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Unread postby Dong Zhou » Fri Apr 21, 2017 6:11 pm

-Politics Home doing a list of which Mp's are standing, which are going

-Thornberry urges May to summon Russia ambassador over Chechnya's treatment of homosexuals

-Probate fees rise scrapped

-Farron urging Remain Tories to oppose hard Brexit

-Corbyn attacks supersized classes, Tories put to Wales 18% rise in such classes, would abolish zero hour contracts and says he loves campaigning, feels Labour are already making a lot of ground

-Dawn Butler's claim that May is trying to rig democracy (by calling an election) is not helping Labour and idea of rolling manifesto, wonder if that could be an issue.

-Farron being challenged in his seat by Mr Fish Finger

-Antonio Tajani, president of the European parliament would be very happy to welcome us back

-Leaked EU guidelines suggest they want us to honour billions in budget commitments, guarantee lifelong rights for EU citizens in Britain, and stay bound to the European court of justice

-Patel has written to MP's with a long defence of Dfird's work amidst rumours the 0.7% target would be axed though May (apparently persuaded by Ruth Davidson) has now said it will be kept

-Tory MP's are being invited to give idea's for manifesto

-Tory HQ fears polls are leading to unrealistic expectations of what would be a good win

-Lib Dems emergency appeal for election funds has raised more then double Labour but the latter should be able to tap up union funding

-Stormont talks extended to June 29th (I said N.Ireland councils were setting business rates, turns out it was distract rates, my mistake)

-Sturgeon makes clear she sees Scottish Tories as big threat in local election but suggests some of their candidates are akin to UKIP

-May has lost communications chief Katie Perrior and press secretary Lizzie Loudon since that election announcement, Vote Leave's Rob Oxley is Tory's head of media for election

-Ofcom delays report into Fox bid for Sky till June 20th aka after election

-May warns election can not be taken for granted

-Hammond hopes this manifesto will give more flexibility with econimic policy which is pretty much seen as "please allow me to raise Vat and National Insurance"

-McCluskey wins Unite elections, a boost to Corbyn. Winner got 59,067 votes (46%), Gerard Coyne 53,544 (41%) and Ian Allinson 17,143 (13%), in a turnout of just over 12.2%. Coyne's strategy to reach out beyond that hardcore 15% to get them to vote clearly didn't work but he did quite well getting so close in McCluskey's heartland, might not be comfort given his suspension though. Coyne says machine made it impossible for some of his supporters to vote and tried to bully him

-Election Commission investigating Leave.EU for alleged spending offences in referendum

-A sense Tories are refusing to commit to pension triple lock

-Retail sales fell by 1.8% which is far more then expected. 7 year worst result with quarter of 1.4% fall, pound slips


-Valarie Vaz attacks in Commons don't land

-Farage not standing as he would have won this time but felt Brussels work more important

-Gisela Stuart warns Parliament has difficult task with Brexit

-Carswell doubts UKIP will ever another MP

-Ed Balls not returning this time

-Dugher retiring, a small tear rolling down Corbyn's cheek

-Daily Mirror doing the chicken thing on May

-Baroness Prosser compares Unite's suspension of Coyne to North Korea. As concerning as Unite suspending McCluskey's rival is, not sure people should use North Korea as an example of anything

-Telegraphs Chris Chope fearing manifesto is not going to proper Tory

-Blair predicts large Tory majority


-The Economist welcomes election

-Kuessenberg on May and Corbyn touching on same vein of anger

-D'Arcy prasies the skill of Carswell

-Iain Watson on Corbyn's strong start

-Hardman on Labour backbench tactics won't work in election

-Gabby Hinsliff on Labour's tax plans

-Professor Scully on elections in Wales
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sat Apr 22, 2017 4:09 pm

-Tories trying to dampen down talks from opposition and media of Tory tax bombshell coming

-David Mackintosh facing deselection after allegations about finances and a loan his council, when he was leader, gave Northampton Town Football club

-Sir David Beamish retires as Clerk of the Parliaments

-D'Arcy's week ahead

-Corbyn mixed up statistics in education speech, a minor case this time and he has been having a good few weeks but those statistical errors keep happening risks biting him

-Leave.EU figures clearly feel the Electoral Commission is out to get them and nobble Banks in Clacton (admitting he has no idea where it is and will need to look up on a map suggests the best way to do that is let him run)

-Britain went a full day without using coal to generate electricity for the first time since the Industrial Revolution (1882 to be exact)

-Times has White House sources claiming that trade deal with EU is higher priority then trade deal with UK

-The money spent on bailing out Lloyds have been repaid

-Gina Miller did really badly on This Week, not helped by denying she is a Remainer though interesting she opposes second referendum and she had a right to be angry at Andrew Neill (I paraphrase) "is this a new hobby for rich woman?"


-Bush on Unite election

-Marina Hyde has fun with never ending cycle of elections

-James Foyrsth on e elections prediction, May and Crosby, concerned Tories, manifesto

-Richard Angell of Progress on his strategy for Labour campaign
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sun Apr 23, 2017 1:46 pm

-Corbyn pledges making each country's saints day (St George, St David, St Patrick and St Andrew) a bank holiday but asked by Marr, made clear his dislike of Trident, concerned over Kora and Trump unpicking Iran deal. The Bank Holidays was a good move, hard for business to argue, taps into a patriotism that is Corbyn's weak point, everyone loves holidays (we need more Bank Holidays but they are badly placed, this makes it even worse) but Trident remains an issue he is going to struggle with. He has been doing well this campaign and came across well on Marr, calm, polite, warm

-Express says 1 in 7 Labour voters have turned Tory, Mail on Sunday says Tory lead halved due to tax U-turn, Comres gives Tory 50% though that seems an outlier

- McLoughlin calls Corbyn a man who puts UK at more risk against terrorism

-Farron rules out going into Coalition

-Mail on Sunday declared for May

-UKIP would ban the Burqa, Nuttall saying he is following European example while UKIP leadership says they are open for their local parties to decide not to stand against Brexit MP's

-May says Tories are the low tax party

-Nice Tory line on Corbyn bank holidays ""The British economy would be on a permanent holiday if Mr Corbyn got near Downing Street."

-Guy Verhofstadt says election is simply political opportunism that will not help her on Brexit and irrelevant to Brussels if she increases majority and gives a hard warning to UK citizens

-Environment Department tries to block report on air pollution in courts but failed and have to publish on Monday

-SNP will not back Michelle Thomson and Natalie McGarry during election, Thomson is stepping down

-Greg Clark warns energy regulation needs improving, would welcome nuclear engineers from EU but not power station workers

-Javid says changing business rates to suit digital economy isn't a priority and points out business groups are great at critiszing but not coming up with an agreed alternative

-Sun saying Javid, Truss and Leadsom are in real danger of axe, Greening and Grayling could also be in trouble and if May thinks she has a big enough majority to take the risk: out go Fox, Hunt and Boris with Brandon Lewis and Raab tipped for promotion


-Sir Cable suggests Hammond and May are at loggerheads over tax plans

-Sir Pickles retiring after 25 years

-Constitutional Select Committee chair Graham Allen retiring due to ill-health after 30 years

-Tip Shipman says Tory MP's are referring to May as "Mummy" and that some part of May calling election would have been forcing Osborne to make a decision to stay or go

-Lord Prescott calls for no election polls and says Corbyn's superior campaigning skills could see him win


-Peter Barnes on target seats

-Ether Webber on the admin behind election campaigns

-John Rentoul on plans for after Labour defeat
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Mon Apr 24, 2017 7:33 pm

-Farron clearly getting angry at constant questions about his attitude on homosexuality

-Corbyn dodges around if he would order a strike against the head of Isis. I think he is going to get a lot of these questions and I wonder if, while avoiding getting self indulgent on Trident for once in his leadership, he needs to find a way to argue for his more pacifistic foreign policy to the wider public and hope some of it resonates and do it quickly

-Tories, Sun, Times, Telegraph and Mail suddenly big fans of "Marxist madness, anti-business, back to 70s" policy of Ed Miliband as Tories promise energy price cap in manifesto. Greens say not enough, energy companies say wrong strategy while plenty on all sides concerned it makes a mockery of switching

-Nia Griffith and Andrew Gwynne frantically trying to assure the public Labour will renew Trident despite Corbyn's recent comments, Mail headline is on Labour's defence split

-Survation has Tories on 21%, ICM has 21% Tory lead. Panelbase poll for the Sunday Times in Scotland has SNP on 44%, Tories on 33% and Labour on 13% for those seats, Youguv gives Tories 10 point lead in Wales with a lot of taking of UKIP vote, first time ever they have had a Youguv lead there while Labour's 30% rating has only been as low once this century in the nadir of Brown's time and Tories highest this century at 40%. Tories have not had majority of seats (which such a lead would give them in theory) in Wales since 1850's

-Labour asking members for manifesto ideas

-May remarks given pollsters track record, they can't trust the big Tory lead

-Equalities chair Maria Miller urges parties to use election to get more women into parliament

-Fallon says Corbyn is a security risk since he wouldn't strike against terrorists for Trident comments

-Corbyn says Labour will never apologize for it's ties to unions, describes them as family, proposes Scottish National Bank, rules out coalition with SNP

-Commons Public Administration Committee accuse Osborne of undermining the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments by not asking permission to take Evening Standard Job, would also like ministers banned for two years from holding jobs related to their former role

-Plaid leader Leanne Wood not running for Westminster as she would have to resign as leader if she won, Plaid aiming for five MP's (an up of 2) this time

-Tories hire Jim Messina again

-Ukip says girls at risk of FGM should have to undergo a medical examination every year, calls for immediate moratorium on new Islamic schools, calls "Multiculturalism is the enemy of women's rights.", rape where attacker is of different race should be considered a hate crime. Lib Dems accuse them of out Le-Penning Le Pen

-Khan gives full backing of Corbyn for PM

-Labour manifesto expected 15th May

-UKIP will not stand against Connor Burns while Nuttall has called Hoey (Fallon happily playing on this in her pro Remain constituency) and namesake David Nuttall as real Brexit MP's

-Greens won't stand against Rupa Huq

-Shadow cabinet expected to do three campaign visits a week

-Communist party of Britain is not running for first time since 1920 but is backing Labour. Got 275 votes last time so more useful as a propaganda tool for the Tories then Labour

-Carwyn Jones warns Corbyn has a lot of work to do to convince voters in Wales, needs to say yes he will replace Trident and Labour has a mountain to climb to keep it's Welsh strongholds. Does say Corbyn comes across well in person

-Sturgeon challenges Corbyn to stand by his convictions and rule out replacing Trident, says governments should have strong relationship with unions, suggests May is doing elections before law catches up over alleged electoral fraud in some seats (two of her own MP's are facing police inquiries it should be said)

-Lib Dems pass 100,000 members


-Banks not in favour of burqa ban and formally pulls out of Clacton, Sun calls him chicken and other media seem to agree

-Blair considering running for office again. He really shouldn't

-Woman Equality Party leader Sophie Walker to run against Philip Davies who she calls a misogynist and the people of Shipley want their seat back for someone who will focus on their needs (I suspect she is going to be very disappointed) and stop offending them

-Umunna calls UKIp hate pedddlers

-Farage rules out coalition

-Sir Cable urges Lib Dems to back Caroline Lucas

-Chris White defends aid

-Nicky Morgan on the practicalities of an election camapign for an MP

-Ian Davidson to fight against Calum Kerr

-Rumours Goldsmith wishes to run for Tories in Richmond

-Leighton Andrews, the former education minister in the Welsh Labour government, calls for Corbyn to go


-James Forysth on May's gamble and why

-D'Ancona on Mayisim

-Zoe Williams calls for an end to leadership and yay to progressive alliance

-Professor Scully on that Wales poll
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Tue Apr 25, 2017 6:03 pm

-Labour Brexit would remain in Single Market and unilaterally guarantee the rights of EU residents (which he argues would set a tone of cooperation with EU), no deal is not an option and keep workers rights. Wish to stay in Erasmus, the EU exchange scheme for students, Euratom, the European Medicines Agency, Europol and Eurojust, would match future EU standards on environment and workers rights. No second referendum or EEA, promise to hand devolved powers to relevant assembly's. UKIP say it is a plan to pretend we hadn't left, Tories say Labour too weak and divided to get good deal (David Davies) and nonsensical (May)

-May says other parties have not taken the wake up call of the Brexit vote and instead closed ranks. Uses visit to Wales to warn Plaid and Labour alliance risks Brexit and putting Corbyn in number 10, and attacks Welsh Labour's record. Oh and mentioned “lead the world in preventing tourism” in speech :P

-Electronic voter registration will not be in place in Northern Ireland for the election, the Assembly Election delayed implementation

-BBC on parties attitudes on Brexit and what bills might be passed before election

-Brokenshire's proposed N.Ireland budget would rise health and communities department budgets get rise but education cu

-Ruth Davidson says Corbyn would allow SNP another independence referendum and says he didn't campaign for union

-SDLP call for Stormont talks to be paused till after election

-Sir Stramer open to staying in customs union and calls Labour's Brexit position as nuanced (Damien Green calls it "completely incoherent" that would risk UK nationals rights, Gardiner calls it "nice" vs Tories "nationalistic", Farron calls it "more holes than a colander"), says trade deals with EU more important then new countries, says May must face scrutiny if she wishes to be a leader and of damaging tone with EU, wants Brexit Commons vote in Autumn 2018, believes EU vote was a demand for managed migration (which contradicts staying in single market, May at least is honest about that)

-Gardiner might be wise to remove "I'm in" sticker from I-pad after Susan Reid pointed it out

-Muslim Council of Britain accuses UKIP of singling out Muslims, aren't true leaders and hints they are bigots

-UK deficit hits lowest since the financial crisis, the 52 billion is 28% less then last year if a smidgen more then expected though our national debt is now around £1.7 trillion.

-Education select committee wants university staff to be guaranteed being allowed to stay and students to be taken out of migration numbers

-Nuttall still dithering on if to run

-UKIP foreign affairs spokesperson James Carver resigns in protest at Buraq ban

-May has visited Wales five times in three months

-N.Ireland Greens won't do pact with SDLP due to SDLP's anti-abortion stance and no to Sinn Feinn since Sinn Fein boycott Westminster. Alliance also refusing to have a pact with SDLP and Sinn Feinn

-Sturgeon delays statement on next steps towards referendum due to election

-Farron says gay sex is not a sin after being badgered on this for some time.

-Katnar (formerly TNS) polling says support for independence down to 37% and only 28% back referendum in Sturgeon's time frame


-N.Ireland questions went as well as one could be expected ie horribly for anyone that wants N.Ireland to sort itself out though Danny Kinahan was thoughtful

-Labour's attacks on homelessness record of government was very ugly

-Helen Jones interesting as she pushes for open book literature test route

-Lord Mandelson on Labour's EU stance “Well, search me,” and warns they need a clearer one by polling day

-Jim Packard "Audacious of Tories to accuse other parties of chaos after EU civil war, surprise referendum result, leader resigning, surprise election etc"

-Diane James backs Centrica (energy company) big complaint that some in government do not believe in free markets

-Banks accuses UKIP of declaring war on Muslims

-Sophie Walker failed to really explain why Philip Davies is misogynist when on BBC radio

-Tory MP's withdrawing from Open Britain as they are targetting some Brexit Tory MP's

-Blair on how Labour can turn Tory Brexit election claims against them

-Looks like Simon Danczuk will run for Labour as can't complete disciplinary process in time and so would be open to legal challenge

-Political Studies Association predict a kicking for Labour in Wales and disaster in Scotland for local elections including losing control of all Scottish councils, lose almost one in seven councillors in England. Tories to make substantial gains in England and Scotland, SNP in Scotland, Lib Dems who could take Cornwall to make good gains in England, UKIP to collapse

-IDS on the kind of manifesto he wants to see

-Andrew Tyrie retiring, huge blow given his highly effective Treasury Committee chairmanship

-Andrew Sparrow after May's stump speech in Wales "I will post a summary soon. Although that may be a struggle, because for the most part May as robustly unenlightening. "

-Roy Hattersley risks spiking Labour's Brexit policy launch by saying Corbyn policies doomed to failure, situation worse then 1983 and says 10 potential Labour leaders need to speak out and take control or could be out of power for two or three elections.

-John Lamont resigning from Hollyrood to run for Westminster


-Aditya Chakrabortty accuses May of culture war

-Deborah Mattinson on how English focus groups see Sturgeon (also Corbyn and May at end)

-Bush on that Wales poll

-Owen Jones good Brexit message, now Labour has to show discipline to sell it

-Nick Hilton on Labour down to low to mid 100 seats would be a disaster for all of Britain

-Stephen Pollard urges Labour to copy Labour of 1930's and Australia Labour twice and axe their leader
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