Found an ancient chinese(?) coin while moving (pics):

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Found an ancient chinese(?) coin while moving (pics):

Unread postby stone1024 » Wed Dec 20, 2017 11:09 pm

Hi :)

While moving we found what looks to be an ancient chinese coin (after doing some research online.) However, I can't find this specific coin anywhere. I Did the whole reverse image lookup on google, no results that matched, neither on various other websites with pictures of ancient chinese coins. If anyone here can tell me where this coin is from, what timeline and possible value it would be much appreciated :)


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Re: Found an ancient chinese(?) coin while moving (pics):

Unread postby DragonAtma » Thu Dec 21, 2017 2:02 am

I took a look at the KMA coins page. From the pictures I see three things:

(1) Western Han coins don't normally have the rims your coins have.
(2) Wang Mang through Jin DO have rims, but nowhere nearly as thick as your coin's rims.
(3) Going by the KMA page, 4-2 coins (four characters on one side, two on the other) didn't appear in Han, Wang Mang, Shu, Wei, Wu, or Jin; they were 4-0 or 2-0. So either they were pre-Han (unlikely) or post-Jin.

That said, they seem to be standard chinese characters, yet that font wasn't really finalized until the days of Zhong Yao (yes, the same Zhong Yao who was one of Wei's first excellencies), so again, pre-Wei is unlikely.

By the way, that two-character side should be left and right, not top and bottom.


Aha! Thanks to the magic of Google, I found what the coin is and, uhh, it's definitely post-Jin. Specifically, it's a Qianlong Tong Bao coin (Qing dynasty, Qianlong Emperor, 1736-1795). ... y1778a.jpg ... y1778a.jpg

So yes, it's definitely an old coin... just not nearly as old as we hoped. Sorry. :/
And it doesn't seem to be a 100% perfect match, but is awfully close.
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