

-MP's to get 1.8% rise in April


-IDS calls Greive's amendment grandstanding and demands he stop

-Matt Hancock says facts matter and is frustrating that he feels he needs to say objective reality exists

-Conservative Home did poll of who should enter cabinet

-Soubry's quip that unlike her and May, Grieve can't be called a bloody difficult woman was funny

-Ken Clarke on fellow Tories " my desperately paranoid eurosceptic friends" and during speech, Cherry tweets how much she loves him


-Hardman on domestic abuse refuge debate

-Bush scathing about Brexiteer's unawareness that EU can read English

-Media Mole explains why MSM didn't cover Corbyn's win

-Rampen on Labour MP's concerned their constituents feel betrayed by way Brexit is going

-Behr says Labour has to make Brexit choice, ditto Matthew Norman
“You, are a rebellious son who abandoned his father. You are a cruel brigand who murdered his lord. How can Heaven and Earth put up with you for long? And unless you die soon, how can you face the sight of men?”
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