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Unread postby Dong Zhou » Wed Nov 15, 2017 7:30 pm

Brexit bill: MP's vote down devolved administrations veto, SNP saying courts should take into account ECJ rulings after Brexit and Chris Leslie's+Labour's proposals on transition period, agree to repeal European Communities act, Raab says government has future amendment that would force ministers to show Brexit laws comply with Equalities Act. Whips will be fairly pleased, winning most votes with comfortable enough majorities


PMQ's: Corbyn goes on police numbers and budget, May responds well uses stats and argues she has protected budgets while crime has fallen, Corbyn has fun with Boris tweet about closed police station and uses it to build into their police budget (May points out Khan is a Labour figure and spoofs Corbyn well) then goes onto funding sprinklers, May points out Londoners get more money for police then anywhere else per person in UK and defends Grenfell record then points out Labour councils don't believe sprinklers are always the answer. Corbyn ignores the concerns she brings up but does point out that some councils have asked for funding and been refused, says lettings agency is evicting people due to Universal Credit due to arrears it brings, May halting in initial response and gives general defence but asks letter to be sent onto her and one from a past complaint as she asked last time. Corbyn says he will send a copy (but doesn't answer about past one) then goes onto Universal Credit driving people into poverty but it lacks an effective punch before going into NHS waiting times and cancer targets=budget, May gives good defence of NHS record. Corbyn goes onto educational cuts, reminding her of past question and getting hostile reaction from them but headteachers backing him on this, May goes onto generic defence and "strong economy", Corbyn presses on headteachers concerns and cites IFS then links it together as government allowing superich to dodge taxes while public services are cut but peroration cut off by Bercow, May defends tax record and points to Labour's tax policy would have cost enough to fund policy before a weak final attack about Corbyn stagnating country.

A rarity but felt May won that, her performance far better with delivery, she had good attack lines, targetting well and good generic defences, better able to hide when she doesn't quite answer the question. Corbyn attacks lacked punch throughout and while he had some neat ideas to take shots at likes of Boris but they were delivered clumsily, he never had any responses to May's effective punches and just tended to ignore it, didn't quite knit his stuff together. Blackford starts with crossparty support for emergency services then asks for them to not be charged VAT, that it has been ignored despite SNP complaining 30 times in Westminster, May indicates Scottish Tories have also complained about it but SNP government were warned this would happen when they merged the forces

Was a very slow session


-Rudd says youngsters do not remember the problems with nationalized industries

-Some MP's rather unhappy with telegraph listing and displaying photo's voting against May's date amendment as "The Brexit mutineers". Fair play to Steve Baker who has defended his colleagues and condemned Telegraph, ditto Rabb while Gove agreed with Baker. Some of the "mutineers" started having fun with it until Soubry's office received five threats today

Will Telegraph help Soubry, her office, pay the police investigation so public doesn't have to bear the cost of the Telegraph's irresponsible behaviour? Doubt it

-Thornberry says Boris needs to learn consequences

-Acting Scottish Labour leader Alex Rowley steps down after ex-partner made serious allegations about him, ones he fully denies

-Dent Coat won't be punished with Corbyn saying he will talk about the need for talking respectfully, has been pointed out Shaun Bailey never used ghetto boy. She also posted a picture of Tory logo with a doodle of a hanged man

-Davies hopes for transitional deal agreed early next year

-Sturgeon says Brexit date on bill is silly

-ECJ rules EU nationals who become British citizens do not lose the right to bring a foreign-born spouse to the UK

-Kensington and Chelsea council sent out leaflet asking for ratings of priorities... including Grenfell tower from 1-10

-Labour MP's sitting near Field were not happy with his shot at Benn. BBC clip of Frank Field comment

-Russian senators accuse May of making herself look foolish after her comments on Russian interference

-The children's commissioner for UK wants Universal Credit paused

-Unemployment remains at 4.3% but employment has fallen for first time in year, basic pay at 2.2% (bit lower then 3% Or your food's 4%), productivity hits six year high with 0.9% rise, EU nationals working here at record high of 2.38m due to rise on Romanians and Bulgarians offsetting fall in Polish and some of the eastern countries

-Ratcliffe says meeting with Boris was constructive but Boris is reluctant to go for diplomatic protection

-Hammond says budget will have plan for housing to address a complex problem

-Manfred Weber more optimistic after meeting with May


-IDS accuses Freeman of attacking result of referendum, Freeman says IDS read misleading news article rather then what he actually said

-Journalist Steve Richards on yesterday Brexit debate "Today's Commons' debate on EU withdrawal debate has many echoes with Masstricht debates in 1990s. So much political energy sucked up by Europe in recent decades. Imagine if the same attention had been given to NHS/social care.. we'd have best quality of life in the world."

-Sir Letwin warns clause 6 of Brexit bill is a frightful mess and contradicts itself, Lords will likely intervene heavily if Brexit bill remains as it stands

-Philip Davies says he is "often pilloried for arguing that men and women should be treated equally", Homer Simpson has become a bad stereotype that hampers fathers, male victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and unequal pay are often neglected

-Farage offers Ken Clarke his thanks and a pint

-Sir Grieve says tone of debates so far indicate some compromise can be found

-Ken Clarke remarks some ministers aren't overly fond of workers rights

-Patel in first Commons speech since her resignation "Of course I am speaking today in this debate following an intensive course over the past week, I think it’s fair to say, on how to stage an exit which was the focus of a degree of international attention.", urges government to ignore those who lack confidence in country's ability to run itself


-Katy Balls on why Corbyn isn't ahead and May has got herself in trouble with amendment 381

-Bush slams both sides of the Dent Coad debate and warns already too late for Commons to have a meaningful vote on Brexit, talks of theory that May is preparing for soft Brexit by the recent amendments

-Martin Rosenbum says amount of new voters may have cost May election

-Behr condemns Brexiteers handling of the Irish question

-Matt Singh on why polls haven't moved

-James Kirkup on Tories turning against austerity

-Andrew Grice on the gang of 20
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Thu Nov 16, 2017 7:31 pm

-McDonnell calls for an emergency budget to end austerity and fund public services, large-scale public house-building programme, 17 billion more for public services. Paradise papers show Labour were being too conservative at getting 6.5 billion from clamping down on tax avoidance, wouldn't spend money preparing for no deal (I can see that one being an issue)

-Labour put Ivan Lewis under formal investigation but don't suspend him

-Government won all day 2 Brexit votes but saw majorities drop from 20 to a fair few 16 and one 12

-Expected government will cut Universal Credit wait time

-Government to take some housing association debt so they can pay for more houses

-Commons Home Affairs Committee concerned there isn't the funding needing for borders after Brexit

-Jackie Baillie becomes Scottish Labour's interim leader

-Carney warns no transitional deal will lead to higher inflation, UK worse off due to Brexit and sliding down G7 rankings (our growth is lowest in major economies in Europe and N.America), recovery been longer then Great Depression, business investment isn't as good as it would be during a good period but it isn't "anticipating disaster" level either, says duty is to disclose risks but some Brexiteers didn't want to hear Brexit has risks, if Bank forecasts are correct then will be a few interest rate rises over next few years

-Rumours Gove has been showing off econimic ability at cabinet and is being too blatant that he wants to be Chancellor

-Retail sales up 0.3% which is more then expected thanks to second hand market, clothing sales down 1.5%

-Frank Field concerned Talbot pension situation is a golden market for scammers and watchdog isn't taking it seriously enough, says he doesn't have the language to describe the horrors Universal Credit has become, proposals reforms like fortnightly payments, payments straight to landlords if people wish. On lighter note, has in fact inherited a house (he says he has never lived in it)

-Javid says big action needing on housing with many flaws needing fixing, those who say youngsters can afford houses if they cutback on luxuries are out of touch and stop blocking plans to build houses, a generation without property and capital could become resentful

-Sun seems to have moved towards offering EU more money to get to phase 2

-MP's demand Universal Credit waiting time be cut

-Electoral Commission inquiry into Leave.EU delayed by its failure to disclose information the Commission asks for

-Dutch parliament’s European affairs committee says they must prepare for no deal thanks to Britain's unrealistic expectations and inconsistency


-Caroline Lucas says she is delighted with Gove's work at Environment but questions how long he would be there. Maybe she owes Gove an apology given she called him “uniquely unqualified for the post." as one of the nicer comments when he was appointed

-Paterson refuses to condemn Telegraph as it might think them think, says May shouldn't offer EU more money, Irish government stance is due to their being worried about Sinn Fein

-Soubry says she smells a giant rat when official report published said that Primodos, a hormone pregnancy test used in the 1960s and 1970s, was not responsible for serious birth defects

-Not sure those who want a second referendum will be pleased to have Lloyd Blankfein support


-Robert Peston on how far behind Tories are on social media and why that matters

-Hardman says May shouldn't worry about revolt if she goes bold on housebuilding

-Simon Jenkins on May misreading age of Brexit politics

-Rohan Silva on gig economy is here to stay

-Forsyth defends Gove
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Lord Yang Jiahua » Thu Nov 16, 2017 8:05 pm

Question, Dong Zhou?

It seems the American Tax system (and people) are about to be screwed over, for nothing more than an arbitrary facade of Congress people wanting to make their friends in the various corporations richer (which the can already do by hiding money in places like Ireland or something, so even that doesnt make sense.)

How do the British manage their taxes, bar the fact that it seems when the Europeans in general pay taxes, they get a tangible product in something like Social Welfare(Healthcare etc) so we're told.
Or better yet, its common unspoken thought that Americans in general don't want to pay taxes period, i.e they feel entitled to things without paying for them first . So why does it seem Europe is more okay with paying theirs.

Note these are something of assumptions, and if u don't want to give a long answer, u could point at some literature on the subject.
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Fri Nov 17, 2017 12:40 pm

I can't comment on Trump's tax reforms to compare. No idea what literature to point to though WWD or Sun Fin can help there

As I understand it, the modern USA attitude is small state and small taxes particularly for business. This may be due to Reagan being a hit, US attitude of it being the great country on earth, the need to be self sufficient, government bad and so on. Better for business and people to have money in pocket then for it to be taken and spent on such and such.

Europe, perhaps based on having experienced how bad things can get with two world wars and dark history, has a more trusted attitude towards government taking money and doing good things with it. People are reluctant to lose what stuff they get from government but accept this needs paying for, they accept more government interference as they see it as helping with health, living standards and so on. Any country in Europe that didn't have a proper healthcare system would be considered barbaric.

UK is sort of "we want Europe style provision for us, on US taxes." so not healthy. We believe in competitive/low corporation tax to encourage business, we have a lot of tax breaks for such purposes or to nudge people to do things though tax code has got ridiculously large now which has left a lop of loopholes. On an individual level, most have a personal tax allowance that goes untaxed, we are taxed more on income then on wealth, 45p per pound the biggest for the wealthy (50p is aimed for by some on the left), people pay national insurance within taxes to help fund NHS though that isn't thought to be enough
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Fri Nov 17, 2017 6:58 pm

-Bryant says he was told by Mail (he said Mail on Sunday but corrected it on twitter) journalist in 2003 they were betting when he would kill himself and the journalist hoped it would be by Christmas. Mail is calling it a smear and demands he withdraw it, that Bryant had brought it up at Leveson only for the claim to fall apart

-Davies goes to Germany and warns everyone not to put politics above prosperity, incredibly unlikely there will be no deal and wants freest trade possible, UK will go for race to top rather then race to bottom when it comes to consumer standards

-Steve Brine clearly annoyed at MPs reaction to report on Primodos

-During press conference after Davies speech, German interviewer got round of applause for saying UK government seemed in chaos

-May to meet President Tusk

-McDonnell says in that "wargaming coment" he first said there would not be a run on the pound before he made comments about wargaming it

-Michelle O'Neill on Stormont stalemate

-Daniel Bond interviews Arlene Foster

-Sebastian Whale interviews Damien Collins


-Kuessenberg on Brexit talks

-D'Arcy on the tight numbers and calculations for whips and MP's for Brexit bill

-Eaton on Tories changing views on economy policy and Davies "prosperity before politics" extremely hypocritical

-Bush argues Tories should worry less about ousting McLoughlin and be deeply worried by damage Grayling could do them long term

-Martin Kettle says budget is government's big chance but they will waste it

-Solomon Hughes says even if Russia did interfere, pinning Brexit and Trump on Putin ignores the reasons they won

-David Singleton on up and coming Tory MP's

-Russian journalist Alexey Kovalev says UK really over-claiming Russian influence on Brexit

-Andrew Grice on Tories with ideas
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