Translation of Chapter 1-2 of the Book of (Northern) Zhou

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Translation of Chapter 1-2 of the Book of (Northern) Zhou

Unread postby Fornadan » Sat Aug 05, 2017 5:18 pm

I have made a rough translation of Chapters 1-2 of the Book of Zhou which covers the life and times of Yuwen Tai (b. 507, d. 556)

Yuwen Tai lived during one of the less famous parts of Chinese history, the breakup of Northern Wei in the early 6th century. Yuwen Tai started out as the elected leader of a warlord army and from there built up the state of Western Wei. Like Cao Cao, Yuwen Tai was not an emperor during his own lifetime, but ruled behind a series of puppet emperors. After his death, his son received the abdication of the last Wei emperor, founding the state of Northern Zhou.

Chapter 01

Chapter 02

I know this is a bit outside the main area of interest for most people on this board, and the translation has quite a few rough patches, especially in the longer speeches and quotations, but I hope this might still be of interest to some.

As source text I used the online ctext version

Suggestions for improvements are of course welcome.
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